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Wholesale v-neck Red Dress
Wholesale V-neck Red Dress

H&Fourwing wholesale V-neck red dress is made of satin materials. It is a more breathable and comfortable dress that can be used on a wide variety of occasions.

Wholesale Lace Red Dress
Wholesale Lace Red Dress

H&Fourwing uses high-class and imported lace fabrics to manufacture a high-end wholesale lace red dress. This is one of the most popular dresses today.

Wholesale Floral Red Dress
Wholesale Floral Red Dress

This Floral dress has a unique design and attractive appearance. Due to its professional looks make them perfect for summertime since it is relaxing and very convenient to wear.

Wholesale Plus Size Red Dress
Wholesale Plus Size Red Dress

Has elastic and elegant appearance which is perfect for those big personality. The plus-size red dress is a wonderful evening look with lovely fashion.

Wholesale Cocktail Red Dress
Wholesale Cocktail Red Dress

This type of red dress will make you more beautiful, fashionable, sexy, and elegant. This cocktail red dress features easy to wear, easy to wash, and easy to dry.

Wholesale Off-shoulder Red Dress
Wholesale Off-shoulder Red Dress

The Off-shoulder red dress is perfect for many occasions, such as evening, outright, parties, night club, cocktails, prom, wedding guests, and some special occasions.

Wholesale Long Sleeve Red Dress
Wholesale Long Sleeve Red Dress

This red dress of H&Fourwing is made from high-quality, lightweight, soft, and stretchy materials. The H&Fourwing long sleeve red dress has desirable and perfect designs.

Wholesale Evening Red Dress
Wholesale Evening Red Dress

This dress is a perfectly rich, smooth fabric that drapes beautifully. H&Fourwing evening red dress has an empire waist that adds shape to this relaxing outfit.

Wholesale One-shoulder Red Dress
Wholesale One-shoulder Red Dress

The H&Fourwing one-shoulder red dress can bring style and confidence to your everyday wardrobe. This dress is suitable for different kinds of parties and occasions.

Premier Custom Wholesale Red Dress Manufacturer

H&FourWing is one of the professional wholesale red dress manufacturers and suppliers in China. We are a reliable factory when it comes to the wholesale red dress and other kinds of women’s clothing. We have a wide selection of wholesale red dresses that perfect to add to the business. H&FourWing has a great capability to supply a trending wholesale red dress and we can support your bulk and wholesale orders.

We are glad to accept any OEM and ODM services. Choose H&FourWing to get great customization of your wholesale red dress desired.

Your Trusted Wholesale Red Dress Supplier in China

H&Fourwing is a professional manufacturer with over 10 years of experience in women′s clothing and fashion manufacturing. We specialize in the design and producing a variety kind of women’s clothing particularly the wholesale red dress. We are experts in handling bulk and wholesale orders for any dresses.

H&Fourwing wholesale red dres are in good quality and perfect appearance. The color red is one of the most attractive colors that why our wholesale redress comes as the most popular and in-demand dress for very clothing businesses.

H&Fourwing wholesale red dress brings more attractiveness and sexual appeal than people who wear with others color. H&Fourwing wholesale red dress is perfect for a wide variety of occasions and parties. This is applicable for a birthday party, wedding party, church, reunion, and many more.

All of the wholesale red dresses of H&Fourwing feature easy to wear, easy to wash, and easy to dry. We always make sure that we use high-quality, lightweight, soft, and stretchy fabrics to manufacture and tailor our wholesale redress.

H&Fourwing wholesale red dress offers a great design and full confidence to your cabinets. H&Fourwing wholesale red dress is absolutely given a professional look and makes every user more beautiful and at the same time sexier. It will give a good impact and best impression for the everyone which means that if you use the red dress your outfit will be unforgettable for everybody.

At H&Fourwing, we have different kinds of wholesale red dresses such as the wholesale V-neck red dress, wholesale red dress, wholesale floral red dress, wholesale plus size red dress, wholesale cocktail red dress, wholesale off-shoulder red dress, wholesale long sleeve red dress, wholesale evening red dress, wholesale one-shoulder red dress, wholesale formal red dress, and so on.

