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  • Provides middle to high-end wholesale shirt dress
  • Comprised of an experienced design team
  • OEM/ODM services for the wholesale shirt dress
  • Order starts at 50 pieces as the lowest MOQ
Crewneck T-Shirt Dress
Crewneck T-Shirt Dress

Crewneck t-shirt dress cut with slouchy dropped shoulders perfect for a cool vibe. This is available from small, medium, to extra large sizes.

3-Stripes T-Shirt Dress
3-Stripes T-Shirt Dress

This is embroidered trefoil dress made of 100% cotton. It provides a sporty and comfortable style for an everyday look. Features with 36″ dress length and short sleeves.

Asymmetrical Ruched T-Shirt Dress
Asymmetrical Ruched T-Shirt Dress

Ideal for both girls and ladies with small-plus size body frame. This is all made of viscose 35% and polyester 65%. H&Fourwing provides dress with breathable features.

Plus Size Graphic T-Shirt Dress
Plus Size Graphic T-Shirt Dress

Prepare to have a sure success for business with this H&Fourwing all-cotton plus size graphic t-shirt dress. It features an exceptional message across the chest.

Short Sleeve Rib T-Shirt Dress
Short Sleeve Rib T-Shirt Dress

To have a comfortable day, pair your outfit with our short sleeve rib t-shirt dress. It features a soft split and stretchy rib at the side for comfortable movement.

French T-Shirt Dress
French T-Shirt Dress

H&Fourwing can customize French t-shirt dress with your ideal print, style, sizes, and more. It is an unlined dress with a 37″ dress length. Made out of cotton and polyester fabrics.

Maternity Nursing Henley T-Shirt Dress
Maternity/Nursing Henley T-Shirt Dress

We offer maternity/nursing Henley t-shirt dresses with lightweight and flattering neckline features. Plus, featuring a lift-up panel for easy breastfeeding. Designed 100% stretchable.

Tiered T-Shirt Dress
Tiered T-Shirt Dress

As the name implies, the tiered t-shirt dress has twirlable tiered skirts. It is fun to wear, featuring a crewneck, slips on over the head, and short sleeves. A dress all made from cotton.

Tie Dye T-Shirt Dress
Tie Dye T-Shirt Dress

Our tie dye t-shirt dress will surely complement any weekend plans. It has a 33 1/2″ in length, made out of polyester 14% and cotton 86%. H&Fourwing can support your OEM orders.

Leading Wholesale Shirt Dress Manufacturer

H&Fourwing produce high-quality shirt dress for reasonable wholesale prices. Since established in 2014, H&Fourwing has been fully committed to the clothing industry. Our wide knowledge in this business allows us to understand more the needs of our customers.

    Your #1 Wholesale Shirt Dress Supplier in China

    H&Fourwing is one of the professional wholesale shirt dress manufacturers in China. We are supplying all types and best quality shirt dress available with the best wholesale prices.

    We made a shirt dress from high-grade crisp fabrics including silk fabrics or cotton. We guarantee that you will get a top-class shirt dress. H&Fourwing makes sure that when you built a partnership with us, we will both get benefits.

    You can order wholesale shirt dress at H&Fourwing. For a minimum of 50 pieces, you can have our shirt dress ready to ship and ready to wear to your customers. However, our shirt dresses wholesale are custom-made with the styles and designs you want. H&Fourwing can help skyrocket your business in the market by providing outstanding quality clothing products.

    H&Fourwing shirt dress was sometimes referred to as shirtwaist dress. It is perfect to wear for summer! However, the details of the shirt dress usually borrow from a man`s shirt. So, therefore, these can include cuffed sleeves, a button front, a collar, etc.

    In addition, these dresses have a looser fit and can be belted depending on the desired style. First invented during the 1950s, and until today, it`s still on-trend and perfect to wear.

    All shirt dress we offer offers a unique and elegant look. This is available in different designs and styles. H&Fourwing shirt dress is 100% guaranteed profitable and one of the original products. Try to check out our widest offers at H&Fourwing, so you can avail more affordable products, including our shirt dress from China.

    If you want to delight your customers with our crewneck t-shirt dress, asymmetrical ruched t-shirt dress, plus size graphic t-shirt dress, and more, then H&Fourwing got you covered! We ensure that we create and deliver shirt dresses with eye-catching and attractive designs.

