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Wholesale Fringe Flapper Dress
Wholesale Fringe Flapper Dress

A wholesale fringe flapper dress from H&Fourwing is perfect for any sort of party. It is a straight and knee-length dress that makes you more glamorous while you’re dancing.

Wholesale Vintage Flapper Dress
Wholesale Vintage Flapper Dress

A breathable and easy-to-dry wholesale flapper dress perfect for any casual occasion. Made from pure polyester and spandex fabric with vintage style.

Wholesale Beaded Tassels Flapper Dress
Wholesale Beaded Tassels Flapper Dress

It is a washable type of wholesale flapper dress that you may use to wear as an evening or formal suit. H&Fourwing more likely gives you its lighter and darker color depending on what you want.

Wholesale Long Flapper Dress
Wholesale Long Flapper Dress

The most elegant dresses you can wear for special events and occasions. H&Fourwing can definitely give you its best selection at an undoubting price.

Wholesale Sequin Pearl Flapper Dress
Wholesale Sequin Pearl Flapper Dress

It was made from pure polyester fabrics and very sustainable to use. H&Fourwing offers you its 100% durable quality standards for your satisfaction.

Wholesale Flapper Dress with Long Sleeve
Wholesale Flapper Dress with Long Sleeve

H&Fourwing is categorized in fabricating wholesale flapper dresses with long sleeves. It was made from one of the sturdiest fabric materials, is very sustainable to use, and makes you very comfy every time you wear it.

Wholesale Sleeveless V-neck Flapper Dress
Wholesale Sleeveless V-neck Flapper Dress

A very comfortable, joyful, and fashionable wholesale flapper dress from H&Fourwing. It has a special feature for having an exclusive zipper closure on the side. 

Wholesale Sparkling Flapper Dress
Wholesale Sparkling Flapper Dress

The wholesale sparkling flapper dress is a deluxe type of dress from H&Fourwing. It has numerous certain colors and is specialized for having a sparkling design to look fancier. 

Wholesale Strapless Flapper Dress
Wholesale Strapless Flapper Dress

It has a sexy body knit style with a strapless neckline. A fitted one with a long fringe style and can be worn comfortably in different seasons. 

Well-known Wholesale Flapper Dress Manufacturer

H&Fourwing is known as one of the notorious wholesale flapper dress manufacturers and suppliers. At the lowest cost, you can now own the most trendy, traditional, and modernized designs, styles, and colors of a wholesale flapper dress. Each collection and selection of our wholesale flapper dress comes from a huge variety of high-standard product quality. We can continue to supply you with the whole selection of wholesale flapper dresses where you can clearly be satisfied.  

    H&Fourwing- Your Expert Wholesale Flapper Dress Supplier in China

    H&Fourwing stands as one of the outstanding manufacturers and suppliers of the most popular wholesale flapper dress. We retain our major objective in providing a constant quality of wholesale flapper dress to our loyal clients and customers. We continue in upgrading our offers and features for our wholesale flapper dress.

    Since 2014 until now, we still continue to work on discovering new trend styles of design of wholesale flapper dress for your satisfaction. H&Fourwing can give you all the desired samples and selections of wholesale flapper dress that you are able to choose.

    In addition, H&Fourwing has an immense wholesale flapper dress production equipment. We also gather these intelligent designers and fabricators who are responsible for creating a bulk quantity of wholesale flapper dress. All your needed designs, styles, and colors of wholesale flapper dress is always available in H&Fourwing.

    Wholesale flapper dress from H&Fourwing can be used in all sets of events, parties, and occasions. Wearing your personal wholesale flapper dress from H&Fourwing on different occasions makes you more gorgeous, elegant, and comfortable at all events. It can also be one of your designated choices for your fashion style, and business. H&Fourwing can absolutely supply your ideal wholesale flapper dress.

    This wholesale flapper dress is made from the most selected sturdy product materials and undergoes deep product processes. There are a lot of choices where you can choose, the newest and most versatile styles and designs of wholesale flapper dress are accessible in our factory. We keep pursuing to give you all sorts of wholesale flapper dresses at an affordable cost.

    We, H&Fourwing dedicatedly give our best to show you the best service that our company can do. We are also responsible for supplying wholesale flapper dresses to all market necessities around the globe. H&Fourwing secures that you can receive your own wholesale flapper dress without any damage, doubt, or regret.

