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Beaded Long Sleeve Faux Wrap Dress
Beaded Long Sleeve Faux Wrap Dress

As a well-experienced supplier, H&Fourwing offer wholesale beaded long sleeve faux wrap dress at a reasonable costs. Features a velvet ties at the waist and stylish blouson sleeves.

Velvet Maternity, Nursing Dress
Velvet Maternity/Nursing Dress

H&Fourwing supplies wholesale velvet maternity/nursing dress at a more competitive cost. This is comfortable to wear that will compliments  postpartum figure and baby bump.

True Heart Velvet Long Sleeve Dress
True Heart Velvet Long Sleeve Dress

Wholesale true hear velvet long sleeve dress can be custom-made with your specific size, design, and brand logo. This is a fit dress that flatters the wearer`s curves.

Flutter Sleeve Velvet Gown
Flutter Sleeve Velvet Gown

At H&Fourwing, we offer wholesale flutter sleeve velvet gown featuring a cap sleeves, V-neck, and back zip closure. Ideal for women of any sizes, small to XXL.

Velvet & Tulle Cocktail Dress
Velvet & Tulle Cocktail Dress

H&Fourwing wholesale velvet & tulle cocktail dress can be custom-tailored according to your ideal neckline, style, pattern, etc. Featuring an open back, unreaveled back zip, sleeveless, and more.

Off the Shoulder Tiered Ballgown
Off the Shoulder Tiered Ballgown

This wholesale off the shoulder tiered ballgown is accessible in a range of sizes, designs, and lengths. You can order from 50-100pcs to support your start-up business.

Plus Size V-Neck Stretch Velvet Fit & Flare Dress
Plus Size V-Neck Stretch Velvet Fit & Flare Dress

H&Fourwing wholesale plus size V-neck stretch velvet fit & flare dress features an exposed zip closure at the back,  breathable, and washable designs. Available sizes from S-XXL.

Long Sleeve Fit & Flare Velvet Embellished Cocktail Dress
Long Sleeve Fit & Flare Velvet Embellished Cocktail Dress

At H&Fourwing, we supply a wholesale long sleeve fit & flare velvet embellished cocktail dress that features a bead-centered velvet flowers. It comes in different pattern, style, colors, features, etc.

Cowl Neck Velvet Gown
Cowl Neck Velvet Gown

H&Fourwing offers the newest and latest range of cowl neck velvet gown. This was styled sleeveless, with a sweeping A-line skirt  and draped neckline.

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H&FourWing Wholesale Velvet Dress

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Velvet Dress: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In this guide, you will find all information you’re looking for about velvet dresses.

It covers everything about velvet dresses – from design, sizes, recommended fitting, printing technique to quality, amongst others.

So, keep reading to learn more.

What Are The Designs And Styles Of A Velvet Dress?

  • Mini velvet dress- it is the shortest of the midi and maxi length dresses. Its hemline line sits above the knees, usually at mid-thigh level.

Mini velvet dress

Mini velvet dress

  • Off-shoulder velvet dress- the off-shoulder velvet comes in various designs but one thing is constant; exposed shoulders. These velvet dresses show off your shoulders, but still, maintain sleeves on your biceps. This is a simple, casual, and elegant design.

Show off shoulder velvet dress

Show off shoulder velvet dress

  • Velvet wrap dress-The dress is formed by wrapping one side across the other using fastening buttons or wrap ties. Velvet wrap dresses are flattering for all body types. It is a very versatile design. You can style differently to suit any occasion or weather.

Velvet wrap dress

Velvet wrap dress

  • Velvet sheath dress- this dress is usually form-fitting and short. It sits at the knee or slightly above. This velvet dress is perfect if you want to show off your curves. You can dress it up for a business function or a night out.

Velvet sheath dress

Velvet sheath dress

  • Velvet slip dress– this type of dress usually features a V-neckline and spaghetti straps. It is gorgeous and can be styled in endless ways; both up and down. It is ideal for people with slim figures.

Velvet slip dress

Velvet slip dress

  • Velvet cocktail dress– as its name suggests, this is dress is the perfect choice for drinks at the bar or a party. This type of velvet dress is very versatile, with different types of necklines, silhouettes, and sleeves. It is a blend of formal and casual dress.
  • Velvet strapless dress- this dress does not feature any sleeves or straps as the name suggests. It sits just above your bust area. It is ideal for showing off your gorgeous shoulders and neckline. It gives so much room for accessorizing as well.

