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  • High-quality floral dress
Floral Print Square Collar Dresses
Floral Print Square Collar Dresses

We manufacture different styles, prints, designs, and colors of floral print square collar dress. You can select different variations from our showroom.

Casual Summer Fashionable Floral Dress
Casual Summer Fashionable Floral Dress

H&Fourwing designed different fashionable floral dresses, it guarantees high-quality made from 100% cotton. Order yours now, available at wholesale price.

Wholesale Casual Women Loose Floral Dress
Wholesale Casual Women Loose Floral Dress

We can supply wholesale casual women with loose floral dresses with many advantages such as breathable, washable, sustainable, and guaranteed high-quality.

Elegant Vintage Floral Dress
Elegant Vintage Floral Dress

Made with 100% polyester. We can support your custom elegant vintage floral dress by producing according to your desired styles, colors, and size.

Floral Long Maxi Women Dress
Floral Long Maxi Women Dress

We can help you find the right size of floral long maxi women dresses according to your desired measurement along with our size chart.

Wholesale Crop Top Floral Dress
Wholesale Crop Top Floral Dress

Available in many different floral printed, designs, measurements, you are ensured that all of our crop top floral dress is manufactured with high-quality.

Casual Floral Print Maxi Dresses
Casual Floral Print Maxi Dresses

We can make your casual floral print maxi dress from 100% polyester, cotton, and spandex materials. You can send us your requirements for a custom floral dress.

Wholesale Long Sleeve Floral Dress
Wholesale Long Sleeve Floral Dress

Available at wholesale prices. The fabrics, designs, sizes, colors, packing, labels, etc. can be customized. Send us your long sleeve floral dress requirements now!

Floral Print Square Neck Dress
Floral Print Square Neck Dress

Available in many print designs, colors, sizes, fabrics, as well as labels and packing. We are experts in OEM services to help you skyrocket your business.

Wholesale Floral Dress Manufacturer

H&Fourwing specializes in designing, manufacturing, and wholesaling floral dresses. We have been in this industry for over 15 years. With many years of expertise, we gained an excellent reputation in designing all types of flora dresses.

We wholesale floral dresses to all retailers, clothing stores, boutiques, or even online clothing stores. At H&Fourwing, we ensure the latest designs and looks of dresses that surely win more customers. H&Fourwing can support your custom floral dress requirements! Send us your specifications now!

Premiere Wholesale Floral Dress

Wholesale Floral Dress

Whether you’re in a clothing store, boutiques, or online clothing stores that need to retail or wholesale floral dress, H&Fourwing is an ideal manufacturer and supplier for you. H&Fourwing is over 15 years in manufacturing and wholesaling dresses to different fashion industries.

Our wide selection of wholesale floral dresses is ideal for injecting a bit of pattern and color into your collections. As a leading wholesaler of dress in China, we make sure that every print, detail, and silhouette of our dress has been up-to-date specifically for different seasons.

H&Fourwing can support your business by providing a thousand designs of floral dresses. From flamboyant skater styles, body-skimming midi floral dresses, to floor-length floral dresses, H&Fourwing floral dresses are updated with different floral prints.

H&Fourwing can offer wholesale floral dresses, ideal for the summer season. You can have our wholesale floral dresses with different sizes, colors, flower prints, lengths, and fabric materials. In the production, we used different high-quality fabric materials to ensure the durability of our floral dresses.

Wholesale Floral Dress

At H&Fourwing, you will experience new designs of wholesale floral dresses we created. You can find classic and best-in innovations floral dresses only in H&Fourwing. As a team, we make sure you can find the right dresses you may need.

Furthermore, H&Fourwing can support your custom floral dress. Depending on the sizes, designs, fabrics, lengths, and flower prints you desired, H&Fourwing can cater to what you exactly need. Just send us your floral dress requirements now and let H&Fourwing handle the rest.

H&Fourwing manufactures floral dresses with many options, from the mini, midi, to maxi, all can be found in H&Fourwing. Our team offers you to have the largest selection of floral dresses at wholesale prices for your different customers with different styles.

H&Fourwing will be your one-of-a-kind supplier in wholesale floral dress manufacturer to support your boutique and business with these outstanding styles. All of our wholesale floral dress is available at wholesale price, guaranteed with premium quality.

In manufacturing high-quality floral dresses, H&Fourwing holds the latest machinery equipment for stitching, weaving, designing, and cutting to ensure reliable products and fast production capability.

H&Fourwing will be your best partner for wholesale floral dress in China. You can start your business by purchasing a low MOQ of 500 pieces per color and style.

