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Wholesale Long Sleeve Tunic Dress
Wholesale Long Sleeve Tunic Dresses

H&Fourwing wholesale long sleeve tunic dresses are more fashionable and ent. These tunic dresses are ideal that capable to protect your arms because of their long sleeves.

Wholesale V-neck Tunic Dresses
Wholesale V-neck Tunic Dresses

These wholesale V-neck dresses are so attractive and so elegant. One of the perfect casual daily wear. H&Fourwing is an expert wholesale for all types of wholesale V-neck tunic dresses.

Wholesale Summer Tunic Dresses
Wholesale Summer Tunic Dresses

H&Fourwing wholesale summer dresses are very lightweight and breathable. With this kind of tunic dress, you can enjoy the breezy style. It truly made of superior and quality materials.

Wholesale Maxi Tunic Dress
Wholesale Maxi Tunic Dress

H&Fourwing wholesale maxi tunic dresses will be easily dressing up and dress down, One of the most trending dresses today. H&Fourwing can manufacture the most elegant and attractive maxi tunic dresses.

Wholesale Floral Dress
Wholesale Floral Tunic Dresses

H&Fourwing wholesale tunic dresses are perfect to wear in a wide range of applications. You can wear it for travel, beach, parties, and other activities. This dress can enhance the beauty of women.

Wholesale Sleeveless Tunic Dress
Wholesale Sleeveless Tunic Dress

H&Fourwing wholesale sleeveless tunic dresses are ideal to use when you got the beach, on vacation, dating, and even at the office. You can find the best design of wholesale tunic dresses at H&Fourwing.

Wholesale Casual Tunic Dress
Wholesale Casual Tunic Dress

H&Fourwing wholesale casual tunic dresses are nice for attending several parties and occasions like weddings, birthday parties, clubs, shopping, and dating. This is manufactured with soft materials and fabrics.

Wholesale Bodycon Pencil Tunic Dress
Wholesale Bodycon Pencil Tunic Dress

The wholesale bodycon pencil tunic dress is super comfortable but also street style. One of the most recommended dresses on any formal occasion and activities like church, office, and many more. 

5 Wholesale Silk Tunic Dress
Wholesale Silk Tunic Dresses

A type of dress that offers long-lasting life. H&Fourwing wholesale silk tunic dress is breathable and provides a cold feeling. H&Fourwing can produce high-end wholesale tunic dresses which popular today.

Premier Custom Wholesale Tunic Dresses Manufacturer

H&Fourwing is an outstanding wholesaler of tunic dresses. We are the top manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of women’s clothing. We are masters in tailoring using the finest and solid materials. With H&Fourwing, you can expect the highest quality of every clothes. H&Fourwing will be your one-stop solution for wholesale tunic dresses and any women’s clothing. We can supply excellent wholesale tunic dresses. We are able to customize your wholesale tunic dresses base on your own designs and specifications.

    Professional Wholesale Tunic Dresses Manufacturer

    H&Fourwing a veteran wholesaler of tunic dresses. We offer competitive rates for our wholesale tunic dresses. As an experienced manufacturer, we can manufacture the finest and excellent wholesale tunic dresses that surely boost your business. H&Fourwing is the right place to go when you need an impressive wholesale tunic dress.

    H&Fourwing wholesale tunic dresses are tailored by soft and superior fabrics. It has great characteristics which are perfect in a wide range of applications. This kind of dress is compatible in church when you are going o the beach, wedding and birthday parties, and any formal events.

    G&Fourwing is very breathable and at the same time comfortable to wear. This is the most preferable because of its comfortability. H&Fourwing wholesale tunic dresses come the favorite of mostly due it’s styled. This is one of the remarkable outfits for all types of special occasions.

    The wholesale tunic dresses are a fashion that enhances the women’s personality. One of the nice dresses that provide a different outlook for every woman. H&Fourwing tunic dress can be used for a long time of use since it manufactured with high-standard fabrics.

