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Long Sleeve Finesse Crepe Shift Dress
Long Sleeve Finesse Crepe Shift Dress

Our long sleeve finesse crepe shift dress is a ready-to-wear dress. Designed with jewel neck and long sleeves. This is made up of 29% polyester and 71% acetate.

Belted Long Sleeve Silk Midi Dress
Belted Long Sleeve Silk Midi Dress

This belted long sleeve silk midi dress is a designer dress available from small to large sizes. We made this dress from drapey, light dot-jacquard silk fabrics.

Long Sleeve Faux Leather Mini Shirtdress
Long Sleeve Faux Leather Mini Shirtdress

This is one of our unique faux-leather designer dresses that can flatter the wearer`s figure. This features a point collar, front snap closure, and long sleeves.

Turtleneck Wool & Cashmere Midi Sweater Dress
Turtleneck Wool & Cashmere Midi Sweater Dress

H&Fourwing turtleneck wool & cashmere midi sweater dress is a cashmere-softened sweater dress. It has a standard length 45″, featuring a turtleneck, short sleeves, etc.

Metallic Tweed Sheath Dress
Metallic Tweed Sheath Dress

This metallic tweed sheath dress is a sparkling black and white dress. This framed a more defined waist and flouncy edges. Made from combined cotton, polyester, nylon, and viscose fabrics.

Stripe Twisted Long Sleeve Faux Wrap Midi Dress
Stripe Twisted Long Sleeve Faux Wrap Midi Dress

H&Fourwing stripe twisted long sleeve faux wrap midi dress is designed with diagonal stripes. We finished the dress with side ruching and an asymmetrical draped neckline.

Front Slit Knit Dress
Front Slit Knit Dress

This front slit knit dress is a designer dress with modern and sporty styling. Featuring a scoop neck, front slit, sleeveless, and hidden zipper embroidered at the back.

Long Sleeve Super Lightweight Tweed Dress
Long Sleeve Super Lightweight Tweed Dress

We designed a long sleeve super lightweight tweed dress with available styles, sizes, lengths, and so on. This is a one-of-a-kind day dress and its long sleeves with smocked cuffs adds the elegance.

Laser Cut Crepe Midi Dress
Laser Cut Crepe Midi Dress

H&Fourwing laser cut crepe midi dress is available in vibrant colors. This is a versatile belted midi dress that features a sleeveless design, jewel neck, front slit. and more.

Premier Custom Wholesale Designer Dress Manufacturer

H&FourWing is a professional designer dress manufacturer and supplier in Ningbo for more than 15 years. We can provide ODM and OEM services as one way to show our support to you. We, H&Fourwing are known as the world-leading designer dress supplier in China. We earned a good reputation by continuing on providing good quality services and clothing products. You can get both standard and custom designer dress in H&Fourwing. Contact now!

    H&FourWing Wholesale Designer Dress

    H&Fourwing brings you a great selection of designer dress. You are guaranteed to find the designer dress here with your specific choice. So, immediately take your pick of a gorgeous designer dress at H&Fourwing today!

    Normally, when you find a dress made by a well-known designer, you expected it to be much expensive. Considering the quality of the dress and the design itself, that makes it expensive and hard to afford. But if you really want a designer dress that is less expensive but with your expected quality, H&Fourwing brings you the key solution!

    Aside from being less expensive, our designer dress is also stunning and elegant. This will never fail in drawing attention or making an impression. From flowing gowns to amazing suits, there are wide selections of designer dresses here. We can also provide your wholesale orders to support your business.

    H&Fourwing Designer dress is nearly the most desired clothing product for ladies when attending a huge party or wedding. We make sure to provide the best quality designer dress that aligns with your expectations and to your customers.

    Whether you`re a wholesaler, business owner, or supplier, we are your premier source of a wholesale designer dress. We also offer a long-term partnership with clients and companies from all over the world.

    You can avail designer dress from different sizes, lengths, colors, and styles. They are available in both standard and custom designs. For a custom designer dress, we just need your specific choice of length, fabric, print, shape, color, etc. After giving us your specifications, we will handle the rest.

