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1 Wholesale V-neck Satin Dress
Wholesale V-neck Satin Dresses

H&Fourwing wholesale V-neck satin dress has a fashionable design and can be customized in different styles. H&Fourwing can manufacture a durable satin dress with advanced quality.

2 Wholesale Casual Satin Dress
Wholesale Casual Satin Dresses

H&Fourwing wholesale casual satin dresses are made of imported and premium satin materials. It is comfortable and breathable to wear. This dress has a smart design for a great flattering fit.

3 Wholesale Satin Maxi Dress
Wholesale Satin Maxi Dresses

H&Fourwing wholesale satin dress looks sexier and stylish. This type of satin dress is light and extremely soft. H&Fourwing wholesale satin dress has a full capacity to regulate a body.

4 Wholesale Satin Backless Dress
Wholesale Satin Backless Dresses

The fabric of the satin backless dress is cool that can absorb sweat. This is the kind of dress that exposes the back part of women. A type of dress that has an attractive surface and appearance. 

5 Wholesale Satin Dress with Adjustable Strap
Wholesale Satin Dress with Adjustable Strap

This wholesale satin dress features an adjustable strap and more flexy that can be fit at any body figure. H&Forwing can manufacture a comfortable satin dress with an adjustable strap.

6 Wholesale Satin Dress Bodycon Wrap Belted
Wholesale Satin Dress Bodycon Wrap Belted

The H&Fourwing wholesale satin dress bodycon wrap belted has a unique design and style. This is manufactured with lightweight and durable satin fabric to ensure long-lasting usage.

7 Wholesale Long Sleeve Satin Dress
Wholesale Long Sleeve Satin Dresses

This wholesale long sleeve satin dress has great characteristics and features that perfect for a wide range of outdoor occasions such as wedding parties, birthdays, and many more.

8 Wholesale Satin Summer Dress
Wholesale Satin Summer Dresses

H&Fourwing wholesale satin summer dress comes in various designs and colors. We can follow your own designs and add your logo. H&Fourwing can provide a superior wholesale satin dress.

9 Wholesale Satin Mini Dresses
Wholesale Satin Mini Dresses

H&Fourwing wholesale satin mini dresses are ideal for different types of parties. A type of dress that has a versatile and elegant look that can enhance a women’s personality.

Premier Custom Wholesale Satin Dresses Manufacturer

H&Fourwing is a well-experienced manufacturer and supplier of wholesale satin dresses. We have in stock of wholesale satin dresses in our factory that ready to export and ship. We are capable of custom your satin dresses desired. H&Fourwing is the premier choice of wholesale satin dresses since we are a well-known company that supplies quality women’s clothing. We can follow your designs and styles of clothing. 

H&Fourwing is a professional women’s clothing manufacturer that can provide the most impressive wholesale satin dresses!

    Your Trusted Wholesale Satin Dresses Supplier in China

    H&Fourwing is a professional supplier and manufacturer of wholesale dresses in China. We have more than 13 years of experience in supplying wholesale satin dress and other women’s clothing. H&Fourwing can provide an effective and impressive kind of wholesale satin dress that will boost your business.

    H&Fourwing wholesale satin dresses are manufactured with an imported and superior type of satin fabric. A type of satin material that features cool and durable. H&Fourwing wholesale satin dresses come in various designs, styles, and colors.

    H&Fourwing wholesale satin dresses are also light and more lightweight that makes their appearance more attractive. These kinds of dresses are capable to use for a long time due to their durability and the high strength of the fabrics that used. This is a perfect type of dress that can regulate a women’s body and can enhance a women’s physical personality.

    Due to its best characteristics, the H&fourwing wholesale satin dresses are suitable for a broad range of activities, parties, and occasions. It can be used in a birthday party, wedding party, beach, church, prenup shoot, and other special occasions and outdoor activities.

    At H%Fourwing, we have a wide selection of wholesale satin dresses that includes v-neck satin dresses, casual satin dresses, satin maxi dresses, satin backless dresses, satin dresses with adjustable strap, satin bodycon dresses, long sleeve satin dresses, satin summer dresses, sain mini dresses, satin evening dresses, and so many more.

    We, H&Fourwing are afforded to provide high-end wholesale satin dresses that perfect to add to the clothing business. As an experienced manufacturer of wholesale satin dresses, we are able to supply the most attractive and popular type of satin dresses.

    H&Fourwing always chooses and uses the best kind of materials to produce a wholesale satin dress with the highest quality. We also have the full capability to supply a wholesale satin dress with unique designs which are new for the people’s eye.

    H&Forwing will provide you the most eye-catching women’s outfit that will surely meet various clothing industries. 

    Send us your ideal wholesale satin dress and we will provide it for you!

    Wholesale Satin Dresses: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    I know probably, you’re looking for high quality wholesale satin dress.