Velvet strapless dress

Velvet strapless dress

  • One-shoulder velvet dress- this is an asymmetrical velvet dress featuring a single shoulder. It is a stunning design with a variety of styles to choose from. You can have a long sleeve, short sleeves, a strap, etc.

One shoulder velvet dress

 One-shoulder velvet dress

  • Asymmetrical velvet dress- it features two sides with different lengths. It can be longer at the front and shorter at the back or vice versa. There are many different variations of the asymmetrical velvet dress available today. If you are unsure about the formality of an event, go for an asymmetrical velvet dress.

Asymetrical velvet dress

Asymmetrical velvet dress

  • Velvet bodycon dress– this type of dress hugs your figure, therefore outlining your curves. It is super casual and suits all body types. If you want to showcase your curves, this is the dress for you.

Velvet body con dress

Velvet Bodycon dress

  • Maxi velvet dress- this is a long velvet dress; that runs down to your ankles or sometimes to the floor. Maxi velvet dresses can be worn as evening gowns, bridesmaid dresses, etc. You can dress maxi dresses up by accessorizing with beautiful jewelry, fur, or heels. Maxi velvet dresses are available in a variety of designs, silhouettes, sleeves, and necklines.

Velvet maxi dress

 Velvet maxi dress

What Colors Do Velvet Dresses Come In?

Originally, velvet was only available in a reddish-purple color.

It was reserved for royalty and was only available in that color or other exclusive colors such as blue.

Today velvet you can find in various shades thanks to the modern dye variety and techniques.

It is important to note that due to their texture and shiny nature, velvet dresses can appear different at certain angles.

The color of velvet dresses tends to also look different depending on the amount of light they are exposed to.

Some of the colors that velvet dresses come in are:

  • Black
  • Green
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Cream
  • Gold
  • Maroon

Are Velvet Dresses Considered Formal?

Velvet dresses are not necessarily considered formal.

Just like dresses made out of other fabrics, velvet dresses can be worn in both casual and formal settings.

The design, style, and color of the dress also determine whether it is formal or not.

Dark shades such as black, maroon, and green are most ideal for formal events.

Velvet makes good evening and special occasion dresses it that is the look you are going for.

What Makes Velvet A Good Material For Dresses?

  • It has a beautiful drape- drape is an important factor to consider when choosing a fabric for a dress. Velvet drapes very well as it is not too flowy or crisp.
  • It has high breathability- velvet made from natural fibers such as cotton and silk are highly breathable. Velvet dresses allow you comfort and coolness throughout the day.
  • Easy maintenance- compared to other delicate materials such as silk, velvet is easier to clean and care for.
  • Less prone to piling- piling/bubbling is when garments the fabric has little entangled balls of fiber. They are usually caused by the loosening of fibers during the washing process. Velvet fabric looks good and smooth even after washing or wearing as it is less prone to pilling.

How Much Do Velvet Dresses Cost?

Velvet is considered to be one of the most expensive fabrics. There are different types of velvet each with its own price.

Dresses made of silk velvet are most expensive while those made of polyester and rayon are quite affordable.

Other factors that influence the cost of velvet dresses include:

Embellishment and embroidery- velvet dresses that have extra beautification such as rhinestones, beads, pearls, and lace tend to be pricier.

Embroidery whether done by hand or machine also raise the price of a velvet dress.

Prints and patterns- velvet dresses made from printed velvet material are more expensive than those made from plain fabric.

Style and design- velvet is not exactly an easy material to work with.

This means that complicated designs will cost more.

Brand- luxury brands sell their velvet dresses at high prices compared to local fashion houses.

Are Velvet Dresses Flattering?

Velvet dresses flatter all body shapes.

This is because velvet as a fabric has a very beautiful drape.

No matter what your body type is, you cannot go wrong with a velvet dress.

Furthermore, most velvet dresses come in jewel tones.

Darker shades are very flattering and have the ability to make you look more toned.

The texture and shiny appearance of velvet look good on all skin types.

To make velvet dresses even more flattering, select necklines and waistline that suit you best.

The goal is to make the velvet dress bring out your best features or to conceal your not-so-good features.

What Are The Available Sleeve Options For Velvet Dresses?

Sleeve designs are based on the following three main sleeve lengths:

Long sleeves- they give you full coverage of the arms up to the wrists.

¾ sleeves-they offer coverage of the arms till the elbow.

Short sleeves- they are the smallest of the three.

They cover the arm area between the elbow and shoulder.