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Floral Dress – Your Ultimate FAQs Guide

Wholesale Floral Dress

What is a Floral Dress?

Floral Dress represents new beginnings and adds a romantic touch to any outfit.

Florals Dress is a fun way to inject funk, personality, and color into your wardrobe.

It comes with dainty florals in soft pastels and with big colorful and solid florals to stand out in a crowd.

It is also a great way to incorporate multiple colors into your looks without making too much of a statement.

Floral dresses are intrinsically woman-like, but contemporary iterations span all aesthetics.

What are the Most Important Factors to Consider When Choosing Floral Dress?

The best Floral Dresses are simplistic yet classy, and they are appropriate for all-day events.

Before deciding on the perfect floral dress, you should consider the following factors:

Aesthetic and Structure

  • Formality and style are important
  • You can get lace flower girl dresses or ones with other lavish details.
  • If you are having a simple beach ceremony, choose cute and light outfits.


  • Feel free to choose any color that fits the theme of your agenda or parties.
  • Classic color can be also used for any type of event, regardless of theme or location.

Warmth and Reliability

  • Choose a floral dress that permits you to be able to move freely and a dress that is not too cold or hot.


  • If you’re attending a summer party, avoid floral dresses with thick fabrics and long sleeves. If it is for winter, dark-colored dresses are the best option.

Consider your Budget

  • If you are looking for the best floral dress, you should know how much money you have to spend.
  • There are many choices for both deluxe and inexpensive floral dresses
  • No matter what your budget is, you will find something lovely.

Maintain Simplicity

  • Choose a basic style that flatters most body types, such as a dress that stretches out at the hips. It doesn’t have to be flashy.

The Season and the Setting

  • These floral dresses are more appropriate for spring and summer weddings.
  • Depending on how early in the season it is, you may want to choose a warmer floral dress.
  • For summer, choose a lightweight fabric to keep your cool.

Keep Jewelry to a Minimum

  • Choose dainty, minimal jewelry and let the floral dress speak for itself.

Remember that Fabric Matters

  • Avoid choosing anything that is too heavy, stiff, or itchy.
  • Choose something that endures wrinkles and rips, like satin.
  • Avoid silk because it tears easily and costs a pretty penny.

Is a Floral Dress Appropriate for a Wedding?

A floral dress can be very suitable for a wedding based on the detailed design, length, and cut.

It all comes down to features like length, fit, neckline, and fabric, just like any other type of dress.

Because many brides prefer a more formal and modest visual style, most bridesmaid dresses follow this pattern.

Why does Floral Dress so Popular?

Wholesale Floral Dress

A floral dress is a nice way to stand out from the standard solid-color dress.

Floral dresses allow you to create a more distinct aesthetic in your outfit and overall appearance.

Furthermore, flowered patterns have a ladylike appeal that is timeless.

Which Floral Dress is the Best?

Choosing the perfect floral dress is one of the most essential aspects of a fashion girl’s to-do list.

These floral dresses come in many shades, structure, or design and it is ideal for spring or summer parties.

What are Some Ideas for Floral Dress?

Wholesale Floral Dress

There are a lot of choices when it comes to Floral Dress like the following:

V-Neck Floral Dress

It comes with vivid colors jewelry.

The combination of a white backdrop and bright pink micro blooms will look stunning and elegant.

Accessories should be simple and wear sparkling studs and strappy sandals in white, pink, or green.

Elegant Floral Dress

This finely tuned and has a stylish sheath skirt, a sweetheart neckline, and ice blue floral accents.

Embellish with a pearl choker or dangling earrings to emphasize the sweetheart look.

A classic chignon updo can easily elevate this look to a more sophisticated and formal level.

Halter Top Floral Outfit

A millennial pink color scheme and ruffles on the neckline and skirt is worn.

Accompanied by some delicate silver bangles and metallic sandals.

Long Floral Dress

A floor-length floral dress made of different materials such as cotton, silk, and other popular materials. It can be lightweight and elegant yet highest standards and a saleable dress.

Minty Floral Dress

It is the ideal backdrop for deep red lip color.

It has strappy styling that synchronizes well with a pendant necklace in either gold or silver.

It is accompanied by delicate ruffles, framing the neckline and a cinched tie waist.

Off-Shoulder Floral Dress

You can wear it in just about any style and still look pretty in them.

Pair this with mules or gladiator sandals and a designer shoulder bag.

The Puff Pieces Floral Dress

It is a puffed-sleeved, flower-covered version of the dress.