    You can use H&Fourwing in achieving a prosperous business. We can share your insights in marketing wholesale flapper dress essentials. We have this approachable personnel and staff who can help you with your wholesale flapper dress.

    Choosing H&Fourwing is one of the best decisions you ever make. It is your step closer to a successful business. We, H&Fourwing assure you that you will never feel any disappointment in case you are purchasing our wholesale flapper dress. We are so highly delighted and pledge to be your right hand and your major supplier and manufacturer of a wholesale flapper dress.

    Please don’t feel any hesitation to contact us for further information!

    Wholesale Flapper Dresses: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    I know you’re looking for high-quality wholesale flapper dresses.

    A reason this guide will explore everything about flapper dresses – from design, features, material type, feature to printing technique, just to mention a few.

    What Are Flapper Dresses?

    A dress is a piece of garment worn by female – ladies, girls or women.

    Flapper dresses allow a person to feel comfortable because of its nature of being loose when worn, they are tailor made in free straight shapes.

    They come in both long and short sleeves, depending with the preference of the buyer.

    The long sleeved ones are mostly made of lace sleeves.

    Flapper dresses are also characterized by collars and pleats that are long in length.

    flapper dress

    Flapper dress

    When Are Flapper Dresses Worn?

    Flapper dresses are suitably worn during social occasions such as during fashion parties that are themed as vintage.

    Mostly used as an evening wear and when there is desire and need for comfort by the owner of the flapper dress.

    The short flapper dresses are also worn at birthday parties and daily routines.

    Flapper dresses are also preferred as costumes for various events such dancing competitions, as they give room for flexibility and comfort to the participants.

    What Features Should You Consider When Buying Wholesale Flapper Dresses?

    A buyer should keep into consideration the delicate nature of the outfit, due to the texture of the fabric that is beaded.

    Also, a buyer should consider the quality and the richness of the embroidery on the flapper dresses before the purchase.

    The buyer should take keen details on the uniformity of the patterns arrangement on the flapper dresses, because the patterns are meant to define the dress.

    The buyer should consider on the nature of the fabric used to tailor-make the flapper dresses, preferably should be light and airy.

    A buyer should consider on their nature of simplicity.

    The buyer should consider the quality of the craft of the beadwork attached to the flapper dresses, the diversity and the quality of the beads used, the sizes and the material attached on.

    A buyer should consider the historical accuracy of the geographical area in which he or she is targeting the market, so as to make sure the type and color of the wholesale flapper dresses purchased are appropriate.

    How Can I Protect My Design When Buying Wholesale Flapper Dresses From China?

    Design protection is the right that is exclusively given to a person to make use of a design without copying and duplication from other business parties in the market.

    Yes, both trademark and patent right.

    Patent right enables one the exclusive room for invention.

    In which he/she should consented in case of any form of duplication of his or her invention.

    Of course, this is when you are working with flapper designs.

    Trade mark allows differentiating individual designs.

    Do Wholesale Flapper Dresses Manufactures Have A Product Return Policy?

    Yes, there is order cancellation for the wholesale flapper dresses, which only applies before the bulk order is shipped to the buyer point.

    Manufacturers allow return and exchange policy for the already paid flapper dresses.

    However, this applies only when the dresses are in the original package they were received in.

    Also, it applies if the dresses received are in very bad conditions that cannot be used.

    The cost incurred during the return of the flapper dresses is strictly a bill of the customer.

    During the return process any import cost incurred is catered by the customer

    flapper dress

    flapper dress

    Are There Design Rules For Flapper Dresses?

    Flapper dresses are not bound to specific design rules, but there is a desired preferred guide set in a comprehensive manner to flapper based fashion.

    The comprehensive guide was based on;

    Nature of the hemlines to be used on the dress

    Pearls enhance the appearance of the flapper design at hand, hence the type, sizes and colors must suit.

    The type of the jewelry the lady wants to put on with the flapper dress so as to suit the event.

    Considering the types of designs such as flapper dresses with smooth lines or the rectangular shaped dresses, made it ideal for women to embrace jewelry.

    Do Wholesale Flapper Dresses Manufacturers Help In Shipping Process?

    Yes, depending on the agreement settled on by the two parties.

    There are instances where the manufacturer ensures the flapper dresses are shipped and delivered to port of receipt of the importer.

    How Does Flapper Dresses Compare To Shirt Dresses?

    A shirt dress is styled in a manner that borrows details from a designed man’s shirt.