Different types of sleeves are as follows:

Types of sleeves for dresses

types of sleeves for dresses

  • Puff sleeves- this type of sleeve is ideal for a vintage and maxi velvet dress. A puff sleeve is gathered together at the bottom, giving off a puff as a result. Puff sleeves are usually short sleeves and are clumped together by an elastic for flexibility.
  • Bell sleeves- also known as trumpet sleeves. They resemble the shape of a bell. The bell shape usually starts from the elbow and runs down up to the wrist.
  • Of the shoulder sleeves- these sleeves are a common trend with velvet dresses. Off-shoulder sleeves can either be long or short. These sleeves start just below the shoulders leaving them open.
  • Cap sleeves- just like their name suggest, cap sleeves only ‘caps’ the shoulders and the upper arms. These sleeves give little or no coverage to the underarms.
  • Butterfly sleeves- it is safe to say that butterfly sleeves are a blend of the puff and cap sleeves. They are puffed at the shoulder and loose on the arms. Butterfly sleeves are most suitable for velvet dresses with deep necklines.
  • Angel sleeves- they resemble angel wings and hence the name. They are long and wide and tend to form an asymmetrical shape as they run down the wrists. Angel’s wrists are perfect for vintage velvet dresses as well as long velvet gowns.
  • Mutton leg sleeves- these sleeves get their name from their shape which resembles the leg of a button. They are long sleeves with puffiness at the shoulder and slim down towards the wrist. These sleeves look best on velvet cocktail dresses and other casual designs.
  • Kimono sleeves- these get their inspiration from the Japanese culture. They are usually long and loose-fitting. Kimono sleeves are very fashionable and look great in velvet wrap dresses.
  • Other sleeves options for velvet dresses include petal sleeves, cuff sleeves, bishop sleeves, bracelet sleeves, cold shoulder sleeves, among others.

What Are The Collar And Neckline Options For Velvet Dresses?

Neckline designs for dresses

Figure 12 t types of necklines available for velvet dresses.

The right neckline can elevate the look of your dress and make a statement.

When selecting a neckline consider the size of your bust, neck, and shoulders.

It is also essential that you go for a neck design that flatters your face shape.

The most popular necklines for velvet dresses are as follows:

  • Off the shoulder
  • Asymmetric
  • Sweetheart
  • Spaghetti strap
  • Cowl
  • High neck
  • Halter
  • V-neck
  • Illusion
  • Scoop
  • Jewel
  • Queen Anne
  • Strapless
  • Plunging
  • Surplice
  • Bateau
  • Crew neck, etc.

Which Sizes Do Velvet Dresses Come In?

Velvet dresses come in XS, S, M, L, and XL.

Some manufacturers accept custom sizes if your size is not in the provided size chart.

It is important to note that size charts can be different for every country or manufacturer.

Ensure that you know your accurate measurements when purchasing a velvet dress.

If our measurements fall in between two sizes, always choose the larger size.

When shopping online, check the store’s websites to find out their size charts.

Most will have an explanation of their sizing.

Which Quality Control Procedures Do Velvet Dresses Go Through?

Velvet dresses go through a number of quality control procedures to identify any issues or defects.

These procedures include:

  • Measuring the dimensions of the dress to ensure that they comply with the specified sizes.
  • Physical tests on accessories such as zippers and buttons if any.
  • Test on the density and composition of the fabric.
  • Verification of the label
  • Packaging inspection

How Do You Care For A Velvet Dress?

Ensure to read the manufacturer’s label to get instructions on how to clean and care for your velvet dress.

Velvet dresses need proper care to maintain their shiny appearance and soft texture.

Some of the practical ways to care for velvet dresses include:

  • Cleaning- some types of velvets should only be dry cleaned while others can be machine or hand washed.

This is why it is essential to read the label and find out which velvet type your dress is made of and the proper way to wash it.

When you are not certain, always opt for professional dry cleaning.

As for stain removal, use a soft cloth and gently dab around the stain.

Do not apply too much pressure to avoid pushing the stain further into the pile.

Use clean water and milk soap for this process.

To remove the excess water, blot using a dry cloth. Avoid shaking or using too much pressure on the dress.

  • Crease removal- always use a steamer to get rid of mild creases on a velvet dress. Always ensure to turn the dress inside out and do not place the nozzle of the steamer too close to the dress.

If the creases are severe, you can carefully hold the dress over boiling water.

Note that you should never iron a velvet dress.

Velvet is delicate and cannot withstand the heat or the weight of the iron.

Ironing causes the velvet pile to crush and leaves an imprint.