    A reason this guide will explore everything you need to know about wholesale sating dresses.

    So keep reading to learn more.

    How Can You Get Best Prices For Wholesale Satin Dresses?

    • Buy from manufacturers- buying directly from the manufacturer means eliminating middle persons such as distributors and wholesaler. Most manufacturers will certainly sell satin dresses to you according to their MOQ but they offer the best prices. In short the few people you go through, the lower the cost.
    • B2B market places- you can buy wholesale satin dresses from large B2B market places at good and lower prices. Ensure to check that the marketplace serves tour country or location.
    • Negotiate- research actual cost of satin dresses beforehand. Communicate with your wholesaler about your expectations until you reach a common ground. Remember to keep negotiations courteous and respectful.
    • Buy in bulk- buying satin dresses in bulk guarantee the best prices. Wholesalers and manufacturers are likely to lower the prices and provide discounts when you buy in large quantities.

     Buying In Bulk Helps You In getting Wholesale Price

    Buying In Bulk Helps You Get The Best Wholesale Price

    Why Buy Wholesale Satin Dresses?

    The following are some of the benefits of buying wholesale satin dresses:

    Lower cost- buying stain dresses in bulk guarantees best and lower prices. This is usually not the case while purchasing single or individual satin dresses. This allows you to make a significant profit margin in case you want to resell the satin dresses.

    Shipping- majority of the wholesalers have a shipping service for their clients. This makes it easier for you to transport large orders. Although they may charge for it, you have access to convenient and cheaper transportation.

    Variety- wholesalers will stock different types and designs of stain dresses. They also work with different manufacturers thus providing a variety of satin dresses to choose from.

    Negotiation- it is easier to negotiate for the best deals and prices with a wholesaler. You can even negotiate for them to avail credit terms for particular time frames. In other cases, you can even negotiate to be an exclusive distributor of a particular satin dress line.

    Easy process- these days it is very easy to find good and credible wholesalers online. For instance; just type in ‘wholesale satin dresses’ and all these great options will appear. You can now make a purchase from their website and have it delivered to your address in no time. Apart from this being a safe and convenient process, it is also timesaving and quick.

    Timesaving- buying wholesale helps you save time and focus more on other things. It also helps to keep your inventory more organized and assertive.

    What Makes Satin Dresses Unique?

    • They are resistant to wrinkles- unlike dresses made from other materials, satin dresses do not wrinkle easily.
    • Shiny and lustrous- the front side of the dresses appear very shiny. The surface feels very soft and luxurious as well.
    • Durability- satin is a very strong fabric. This is because it uses longer filament fibers that are intertwined together tightly. Dresses made from satin can last for many years.
    • Drape- satin dresses have a beautiful and easy drape. This is due to the fabric’s concentration of fibers. This makes satin dresses unique and luxurious.

    Apart From The Beautiful Drape , The Strong Fabric Makes Satin Very Unique

    Apart From The Beautiful Drape , The Strong Fabric Makes Satin Very Unique

    What Makes Satin Best Material for Dresses?

    • Satin material is very breathable- this material allows air to flow through it easily. This ensures that you stay cool throughout even in warm weather. This in turn allows you maximum comfort.
    • Durable- satin is undoubtedly delicate. However, when well taken care of it can serve you for a long period of time. It is best to dry clean satin dresses and avoid contact with rough surfaces so as not to ruin their texture.
    • Luxurious and beautiful- satin is very shiny and glossy giving it that luxury look. It is best for special occasion dresses such as evening gowns and wedding gowns. Satin has a way of making your dresses look and feel expensive.
    • Drape- satin is one of the fabrics with high drapes. Fabric drape is basically how well a fabric will hang under its weight. A nice drape is what makes satin such a good material for making dresses.
    • Variety- satin is available in various types such as the Polysatin, Bridal satin, slipper satin, Charmeuse, etc. It can also be customized to wide variety of styles and designs. Satin has a lot of color options as well as floral designs and other patterns. You can also combine satin material with others such as lace to achieve even more styles and designs.
    • Timeless- satin will never go out of style. It has been in existence for a long time and it is still in fashion. It is safe to say that the style of satin gets better with age.
    • Wrinkle resistant- satin does not wrinkle easily and it maintains its shape very well. It also a press for longer.

    How Does Silk Dresses Compare To Satin Dresses?

    • The front surface of satin dresses is shiny while the inner side is dull. With silk dresses both sides are glossy and shiny.
    • Both satin dresses appear shiny and are soft to the touch.
    • Silk dresses are stronger than satin dresses. Silk is a natural material that comes from silkworms which produce it as a protein. Satin on the other hand is manmade using filament fibers like nylon polyester and also silk.

    Even though silk is stronger, Satin dresses are more durable than silk dresses.

