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1 Wholesale Round Neck Long Sleeve Dresses
Wholesale Round Neck Long Sleeve Dresses

H&Fourwing wholesale round neck long sleeve dresses are made by perfect fabric material that provides you with soft, lightweight, and comfortable wear which make them the most popular clothing.

2 Wholesale Chiffon Long Sleeve Dresses
Wholesale Chiffon Long Sleeve Dresses

H&Fourwing chiffon long sleeve dresses are perfect to wear for casual gatherings, dating, beaches, and even for daily use. H&Fourwing provides a desirable kind of chiffon long sleeve dress.

3 Wholesale Long Sleeve Maxi Dresses
Wholesale Long Sleeve Maxi Dresses

H&Fourwing wholesale long sleeve maxi dress will provide you a great looking for pictures and even at actual. This type of long sleeve dress is ideal for a wide range of special occasions.

4 Wholesale Long Sleeve Polka Dresses
Wholesale Long Sleeve V-neck Dresses

H&Fourwing wholesale sleeve V-neck dresses are made of strong materials that can be wash using a machine or manually. H&Fourwing manufactures this type of dress with the highest quality.

5 Wholesale Long Sleeve Off-shoulder Dresses
Wholesale Long Sleeve Off-shoulder Dresses

H&fourwing wholesale long sleeve shoulder dresser is one of the most trending dresses today. These types of long sleeve dresses from H&Fourwing are more elegant and perfect for outdoor occasions.

6 Wholesale Puff Long Sleeve Dresses
Wholesale Puff Long Sleeve Dresses

H&Fourwing wholesale puff long sleeve dresses are sexier and look formal.  Can be wear as a fashionable look since they are charming. These puff long sleeve dresses come in different styles and solid colors.

7 Wholesale Casual Long Sleeve Dresses
Wholesale Casual Long Sleeve Dresses

H&Fourwing casual long sleeve dresses are perfect to wear with a necklace to look more fashionable. This is perfect to use in daily, office, reunion, and any indoor and outdoor occasion.

8 Wholesale Bodycon Long Sleeve Dresses
Wholesale Bodycon Long Sleeve Dresses

The wholesale bodycon long sleeve dresses are sexy and suitable for wedding occasions and any casual party. H&Fourwing can manufacture these dresses with the finest fabric and materials.

9 Wholesale Long Sleeve Lace Dresses
Wholesale Long Sleeve Lace Dresses

H&Fourwing is specialized in providing wholesale long sleeve lace dresses with great quality. You can get bulk and wholesale orders of long sleeve lace dresses at H&Fourwing if you want to add them to your business.

Premier Custom Wholesale Red Dress Manufacturer

H&Fourwing focuses on providing high-end wholesale long sleeve dresses. We have the best capability to manufacture and supply durable and long-lasting long sleeve dresses and other women’s clothing. We also offer OEM and ODM services. H&Fourwing is a professional supplier that can provide trending long sleeve dresses. We have a wide selection of wholesale long sleeve dresses that can meet various clothing industries.

H&Fourwing can give an ultimate wholesale long sleeve dress solution that is perfect to add to a business!

Your Trusted Wholesale Long Sleeve Dresses in China

H&Fourwing is an authorized manufacturer of wholesale long sleeve dresses with the highest quality. We always manufacture all of the women’s clothing products professionally. H&Fourwing can produce a rare design of wholesale long sleeve dresses.

H&Fourwing wholesale long sleeve dresses are one of the most popular and trending dresses today. H&Fourwing wholesale long sleeve dresses have modern and unique designs that more attractive for everyone’s eye. This is a type of dress that is formal and looks much better.

The wholesale long sleeve dress of H&Fourwing is more comfortable, lightweight, and breathable. It can provide more confidence for the users because it makes the uses more beautiful, elegant, and more attractive. This is made of supreme fabric to ensure the best quality and to ensure longevity.

H&Fourwing wholesale long sleeve dresses are applicable for different types of body figures. It comes in different sizes, styles, and designs. H&Fourwing wholesale sleeve dresses can be plain and printed in appearance but you can assure that both of them are stylish and fashionable.

