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  • Manufactures high-end wholesale cocktail dress
  • Composed of experienced pattern makers
  • Supplying cocktail dress in ODM/OEM
  • Offers 50 pieces as lowest MOQ
Cocktail Dress with V-Neck Straps
Cocktail Dress with V-Neck Straps

This breathable cocktail dress with V-neck straps comes in a range of sizes. From small, medium, to XXL, you can find a dress to suits your needs.

Cocktail Ball Gown Dresses
Cocktail Ballgown Dress

H&Fourwing design cocktail ballgown dress perfect for party, wedding, and other similar events. The dress features breathable, sustainable, and dry cleaning.

Ladies Women Cocktail Dresses
Ladies Women Cocktail Dresses

These cocktail dresses are ideal for ladies and women, made of polyester/cotton, spandex. H&Fourwing supply dress with sustainable, anti-static, breathable… features.

Wholesale Party Cocktail Dress
Wholesale Party Cocktail Dress

Available in ranges of sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL. You can wholesale party cocktail dresses in multiple colors. We can also support OEM orders for your business need.

One Shoulder White Cocktail Dress
One Shoulder White Cocktail Dress

These one-shoulder white cocktail dresses are ideal for any season like formal events, parties, weddings, etc. You can purchase a dress for as low as 50 pcs MOQ.

Wholesale Plus-size Cocktail Dress
Wholesale Plus-size Cocktail Dress

This elegant plus-size cocktail dress comes in different colors, styles, and sizes. It features breathable, washable, anti-static, and anti-wrinkle fabric.

Pink Wholesale Cocktail Party Dress
Pink Wholesale Cocktail Party Dress

H&Fourwing offers a pink wholesale cocktail party dress, available from S-XXL size. You can wholesale dress for as low as 50-100 pcs minimum order requirement.

Wholesale Backless Cocktail Dress
Wholesale Backless Cocktail Dress

This backless cocktail dress is 100% made of cotton. Ideal for the summer season. This simple yet elegant dress features anti-static. We accept OEM orders for this dress.

Wholesale Lace Embroidery Cocktail Dress
Wholesale Lace Embroidery Cocktail Dress

We offer wholesale lace embroidery cocktail dresses at very affordable prices. We can support custom layouts for your special business need. We will 100% support your product development.

Leading Wholesale Cocktail Dresses Manufacturer

H&Fourwing manufactures high-quality cocktail dresses for affordable wholesale prices. Since 2014, our company has been producing top-quality products and great after-sale services in the clothing industry. We have all the excellent capabilities you need for a cocktail dress manufacturer.

    Your Premier Wholesale Cocktail Dresses Supplier in China

    H&Fourwing  is an expert company in manufacturing the best quality cocktail dress in China. We are supplying all types of cocktail dresses for competitive prices.

    Our cocktail dresses are made up of different top-grade materials and fabrics. We want to ensure that you will have a first-class cocktail dress. H&Fourwing ensures that this cocktail dress provides benefits for both of us.

    H&Fourwing cocktail dress can be purchased wholesale. For as low as 50 pieces, you can have your cocktail dress ready to be delivered to your customers. Our cocktail dress can be customized to any designs and styles you want to skyrocket your business in the market.

    H&Fourwing cocktail dress is 100% guaranteed original products and profitable. It is made from high-quality fabric with an elegant and unique look. This cocktail dress is available in different styles and designs. We have the widest range of cocktail dresses that you can find in the market.

    We can produce a cocktail dress with long sleeves, shirt collar, flared hem, and button closure. Our company can also develop cocktail dress with cross-over silhouette, pleated surplice neck, hidden zipper at the back, adjustable arm tapes and etc.

    In fact, H&Fourwing offers full customization for a cocktail dress. Our company will provide all the solutions you need to boost your business.

    If your customers are looking for a cocktail dress with three-quarter sleeves, solid woven fit, and flare dress, has a V-neck and an attached lining, H&Fourwing is right here for you. We make sure that we produce cocktail dresses with WOW effect and eye-catching.

    Rest assured, we are producing cocktail dresses for different body types. H&Fourwing can help you reach the demands of your customers.

    Moreover, we can help you expand your business internationally. Our cocktail dress is ready tested in quality and performance before delivering it worldwide.