    For silk dresses to last for a long time, they need special care.

    Silk Dress

    Silk Dress

    • Silk dresses are more expensive than satin dresses. This has to do with how the silk material is produced.

    It has superior qualities as well compared to satin. The maintenance cost for satin dresses is however high.

    This can cause them to be more expensive in the long run.

    Since silk is natural fiber, silk dresses take dye very well without light or dark spots.

    You have to be extra careful with satin dresses due to their synthetic nature.

    If not done correctly it could result to the texture being rough and uncomfortable the skin.

    • Silk dresses are a bit easier to maintain than satin dresses. Satin dresses are very delicate and require maximum care. If possible it is always best to dry clean them. Silk dresses are a bit low maintenance and can be machine washed or hand washed with cold water.

    Why Should You Buy Wholesale Satin Dresses Directly From Manufacturer?

    Discounts/better prices- buying satin dresses directly from the manufacturer means getting rid of the middle person who is the wholesaler in this case.

    Usually a wholesaler will add an extra amount on top of the manufacturer’s price.

    Therefore buying from the manufacturer will eliminate those costs and provide lower prices and best deals such as discounts.

    Ease of customizations- it is easier to present a manufacturer with your custom designs and have it make it for you.

    Better shipping- dealing directly from the manufacturer means you are eliminating middle persons.

    If there are no middle persons then manufacturers can oversee the shipping process. This includes monitoring and regular quality checks for the dresses when in transit.

    Direct communication and feedback- when dealing directly with the manufacturer you can give them direct customer feedback.

    You can as well raise your issues on quality or pricing to them directly without having to go through someone.

    Samples- a manufacturer will most likely send you samples before beginning mass production. This is not an option with many wholesalers as they sell ready-made dresses.

    Manufactures send you samples and will start production only if you are satisfied.

    Fig 4- You Get better Price When You Buy Directly From Manufacturer

    You Get Better  Prices When You Buy Directly From Manufacturer

    Which Challenges Will I Encounter When Buying Wholesale Satin Dresses?

    MOQ- most wholesalers dictate the minimum number of satin dresses you should buy, otherwise they will not fulfil the order.

    Storage- when buying in satin dresses bulk, you need to have enough storage space to keep them until they are sold.

    Satin dresses are delicate and should be kept in a cool and dry place. If you do not have adequate space, you might have to incur and extra cost of renting.

    Not all wholesalers are open to working with small or startup businesses. This implies that only the big established business will benefit from the best prices, discounts and deals.

    Which Features Should You Look For In Satin Dresses?

    Color- when purchasing satin dresses ensure that the color is uniform throughout and does not have light or dark patches.

    It is also essential to select a color that compliments your skin tone and other features such as color of your eyes, your undertones, etc.

    Fit- ensure you know your measurements especially when buying online. Ensure that the dress is neither too tight nor too loose.

    Design- look for a design and style that you love. Consider new trends and what is in fashion at that particular time.

    Quality- the satin is available in different types with different qualities. Ensure to always inspect the quality of a satin dress before purchasing.

    Can You Recommend Satin Dresses Designs And Styles?

    Satin is mainly used for designing occasional dresses such as wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, evening gowns.

    This is because of its elegant and luxurious nature.

    I would recommend the following satin dress design and styles:

     A Slip Satin Dress

    Slip Satin Dress

    • Slip dress
    • Wrap dress
    • A tea dress
    • Shirt dress

    A Blue Satin Shirt Dress

    A Blue Satin Shirt Dress

    • Bridesmaid dresses
    • Wedding gowns
    • Skater dress
    • H- Line dress

    How Can You Verify Quality Of Wholesale Satin Dresses?

    Check the finishing- check that the seams and hems are neatly done.

    Satin is generally a bit hard to work with and always poses the risk of fraying.

    French seams and narrow rolled hems are perfect for satin dress because they provide a clean finish.

    Check the color- ensure that the color of the satin dresses is uniform. Also confirm that the color is exactly in the shade that you ordered.

    Ensure that all the details included in the dress are tightly sewn and not glued.

    How Long Will It Take To Process Wholesale Satin Dress Order?

    The order processing for satin dresses starts with order placement and ends with shipping. It could go on further if there are returns involved.

    It takes about 5-7 business days to process your wholesale satin dress order. The number of days could be higher if you are ordering in large quantities.

    Is There MOQ For Wholesale Satin Dresses?

    Most wholesalers and manufacturers have set a minimum of dress you can order at a go.

    MOQs apply to custom orders as well. Inquire what the MOQ of your manufacturer or wholesaler is and align with your budget.

    How Does Satin Dress Compare To Cotton Dresses?

    Satin dresses are lighter and have a smooth silky feeling whereas dresses made of cotton are way heavier and course to the touch.

    Satin dresses have a lower absorbency compared to cotton dresses.

