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Wholesale Ladies V-neck T shirt Dresses
Wholesale Ladies V-neck T-shirt Dresses

H&Fourwing offers wholesale ladies V-neck t-shirt dress at a more competitive price. We can offer OEM custom design of the dress to suits your taste. Complete solution for your dress will be provided.

Wholesale Oversized T shirt Dresses-
Wholesale Oversized T-shirt Dresses

As an expert supplier, we design oversized t-shirt dresses available at affordable wholesale prices. You can choose any material, design, style, pattern, and manufacturing method.

Wholesale Ladies Pain T shirt Dresses
Wholesale Ladies Pain T-shirt Dresses

Wholesale lady’s pain t-shirt dresses at H&Fourwing are made of 100% polyester. Features eco-friendly, soft, and comfortable. Fabric, logo, design, and label can be customized.

Custom Ladies T Shirt Dresses
Custom Ladies T-Shirt Dresses

At H&Fourwing, we can custom ladies’ t-shirt dresses with your brand/ logo. Design, style, features, sizes, and other accessories can be tailored depending on your design.

Wholesale Ringer T shirt Dresses
Wholesale Ringer T-shirt Dresses

H&Fourwing provides wholesale ringer t-shirt dresses ranging in colors, sizes, design, styles, features, and more. Ideal for the summer season.

Wholesale Black Fitted T shirt Dresses
Wholesale Black Fitted T-shirt Dresses

Having rich expertise in the field, H&Fourwing offers you the best quality black-fitted t-shirt dress at much affordable wholesale prices. The minimum order requirement starts at 50 pieces.

Wholesale Tie Dye Dresses
Wholesale Tie Dye Dresses

H&Fourwing wholesale tie-dye dresses can be ordered for as low as 100 pieces. It is available in different styles, fabrics, patterns, features, and more.

Wholesale Women Long Sleeve T Shirt Dress
Wholesale Women Long Sleeve T-Shirt Dress

If you want to expand your garment business line, H&Fourwing is your right place to be. We offer OEM service to wholesale women’s long sleeve t-shirt dresses, support your start-up business.

Tulle Sleeves T shirt Dress
Tulle Sleeves T-shirt Dress

This tulle sleeves t-shirt dress is made of 100% polyester material. Breathable, sustainable, and available in plus size. Size, fabric, and label can be customized as per request.

Leading Wholesale T-shirt Dresses Manufacturer

As one of the leading wholesale t-shirt dresses supplier in China, H&Fourwing produce high-end dresses available in a wide variety of options. Whether you are a well-established garment brand or a start-up, we will support you. H&Fourwing can also customize t-shirt dresses according to your sample, simply send us your layout/idea/ drawing…etc. We will make it real!

Your Professional Wholesale T-shirt Dresses Supplier in China

H&Fourwing is your reliable provider of wholesale T-shirt dresses in China. We have a wide variety of wholesale T-shirt dress options available just for you. Our wholesale T-shirt dresses feature breathable, anti-static, and anti-wrinkle effects.

Our wholesale T-shirt dresses are available in satin, worsted, and crepe fabric. You can purchase this dress in different sizes such as short, sleeveless, full, pencil, straight, or loose. We can also customize your wholesale T-shirt dresses in prints, colors, and designs.

H&Fourwing wholesale T-shirt dresses are made soft and cozy to wear. These unique features will attract more of your customers. We can add pockets, v-neckline, and cuffed sleeves to your wholesale T-shirt dress.

H&Fourwing accepts any ideas you have in developing wholesale T-shirt dresses. Rest assured, your ideas, designs, or samples are safe and secured. H&Fourwing wants to give you satisfactory products and services.

We are offering you the hottest deals and budget-friendly prices for wholesale T-shirt dresses. Our professional teams aim to provide all the necessary needs you require in this field.

Wholesale Cotton Shift T-shirt Dress
Wholesale Cotton Shift T-shirt Dress

If you are looking for the best wholesale T-shirt dress provider, H&Fourwing is your perfect choice. We can give you the best discounts for your orders. For as low as 50 pieces of wholesale T-shirt dresses, you can already start up your business.

Experience profitable and successful business at H&Fourwing. We are equipped with strict quality control that ensures the quality of the product before shipment.  Our engineers have more than 20 years of experience in the women’s clothing industry.

From designing to fabricating, our price ranges are never changing. H&Fourwing produces wholesale T-shirt dresses reachable by your budget. In fact, you can choose whether you order expensive or affordable wholesale T-shirt dresses.