    H&Fourwing offers a rare type of wholesale tunic dress. We can manufacture nice and bet wholesale tunic dresses that perfect for business and even for personal purposes. We strive to supply a remarkable and extraordinary wholesale tunic dress.

    If you seek a prime wholesale tunic dress, H&Fourwing is your ultimate solution that will provide satisfying and gratifying clothing. Wholesale tunic dresses from H&Fourwing are the best choice for everyone because its unique styles and designs.

    We also manufacture and supply different types of women’s clothing aside from tunic dresses. We have evening dresses, chiffon dresses, satin dresses, beachwear dresses, casual dresses, and many more.

    We can customize your wholesale tunic dresses with your own sketch, draft, and drawing. You can always get a glamorous wholesale tunic dress from H&Fourwing. We use complete tailor types of equipment to produce a classic wholesale tunic dress.

    If you are interested H&Fourwing clothes, send us your inquiry!

    Wholesale Tunic Dresses: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    I know you’re probably looking for high quality wholesale tunic dresses.

    A reason this guide will make it easier choose the best quality.

    It explores everything including features, designs, and printing technique, among other vital aspects.

    Keep reading to learn more.

    How Does Tunic Dresses Compare To Shirt Dress?

    A tunic is a loose-fitting garment that covers the upper part of your body, extending knee-high or beneath depending on how you prefer it done.

    There exists a lot of controversies whether it is a shirt or dress.

    To clarify, this will bank on you as the user since they are designed similarly.

    tunic dress

    tunic dress

    Some are designed as shirt dresses with pants/skirts to cover the lower part of your body.

    Others would fit without the urge to cover your lower part of the body.

    How Can You Check Quality Of Wholesale Tunic Dresses?

    Quality is one of the key factors to consider before purchasing tunic garments.

    This comes as a challenge since most of you find difficulties in differentiating high quality from poor quality tunic dresses.

    One of the major practical aspects to consider is the fabric used in the construction of these dresses.

    Usually, they are made of good quality lightweight cotton materials.

    Anything lesser than this should be considered a red alert.

    Alternatively, you could base on the pricing of the dresses.

    It is a very crucial part when it comes to the quality of the material used.

    Good quality materials are costly and are therefore consequential to high pricing.

    Machining and sewing techniques employed.

    Quality will always much the best & most recommended modern sewing and stitching techniques.

    This contributes largely to the pricing of the tunics since the procedures are demanding and costly.

    How Does Tunic Compare To Blouse?

    The two differ even though they portray a few similarities.

    Both are designed to be loose-fitting.

    tunic dress

    tunic dress

    Blouses cover the upper part of your body and are put on with other garments covering your lower body part.

    For tunic dresses, they cover your upper body part extending knee-high or beyond.

    Tunics could be put on with or without lower garments like pants, tights, or skirts unlike for blouses.

    Both have several designs best suited for different occasions.



    Can You Recommend Wholesale Tunic Dresses Designs?

    Long Sleeve Tunic Dresses

    They cover up your arms significantly maximizing on comfort and confidence of the outfit especially for the elderly.

    They are good for summer and winter.

    Denim Tunic Dress Designs

    Denim tunic dresses are known to define your body structure ensuring you stand out whatsoever especially if belted.

    Plaid Tunic Dresses

    Plaid tunic dresses are flawless with an appealing look if well complimented.

    It is the most preferred type of design especially for the youth because of its casual nature.

    Lace Tunic Dress Trends

    This type of design is more common in wedding dresses.

    Going for colors other than white might give you a different appearance.

    Striped Tunic Dresses

    The designs are best suited for edge casual looks.

    They comprise of two colored strips or more and would give a compelling outward appearance if complemented with a dull plain coverup.

    Sequin Tunic Dress Designs

    Sequin tunic dress designs are ideal for parties because of the glittery aspect.

    This includes clubbing, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc.