  • Storage- you should never fold a velvet dress. Folds and creases are hard to eliminate. Instead, store your velvet dresses in a large box. If you must fold, place tissue paper in between the folds.
  • Other tips-avoid blotting velvet dresses. Blotting especially when done to wet velvet will press the pile down and can cause damage.

For instance, when you spill a liquid on your velvet dress, shake it to remove as much moisture as possible and then let it dry.

How Do You Check The Quality Of Velvet Dresses?

The following are a few ways to check the quality of a velvet dress:

  • Inspect the material- velvet should feel soft on the skin and has a shiny appearance.

It is also quite a heavy fabric, so you should ensure that it is neither light nor see-through.

Go ahead and stretch the fabric.

Good quality velvet should remain intact even stretching.

  • Check the color- ensure that the color of your dress is uniform. You should also confirm that it is the actual shade you ordered.
  • Check the manufacturer’s label- a good quality velvet dress will have a label with care instructions as well as the fabric content.
  • Check the seams- while velvet can be quite hard to sew, ensure that the seams are neatly and tightly sewn. There should be no gaps and neither should the seams be loose.

Are There Printed Velvet Dresses?

Velvet dresses are available in various prints, patterns, and designs.

Manufacturers use different techniques to print on velvet fabric.

Some manufacturers offer custom services where you pick the print, pattern, or picture of your choice.

How Do You Print On Velvet Dresses?

Contrary to popular belief, printing on velvet is quite easy.

Some of the velvet printing techniques include:

  • Sublimation technique- this technique involves transferring a particular design from a sublimation paper onto the velvet fabric.

It produces long-lasting and high-quality images.

With this technique, you have to be extra careful as velvet does not handle direct heat very well.

  • Embossing- this is simply using heat to sink images into the velvet pile to achieve both a textural and visual effect.

Embossed images are beautiful and long-lasting.

Embossing works best on acetate/rayon blend velvets.

It works well for silk, rayon, and silk/rayon as well.

Embossing is basically stamp printing.

You will need a heated iron with the minimum setting.

Ensure there is no steam by emptying water out of the iron.

Embossed velvet dresses should only be dry cleaned.

Avoid washing as saturation may cause presses fibers to loosen making the image fade or even erasing the imprinted image completely.

  • Embroidery- this is such an effective and suitable method because velvet is a thick fabric.

It involves stitching of patterns, images, or logos with a needle and thread and in some cases an embroider machine.

It creates beautiful and long-lasting images.

Embroidery, however, can cost more than traditional printing.

In What Occasions Can You Wear A Velvet Dress?

Velvet dresses are simply elegant and luxurious. They also come in different styles and designs suitable for all events.

Velvet dresses are also available in various colors, necklines, silhouettes and lengths.

From gowns, cocktail dresses, party dresses, etc.

You can wear velvet dresses in the following occasions:

  • Weddings
  • Office parties
  • Prom or other formal dances
  • Holiday parties
  • Night out
  • Dates
  • Daily wear
  • Ball
  • Banquet
  • Outdoor
  • Carnival

What Is The Difference Between A Velvet And Velour Dress?

  • Cost- velour dresses are cheaper compared to velvet dresses. Dresses made of natural fibers such as silk tend to be even more expensive. Those made of synthetic velvet are more affordable.
  • Maintenance- most velvet dresses are dry clean only. Some velour dresses are also dry clean only. Check the manufacturer’s label to find out the best way to wash your dresses. You should not iron both velvet and velour dresses. Air drying is the best for both velvet and velour dresses. Avoid dryers at all costs.
  • Stretch- velour dresses are a bit stretchy compared to velvet dresses.
  • Texture- velvet dresses feel soft on the skin and have a shiny appearance. Velour dresses on the other hand are dull but they are just as soft and luxurious as velvet dresses.
  • Weight- velour dresses are lighter in weight than velvet dresses. Velvet dresses are heavier depending on the weave.
  • Flame resistance- dresses made out of synthetic velour have some degree of flame resistance. Velvet dresses can be flame resistance depending on the fiber content of the fabric.
  • Fiber content- velvet can be made from silk, linen, rayon, wool, polyester, and cotton in rare circumstances. Velour on the other hand can be made from cotton or synthetic fibers.

When Can You Wear A Velvet Dress?

Traditionally, velvet dresses were fall and winter dresses.

It is no doubt that velvet dresses are warm and therefore ideal for cold weather.

Today, however, velvet dresses can be worn in any season, during the day or night.

There are casual styles and designs that make velvet dresses perfect for warm seasons.