    Our cocktail dress features all the trendy fashion today. Your customers will definitely love our products. We are also giving you full support to change the course of your business into a sure success.

    Since 2014, H&Fourwing has been engaged in the clothing industry. Our experienced allow us to gained all the knowledge in manufacturing cocktail dress.

    H&Fourwing is composed of highly skilled designers and workers that focused on enhancing our cocktail dress. We stand as your one-stop-shop providing all the solutions you need in this industry.

    You can send us your inquiries anytime and be satisfied with our products!

    Wholesale Cocktail Dresses: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    I know you’re probably looking for high quality wholesale cocktail dresses.

    A reason this guide will answer all your questions on cocktail dresses.

    So, before importing cocktail dresses from China, read this guide.

    Where Can I Buy Wholesale Cocktail Dresses?

    The best place to purchase your wholesale dress would be from a manufacturer.

    Since you will be buying wholesale, manufacturers always offer discounts, and thus it will be quite beneficial for your business.

     Cocktail dress

    Cocktail dress

    Is There A Way to Determine Whether You are Working With the Right Wholesale Cocktail Dresses Manufacturer?

    Yes. There are ways to confirm that your manufacturer is the appropriate one to work with. Here are some tips;

    • Confirm the manufacturer’s license.
    • Physically visit the factory and assess all factors.
    • Check their experience since more experienced firms have a high likelihood of being legitimate.
    • Dig deeper and conduct your research on online platforms such and check reviews from previous clients.
    • Consider the MOQ offered by the manufacturer and determine if it is within your budget.
    • Be sure to understand the payment terms especially if you are new to the business. Some wholesale cocktail dress manufacturers might request for a pre-production full payment and thus it is important to clarify this.
    • Ensure that the turnaround time corresponds with your desired production timeline.

    What Are Some Of The Cocktail Dresses Styles And Designs?

    Cocktail dresses come in a variety of styles and designs which are not limited to;

    • Strapless dress
    • A-line cocktail dress
    • Embellished cocktail dress
    • Long-sleeve cocktail dress
    • Lace cocktail dress
    • Little black cocktail dress
    • Sheath cocktail dress
    • Bell sleeves cocktail dress
    • Shift dress
    • Tea-length cocktail dress
    • Beaded cocktail dress
    • Sheer cocktail dress
    • Puff sleeves dress
    • Flounce dress
    • Tulle cocktail dress
    • High neck cocktail dress
    • Midi cocktail dress
    • Asymmetrical cocktail dress

    How Does A Cocktail Dress And Gown Differentiate?

    In as much as a cocktail dress might sound similar to a gown, the distinctive feature lies in the length.

    Blue cocktail dress

    Blue cocktail dress

    While a cocktail dress can be worn from super short to midi lengths, gowns are always worn way too long below the knee.

    Also, wholesale cocktail dresses are semi-formal and not very glamourous as seen with dresses like gowns.



    Can I Negotiate MOQ When Buying Wholesale Cocktail Dresses?

    Yes, you can negotiate MOQ when buying wholesale cocktail dresses. However, it’s worth noting that this process is not always easy.

    Most manufacturers avoid incurring losses and thus your proposal should be fair enough for both parties.

    Your cocktail dresses manufacturer is likely to negotiate MOQ if the terms agreed upon don’t affect their profit.

    Therefore, it is essential that you strategically plan this out before approaching your manufacturer for MOQ negotiations.

    Do Wholesale Cocktail Dresses Manufacturers Offer Customization?

    Yes. When buying wholesale cocktail dresses, your manufacturer will be more than willing to offer customization services.

    Whether you want a specific material or accessories to be used, you need to discuss it with your manufacturer before the manufacturing process begins.

     Customized cocktail dress

    Customized cocktail dress

    Why Should You Buy Wholesale Cocktail Dresses Directly From The Manufacturer?

    Most importers choose to purchase cocktail dresses directly from the manufacturers and it’s easy to understand why;

    • Manufacturers offer great discounts to bulk purchases and therefore buying wholesale cocktail dresses from them would be profitable.
    • Owing to face-to-face communication, you can effectively negotiate prices when purchasing directly from the manufacturer.
    • Buying wholesale cocktail dresses directly from the manufacturer allows you to customize your products.

    This way, you can capably compete in the market with other businesses.