    Rest assured, you can get a shirt dress for different body sizes, from small to plus size. H&Fourwing can help you won the trust of your customers.

    Each and every shirt’s dress quality and performance were strictly tested before exported to nationwide countries. All of these are trendy. Your customers will be satisfied for sure. H&Fourwing is giving full support from placing your orders until the shipment day.

    Since established in 2014, H&Fourwing has been fully committed to the clothing industry. Our wide knowledge in this business allows us to understand more the needs of our customers.

    H&Fourwing acts the role of being your one-stop solution provider, especially in terms of your wholesale shirt dress orders.

    Anytime, you can reach out to us!

    What is Shirt Dress?

    Shirt Dress

    Shirt Dress

    A shirtdress is a female’s clothing style inspired by a guy’s shirt features.

    It can take the form of a collared, a buttoned front, or capped sleeves.

    Usually, these garments are constructed from fine materials such as cotton or silk, similar to a male’s dress shirt.

    What is the Other Name of Shirt Dress?

    The shirtwaist dresses, often referred to as shirt dressmaker or just the shirtdress, is among the allocations American of any styles.

    Why Does the Shirt Dress Popular?

    They were popular as “shirtwaist” clothing in earlier 19th century portraits, Hollywood films, and the royal household.

    Shirt dresses were trendy for a significant period due to their coziness, versatility, and effortless attractiveness.

    Is it Formal to Wear a Shirt Dress?

    Shirt Dress

    Shirt Dress

    On either side, a dress shirt could be dressed carelessly or semi-formally.

    The majority of formal clothing is long-sleeved with maximum fasteners.

    An untied dress shirt is considered semi-formal, and so is a jacket is worn with the untied dress shirt.

    What are the Other Ideas of Wearing Shirt Dress?

    Shirt Dress

    Shirt Dress

    • Relaxed

    Wear a fashion shirt dress for your trip to replace your preferred piece of pants.

    Its button-down is low-key and comfy, and pairs well with shoes or flops for an effortless ensemble.

    Alternatively, for fancier events, tighten the waistline with either belt and pair the denim with sophisticated blocking sandals.

    In colder weather, pair it with leggings or curl up for a more casual atmosphere.

    • Romantic

    A strapless shirt and wrapped dress combination in a lovely coral shade is ideal for summertime.

    The romantic design is tailored through the tiniest area of the waistline and features a long skirt for a timeless and attractive design.

    Scalloped footwear, minimal jewelry, and a creamy fedora hat complete the look.

    • Tailored

    Linen button-down shirts are a timeless wardrobe staple that each lady must-have.

    It transforms into a fitted, all-in-one ensemble when transformed into an attire.

    Additionally, it will appear excellent with a waistline buckle and wedge heels.

    This ensemble is ideal for excursions to urban areas, gallery visits, or dinner with friends.

    That’s is what a shirt dress should be worn–fashion blogging design!

    • Beach

    Shirt dresses are easygoing suitable to be worn as a beaches coverup or outfit but can look excellent off the beaches.

    These combinations, tie-waist dresses in vibrant blues, are ideal for exotic vacation trips.

    Simply combine it with sleek sandals and a cap for additional elegance and sunlight coverage.

    • Classic

    The classical shirtdress is defined by two characteristics: button-down side, rolled-up cuffs, above-the-knee height, neckline, and pockets.

    These outfits will quickly become a go-to whenever you prepare your things in a classic black hue.

    It combined it with beige boots and a blue blazer for a more casual style, but users could spice it up with shoes and a cardigan for a more formal appearance.

    • Boxy

    Consider open, boxy-cut shirt dresses for a unique touch on the trend.

    You can either go without a buckle for an uncomplicated style or be artistic with your belt placements.

    To effortlessly freshen up the look, use a belt downward on the waist or loosened with flowing cloth.

    Leopard-print stiletto sandals and hefty jewelry retain this ensemble together.

    Can I Pair a Shirt Dress with Jeans?

    Shirt Dress

    Shirt Dress

    Jeans suit just as good as shirt dresses, much more so if skinny jeans.