Are Velvet Dresses Wrinkle-Resistant?

Velvet dresses are not wrinkle-resistant.

As a matter of fact, they wrinkle easily and these creases are pretty visible.

To remove wrinkles from a velvet dress, use a steamer on a low setting.

Note that you should never use iron as it could ruin the dress and leave an imprint.

Can You Wear A Velvet During Summer?

Summer velvet dress

Summer velvet dress

You can totally wear a velvet dress during summer.

Traditionally, velvet is for colder weather but you can make it work.

A few tips on how to wear a velvet dress include:

  • Keep it casual- consider casual designs such as mini dresses, slip dresses, strapless dresses, etc.
  • Go for light colors- avoid darker shades such as maroon, black or purple. Instead go for lighter colors such as cream, lavender, yellow, blush pink, etc.
  • Summer trends- consider the summer styles for that particular year.
  • Accessorize- you can wear light jewelry to break the monotony of the velvet dress. Also, remember to keep your make-up minimal.

Is There Difference Between Women Velvet Dress And Girls Velvet Dress?

The major difference between women’s and girls’ velvet dresses is the design.

Velvet girl dresses are likely to have fun and cute designs such as tutu dresses, baby doll dresses, party gowns, etc.

Women’s velvet dresses have more mature, elegant, and sometimes sexy designs.

When Should You Choose Vintage Velvet Dress?

You can wear a vintage dress to themed parties, weddings, tea parties, Christmas parties, etc.

How Should Velvet Dress Fit?

A velvet dress should neither be too tight nor too loose.

When in doubt, always size up.

It is also important that you know your measurements.

These measurements include your bust, waist, and hips.

When measuring your size, keep the measuring tape kind of loose so that you do not end up with a tight or small dress.

In terms of length velvet dresses come in three major ones; mini, midi, and maxi.

Before purchasing a velvet dress ensure that the length is comfortable for walking in.

Which Types Of Velvet Fabric Do You Use To Make Dresses?

There are many types of velvet materials available.

All types of velvet fabrics have different textures, drapes, feel as well as other features.

When buying velvet fabric from fabric stores or boutiques be sure not to confuse them with look-alike fabrics such as velour and velveteen.

Some of the most common velvet fabrics include the following:

  • Crushed velvet- this type of fabric has a ‘crushed’ appearance as the name suggests. This crinkly look is achieved by either twisting the wet fabric or by pressing it in different directions. Crushed velvet has a shiny appearance, quite a unique texture, and is very lustrous.
  • Pile on the pile- this velvet type consists of piles with different lengths which make a pattern.
  • Panne velvet-this type of velvet is just like crushed velvet but unlike the latter, the pile in pressed in one direction.
  • Lyons velvet- this type of velvet is woven in Lyons, France, thus its name. It has a thick pile and has characteristics such as heaviness and crispiness.
  • Embossed velvet-this is basically a printed velvet. The prints are created using a heat stamp. The heat stamp applies pressure to the velvet fabric, it then pushes the piles down to form a pattern.
  • Cisele’- this is a patterned type of velvet. The patterns are created by cutting some of the looped threads while leaving the rest.
  • Plain velvet- this is a type of velvet fabric is made of cotton. It is quite heavy and has minimal stretch. It is a dull velvet and does not have the shine as other velvets have.
  • Stretch velvet- this is a flexible and stretchy velvet type. This is because it is incorporated with spandex during the weaving process.
  • Devore velvet- this type of velvet consists of some pile-free parts. The pile is usually removed so as to form a pattern. Normally, the pile and the ground are woven from different fibers. Devore velvet is also referred to as burnout.

Which Styles Of Wholesale Velvet Dresses Do You Have?

Velvet Dress

velvet dress

Baby Doll Velvet Dresses

The dresses are made with a round wide fashioned skirt.

baby doll velvet dress

baby doll velvet dress

They are short in length size, with a comfortable waistline that is joined exactly below the burst area.

Fit And Flare Velvet Dresses

The dresses have a bottom part that is cycle and flare in shape, with the upper top giving a tight fit to the burst area and the waistline.

Fit and flare velvet dress

fit and flare velvet dress

Mini Velvet Dresses

Usually used for casual dates and parties.

They are short highly above the knee length.

mini velvet dress

velvet mini dress

Pencil Velvet Dresses

Used as both a casual and formal attire.

It is more of a body con dress hugging the hips down to the knee with a bottleneck type of waist line.

pencil velvet dress

pencil velvet dress

Sheath Velvet Dresses

This is an elegant velvet piece that suits various occasions.