Comes with a drop-waist or baby doll shape for extra melancholy.

The Idyllic Floral Dress

It is a romantic floral print dress.

Comes with bustier-style shapes, meadowy themes, and ruffled drawls like upsets and lace.

The Skinny Floral Dress

Fitted floral dress with various prints and colors. You will love to choose silk, cotton, and other material options.

Wholesale Floral Dresses: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know choosing suitable wholesale floral dresses can be an overwhelming task.

A reason this guide will answer all questions you have been asking about wholesale floral dresses.

Take a look.

What Are Wholesale Floral Dresses?

A dress is a piece of designed garment worn by females.

A floral dress is a female garment designed by flower prints.

Wholesale floral dresses are designed female garments with flower prints, obtained in extensive and large quantities from the manufacturer directly by the sellers for purposes of retailing.

Why Should You Buy Wholesale Floral Dresses Directly From The Manufacturer?

Below are some of the reasons why you should consider buying these dresses directly from the manufacturer:

-A buyer who obtains directly from the manufacturer enjoys the advantage of lower costs because intermediary charges are exempted thus avoiding inflation of prices.

-A buyer is enabled a chance to communicate directly to the manufacturer thus obtaining fit for specifications of the floral dresses required.

-The buyer is in a better position to easily tap the technical knowhow and expertise power of the manufacturer in floral dresses, thus gets capacitated on matters value addition and benefit maximization in the industry.

-Enhances good buyer-supplier relationship which positions the buyer to enter into contracts that will allow smooth continuous purchases.

Floral Dresses

Wholesale Dresses

Which Colors Do Wholesale Floral Dresses Come In?

The wholesale floral dresses are in colors;

– Pink [Fuchsia and baby pink]

-Red floral [wine and bright]

-Yellow /Mustard





-Purple shades

 Some Of The Available Colours Of Floral Dresses

Some Of The Available Colors In Floral Dresses

You can get all types of colors you need for all floral dresses.

How Do Wholesale Floral Dresses Manufacturer Control Quality?

Some of the main quality control measures include:

-Setting up the quality standards they consider for each specific fabric they use to make the floral dresses

-Testing the fabrics to ensure they meet their desired standards before tailor making the floral dresses

-Designing and applying a Statistical Process Control method that they use as an indicator. It helps them trace any defect before the floral dresses leave the manufacturing point.

-Ensuring they continuously improve on the safety of the floral dresses they offer to the available market

-By ensuring their market position is as desired, hence proving the rate of the quality of the floral dresses they produce

-Encouraging continuous customer feedback to use as a monitoring tool for the floral dresses they produce

-Checking if there are repeat purchases from the customers thus indicating they meet their needs

-By checking if there is any increase in the customer base for their floral dresses

Which Materials Are Used In Making Wholesale Floral Dresses?

Some of the most popular fabrics include:

Chiffon Floral Fabric

The main qualities of Chifforn floral fabric include:

-The fabric is strong

-The fabric has a soft touch

-Has an exceptional fineness and a light weight

-The fabric has a moderate sheen

-The fabric is long lasting

 Some of the limitations of this fabric include:

-Requires ironing before wearing

-Cresses easily

-Fades when regularly exposed to harsh sunrays

A Floral Chiffon Dress

A Floral Chiffon Dress

Floral Modal Satin Fabric

Some of the main qualities of this fabric are:

-Has an awesome drape

-The fabric   will not crumble easily

-The appearance of the fabric enhances the richness in its color

-The feel of the fabric is so smooth and soft in its touch

-Easy to clean stains on the fabric

-Breathable when worn by a person

Also, this fabric has some limitations which include:

-Easy to burn the fabric while ironing

-Easy for the fabric to get torn when pricked by a sharp object

Floral Cotton Fabric

 Some of the main qualities of this fabric include:

-Friendly for use when temperature rises

-Easy to clean

-Comes in different textures

-Comfortable fit

-Elegant look

The limitations of this fabric include:

– The fabric Fades easily when exposed to sunrays

– The cotton fabric creases easily

A Floral Cotton Dress

A Floral Cotton Dress

What Are Some Of The Wholesale Floral Dresses Designs?

When choosing wholesale floral dresses, you can choose any of the following:

 -Floral Ruffle Chiffon Dresses

A ruffle dress is designed by gathering tightly a strip of fabric at the edge or one side of the garment.

-Round Pleated Floral Dress

A floral dress with upper fit and the bottom part is folded in a way that the fabric falls parallel to each other to form a pleat.