For more than a decade, H&Fourwing manage to produce wholesale T-shirt dresses equipped with the latest trends. You will find high-end fashionable women’s clothing for all brands.

Wholesale Women’s Christmas Simple T-shirt Loose Dress
Wholesale Women’s Christmas Simple T-shirt Loose Dress

H&Fourwing is an ISO 9001 certified company that has all the capabilities you require for a wholesale T-shirt dress manufacturer. We aim to reach your expectations in this business. Not only that, our main goal is to be your most trusted wholesale T-shirt dress provider in China.

We are experts in ODM and OEM services for wholesale T-shirt dresses. Send your inquiries now and boost your business sales!

Wholesale T-Shirt Dresses: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Choosing the best wholesale t-shirt dress can be an overwhelming task.

However, this guide will make everything simple by exploring everything you need to know about wholesale T-shirt dresses.

So, before investing in the next wholesale T-shirt dress, read this guide.

How Do Wholesale T-Shirt Dresses Compare To Shirt Dresses?

Wholesale t-shirt dresses compare to shirt dresses in the following ways:

  • Wholesale t-shirt dresses are informal and can be worn during casual events.

Shirt dresses on the other hand are formal and can be worn even in important meetings.

  • Shirt dresses are mainly made from natural fiber such as cotton, wool, hemp, and silk or manmade fiber like polyester, Tencel, and viscose.

T-shirt dress

T-shirt dress

Wholesale t-shirt dresses tend to be made from ring-spun cotton made from twisting, thinning, and spinning of the fabrics.

  • Wholesale t-shirt dresses tend to be available in several color options and bold colors which you can choose from.

Shirt dresses on the other hand are available in limited color options and patterns.

  • Shirt dresses are designed with formal collars, sleeves, and cuffs while wholesale t-shirt dresses have informal collars and sleeves to portray a casual look.

shirt dress

 shirt dress

Why Should You Import Wholesale T-shirt Dresses From China?

Some of the reasons why you should import wholesale t-shirt dresses from China include:

  • China uses cheap labor which is readily available in the manufacturing of wholesale t-shirts thus ensuring lower costs of the final product.
  • Raw materials needed to produce wholesale t-shirt dresses are readily available in China and at affordable prices.
  • There is the availability of skilled labor who will ensure that the wholesale t-shirt dresses are produced to meet your specifications.
  • Manufacturers and suppliers in China engage in the healthy competition which will ensure that you get the best wholesale t-shirt clothes in the market.
  • Chinese manufacturers and suppliers in the clothing industry receive full support from the government.
  • It is easy to transport wholesale t-shirt dresses from China as the supply chain ecosystem is well established to ensure affordable logistics.

What Is The Minimum Order Quantity Of Wholesale T-Shirt Dresses?

The minimum order quantity of wholesale t-shirt dresses tends to range between 50 to 2000 units or even more.

Manufacturers are always willing to offer flexible MOQ and thus it is important to always reach out to them with the quantities you desire so that you can negotiate with them.

How Much Do Wholesale T-Shirt Dresses Cost?

Wholesale t-shirt dresses tend to have different prices depending on factors such as the material used, design, embroidery features, and printing techniques used.

It is therefore advisable to reach out to the manufacturer of wholesale t-shirt dresses and ask for a quotation before placing an order.

What Are The Available Types Of Wholesale T-Shirt Dresses?

Some of the available types of wholesale t-shirt dresses include:

  • Sleeveless t-shirt dress: it is mostly suited for warm summer days as it does not have sleeves and allows you to express your casualness.

sleeveless t-shirt dress

sleeveless t-shirt dress

  • Women’s casual t-shirt dress: it is stretchy, light in weight, and has a soft texture that makes you feel comfortable even in warm weather.
  • Short sleeve t-shirt midi dress:

it has a fun touch and artistic personality which makes it suitable for occasions such as cocktail plans, evening parties, and outdoor activities.

  • Women’s adaptive t-shirt dress: it has magnetic closures at both shoulders which allows for convenient expansion and makes it possible to pull on overhead.
  • Hooded t-shirt dress: its design can give you a cyber-tech vibe and it tends to be comfortable to the skin and stretchy.
  • Tunic swing t-shirt dress: it portrays an interesting outcome of a skirt that is blended into a shirt. It may also possess different colors on its lower and upper parts.
  • Short sleeve midi t-shirt dress: it portrays a sharp and professional but also casual look as it elongates slightly below the knees.
  • Long sleeve t-shirt dress: its length tends to be above the knee with sleeves that reach the wrist.
  • Oversized t-shirt dress: it is a great choice for people with small body frames who want to look fashionable.