    Our company focuses on manufacturing designer dress for more than 15 years already. By choosing a designer dress from H&Fourwing, you can win more customers from different countries in Asia, South & North America, and Europe.

    We, H&Fourwing can be your one-stop designer dress supplier in China. We have a wide range of designer dresses that your own customers may look for. When you choose H&Fourwing to be your first choice of designer dress manufacturer and supplier, you will leave your worries in good hands!

    We have the skillful team to manufacture and develop your custom designer dress. We personalized this designer dress with your custom logo to promote your brand.

    Send us your specific requirements regarding your designer dress.

    Contact us now!

    Why Do You Need Designer Dress?

    Designer Dress
    Designer Dress

    Designer dress is a luxury and chic dress made by a famous fashion designer.

    They are popular since they have exceptional quality.

    Many customers love to buy a designer dress nowadays. Therefore adding them to your business is a great idea!

    Designer Dress Perfect for What Events?

    A designer dress is perfect for many events. They are perfect to wear in:

    • formal parties
    • evening/dinner parties
    • cocktail parties
    • wedding
    • funeral
    • a business meetings
    • an interview

    What Makes the Designer Dress Unique?

    Designer Dress

    The designer dress is available in all sizes. Their designs are made to suit individuals’ desires.

    The designer dress is also made comfortable to wear. Not all dress you can find is comfortable.

    Plus their quality! Fashion designers make sure designer dresses have outstanding quality, from the fabric used to its designs.

    Adding a designer dress is a good choice if you want to grow your business.

    What Fabrics Used for Designer Dress?

    Professional fashion designers used well-engineered materials to create designer dresses. Below are the following luxury fabrics that are usually used in production.

    • fringed chiffon
    • embroidered lace
    • appliqued wool
    • sequined tulle
    • cotton
    • laser-cut silk

    What are the Sizes Available for Designer Dress?

    Designer dresses come in a variety of sizes, such as

    • UK sizes
    • Canada sizes
    • UK sizes
    • EU sizes
    • International sizes
    • AUS sizes

    What Known Colors for Designer Dress?

    The designer dress is enhanced by shades, hues, tints, or value.

    They are also available in combined colors.

    Designer dress with cool colors usually consists of purple, blue, and green.

    While the warm colors include orange shades, red, and yellow.

    Custom colors are also available as per your requirements.

    What Texture Designs Designer Dress Have?

    Designer Dress Fabric Textures
    The Different Types of Textures

    Designer dresses have tactile and optic texture designs.

    Textures of a designer dress are shown with:

    • reptile prints
    • surface finishes
    • paint spill textures
    • surface enhancements

    What Advantages of Designer Dress?

    The designer dress can have a huge impact on everyone wearing it.

    • Designer dress is meant to represent a class.
    • The designer dress has exclusive designs.
    • The designer dress is long-lasting and durable.
    • The designer dress can reduce the possible tear and wear.
    • Designer dress is made from the most luxurious fabrics.
    • The designer dress is comfortable and soft to touch.
    • A designer dress is perfect for wedding, casual, or evening occasions.

    What Are Types of Designer Dresses?

    Consider these top 7 designer dresses below.

    1. Calvin Klein (CK) Dress Collection

    CK Dress

    Calvin Klein dresses are popular clothing almost all around the world. As the name itself, the dress was designed by Calvin Klein and founded a brand in 1968.

    1. Donatella Versace Dress Collection

    Donatella Versace Dress

    These dresses are designed of course by chief designer Donatella Versace. He uses the best luxury fabrics for his designs.

    1. Valentino Garavani Dress Collection

    Valentino Garavani Dress

    These luxury dresses are made by Italian designer Valentino Garavani. He is popular for designing dresses and other clothing for many famous celebrities worldwide.

    1. Coco Chanel Dress Collection

    Coco Chanel Dress

    Coco Chanel dress designs are top-class. Her famous brand is ‘Chanel’. She was a French designer, designs outstanding dresses for VIP people.

    1. Giorgio Armani Dress Collection

    The dresses are designed by Giorgio Armani. Armani started back in 1975. Her designs are top-quality.

    1. Ralph Lauren Dress Collection

    Ralph Lauren Dress collections are incredible and excellent. He is the best designer with the brand “Polo Ralph Lauren”. He started in 1972.

