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  • Composed of 7 in-house designing team
Wholesale Rose Print Long Sleeve Shift Dresses
Wholesale Rose Print Long Sleeve Shift Dresses

Wholesale rose print long sleeve shift dresses are available in S-M-L-XL. It is perfect for the summer and autumn seasons. This breathable dress comes in various styles.

Korea style Shift Dress for Women
Korea style Shift Dress for Women

This dress is made of polyester material, plus size and washable. Ideal for summer, autumn, and spring season. Can be customized including colors, size, and design.

Polka Dot Raglan Shift Dress
Polka Dot Raglan Shift Dress

Polka dot raglan shift dress from H&Fourwing comes in a range of sizes. You can order dresses for as low as 50 pieces to start your business. We also offer OEM support.

A-line Shift Dress Plus Size
A-line Shift Dress Plus Size

H&Fourwing a-line shift dress plus size features an anti-static design. Made of high-quality fabric. Available in various styles, fabric, sleeve type, pattern type, and more.

Short Sleeve Shift Dress
Short Sleeve Shift Dress

Our short sleeve shift dress has an anti-static, anti-wrinkle, breathable, and sustainable design. H&Fourwing offer custom design dress including label, logo, tags, sticker, etc.

Wholesale Cotton Shift T-shirt Dress
Wholesale Cotton Shift Dress

Wholesale cotton shift t-shirt dress comes in free-size. This is an ideal wear for the summer season. Can wholesale dress start from 50 pieces.

Tiered White Shift Dress
Tiered White Shift Dress

As an expert manufacturer, H&Fourwing offer wide variety of tiered white shift dress at a more competitive price. Sizes options are S,M,L,XL,XXL.

Floral Pleated Shift Dress
Floral Pleated Shift Dress

H&Fourwing design and supply feature anti-wrinkle, breathable, sustainable, anti-static, and more. Can be made of polyester/ cotton fabric.

Wholesale Women Oasis Ruffle Chiffon Shift Dress
Wholesale Women Oasis Ruffle Chiffon Shift Dress

This wholesale women’s oasis ruffle chiffon shift dress is ideal for the summer season. Comes in different Silhouette, Sleeve Length, fabric type, style, and decoration.

Premier Wholesale Shift Dresses Manufacturer

H&Fourwing is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality wholesale shift dresses in China. Established in 2014, our company has all the capabilities to produce dresses with world-class styles and designs. We can offer you standard and custom wholesale shift dresses for competitive costs.

Your One-Stop Wholesale Shift Dresses Supplier in China

Get the best deals for premium quality wholesale shift dresses at H&Fourwing. We offer you one of the most unique and fashionable dresses for your business. Our team keeps on developing to fit on the latest trend.

We are producing wholesale shift dresses perfect for any occasion and event. H&Fourwing will help you provide for all the demands of your customers. This dress is 100% guaranteed high quality and long-lasting.

H&Fourwing wholesale shift dresses are available in different style patterns, colors, and fabric. In fact, we can customize your any requirements according to your given samples, your designs, and drawings.

H&Fourwing offers customization of wholesale shift dresses in details, colors, denim, sequins, embroidery, and more. Our dresses are available in different styles for you to choose from. It can be low waist, cold shoulders, sundresses, jumpers, rompers and etc.

We are manufacturing wholesale shift dresses in different sizes and shapes to fit within different age groups. It is comfortable to wear, easy to wash, and made from natural fibers. H&Fourwing wholesale shift dresses can also be made from cotton and other elements you require.

H&Fourwing holds a wide variety of well-fitting and comfortable apparel just for you. We can provide expensive and affordable wholesale shift dresses. Our company produces stylish women’s clothing that suits your customer’s exclusive taste.

Our wholesale shift dresses are trendy and timeless in all seasons. These dresses are fashion-forward and versatile. We guarantee that our products will definitely shock your client’s perspective.

H&Fourwing wholesale shift dresses are equipped with eye-catching designs that will surely attract more customers and clients. As an ISO 9001 certified company, we are your best choice for wholesale shift dresses.

We are engaged in women’s clothing since 2014. H&Fourwing has all the knowledge and techniques to develop top-grade dresses. Our company is composed of more than 100 employees with good backgrounds in this business.