Oversized t-shirt dress

Oversized t-shirt dress

What Is The Turnaround Time Of Wholesale T-Shirt Dresses Manufacturing in China?

The turnaround time for wholesale t-shirt dresses depends on several factors such as equipment used in the manufacturing process, the design, orders in the pipeline, and the season.

Once you have placed your order of wholesale t-shirt dresses, the manufacturer will inform you when you should expect your order.

What Are The Available Sizes Of Wholesale T-Shirt Dresses?

Size tends to vary between different wholesale t-shirt dresses and thus the bests way to ascertain your size is to use a tape measure.

Use it to measure the shoulder width and the size of your chest and then confirm it with what is on the measuring chart.

When taking measurements of the chests, it is important to measure at its fullest part under the armpits while ensuring that the tape is flat across the back.

The available sizes of wholesale t-shirt dresses include:

  • Chest 30-32 inch: size XS
  • Chest 34-36 inch: size S
  • Chest 38-40 inch: size M
  • Chest 42-44 inch: size L
  • Chest 46-48 inch: size XL
  • Chest 50-52 inch: size XXL

Which Materials Do Use To Make Wholesale T-Shirt Dresses?

Some of the materials which are used to make wholesale t-shirt dresses include:

  • Cotton: it is made up of natural fiber which is very soft, breathable, and relatively affordable.

It is available in several variations such as organic and combed cotton and these affect its feel.

The major con of cotton is that it tends to shrink after being washed for the first time.

  • Linen: it has a rougher texture as compared to cotton and I manufactured it from the flax plant.

Linen tends to easily wrinkle although it dries fast and is light in weight.

  • Polyester: it dries quickly is breathable and does not shrink when washed. However, polyester is not as comfortable as linen and cotton.
  • Lycra: it is stretchy and very comfortable thus mostly added to other types of fabrics to offer additional stretch and allow ease of moving in.
  • Rayon: it is a man-made type of material that is made from a blend of cotton, woody plants, and trees.

Rayon is very soft, light in weight, smooth, and does not wrinkle easily when washed.

  • Poly/cotton blend: it is a 50/50 mix of polyester and cotton although these ratios depend on the manufacturer.

This material is super soft and relatively affordable as compared to cotton and also tends to hold its shape perfectly.

  • Tri-blends: it is a mix of polyester, cotton, and rayon which tends to be light in weight and soft.

It is also durable, stylish, and very comfortable.

How Do You Verify Quality Of Wholesale T-Shirt Dresses?

Some of the ways you should verify the quality of wholesale t-shirt dresses include:

  • Checking the color of the wholesale t-shirt dresses and ascertaining that it is uniform and sharp.
  • Touching and feeling the quality of the material used in manufacturing wholesale t-shirt dresses and making sure it is soft to touch and comfortable to the skin.
  • Verify the seams, edges, sleeves, and buttons of the wholesale t-shirt dresses to establish that they do not have any loose or hanging threads.
  • Ensuring that the finishing on the wholesale t-shirt dresses is of the highest standards to ensure durability.
  • Ascertain the quality certification marks as they will assist you in confirming that you are purchasing wholesale t-shirt dresses of high quality.

How Can You Get Best Prices From Wholesale T-Shirt Dresses In China?

Some of the ways of getting the bests prices from wholesale t-shirt dresses in China include:

  • Buying wholesale t-shirt dresses in bulk
  • Directly buying from the manufacturer
  • Conducting market research before purchasing wholesale t-shirt dresses.
  • Ensuring that you are well aware of all the required taxes before importing wholesale t-shirt dresses from China.
  • Be aware of the required import rules in your country to eliminate the chances of incurring additional costs.
  • To ensure the safety of your wholesale t-shirt dresses, you should buy insurance.
  • Request for samples of wholesale t-shirt dresses from manufacturers to eliminate chances of purchasing products you cannot resell.
  • Obtain the required licenses to eliminate being charged fines.

Which Are The Available Color Options For Wholesale T-Shirt Dresses?