    1. Tom Ford Dress Collection

    Tom Ford Dress

    Tom Ford designs a dress with a “Gucci” brand on them. His designs are exquisite and outstanding.

    Designer Dress VS Normal Dress: What is the Difference?

    The main difference between designer dresses and normal dresses are the cost, quality, and label.


    Designer Dress is more expensive because the fabrics used are high-quality and valuable.

    While the Normal Dress is often an imitation of a designer dress which have the same style but with small change. It is way cheaper and can easily find in department stores.

    Because of unique styles and high-end fabrics, the designer dresses get the highest cost range. Normal dresses have much cheaper prices that average-class persons can afford.


    Designer Dresses are made with first-class fabric with uncompromising quality.

    However, the Normal Dresses are made from an ordinary fabric material. Their quality is not guaranteed.


    The designer dress is labeled with the designer’s name on it.

    The Normal Dress commonly copyrights over it.

    (Overall, Designer dresses get more admiration than normal dresses for the exclusiveness of their styles.)

    Where to Find Designer Dress?

    Acquiring a designer dress is not simple.

    You can find a designer dress presented only at the official website and stores of the designer.

    Is it Worth Purchasing a Designer Dress?

    It is determined by what you really need. If you need a dress for personal use or for official business events, you must pick a designer dress. They will be worth your money and effort.

    I suggest that you browse HFourwing for the best designer dress.

    How Do You Choose Sleeves For Wholesale Designer Dresses?

    Sleeves are categorized into two, set-in sleeves and extending sleeves.

    You may base on the following factors to choose the best sleeves.

    designer dress

    designer dress

    The length, volume, and type of fabric.

    Length is all about how long you prefer/wish your sleeves done.

    It could be made shorter, ¾ length, or long.

    Short sleeves extend slightly beyond the cap of your hand but above the elbow.

    The ¾ length sleeves extend beyond the elbow whereas the long sleeves cover the entire hand downwards to your lower arm.

    Next, we have a volume that looks more appealing when concentrated on the shoulders than at the cuff.

    Some are made broad whereas others are gathered together with a cuff.

    Lastly, the type of fabric used also plays a very significant role in the outcome.

    Some will go with the body whereas others with the drape.

    Can You Recommend Wholesale Designer Dresses Neckline Designs?

    The round neckline is curved forming a round shape and slightly reveals the upper part of the chest.

    Portrait Neckline -just like the off-shoulder neckline, it is wide with a light scoop from one shoulder to the other end.

    Notch Neckline has a small opening called a notch that is V-shaped and is centered at the base of the collar.

    Jewel neckline Is a plain and simple neckline that shows off your collar bone revealing the jewelry against the dress fabric hence this name.

    Scoop neckline is a low round neckline that reveals your cleavage.

    The square neckline has a lowcut wide surface area partially revealing the cleavage and the upper part of the chest and collar bone.

    The neckline broadens your chest while the neck appears narrow.

    Florentine neckline has a square cut close to the tip of your shoulders extending to the chest and the frontier.

    V neckline is made up of two slanting sides that join up to form a V-shaped neck.

    The surplice neckline portrays a V-shaped cut formed by a wrap that overlaps and is stitched in place around the breast area and the lower chest.

    The collared neckline is formed with a separate folded fabric of the same material attached to the dress and protrudes outwards.

    The cowl neckline is made of drape folds that are round-shaped and extend below your collar bone.

    An asymmetrical neckline has one of its sides folding while the other fastens up.

    Build-up necklines have bunches around the neck gathered together to form volumes attached to a drawstring or elastic band.

    The funnel neckline extends high with a narrow area at the base of the neck while bulging out towards the top.

    Turtle neckline extends high up from the base to the top of your neck ensuring it’s fully covered which makes them warm.

    Stovepipe necklines are made in such a manner that they stay close to your neck while extending to the main bodice.

    They completely cover your neck area keeping you warm which is why they are ideal for winter dresses and not summer.

    The off-shoulder neckline is a broad opening that leaves your shoulders exposed.

    They are best for summer dresses and not winter.

    Straight Across Neckline has a single cut running across your chest and bares not straps.