H&Fourwing is your premier supplier of shift dresses with balance quality and cost. We will develop wholesale shift dresses according to your needs.

For as low as 50 to 100 pieces of wholesale shift dresses, you will increase your business sales rapidly. Both OEM and ODM services are provided here at H&Fourwing.

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How Does a Shift Dress look Like?

Fig.1 A Typical Sleeveless Shift Dress
Fig.1 A Typical Sleeveless Shift Dress

A shift dress is simply a short dress. It hangs down straight from the women’s shoulder with simple and clean lines.

Most shift dresses are sleeveless. However, nowadays, you can choose a shift dress with off-shoulders and short sleeves.

A shift dress is designed without a fitted cut. Specifically, this dress loosely hung from the body.

Moreover, most shift dresses have a minimalist design. It is only designed with little to no embellishment.

Additionally, you can distinguish a shift dress because it only has a small difference for bust, waist, hem, and hip measurement.

What are the Features of a Shift Dress?

A shift dress features a boxy look that deemphasizes the waist and the bust. Thus, it is best for people with an apple, ruler, or column body type.

Most of the shift dresses are above the knee. However, you can also purchase maxi or midi-length hemline shift dresses.

It also features a boatneck neckline.

What are the Differences Between Shift Dress and Sheath Dress?

Fig.3 Comparison Between Shift Dress and Sheath Dress
Fig.3 Comparison Between Shift Dress and Sheath Dress

Although these two dresses have similarities in terms of their sound, they also have notable differences such as:


In terms of shape, shift dresses have straight cut that flows down from the shoulder in one vertical line. It also has a shapeless design that that doesn’t emphasize the body shape. However, sheath dresses are form-fitting. It is tightly fit from the body to the hem emphasizing an hourglass body type.


Most shift dresses allow the skin to breathe in hot weather because of their shapeless drapes. These dresses are typically made from linen and other breathable or lightweight fabrics. Usually, fabrics used to make a shift dress is not very stretchable. Meanwhile, sheath dresses are made from stretchable fabrics as they are intended to hug the body’s curves.


Shift dresses don’t need a slit since these dresses are flowy and loose. It can provide you a free motion without a slit. On the other hand, sheath dresses usually have a slit because these are form-fitting. It needs to have a slit so the wearer can have a comfortable range of motion.

What Body Types Suitable for a Shift Dress?

The shift dress is a sleeveless and short dress that hangs from the shoulder down to the body frame.

Thus, all body sizes and types like apple, hourglass, and more can wear a shift dress.

Anyone can wear a shift dress with a solid design.

How to Choose the Right Shift Dress?

First, you need to make sure that you find the right sizes.

Thus, your customers can be comfortable even if it has a loose fit.

Second, choose the dress’ length accordingly. Regardless of the height, you must choose the length of the dress accordingly.

Whether your customers are petite or not, the dress’s accurate length can provide a good look on the body.

How Does a Shift Dress Appeal to Every Customers?

Fig.5 Shift Dress with Different Color, Texture, and Patterns
Fig.5 Shift Dress with Different Color, Texture, and Patterns

Shift dresses are commonly worn by young to middle-aged women. However, these dresses are suitable for all ages.

These dresses are typically known as an “every woman dress”. Thus, shift dresses are designed with democratic appeal in the fashion industry.

This type of dress is very convenient and versatile. It can be worn for different events. It is mostly suitable for personal or professional events.

Typically, a shift dress has a universal appealing cut and style. Shift dresses will surely never get outdated in fashion.

For the looks, shift dresses can be worn all season. It can also be paired with sandals for the summer.

It can be paired with boots and coats in the fall season. Scarf or sweaters can also be worn together with the dress in the winter.

A shift dress can have a wide range of looks depending on its texture, color, and fabrics used.

These dresses can be seductive, plain-colored, or with bold patterns. It can provide a girlish, fun, innocent, or flirtatious vibe to the wearer.

If you need a high-quality, fashionable, and affordable shift dress, HFourwing can provide your requirements. Contact us today!

Wholesale Shift Dresses: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In this guide, you will find all information you are looking for about wholesale shift dresses.

Whether you want to learn about the design, features, printing technique and sizes – this guide offers the perfect solution for you.