    • Purchasing directly from a reputable manufacturer prevents you from encountering scammers along the supply chain. This is because there are no middlemen involved along the chain.
    • Buying directly from the manufacturer allows you to reap significant profits owing to the cost-effective prices.

    Can Wholesale Cocktail Dresses Manufacturer Assist In The Design Process?

    Cocktail dress design

    Cocktail dress design

    Yes. Wholesale cocktail dress manufacturers can assist in designing your products.

    As such, working with experienced and qualified manufacture is essential if so, you want to get quality assistance.

    What Is The Right Length Of Cocktail Dress?

    Cocktail dresses don’t have a standard length as seen with gowns.

    The appropriate length for cocktail dresses can range from above the knee to just below the knee.

    Also, if the cocktail dress is meant for a formal event, going with a long dress would be ideal. In addition to that, short cocktail dresses can be worn at semi-formal events.

    Generally, a cocktail dress should neither be too short, transparent, nor skimpy.

    Will Cocktail Dress Manufacturers Protect My Design?

    The truth of the matter is that you need to protect your design when working with manufacturers.

    Before you take any action to protect your design, you must ensure you hold the copyright to your brand.

    Once this is done, you can go ahead and protect your design through the following ways;

    • Register your IP in China if you are manufacturing from China. This can either be trademarks or patents.

    Registering your trademark in China is essential and easy for whatever brand name you have for your cocktail dresses.

    On the other hand, patents often require translation to the Chinese language and filing should be done before public disclosure.

    • Register with customs -Registering with customs will have any infringing products barred from importation and exportation by custom officials.
    • Conduct takedowns on infringing products from websites. This comes after registering your IP.

    You will need to submit proof that you own the rights to the product and additional information about the product.

    On some websites, the deletions can be contested, while on others the call will be executed after the deletion.

    • Incorporate a brand monitoring service to assist in identifying infringing products and performing takedowns.
    • Ensure that your manufacturer signs an agreement before beginning any manufacturing processes.

    An NNN agreement is a perfect example to consider when working with your manufacturer.

    Not only does it prevent competition from your manufacturer but also prevents them from directly approaching your customers.

    • You might also be interested in introducing the mold/equipment protection agreement.

    This agreement helps in protecting your mold/tooling from being used to make other products that don’t belong to you.

    Failure to do this, your manufacturer might use your mold/tooling to manufacturer your products and compete with you.

    This might happen when you decide to move to a different cocktail dress manufacturer.

    • China Manufacturing Agreement – A China Manufacturing Agreement clarifies everything between you and the manufacturer.

    Some of the factors addressed in this agreement are not limited to;

    1. Mold/tooling ownership
    2. IP ownership
    3. Non-compete, non-circumvention, non-disclosure agreements.
    4. Sub-contractors or sub-supplier
    5. Product quality
    6. Liquidated damages that are for breaches.

    What Are The Best Fabrics For Cocktail Dresses?

    There are a variety of fabrics that can be used to make a cocktail dress.

    That said, some of the suitable materials to use for the manufacture of cocktail dresses are not limited to;

    • Satin
    • Brocade
    • Chiffon
    • Crepe
    • Velvet
    • Lace
    • Tulle
    • Linen
    • Silk
    • Organza
    • Taffeta
    • Georgette
    • Faille
    • Duchesse
    • Charmeuse
    • Lace

    What Are The Available Size Options For Cocktail Dresses?

    Just as people have different sizes so do cocktail dresses.

    The sizes range from small, medium, large, and XL sizes.

    You also need to understand that the numerical sizes differ from one country to the other. For instance, there are UK and US sizes and both vary.

    Therefore it’s important to note this when shopping for wholesale cocktail dresses.

    Should I Purchase Wholesale Cocktail Dresses From Wholesaler Or Directly From The Factory?

    It’s always best to purchase your wholesale cocktail dresses directly from the factory.

    In as much as you might consider buying from wholesalers, you need to factor in that they are also selling at a profit.

    This means that they bought the cocktail dresses for a much cheaper price from the factory. I must tell you that if you want to grow your businesses then buying directly from the factory would always be a suitable move to undertake.

    What Are The Benefits Of Buying Wholesale Cocktail Dresses From The Factory?

