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Hot sale fashion high waist straight leg trousers office ladies suit pants casual trousers
Fashion High Waist Straight Leg Trousers

Hot sale fashion high waist straight leg trousers office ladies suit pants casual trousers. Features, Anti-wrinkle, Anti-pilling, Breathable, Plus Size, Sustainable, Windproof.

5xl Pencil Pants Trousers
5xl Pencil Pants Trousers

5xl Pencil Pants Trousers for Women’s Plus Size Pants Black Beige for Work Ladies Female Spring Summer Polyester. Stock items, OEM/ ODM, are welcome at H&Fourwing.

Lady bowknot Trousers
Lady bowknot Trousers

Fashion lady high elastic waist pants women spring summer fashion pants female office Lady bow knot trousers. Choose H&Fourwing to give you excellent different types of trousers.

Ladies Pants Trousers
Ladies Pants Trousers

H&Fourwing would like to receive quotations for Ladies Pants. Want ladies trousers in plus size. We would like to purchase from the worldwide market. Orders yours now at H&Fourwing.

Hotel Restaurant Kitchen Trousers
Hotel Restaurant Kitchen Trousers

Ladies black waiters workwear uniforms female best chef pants hotel restaurant kitchen trousers. H&Fourwing manufactured the best quality of each product including trousers.

Waisted Wide Leg Trousers
Waisted Wide Leg Ladies Trousers

Wholesale hot sell new design leisure green ladies long pants belted elastic high-waisted wide-leg trousers female clothes. H&Fourwing is your trusted supplier in China.

High Waist Autumn Straight Leg Slacks
High Waist Autumn Straight Leg Slacks

High waist autumn straight leg slacks office lady suit pants women casual trousers. H&Fourwing supports customization of various styles, welcome to contact us for more inquiries.

Wholesale Casual Bodycon Women Trousers
Wholesale Casual Bodycon Women Trousers

Wholesale casual body-con women trousers, plus size body-con lady trousers. H&Fourwing strives to achieve transparency and a reasonable price.

Women Slim Waist Bottom Zipper
Women Slim Waist Bottom Zipper

H&Forwing women slim waist bottom zipper black beige PU Leather pants ladies casual skinny PU trousers. Send your sample, we will send you a quotation.

Custom Ladies Modest Cargo Pants Trousers
Custom Ladies Modest Cargo Pants Trousers

Custom ladies modest cargo pants 100% cotton trousers with big pockets. This fabric is an elegant, first-class quality crêpe fabric with, graceful color. Featuring a striped belted high waist, wide-leg design.

Wholesales Ladies Pants Cropped Trousers
Wholesales Ladies Pants Cropped Trousers

Women’s ankle-length spring and autumn soft comfortable back pocket factory price Wholesales Ladies Pants Cropped Trousers. H&Fourwing is your trusted manufacturer for all types of trousers and other products.

Wholesale Casual Fancy Woolen Zipper Fly Women's
Wholesale Casual Fancy Woolen Zipper Fly Women's

H&Fourwing OEM/ODM Wholesale Casual Fancy Woolen Zipper Fly Women’s classic trousers pencil pants office lady fashion mid-waist. We specialize in providing services in a professional way.

Premier Custom Wholesale Ladies Trousers Manufacturer

H&FourWing is a professional Wholesale Lady’s Trousers manufacturer in China. Besides, we not only work with retail brands of Wholesale Lady’s Trousers but also with wholesale Ladies Trousers. H&FourWing has a fabric sourcing team,  style, and designer to work together to give our clients and customers satisfaction.

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Your Trusted Wholesale Ladies Trousers Supplier in China

H&Fourwing is a professional manufacturer of Wholesale Ladies Trousers with the highest quality in China. We also have an inspection system to keep the Wholesale Ladies Trouser’s quality steady and good.

Ladies Trousers
H&Fourwing Ladies Trousers

Experienced in doing business with big customers, ISO9001 Certificated services for more than 15 years. We become the most reputable producer of Wholesale Lady’s Trousers by delivering outstanding services with extensive experience.

Wholesales Ladies Pants Cropped Trousers, choice of fabric, breathable, comfortable, skin-friendly, absorbs perspiration. Not easy to fade, strong dyeing, no fear of washing. More of the materials we used is polyester.

Besides, we manufacture a wide range of Wholesale Lady’s Trousers nationwide that will meet your needs. H&Fourwing is a perfect partner for your Wholesale Ladies Trousers business. We export Wholesale Lady’s Trousers in different types.

Ladies Trousers
H&Fourwing Ladies Trousers

Our pre-delivery inspection rate is 100%, which makes sure all products you get will be in a good situation. Furthermore, H&Fourwing has advanced manufacturing Wholesale Ladies Trousers, and rich experienced workers to keep the quality at a high level and consistent.

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We are a manufacturer of Wholesale Lady’s Trousers, including Fashion High Waist Straight Leg Trousers, Lady bowknot Trousers, Ladies Pants Trousers, Waisted Wide Leg Trousers, High Waist Autumn Straight Leg Slacks, Women Slim Waist Bottom Zipper, Wholesales Ladies Pants Cropped Trousers, and many more.

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Ladies Trousers
H&Fourwing Ladies Trousers

We are happy and will be highly appreciated you for being part of our services. If you need more customized Wholesales Ladies Pants Cropped Trousers services and offers?

