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  • More than 10 years of wholesale wrap dresses manufacturing expertise
  • One-stop service for your wholesale wrap dresses orders
  • Professional production team to handle your design
  • Low MOQ starts from 50 pcs
Wholesale Midi Wrap Dress for Women
Wholesale Midi Wrap Dress for Women

As a professional supplier, H&Fourwing offer wholesale midi wrap dress for women at a more competitive price. You can start order for as low as 50-100 pcs for your business.

Wholesale Korean Style Slim V-neck Tie Wrap Dress
Wholesale Korean Style Slim V-neck Tie Wrap Dress

H&Fourwing offers wholesale Korean style slim V-neck tie wrap dress made of high-quality fabric (can be polyester or fabric). Perfect for the summer season.

Wholesale Summer Chiffon Women Ruffle Wrap Dress
Wholesale Summer Chiffon Women Ruffle Wrap Dress

Wholesale summer chiffon women ruffle wrap dress can be customized with your logo, design, size, and other features. H&Fourwing can support your whole product development.

Wholesale Tiny Floral Ruffle Wrap Dress
Wholesale Tiny Floral Ruffle Wrap Dress

At H&Fourwing, we offer wholesale tiny floral ruffle wrap dress featuring breathable design. This is ideal for girls, ladies, women. You can find a range of the latest design dresses in stock.

Wholesale Leopard Mini Wrap Dresses.
Wholesale Leopard Mini Wrap Dresses

H&Fourwing wholesale leopard mini wrap dresses fabric types are Cotton and hemp. We can tailor dresses according to your desire material, style, neckline, pattern, and more.

Wholesale Whimsy Wrap Dress
Wholesale Whimsy Wrap Dress

This wholesale whimsy wrap dress is available in a range of colors, sizes, styles, and designs. H&Fourwing can provide you as low as 50 pcs dress to support your start-up business.

Wholesale Maxi Dress Wrap Dresses
Wholesale Maxi Dress Wrap Dress

H&Fourwing wholesale maxi dress wrap dress features anti-static, anti-wrinkle, breathable, dry Cleaning, sustainable, and washable design. Sizes available from S-4XL or customized.

Wholesale Paisley Print Wrap Dresses.
Wholesale Paisley Print Wrap Dresses

At H&Fourwing, we offer wholesale paisley print wrap dresses comes in various style, pattern, material, features, colors, and more. MOQ for as low as 50 pieces.

2021 Beach Maxi Wrap Dresses Floral
2021 Beach Maxi Wrap Dresses Floral

H&Fourwing offers the latest and newest beach maxi wrap dresses floral at a more competitive price. Ideal for summer, autumn, and spring season. Customize your design now.

Premier Wholesale Wrap Dresses Manufacturer

Specializing in wholesale wrap dresses production for more than a decade, H&Fourwing earned rich expertise and know-how in the field. We are able to cooperate with different clients, such as brand owners, retailers, wholesalers, and more. Together with an expert team, we can help you build your business and rocket in the market. Send us your design now.

    Your Premier Wholesale Wrap Dresses Supplier in China

    Experience great deals and services for wholesale wrap dresses at H&Fourwing. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of wholesale wraps dresses in China.

    We are producing wholesale wrap dresses that are perfectly designed and tailored with modern styles. This wholesale wrap dress will definitely band on the latest trends. We offer you wholesale wrap dresses in different vibrant colors and style patterns.

    H&Fourwing wholesale wrap dresses are available in different prints and fabrics. The product’s quality and long-life service are guaranteed 100% reliable. We hold a wide range of these dresses for competitive prices.

    If you need wholesale wrap dresses with glamorous and stunning styles, H&Fourwing is the perfect place to look for. We can help you produce dresses that will surely catch the eyes of your customers.

    Our wholesale wrap dress is designed to flatter and attract your customers. We can provide beautiful and fashionable wholesale wrap dresses that fit any occasion. Whether your customers’ need night party dresses or day events, weddings, Easter, or Christmas, we can supply them for you for reasonable costs.

    H&Fourwing manufactures wholesale wrap dresses that your customers desire. At H&Fourwing, you can find wholesale wrap dresses in unique details, sequins, bold prints, denim, embroidery, and more.

    We can produce custom wholesale wrap dresses with your required designs. H&Fourwing manufactures wholesale wrap dresses in different styles such as long-sleeve, cold shoulder, sundresses, low waist, jumpers, and more.

    H&Fourwing can be purchase in different sizes and quantities. From small to large, we can provide it for you. We have the full capacity for providing both expensive and affordable wholesale wrap dresses.

    With H&Fourwing wholesale wrap dresses, you can give products that will fit your customer’s demands. We are already an expert in manufacturing high-end women’s clothing.

    For over 10 years, H&Fourwing provides the best wholesale wrap dresses at our 3, 000 square meter factory. Our skilled engineers and factory employees have the knowledge and skills in taking care of our wholesale wrap dresses.

    H&Fourwing provides wholesale wrap dresses with unbeatable deals and offers. For as low as 50 pieces, you can have your wholesale wrap dresses to boost your business. We are giving our max effort to provide all your needs to skyrocket your sales.

    Our wholesale wrap dresses is available in both ODM and OEM services. Your inquiries are always welcome here at H&Fourwing.

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