    Looks great on someone with broader shoulders as it shows off your shoulders.

    Sweetheart Neckline popularly used on wedding gowns has a low cut that is heart-shaped hence the name.

    It gives the illusion of a long neck while balancing silhouette.

    The semi-sweetheart neckline extends slightly higher on your chest partially exposing your cleavage.

    Bateau-Boat Neckline is horizontal and wide extending towards the shoulder points in the front and back areas of the dress.

    Spaghetti Strap Neckline leaves the larger shoulder area bare since it is composed of thin straps giving support to the dress.

    The halter neck strap is a neckline that extends from the frontier area of your dress towards the back exposing the larger part of your back.

    Queen Anne Neckline has a sinking V-shaped cut at the front and a collar that stands high at the back of your dress.

    Illusion Neckline is made up of sheer fabrics (lace/tulle) covering a wider area of the upper bodice while offering support.

    Which Measurements Are Critical When Buying Wholesale Designer Dress?

    We have three critical measurements which comprise the bust, waist, and hip measurements.

    Burst measurements cover the area around your back extending under the arms.

    Waist measurements on the other hand only cover the narrow part of the entire waist.

    Lastly, the hip measurements entail the hip and butt area having your legs positioned together.

    How Can You Get Best Prices Of Wholesale Designer Dresses In China?

    To get the best prices, ensure you work with the known manufacturers and suppliers.

    Do your research online and get to know the best brands you could work with.

    This saves you a lot from frauds and scammers who may want to take advantage.

    Are Wholesale Designer Dresses From China Fake Or Genuine?

    We have a great team of professionals that help us produce genuine original designer dresses.

    Furthermore, we have partnerships with OEM companies which is an added advantage.

    designer dress

    designer dress

    Through OEM, we acquire highly individualized software components which account for value increment on our products.

    They also ensure tightening of cyber security thus empowerment.

    Are There Replica Wholesale Designer Dresses From China?

    Yes, there exist replicated designer dresses.

    These are dresses duplicated to match the original designer dresses.

    When shopping for designer dresses, ensure you are keen enough not to get deceived by these replica dresses.

    replica designer dress

    replica designer dress

    Factors you could use to tell include the cost of the dresses, the quality of the fabric, and the stitching techniques used.

    In addition, make sure you shop with trusted brands and manufacturers.

    How Do You Verify Quality Of Wholesale Designer Dress?

    Although quality control checks are done, it is advisable to countercheck your dresses before purchasing.

    One of the key factors used to verify this is price.

    Higher prices tend to go hand in hand with good quality whereas poor quality is subject to low pricing.

    This is so because of the higher input costs brought about by highly charged quality fabrics and techniques used in the manufacturing process.

    Poor quality on the other hand entails low input costs consequential to low quality and cheap techniques being applied.

    The printing technique employed during the manufacturing process also matters.

    Sublimation printing is believed to be the best.

    The quality of ink used also matters and, in this case, Kian ink is recommended.

    Lastly, ensure the stitching techniques used to meet the required standards.

    How Do You Print Wholesale Designer Dress?

    There are three printing methods.

    These are; sublimation printing, screen printing, and digital printing.

    Sublimation printing is done by infusing ink into the fabrics with the aid of heat until it gets compact.

    The process is known to be the most superior and commonly used technique.

    This is because the method has more advantages outweighing the number of disadvantages.

    sublimation printed designer dress

     sublimation printed designer dress

    They include durability, comfort, flexibility, strength amongst others.

    These excellent properties are brought about by the good quality of techniques and inks used in the printing process.

    At some point, you may need an alternative method to sublimation printing.

    We recommend you screen printing technique.

    It works relatively well except that it is less superior to sublimation printing.

    The entire process involves the direct transfer of ink onto the fabrics of your designer dresses resulting in nice prints.

    Lastly, you could go for digital printing is known to best suit fabrics made of polyester.

    This is process is junior to sublimation and screen printing and would therefore be used by any manufacturer.

    screen printed designer dress

    screen-printed designer dress

    Here, ideas are copied from the sublimation printing method to make the whole process a success.

    This is why the process is likened to sublimation printing except that it’s less superior.