    Color selection should be based on your personal preferences or rather your skin tone coloring.

    Beach Tunic Dresses

    They are designed with very light materials and their fitting is free and flawless.

    Cocktail Tunic Dress Trends

    Cocktail tunic dress designs would look best on curvaceous body structured ladies with narrow waistlines.

    The design fitting is perfectly compelling when complemented with a pair of high-heeled shoes.

    Black Tunic Dresses

    Black tunic designs would work perfectly with anyone, irrespective of your skin tone or structure.

    Formal Tunic Dresses

    This design is well suited for formal events.

    Consider a knee-length or beyond formal tunic dress are far as decency is concerned.

    Tunic Evening Dress Designs

    Evening tunic dress designs are common for evening events like dates, dinner, or rather meetups.

    Floral Tunic Dress Designs

    They are designed with flower patterns which increases the vibrancy of the dresses.

    Floral tunic dresses got you covered during the summer and spring seasons.

    Tunic Party Dresses

    Just like sequin dresses, they are also designed for parties except that they are not necessarily made of glitters.

    Asymmetrical Tunic Dresses

    Asymmetrical designs are suitable for all age brackets.

    Some have a long hemline extending beyond your knees whereas others are shorter,  right above the knee.

    How Do You Choose Best Material For Wholesale Tunic Dresses?

    Picking on the right material may be quite hectic sometimes especially if you are a 1st-time buyer.

    Some of the materials popularly used by manufacturers include Supima cotton material.

    The material is known for its excellent properties which include softness, strength as well as color retention.

    Alternatively, you could go for cotton blends fabric.

    They comprise cotton/modal blends and cotton/polyester blends.

    Cotton/modal material is made in such a way that the softness and silkiness dominate.

    Cotton/polyester blends on the other hand are known for their soft touch and durability when it comes to service.

    Their soft nature makes it pleasant to touch which guarantees you the comfort of your tunic dresses.

    Cotton flannel tunics portray similar features and are ideal for the winter season.

    Polyester fabric is of two types ie polyester fleece & chenille and is good for casual tunic dresses.

    In addition, we also have polyester blends which in most cases has a combination of spandex, polyester, and cotton.

    Viscose material, a derivative of wood pulp, is partially synthetic and would work well for tunic dresses too.

    The soft and silky feel gives it a fine texture.

    How Much Does Wholesale Tunic Dresses Cost?

    Prices for tunic dresses vary for different wholesalers based on different factors.

    This includes size, color, and quality amongst others.

    The estimated cost price is from as low as 24 US dollars to a maximum of 350 US dollars per piece.

    Which Are The Available Tunic Dresses Sleeve Options?

    Long-sleeved wholesale tunic dresses

    These are tunic dresses designed to cover your hand extending to the lower arm.

    short sleeve tunic dress

    short sleeve tunic dress

    Short-sleeved wholesale tunic dresses

    The sleeves are short and could the upper part of your arm or extend to the elbow.

    Why Buy Wholesale Tunic Dresses Directly From Factory Or Manufacturer?

    The cost price of wholesale tunic dresses will always be low which makes it affordable for any kind of business.

    Good quality wholesale tunic dresses as they are delivered in their best conditions.

    They offer a short turnaround time which is an indicator of efficiency when it comes to processing orders.

    After-sales services e.g. free packaging, branding, etc. are common which a way of supporting small businesses’ growth is.

    In addition, it is a way of appreciating customers and motivating them businesswise.

    You can never run out of stock as timely delivery by manufacturers ensures the continued flow of stock.

    Encourages quantity purchasing as you may take advantage of low pricing while still sticking to your budget.

    They offer a pool of options from which you can make a choice based on your preferences.

    There is efficiency when it comes to communication as manufacturer’s value feedback from their customers.

    Manufacturers accept the return of items in case they appear faulty upon arrival as opposed to other platforms.

    You may have a touch and feel of what their work entails as they offer samples.

