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Looking for all types of women’s wear in China in just one process? H&Fourwing can solve your problem. We have all types of women’s wear from tops such as blouses, shirts, pants, dresses, jackets, formal wear, and more selections that meet ladies’ outfit needs.

  • H&Fourwing is a professional high-end women’s wear manufacturer in Ningbo China
  • We can custom all your desired women’s wear designs, styles, materials, and prints
  • We can support your business and warmly cooperate with your own business private labels
  • Focuses on your women’s wear process to meet your urgent needs

Expert Women's Wear Factory

Choosing the right women’s wear supplier and manufacturer has a great advantage for your business. H&Fourwing focused on fabricating women’s clothing supported by an excellent team from fabric sourcing, styles, prints, and designs. Our merchandiser team fully handles the everyday tasks with customers.

We, H&Fourwing supplied women’s wear offering low MOQ from 50 pcs to fully support small to large types of business. We manufactured women’s wear using our high-tech and complete machines and different types of equipment. We can custom your women’s wear ideas from materials, styles, and prints.

H& Four Wing Women's Wear Series

Women Shorts

Plenty of shorts selections from lengths, types of fabrics, pleats, with pocket and without pocket. You can choose double-sided or multipurpose.

Women's Business Attire

We have different selections of business attires for ladies’ clothing. Choose ideal styles, sizes, colors, and more options to meet your business requirements.

Women's Elegant Skirt

We have many selections of skirts at elegant look at popular styles. You can choose raffles, pleated, plain, printed, and types of fabrics you wanted.

Women's Embroidered Crop Top

Our Embroidered crop top is made of tested types of fabrics designed by our expert designers. You can choose plain color, printed, raffles, with collar, long sleeve, and V-neck, etc.

Women's Floral Chiffon Dress

Our floral chiffon dress has the great type of fabrics that all ladies will love to choose for their OOTDs. We have strapless, backless, spaghetti, halter, etc.

Women's Plain Long Pants

Our plain long pants are available in plenty of colors, styles, sizes, and lengths. You can request types of material of plain long pants for your order.

Different Designs of Blouses Rocket Your Business

H&Fourwing can offer different designs of blouses such as long-sleeved, sleeveless, short sleeves, ruffles, buttons, zipped, closed, with collar and without collar, and more selections. it is available in formal and informal styles that suit jeans and skirts.

Women’s wear also has jackets to add to your collections. Our jackets are available in plain trench coats lengths from knee to ankle. You can choose different types of jacket fabrics from cotton, denim, and more available in closed types with hood, zipped with hood, with collar jackets, etc. Choose printed and cotton closed jackets and plain for other formal and semi-formal styles.

Different Designs of Blouses Rocket Your Business
All Types of Dress Satisfy Your Any Inquirment

All Types of Dress Satisfy Your Any Inquirment

H&Fourwing designed all types of selections for dress collections. We have long dresses like a maxi dress, pencil long dress, high rise, knee-length bodycon, empire, off-shoulder, halter, strapless, A-line, wrap dress, and more selections that all ladies would love. You can choose different prints based on the styles you choose.

Any Jumpsuits Meet Your Desire

We made all types of jumpsuits to add to your selections as well. There are plenty of styles of H&Fourwing jumpsuits you need to know and add for your business. There are loose and fit jumpsuits, printed and plain colors, known length and ankle length or maxi jumpsuit, etc. We have many jumpsuit selections to offer such as skinny, high slit, deep V-neck, sheer, convertible, corset, bustier, dress jumpsuit, one shoulder, and more. You can choose different styles and types of fabrics where you are comfortable.

Any Jumpsuits Meet Your Desire
All Types of Pants Rocket Your Business

All Types of Pants Rocket Your Business

H&Fourwing all types of pants. All sizes, styles, colors, and fabrics are available. We offer our pants in a skinny, straight cut, flared, wide-leg, pleat front, cuffed, stirrup, Bermuda, city short, and hot pants. We can offer effective suggestions of pants for your business that is popular and most salable to help you gain perfect profits. We made pants in different fabrics and styles and also based on your pants ideas.

Your Premier Women’s Wear Supplier in China

H&Fourwing is your perfect choice to start a business since we offer low MOQ from small pants quantity so you can easily start your business and test our quality supplies. In 10 years in the industry, you can trust the H&Fourwing quality service that many people in business did.