H&Fourwing long sleeve dresses are applicable for a wide range of occasions, parties, and any outdoor activities. This is perfect for those dating, wedding parties, office, reunions, birthdays, engagements, other formal events, and even your daily activities.

We have different kinds of wholesale long sleeve dresses that are suitable for the mentioned applications. We have round neck long sleeve dresses, long sleeve chiffon dresses, long sleeve maxi dresses, V-neck long sleeve dresses, off-shoulder long sleeve dresses, puff long sleeve dresses, casual long sleeve dresses, bodycon long sleeve dresses, and so on.

Whether you need any of them, you can count on H&Fourwing. We are able to provide bulk and wholesale long sleeve dress with the perfect quality. H&Fourwing is a professional women’s clothing manufacturer that produces a modern designs.

Aside from wholesale long sleeve dresses, we can also provide different wholesale women’s clothing such as tall women’s clothing, cabin creek pants, prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses, formal dresses, shirt dresses, midi dresses, cocktail dresses, and many more.

We are a one-stop-shop for all kinds of women’s clothing. So whether you need the most trending dresses, you can contact us without hesitation!

What are the Advantages of Long Sleeve Dress?

The long sleeve dress offers loads of different advantages, like:

  1. The long sleeve dress can keep your body warm.
  2. It has a simple design but makes you look stunning.
  3. This type of dress is very comfortable and breathable to wear
  4. They are easy to clean, wash, and dry.
  5. The long sleeve dress makes you look elegant and sexy.
  6. Not too revealing when worn.
  7. They are easy to pair with your outfit.
  8. Much fewer layers to wear.

In What Season Do Long Sleeve Dresses Be Worn?

The long sleeve dresses are suitable and practical to wear in any season.

During the hot season, this provides protection against harmful UV rays.

While wearing these in the cold season will provide you warmth.

Whatever season it is, this dress is always in style and will still make you look elegant.

What are the Factors to Consider When Choosing a Long Sleeve Dress?

Consider the following factors when choosing the perfect long sleeve dress for yourself:

  • Color 

The long sleeve dresses are available in different kinds of colors and prints.

Select a color that will suit your skin tone and the event’s theme color.

  • Season

Pick a style that will not be too hot or uncomfy when worn during a certain season.

  • Texture

The fabric texture used in your long sleeve dress greatly affects your look.

This might make you look bigger or smaller and make you uncomfortable.

Maybe a certain type of texture might cause irritation on your skin.

  • Type of Occasion.

Select a style based on the theme or event type you will be attending.

  • Cost

Look for an affordable but great quality material and durable.

How Much Does a Long Sleeve Dress Cost?

Well-made long sleeve dresses from good materials may have more cost.

The material, design, and type of fabric may affect its entire price.

Its cost may reach around $100 to more than $350.

What are the Fabrics Commonly Used in Long Sleeve Dress?

These are the commonly used fabric when making long sleeve dresses:

  • Cotton

This fabric is very comfortable and easy to sew.

It is durable and cool, perfect for summer-type long sleeve dresses. Also much affordable and smooth.

  • Silk

It is another smooth type of fabric and very attractive.

This is better for making dresses and giving a luxurious look.

  • Linen

This is similar to cotton but adds more elegance. It has a crispy stiff texture, producing a classy long sleeve dress.

  • Satin

A luxurious fabric commonly selected for occasional dresses. This material is popular and takes skills to sew this fabric.

  • Polyester

The polyester is simple to maintain and wash. It has characteristics that cannot easily be wrinkled.

  • Knit

This construction is soft and can be stretched. It provides a comfortable fit for the body.

  • Wool

This has greater softness, provides warmth, and is also a bit costly.

Furthermore, this fabric needs to be dry clean to be preserved.

  • Rayon

It is more popular and commonly picked for dressmaking.

The rayon is perfectly flowy, light, and drapes very well in your body.

  • Blends

This is most favored and selected and provides gorgeous dresses.

  • Lace

This fabric is ideal and is very feminine to use.

It provides a very girly look when sewn into a beautiful long sleeve dress.

Why Wear Long Sleeve Dress?

Well, for simple reasons, long sleeve dresses are efficient and stylish.

It can be good skin protection against sun rays while still looking casual.