    Will Wholesale Designer Dresses In China Protect My Designs?

    Yes, your designs and other private information are always safe with us.

    This is why we sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA).

    The agreement does not allow us to disclose any information concerning our clients.

    Competition being one of the major threats is therefore minimized as your competitors have no access to your details.

    Managing these also double up your confidence thereby helping you stand out.

    Why Is Wholesale Designer Dress Expensive?

    The cost of wholesale designer dresses is known to be very costly in the clothing industry.

    This is so because the responsible clothing apparel does not go for mass production of these dresses.

    They only make a few pieces that are disposed of at high prices.

    Since manufacturing and printing of small runs is costly, the cost of the dresses and retail prices will therefore go up.

    The main focus is to achieve unattainable and exclusive designs made of quality fabrics and the best stitching types.

    This makes them desirable and will draw the consumer’s attention who has no option but rather pay for the incredible designs.

    Summing all this up in addition to labor input, licensing of the business and other bills adds up why they cost more than ordinary dresses.

    What Should You Consider When Buying Wholesale Designer Dress?

    The quality of your designer dresses is very essential.

    Examine the materials and ensure that the fabrics used portrays excellent properties as far as quality is concerned.

    The fitting of your designer dress should also be taken into account based on your body size, weight, and measurements.

    Design of your dress.

    To stay fashionable, go trendy designs and styles depending on your type of occasion.

    The cost of the designer dress.

    In most cases, consumers tend to equate pricing to the quality of the dresses.

    Low pricing may be very tempting but good quality designer dresses will always cost more in comparison with poor quality ones.

    You may therefore base on this to make the right choice but again make sure the price is worth the dress.

    The occasion and audience.

    The dresses are designed differently for different occasions.

    If your purpose is to attend or face a formal occasion/audience then consider a formal dress.

    Parties are consequential to party dresses. This applies to all other occasions whereby you could use this to tell what you can shop for.

    Go for the trending and latest fashion designs to stay Iconic.

    Get unique ideas of trending designs and styles from TV fashion shows, magazine articles, and other social platforms.

    Consider the patterns and lines of your dress.

    Fine designer dresses have their patterns done properly with the best stitching techniques applied.

    Every aspect of the small details is usually done to its full potential and so any shoddy work should serve you as a red alert.

    The color of the dress.

    Based on your personal preferences, select a color you will be comfortable with to be fully satisfied.

    This could be done by focusing on several factors which are; your skin tone, the theme color of the occasion, trending colors, preferred ideas, etc.

    How Should Wholesale Designer Dress Fit?

    Designer dresses should skim your body whether formal or casual.

    Body con designer dresses are designed to be form-fitting and not tight.

    Free dresses on the other hand are flawless thereby defining your natural body structure.

    designer dress

     designer dress

    To determine a perfect fit for your body, we offer a guided chart displaying various sizes and measurements.

    Alternatively, we use your body weight to tell you what is the best fit for you.

    Do Wholesale Designer Dress Manufacturers In China Have Return Policy?

    Yes, we have return policies that allow you to return items for any other reason other than a change of mind for something else.

    This policy is governed by a set of rules

    It allows the return of goods that are not rummaged or items on offer.

    The items must be in their best condition possible, packaged inclusive of user manuals and tags attached to them.

    Upon returning an item, you must provide the original MMA Fight Store tax invoice, copy of the tax invoice, or delivery docket.

    How Do You Choose Best Material For Wholesale Designer Dress?

    Here are some of the best fabrics for your designer dresses.

    Cotton fabric is one of the leading materials used in the manufacturing of designer dresses.

    The fabric is known to be durable, soft with excellent breathability properties making it ideal for summer and not winter dresses.

    Despite the fabric being easy to sew, it has a smooth texture and does not give room for wrinkles.

    Silk fabric comes next and has a pleasant touch that feels luxurious.

    This fabric is light, smooth, and very appealing to the eye.

    Even though it is difficult when it comes to sewing, the fabric makes very fashionable designer dresses.

    It also requires very high maintenance measures like dry-cleaning to retain its natural look.

    Linen fabric has been in existence for centuries now.

    It carries a few qualities of cotton even though the two differ slightly.

