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The Largest Manufacturer of Wholesale Vintage Dress in China

Excellent Wholesale Vintage Dress Manufacturer

  • Customized vintage dress design based on your own idea
  • Supply wholesale vintage dress to Europe, North America, South America, and Asia
  • Sample development and custom label
  • 7-10 days lead time based on your order quantity
Wholesale Summer Vintage Ladies Red V Neck Dresses
Wholesale Summer Vintage Ladies Red V Neck Dresses

We manufacture Wholesale Summer Vintage Ladies Red V Neck Dresses that are comfortable and breathable to wear. It comes with a boho stylish design. These are perfect for summer outfits, beach outfits, and vacation outfits.

Wholesale Women's Floral Print Halter Vintage Dress
Wholesale Women's Floral Print Halter Vintage Dress

Our Wholesale Women’s Floral Print Halter Vintage Dress has detailed features such as floral pattern designs, halter neck, fit and flare silhouette, backless, and digital printing. It comes in different sizes for small, medium, large, and more.

Wholesale Women Elegant A-line Vintage Winter Dress
Wholesale Women Elegant A-line Vintage Winter Dress

H&FourWing is a trusted manufacturer of Wholesale Women Elegant A-line Vintage Winter Dress that features anti-wrinkle, breathable, and machine washable. It is manufactured using lightweight fabric so you don’t have to worry about wearing it in summer.

Wholesale Plus-size Half Sleeve Hepburn Vintage Dress with Belt
Wholesale Plus-size Half Sleeve Hepburn Vintage Dress with Belt

Wholesale Plus-size Half Sleeve Hepburn Vintage Dress with Belt from H&FourWing is manufactured with elegant, simple, casual, and retro style. These are all designed by our expert and skillful designers.

Wholesale Vintage Square Neck Short Sleeve Dresses
Wholesale Vintage Square Neck Short Sleeve Dresses

We manufacture Wholesale Vintage Square Neck Short Sleeve Dresses made from polyester fabrics. It is designed with short sleeves and casual styles. It is also designed with long dress length.

Wholesale Vintage Floral Round Neck Dress
Wholesale Vintage Floral Round Neck Dress

These dresses are the vintage casual dress that comes in a variety of sizes for different fits. It also comes with customizable colors and styles. Our Wholesale Vintage Floral Round Neck Dress comes with low MOQ and a competitive price.

Wholesale Women's Vintage Patchwork Party Dress
Wholesale Women's Vintage Patchwork Party Dress

H&FourWing offers Wholesale Women’s Vintage Patchwork Party Dress with an O-neck design. These feature anti-wrinkle, breathable, and anti-static. These vintage dresses are suitable for casual and fashionable wear.

Wholesale Three Quarter Sleeve Floral Vintage Party Dresses
Wholesale Three Quarter Sleeve Floral Vintage Party Dresses

Our Wholesale Three Quarter Sleeve Floral Vintage Party Dresses are made from polyester fabric. These are casual dresses designed with long sleeves and knee-length. These are perfect to wear for the summer, autumn, and spring season.

Wholesale Vintage Style A Line Bowknot Dress
Wholesale Vintage Style A Line Bowknot Dress

We manufacture Wholesale Vintage Style A-Line Bowknot Dresses with bohemian dress designs. These are made from 100% polyester that is breathable to wear. These dresses are perfect for evening party dresses.

Professional Wholesale Vintage Dress Manufacturer

H&FourWing is the leading manufacturer of wholesale vintage dresses in China. We manufacture tailor-made wholesale vintage dresses for your business. We supply a wide range of wholesale vintage dresses from small businesses to large clothing lines. We are a manufacturer that deals with all kinds of vintage dress designs. Our services include excellent after-sales services and satisfying all your wholesale vintage dress needs. Get in touch with us for more information.

  • Fashion Dress

    H&Fourwing’s fashion dresses are made from a wide range of fabrics and are subjected to rigorous quality control processes, which makes our fashion dresses popular with our customers.

  • lady pants

    H&Fourwing’s lady pants are available in four different lines and are designed for different seasons, so you’re sure to find something to suit your needs.

  • Leggings

    H&Fourwing’s Leggings are made of the most skin-friendly fabric, allowing you to feel comfortable while wearing them and not feel pain from the chafing sensation throughout the day.

Your Expert Wholesale Vintage Dress Manufacturer

H&FourWing is one of the biggest manufacturers of wholesale vintage dresses in China. We are manufacturing mind-blowing and trendy vintage dresses. All sorts of vintage dresses are available at H&FourWing.