Besides, it is very cozy and would be perfect for breezy nights or weather.

How Long Does the Long Sleeve Dress Length?

A long sleeve dress can be long or short, depending on your taste.

It can be above or below the knee, depending on your preferred length.

Also, the sleeve can be mid-length, long, or reach beyond your hands.

Are Long Sleeve Dresses Suitable for Any Type of Shoes?

The long sleeve dress can be used with any type of shoe.

Depending on the dress design, you can choose suitable shoes.

The long sleeve dress can be fitted with flats, high heels, sneakers, and other shoes.

The long sleeve dress will fit in any footwear that you desire.

Long Sleeve Dress Manufacturer

Is Long Sleeve Dress Easy to Wash?

The long sleeve dress can be washed easily.

They don’t require a complicated and difficultness for washing time.

Since the long sleeve dresses are made from soft and lightweight materials, they are not difficult and hard to wash.

You can wash them just like how you wash the other clothes.

What are the Typical Applications of the Long Sleeve Dresses?

The longe sleeve dress is great for the following events and occasions:

  1. Outdoor activities
  2. Gatherings
  3. Wedding parties
  4. Evening events

Before buying wholesale long sleeve dresses, read this guide.

It will help you get high quality and the best wholesale long sleeve dresses from China.

So, keep reading to learn more.

What Are Wholesale Long Sleeve Dresses?

Long sleeve dresses refer to dresses that have sleeves that run from the shoulder to the wrist.

Therefore, such type of sleeves provides coverage to the entire arm.

wholesale long sleeve dresses

 wholesale long sleeve dresses

Is A Kimono Same As Long Sleeve Dress?

In as much as these two have long sleeves, a kimono and a long sleeve dress are two different clothing.

While a kimono can be worn over other clothes and act as a cover-up, a dress cannot be worn over clothes.



Where Can You Buy Wholesale Long Sleeve Dresses?

When buying wholesale long sleeve dresses, pricing and quality are two factors that every importer pays close attention to.

That said, China would serve the best choice when it comes to buying your wholesale long sleeve dresses.

It’s easy to determine why. Buyers get to experience several benefits that mostly have positive impacts on their business.

Why Should You Buy Wholesale Long Sleeve Dresses from China?

China being a leader on a global scale when it comes to manufacturing, several importers opt to buy products from China. Here is why;

  • Variety – Several manufacturers in China provide a wide variety of long sleeve dresses options.
  • Cost-effectiveness -Not only does China have adequate labor and ready raw materials but also the wages are lower.

This explains why products from China including long sleeve dresses are cheaper. Not to mention that there’s always room for a bargain too on the prices.

  • Uniqueness -China tops globally in terms of technical expertise and this is directly reflected in the products made in China.

Most if not all Chinese manufacturers ensure that their products are up to date with the current trends.

Thus, long sleeve dresses manufacturers compete in the market by producing trendy and unique long sleeve dresses for their customers.

  • Quality – Quality is critical when it comes to sourcing any type of product including long sleeve dresses.

Some people consider products from China to be of low quality but that’s not always the case.

Both big international brands and small brands have their manufacturing base in China.

This quite much explains why you can easily get quality products if proper research is done.

  • Customization – For you to stand out and compete effectively with other brands, you might need customization services.

The good news is, most if not all Chinese manufacturers are willing to customize your wholesale long sleeve dresses.

Whether it’s the design, color, or patterns you can easily have your long sleeve dresses manufactured to meet your taste.

Do Chinese Manufacturers Offer Customization On Wholesale Long Sleeve Dresses?

Yes. Chinese manufactures can provide customization services on your long sleeve dresses upon request.

Through customization, you can provide your high-value customers with a feel and sense of uncommonness.

 customized longsleeve dress

customized longsleeve dress

Be sure to discuss this with your manufacturer before the manufacturing process kicks off.

What Are The Different Types And Designs Of Wholesale Long Sleeve Dresses?