    The fabric is easily prone to wrinkles despite being hard stiff and crispy.

    This, therefore, explains why it barely drapes on the body like other fabrics even though it has a soft texture.

    Satin on the other hand feels very luxurious and would make beautiful occasion wear which may comprise of gala events and wedding dresses.

    They are very hard to sew due to wanky seams which may cause damage to needles and machines.

    Polyester is a synthetic fabric largely used by cloth line manufacturers to make very fashionable beautiful dresses though less preferred.

    The fabric is stretchy, does not drape on your body, and is very easy to maintain.

    Knit is another stretchy fabric known to have great drape and comfort.

    Quality is determined by the abundance of gauge on the fabric.

    Though difficult to sew, it results in very lovely fashionable dresses.

    Wool fabric is used on designer dresses too and is categorized into course wool and fine soft wool.

    For dresses, consider using finer soft wool as a course is used on blankets and rugs.

    The fabric is soft and easy to wash.

    Rayon fabric is soft, light and makes very beautiful designer dresses with great drapes.

    Lastly, we have blends and lace fabrics.

    Blends are a composition of several fabrics joined to form one, they are cheap and easy to wash.

    Lace dresses have linings and are occasion friendly.

    How Can You Solve Patent Disputes Of Wholesale Designer Dresses?

    Patenting your designer dresses helps in preventing imitation from other companies.

    The disputes likely to occur are categorized into two.

    A disagreement with the intellectual property office (IPO) as a result of getting an objection over a patent or patent application.

    A disagreement with a third party results from claims to be involved in patent ownership or infringement.

    The two disputes can be resolved through a court of law to ensure justice is served.

    Alternatively, it is done through IPOs patent dispute resolution hearings.

    This comprises of an ex parte hearing (resolution between you and the office) or inter party hearing (you and a  third party).

    Can You Get American And European Wholesale Designer Dresses In China?

    Yes, both designer dresses do exist.

    China is popularly known for leading in textile and clothing production and supply.

    american designer dress

    American designer dress

    This explains why big brands will want to do business there.

    We have international European and American designer companies that are based in China.

    These companies ensure there is a supply of these dresses in the market.

    european designer dress

    European designer dress

    Are Wholesale Designer Dresses From China Durable?

    Yes, we guarantee you the durability of these dresses.

    We use the highest quality fabrics, best stitching techniques as well professional designing to ensure the dresses meet the required standards.

    Some of the fabrics used are linen, cotton, polyester, etc.

    How Do You Determine The Length Of Wholesale Designer Dress?

    Length is determined based on your measurements.

    Ensure you have the correct body measurements to make this easier.

    Charts are also offered to guide you on what would look good on you based on height.

    Does Body Shape Determine Design Of Wholesale Designer Dress?

    Yes, which is why you should know your body type.

    Some body types will work with closely all designs whereas others are limited to a few.

    Fitting designs like body cons would look good on curvaceous body structures whereas loose fitting would work for any body type.

    How Doe Wholesale Designer Dress Manufacturer Support Importers?

    We offer you low competitive prices to ensure effective fair competition while pulling more customers.

    Free custom design to enable you to market your dresses in this competitive business environment.

    Assist in design processing while protecting your designs from competitors

    Support your business by taking care of the shipping cost to help you compete with existing known brands.

    Carry out branding since there is power in branded items to ensure your designs stand out and are disposed of fast.

    Short and fast turnaround time ensures you don’t run out of stock.

    Free after-sell services include free packaging and compensation of faulty items on arrival.

    Do Wholesale Designer Dresses From China Have Private Labels?

    Yes, the dresses may be customized based on your preferences.

    Once you have purchased these items, they are now your property.

    We, therefore, consider it done based on your interests, be it private labeling or any other personal details.

    Is There MOQ For Wholesale Designer Dresses?

    Yes, the MOQ for wholesale designer dresses is 2 pieces per order.

    This could vary for different manufacturers.

    How Long Will It Take To Produce Wholesale Designer Dress?

    It takes about 1-2 months to complete the manufacturing process.

    Production begins once we receive a down payment of the total cost.

    This is a deposit which is about ¼ of the total cost.

    For all your designer dresses, contact us now.

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