    Indigo dress over tattered skinny jeans and pointed heels, or strapless stripes outfit over slim jeans and high heels appear great.

    Can I Wear a Shirt Dress at Work?

    Furthermore, with a few modest modifications and the correct selections, a standard shirt dress (or more) may easily carry you thru the following season at the workplace in fashion.

    How Should I Wash My Shirt Dress?

    We suggest washing heavier garments in cold water, although bright shirts and brighter shades are washable in lukewarm water.

    We suggest air-drying your clothing on a solid rack to avoid excessive shrinking.

    If you must use a drier, we suggest using a lower thermal setting and removing the clothing even while humid.

    What Kind of Fabric is Used for Shirt Dress?

    Shirt Dress

    Shirt Dress

    Cotton has been the most common fabric for dress shirts due to its breathability, durability, and convenience.

    Additionally, the fabric’s resilience enables it to be woven in various texture types and stitch densities.

    Is it Flattering to Wear Shirt Dress?

    Shirt dresses are a casual fashion it might be somewhat figure-flattering.

    Its soft contour is accommodating in comparison to a fitting cover.

    As is customary, the flattering level is determined by the cloth, form, and artistic features.

    Wholesale Shirt Dress: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    In this guide, you will find all information you’re looking for about wholesale shirt dresses.

    From design, material type, color options to printing techniques; all information you need is right here.

    Keep reading to learn more.

    What Features Should You Consider When Buying Wholesale Shirt Dress?

    Shirt dress typically resembles a standard man’s shirt in terms of features but without a waist seam. It is worn with a belt to bring out a defined waist.

    Shirt dress

    Shirt dress

    The following are the features to look out for in a shirt dress:


    One of the prominent feature of a shirt dress is its length. It is longer than normal shirt and can either be midi or extra-long.

    Shirt dress does not have a defined waist seam and a belt can be worn to accentuate it.


    Shirt dress have collars on them that help accentuate the facial features of the wearer.

    There are different types of collars that we can design on a shirt dress namely; classic collar, spread collar, band collar, etc.

    Front Button Closure

    Just like normal man’s shirt, shirt dress is also buttoned in front from top to bottom or up to midway. Some dress shirt may have other methods of closure such as zippers but in the front.


    The sleeves of a shirt dress can either be long or full length, elbow length or short. They can either be cuffed or not.

    What Are The Benefits Of Ordering Wholesale Shirt Dress From China Manufacturer?

    Shirt Dresses From China Are Affordable

    The price for wholesale shirt dress is very cheap in China compared to manufacturers from other countries.

    You can also negotiate the offered price further depending on your budget.

    This is attributed to the fact that raw materials and affordable labor is easily available to China manufacturers locally.

    High Quality Shirt Dresses

    Goods and products from China undergo thorough quality checks before they are sold to clients outside China.

    This ensure that they maintain quality standards with their customers globally.

    You will therefore get good quality at a cheaper price shirt dresses when you order.

    Profitability When Buying Wholesale Shirt Dress

    Since ordering your wholesale shirt dresses from China manufacturers is quite affordable, it easy to make profit.

    This is because it reduces import cost with a significant margin thus allowing you to realize a good profit margin.

    Faster Order Fulfilment For All Wholesale Shirt Dresses

    Fast turnaround time due to advancement in technology is one of the benefits of importing from China manufacturers.

    China manufacturers have invested heavily in advanced equipment such as automation and robotizations in their production process.

    This has enabled them to mass produce product faster within a shorted time.

    As a result, they are able to comfortably handle several orders and deliver without delays.

    Flexible Payment Terms For All Wholesale Shirt Dresses

    China manufacturers are able to offer their clients flexible payment terms such as paying in instalments. Additionally, they can offer longer payment plan to their frequent customers and even through negotiation for smaller businesses.

    This gives them a competitive edge against other manufacturers.

    Customized Orders Depending On Wholeshirt Dress

    Another advantage of importing from China manufacturers is the ability to order branded shirt dresses. You can achieve this by placing customized order through exclusive specifications or branded packaging of existing designs.

    This offer our customers a chance to build and grow their brand in the market and establish identity with consumers.

    How Do Wholesale Shirt Dress Compare To Normal Dress?