    A shirt dress is loosely fitting as well as a flapper dress

    flapper dress

    flapper dress

    Most shirt dresses are made of buttons in the front, while flapper dresses rarely contain buttons.

    Both the shirt dresses and flapper dresses do not have a defined waist line.

    Shirt dresses are mostly worn with belts to bring out a nice shape, while flapper dresses define the body shape even without belts.

    shirt dressshirt dress

    Will I Get A Discount When Buying Wholesale Flapper Dresses Directly From The Factory?

    Depending with a specific factory in which a buyer chooses to purchase wholesale flapper dresses, the buyer is bound to enjoy different types of discount.

    A buyer is guaranteed quantity discounts on purchase of wholesale flapper dresses directly from the factory.

    The more the flapper dresses obtained the lower the unit cost of each, hence enjoying economies of scales.

    Instances where there are repeat purchases by the buyer sourcing for flapper dresses in wholesale from  the same factory results to the buyer enjoying discounts termed as promotional discounts.

    This happens through the manufacturer offering the buyer a percentage reduction from the total cost of the wholesale flapper dresses obtained.

    The manufacturer in some instances also offers additional units of the flapper dresses to the wholesale buyer, thus results to discounts from the overall costs.

    A wholesale buyer   purchasing flapper dresses directly from the factory may also enjoy seasonal discounts.

    That is in instances where he or she goes shopping during the non-pick seasons for the flapper dresses company.

    A buyer shopping directly from the factory and ships the flapper dresses over a long distance may also enjoy geographical discounts.

    Where in some instances the manufacturer offers free shipping to the buyer.

    What Types Of Fabric Are Suitable In Making Wholesale Flapper Dresses?

    Some of the most common fabrics include:


    A type of natural resources made fibre


    Linen is a fabric made from fibres


    The fabric is made from organic chemicals

    Stiff Satin

    Has a glossy surface


    Shiny and smooth to touch


    Preferably printed chiffon

    Chiffon is preferred due to its nature of being light in texture.

    The fabric is strong

    The fabric has a soft touch

    Has an exceptional fineness and a light weight

    The fabric has a moderate sheen

    The fabric is long lasting


    Lace is light and well perforated hence comfortable

    Soft in nature


    Has an awesome drape

    The fabric does not crumble easily

    Appearance of the fabric enhances the richness in its color

    The feel of the fabric is so smooth and soft in its touch

    Easy to clean stains on the fabric

    Breathable when worn by a person

    What Is The Minimum MOQ For Wholesale Flapper Dresses?

    Normally, the MOQ varies depending on a number of factors.

    For instances, you may need custom wholesale flapper dresses.

    In such situations, we need to have a MOQ, which will be economical to produce.

    The best part, we have flexible MOQ for wholesale flapper dresses.

    How Do You Print Wholesale Flapper Dresses?

    Some of the most common printing techniques include:

     Sublimation Printing Technique

    This is a type of printing where the design is fit by exerting pressure or transferred from a paper           to a specific fabric.

    sublimation printed flapper dress

    sublimation printed flapper dress

    Benefits Of Applying Sublimation Technique

    Sublimation is a simple method of printing

    The technique offers various colors for printing on the fabric

    Besides, the printing on the fabric integrates into it and permanently becomes part of it.

    The technique presents an elegant output after the printing


    The fabric must have a bright or specifically white area of print for it to be sublimated

    The fabric must be made of a percentage of polyester for it to be sublimated

    Exposure to direct sunlight may lead to the color of the print on the fabric fading off

    Screen Printing Technique


    Durable printing technique

    Easier printing while focusing on specific areas of the fabric on board

    The final output is of higher quality

    screen printed flapper dress

    screen printed flapper dress


    It limits the range of colors when printing

    The initial cost of setting up the machine is costly hence resulting to the total cost to go high

    Limits customization

    Digital Printing Technique


    The output is of good quality

    There are no color limitations on the fabric during the printing process

    Involves low costs

    It is friendly to the environment with no adverse effects

    Contributes to value addition of the output after printing


    Limits reproducing of white color within the print

    Limits the range of fabric printed

    The printed fabric is less durable

    How Do You Check For Quality For Wholesale Flapper Dresses?

    Quality is the desired standards for any product obtained by the buyer, such as the durability of the garment for the wholesale flapper dresses.