    How Do You Choose Best Collar For Tunic Dress?

    Consider the size and shape of your face and neck.

    The ultimate purpose of the tunic dresses.

    What kind of pattern does your fabric of choice hold.

    Fabric design of your tunic dresses.

     round collar tunic dress

    round collar tunic dress

    Age and sex of the user.

    How Do You Print Wholesale Tunic Dresses?

    Printing is done through three processes as follows.

    Sublimation printing is the most superior technique commonly used by most manufacturers.

    The process involves infusing ink into fabrics in the presence of heat.

    Next, we have screen printing which involves ink transfer directly into the fabrics.

    Lastly, we use digital printing, which imitates printing techniques from sublimation printing but is less superior to the two.

    Do You Have MOQ For Wholesale Tunic Dress?

    Yes, there exists a minimum order quantity for wholesale tunic dresses.

    It happens to vary for different manufacturers.

    Our offer varies from as low as 1-50 pieces to a maximum of 500 or more pieces.

    How Will You Protect My Wholesale Tunic Dresses Designs From My Competitors?

    Your private logo labels are always safe with us

    This is because we sign NDAs whose role is to ensure the safety of personal or sensitive information.

    This, therefore, guarantees you trust that your private details will not leak to your competitors or any other form of the third party.

    We value your growth, for this reason, we consider NDAs very crucial as they bridging tools for trust with our company.

    They also help you compete effectively as competitions are fair enough in this case.

    This is because your information is well kept from thieves who think taking shortcuts is the way to go.

    Can You Get Custom Wholesale Tunic Dresses Designs?

    Yes, we have customized tunic dresses.

    Customization proceeds with the required type of fabric.

    Based on your interests, you may come up with ideas of what you advocate for.

    Samples of customized designs are available on the manufacturer’s websites to incase you have difficulties.

    Another factor of consideration is the stitching type.

    The most preferred strongest techniques are flatlock double stitching and merrowlycra as far as quality is concerned.

    When it comes to color, this is based on interests.

    Quality and unique customized dresses are achieved with all this put into consideration.

    How Will Wholesale Tunic Dresses Suppliers In China Support My Business?

    Offering you Competitive prices.

    To enable you to compete effectively, prices are lowered which is also a way to attract more customers and massive buying.

    It ensures the continued flow of orders while stock lasts.

    Give custom designs

    Customization of goods helps you market your items thereby competing effectively.

    Help in the design process and protect designs

    There exists a large gap when it comes to design ideas especially for new businesses.

    We, therefore, take the initiative to offer the best designs for the sake of business image and prosperity.

    Help in the shipping cost

    Most of the businesses are small and new.

    To ensure fairness in competition due to the existence of big brands, we facilitate shipping costs as they are costly so you can stay within budget.

    Help in branding

    With personal logos, labels, or trademarks on your tunic dresses, your work will always stand out.

    Since most people have trust in branded items, we take the initiative of branding to help your business thrive.

    Short and fast turnaround which ensures continued flow of stock.

    Offer after sell services.

    This includes packaging services and free replacement in case items are faulty upon arrival.

    How Should Tunic Dress Fit?

    Tunic dresses are meant to fit loosely irrespective of your body size or shape.

    A flawless outstanding look is the ultimate goal of this type of design.

    They are made with this idea to ensure free and maximum comfort with this outfit.

    Will Body Shape Determine Design Of Wholesale Tunic Dresses?

    No, the dresses are designed in such a way that their fitting is loose and free.

    They are designed this so that they are worn by anyone irrespective of their shape or size

    Moreover, they come in all sizes so the design should be based on your other personal interests and not body shape.

    How Do You Choose Ladies Pants For Tunic Dresses?

    Tight or snugly fitting pants bring out an attractive look when put on with tunic dresses.

    These comprise leggings, skinny jeans, and tight-fit pants.

    For a less bulky and stylish look, consider fitting pants.