-Round Scatter Floral Dress

The upper part fits well and the lower part is made of extensive fabric overlapping on each pleat.

Scatter Floral Dress

Scatter Floral Dress

-Straight Body Con Floral Dress

The dress fits perfectly hugging the body.

-Short Sleeved Flare Floral Dresses

This is a dress designed in a way which the upper part fits the upper body well and the lower part is a round skirt attached to the top.

-Short-sleeved High-Low Floral Dresses

A floral dress made in a way that the front height of the fabric is shorter than the back side and the sleeves of the dress are higher above the elbows.

– A V-Neck Floral Chiffon Wrap Dresses

This is a dress in which the design of the neck forms a shape that resembles letter V.

-Ruffle Off-shoulder Floral Dresses

A dress designed by gathering or forming pleats by a piece of fabric and attaching to main garment, which is made with an elastic material that rests off the shoulder, hence an off-shoulder.

-Floral Shift Dresses

A dress that is tailored in a way that it falls from the neck with a straight flow and consists of darts in the bust area.

Off The Shoulder Ruffle Floral Dress

Ruffle Off Shoulder Floral Dress

Other designs you may consider include:

-Lon-sleeved vintage floral dresses

-Embroidery mesh floral long dresses

-Ruffled floral dresses

-V-Neck riffle floral dresses

-Long flared floral dresses

-Short flared floral dresses

-Bow tie long floral chiffon dresses

-Floral pleated shirt dress

-Long sleeved Chinese collar floral dresses

– Midi cold-shoulder floral dresses

– Short-sleeved High-Low floral dresses

– Button Up split floral dresses

-Short cold-shoulder summer dress

-short shift floral dresses

Will Floral Dresses Manufacturers Protect My Design?

Yes the manufacturers of the floral dresses will protect your designs through;

-patent rights under design protection

-Trade mark under design protection

Why Should I Buy Wholesale Floral Dresses From China?

There are a number of reasons why you should import floral dresses from China.

  • Enjoying the benefit of Low costs involved in the purchase of the wholesale floral dresses
  • Availability of the wholesale floral dresses anytime there is a demand hence reliability
  • Variety-there is variety of dresses for we the buyer to choose from
  • The manufacturers of the wholesale floral dresses keep up with the new trends in the market hence meeting fashion demands.
  • Extensive markets with new innovations hence massive production of the floral dresses
  • Availability of unique flower prints hence improving on the appearance of the fabric used to make the dresses
  • Good and improved supply chain channels hence easy order picking, smooth expedition/traceability from the buyer side.
  • Availability of good discount codes offered to the buyers by the manufacturers, hence enabling a seller to obtain good profit margins when retailing.
  • The manufacturers offer an efficient support on customization of the wholesale floral dresses
  • The manufacturers offer options of reverse logistics to their customers
  • China is well known for the expertise power and specialization in the garment industry hence quality output in floral dresses.

How Can I Get The Best Price For Wholesale Floral Dresses In China?

There are a number ways of getting better prices from floral dresses manufacturers in China.

-Through entering into long term buyer-supplier relationships with the wholesale floral dresses manufacturers

The two parties may decide to get into either collaborative or strategic alliance so as to enable them have a cost effective purchase.

This also enables the buyer to have a stronger bargaining power compared to other wholesale buyers in the market.

-when ordering bulk purchases – Ordering in large and extensive purchases enables the benefit of lower costs

-Having good negotiation skills enables the buyer to have a chance to get better prices hence ability to have continuous purchase

-Conducting a thorough market price research for the wholesale floral dresses offered by different manufacturers so as to obtain the best cost effective offer in the floral dresses market.

How Do You Verify For Quality For Wholesale Floral Dresses?

Quality is the desired standards for any product obtained by the buyer, such as the durability of the garment in the wholesale floral dresses.

-Keenly consider of the fabrics quality, in terms of the texture

-Consider the suitability of the fabric for the floral dresses you purchasing so that it suits the purpose and intended activity you tailor making the dress

-Different fabrics for the floral dresses have different specific qualities, when you pick on a certain type of fabric such as cotton, consider qualities such as its softness, breathability and its staple length.

Always The Consider The Mentioned When Selecting A Floral Dress

Always Consider The Mentioned When Selecting Quality Floral Dresses

-Consider on the fabric density used to make the floral density so as to cater on limitations of transparency.

-Consider the strength of the stitching and how detailed the dress is.

-Consider on the color and prints placement to make sure the colors on the floral prints are well placed in a way that a large white part is not so close to a deep color print.