    Keenly consider of the fabrics quality, in terms of the texture used to tailor make the flapper dress.

    Consider the suitability of the fabric for the flapper dresses you purchasing so that it suits the purpose and intended activity you tailor making the dress

    Different fabrics for the flapper dresses have different specific qualities;

    when you pick on a certain type of fabric such as cotton, consider qualities such as its softness, breathability and its staple length.

    Consider on the fabric density used to make the flapper dress so as to cater on limitations of transparency.

    Consider the strength of the stitching and how detailed the dress is.

    Consider on the pattern placement to make sure they are stitched in a way that a good flow is obtained.

    If the flapper dresses are beaded, consider on the fabric that the beads are attached on to be having a strong fabric.

    Consider the flow of the patterns of the beads and embroidery  on the piece of the dress so as to ensure the appearance of the flapper dress is appealing to the eyes of the wearer.

    Do Cheap Wholesale Flapper Dresses Imply Low Quality?


    Different flapper dresses come with different pricing.

    That is, depending with how detailed the dress is.

    Some of the critical factors to consider are when the dress is made of much bead work then it results to a higher price as compared to the simple ones which are more affordable.

    Depending on the nature of the occasion a customer wants to attend, then the wholesaler if forced to stock all the types of flapper dresses irregardless of its price.

    How Can I Get The Best Price For Wholesale Flapper Dresses?

    Through entering into long term buyer-supplier relationships with the wholesale flapper dresses manufacturers

    The two parties may decide to get into either collaborative or strategic alliance so as to enable the buyer to have a cost effective purchase.

    This also enables the buyer to have a stronger bargaining power compared to other wholesale                            buyers in the market thus able to enjoy lower prices.

    When you order in bulk purchases, you automatically enjoy the economies of scales.

    Ordering in large and extensive purchases enables the benefit of lower costs.

    Having good negotiation skills enables the buyer to have a chance to get better prices hence the ability to have continuous purchase.

    Conducting a thorough market price research for the wholesale flapper dresses offered by different manufacturers so as to obtain the best cost effective offer in the flapper dresses market.

    What Factors Should I Consider While Shipping Wholesale Flapper Dresses?

    Packaging Method For The Flapper Dresses

    Good and efficient packaging ensures the flapper dresses arrive in good shape, it also ensures the security of the dresses being shipped.

    The Rates Charged For Shipping

    When shipping flapper dresses the buyer should consider which options suits him best, and the cost effectiveness of the rating

    Duties imposed on the flapper dresses container should be favorable to the buyer.

    The buyer should consider the set rules and regulations covering clothe imports both from the country of origin and receiving country

    Also, the time period within which the buyer orders the flapper dresses, to the expedition period to the delivery time.

    How Does Tunic Dresses Compare To Flapper Dresses?

    Some of the fundamental aspects you should know about these types of dresses include:

    -A tunic dress is a garment that has a loose fit and only covers the upper part, the length is

    tunic dress

    tunic dress

    slightly above the hip point of the body, while the flapper dress is a long loosely fitting dress.

    -A hemline is regular in tunic dresses while in flapper dresses it may have an irregular hemline.

    flapper dress

    flapper dress

    How Do You Choose Best Color For Wholesale Flapper Dresses?

    Considering the mood of the event in which the flapper dresses are to be worn.

    These may include purple to show royalty in an event, red to show love and pink to evoke the beauty.

    In instances where the wholesale buyer targets customers performing in a concert as a group and wants to show contrast.

    Then the buyer will go for bold and mute colors.

    How Has Flapper Dresses Designs Trend Changed Over Time?

    The flapper dresses transitioning from long sleeved, to short sleeved and now to sleeveless ones

    The length of the flapper dresses from the ankle length and now the short ones above the knee and have been innovated are embraced

    Which Flapper Dresses Sizes are available

    -Plus size









    Is There Recommended Length For Wholesale Flapper Dresses?

    Wholesale flapper dresses come in different sizes to meet the different tastes and preferences of the buyer.

    -Slightly above the knee-length

    -Below the knee-length

    -Ankle length

    -Slightly above the ankle length

    Which Sleeve Options Do Flapper Dresses Come In?

    Flapper dresses come in both long, short sleeved and sleeveless options, though most of them are designed with short and sleeveless options.

    Are There Flapper Dresses With Zipper Closure Option?

    Yes, the flapper dresses with zipper options exist with the zips placed on the front of the dress.

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