So, keep reading to learn more.

What Is A Shift Dress?

A Shift dress is a dress that flows from the shoulders leaving space for the hips and wrist.

It’s a comfortable and baggy dress.

This dress has darts around the bust but has no sewn waistline.

Shift dresses are short and knee-high in length.

A Shift Dress

A Shift Dress

How Does Shift Dress Compare To Normal Ladies Dress?

The shift dress holds loosely on the body.

Normal dresses fit tightly on the body.

Ladies Dress

Ladies Dress

Shift dresses are simple but comfortable while normal dresses are classic and depict a lot of elegance.

Shift dresses are knee-length but normal dresses may belong,

Both dresses are made with either long or short sleeves.

Normal lady dresses have tailored waistlines while shift dresses do not have a waistline

How Much Do Wholesale Shift Dress Cost?

There is no specific cost for wholesale Dresses.

The prices vary due to various reasons;

  • Brand of the Shift Dresses.
  • Quality of the fabric used when making the Shift Dresses.
  • Sizes of the Dresses influence the amount of fabric used.
  • Design requirements of the Shift Dresses.
  • Minimum order quantity (MOQ)for Shift dresses

How Does Shift Dress Compare To Swing Dress?

Vintage Swing Dress

Vintage Swing Dress

A swing dress is a flowy dress that has an A-line shape.

On the other hand, a shift dress flows down straight from the shoulder,

The top part holds the chest and then flows out from there.

A swing dress can be fitted at the waist and then flares out from there.

A shift dress flows down the body with slight differences between the hips, waistline bust, and hem measurements.

The lower part of a swing dress is circular while a shift dress is straight or rocky.

Both shift and swing dresses are knee-length dresses.

Both can be made with or without sleeves

Lower part Of A Shift Dress Is Straight Unlike That Of A Swing Dress

Lower Part Of A Shift Dress is Straight Unlike A Swing Dress

How Should Shift Dress Fit?

  • Should hang loosely on the body.
  • Shift dresses should be slightly baggy and conceal the body shape.
  • The bust, hips, waist, and hemline have slight differences in measurement.

How Do You Check Quality Of Wholesale Shift Dresses?

A Tiered Shift Dress

A Tiered Shift Dress

Which Wholesale Shift Dresses Designs and Styles Do You Have?

We have a variety of wholesale shift dresses design:

  • Off-shoulder design shift dress which suits well for ladies with long legs and well-toned body figure.
  • Halter neck shift dress. This design is perfect for young girls when matched with high heels. Explore all designs and styles,
  • Scallop shift dress –the scallop design is added at the bottom part of the dress.

This makes the short dress more attractive.

The scallop design goes well with black.

  • Sleeveless tier shift dress- the fabric used for this design is a synthetic material.

Cotton mixed with fabric lining is suitable for this design.

This is the best as party wear or summer shift dress.

  • Pocket attached shift dress –in this design, the pockets are attached at the bottom side of the shift dress. This makes the dress attractive.

Pocket Attached Shift Dress

Pocket Attached Shift Dress

  • Checked shift dress-this design is good for summer wear.

It is made from cotton fabric.

Besides, it can be worn with stockings.

How Do You Choose Best Fabric For Wholesale Shift Dress

Most of the fabrics for shift dresses are used singly or are a blend of two or more fabrics.

The blends include fabrics such as cotton, silk,  rayon, polyester,

The following fabrics are best for wholesale shift dress;

Brussels Washer Linen

It’s a combination of the textural feel of linen with the drape and softness of rayon.

The fabric is versatile.

Besides, the fabric will allow you to create a dress that can be used for all occasions

The fabric is light enough for warmer weather conditions.

Geometric Rayon Challi

This fabric is the lightest of all fabrics

It drapes well with the sleeves of the shift dress.

It looks soft and elegant and makes the dress comfortable.

Red linen Cotton Rayon Striped

This fabric can either be laid horizontally or vertically.

These give the shift dress a stunning look.

This fabric is the best if you want a variety of colors to brighten your wardrobe.

Viscose Dobby Swiss Dot.

It is elegant

It’s lightweight making it good for vocation.

Can be used as a beach cover-up

Plum Striped Cotton Hemp Woven

The fabric is buttery.