Wholesale t-shirt dresses are available in several color options some of which include:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Peach
  • Pink
  • Brown
  • Grey
  • Beige
  • Mustard
  • Cream
  • Navy blue
  • Sky blue

How Do You Print Wholesale T-Shirt Dresses?

Some of the ways used in printing on wholesale t-shirt dresses include:

Stamp Printing

In this technique, a stamp is formed which is in turn used to imprint onto the wholesale t-shirt dresses.

The design that you desire for your wholesale t-shirt dresses will be cut into a stamp, dipped in ink, and then even pressure will be used to transfer it to the final products.

stamp printed t-shirt dress

stamp printed t-shirt dress

Advantages of stamp printing include:

  • Does not require machines
  • It gives an exact design
  • It is suited for small tasks
  • Relatively affordable

Disadvantages of stamp printing include:

  • It is not very detailed.
  • Only one design can be used per stamp.

Transfer Printing

Transfer printing entails printing the desired design onto a transfer paper which is then printed onto the wholesale t-shirt dresses using a suited machine.

It ensures that the final wholesale t-shirt dresses have a shiny film and smooth texture.

transfer printed t-shirt dress

transfer printed t-shirt dress

Advantages of transfer printing include:

  • It is easy to transfer and print.
  • You do not require specialist equipment
  • Suitable for small runs
  • It is possible to print designs onto wholesale t-shirt dresses using a standard printer.

Disadvantages of transfer printing include:

  • The transfers are single-use
  • The final product may encounter problems of low resolutions.

i. Screen printing

It uses a stencil and nylon mesh to form the print design on wholesale t-shirt dresses.

The waterproof material is used in blocking out spaces that you would like the design to appear on and then the spaces blocked are flooded using ink.

Depending on the way you want the method to work, one color can be used for each screen and it tends to give perfect replications.

Advantages of screen printing include:

  • Offers great image reproductions
  • It is durable
  • Relatively affordable especially for large runs
  • Greatly suited for solid blocks of color.

Disadvantages of screen printing include:

  • Supports only a single color per screen
  • Requires a lot of labor

Which Features Should You Consider When Buying Wholesale T-Shirt Dresses?

Some of the features you should consider when buying wholesale t-shirt dresses include:

  • Quality: you should ensure that the wholesale t-shirt dresses you buy are of high-quality materials and made using the best production equipment.
  • Fit: wholesale t-shirt dresses should fit comfortably in a way that they are neither too loose nor too tight.

This can be ascertained by taking measurements of the shoulders and chest area.

  • Design: different wholesale t-shirt dresses are made to suit different occasions.

Therefore, when buying wholesale t-shirt dresses, you should ensure that the designs selected are suited for the desired occasions.

  • Size: when buying wholesale t-shirt dresses, you should make sure that they are of a suitable desired size.

Which Quality Standards Should Wholesale T Shirts Dress Conform To?

Some of the quality standards which wholesale t-shirt dresses should conform to include:

  • ISO 9000: 2000
  • GB 18401-2010: China’s National General Safety Technical Code for Textile Products
  • GB 28480-2012: Adornment – Provision for Limit of Baneful Elements
  • ISO 9001: 2000
  • GB 5296.4-2012: Instruction for the use of Products of Consumer Interest – Part 4: Textiles and Apparel
  • GB 18401-2010: China’s National General Safety Technical Code for Textile Products

How Should T-Shirt Dresses Fit?

T-shirt dresses should fit comfortably at the chest and shoulders.

You should ensure you are specific with the fit you desire for your wholesale t-shirt dresses when placing your order to ensure manufacturers meet the specifications.

 t-shirt dress

t-shirt dress

Do Wholesale T-Shirt Dresses Have Quality Certification Marks?

Yes, wholesale t-shirt dresses have quality certification marks some of which include:

  • CE (Conformité Européenne)
  • China Quality Certification (CQC)
  • CCC (China Compulsory Certificate)

How Do You Choose Right Length Of Wholesale T-Shirt Dresses?

Wholesale t-shirt dresses are available in different lengths which means they have varying styles suited for varying occasions.

You should therefore choose the right length of wholesale t-shirt dresses depending on the occasion you would like to use them for.