Whether you need any of the wholesale red dresses, H&Fourwing is your great solution. We are engaged in the women’s clothing industry. And we always meet the customer’s requirements with the help of our professional and skilled designers and manufacturing workers.

We are the largest women’s clothing factory in China. We have a wide selection of women’s clothing aside from dresses like pants, skirts, and many more. H&Fourwing always provides a wholesale red dress with the highest quality.

If you desire to add a wholesale red dress for your business, you can always count on us. Feel free to contact us through email!

Red Dresses

Red Dresses

What is Red Dress?

A red dress is typical clothing used by ladies that consists of skirts linked to a bodice.

It comprises a torso-covering sufficient to satisfy that dangles over for the legs.

A red dress could be either one-piece clothing with any size skirts, whether traditional or informal.

What Does Red Dress Symbolize?

Red Dress Session respects the souls of Indigenous ladies and girls who have disappeared or been killed.

What Would it Symbolize if a Girl Wears Red Dress?

To Schindler, she embodies the modesty of the dead Jewish.

Her amnesia parallels the allies’ countries’ delay in assisting in rescuing the Jewry.

Schindler eventually discovers her amid a mass of unearthed corpses, and her soul serves as a metaphor for the loss of innocent.

Can Red Dress Attract Men?

Wearing a red dress has been demonstrated to increase women’s attractiveness to guys.

Red is closely associated with passion and attractiveness.

Men are better drawn to red-clad women, and it appears as though women that wish to look attractive do that by dressing red.

Can I Wear Red Dress at a Wedding?

Red Dress for Wedding Occasion

Red Dress for Wedding Occasion

Yes, if that is modest and classy and does not violate the woman’s or ceremony’s ethnic guidelines.

There are several other suggestions for dressing in a red dress for weddings.

Do Black Shoes Go well with Red Dress?

Wearing Red Dress with a Pair of Classic Black Shoes

Wearing Red Dress with a Pair of Classic Black Shoes

Not just do black shoes go splendidly with a red dress for that festive appearance or a special occasion, but these can be used daily.

The allure of black shoes does not end yet.

If you’re interested in experimenting with the dress and footwear combination, seek classic black shoes that are plain enough that they wouldn’t detract from your outfit.

What Footwear Goes Well with Red Dress?

When mixing buff and khaki with a red outfit, try for just flats, sneakers, or high heels, since you prefer the outfit to take the spotlight instead of the footwear.

Additionally, you can wear khaki or nude plain footwear to a red dress, especially if the outfit is extra informal in fashion, like a flowy dress.

When Should I Wear Red Dress?

Red is an eye-catching and timeless tone that instantly brightens up any ensemble.

It’s ideal for a dinner, a formal occasion, or a relaxing vacation.

Select a tone of red to enhance the vibrancy of the appearance.

Combine your red garments with natural tones for a more traditional style or with conflicting tones for a more youthful and current fashion.

Can I Wear Red Dress in my Workplace?

Numerous individuals believe that red is a shade associated with authority.

However, the tone red is extremely forceful and powerful.

You may use it to charm people, but you must avoid wearing red to the office.

Furthermore, you must avoid wearing red to work appointments.

Is it Okay to Wear Red Dress During Summertime?

It’s a vibrant hue formerly destined for particular events but has already taken up our summertime outfits.

The red dress ensembles we’ve picked range from flowing women’s dresses to form-fitting miniskirts to casual baggy looks.

Why is Red Dress Attractive?

Studies have discovered that wearing red makes you extra appealing to the other gender.

Based on studies, individuals wearing red attracts people since it conveys reputation and authority.

How Should I Wear Red Dress?

A tiny red dress is a timeless fashion statement suitable for a wide range of events.

If you choose to wear a red gown, you have a variety of possibilities.

Because red exists in various tones, pick one that complements your skin color.

Furthermore, it would be best to choose a dress style that compliments your body shape and builds confidence in yourself.

Accessorize the outfit with red-toned jewelry and cosmetics.