    On the other hand dresses made of cotton are highly absorbent mainly because there is lots of space between the fibers. Satin dresses are more likely to show sweat stains.

    Satin dresses might have a static cling especially those made of polyester satin.

    You do not have to worry about this with cotton dresses as cotton is not a conductor of electricity.

    Satin dresses appear shiny and glossy on the front surface and dull in the inner surface. Cotton dresses on the other hand are dull.

    It is easier to take care of cotton dresses than satin dresses. Cotton dresses require minimum care and are easier to wash and dry.

    This is not the case for satin dresses as they are high maintenance and require special care.

    In terms of cost satin dresses are more expensive than cotton dresses.

    Do You Offer Custom Wholesale Satin Dress?

    Majority of the manufacturers in china offer custom wholesale satin dresses.

    Present your manufacturers with your ideas and designs and they will bring it to life.

    If you don’t already have a design, they can help you in the design process.

    Is There Recommended Length For Satin Dresses?

    There is necessarily no recommended length for satin dresses. Satin dresses Can be made in the three major lengths; mini, midi or maxi.

    Or just any other length that you prefer. For occasional satin dresses such as weddings or gala gowns the recommended length is maxi or floor length.

    A Midi Length Satin Dress

    A Midi Length Satin Dress

    Do Wholesale Satin Dress Manufacturers In China Have Product Return Policy?

    Majority of manufacturers in China have a return policy. Before making an order, ensure to read and understand your manufacturer’s return policy.

    The policy will provide you with information on returns, replacements and refund.

    Most manufacturers set a particular time frame over which they accept returns. If that timeframe expires they might not accept the returns.

    Most satin dress manufacturers in china will accept returns under the following circumstances:

    • If the dresses are the wrong color.
    • If the dresses are defective.
    • If the satin dresses are the wrong color.
    • If they send you the wrong order.

    Which Collar Options Can You Recommend For Satin Dresses?

    There are various collar options and necklines available for satin dresses. Collars can be simple or sophisticated.

    Select one that is elegant and suits your body shape.

    I would recommend the following collars and necklines for satin dresses:

    • High neck
    • One shoulder
    • Surplice
    • Strapless
    • Spaghetti strap
    • Off shoulder
    • Ruffle collar
    • Shirt collar
    • Shawl collar

    How Do You Choose Best Sleeve Design For Satin Dresses?

    There are many different types of sleeve designs available for satin dresses. To choose the best sleeve design consider the following factors:




    Body type

    Who Should Wear Satin Dresses?

    Anyone can wear satin dresses. Satin dresses have a nice drape that makes them suitable for all body types.

    Their shiny and glossy appearance make it perfect for all skin tones and shades. In short satin dresses are for everyone.

    Will Wholesale Satin Dress Manufacturers In China Help In Shipping Process?

    Shipping is one of the steps in order processing. Manufacturers will ship out your order to the address provided.

    Are Satin Dresses Flattering?

    Satin dresses flatter all types. It is however important to go with the design that best suits you and brings out the best in you.

    When buying satin dresses, fitting is key. An extremely tight or loose fitting satin dress can look very unflattering.

    Which Occasions Should You Wear Satin Dresses?

    Satin dresses are very elegant and versatile and can be worn in a variety of occasions.

    They are available in a variety of lengths, silhouettes, necklines and colors.

    No matter where you wear your satin dress, rest assured that you will stand out. Some occasions where you should satin dresses include:

    • Weddings
    • Dates
    • Night outs

    A Satin Dress Ideal For A Night Out

    A satin Dress Ideal For A Night Out

    • Brunch
    • Parties such as office and birthdays.
    • Proms
    • Galas

    How Should You Care For Satin Dresses?

    It is advisable to always check the tag for specific instructions on how to care for the satin dress. Some general care and cleaning instructions for satin dresses include:

    • If your dresses are made from extremely delicate satin such as silk satin, always ensure to dry clean them to avoid damage.
    • Always wash your satin dresses by hand. When using a washing machine, use the delicate cycle. When using the handwashing method, let the dresses soak in soapy water for a few minutes. You should rinse with cold water.
    • Avoid using hot water on satin dresses. Washing with hot water can cause a significant amount of shrinkage. Instead, wash with cool or cold water using a mild detergent.
    • For the satin dresses to maintain their shape, avoid wring or twisting.
    • Do not dry satin dresses using a dryer or direct sunlight. The best way to dry satin dresses is by air-drying. Use a towel to remove excess water, then lay the dresses down on a clean surface to dry.
    • When ironing, use low or medium heat setting without steam. Always ensure to turn the dresses inside-out when ironing. Also avoid spraying water while ironing as it could leave spots.
    • Store your satin dresses in a cool dry place.

    For all your wholesale satin dresses from China, we offer competitive prices – contact us now.

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