It is a body hugging dress that flatters all the body parts that it covers.

Skater Velvet Dresses

They are short dresses with circular bottoms and fitting upper part.

Velvet dresses that are small and tiny in size for petite sizes

skater velvet dress

skater velvet dress

Shirt Dress Velvet Dresses

These are dresses made in a shape of a long shirt could be plain or with buttons.

shirt velvet dress

shirt velvet dress

Wrap Dress

A velvet dress that wraps round the body, could be long or short in length

Maxi Velvet Dresses

Velvet dresses they are long and overflow to the ground. They could be body hugging or free fitting.

Why Choose Velvet Dresses?

The dresses made of velvet nature consists of an exquisite awesome drapability nature.

Velvet dresses are soft and tender to touch, hence providing an awesome feeling when worn.

The dresses made from cotton velvet are environmentally friendly because their natural fibre content.

Because of its elegancy in nature and its association with the factor of nobility.

The velvet fabric is durable in nature.

Velvet dresses are a day to day fashion trend, they have never been out of fashion.

The velvet dresses are available in many and various colors giving one many options of choice.

Velvet dresses can be worn in various occasions

Friendly during harsh seasons, such as during cold.

Which Features Should You Look For In Wholesale Velvet Dresses?

The texture of the velvet fabric used to make the dress should be considered.

The aesthetic value of the fabric should be considered.

Consider the velvet dresses that have a smooth finishing

Consider the label of the garment

The embroidery on the velvet dresses should not be exaggerated

Consider the velvet fabric such as synthetic which does not easily fade or get crushed.

How Do You Choose Best Color For Velvet Dresses?

Consider the trending fashion colors

Considering the message one wants to convey by wearing a specific dress color.

Such as red symbolizing a passion for something, shades of yellow drawing attentions and green symbolizing fertility.

By considering the event with which one wants to wear the velvet dress, such as cool and dark colors are associated to events that are formal in conduct.

The neutral colors can be used on any event and bright colors are for celebrations.

One’s body structure and shape is so vital when choosing the color of a dress, every color brings out a different look on someone, such as the bold cool.

Darker colors makes one to appear a bit smaller, compared to the bright colors that largely expose a person.

There are events that are themed based, one can prefer his/her invited guests to wear a certain color of dress, in such instances one chooses a velvet dress color to suit the theme.

Consider on the available accessories that one wants to blend the dress with, in this case it limits other colors and favors others.

Consider the length of the dresses, some colors appear beautiful when applied on different lengths, such as blue appears beautiful on short velvet party dresses.

This is as compared to burgundy that appears beautiful on long dinner dresses.

How Can You Get Best Prices For Wholesale Velvet Dresses?

-Through entering into long term buyer-supplier relationships with the wholesale velvet dresses manufacturers

The two parties may decide to get into either collaborative or strategic alliance so as to enable them have a cost effective purchase, which is favorable for both the seller and the buyer.

This also enables the buyer to have a stronger bargaining power compared to other wholesale buyers in the market.

-when ordering the velvet dresses in bulk purchases

Ordering in large and extensive purchases enables the benefit of lower costs offered by the manufacturer due to economies of scale.

-Having good negotiation skills between the manufacturers of velvet dresses and the buyer enables the buyer to have a chance to get better prices .

Hence ability to have continuous cost effective purchases.

-Conducting a thorough market price research for the wholesale floral dresses offered by different manufacturers so as to obtain the best cost effective offer in the floral dresses market.

-By obtaining referrals for the suppliers with best prices for the wholesale velvet dresses from other dealers who purchase from them.

-Through conducting price comparison among other manufacturers of velvet wholesale dresses.

Why Import Wholesale Velvet Dresses From China?

Availability of favorably Low costs involved in the importation of the wholesale velvet dresses from china.

Ready availability of the wholesale velvet   dresses anytime there is a demand hence reliability to the buyers.

Variety-there is availability of a wide variety of   velvet dresses   in terms of designs, colors and qualities for the buyers to select .

The manufacturers of the wholesale velvet   dresses keep up with the new trends in the market hence meeting fashion demands of our customers back in the country

Extensive markets with new innovations on velvet dresses fashion hence massive production of the velvet   dresses

Availability of unique velvet   printed pieces   hence improving on the appearance of the fabric used to make the dresses

Good and improved supply chain channels hence easy order picking, smooth expedition/traceability from the buyer side.