Can I Wear Red Dress During Winter?

Winter may be a depressing and bitterly chilly period.

Bring some happiness (and colors) to their day with these simple tone adjustments.

Red is among the highly prominent and appealing tones in the fashion industry.

Winter can offer a dull tone of blacks, whites, and indigo, and it is not that fashion.

Can I Wear Red Dress During Fall Season?

Red is the colour associated with vitality, courage, and action. Autumn Reds come in three varieties: pure, burnt, and orange. Consider colours such as Dolce, Terracotta, and Cherry Red.

Why Do Girls Wear Red Dress?

According to a study conducted, ladies wear red whenever they think they are about to contact an appealing guy and ignore it if they’re with guys they are not drawn to, showing that women instinctively adapt colors to communicate love interests.

Wholesale Red Dress: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you’re planning to buy wholesale red dress from China, read this guide.

It explores everything you need to know about wholesale red dresses – from design, material type, to features.

Take a look.

What Are The Features For Your Wholesale Red Dresses?

Our Wholesale red dress usually has different sizes and materials. When purchasing the wholesale red dress, you should consider the features below;

wholesale red dress

wholesale red dress

The Body Types

You need to consider that every individual has a different body type. They will look different while putting on the red dress.

For example, you may purchase both short and long wholesale red dresses.

Which someone puts on a short red dress brings the best look on her, which will turn out different on them putting on the long red dress.

Before purchase, the key thing is always to understand the target body type of your clients that you want to sell the red dresses for.


For wholesale red dresses with various red dresses made for different occasions, we have some for parties, weddings, and official.

It will all depend on which occasion you need the red dress for. Be assured we will give you precisely what you ask for as a wholesaler for the red dresses.


For ladies, they tend to vary on how fitting the red dress should be. As a wholesale red dress, we have both tight-fitting and loose-fitting.

We recommend mixing the loose-fitting and tight-fitting when ordering wholesale red dresses since every client will come along with their fitting preference.

Individual Styles

Fashion matters a lot while dealing with wholesale red dresses.

To satisfy your clients, you need to go along with the trendiest red dresses in the market. Our wholesale red dresses are generally fashion updated.

As an important feature, we suggest picking the current trendy red dresses since they are the most needed while purchasing the wholesale red dress.

Or another option is to go with different designs for customers to choose from.

Which Sizes Do You Have Available For The Wholesale Red Dresses?

Our wholesale red dresses have various sizes to choose from. below are the sizes available for you

Extra – Small – ES

Small – S

Medium – M

Large – L

Extra – Large – XL

Extra – Extra – Large  – XXL

What Determines The Cost Of A Wholesale Red Dress?

The wholesale red dress cost usually varies; the following factors determine the price;

Embroidery, Trimming, Printing, And Accessories

For embroidery, accessories printing and trimming always have an additional cost for the red dress from the wholesaler.

If you need the wholesale red dresses with the above, it will cost you an extra coin.

But on the other hand, if you need the wholesale red dress to be plain with no additional accessories or embroidery, it will be cheaper.


As a wholesaler for the red dresses, the design of the red dress is also another factor that will determine the cost of the red dress.

We do have wholesale red dresses which are available with simple designs on them, and they come at a low

While some trending new designs are unique and come at a very high cost

So for the wholesale red dress, the price for your red dress will also be determined by the design you have chosen.


Our wholesale red dresses have different fabrics with them. Every material used on the red dress will determine the cost of the red dress.

For instance, we have a wholesale red dress with nylon fabric, which is cheaper.

Other fabrics such as neoprene or organza will come at a higher price because they have high-quality materials to make red dresses.

Purchasing Powers

We also use the purchasing power of our wholesale red dresses to determine the cost of the red dresses.

As wholesalers, you find a season you might sell the specific red dresses in the market.

In that case, you find the cost will be higher for that specific season since the purchasing power is high. While for their low season, the price will be down due to low purchasing power.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying Red Dress From A Wholesale Directly Compared To Online?