    A shirt dress and a normal dress are both one piece garments worn by ladies.

    Whereas shirt dress borrows its features from a man’s shirt, normal dress traditionally consists of a bodice and skirt attached together.

    Shirt dress

    shirt dress

    Shirt dress have their closure located in front while a normal dress can have closure in front, back or sides. Both shirt dress and normal dress can either have buttons or zippers as their closure methods.

    Shirt dress do not have a defined waistline; normal dress does have a waistline seam.

    Shirt dress are versatile and can be styled for different occasions whereas there are different dress types for every occasion.

    Normal dress

    normal dress

    Both shirt dress and normal dress can have long, short sleeves or sleeveless with at least knee length height.

    What Material Types Are Used In The Manufacture Of Wholesale Shirt Dress?

    There are different types of textiles that we use in the production of shirt dress. Each fabric has its unique quality and features that make its use ideal for shirt dress.

    Some of the qualities that these materials possess include; breathability, anti-wrinkle, light-weight, hand wash and comfortable to wear.

    Some of the materials that we use include:

    • Polyester
    • Silk
    • Rayon
    • Denim
    • Cotton
    • Chiffon

    Our materials are of good quality and guarantees you durability and value for money. Feel free to choice material of your choice for your shirt dress order.

    What Are The Benefits Of Buying Wholesale Shirt Dress?


    A shirt dress can be worn by any body type or shape and fit perfectly well. This is because it does not have a defined waistline to bring out the body shape of the wearer.


    Shirt dresses are available in various sizes and styles and designs. They are also made from different fabrics with great qualities, hence make comfortable outfit for anyone.


    No matter how you style it, shirt dress will still bring out an elegant look effortlessly. It can easily be worn for every occasion from wedding to evening outfit, beach, party or casual hangout.

    Easy to Wear Outfit

    A shirt dress is the easiest outfit to wear for women. This is because it can be worn in so many different ways effortlessly.

    It can be worn without bottoms or paired with a pair of bottoms of your choice such as tights, trousers or shorts.

    Additionally, you can belt it up or not depending on your style preference.

    What The Difference Between Wholesale Shirt Dress And A Normal Shirt?

    A shirt dress does not have a defined waist seam while a normal short is sewn with a definite waist seam. A shirt dress will require belting for its waistline to be accentuated.

    A shirt dress is longer than a normal shirt because it can be worn alone or paired with a bottom of choice.


    normal shirt

    While a Shirt dress is worn by women, a normal shirt is unisex.

    Can Wholesale Shirt Dress Be Customized?


    We accept customized orders for wholesale shirt dress from our clients.

    Some of the features that can be customized include; color, size, design, material, brand, etc.

    To place a customized order, you can follow the below steps and our design personnel will be able to guide you.

    • Reach out to us via our official email address on our website with your inquiry.
    • Our personnel will get back to you with an order form to fill for the customized features.

    For customized design, we’ll need a contract in place before we can proceed.

    This will guide on design ownership and protect you from intellectual property infringement.

    • Once you are satisfied with the sample of the customized order, a down payment will be made thereafter production begins.
    • Balance is paid at the end of production then order is shipped to your preferred address.

    Customized orders cost higher than regular orders due to the labor and resources involved.

    We also have a minimum order quantity for customized orders different from regular order MOQ.

    Custom shirt dress

    Custom shirt dress

    What Are The Available Fittings For Wholesale Shirt Dress?

    We have a variety of fittings for shirt dress ranging from extra-small, small, medium, large, extra-large, etc.

    When placing your order for wholesale shirt dress you can refer to our size chart or share your own size dimensions.

    If you need your shirt dress in loose fit, kindly order one size up from your regular size.

    What Is The Closure Method Used In Wholesale Shirt Dress?

    Our closure method is front button closure or front half zipper or full zipper from top down.

    The buttons can run from top to bottom of the shirt dress or just halfway the shirt dress.  We also accept customized closure methods and design from our clients.

    You can indicate your preferred closure method when placing an order with us.

    Do Wholesale Shirt Dress Manufacturers Offer Assistance With Shipping Process?

    Yes, we do.

    We assist our clients with shipping process of their wholesale shirt dress upon request.