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What are Ladies Trousers?

Ladies Trousers

Ladies Trousers

The ladies’ trousers are a type of pants worn by women.

They are designed with slim-fit, wide-leg, or have tapered cuts.

Wearing ladies’ trousers is popular and presents a stylish look, especially nowadays.

How can You Tell the Difference Between Men and Ladies Trousers?

There are some factors to know the difference between trousers for males and females.

First is the Size

You will determine the male trousers with longer and wider size than for ladies.

Ladies’ trousers are marked with one size, while male trousers have two maker sizes – for waist and leg measurement.

The second is the Rise.

Ladies can wear trousers with a low-rise design.

But most men felt uncomfortable wearing them.

The high-waisted trousers are also fashionable for ladies.

But men find it out old fashion.

Lastly, the medium-rise trousers fit for both men and women.

The third is the Color and Pattern.

Males’ trousers are usually in dark colors, pinstripe, checked, or solid fabric preference.

Ladies’ trousers are commonly designed with brighter colors and various patterns.

What are the Different Parts of Ladies Trousers?

Nowadays, many designers form unique ladies’ trousers styles.

But typical ladies trousers have various parts, which includes:


The waistband is the portion that surrounds our waist.

Some waistband requires a belt to fit on waist size.

For ladies’ trousers, contain only one waistband.


The button closed the top of the upper part of the pants.

Some designs don’t have buttons.


The pocket in ladies’ trousers gives a more attractive style.

They can hold small stuff.

Ladies’ trousers mostly have two or four pockets.

Bottom Hem

You can see the bottom hem at the lowest part of the trouser.

They are folded and sewed.

Belt Loop

The belt loop holds the belt.

The ladies’ trousers usually have 3 to 5 belt loops.


The zipper in a trouser closes the front section. 

But some designs don’t have a zipper; they use only two buttons.

Ladies Trouser’s Fly

The fly on a lady’s trouser covers the attached zipper or button.

What are the Advantages of Ladies Trousers?

Wearing or purchasing ladies’ trousers offers various advantages, including:

  • Four Seasonal Item

The ladies’ trousers are one of the ageless products you can stock for business. 

  • Various Brands

Trousers for women come in different brands.

Most people prefer branded clothes, including pants.

Perfect, best-selling product for your business

  • Attractive Prints

Ladies Trousers

Attractive prints are also featured in ladies’ trousers.

It catches customers’ attention. 

There are multiple selections of patterns and prints that suit every occasion.

  • Available in Various Sizes

Designers and suppliers design various sizes of ladies’ trousers that fit all ages.

Selling them wholesale is also an excellent idea.

  • Practical and Handy

The ladies’ trousers are one of easy-going clothing. 

They are easy to carry and suit many occasions.

Trouser designs are perfect for climbing or any activities ladies enjoy.

  • Excellent Quality

Suppliers always prefer to purchase excellent quality ladies’ trousers.

Including them in your business surely heighten your sales and customers.

  • Affordable

The affordable yet high-quality ladies’ trousers are best-selling.

Because trouser is affordable, retailers are encouraged to purchase more at your store.

What are the Various Styles of Ladies Trousers?

Ladies Trousers

Ladies Trousers Styles

Ladies’ trousers are designed with various styles that suit your preference.

You can have the following styles:

Wide Leg Trousers

This wide-leg trouser style is a comfortable and famous design nowadays.

They are extra flexible with neat pleats and buttons.

This type of trousers gives you a more relaxed feeling during warm days.

Elasticated Waist Trousers

The elasticated waist trousers are stretchy and comfortable. 

You can have them with wide legs or tailored numbers.

Leather Trousers

Wearing leather trousers gives you a more fabulous look. 

You can have them with wide leg and cropped styles.

Leather trousers can be a fit but comfortable outfit for ladies.

Ankle Grazer Trousers

The ankle grazer trousers have side slits and pressed creases. 

This style allows you to look stylish and modern.

Tapered Trousers

The tapered trousers are fit any top style you wear. 

They are perfect to wear with heels or even flats.

You can have them in black, navy colors, or floral and check patterns.

Slim Fit Trousers

This style is perfect for office works.

You can also have them in high-waisted size combined with a tucked-in blouse.

What are the Fabrics Suited for Ladies Trousers?

Designers prefer to use popular fabrics that suit ladies’ trousers, like:

  • Satin
  • Wool
  • Velvet
  • Crepe
  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Denim
  • Canvas 
  • Silk
  • Jersey
  • Linen

How Do You Choose Ladies Trousers?

For choosing ladies’ trousers, you should consider first your body shape.

Women have four main body shapes, including the hourglass shape, triangle, inverted triangle, and rectangle shape.

For Hourglass Shape:

You can wear any style of ladies’ trousers.

For Triangle Shape:

Ladies’ trouser with the straight leg is perfect.

Choose minimum details for the bottom and hip area.

The designer recommends darker colors matching bright color top clothes.

For Inverted Triangle Shape:

More details in the hips, bottom, and waist are recommended. 

Wear trousers with belts, buttons, zippers, or pockets.

It balanced the slightly wide shoulder.

You can wear any trouser colors.

For Rectangle Shape:

The choice is almost the same with an inverted triangle body shape.

But be careful with a lot of details in the waistband.

A simple waistband is perfect for a rectangular-shaped body.

You can wear trousers with a flat pocket or flat waistbands.

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