Wholesale long sleeve dresses come in different designs and styles some of which include;

  • Hoodie dress
  • One-shoulder dress
  • Off-shoulder dress

off shoulder

off shoulder

  • Shift dress

shift dress

shift dress

  • Maxi dress

maxi dress

maxi dress

  • Midi dress

midi dress

midi dress

  • A-line dress
  • Slipdress
  • High-low dress
  • Sheath dress
  • Sweater dress

sweater dress

sweater dress

  • Shirtdress
  • Kimono dress
  • Bell-sleeve dress
  • Denim dress

 denim dress

denim dress

  • Cocktail dress
  • Smock dress
  • Blazer dress

blazer dress

blazer dress

  • Pencil dress
  • Peplum dress
  • Wrap dress

How Can You Get The Best Price On Wholesale Long Sleeve Dresses?

Getting the best prices when shopping is the ultimate goal for anyone including wholesale long sleeve dress importers.

To get the best price, you need to conduct adequate research and work with the right people.

Here are some ways to get the best price when buying wholesale long sleeve dresses.

  • Bargaining – The original price is not the last.

Once you know this, bargaining should be your topmost aim when trying to get the best price from your manufacturer.

Interestingly, Chinese manufacturers always know this and they expect you to bargain the price.

Therefore, failure to do so will have you miss out on huge discounts.

  • Buy your wholesale long sleeve dresses directly from the manufacturer – Buying directly from the factory allows you to enjoy larger discounts on your products.

The fact that you can negotiate face to face with your manufacturer makes the entire bargain more effective.

  • Make bulk purchases -The more you buy the higher the discount.

This explains why buying in bulk would be best if so you want to buy your products at the best prices.

  • Work with sourcing agents – The main benefit you get from working with sourcing agents is a hassle-free process.

Moreover, sourcing agents have established networks with different manufacturers and can easily select the best one for you.

Not only will sourcing agents assist in selecting a suitable manufacturer but also acquiring the products.

  • Also, make inquiries from different manufacturers before settling on your preferred one.

This way, you can weigh the prices and determine who is offering the best price among the rest.

What Are The Payment Methods Used To Pay Wholesale Long Sleeve Dresses Manufacturers?

Manufacturers have a variety of payment methods that they use in their business.

Your choice of a payment method will be determined by the following factors;

  1. Amount of transaction
  2. Risk involved
  3. Cost of transaction

With that in mind, below are some of the widely accepted payment methods used to pay wholesale long sleeve manufacturers.

  • Letter of credit
  • Cash payment
  • PayPal
  • International credit cards
  • Online escrow
  • Western union
  • Telegraphic transfers
  • Payoneer
  • Alibaba trade assurance
  • Neat commerce

How Do You Verify Wholesale Long Sleeve Dress Manufacturers?

Verifying a manufacturer is an important step to avoid scams or future disappointments. Some of the ways you can verify your wholesale long sleeve manufacturer are not limited to;

  • Check for licensing and ensure they are legally acquired.
  • Go through reviews from previous customers to understand how well they provide goods and services.
  • Check their experience. The more the experience the more the trust. However, this doesn’t mean that new manufacturers shouldn’t be considered.

You can equally get a credible and quality manufacturer with little experience.

  • Size does matter sometimes.

Often, big manufacturers avoid disappointing their esteemed clients and thus ensure quality goods and services are Offered.

On the contrary, there is a higher chance to fall into a scam if a small manufacturer is involved.

While this might be true to some extent, some small manufacturers are credible.

What I want you to understand is that scammers don’t invest in a business as their main aim is to get quick money.

Thus, there is a high probability that most scammers you might encounter in the market are not well established.

  • Conduct onsite inspection. Inspections are meant to check the entire operations done by the manufacturer.

Through inspections, you will also know whether or not they are certified to manufacture long sleeve dresses.

Is It Advisable To Hire Sourcing Agents When Purchasing Long Sleeve Dresses Wholesale?

The answer to this will depend on one major consideration.

If you are still new in the import business, then hiring a sourcing agent would be a brilliant choice.

On the other hand, if you have proper knowledge of the ins and outs of the market, you can do it by yourself.

The main reasons why some importers choose to use sourcing agents are not limited to;

  • Efficiency -Sourcing agents have proper knowledge regarding getting the best manufacturers with the best prices.

They can easily have that done thus facilitating efficiency during the sourcing process.