-If the floral dressed are zipped, consider on the zips that are colored to the plain ones.

Consider how well the patterns of the flower are matched on the piece of the dress so as to ensure the appearance of the floral dress is appealing to the eyes of the wearer.

-Consider checking the exact floral dress before making the purchases, such as ensuring you have a touch of the fabric used to make the floral dress to ensure fit for purpose.

What Size Range Do Wholesale Floral Dresses Come In?

There are many sizes available in the market, however, you can consider:

-Small sized floral dresses

-Medium sized floral dresses

-Large sized floral dresses

Extra-large sized floral dresses

XXL-sized floral dresses

XXXL-sized floral dresses

XXXXL-Sized floral dresses

Free sized floral dresses

How Long Can It Take For My Wholesale Floral Dresses Order To Be Processed?

The duration will vary depending on the nature of the order.

That is, producing more wholesale floral dress will take time.

Of course, designing your own floral dresses will require more time.

The time may vary anywhere from a week to one month, depending on the order

Do You Have A Return Policy For Wholesale Floral Dresses?

Yes, there is order cancellation for the wholesale floral dresses, which only applies before the bulk order is shipped to the buyer point.

-Manufacturers allow return and exchange policy for the already paid floral dresses. But this applies only when the dresses are in the original package they were received in.

It also applies if the dresses received are in very bad conditions that cannot be used.

-The cost incurred during the return of the floral dresses is strictly a bill of the customer.

-During the return process any import cost incurred is catered by the customer

What Should You Consider When Choosing Wholesale Floral Dresses

One should consider;-

-The quality of the garment used

-Then availability of the garments in the market

-Availability of ready market for the floral dresses

-The reliability of the manufacturer

-The tastes and preferences of the end buyer.

-The trends in the market regarding the floral dresses

-The durability of the fabric used to make the floral dress

How Do I Get The Best Prices For Wholesale Floral Dresses?

-Through entering into long term buyer-supplier relationships with the wholesale floral dresses manufacturers

The two parties may decide to get into either collaborative or strategic alliance so as to enable them have a cost effective purchase.

This also enables the buyer to have a stronger bargaining power compared to other wholesale buyers in the market.

-when ordering bulk purchases

Ordering in large and extensive purchases enables the benefit of lower costs

-Having good negotiation skills enables the buyer to have a chance to get better prices hence ability to have continuous purchase

-Conducting a thorough market price research for the wholesale floral dresses offered by different manufacturers so as to obtain the best cost effective offer in the floral dresses market.

Which Is The Best Printing Technique For Wholesale Floral Dresses?

Sublimation Printing Technique

This is a type of printing where the design is fit by exerting pressure or transferred from a paper on to a specific fabric.

Some of the benefits of sublimation printing technique include:

  • Sublimation is a simple method of printing
  • Technique offers various colors for printing on the fabric
  • Printing on the fabric integrates into it and permanently becomes part of it.
  • The technique presents an elegant output after the printing

Below are some limitations of sublimation printing technique:

  • The fabric must have a bright or specifically white area of print for it to be sublimated
  • Fabric must be made of a percentage of polyester for it to be sublimated
  • Exposure to direct sunlight may lead to the color of the print on the fabric fading off

Digital Printing Technique

Some of the benefits of digital printing technique include:

  • The output is of good quality
  • There are no color limitations on the fabric during the printing process
  • Involves low costs
  • It is friendly to the environment with no adverse effects
  • Contributes to value addition of the output after printing

Below are some limitations of digital printing technique:

  • Limits reproducing of white color within the print
  • Limits the range of fabric printed
  • The printed fabric is less durable

Screen Printing Technique

The benefits of this printing technique include:


Easier printing while focusing on specific areas of the fabric on board

The final output is of higher quality

Some of the most common limitations of screen printing include:

It limits the range of colors when printing

The initial cost of setting up the machine is costly

Limits customization

Can You Recommend Sleeve And Collar Options For Floral Dresses?

Yes, the collar option for floral dresses can be used as official dresses for the lovers of vintage fashion.

-Sleeve can be either short sleeved or long sleeved option depending with the taste and desire of the customer.

-The dresses are favorable for many different occasions compared to other dresses.

Is There Recommended Length For Floral Dresses?


Floral dresses come in different lengths depending on the preference of the customer, the taste of the customer and the tailored purpose of the dress.

Taking an example of summer dresses, they come in both short and long floral dresses.

Long silk floral dresses are preferred for dinner wears and some party wears.

In case you need affordable and high quality wholesale floral dresses, contact us now.

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