Some of the different lengths of wholesale t-shirt dresses include:

  • Micro: its length is about 30 inches to 32 inches. It is very short and mostly worn for night clubhouse or parties.
  • Mini: its length is between 34 inches to 35 inches and its hemline reaches mid-thigh. It is also suited for parties.
  • Just above the knee: this type of wholesale t-shirt dress is between 41 inches to 43 inches and it is suitable for cocktail parties and casual occasions.
  • Knee-length: it is between 39 inches to 40 inches and it is suited for any casual occasions and parties.
  • Just below knee: it is between 39 inches to 40 inches and its hemline reaches below the knee.
  • Ankle length: it is between 55 inches to 57 inches and its hemline reaches the ankle.

Can You Dye Wholesale T-Shirt Dresses?

Yes, manufacturers can dye wholesale t-shirt dresses to suit your specifications.

Manufacturers tend to dye wholesale t-shirt dresses using garment dye which does not possess harsh chemicals.

dyed t-shirt dress

 dyed t-shirt dress

How Do You Package Wholesale T-Shirt Dresses?

There are many different types of materials used in packaging wholesale t-shirt dresses and these will depend on factors such as the quantity and mode of shipping used.

Some of the packaging methods which are used to package wholesale t-shirt dresses include:

  • Packaging bag: it is suited for wholesale t-shirt dresses which are light in weight and it is very easy to use.

This packaging bag consists of very elastic materials which are tear-proof and waterproof to ensure that the products are securely held in the package.

  • Corrugated packaging: it is used when the wholesale t-shirt dresses being packaged are heavy as it is designed for maximum strength.

Corrugated packaging ensures the safety of your package and can be customized to suit your specifications.

Will Wholesale T Shirts Dresses Manufacturers In China Protect My Designs?

Yes, wholesale t-shirt dresses manufacturers in China will protect your designs as there is a non-disclosure agreement in place when signing the contract.

You rest assured that your designs will never be used in manufacturing wholesale t-shirt dresses for other clients.

Will Wholesale T-Shirt Dresses Manufacturer In China Help In Shipping Process?

Depending on the contractual agreement in place, manufacturers in China can help in the shipping process of your wholesale t-shirt dresses.

Manufacturers are also able to link you with some of the best shipping agents and couriers.

These will ensure that you receive your wholesale t-shirt dresses in the right quality and quantity.

Are T-Shirt Dresses Flattering?

Yes, t-shirt dresses tend to be flattering especially when they fit perfectly in a way that showcases your curves.

flattering t-shirt dress

flattering t-shirt dress

Additionally, wholesale t-shirt dresses can be easily paired with other pieces such as jackets to achieve a flatter appearance.

Can You Recommend Wholesale T-Shirt Dresses Neck Designs?

Some of the recommended neck designs for wholesale t-shirt dresses include:

  • Round or crew neckline: it is round and is the most common neckline design used for wholesale t-shirt dresses.
  • V-neck neckline: it is designed in V-shape in such a way that the tip of the V ends just above the chest area.
  • Deep V-neck neckline: in this, the cut tends to be deeper as compared to the V-neck neckline and it is popular as it allows women to show off the cleavage.
  • Y-neck neckline: it tends to have a buttoning slit that is several inches deeper and can fit well.
  • Collar neckline: it tends to resemble the V-neckline but has a collar attached to it at the neckline.

collar t-shirt dress

collar t-shirt dress

This type of neckline tends to give a formal look as compared to other types of necklines in wholesale t-shirt dresses.

  • Scoop neckline: it tends to cut deeper as compared to a round neckline thus making it great for casual occasions.
  • Deep scoop neckline: it tends to be an exaggerated version of a scoop neckline and is relatively wider.

How Do You Choose Sleeves For Wholesale T-Shirt Dresses?

When it comes to sleeves for wholesale t-shirt dresses, different individuals have varying tastes and thus it is important to explore the various sleeve options available.

Some of the sleeve options for wholesale t-shirt dresses include:

  • Sleeveless: some of the wholesale t-shirt dresses can have straps that are very thin in a way that part of the arm and shoulders are exposed.
  • Cap sleeves: These types of sleeves tend to cover the shoulder and leave the underarm and parts under the shoulder open.
  • Short sleeves: mostly referred to as regular sleeves. They tend to be a bit longer about cap sleeves and elongate to the elbow or slightly above it.
  • ¾ sleeves: mostly used in seasons like autumn and spring where the weather tends to be too cool for arms to be entirely exposed.

The sleeves are past the elbow but do not reach the wrist in a way that they cover only three-quarters of the arm.

  • Long sleeves: they are sleeves that elongate to the wrist.

At times these types of sleeves for wholesale t-shirt dresses may fan put at the end in a way that creates a feminine look.

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