We have the largest collection of wholesale vintage dresses in China for your business. With our complete manufacturing lines and expert designers, we have the full capabilities in providing all the qualities you need for your vintage dresses.

Vintage Dress
H&Fourwing Vintage Dress

Here in H&FourWing, our wholesale vintage dresses are designed with unlimited colors, designs, styles, and sizes. You can send us your image, descriptions, or ideas for the customization of your vintage dresses.

We also offer wholesale vintage dresses that are available in different patterns and decorations. You can avail of our floral, ruffled, or laced vintage dresses. It also comes with a variety of sleeve lengths and sleeve designs.

Aside from that, all our wholesale vintage dresses are manufactured using high-quality fabrics. We carefully selected polyester, cotton, linens, and more. We ensure durability and long-lasting use of your wholesale vintage dresses.

With its high-quality fabrics, you can also guarantee lightweight and breathability. Rest assured that all your vintage dresses are comfortable and soft to wear. H&FourWing vintage dress also features anti-wrinkle and machine washable.

Among our wholesale vintage dresses is retro clothing with a touch of modern designs. It can also give you an 80’s or 90’s feel outfit. These classical vintage dresses are best-selling in the market. We manufacture wholesale vintage dresses that will suit customers’ preferences.

Our professional designers and skillful staff designed wholesale vintage dresses with excellent craftmanship. Here in H&FourWing, you can guarantee 100% customer satisfaction from our products. All products are guaranteed high quality.

Vintage Dress
H&Fourwing Vintage Dress

Whether you are a famous women’s clothing brand, retailer, or starting a business clothing, H&FourWing can support your needs. We offer wholesale vintage dresses that are affordable, fashionable, and sustainable.

H&Fourwing always keeps up with the latest fashion trends. All the designs of your vintage dresses are well-protected at H&FourWing. Here in H&FourWing, you can guarantee satisfactory quality, low MOQ starting from 100pcs.

Vintage Dress
H&Fourwing Vintage Dress

We also ensure that your wholesale vintage dresses are thoroughly inspected before shipment. Grow your clothing business with H&FourWing. We can help and support your 24/7. Our professional sales team will accommodate your needs and inquiries immediately.

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What are Vintage Dresses?

Vintage Dress

Vintage dresses are also known as retro clothing. It refers to all old styles of clothing.

These are garments 20 years of age or older It is a dress from the 90s through 1970s.

Each decade has unique vintage fashion and trends. Vintage dresses are quite competitive in the current international clothing market.

Many customers choose vintage styles dresses because they highlight their temperament.

What Types of Events Suit Vintage Dresses?

Vintage dress is popular for various occasions. It is comfortable to wear and brings elegance to your outfit. It is ideal to wear in:

  • Cocktail Party,
  • Worship day
  • Banquet
  • Evening Dinner
  • Wedding
  • Dating
  • Family Gathering
  • Daily Wear

What are the Advantages of Purchasing Vintage Dresses?

  • Cost-effective – vintage dresses are affordable and can save you money.
  • Large inventory – manufacturing vintage dress has a large inventory, enables you to build outfits that fit your style.
  • You find a dress that is not commonly produced anymore.
  • Buying vintage dresses is eco-friendly.
  • Rare and unique style vintage style
  • Vintage dress helps create creativity and culture
  • Vintage dresses are often more durable

What are the Fabrics Perfect for Manufacturing Vintage Dresses?

  • Cotton

Cotton Vintage Dress

Cotton Vintage Dress

One of the most popular fabrics in producing vintage dresses is cotton. It is a material used on fitted dresses in the 1940s. These fabrics are a great option thanks to their comfortable and soft features, highly durable, and versatile.

  • Silk

Silk Vintage Dress

Silk Vintage Dress

To create a gorgeous vintage dress, many producers choose silk fabric. It is available in various types and used at different times. It includes silk shantung, which was a famous satin fabric type in the 1960s. You can also find silk satin, silk crepe, which was mostly used in the 1930s, etc.

  • Linen

Linen Vintage Dress

Linen Vintage Dress

Linen fabric makes a great fit for vintage dresses. It is famous since the 17th century. Linen does not stretch or slip. This fabric is very easy to use under the sewing machine.