We can be your premier choice for your urgent needs since we only focus on ladies’ clothing and are able to focus on your pants orders. We offer long-term connections for an easier process for your next purchase.

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Your Premier Women’s Wear Supplier in China

Women’s Wear Manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you’re probably looking for reliable women’s wear manufacturers in China.

Or, you want to know the kinds of women’s wear you can import from China.

A reason this guide will explore everything you need to know about women’s clothing.

Let’s dive right in.

Which Designs Do Women’s Wear Manufacturers In China Offer?

Some of the most common options include:

  • Women’s shorts are short pants worn by ladies, especially during the weekends or when going to the beach. Women’s shorts are made of nylon spandex or cotton materials.

women short

women short

  • Women’s business attire-This batch of women’s wear is mostly official. Women’s business attire is official suits or official clothes. You wear them when going to the office or having a business meeting.

women business attire

women business attire

  • Women’s skirts– Women skirts are the lower part of the dress separated. It can either be long or short the choice is yours on preference.

women skirt

women skirts

  • Women’s crop tops -These are bold, fun, and fashion-forward clothing. Crop tops are mostly worn with high waist jeans since they are shorter and expose your belly.

women crop tops

women crop tops

  • Women’s Chiffon Dress– Women chiffon dresses are made from a light and silky fabric. Currently, they are the trending fashion, and you may choose to wear sleeveless, short sleeve, or long sleeve dresses.

women chiffon dress

women chiffon dresses

  • Women’s long pants-For women’s long pants, they are trousers reaching to the foot. They came in casual or official suitable for cold seasons.

women long pants

women long pants

women long sleeve blouses

women long sleeve blouses

  • A women’s Jumpsuit-Is a head-to-toe one-piece garment usually consisting of a blouse or shirt with attached pants.One of the best wear for weekends.

women jumpsuit

women jumpsuit

  • Women’s Trench Coat-These is double breast silhouettes, a wide lapel, and a belt and pockets. They can either be long or short trench coats.

women trench coat

women trench coat

  • Women’s Tracksuits– For tracksuits designed for sports, Tracksuits are comfortable and breathable at the same time. They are mostly worn by ladies when attending sporty events.

women tracksuits

women tracksuit

  • Women’s Short Sleeve Shirts– These are shirts that leave or expose your arms. It can be worn both as official and casual depending on the occasion.

women short sleeve shirts

women short sleeve shirts

  • Women’s Flared Jeans –It is a style of jeans that always widen starting from the knee downwards.This a sort of bell-like shape pant. It’s also called bell-bottom pants.

women flared jeans

women flared jeans

  • Women’s Slim-fit Jeans-It’s just as the name suggests, these types of wear usually fit. Also suitable for parties and wedding occasions.
  • Women’s Ponchos – Poncho is generally made from a single fabric with a hole for the head. They are for additional warmth and style too. You can wear a poncho on top of another sweater or long sleeve t-shirts.
  • Women Classic Blouses-Classic blouses are fashionable blouses that can be worn at any time. Most of their fabric comes from silk and satin. The blouses can be worn on any occasion.
  • Women Tunic Top – A tunic top is a loose-fitting long upper garment. It’s usually not long as a dress, but it’s longer than a blouse to a t-shirt.
  • Women Tank Tops – A tank top is a piece of clothing knitted that primarily covers the upper part of the and they got no sleeves.
    Tank tops can be worn with shorts, long pants, tracksuits, slim-fit jeans, and skirts.
    They are very comfortable during hot weather.
Why Should You Buy From Women’s Wear Manufacturers In China?

Reasons as to why you should work with women’s wear manufacturers from China are;

  • The production cost for women’s wear from China is lower.
  • Chinese women’s wear manufacturers deliver timely production of the women’s wear and at a lower price.
  • Another reason is that women’s wear manufacturers from China are well aware of all upcoming trends in the fashion market.Which is a plus for you in your business.
  • In addition, Chinese women’s wear manufacturers always have manufacturing options.You can decide to choose either full package or cut make a thread.Whichever you will find comfortable and can work for you, the option is yours to decide.
  • When buying from women’s wear manufacturers in China, you are guaranteed quality women’s wear.The Chinese manufacturer must control quality, meaning working with them, you do need to worry about quality.
What Kinds Of Fabrics Do Women's Wear Manufacturers Use?

