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Floral Wholesale Western Dresses
Floral Wholesale Western Dresses

We have floral western dresses at affordable prices made in different lengths and styles. You are welcome to send your own western dress designs.

V-Neck Plus Size Western Dresses
V-Neck Plus Size Western Dresses

Our western v-neck dresses are made suitable for plus sizes. It has a western style of prints and colors that attract your customer’s attention.

Wholesale Casual Western Dresses
Wholesale Casual Western Dresses

Our casual western dress is made of plenty of types of certified fabrics, textures, prints, and so on. Our plenty of style selections will get your customer’s attention.

Wholesale Colored Western Dresses
Wholesale Colored Western Dresses

We have colored western dresses at different sizes and types of fabrics. It has all sizes made with a lot of style options for your business.

Wholesale Floral Western Dresses
Wholesale Long Floral Western Dresses

Our wholesale Long floral western dresses are made of different fabrics in different floral print designs. You can send your own ideas.

Wholesale Long Western Dresses
Wholesale Long Western Dresses

Our western dress has all types of long dresses with cool and comfortable to wear. You can send your ideas from lengths, fabrics, styles, etc.

Wholesale Plain Western Dresses
Wholesale Plain Western Dresses

You can all have styles and colors of plain western dresses for any business. Quality western dresses are easy to wash and dry.

Wholesale Printed Western Dresses
Wholesale Printed Western Dresses

Printed western dresses available in all types of fabrics, styles, and colors. It has different prints like floral, patterns, and more prints.

Wholesale Traditional Western Dresses
Wholesale Traditional Western Dresses

We made traditional western dresses available at your desired lengths and prints. Styles are widely available in v-neck and wrap-around.

Premier Custom Wholesale Western Dress Manufacturer

Choose the right supplier and manufacturer for high-end wholesale western dresses in China. H&Fourwing is perfect for you to lessen your money, time, and effort, and more for many purposes. We are experts in providing a lot of designs and develop them more especially the fabrication. You are always free to send your own western dress drawings and we can assure you to protect them well. Send your inquiries!

    Your Best Wholesale Sweater Dresses Supplier in China

    Are you looking for perfect product quality and amazing services from a premier producer in China? Get the best deals from our perfect offers for your wholesale western dress orders with H&Fourwing.

    H&Fourwing wholesale western dresses are perfect for business purposes such as retail, and wholesale business. You can request our western dresses at plenty of choices such as many colors, sizes, prints, styles, fabrics, and even western dress customizations.

    Our western dresses are made of suitable fabrics occasional and also designed perfectly for OOTD’s or daily use. There are plenty of western dresses you can consider adding to your business selections to attract your customers.

    H&Fourwing wholesale western dresses are made with certified and quality fabrics such as cotton, chiffon, and more that suit styles and designs. We can allow your ideal wholesale western dress designs and assure you that we can fully protect your western dress drawings.

    We can fabricate your wholesale western dresses from extra small, small, medium, large, extra-large, and more for plus sizes western dresses. We have different processing for different fabrics to sew it well and provide long life and durable quality western dresses. We have plenty of selections of western dresses according to your purposes and uses.

    H&Fourwing helps you get the best wholesale western dresses and help you save your budget. We made high-quality fabrics and more materials. Each selection has passed standards and tested with our big-time customers. We are able to reach a lot of regions and countries worldwide producing smooth and comfortable to wear western dresses.

    For any types of business you handled, we, H&Fourwing can offer full support. Your expandable business is surely guided by our expert team providing one-stop solutions, satisfying services, friendly customer service, and more.

    For your western dresses more ideas, H&Fourwing can offer free samples providing 3D images, videos, and more for satisfaction. We prioritize reliable products since we established them. We ensure our western dress fabrication is developed and offer new excellent designs.

    In the industry, H&Fourwing proudly presents your experienced and highly-trained designers. We ensure quality production with our competitive equipment for different processing. Make it easier with H&Fourwing including the shipment. We are responsible for your whole process.

    Send your inquiries and make your desired drawing become into reality now!

    Wholesale Western Dresses: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    Choosing wholesale western dresses can be an overwhelming task.

    A reason this guide explores everything you need about wholesale western dresses.

    So, if you want to learn more about wholesale western dresses, read this guide.

    What Are Wholesale Western Dresses?

    These are women’s dresses whose styles are inspired by clothes worn in the 19th century in the Wild West.

    The term ‘Western World or West refers to different nations like the UK, USA, and France.

    western dress

    Figure 1 western dress

    What Are The Printing Techniques For Wholesale Western Dresses?

    We use the following methods to print on our dresses. They include:

    i. Embroidery- this procedure can either be hand-made or machine-made.