Buying red dresses directly   from the wholesaler compared to online has the following benefits;

  • While buying the red dress directly from a wholesaler, you will have a better option when you need quality red dresses, which is guaranteed.

Far from online, where you are not sure of the red dresses quality that will be delivered.

  • Another benefit is that working with the red dress wholesaler directly.

You have a chance of returning a faulty red dress you purchased, and it will be exchanged or be refunded.

On the other hand, online market, you are not sure whether the faulty dress will be accepted back, and the chances of a refund are very low.

  • For red dress wholesalers, you will have to touch and feel the red dresses you want to order first before they are being delivered to you.

While for the online market, you get to order the red dresses you have just seen in the catalogs. You are not sure if it’s the exact red dress you need.

  • Wholesale red dresses usually have limited options for making payments. Like using a credit card, which will serve as an alternative option.

Unlike the online market, which will expose your bank information to unknown people.

  • Working with the red dress wholesaler direct will also reduce the chances of scamming your money.

You will be sure with the red dress wholesaler you are dealing with and easily trace them.

As for online, the rate of being scammed is high since you can pay for your orders, and nothing will be delivered, and follow-up is not easy.

Which Designs Do You Have For Wholesale Red Dresses?

Okay, for our wholesale red dress designs, we have the following;

  • The long-sleeved red dress is designed red with shoulders extended to the wrist. If you need a great look for evening parties you should wear a long-sleeved red dress.

 long sleeved red dress

long sleeved red dress

  • The long red dress – The long red dresses are usually dresses extended below the knee.

The long red dresses are perfect for dinner parties, ball gowns, and red carpets.

long red dress

long red dress

  • The red skater dress – Skater red dress is typically an A-line shape that flares from the waist.

red skater dress

red skater dress

  • Staple little red dress is a classy and sophisticated red dress suitable for any occasion.

 staple little red dress

Staple little red dress

  • The strapless red dress – The red staples dress is made without any shoulder straps.

They have a unique design worn comfortably at weddings and evening events.

 strapless red dress

strapless red dress

  • One-shoulder red dress – This red dress design has only one strap or a whole long or short sleeve on one side.

 one shoulder red dress

one shoulder red dress

 This design is also suitable for any occasion apart from the office.

  • Metallic number red dress – It’s a red dress with more elegancy finishing of metallic stones. For the red carpet, you will rock this red dress all the way.

metallic number red dress

metallic number red dress

  • Mini red dress – For a mini red dress, it’s usually above the knees and gives a sexy look. If you need a party dress, go for the red mini dress.

mini red dress

mini red dress

  • Peplum red dress – Peplum red dress is a classy short overskirt attached at the waistline covering the hips.

peplum red dress

peplum red dress

Peplum red dress is suitable for an occasion such as office, parties wedding, and dinners.

  • Ball gown red dress – Ballgown red dress is a long formal dress worn during traditional parties and weddings.

ball gown red dress

ball gown red dress

For elegance, a ball gown will never fail you.

  • Couture red dress – This is a red dress which is more fashionable and designed with specific qualities on it.

 couture red dress

couture red dress

 They are mostly made for runways events.

  • Asian red dresses – Red dresses are designed with traditional Asian patterns; They are classier for weddings and other formal events.

asian red dress

Asian red dress

  • Churidhar neck design red dress is an Asian pattern design around the neckline red dress worn with a roll-up rim for wedding and parties’ occasions.

 churidhar neck design red dress

churidhar neck red dress

How Do I Get Information About Your Wholesale Red Dresses?

We do have a website page available for you.

For any information needed, kindly contact us via our website or customer care team, which is open 24hours a day to assist you.

Can You Order For A Customized Red Dress From A Wholesaler?

Yes, you can order a customize wholesale red dress.

But it will be slightly expensive, and it will take a few more days than the standard delivery time for the wholesale red dresses available.

How Do You Differentiate A Long Red Dress To A Short Red Dress From A Wholesale?