For manufacturing women’s wear, the most important component is fabric.

You may have all the ideas in place, but still, the material will determine the appearance of women’s wear.

There are several fabrics that women’s wear manufacturers use.

To determine the fabric, women’s wear manufacturers always consider the following factors;

Weight Of The Fabric

Fabrics come in different weights, and they can either be heavy fabric, medium-weight fabric, or lightweight fabric.

The weight of women’s wear fabrics is constantly being determined in grams per square meter.

Measuring the thickness of the fabric will allow women’s wear manufacturers to determine the weight of the fabric.

Fabric Stretch

This usually indicates how women wear fabric stretches.

Depending on the client’s preference and specifications, we always use fabrics that can stretch out for designs to work well.

It will also determine how well women’s wear will fit for different body shapes for clients.

The Fabric Drape

For fabric drapes, it generally determines the flow of the fabric. Both stiff and fluid fabrics usually have different drapes.

For fluid fabrics, they have a high drape compared to the stiff once which have low drape.

Below are the fabrics used mainly by women’s wear manufacturers;

  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Denim
  • Chiffon
  • Silk
  • Velvet
  • Satin
  • Poplin
  • Corduroy
  • Lace
  • Crepe
  • Georgette
  • Organza
  • Neoprene
Which Features Should You Look In Women’s Wear From China?

Women’s wear is one of the versatile clothing you can purchase. They typically come in different materials, colors and sizes.

You need to consider the following before making the purchase;

 Body type

You need to know that for women’s wear, everyone has a different look when putting them on.

For instance, one can put on a pair of shorts and a tank top, which will pull the best look out of them.

On the other hand, different person with different body type puts on shorts and tank tops and doesn’t look good on them.

There is always women’s wear for everybody type.

Always know to understand your body type and familiarise yourself with what will pull the best lookout on you.


It is very important to understand that every women’s wear has its occasion. There are some worn for parties, sports, weddings office and many more.

It all depends on you and the event or occasion. Here you got to choose your taste and preference you are the one with the final say for what you want to wear.

Individual styles

Of course, every individual worldwide has different fashion styles.

My fashion style is not the same as yours. Thus, providing a variety of women’s wear to choose from is the ideal business for you.


Women’s wear can either be fitting tight or loose. That said, each of them is ideal for specific body types and occasions.

By having a range of wide selection of fit, you will be in a better position of getting a lot of sales from your orders.


 In this case, earthly colors like black, white, grey, and brown easily blend with other colors. Therefore, people mainly select them at any time.

With these colors, they can never let you down.

But it will never hurt to try out other vibrant colors in the market like red blue-green, yellow, which are other colors that have proven a lot of popularity.

How Can You Get Best Prices From Women’s Wear Manufacturer In China?

For every business making a profit and saving money at any cost is the biggest agenda.

It is good luck to you because working with the Chinese will give solutions on how to get the best prices while working with them.

  • Women’s wear manufacturers in China can give you the best prices when you make bulk purchases.Since the higher the purchase, the huge your discount will be.Which if you compare to small purchases, times they end up being more expensive.
  • Purchasing your women’s wear directly from the manufacturers as compared to purchasing them from wholesalers.This will also be able to give you the best price for your goods.
  • Bargaining is also another strategy of getting the best prices from the women’s wear manufacturers.Most Chinese manufacturers expect you to negotiate and bargain for your purchase. Since for Chinese it’s not a new thing.
  • Conducting proper market research in the Chinese market will also be able to give you the best price for your purchase.Doing the research will give you the knowledge of several aspects like top suppliers in the market.
  • In addition, working with freight forwarders will play a big role in getting the best prices from women’s wear manufacturers in China.Freight forwarders owe to their experience, can easily identify the best women’s wear manufacturer with the best price in the market.
Do Women’s Wear Manufacturers In China Help In Pattern Design Process?

Okay, not all Chinese women’s wear manufacturers will be willing to help in the pattern design process.

At H&Fourwing, our experts will help you design the best women’s wear according to your specific needs.

Will Women’s Wear Manufacturers Help In Printing Labels?

Yes, women’s wear manufacturers with an original design allow them to print labels of your preference.