    There are several reasons why most importers or businesses owners choose to buy directly from the factory. Such reasons are not limited to;

    • Cost-effectiveness – Wholesale cocktail dresses manufacturers are always willing to offer larger discounts when buying in bulk.

    This in turn increases profits and facilitates business growth.

    • Customization – Most if not all manufacturers offer customization services to their customers.

    As such, you will be in a better position to compete effectively in the market with other companies.

    • Face-to-face negotiations – Face to face meet up with your manufacturer allows you to get a better understanding of the business.

    In addition, you have the opportunity to establish meaningful links with your manufacturer for future purchases.

    • Higher profit margins – Given that manufacturers offer larger discounts; your business is set to gain higher profit margins.

    This is equivalent to it for the growth of the company.

    Will My Manufacturer Agree To Offer Discount On My Wholesale Cocktail Dresses?

    When making bulk purchases directly from your manufacturer you are more than likely to be offered discounts.

    Most if not all manufacturers are willing to offer discounts based on your quantity of purchases to maintain their customers.

    How Can You Get Best Price For Wholesale Cocktail Dresses?

    Every buyer aims to get unbeatable prices when making purchases.

    To get the best prices for your wholesale cocktail dresses, be sure to consider the following;

    • Bargaining -While it might sound so obvious, bargaining can make a huge difference especially when buying from China.

    Oftentimes your supplier or manufacturer will place a product at a much higher price leaving space for a bargain.

    Thus, if you fail to do so, you miss out on a huge cut that would otherwise have a positive impact on your profits.

    • Buy directly from the manufacturer -I cannot stress enough the importance of buying your cocktail dresses directly from the factory.

    Getting the best prices and reaping higher profits are the two major reasons why most importers choose this route.

    • Work with experienced sourcing agents -Sourcing agents with experience in sourcing cocktail dresses will easily assist in getting the best prices.

    Having established networks with different manufacturers, they know where and how to get the best prices for you.

    Not forgetting that working with a sourcing agent will also allow you to proceed with your daily routines as they take care of all your sourcing needs.

    So quite frankly, this would be an ideal option for anyone seeking to get their cocktail dresses fast and without effort.

    • Buy in bulk – When it comes to buying wholesale, the more you buy, the higher the discounts, the bigger the profits.

    How Do You Select Appropriate Color For Cocktail Dresses?

    The selection of a suitable color for a cocktail dress will be based on the tone of the skin, the type of body, occasions, and current trends.

    For instance, cool undertones will blend in well with blue, silver, and grey among others.

    On the other hand, if you have a warm undertone earthy colors such as brown, dark green, and gold would blend well.

    Different colors convey different meanings and you’d want to convey the right message based on the occasion.

    For example, red is attention-grabbing and conveys passion and emotional intensity.

    Black conveys confidence and power while blue is associated with loyalty and calmness.

    In terms of body shape, darker colors will make you look smaller while brighter colors accentuate your body.

    Therefore, if you want to draw attention to your waistline you should select a cocktail dress that has a bright color around the waistline.

    Some occasions might demand specific color options.

    Black being somber of color would be an inappropriate color to wear when attending a wedding ceremony.

    Alternatively, you don’t want to wear white at a wedding ceremony since the bride should be the one with a white gown.

    So really, selecting cocktail dresses has more to it than just the quantity and price. That’s if you want to meet each of your customer’s needs.

    What’s A Good Sleeve Length For Cocktail Dresses?

    Sleeveless cocktail dress

    Sleeveless cocktail dress

    While there are different types of sleeves for cocktail dresses, there are no general rules for sleeve length.

    You are free to wear what makes you feel comfortable whether it’s bishop sleeves, cap, Gibson, Juliet, bell, or Dolman sleeves.

    Cocktail dress with bishop sleeve

    Cocktail dress with bishop sleeve

    Do Wholesale Cocktail Dresses Manufacturers Offer Free Samples?

    Yes. Wholesale cocktail dress manufacturers offer free samples.

    However, it’s worth noting that most manufacturers won’t suggest free samples to you.

    You need to request them.

    Requesting for a sample is a great way of testing if your manufacturer is up to the task.

    It also allows the design and mold of the product to be tested.

    Is There Product Return Policy For Wholesale Cocktail Dresses?

    Most manufacturers have a product return policy that’s meant to ensure fair play when a customer is unsatisfied.

    Product return policy varies from manufacturer to manufacturer due to different requirements during returns.