Availability of good discount codes offered to the buyers by the manufacturers, hence enabling a seller to obtain good profit margins when retailing.

The manufacturers offer an efficient support on customization of the wholesale velvet dresses

The manufacturers offer options of reverse logistics to their customers

China is well known for the expertise power and specialization in the garment industry hence quality output in velvet dresses.

What Makes Velvet Best Material For Dresses?

-Velvet fabric presents an exquisite appearance on a dress hence more admirable.

-Provides a soft touch to the dress

-Velvet dresses made from cotton velvet fabric are environmentally friendly

-Colored velvet fabrics block and blend well

-During winter velvet fabric provides warmth

-It’s nature of elegancy on the appearance

-Velvet fabric is comfortable in nature

-Velvet fabric does not easily fade

How Do You Choose Sleeve For Wholesale Velvet Dresses

A sleeve is the part that covers the arm region of a dress.

-Considering the comfort factor of a velvet dress, one  can go for a Long Set-in Sleeves type .

Long Set-in Sleeves type exists in different types such as ¾ style and the elbow length sleeve style.

-Considering the fashion trends, one can go for the Melon type of sleeve.

The sleeve is usually associated with the vintage designs.

The sleeve design looks more of a puffy sleeve.

-One can consider the Cape sleeves as they make the velvet dress elegant and free due to the way in which they are joined from the edge of the shoulder.

-Considering the idea of symbolism, one can go for the puffed sleeves.

Puff sleeves are associated to symbolize the idea of nobility, as it is used on dresses worn by queens.

-Depending on the taste of style of a person. One opts to go for the plain sleeve design.

– Considering on the weather of a particular place.

In areas that are cold, long sleeved types of sleeve styles are preferable such as; the Bishop sleeves.

-Peasants sleeves

-Angel sleeves

-Long Bell sleeves

-Long Lantern sleeves

-Juliet sleeves

-Virago sleeves

Which Are The Collar And Neckline Designs Of Wholesale Velvet Dresses?

-Off-shoulder neck velvet dresses

off shoulder velvet dress

off shoulder velvet dress

This neckline is wide in shape that it exposes the upper part of the shoulder.

-Deep V-neck shaped velvet dress

A neckline on the front side of the dress, the two sides are straight and joined in a way that forms the shape V.

It is deep and low to the chest point.

-Velvet dress with a slit neckline.

This is a sharp cut that resembles a thin straight slit on the front side of the neck.

-Square neckline velvet dress

Neckline that is square shaped.

-Boat neckline velvet dress

-Halter-strap neckline velvet dress

-Turtle neckline velvet dress

It is round in shape and high closer to the chin, it covers the neck by being folded.

-Scoop neckline

The neckline is round in shape, with the front part slightly lower compared to the back part.

-Strapless neckline

A type of neckline that ends exactly above the burst line.

-Plunge neckline

The neckline consists of the V-shape cut that is very low.

How Do You Choose Sizes Of Wholesale Velvet Dresses?

By considering the waist, chest and the hip measurements.

The sizes come in different measurements;

-Xs ranging from 0-2

-Small ranging from 2-4

– Medium,ranging from 6-8

-Large, ranging from 10-12

XL, ranging from 14-16

1X, ranging from 18-20

2X, ranging from 22-24

3X, ranging from 26-28

Are There Printed Wholesale Velvet Dresses?

Yes, such as ;

-The velvet dresses with floral prints

velvet floral dress

velvet floral dress

-The velvet dresses with burn-out prints

-Velvet dresses with animal prints

How Should Velvet Dress Fit?

Velvet dresses appear beautiful when they hug the body thus flattering the shape.

Velvet dresses can also be loose and not so tight to the body depending on the buyer.

How Do You Check Quality Of Wholesale Velvet Dresses?

-Check if the texture of the velvet dresses is soft to touch.

-Consider the drapability nature of the velvet dress,

-To obtain durability consider if the velvet fabric is made of cotton or synthetic.

-Consider the sheen on the wholesale velvet dresses made from silk velvet.

–    The bottom ends should not keep folding up.

Is Velour Dress Same As Velvet Dresses?

-No, Velour has a higher content of stretch its fiber composition compared to velvet dresses.

-Velour dresses are preferably used as sport wears while velvet dresses are used for occasions such as dinner.

-Velour dresses are made from velour fabric which has a finishing that is dull in appearance, while Velvet has an exposed surface that has a shiny appearance.

-Both velour dresses and velvet dresses are same in texture.

velour dress

velour dress

-Velour fabric is obtained through the knitting process, while velvet is obtained through the weaving process.