    We use a programmable weaving digitizer that is fast, accurate and produces beautiful prints.

    ii. Sublimation printing is an approach where an image is printed on a transfer paper then heat and pressure are used to transfer the dye on the fabric.

    sublimation printed western dress

    sublimation printed western dress

     It prints seam to seam hence the result is long-lasting, it doesn’t peel, crack or fade even after several washes.

    It’s a moisture management process hence the fabric remains breathable and lightweight even after the process.

    It is also fast as you can print using several dyes at the same time seam to seam hence saving time and money.

    iii. Screen printing– although not common is a printing method an artwork is placed on the screen then ink is pressed through the screen onto the fabric

    The dye lays on top of the fabric hence clogging its pores.

    The more dyes you use the heavier the fabric feels hence not breathable

    screen printed western dress

    screen-printed western dress

    iv. Digital printing– is a printing method that prints directly on a fabric.

    Files in form of JPG or PNG are sent directly to the printing press to print on the fabric. It’s cost-efficient and best for customized dresses

    v. Tie and dye is a traditional printing method that we still use up to date.

    The garment can be dipped entirely into a dye or some part tied and dipped in the dye.

    The tied area doesn’t absorb dye but the untied one does.

    It’s a simple way of achieving interesting effects on the garment.

    All the above printing methods are great however sublimation printing is best for western dresses because it comes with lots of advantages.

    What Are The Available Sizes Of Wholesale Western Dresses?

    We have no size limit; we cater for all body types and sizes including plus-size women.

    Here is our size chart.

    i. 5XS

    ii. 4XS

    iii. SXS

    iv. 2XS

    v. XS

    vi. S

    vii. M

    viii. L

    ix. XL

    x. 2XL

    xi. 3XL

    xii. 4XL

    If for some reason you are not sure of your size or can’t fit in any of the above sizes, feel free to contact us.

    We will custom make a western dress that fits you perfectly.

    How Can You Get The Best Prices Of Wholesale Western Dresses From Suppliers In China?

    They say quality over quantity.

    But how can I buy western dresses at a good price without compromising on the quantity?

    Well, here’s how:

    i. Today the world has become a global village, you can get an answer to your question while sitting on your couch.

    Before deciding where to buy your dresses, check what people are saying about the product.

    Did they like it? how does it look on them? did they receive what they ordered for? etc. you will have saved yourself from a lot of chaos

    ii. Western dresses are made of different materials that differ in density and texture hence they affect the price.

    Look for good quality material at an affordable price

    iii. Most stores have end-of-year or clearance sales where you can get your dresses at a discounted price.

    Buying dresses in bulk is also another option

    iv. Printed dresses are slightly more expensive than plain ones

    v. Do you know that not every store has a return policy? Now you do. Choose a store that has a longer and less strict policy.

    Also, a store with a functional website that has a live chat, good customer care, and a phone number is important

    vi. Consider stores that don’t have hidden costs; preferably once with free shipping.

    Also if you can walk into a store that has western dresses, it’s better you will save the delivery fee.

    What Is The MOQ Of Wholesale Western Dresses?

    We have a low Minimum Order Quantity of 10 pieces.

    Ensure you state how many dresses you need per size.

    How Much Do Wholesale Western Dresses Cost?

    Our dresses have different prices according to their design and quality.

    The price range is $20-$100.

    The amount can be more or less depending on where you buy since different stores price their goods differently.

    western dress

    western dress

    Which Materials Are Best For Wholesale Western Dresses?

    Western dresses are made of many materials. Here are their pros and cons:

    i. Polyester-it’s a soft, strong, stretchy, comfortable, crease-resistant fabric that dries very quickly.

    It preserves its original shape after being exposed to Chlorine or UV rays. It offers sun protection on the covered area and has a matte finish.

    Cons; it holds odor and is flammable.

    ii. Cotton- has a soft feel, it’s durable, absorbs dye well hence doesn’t fade with time, no static cling, and is breathable

    Cons; it shrinks and fades with time

    iii. Rayon- breathable, soft and smooth, moisture absorbent and drapey meaning it moves in the flown way like drapes

    Cons; It ages poorly, and the manufacturing process pollutes the environment

    iv. Silk- dries faster, shiny, has thermal regulation qualities, is breathable, is very strong, and maintains shape for long.

    Cons; easily damaged by the sun and absorbs lots of moisture

    v. Georgette- its lightweight, easy to dye, breathable, and stretches a bit

    Cons; it’s a delicate fabric

    vi. Spandex- Has a 4-way stretchability, Moisture-Wicking, Durable, Comfortable

    Cons; Doesn’t let your skin breathe and is sensitive to heat

    vii. Wool- It’s warm and Insulating, wrinkle-Resistant, moisture-Wicking, odor-Resistant

    Cons; it’s Prone to shrinking, irritates the skin, requires special care while cleaning

    viii. Blended fabric is another material option for your dresses.