The long red dress is, as per the name suggests it’s dress below the knee downwards, mostly preferred the wedding and evening parties.

 long red dress

long red dress

Whereas for the short red dress they are dresses above the knee which you can wear for any function.

 short red dress

short red dress

Which Kind Of Collars Do You Have Available For Red Dresses As Chinese Wholesalers?

Several collar types are available for our wholesale red dress. Just choose whichever you make comfortable;

  • Pointed flat collar – This is a collar with a cut that is a narrow end and squared positioned at the center.
  • Chelsea collar – Chelsea collar is a v neckline with the squared end at its tips.
  • Ruffle collar – Ruffle collar is usually a peated fabric piece that forms a gorget around the neck.
  • Shawl collar – This is a lapel collar that is wide and is turned upside down.
  • Mandarin collar stands with a slit curve edge at the front side.
  • Turtle neck collar – It’s a stand-up collar that rolls up or down around the neckline.
  • Cascade collar – This collar is typically centered on the front of the neckline, recommended for foster fabrics like silk.
  • Notched collar – The planning is usually predicted on the lapel collar shape for this collar type.
  • Bib collar is a permanent type of collar that is stitched into a low-cut red dress front.
  • The Whisk collar is typically a standing-up stiff band collar that folds over, forming the wing tip effect.
  • The Peter pan collar – Peter pan collar is known to be a commonly rolled collar that lies flat on the neckline and typically has a curved edge.
  • Johnny collar is a stand-up collar typically wide and has a v neck.
  • Bertha‘s collar is a larger collar, round-shaped and lying flat on the red dress.
  • A cowl collar usually folds a larger portion over the neckline to create a cowl collar style. The collar is best for soft fabrics.

Which Fabrics Are Your Wholesale Red Dresses?

Wholesale red dresses have a variety of fabrics used on them, below are the fabrics used on our wholesale red dresses;


This fabric has a beautiful and strong shimmering sheen and soft texture touch.

The fabric is usually warm and heavyweight unique on the red dress. If you need a high-quality red dress, consider velvet fabric.


Chiffon is typically gossamer and is best known for shimmer and sheer floating fabric with gorgeous. It’s a lightweight fabric and flexible too.

This fabric always has a supple touch, making the red dress formal for evening wear. You might use the red chiffon dress for the red carpet too.


For georgette fabric, it’s generally made from polyester, a synthetic yarn.

Georgette red dresses are usually supper hot for parties and evening gowns. They are also pocket-friendly fabrics to consider.


Silk is a lightweight fabric known for its elegant look on the red dress for any occasion. Silk fabric usually brings the best on a designed red dress.


Crepes is a fabric that, in appearance, is slightly wrinkled. If you need an elegant red dress for any occasion, go for crepe material. It can never disappoint at all.


This fabric has a glossy and sleek finishing. It’s also one of the most recommended materials for evening parties.

The red dress made from satin is cheaper and gorgeous at the same time.


Neoprene is one of the known expensive fabrics used for making our red dresses. The fabric is flexible, durable, and soft.

If you need high-quality wrinkle-resistant red dresses from us, we will suggest you purchase a neoprene fabric red dress.


Organza fabric, it’s known to be lightweight and crispy kind. It is made up of synthetic fiber that brings out its refined texture.

Organza has a wiry feel which is transparent and stiff. If you need a quality light red dress, go for organza though it’s not common since few people love the fabric.

How Do You Determine The Quality Of The Wholesale Red Dresses?

You will get to determine the wholesale red dress quality by;

  • Ensuring the red dress stitches are well done
  • By ensuring that the red dress color is up to the needed standards
  • Check whether the material used is what you want for your red dress
  • By ensuring that the sizes are of the standards required.
  • In case of your red dress has embroidery and printing, ensure it is done properly.
  • By making sure that the designs on the red dress are neatly cut

Which Types Of Sleeves Do Have For Red Dresses As Wholesaler From China?

We have different sleeves for the wholesale red dresses to choose from. It will all rely on your preference for the red dress.

Long sleeve red dress – This is a wholesale red dress with an extended sleeve from the shoulder downwards to the wrist.

They usually cover the arms.