It is wonderfully smooth and has a good combination of drape and body.

Cherry Red Nirvana Double Gauze

The fabric feels like being wrapped in a baby blanket.

It is soft and light.

Suitable if you want to wear to a holiday party.

Coral Rayon Woven.

It’s made up of rayon and nylon.

It feels like lightweight linen but has the softness of rayon.

A dress made from this fabric can be used on vacation or workday.

Picasso Rayon Poplin

It’s the best for a more flowing look.

The floral patterns are stunning.

Cotton Double Gauze.

It is elegant and comfy.

It is made up of two fine layers of cotton that have been stitched together.

The fabric tends to be fluffy

Silk Noil

This fabric has a thicker feel than cotton fabric.

Has a numb texture.

The fabric has a drape perfect for a shift dress.

It’s cool and calming, perfect for winter seasons

A Carol Rayon Shift Dress

A Carol Rayon Shift Dress

What Is A Classic Shift Dress?

A classic shift dress is a shift dress that has the following virtues:

It is elegant and simple

Besides, it’s great for work and you can also wear out and night

Also, it is very comfortable: an easy, relaxed type of dress.

Its figure-flattering especially if you get a good fit.6

How Do You Choose the Right Size Of Wholesale Shift Dresses?

Shift dresses come in all sizes.

medium8 – 10
Large12 -14
Extra large16 – 18
2 Extra Large20 – 22
3 extra large24

Are There Formal Shift Dresses?

Yes, there are Formal Shift Dresses.

They are structured and sophisticated.

Besides, they give you a feminine and professional look.

Which Features Should You Consider When Choosing Wholesale Shift Dresses?

i. They should provide comfort and style.

ii. The fabric used- the fabric should be able to make you comfortable, and not sweaty.

Good fabric for summer should be lightweight or mid-weight

iii. Design- smocked, ruffle, tiered, dyed

iv. Sleeves and neckline – sleeveless, short-sleeved, one-shoulder sleeve dress.

v. Colour- black is suitable for both casual and formal situations.

Colour can create a variety of looks such as innocent, girlish looks

vi. Pattern– flowered or dotted or striped or checked. Bold patterns are flirtatious and fun

vii. Fitting- a shift dress should be one that hangs on your body loosely.

This gives your skin enough room for breathing in hot weather.

Are There Shift Dresses For Wedding?

Yes, there are shift dresses for weddings.

These are majorly for the guests who attend the wedding.

 How Do Wholesale Shift Dress Manufacturers Support Small Designs?

The manufacturers of shift dresses support small designers by:

i. Giving very low MOQ to allow you to order depending on your business ability.

ii. The manufacturers provide shipping service free of charge or at a fee depending on the manufacturers shipping policy.

iii. The manufacturers provide a wide range of shift dress designs that you can choose from.

iv. They also offer competitive prices for shift dresses, making them affordable

v. Manufacturers allow a product return policy so that you can return dresses that are damaged or do not meet the standard you needed.

Are My Designs Safe With Wholesale Sift Dresses Suppliers In China?

Yes, to ensure the safety of your designs of shift dresses; you sign a Non –Disclosure Agreement.

This is a legally binding agreement you sign with China’s suppliers.

By signing this confidential agreement, your designs are safe.

This prevents suppliers in China from obtaining your trade secret.

In case of a breach of this agreement, you may seek court action, and is punishable

Do Wholesale Shift Dresses In China Have MOQ?

MOQ is the minimum order quality for shift dresses.

Wholesale shift dresses in China have MOQ.

This depends on certain factors:

Besides, the design and the sizes of dresses

Also, the wholesale shift dresses MOQ vary from 10 dresses and above.

When ordering shift dresses find out about “Fill in” quantity.

This helps in case you decide to replace dresses after the initial order has been delivered

How Does Sheath Dress Compare To Shift Dress?

A Sheath Dress

A Sheath Dress

 The main difference between shift and sheath dress is in their fitting

A shift dress is baggy and usually more comfortable.

A sheath dress fits the curves on your body tightly

Since a shift dress hangs loosely on the body, it does not require a slit.

A sheath dress is more fitting and may require a slit to allow easy movement of the wearer.