  • Rayon

Rayon Vintage Dress

Rayon Vintage Dress

Rayon is a good material for vintage dresses. It is something different and artificial. It is also good for making lace dresses and blouses. Rayon has all the good features.

  • Wool

Wool Vintage Dress

Wool Vintage Dress

This material offers better comfort, is fuzzy, and is soft to vintage dress. Wool is utilized in various ways and is popular at different times. Wool vintage dresses are they are easy to sew and take care of.

  • Nylon

Nylon Vintage Dress

Nylon Vintage Dress

Nylon fabric is a widely used fabric in creating amazing vintage dresses. It is used in the late 1930s. This fabric is used in making socks, tights, stockings, before being used to make elegant vintage dresses in the 1940s.

  • Polyester

Polyester Vintage Dress

Polyester Vintage Dress

Became famous in the 1950s, polyester is a great fabric that makes different kinds of dresses, especially vintage dresses. It is not easy to sew fabric but promises to offer a fabulous and versatile outcome.

  • Fur

Fur Vintage Dress

Fur Vintage Dress

Vintage fur dresses are an extravagant style worn on many occasions. Fur coats are famous from the 1950s to the 1960s. Anyone who knew anything about fashion, wear vintage fur dresses.

Fur is also commonly used to make coats, shawls, and wraps for vintage dresses. This will complete your vintage dress look.

Which Types of Vintage Dresses Do You Have?

As a professional vintage dress manufacturer, Hfourwing manufactures all types of vintage dresses. Some are the following:

  • 1950s Dresses
  • 1920s Dresses
  • 1930s Dresses
  • 1940s Dresses
  • 1960s Dresses
  • Plaid Dresses
  • Swing Dresses
  • Dresses With Sleeves
  • Vintage Casual Dresses
  • A-LINE Vintage Dress
  • Bias Cut Vintage Dress
  • Dropped Waist Vintage Dress
  • Empire Line Vintage Dress
  • Fit and Flare Dress
  • The Mini Dress
  • Maxi dress
  • Midi Vintage Dresses
  • The sheath or Wiggle Vintage Dress
  • Vintage Shift Dress
  • The Shirt Waister or Bouffant Vintage Dress
  • Tent or Trapeze Vintage Dress

What is the Color Available in Vintage Dresses?

You can order vintage dresses by color. Many manufacturers offer custom vintage dresses with your favorite color such as:

  • Red Dresses
  • Pink Dresses
  • Blue Dresses
  • Navy Dresses
  • Green Dresses
  • Black Dresses
  • Yellow Dresses
  • Burgundy Dresses
  • Purple Dresses

Is Custom Design Vintage Dresses Available?

Yes definitely. If you want to establish your own clothing brands or design your own vintage dress idea, several manufacturers offer custom/OEM services. They will handle all the meticulous production processes from material sourcing, sample production, garment, and fabric bulk developing, and shipping. Here are the custom dress order specifications you must consider:

  • Customer’s design
  • The customer’s color requires
  • Customer’s pattern
  • Size & specifications
  • Customer chosen fabric quality
  • Accessories added as customer required
  • Customer’s packing instruction

What Are the Tips in Identifying True Vintage Dress?

Here are some of the tips in identifying true vintage dresses.

  • Check the logo on the tag
  • Flip the label over to see where the garment was made
  • Look over for the fabric composition tag
  • Check for a metal zipper
  • Check for unique construction details and/or handmade sew jobs

Is it a Good Idea to Purchase Vintage Dress from China?

Yes, of course. China is a reliable manufacturer trusted by many customers worldwide. China’s garment and textile industry has gained a good reputation through the years. Some of the reasons why you choose China are the following:

  • China provides the latest manufacturing technology and trained personnel
  • China has experienced suppliers who recommend the correct fabric qualities for your dress styles.
  • Several manufacturers provide you support from the design ideas
  • The majority of the manufacturers have profound years of experience in the vintage dress industry
  • Employ skilled personnel who ensures perfect quality and stitching in every process
  • Offer a wide variety of styles, designs, and colors of vintage dresses at the best price.
  • Custom vintage dress according to your requests
  • Offer wholesale vintage dresses that meet whether small or big orders
  • China has excellent logistics for easy shipping globally
  • Chinese manufacturers provide easy and convenient paying terms online banking platforms.

Do Vintage Dresses Manufacturer Have Product Return Policy?

Several manufacturers do not offer return policies to customers. Thus, requesting vintage dress samples before mass production is necessary. You can avail free sample for your bulk vintage dress orders.

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