    Therefore, discussing this before the manufacturing processes is very important regardless of the number of your purchases.

    What Are The Payment Options Accepted By Wholesale Cocktail Dresses Manufacturers In China?

    If managed appropriately, the payment option you choose can minimize risks such as delays, quality issues, and scams.

    Also, choosing a payment method based on the purchased quantity is important if you want to minimize your spending.

    That said, most cocktail dress manufacturers provide a variety of payment options to their customers.

    Some of the payment options accepted by cocktail dresses manufacturers are not limited to;

    • Letter of credit – A letter of credit is ideal when making bulk purchases with big manufacturers.
    • PayPal – PayPal is one of the most secure payment methods an importer can use to make a payment.

    However, the higher transaction fees associated with PayPal make some manufacturers shun away from accepting it.

    • Telegraphic transfers – With Telegraphic transfers, the risks are borne by both you and the manufacturer.

    In most cases, the manufacturer will reduce the risk by requesting a deposit beforehand.

    Working with an online broker can be a suitable option if so you want to get good rates and faster processing.

    • Escrow -Online escrow works by holding payment made until you receive your goods.

    The payment is always held by a third party. This payment method is suitable for small transactions.

    • Cash – The main drawback of using cash payment is that recovering money back is next to impossible.

    This might happen in case you are unsatisfied with your products.

    Therefore, the buyer is subjected to risks as compared to the manufacturer.

    • Western Union – Western Union is widely accepted by most manufacturers. However, you need to be informed that it is difficult to trace back your transaction. So be sure to fully have trust in your supplier before relying on this payment method. In addition to that, Western Union is a hotbed for fraudsters and therefore you need to pay extra attention to details when transacting your money.
    • International Credit cards – International credit cards are one of the commonly used payment methods globally.

    This makes them a target for fraudsters and most manufacturers are likely to choose telegraphic transfers over international credit cards.

    In Addition, poor payment infrastructure for processing the transaction makes it difficult for some manufacturers to accept credit cards payments.

    This mostly applies to US credit cards.

    Why Should You Buy Wholesale Cocktail Dresses From China?

    Buying wholesale cocktail dresses from China provides you with ample benefits for your business.

    Hundreds of thousands of importers choose to import their clothes and textiles from China every year.

    And it’s easy to understand why;

    • Uniqueness – One of the driving factors that place China on top in regards to manufacturing is stiff competition.

    Competition propels manufacturers to create unique designs for them to stand out from the larger crowd.

    As a result, the uniqueness of products including cocktail dresses is realized.

    • Customization -Making a wholesale cocktail dress purchase allows you to enjoy customization services.

    Most large-scale manufacturers prioritize large-scale buyers when it comes to customizing their products.

    The reason behind this is that the manufacturing machines are designed to handle large purchases and manufacturing less could result in losses.

    • Cost-effectiveness – Buying wholesale cocktail dresses from China is much cheaper as compared to other countries.

    Quite still, you have room to bargain the price, and thus making profits from your business is made easier.

    • Variety – China has several manufacturing firms for dresses including cocktail dresses.

    You get to select among hundreds if not thousands of cocktail dresses available. Working with an experienced manufacturer is also advantageous in the sense that they have more variety and could suggest customizable options.

    • Quality – Many people fail to understand that China is one of the best countries to purchase affordable quality products.

    Before, people used to associate low quality with products from China. That is not the case now.

    China has grown to be the top manufacturing hub globally for different big brands as well as small brands.

    Finding quality wholesale cocktail dresses shouldn’t be worrisome after conducting proper research and working with the right people.

    Do Affordable Cocktail Dresses From China Imply Low Quality?

    No. Affordable cocktail dresses from China don’t imply low quality.

    China has grown to become the leading producer on a global scale owing to the costs and quality of products.

    This explains why hundreds of thousands of businesses both small and large opt to import from China.

     Plus size cocktail dress

    Plus size cocktail dress

    How Do you Choose A Perfect Wholesale Cocktail Dress?

    To select a perfect wholesale cocktail dress you need to consider the occasion, different skin tones, and body types.

    As a business owner, having cocktail dresses for different body types, occasions, and in diverse colors is important.

    For all your cocktail dress orders, we are here to offer cost-effective solution – talk H&Fourwing now.

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