Best Wholesale Corset Dresses Manufacturer in China

H&Fourwing is your dependable wholesale corset dress supplier and manufacturer. We provide a broad selection of corset dresses that comes from various style, colors, patterns, shapes, fit, and materials.

  • Over 15 years wholesale corset dresses manufacturing experience
  • Producing high-end wholesale corset dresses
  • Full package service from fabric sourcing to delivery
  • 20+ years pattern makers, 10+ years seamstress workers
  • The professional in-house design team

Your Leading Wholesale Corset Dresses in China

H&FourWing has over 15 years of wholesale corset dress manufacturing and designing experience. We are a professional in this industry and can produce thousands of designs of wholesale corset dresses. Owing to our skilled pattern and designer team, fabric sourcing team, and seamstress workers with over 20 years of history.

We work together with our esteemed clients from fabric sourcing, pattern and sample making, manufacturing, and delivery. H&FourWing  is willing to assist you from the entire process to skyrocket your business. Settle with us right away!

H& Four Wing Corset Dress Series

Vintage Corset Dress in Cream Taffeta

Vintage Corset Dress in Cream Taffeta is designed with cream taffeta and cream lace. It has rear lace fastening with a modesty panel, lace frill, and ribbon detail. H&Fourwing custom your corset dress needs.

Blue Corset Dress with Lace and Tulle Details

H&Fourwing Blue Corset Dress with Lace and Tulle Details has an elegant design perfect for many occasions. It will improve your body posture.

Quiled Technical Cotton Corset Dress

Women used to wear quilted technical cotton corset dresses to look skinny and to ensure modesty. H&Fourwing offers as low as 50 pcs corset dress MOQ, to support your business.

White Lace Panel Corset Midi Dress

H&Fourwing design corset dress that varies in colors, style, shapes, fit, pattern, materials such as lace, silk, PVC. We can design the most gorgeous and classy corset dress for any occasion.

Whistles Lace Corset Dress Soft Shade Blue

This type of corset dress is made in a soft shade of blue and adorned with lace to bring elegance. It is styled with a corseted silhouette with sheer, puffed sleeves. It is fitted at the waist, looser fit through the leg midi length.

Red Layered Corset style Bodice Dress

Our corset dresses are famous and worn by celebrities, weddings, on red carpets, proms, and other formal events. It is cost-effective, elegant style and

Differernt High-Quality Materials Meeting Your Desire

In manufacturing your wholesale corset dress, you can choose from our high-quality source materials including lace, silk, PVC, satin, mesh, leather, cotton, etc. We can fully customize your corset dress needs. We accept any ideas you have in developing wholesale corset dresses. These can be detailed with beads or frills to enhance their look.

Differernt High-Quality Materials Meeting Your Desire
Multi Designs Satify Your Any Enquires

Multi Designs Satify Your Any Enquires

H&Fourwing wholesale corset dress can be design overbust or underbust. It can be manufacture with zip-up, lace-up, or have hook and eye closures. It also comes with steel or plastic boning, with less and more extreme curves. H&Fourwing corset dress worn alone or under or over clothing items like blouses, lace, depending on your choice.

H&Fourwing Factory
Your Best Wholesale Corset Dresses Partner

H&Fourwing – Your Best Wholesale Corset Dresses Partner

If you are seeking the best wholesale corset dress provider, H&Fourwing is your ultimate choice. For as low as 50 pieces MOQ, you can have your corset dress for your business. H&Fourwing consistently delivers the most excellent clothing products and reliable services.

In China, H&Fourwing is popular for bringing the most satisfying quality corset dresses at a very affordable price. Thanks to our professional in-house design team, 20+ years of experience pattern maker, and 10+ years of history seamstress workers.

From fabric sourcing, designing to fabricating, we are glad to support the entire process for your satisfaction. In every process, we are equipped with strict quality control and inspection that guarantee the stable quality of the product before being delivered to you.

For more than 15 years, H&Fourwing consistently produce wholesale corset dresses with the latest trends and designs. We are experts in ODM and OEM wholesale corset dress services. Our custom wholesale corset dress is widely appreciated by customers around the world.