Besides, a shift dress flows away from your body thus requiring fabric that is flow.

A sheath dress hugs your body and require fabric that can stretch.

Both dresses are short, that is knee-high.

Both dresses are simple.

Both dresses usually have long sleeves or short sleeves or can be sleeveless

How Has Wholesale Shift Dresses Evolved Over Time?

Shift dresses were first worn in the 1920s by young women who were against social norms.

The dress was short and decorated.

In 1960 the shift dress became popular and people started buying them.

The shift dress reached all levels of society’s price bracket and age.

Its popularity increased when the first lady and a friend were wearing one in a magazine.

It was called a shift dress as it marked a move away or shit from corset to style and ease of movement.

The shift dress allowed women to dance move and work freely

What Are The Sleeve Options For Wholesale Shift Dresses?

The Sleeve Options For Shift dresses include;

  • Sleeveless – a shift dress may have no sleeves
  • Short sleeves – these are sleeves that extend from the shoulders to the elbow
  • Long sleeves – these are sleeves that extend from the shoulder to the wrist.
  • Camisole sleeves – these are shoulder straps that resemble that of a camisole
  • Bell sleeves- these are sleeves that are fitted from the shoulder to the elbow.

From the elbow onward they are flared.

They are also called trumpet sleeves

  • Kimono sleeves- these are wide and loose, short or long sleeves adopted from the Japanese dresses
  • Flutter sleeves- this is a loose-fitting tapered sleeve falling in folds over the upper arm.
  • Off-shoulder sleeves – they sit below the shoulder bone

Which Are The Common Neckline Styles For Wholesale Shift Dresses?

The common neckline styles for Shift dresses are;

  • Boat neck – it is also called a bateau neckline. It’s a wide neck neckline that runs horizontally from front and back. It runs from one shoulder to another.
  • Round neck – It is also known as a crew neck. It is a simple neckline that suits various types of body shapes.
  • V- neck – the neckline is cut in a V-shape. It shortens necklines and balances broad shoulders
  • Scoop neck – this is a wide and deep neckline that lengthen the neckline
  • Squareneck – this is a neckline that is cut in a square shape. It helps to elongate a short neck and narrow shoulders.
  • Straight neck- it is a simple strapless cut that flows across the chest

Do Wholesale Shift Dresses Suppliers Have Product Return Policy?

Yes, the product return policy I for shift dresses is available.

The return policy is applicable when you are dissatisfied with the shift dresses supplies.

However, there are conditions to be met before the shift dresses are returned. These include:

i. Notification for return must be done within a certain timeframe.

ii. Return is effective once the return authorization is issued.

iii. Shift dresses must be unused. In their original packaging and the tags attached.

iv. There must be proof of purchase.

The above conditions make it hard to implement the product return policy,

Some countries have stringent export policies on exports; this makes it even harder to apply return policies on imports.

The product return policy is an expensive and difficult exercise

Will Wholesale Shift Dress Manufacturers Help In Shipping Process?

Yes, wholesale shift dress manufacturers help in the shipping process.

Some manufacturers ship the Dresses freely or at a fee.

How Do You Choose Colors For Wholesale Shift Dresses?

Color plays an important on how you wear your shift dress.

Shift dresses come in various colors.

We have shift dresses that are plain in color and those that are multi-colored.

Your choice of color does not affect the price of the wholesale shift dresses

Black is an excellent color for all occasions, such as at work or parties.

Color creates a variety of looks such as girlish, innocent.

Which Closure Options Are Available For Wholesale Shift Dresses?

There are varied closure options for shift dresses such as;


These are used in all garments

They are preferred because they are invisible.

The zipper can be used at the side, front, or back of a shift dress.


They can be used in the front or at the back.

They come in many colors, shapes,s, and materials to suit the shift dress.

They are used with loops and holes and look elegant on a classic shift dress.

Closure ties are used at the neckline of the shift dress.


They are a simple way of fastening a shift dress using a press button.

Are Wholesale Shift Dresses Designed For Specific Occasions?

Yes, there are wholesale shift dresses designed for specific occasions such as;

  • Casual
  • Party
  • Work
  • Beach
  • Holiday

If you are looking for high-quality wholesale shift dresses, contact us now

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