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Wholesale Backless Skater Dresses
Wholesale Backless Skater Dresses

A backless Skater Dress is perfect for highlighting your style and figure. Another style is also available.

Wholesale Fashion Skater Dresses
Wholesale Fashion Skater Dresses

Wearing fashionable Skater Dresses is popular now. We can offer you stylish designs that hop on-trend.

Wholesale Halter Neck Skater Dresses
Wholesale Halter Neck Skater Dresses

This Halter Neck Skater Dresses style can work for many body types! Definitely a must-have for stylish customers.

Wholesale Lace Skater Dresses
Wholesale Lace Skater Dresses

Lace Skater Dress suit women of all ages. Send your desired design for your  Lace Skater Dresses.

Wholesale Long Sleeved Skater Dresses
Wholesale Long Sleeved Skater Dresses

Long-Sleeved Skater Dress can make look sophisticated and elegant! We provide a lot of designs to boost your business

Wholesale Plain Skater Dresses
Wholesale Plain Skater Dresses

Plain skater dress for women is lightweight, breathable, non-sweat. We offer you the best quality and stylish designs!

Wholesale Printed Skater Dresses
Wholesale Printed Skater Dresses

It has a good texture, printed Skater Dresses. A top-quality and has a competitive price for you.

Wholesale Ruffles Skater Dresses
Wholesale Ruffles Skater Dresses

We have all sorts of fabrics of our Ruffles Skater Dresses available in bulk.  It has trendy designs, prints, and more.

Wholesale Vintage Skater Dresses
Wholesale Vintage Skater Dresses

This type of dree will get you back to the retro age! We offer you any styles of  Vintage Skater Dresses.

Popular Wholesale Skater Dresses Manufacturer

H&Fourwing is one of the leading manufacturers of women’s dresses with well-equipped testing establishments and a strong technical force. With extensive, top-quality, affordable prices and stylish designs, our products are widely used in clothes and other apparel industries.

We also supply many different kinds of dresses in stock for you to choose from. Our designers have the ability to source the latest fabrics and accessories to create the styles that you’ve been looking for. Message us so we can discuss your design specification!

H&Fourwing- Your Premier Wholesale Skater Dresses Manufacturer in China

If you’re looking for a reliable partner and wholesale skater dress manufacturer in China H&Fourwing is the best choice to help your expandable business!

H&Fourwing started the women’s dress clothing business for 15 years. We are a professional clothing company that merged fashion designing, production, and sales. We offer customized design and manufacturing services. We are mainly devoted to designing all types of Dresses such as Wholesale casual dress long sleeve, sleeveless, short sleeve, and more with knee level, ankle-length, above or below the knee, bodycon, maxi, with collar, front or side zipper, and more wholesale casual dress designs and styles.

We have advanced production equipment and a lot of experienced employees. Also, we have sample makers and our own design team. The materials that we use are from China’s biggest fabrics market which has the advantage for us to join the latest fashion styles and meet different clients’ specifications.

If your design is in the beginning and many things are hard to confirm, then we can help you to find the material, similar styles, make samples, etc, so that with our help you can easily break through difficulties and get what you want. Our fabric cutting machines can ensure top-quality and perfect performance.

We manufacture much better Skater Dresses with unique designs and expert services. We create a lot of designs that surely satisfy our client’s needs and they will be happy with our items. We guarantee 100% compensation for the mistakes of the manufacturer and cloth defects.

H&Fourwing has a very professional team that can help you, and our clothing is top quality that can meet your expectations. We hope that we can cooperate with you. Send us a message!

What is a Skater Dress?

Skater Dress

Skater Dress

It is a kind of outer garment that is narrow at the top, spreading gently broader toward the bottom.

Skater dresses are the contemporary alternatives to A-line dresses.

Skater dresses are one of the most prevalent dress styles that suit almost any body type. 

The dresses figure skaters wear greatly influenced Skater dresses, showcasing that same A shape but shorter.

What are the Skater Dresses’ Trending Styles?

Skater dresses are known for their fashionable edge that is much wider than the shoulders.

It comes in various fashionable designs. The following are the most adored ones:

Ruffle Plunge Front Midi Skater Dress

This design comes with a neckline tailored to a very low V-shape.

It will make anyone who wears it look confident and sophisticated.

Floral Bardot Mini Skater Dress

Skater Dress

This dress style is one of the wardrobe essentials you never knew existed. 

Bardot Mini Skater dress is composed of a smooth, flexible neoprene fabric that is double knit.

Notably, this dress style can withstand temperature.

Polka Dot Ruffle Strappy Skater Dress

Every girl deserves this classy skater dress that suits all body silhouettes.