You will find various high-end fashionable women’s clothing here for your brand. We also manufacture wholesale seater dresses, wholesale western dresses, wholesale t-shirt dresses, jumper dresses, and other women’s clothing. In a word, H&Fourwing is your one-stop-shop solution that has all the capabilities you require in women’s clothing manufacturing.

Send your inquiries now to know what we offer.

What is a Corset Dress?

Corset Dress

Corset Dress

Victorian and Edwardian corset creations very much influence the design of modern corset dresses.

It has slight structuring design differences compared to historical corsets.

Corset dresses are typically a type of clothing worn as an outer garment.

Often with skirts attached and designed to wrap around the chest and waist.

Corset Dresses Suit for What Kind of Occasions?

Corset Dresses are a versatile type of outer garment. It is perfect for any event, namely:

Bridal, Casual, Evening, Formal, Party, Prom, Smart Casual, Summer, and Workwear.

Bridal Corset Dress

Bridal Corset Dress

What Kind of Fabrics are Corset Dresses Made?

Here are the most prevalent fabrics used for clothing attire, such as corset dresses:

100% Viscose

This fabric has a comparable drape and silky texture to the opulence material. 

Viscose is a semi-artificial kind of rayon cloth produced from wood pulp. 

It is an excellent substitute for silk. 

100% Woven Polyester Fabric

Polyester fabric (polyethylene terephthalate) is the most popular manufactured woven textile.

It is widely known for being long-lasting and reasonable to produce. 

Polyester and polyester combinations are now the globally top prevalent human-made fabrics.

Elastane or Spandex

Spandex, Lycra, or Elastane is synthetic wool prevalently known for its superior elasticity.

Elastane is invulnerable to deterioration when it comes in touch with body oils, creams, sweat, or even detergents.

It is also resistant to scratch.

Spandex is firmer and more enduring than typical rubber. 

Elastane will retain its original shape even if extended or stretched constantly.

100% Cotton Fabric

Cotton is one of the best materials for summer and humid temperatures. 

Cotton is smooth, light, breathable, and absorbs up any liquid

It comes in innumerable patterns and colors, which means you can find a cotton garment that fits pretty much any need.

Denim Fabric

Denim textiles are well-made cotton twill fabric threaded with indigo, gray, or marked white yarn. 

What are the Known Colors of Prevalent Corset Dresses?

The various corset dresses colors draw attention and form an emotional connection. 

Consider purchasing one of these corset dresses in classic colors:

  • Beige
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Grey
  • Multi
  • Purple
  • Red
  • White

Send an email to your manufacturer now for further alterations and a combination of colors that suit your preference.

What are the Most Popular Corset Dresses Designs?

Corset dresses are one of the top leading women’s garments. 

It is widely known for its diverse breathtaking designs, such as: 

Flared midi dress with corset waistline

The dress neckline has straight sides meeting at a point forming a V-shape.

The drawstring waistline feature allows for adjustment. 

It comes with long sleeves with lowered shoulder seams.

Peplum Hem Corset Dress

The waist of the piece of clothing has a gathered strip of cloth that creates a unique flounce over the hips. 

The peplum design confines everything from a delicate fold of textile.

Bodycon Corset Dress

Bodycon, also called body-conscious clothing, is a garment style that conforms very close to the body.

Bodycon Corset Dress styles show the feminine shape emphasizing sexy hips, booty bends, and captivating bust lines.

Puff Sleeves Corset Maxi Dress

Puff Sleeve Corset Dress

Maxi is referring to an ankle-length, generally informal dress.

It is an appealing outer garment with lovely puff sleeves.

Floral Corset Dress

Floral dresses corset dresses incorporate blooming flowers which symbolize grace, complexity, and femininity. 

This corset dress design is perfect for every season. Floral dresses are appropriate for every season.

Feel free to contact your manufacturer for design customizations.

What are the Available Sizes for Corsets Dresses?

Remarkably, corset dresses come in various sizes.

  1. International Sizes
  2. UK Sizes
  3. EU Sizes
  4. AUS Sizes
What are the Available Corset Dress Lovely Patterns?

Well-made corset dress patterns are fantastic and unusual. 

The following are the marketable patterns of the popular corset dresses:

  • Camouflage
  • Checks
  • Floral
  • Lace
  • Logo
  • Polka Dots
  • Solid
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