Short-sleeved red dress – For short sleeves wholesale red dress, their sleeve is typically extended up to the elbow the arm is not covered.

Bell sleeve red dress – Bell sleeve red dress is usually an extended shoulder sleeve up to the wrist, but its flares from the arm downward.

 The Cap sleeve – These sleeves are always short-sleeved but slightly extended not far from the dress shoulder and do not go beneath the armpit.

Mostly it has an elastic seam and gathers.

Kimono sleeve – This is a red dress sleeve, and the garment’s bodies are sewn on separately. This sleeve has a uniform circumference and is also vast.

Raglan sleeves – Raglan sleeves always extend from the red dress neckline and allow better movement.

Bishop sleeve – The bishop sleeve red dress usually has sleeves that flare out from the shoulder.

It gives some volume to the sleeves downwards to the cuff, where now the fabric is tightly gathered.

Butterfly sleeve – Butterfly sleeves are likely to be similar to bell sleeves.

They also flare out from the shoulders, but they are generally wide and shorter and fall loosely.

A Dolman sleeve – Dolman sleeve always has a deep slight armhole, and as it gets to the wrist, it becomes narrower.

It is known as batwing sleeves since it resembles the wings.

 The Puffed sleeves – This puffed sleeve usually has gathered around the seam and shoulders only that it’s complete and puffy at the center.

Lantern sleeve is usually a long-sleeved red dress that balloons out between the wrist and the elbow. Then there are some gathers around the wrist.

Balloon sleeves – A balloon sleeve is generally a tight-fitting sleeve from the elbow to the wrist, then from the shoulder is fully rounded to the elbow.

Do You Accept Returns Of Faulty Red Dresses As Wholesaler?

Yes, we accept the return of a faulty red dress since the warranty covers our dresses.

But in case of a faulty wholesale red dress, you need to contact our customer care via email first before the return is made.

You will be required to inform us about the faulty red dress as soon as possible. Remember that you will follow our return policies to return the faulty red dress.

Our return policies are;

  • You should not use the faulty red dress on your side before returning it.
  • The faulty red dress should be returned to us within 30 working days to accept it back.
  • The faulty red dress will be returned to us in its original pack used to send it.

Will You Get A Discount For A Bulk Purchase From A Red Dress Wholesaler In China?

Yes, we consider giving discounts to a bulk purchase client of our red dresses.

These will apply to clients who purchase the wholesale red dresses from 300 pieces and above.

Not that the discount will increase depending on the more pieces you order.

What Is Your Minimum Order Quantity For Your Wholesale Red Dresses?

As red dress wholesalers, the minimum order quantity is 250 pieces and above.

Which Payment Methods Do You Except For International Buyers As Red Dress Wholesaler?

We do have a suitable payment method for each client who buys the wholesale red dresses;

You might choose below payment methods that you feel secure with;

  • PayPal
  • T&T
  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Cheque
  • Wire transfer
  • Letter of credit

What Is The Waiting Period For The Deliver My Red Dresses From The Wholesaler?

The delivery period will generally depend on the number of red dresses ordered and the designs.

We usually take 10 to 15 working days for bulk orders of the red dresses.

While for small orders, it may take five working days to deliver your red dresses.

There is no need to panic as we deliver our red dresses as agreed between the customers and us.

What Happens In Case Of Order Delays For My Wholesale Red Dresses?

Okay, for delay cases that are so rare, we have a policy in case we foresee a delay for the wholesale red dresses orders.

Our team will immediately get in touch with you and inform you about the delays and for how long it will take.

What Happens If You Want To Cancel An Order For The Wholesale Red Dress?

There is always room to cancel an order for your wholesale red dresses.

You will be required to contact us earlier, seven days before the red dresses are realized for the deliveries.

Do You Offer Samples For The Red Dress As Wholesaler?

We offer a free sample for wholesale red dresses, which will enable you to touch and feel the quality of the red dress before you place an order.

The free sample is sent to you after making a 25% payment of your order. Within five working days, you will receive the free sample for the wholesale red dress.

For all your wholesale red dresses from China, contact H&Fourwing now.

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