    Either a mixture of cotton and spandex or polyester and spandex etc. Spandex adds a stretchy ability to the dresses.

    The ratio of spandex to the above materials is 95% material like rayon and 5% spandex. This is to ensure the material does not overstretch.

    How Can I Verify The Quality Of My Wholesale Western Dresses?

    Quality may be a concern because you want value for your money.

    Our main aim is to satisfy you as our client hence we make quality goods consistently.

    We normally hire external inspection services or buyer in-house QC staff.

    The quality inspector visits the factory and takes products samples randomly.

    This is done after the production process.

    The results of the samples taken determine the quality of the dresses.

    S/He can also carry out a piece-by-piece inspection.

    We also allow our customers to visit the factory, see the process and even touch the material.

    This is great because you get first-hand information and can also correct a mistake before it’s too late.

    We also have trained inspectors in the factory who supervise before, during, and after the process to ensure what we produce is 100% good quality.

    What Neck Designs Do Wholesale Western Dresses have?

    The answer is a lot. You will be spoiled for choice. Here is the list:

    i. Collared- this neckline has different types of collars either rounded, asymmetrical, curved, etc

    ii. Sweatheart neck- it’s called ‘sweetheart’ because the lower part of the neck looks like the top portion of the heart. shows off your natural curves

    iii. V-neck- it has a V shape that elongates the neckline and balances the size of your shoulders

    iv. Surplice neck- it gives the dress crossover effect that accentuates the waist of the wearer

    v. Jewel- has a slightly lower neckline. It lays where jewels like neckless lay hence the name

    vi. U- shaped neck- the neckline simply looks like U

    vii. Strapless- also called no hand, it shows off the collar bones, neck, and shoulders

    viii. Squareneck- the neckline resembles a square shape. It elongates a short neck and narrows the shoulders

    ix. Spaghetti strap- it has thin straps on the shoulders like spaghetti

    x. Scoop neck- has a dipper neckline that elongates it and shows off the collarbones. Its best for all body types

    xi. Boat neck- it’s a flatter design that highlights your bust

    xii. Round or crew neck- This is the most common. It gives the wearer the illusion of a short neck and full chest

    xiii. Gathered neck- the neckline has gathers

    xiv. Queen Anne neck- named after her has a sweetheart neckline in front and sleeves on the side

    xv. Off the shoulder neck- both shoulders are exposed. It’s best for narrow shoulders.

    xvi. Asymmetrical neck-

    It’s similar to an off-shoulder but only one shoulder is exposed and the other wrapped by a strap that runs across the other shoulder. It works best in a plain color

    xvii. Illusion neck-we use a different fabric mostly a transparent one, to create an interesting design from the neckline to the bust

    xviii. Keyhole neck- it has a jewel lie opening on the neck to display some cleavage. Its best for ladies who don’t mind showing cleavage if you do, avoid it

    xix. Turtle-neck- its best for long necks as it wraps the neckline

    xx. Halter neck- it creates a balance between wide shoulders and toned arms

    xxi. Cowl necks- they are made of soft fabric and are draped

    xxii. Plunging neck- it’s a deep v-neck that’s very dramatic usually worn by people who want to show lots of skin

    What Is The Recommended Length Of Wholesale Western Dresses?

    We have no recommendation whatsoever, dear.

    Our dresses come in maxi, full-length, mid-length, and mini.

    You can go as long or as short as you want as long as you are comfortable.

    What Are The Available Sleeve Options For Wholesale Western Dresses?

    Our dresses have the following sleeve styles.

    They include:

    long sleeve western dress

    long sleeve western dress

    i. Full- sleeves cover the whole arms.

    ii. Sleeveless- It’s sleeve-less meaning sleeves end at the shoulder and the arms are left bear

    iii. Short sleeves- sleeves go from the shoulder to the underarms. Half the arms are not covered

    iv. Three-quarter goes beyond the elbow but above the wrist. ¾ of the arms are covered

    v. Cap sleeves-has short sleeves that cling from the shoulder but don’t get to the arms

    sleeveless western dress

    sleeveless western dress

    Which Features Should You Look For In Wholesale Western Dresses?

    Consider the following qualities:

    i. The material should be strong and sturdy to withstand everyday use

    ii. One that is affordable remember not to compromise on the design and quality you want

    iii. One that is soft to touch and lightweight

    iv. Should be ecofriendly that is it doesn’t cause any allergies or skin irritation to children or people with sensitive skin

    v.  The dress should be the right fit

    vi. Choose one that has a goods stretchability, preferably a 4-way stretch, you may add or lose weight and still wear the dress

    vii. One that suits your skin tone and body type

    viii. One that has your desired finished look whether it’s plain, tie and dye, screen-printing sublimation printing whichever you prefer

    ix. One that is long-lasting- durability ensure the material is good quality

    Which Occasion Can I Wear My Western Dress?