-Velour dresses are cheaper than velvet dresses, because of the initial cost of obtaining the velour fabric.

-Velvet dresses are heavier in weight as compared to velour dresses which are slightly light in weight.

How Should You Clean And Maintain Velvet Dresses?

-One should first know the components of the velvet fabric used to make the dress.

A velvet dress made from silk velvet is preferably dry cleaned and those made from fabrics such as polyester can be hand washed under maximum care.

-It is advisable to turn the inside part to be out so that when washing the velvet dress the delicate part is not subjected to a lot of friction during scrubbing.

-Avoid over-twisting the velvet fabric to avoid damaging the dress or overstretching.

-Do not expose to heat through ironing, preferably use a steamer to clear creases formed during washing.

-When hand washing ensure the detergents used are not harsh to the velvet fabric.

-Incase the velvet dress has a stain, ensure you start by removing the stain to avoid spreading to other parts of the dress.

-After washing, store the fabric without folding to avoid forming creases.

Are Velvet Dresses From China Durable?

Yes, they are durable.

How Do You Print On Wholesale Velvet Dresses?

-Sublimation printing on velvet dresses

-Screen printing

Are There Vintage Wholesale Velvet Dresses?

A vintage velvet dress is one that shows the old style of a velvet dress still worn at the present time.

vintage velvet dress

vintage velvet dress

Yes they are in this present era. Such as; The  Prom velvet dress.

Are There Varying Fabrics For Wholesale Velvet Dresses?


-The velvet dresses exist in different nature of fabrics, such as;

-Velvet dresses made from silk velvet

-Dresses tailored from velvet fabric that is made from a percentage of synthetic.

-Dresses made from velvet fabric that  results from a mixture of rayon and viscose components

-Fabrics such as linen velvet

-Dresses made from cotton velvet

-Dresses made from silk velvet

What Are The Disadvantages Of Velvet Dresses?

-They easily absorb dusts hence one needs to wash most times.

-Requires a lot of care and keenness when cleaning compared to other fabrics.

-The stretch is tampered with when squeezed

-The fabric can wear out within a short term of use.

-Velvet dresses made from

-Velvet fabric is not easy to recover when its torn.

Do Velvet Dresses From China Fade?

Velvet dresses do not fade easily.

Velvet dresses need proper care and maintenance irregardless of the country in which they originate.

Velvet dresses from only fade when frequently exposed to direct harsh rays from the sun.

In Which Lengths Do Wholesale Velvet Dresses Come In?

-Floor length velvet dresses.

-Knee length velvet dresses

-Above the knee length

-Slightly below the knee length

Do You Offer Private Labelling For Wholesale Velvet Dresses?


-Private Labeling allows the manufacturer to fully control all the details on the velvet garment.

Such as the details of the specific design and the unique labels attached to the garment.

-Private labeling is a decision by the buyer to put specific labels on the already bought wholesale velvet dresses,

What Should You Look For In Designer Wholesale Dresses?

-One should consider if the reputation of the brand is highly upheld.

Here, keenly consider on both the positive and negative reviews of other customers, so as to understand the brand. Good reputation holds much of a designer brand.

-Consider the fitting of the designer wholesale dresses.

This is because designer dresses cannot be easily altered as compared to other dresses.

-Consider the design style of the dresses.

The designer wholesale dresses should exactly portray the intended style.

-The quality of the designer wholesale dresses.

The designer wholesale dresses must possess the attributes one is desiring to achieve.

Why Should You Buy Wholesale Velvet Dresses Directly From Manufacturer?

-A buyer who obtains the velvet dresses directly from the manufacturer enjoys the advantage of lower costs.

The intermediary charges are exempted thus avoiding inflation of prices and the end cost is affordable.

– Direct buyer –supplier communication.

A buyer is enabled a chance to communicate directly to the manufacturer thus obtaining fit for specifications of the velvet dresses required.

-The buyer is in a better position to easily tap the technical knowhow and expertise power of the manufacturer in designing the velvet dresses.

Thus gets capacitated on matters value addition and benefit maximization in the  velvet dresses market industry.

-Enhances good buyer-supplier relationship which positions the buyer to enter into contracts that will allow smooth continuous purchases.

-The buyer is in a position to obtain the original version of the exact velvet dresses manufactured from the factory.

-Both the manufacturer and buyer of the wholesale velvet dresses gets a better chance of overseeing the shipping process of the velvet dresses purchased, hence quality and swift transit.

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