  • Cost reduction -Not only will you have transport costs when traveling to your manufacturer reduced but also product costs.

Sourcing agents can get the best prices on your behalf.

  • Time management – Working with a sourcing agent will allow you to concentrate on other areas of your business.

This in turn saves the time needed to travel back and forth as you source for your wholesale long sleeve dresses.

Why Is My Manufacturer Imposing MOQ On Wholesale Long Sleeve Dresses?

Manufacturers always have MOQ on the products for one main reason.

MOQ is meant to ensure that the profits are maintained to cover all the costs incurred when manufacturing the product.

Very few manufacturers work without an agreement with the buyer regarding the MOQ.

MOQ can be set by color, order, material, or product.

Selling short of the MOQ would mean a loss to the manufacturer.

This also explains why negotiating MOQ is not always an easy task. You need to ensure that both parties are benefiting.

In cases where long sleeve dresses have low-profit margins, there’s a higher chance to have a higher MOQ and vice versa.

Can I Negotiate MOQ Of My Wholesale Long Sleeve Dresses With My Manufacturer?

Yes. You can negotiate MOQ set by your manufacturer. Negotiation will be more effective when purchasing products in bulk.

However, you need to understand that there’s limited room for the manufacturer to reduce the MOQ.

It’s common for your manufacturer to offer a lower MOQ after going through your order list.

Also, the manufacturer can decide to offer you a lower MOQ in exchange for a higher price.

Do Wholesale Long Sleeve Dresses Manufacturers Provide Free Samples?

Yes. Most if not all wholesale long sleeve dresses manufacturers provide samples upon request.

However, you might be required to pay for the FedEx and DHL fee which can range from$30 to $40.

It’s important to request a free sample since your manufacturer is likely to overlook this.

What Types Of Fabrics Are Suitable For Long Sleeve Dresses?

There are hundreds of fabrics in the fashion industry that are suitable for different types of clothing.

For long sleeve dresses, some of the fabrics that would be ideal include the following;

  • Silk
  • Satin
  • Chiffon
  • Organza
  • Crepe
  • Linen
  • Velvet
  • Tulle
  • Lace
  • Taffeta
  • Cotton
  • Georgette
  • Viscose
  • Polyester
  • Chenille
  • Cashmere

Can Wholesale Long Sleeve Manufacturers Customize My Products?

Yes. Wholesale long sleeve manufacturers can customize your products as per your specifications.

This can range from additional accessories, specific color mixtures, designs, and patterns.

Do Cheap Wholesale Long Sleeve Dresses Imply Low Quality?

Quite frankly, No. Buying your long sleeve dresses from a country like China would be very cost-effective.

Not to mention that big well-known brands also have their manufacturing base in China.

It’s easy to find quality products at the best prices when working with the right people and doing proper research.

Therefore, cheap products shouldn’t scare you away from having your business reap greater profit margins.

Will I Get Discounts If I Buy My Wholesale Long Sleeve Dresses From Manufacturer?

Yes. The more you purchase the higher the discounts and most manufacturers abide by this. So the point is, it is  better to buy your products in bulk rather than in several smaller units.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying Wholesale Long Sleeve Dresses Directly From The Factory?

Having done your research well, you might have noticed that several importers purchase their products directly from manufacturers.

Here are some of the reasons why;

  • Greater discounts on products which in turn save money and increase profit margins.
  • Minimization of risks.

Buying directly from the factory eliminates the need for brokers along the supply chain.

This reduces the likeliness of being scammed when sourcing and importing your products.

  • Factory direct purchase allows you to request customization services from your manufacturer.
  • You also get to establish better business relationships with your manufacturer for future businesses.
  • Direct feedback from customers- In case customers have any issues with the long sleeve dresses, the manufacturer can correct it.

This is much easier than buying from a distributor who will have to send you back to the factory.

Which Is The Best Shipping Method To Use When Shipping Wholesale Long Sleeve Dresses?

The shipping method you choose will be determined by three main factors;

  • Distance
  • Cost
  • Urgency

When shipping your wholesale long sleeve dresses, you can choose to use air, rail, road, or sea transport.

Shipping bulk products to a country that’s far from the factory will require sea freight shipping.