So long as you consider factors such as

The size of the label

The colors


How Do Women’s Wear Manufacturers In China Control Quality?

Women’s wear manufacturers always do quality control to ensure that all the women’s wear meets required standards.

To control quality, the following steps are taken;

  • Check the stitches and ensure they are done neatly.
  • Ensure that appropriate colors are used as directed by clients.
  • Check whether the materials used have any defects.
  • The manufactures see to it that all the sizes are always up to standards.
  • Women’s wear manufacturers ensure that the women’s wear is labeled properly.
  • Ensure lab testing on the material composition is conducted
  • They also ensure quality control by inspecting the final products.
    This is to be sure that a very product is as per the client’s request at the beginning.
  • The strength is also assessed to ensure it matches the desired quality.
    Which is the pre-approved sample for the women’s wear sent to a client.
Do Women’s Wear Manufacturers Have Flexible MOQ?

Yes, women’s wear manufacturers have a very flexible MOQ for their clients. But it usually depends on the frequency of purchase of customers.

MOQ starts from 300 pieces which go for women’s clothes with the same designs and color. The more pieces you purchase, the cheaper it becomes for you.

Why Should You Buy Directly From Women’s Wear Manufacturers And Online Market Places?

Buying directly from women’s wear manufacturers comes with a lot of positives in your business.

As manufacturers, we always advise you to deal with us directly.

Some of the reasons to you to work with manufacturer direct and not online marketplace are;

  • Working directly with a women’s wear manufacturer ensures timely delivery of your goods is observed.
    Well, as manufacturers we assure you that your goods will be delivered right on time without any delays.
    This is because of the direct communication between us when making your orders.
    This will help you as a client to have confidence in your customers when dealing with them.
  • Another benefit of buying directly from manufacturers is we guarantee you quality.
    This is always the better option since you do not need to worry when receiving your goods on the other side.
    The same does not apply to an online marketplace where you are not sure of the quality of your order when delivered.
  • Cost-cutting is also another benefit of buying directly from the manufacturer.
    The manufacturing process itself will be cheaper, and you will also save the cost of dealing with an agent.
    While for an online market place you are not even sure if the people you are dealing with purchase your goods.
  • There is also an advantage of after-sales services when dealing with direct women’s wear manufacturers.
    On the other hand, the online market does not provide after-sales services.
    In an online marketplace, you are not in contact with the manufacturer but only the broker.
  • For manufacturers, they ensure timely delivery for the goods is observed.
    This will give you confidence in your business and be sure that goods will always be on time once you make the order.
  • In addition to that, buying from a direct manufacturer, you usually get a chance to look at and touch samples.
    For an online marketplace, you can’t get a sample for your product.
    You only order what you have seen online, and that’s all.
  • Another benefit of buying directly from manufacturers is you reduce your chances of being exposed to scammers.
    An online marketplace is always full of scammers since you are not able to talk to them one on one.
  • Direct buying from manufacturers also gives you the best discounts and helps to establish a strong bond between you and the manufacturers.
What Is The Difference Between OEM And ODM Women’s Wear Manufacturers?

OEM ideally stands for original equipment manufacturing only.

It majors with the production of garments and the designs made from the manufacturer’s factory. The designs are normally not for sale.

While, ODM stands for original design manufacturer.

The original design manufacturer typically manufacturers women’s wear garments bought and rebranded by the wholesalers or retailers for resale.

With OEM, women’s wear manufacturers usually maintain full control over the creative designs of women’s wear.

In contrast to ODM women’s wear manufacturer has restrictions on which designs to acquire.

This is simply because they only make adjustments to the ready existing women’s wear designs to come up with the final product.

For OEM, manufacturers of women’s wear may design the women’s wear to any specifications, with the only inhibiting factor being the budget.

Unlike ODM women’s wear manufacturers, there is always existing design and only needs few adjustments to improve the design.

Another difference is that OEM women’s wear manufacturer usually requires more intensive resources to develop women’s wear.

At the same time, ODM women’s wear manufacturers only have fewer resources are required to make the few adjustments.

ODM women’s wear manufacturer usually puts their logo on the design and not the company logo. Whereas for OEM women’s wear manufacturers, their logo is always known as private label manufacturing.

What Printing Techniques Do Women’s Wear Manufacturers In China Use?