    We support different modes of shipping such as express mail air and ocean freight, rail and by road. You are free to choice the mode of shipping that best suits you.

    For bulk orders across our borders, you can use air freight or ocean freight where train and road transport cannot suffice.

    It is important to note that each mode takes different number of days and also varies in terms of cost.

    Express mail is the fastest and take 3-5 days for order to arrive and it include DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc. This is however restricted to a few pieces such as sample shipping.

    Air freight takes 5-7 days to deliver an order and is very expensive since it charges by weight. This is also restricted to a certain maximum weight of goods.

    Ocean freight is the cheapest option and can ship several tons at once. However, delivery takes up to 60 days.

    Rail and road shipping can also ferry bulk orders however this is restricted within our country borders and cannot serve oversea clients.

    When placing your order indicate if you would like us to assist with shipping process and your preferred mode of shipping.

    We bill shipping charges to our clients’ account for them to pay directly or with their order.

    What Is The Ordering Process For Wholesale Shirt Dress From Manufacturers?

    1. One can order through our email address by sending a request for a quotation.
    2. We will then send a form to fill in the details of your shirt dress such as quantity, design, size, color.
    3. Thereafter we will submit a quotation for your consideration and sample upon request.
    4. Customized orders are a bit different as they require us submit a sample for your approval and contract signing.
    5. Next will be deposit payment before we prepare products for delivery for available stocks. For customized order, we will begin production after deposit receipt.
    6. Once we are ready to ship, you will clear the balance and then we ship your order. You can share your feedback with us after receiving your shirt dress order.

    What Is The MOQ For Wholesale Shirt Dress?

    We have various minimum order quantity for wholesale shirt dress order.

    Regular shirt dress orders have an MOQ of 200 pieces, while customized orders are 300 pieces.

    We allow negotiating for lower order quantity for small businesses that are starting out as well for market trials.

    Can One Specify Their Color Preference When Ordering A Wholesale Shirt Dress?

    Of course!

    We have a range of color scheme that you can select your color preference from and we’ll match it.

    All you need to do is share the color code from the Pantone color chart when ordering with us.

    We also accept color mixing provided you meet the minimum required quantity for color mixing.

    red shirt dress

    Red shirt dress

    Black shirt dress

    Black shirt dress

    How Do Manufacturers Of Wholesale Shirt Dress Guarantee Good Quality Products?

    Good quality shirt dresses give our customers confidence in our products and also open up the global market for us.

    In order to maintain good quality standards for our shirt dresses we adhere to certain processes and standards in our production.

    First, we ensure that our sourcing points for raw materials such as fabric, wool, etc. meet the required standards thresholds.

    Once we ascertain that, we also carry out raw material inspection before receiving them at our factories.

    Any raw material found with defects is returned for replacement with a better one.

    Second step is to ensure that our personnel follow standard operating procedures in material preparation and production process.

    These include designing, material cutting, machine calibration, branding etc.

    As production progresses, random inline inspection is done and defects are repaired or withdrawn completely.

    After production process is completed, physical inspection is again carried out to remove missed defects.

    This process ensure we only produce and deliver good quality shirt dress for our customers.

    In case you receive a defective order package, our aftersales personnel will facilitate return and replace process for you.

    We ensure continuous assessment of our processes, facility and quality assurance personnel from time to time for compliance purposes.

    What Certification Of Quality Do Manufacturers Of Wholesale Shirt Dress Offer Upon Request?

    As manufacturers of shirt dress we must meet and comply to certain standards of manufacturing, quality management, environmental sustainability and ethical practices.

    Before getting quality certified, we are vetted by an accredited independent body who verifies our compliance and standard adherence.

    Some of the certificates that we have been issued with following our standards compliance verification and can share include;

    ISO 9001 (2015): This is a quality management system created by International Organization for Standardization.

    It signifies ability to consistently produce quality shirt dresses that meet customers and regulatory requirements.

    Besides, it also demonstrates that we apply the standard quality management systems on our operations.

    SA8000: This certification indicates that we have developed and adhere to socially acceptable practices.

    Standard 100 (OEKO-TEX): This is a standard that tests for harmful substances on the raw, semi-finished and finished textile materials.

    It is to ensure that our shirt dresses are not sensitive to the skin if customers.