This fitted bodice with a fanned skirt will attract a great deal of attention.

Feel free to contact your manufacturer for an intensive list of skater dress designs that fits your vibe and style.

What are the Available Sizes of Skater Dress?

Skater Dresses come in various sizes. 

Yes, you heard it right! All body shapes can enjoy this trendy dress design. 

-Skater dress is available in extra, small, medium, large, and extra-large.

-For UK Sizes, you can choose from eight, ten, twelve, fourteen, and sixteen.

What are the Trendy Skater Dress Colors?

Skater Dress

Skater Dress Colors

Color can boost someone’s mood and sometimes be a way to express one’s emotions. 

Better to choose from this range of colors to look elegant and refined.

  • Beige
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Gold
  • Green
  • Grey
  • Khaki
  • Metallics
  • Multi
  • Navy
  • Nude
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Silver
  • White
  • Yellow

Don’t hesitate to negotiate with your skater dress producer and incorporate the color you adore into the design you prefer.  

Can you Wear a Skater Dress with Jeans?

If you opt for a casual yet trendy look- a skater dress and skinny jeans are what you need.

Believe it or not, these outer garments are match-made in heaven. 

Incorporating a light blue leather pump and black leather ankle boots into your outfit will make you look more alluring and chic.

What Body Shape Suits a Skater Dress?

Knowing your body shape is essential when choosing the right skater dress to wear.

The one with an hourglass body shape can wear a skater dress.

How Much Fabric Do You Need for a Skater Dress?

Making a long sleeve skater dress requires only 2.5 meters of fabric.

Shorts sleeves skater dress needs about 2 meters of fabric.

How Do You Adjust the Skater Dress?

Skater dresses with bigger sizes can be adjusted.

Below are some steps on how to alter a skater dress.

  1. Cut off the skirt
  2. Cut up side and shoulder seam
  3. Take in at side and shoulder seam
  4. Gather and reattach the skirt
  5. Fold over the armscye and neckline edge 
  6. Saw them with a cover stitch

Can I Wear a Skater Dress in Winter?

Of course, you can. 

 You can pair your skater dress with a pair of long boots or knee-high socks.

In that wear, you warmed your legs yet still look stylish.

Choose colors that match and complement, like black or white.

You can also wear it with cardigans or a sweater.

What Shoes Matches Skater Dress?

Various types of shoes match skater dresses, depending on their style.

During summer or springtime, the knee-high gladiator heels match your skater dress.

Ballerina flats also give a stylish look.

You can also pair your skater dress with sneakers to look more casual.

If you are wearing a patterned skater dress, solid or plain-colored shoes is perfect.

Or if you have patterned shoes, solid-colored skater dresses to match.

Long-legged wearing skater dresses are perfect to wear high tops.

Thick-legged should wear low tops to look maximized leg line.

The closed-toe shoes are also a good match for a skater dress.

Moreover, if you have slender legs, lace-up boots, ankle, and combat boots complement your skater dress.

Platform boots are recommended for those who have shorter height.

What Top to Pair with a Skater Dress?

Numerous tops designs can be paired with a skater dress.

You can match your skater dress with crop-tops, scoop necks, V-necks, and fitted tees. 

Off-shoulder or lose tops are not advisable to pair with skater dresses.

Remember not to pair your patterned skater dress with a patterned sweater.

The solid or plain colors match one pattern.

What Kind of Fabrics are Skater Dresses Made?

Designers use popular fabrics for making skater dresses, which includes:

  • White Bi-Elastic Fabric
  • 100% Cotton Poplin Fabric
  • Liberty Fabric
  • Brode Fabric
  • Floral Fabric Viscose
  • Mystique Metallic Fabric
  • Cotton Lawn Fabric

What are the Main Elements of Skater Dresses?

The skater dress elements are:

  1. A-line skirt
  2. V-neck bodice
  3. Optional sleeves

How to Sew a Skater Dress?

Attaching the three main elements all together is a simple way to form a skater dress.

Sew first the V-neck bodice according to your pattern.

The second is sewing the A-line skirt.

Third, sew the sleeves if you desire to have them for your skater dress.

You can also add pockets.

Lastly, sew them all together based on the design you want to achieve.

Is Skater Dresses Flattering?

Absolutely yes!

The skater dress is perfect for any occasion. 

They are types of dress that can be matched or mixed with what you have in your wardrobe.

You will always be in style wearing skater dresses.

What Should I Match for My Skater Dress for Formal Occasions?

If you wear a skater dress for formal occasions, you can match it with heels.

You can add a lightweight jacket or blazer for a more stylish yet formal look.

Choose lace bodies or velvet materials to achieve a formal and straightforward style.

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