Women’s wear manufacturers use various printing techniques, which include;

Heat Press Printing Technique

This technique typically uses pressure and heat to make designs for women’s wear fabrics.

It involves typically creating the layout paper, and then you transfer it to the main fabric.

This is done by bypassing both of them through the heat.

Digital Printing Technique

Digital printing is done by printing the fabrics directly from the computer using inkjet and special ink. With digital printing.

The fabric looks more elastic, and its prints are more durable.

Dye-sublimation Printing Technique

This involves sublimating the fabric by using dye under heat. Inkjet, sublimation ink, and heat presser machine are some of the elements you need to use in this printing technique.

Screen Printing Technique

For screen printing, you transfer designs directly to the fabric by use of mesh or screen films.

Here porous mesh screen usually stretches over the fabric using a wooden squeegee.

This allows the color to pass through the porous on the fabric.

Cylindrical Printing Technique

Here the fabric is usually placed in a constant rotating cylinder and pressing the fabric against the rollers.

The rollers contain different colors to ensure the right design and pattern come out clearly.

The Woodblock Printing Technique

Generally, woodblock is curved and shaped in a specific design.

The dye will be applied directly to the pattern. For you to get the pattern, you need to hard press the wooden block onto the fabric.

Do Women’s Wear Manufacturers In China Offer Lab Testing To Check Composition Performance And Safety Of Woman’s Wear?

Absolutely yes, they usually provide existing test reports that are used to assess if the material is compliant.

The booking of third-party compliance is mandatory for the women’s wear manufacturers in China.

This s because the old test will not be applied to a fresh batch of dresses at any given point.

Do Women’s Wear Manufacturers Offer Product Samples?

Of course, yes, as Chinese women’s wear manufacturers, we provide free product samples to our customers.

We generally do this to allow them to check out and approve for us to work on the product.

The sample for women’s wear is always recommended to be ordered before the manufacturing process commences.

So even before you make any order of your product, make sure you request a sample from us.

This will help to avoid any inconvenience during and after the manufacturing process.

What Payment Options Do Women’s Wear Manufacturers Accept?

With this advanced technology worldwide, online payment has become the most secure and ideal way of making transactions.

Some of the payments terms that Chinese women’s wear manufacturers accept include:

  • Cheques
  • Wire Transfer
  • Debit cards
  • PayPal
  • T&T
  • Credit cards
  • Letter of credit
Will Women’s Wear Manufacturers Help In Shipping Process?

Making your shipping work efficient, we advise you to work with freight forwarders when shipping for your women’s wear from China.

Freight forwarders are skilled in that specific business and will easily help you ship products at the best rates agreed upon.

Furthermore, if the women’s wear manufacturer accepts to help you ship your order, be sure to spend extra since it will cost you a lot compared to freight forwarders.

Note that all manufacturer’s specialty is in the production of goods.

Hence, helping in the shipping process will mean that they will have to outsource, which will be costly.

How Long Will It Take TO Order From Women’s Wear Manufacturers In China?

The production process depends on the quantity of the women’s wear and the size you ordered.

It will take longer than the standard estimate time for bulk orders, which is usually 30 working days.

But no need to worry since we always speed up to make timely delivery.

On the other hand, for clients with small orders, it takes a few days to process the orders, which will be less than 15 working days.

Do Women’s Wear Manufacturers In China Have Product Return Policy?

Yes, women’s wear manufacturers have a return policy. This policy guides the customers on what to return and what not to return.

The policy includes;

  • The conditions of the return policy for women’s wear must not be worn or used from the client’s side.
  • There is always a specific timeframe by which clients can return the women’s wear to the manufacturers.

We guarantee you an exchange or refund by returning women’s wear within the stipulated time in the proper condition.

How Does Women’s Wear Manufacturers Support Small Businesses?

Chinese women’s wear manufacturers support small businesses by offering a cheap and affordable production process.

By working with small businesses is also another way of supporting them.

Many manufacturers do not like to work with small businesses since they deal with flexible MOQ.

For women’s wear manufacturers, they are always willing to support them all the way.

Another way to support small businesses is by giving them room for negotiating the MOQ.

It will help small businesses to boost their businesses.

Women’s wear manufacturers offer quality products to their clients.

For manufacturers, it’s always the same quality to all clients, whether big or small businesses.

This support gives them the confidence to compete with any business worldwide.

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