    Other loose-fit pants like jeans do not appear attractive as they increase the bulkiness of the outfit.

    When Should You Wear Tunic Dress?

    Tunic dresses are designed to suit any occasion.

    We have the formal designs made of flowing material which you can put on to work or business trips.

    Some are put during casual events.

    This is mostly preferred by women during relaxing moments.

    You can wear tunic dresses on party occasions.

    Their loose nature gives you the freedom to have fun while still embracing your fashion sense.

    Do Wholesale Tunic Dress Manufacturers In China Provide Samples?

    Yes, we offer samples of our tunic dresses and designs to our clients.

    They come in soft and hard copy designs.

    Samples are offered for the benefit of our customers as well as our company.

    One of the reasons is that it creates brand awareness in the competitive business world.

    By so doing we generate new sales of our products which are again for our company.

    It also builds your confidence and trust in our work.

    Lastly, it helps us liaise with our customers and get feedback on our products.

    How Do You Choose Best Color For Tunic Dresses?

    Choice of color can be done based on your natural coloring which involves your skin tone, eye color, and hair.

    Consider your undertone shade, for instance, a cool undertone goes hand in hand with cool colors and vice versa.

    Some events are always specific on a certain theme color which you can base on.

    Go for symbolism especially if you are after passing a message to the audience.

    Look for colors that match most people.

    Trendy colors in the fashion world could give you an idea from which you can make a choice.

    How Do You Choose Neckline For Tunic Dress?

    Necklines play an important role in balancing your natural features which include your shoulders, face, and neck.

    The shape of your face, therefore, determines the shape of the neckline be used on your tunic dresses.

    Linear faces are balanced with curves whereas round faces work best with linear necklines.

    Alternatively, you may base it on the length of your neck and face.

    A short neck and face will look good with a vertical neckline and vice versa.

    Lastly, the size of your shoulders.

    Broad shoulders appear narrow with inward converging lines as opposed to the pear-shaped which look best with diverging horizontal lines.

    What Are The Benefits Of Tunic Dress With Loose Design?

    They are free and comfortable to put on.

    Their loose nature makes them ideal for all body shapes and sizes.

    The flawless nature helps define your body structure increasing your attractiveness.

    You can wear loose tunic dresses to any occasion.

    They allow the free flow of air.

    They are fashionable and feminine.

    How Has Tunic Dresses Design Changed Over Time?

    Tunic dresses have been in the fashion world for centuries.

    Back then they were used by the Roman society and are believed to have originated from Greek.

    Tunic dresses were unisex which means they were not biased to a specific gender.

    The length, width, and color of your tunic were highly valued as they were key tools to disclose your status.

    Over the years this has changed remorsefully as they have stormed the streets and are very iconic to fashion.

    They are more feminine these days, unlike the ancient days.

    Is Tunic Dress A Shirt?

    No, tunic dresses are known to be loose-fitting garments that cover the upper part of your body extending to the knee-length and beyond.

    a shirt

    a shirt

    Shirts on the hand are usually shorter and can cover the upper part of the body and are usually worn with a pair of leggings or tights.

    Do Wholesale Tunic Dresses Suppliers Offer Private Labels?

    Yes, private labels are considered upon request and charges may apply.

    The use of private labels is the epitome of effectiveness in business growth.

    This is because they serve as marketing tools, creating awareness as most people have trust in labeled items.

    This helps you compete effectively and grow your business.

    The disadvantages that come as a result of using labels explain why they are rarely used by entrepreneurs.

    Since charges apply during the manufacturing process, this eventually leads to an increase in the cost price of the tunic dresses.

    Due to price pressure, profitability is also affected.

    To avoid this since the outcome might be regrettable, most people do not brand their Items.

    It is advised you carry out an analysis of the market potential of a particular area before considering the idea.

    This could take time due to the existence of known brands.

    For all your wholesale tunic dresses from China, contact us now.

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