In as much as this is the slowest method to use, you get to save on shipping costs.

Urgent shipments such as product samples are always sent via air freight shipping.

Being the costliest shipping method, air freight delivers goods fast and it’s ideal for smaller packages.

Road and rail transport would be applicable in cases where the road and rail networks are shared between countries.

For instance, you can ship products from China to Russia or any neighboring country via rail or road transport.

Rail transport is a suitable substitute for sea freight as it is ideal for transporting bulky goods over long distances.

That said, seek to find out which of these methods would be ideal for your situation and discuss it with your manufacturer.

Do I Need To Pay For Samples From My Wholesale Long Sleeve Manufacturer?

Most manufacturers will provide free samples and expect you to pay for the shipping fee. This is mostly applicable to returning customers or well-known brands.

It’s worth noting that new clients might be charged for samples. This is mainly applicable to loyal customers or well-known brands.

Do Wholesale Long Sleeve Dresses Manufacturers Have A Product Return Policy?

Yes. Most manufacturers have a product return policy to ensure that unsatisfied customers’ needs are taken care of.

Every manufacturer has a different product return policy.

Some products may not be eligible for a return and that is why it is essential to discuss sufficiently soon.

Is It Possible To Get Assistance For My Design Process From A Wholesale Long Sleeve Manufacturer?

Yes. You can get assistance in your design process from wholesale long sleeve manufacturers.

When reaching out for assistance, you’ll want to consider well-established manufacturers. Not only do they have experience but also adequate knowledge of the products.

Hence, they can provide quality and reliable information for the design process.

How Can I Protect My Product Design When Buying Wholesale Long Sleeve Dresses From China?

There are cases where product designs have been stolen from buyers before.

This is not a new thing especially in China where thousands of manufacturers compete to provide the best.

To counter such situations, you need to protect your product design when buying wholesale long sleeve dresses.

Here are some ways to protect your product design;

  • Register with customs to have any infringing products prevented from being imported or exported.
  • Register your IP in China – When manufacturing your long sleeve dresses in China, you’d want to register your IP there.

The reason being this would facilitate an efficient process when a case arises. Patents and trademarks are some of the IPs you can register in China to protect your products.

  • Work with a brand monitoring service to help conduct takedowns on infringing products.
  • Ensure that your manufacturer signs an agreement before the manufacturing process commences.

Some of the agreements to incorporate are not limited to;

  1. NNN agreement
  2. China Manufacturing Agreement
  3. Mold/Equipment Protection Agreement
  • After registering  your ID, you can conduct takedowns on infringing products on websites.

Note that you need to prove that you own the rights to the products plus any other extra information about them.

How Can I Avoid Encountering Scammers When Buying Wholesale Long Sleeve Dresses From China?

China being the global giant in manufacturing, encountering scammers when importing is not a new thing.

How to identify a scam and avoiding falling into the trap is what’s important.

Here are some ways you can protect yourself from scams when shipping long sleeve dresses from China.

  • Too good to be true prices – China is a country where several importers get cheap products from.

However, some prices can be too good to be true and this is easy to spot after doing some market research.

In most cases, the too good to be true prices is a scam method.

  • Allow the manufacturer to take care of the shipping process.

When shipping your products from China you can choose to either work with a freight forwarder or supplier.

Working with a serious manufacturer has limited risk of your shipping documents being withheld to scam you.

A serious manufacturer has a reputation to protect and thus scamming is never an option.

Conversely, using an external freight forwarder exposes you to a greater risk of being the victim of a scam.

Don’t get me wrong, not all freight forwarders are scammers.

However, it would be better working with a manufacturer you know than an external party you don’t.

  • Conduct inspection to ascertain the quality of goods being produced by the manufacturer.

Also, inspection confirms the legitimacy of the manufacturer and prevents any disappointment after delivery is made.

  • Avoid sending payments to personal bank accounts.

Serious manufacturers have business bank accounts and therefore any that has a personal account is a scam.

  • Ensure your manufacturer shows you their legal documents and licenses before beginning the manufacturing process.

Scammers often have fake documents or lack.

Other ladies dresses you may consider include silk dresses, sequin dresses, party dress, fashion dress, and casual dress, amongst others.

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