    You can wear western dresses to the following occasions:

    i. Parties

    ii. Weddings

    iii.  Birthdays

    iv. Summer

    v. Dinner

    vi. As casual wear

    vii. Beach

    viii. Hot dates

    ix. Out for cocktail and drinks

    x. Fashion spree

    xi.  Night out

    What Are The Pattern Design On Wholesale Western Dresses?

    Our dresses have the following patterns on them:

    i. Plain- such dresses only have solid colors

    ii. mbroidery- discussed above

    iii. Printed may be screen printing, sublimation, or digital printing

    iv. Plaid- chequered patterns

    v. Some have polka dots

    vi. Some dresses have details such as abstract, plants, cartoons, letters, etc

    How Does Normal Dress Compare To Wholesale Western Dresses?

    Normal dresses flatter a woman’s figure while western dresses are snatched on the waist then they flow.

    normal dress

    normal dress

    Are Wholesale Western Dresses Tight?

    No, they have not bandaged dresses hence they are not tight.

    Do You Have A Return Policy For Wholesale Western Dresses?

    Of course, we do.

    We allow our customers to return their dresses only if the order is incorrect, has wrong sizing, or has wrong pricing.

    It’s advisable to communicate immediately.

    At least within 7 days of receiving the order.

    We have a policy where we expect you to fill out a form.

    On the form, indicate when you received the order, why you want to return it, and whether you want a refund or exchange.

    Don’t return before contacting us otherwise we won’t respond to you.

    The dresses should be in the original packaging with the tags on, unworn and unwashed.

    We will deliver them to you within 7-14 days.

    Which Colors Do Wholesale Western Dresses Come In?

    We have a wide color pallet to choose from;

    i. Warm colors – like orange, yellow, red

    ii. Light warm- peach, beige, cream

    iii. Cool colors- grey, white, black

    iv. Light cool colors- dark grey, light pink, plum

    v. Decorated star series and combines colors for the printed dresses

    All the above colors come in different shades and tints. You will get one that will suit you best.

    What Can You Wear Under My Wholesale Western Dresses?

    What you choose to wear underneath can mess up your look especially if the pant line or the panty color is visible.

    If nothing is visible then you good to go.

    Choose your bras according to the neckline or back design of your dress.

    If it’s a bear back or crisscrossed back go for an adhesive bra or a boob tape for sweetheart neck a strapless bra will work best.

    You don’t have to wear a bra if you are not busty

    For underwear wear a lace thong, g-string, seamless panty, or a bikini.

    Ensure the color you choose doesn’t show.

    For example, don’t wear a black western dress and pink panty.

    We will all see the color.

    Instead, go for black or nude

    Can I Design my Wholesale Western Dresses?

    Yes, Use the online tool to design your MMA shorts or sketch and send them to us.

    Make sure you include all details in terms of sizes, color, desired finished look, and the details you want to be included.

    Save the files as PDF, SVG, AI, EPS, etc.

    In case you save the files like JPG, PNG or TIF ensure you provide the best and the largest version.

    Can I Get Free Samples Of Wholesale Western Dresses?

    Yes, you can get free samples and only pay the shipping fee.

    Nonetheless, we charge customized samples

    How Long Does The Production Process Of Wholesale Western Dresses Take?

    Our production process takes 7-14 days if everything is in order.

    Which Closure Designs Can You Use Wholesale Western Dresses?

    Our dresses have the following closure designs:

    i. Button or zipper mostly at the back

    ii. Hollow out- the dress stretches it needs no opening

    iii. Small cutouts- can comfortably wear the dress through the neckline

    iv. Wrap dress- you wear then wrap according to how you want it to fit

    Do You Have Size-Free Wholesale Western Dresses?

    Yes, we have dresses with loose large fits.

    They are not stitched, you can easily adjust them.

    How Should You Clean Wholesale Western Dresses?

    Cleaning is very simple, check the tag to know whether you can use the machine.

    If not use cold water and mild soap, hang away from direct sunlight.

    Iron on low heat and store.

    How Does The Price Of Wholesale Western Dresses Vary On Occasions?

    During the festive seasons like Christmas, summer, or Valentine’s, our western dress prices hike.


    Because the demand is so high and very many women are willing to buy the dresses or men are willing to gift their girlfriends or wives.

    The price can even increase by 50%.

    If you are not willing to buy someone else will then it means you won’t rock the dress.

    Which Methods Of Stitching Do You Use On Wholesale Western Dresses?

    We use flat locking and double stitch on our dresses.

    These stitching methods lay the seam flat hence doesn’t irritate the wearer.

    It is also durable.

    For all your wholesale western dresses from China, contact us now.

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