    BlueSign: Focuses on environmental sustainability, health and safety in our production processes.

    This certification ensure that we protect our water sources, air emissions and occupational safety of our workers

    Other certificates of quality that we have and can offer are; WRAP, FWF, GOTS, FLOCERT, Fair Trade, etc.

    How Do Clients Go About Product Returns For Wholesale Shirt Dress Orders?

    Our product return policy is 30 days on defective or wrong order delivery for shirt dresses.

    During this period, you can contact our aftersales agents with the issue and they will guide you as follows;

    • One, you will be required to take a photo of the defective or wrong order and email it to us.
    • We will then investigate on our end to ensure the issue meets our return policy requirement.
    • We do not accept returns if the shirt dress does not have original receipt or are repaired by the client.
    • Once the products meet our threshold for return, you will then ship to us in their original package.
    • Upon receipt, we will either repair if possible, replace with new or refund depending on the agreement reached.
    • Shipping cost for the returned goods will be split with the client or billed to them where necessary.

    Before initiating order return we encourage you to read our policy and understand the applicable terms and conditions.

    Can One Get A Sample Of Wholesale Shirt Dress Before Placing A Bulk Order?

    We offer a sample for our wholesale shirt dress at a small fee upon request from clients.

    This amount is refunded to you when you place bulk orders with us.

    Customized orders automatically generate samples which will need your approval before we can commence production.

    Wherever there’s need for amendments we will ensure we rectify and get your approval before mass producing.

    A sample allows you to interact and assess our shirt dress quality before deciding to order in bulk.

    Are There Discounts On Wholesale Shirt Dress When Buying In Wholesale?


    Big orders and regular clients get favorable discounts on our shirt dresses whenever they order.

    We encourage you to place huge orders with us and enjoy our discounts.

    Additionally, we reward our customers for every referral made to us. They customers earn points that are redeemable in the next purchase.

    What Techniques Do Wholesale Shirt Dress Manufacturers Use In Logo Printing?

    Printed shirt dress

    Printed shirt dress

    We have a number of techniques that we use for logo printing in order to achieve different logo outcomes.

    The type of printing technique that we use depends on the type of fabric, print runs and durability.

    Some of the commonly used techniques include:

    Stamp Printing

    Stamp printing is a simple technique of logo printing used with small order quantities and is cost effective.

    It involves cutting the logo design on the stamp, dip in ink and stamp on the shirt dress fabric.

    Fabric’s ability to absorb ink is a great determinant in this technique.

    Transfer Printing

    This method involves the use of a special transfer paper to transfer logo design to the fabric using a steam iron.

    Logo design is printed on the paper using a normal printer and then pressed on the fabric using a steam iron.

    This technique leaves a shiny film on the fabric and the print fades or cracks with multiple wash.

    Screen Printing

    Screen printing uses a stencil and a nylon mesh to create the logo design.

    A waterproof material is used to block areas you need printing on then flooding with ink to transfer the logo design.

    The resulting logo design is long lasting and it is also cost effective for large runs.

    Dye Sublimation

    Dye sublimation uses a thermal transfer paper to transfer the dye into the fabric using heat and pressure.

    The logo is printed on the thermal paper using a dye and then permanently bonded into the fabric.

    This technique is permanent, eco-friendly and water based and does not peel or fade overtime.

    It is suitable for both small and large quantity orders through a bit expensive.

    Digital Printing

    This is a direct to garment printing technique using a special printer and water soluble ink. The resulting design is then heat set using heat press or tunnel dryer.

    The outcome is normally highly detailed, with sophisticated prints. It is ideal for small print order due to its cost.

    What Is The Lead Time For Wholesale Shirt Dress Order?

    Our lead time is dependent on stock availability and quantity ordered. For in stock orders, we take between 5 to 10 days to deliver.

    Out of stock orders take between 15 to 28 days depending on complexity and quantity of the shirt dress.

    The simple the order the faster the production process and delivery. Complicated and large orders take several days to produce and deliver.

    We are also capable of handling emergency order albeit at a higher cost than regular orders.

    As a wholesale shirt dress from China, we offer competitive prices and high quality designs.

    Contact us today for all your wholesale shirt dresses.

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