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Professional Wholesale Chiffon Dresses

  • 20 years of experience in wholesale chiffon dresses production
  • Consists of professional wholesale chiffon dresses
  • Only manufactures high-quality wholesale chiffon dresses
  • Offers numerous style and design in an affordable cost
Wholesale Sleeveless-style V-neck Chiffon Dresses
Wholesale Sleeveless-style V-neck Chiffon Dresses

This wholesale sleeveless-style v-neck chiffon dress from H&Fourwing has plenty of specialization and features. A type of chiffon dress perfectly suits the summer season.

Wholesale Floral Printed Chiffon Dresses
Wholesale Floral Printed Chiffon Dresses

A classification of wholesale chiffon dresses which are so comfy and formal to wear. Made from sturdy chiffon fabricants. You can choose your own wholesale chiffon dresses with unique floral printed designs.

Wholesale Sleeveles Lace Chiffon Dresses
Wholesale Sleeveless Lace Chiffon Dresses

Categorized for being soft, and comfortable wholesale chiffon dress to wear. Specialized for having floral lace shoulder straps which are perfectly suited for wedding occasions. 

Wholesale Vintage Pleated Chiffon Dresses
Wholesale Vintage Pleated Chiffon Dresses

hole vintage pleated chiffon dresses from H&Fourwing come from different sizes and designs. It was wrapped by high-class chiffon fabricants with sleeves and trims. H&Fourwing can lend you its best selection with friendly cost.

Wholesale Short Sleeve Chiffon Dress
Wholesale Short Sleeve Chiffon Dress

H&Fourwing is guaranteed to fabricate wholesale chiffon dresses with short sleeve designs. Suitable for all casual and formal occasions. Wearing this type of dress makes you so comfy and elegant in the eyes of others.

Wholesale Polka Dot Chiffon Dress
Wholesale Polka Dot Chiffon Dress

Specialized for having a unique polka dot design that results in having an epitome appearance. H&Fourwing can offer you numerous types of wholesale polka dot chiffon dress with different polka dot structure and color designated what you want to. 

Wholesale Square Collar Chiffon Dress
Wholesale Square Collar Chiffon Dress

This type of chiffon dress is fabricated for having a square collar design that makes you so graceful every time you wear this. It is an advantageous type of dress because you are able to use this in different events. 

Wholesale Long Sleeved Chiffon Dress
Wholesale Long Sleeved Chiffon Dress

H&Fourwing widely offers a different variety of wholesale long sleeved chiffon dress with 100% sturdy chiffon fabricants. It is structured with a long sleeved style which can give you plenty of available colors and styles.

Wholesale Multicolor Chiffon Dress
Wholesale Multicolor Chiffon Dress

This wholesale multicolor chiffon dress originated from H&Fourwing is one of our most precious types of wholesale chiffon dresses. It consists of several colors that look so attractive and catchy to the eye.

Fashionable Wholesale Chiffon Dresses

H&Fourwing focuses on establishing full-packaged wholesale chiffon dresses. We are responsible for providing you the best selection and comfy to-wear wholesale chiffon dresses. For almost 20 years in this business production, we prioritize giving you the newest fashion trend style of wholesale chiffon dresses for achieving a prosperous business. Different designs, styles, colors, and formation of wholesale chiffon dresses are always accessible in H&Fourwing. We can give you all the perfect classification of wholesale chiffon dresses at an undoubting cost.

    H&Fourwing- Your Excellent Wholesale Chiffon Dresses

    H&Fourwing is a professional wholesale chiffon dress manufacturer and supplier in China. We are specialized in fabricating out of ordinary wholesale chiffon dress with plenty of selection where you can be able to choose. H&Fourwing also involved in supplying wholesale chiffon dress to leading market necessities worldwide.

    In a decade of years in the production of wholesale chiffon dress, we now actually own a huge capacity of wholesale chiffon dress manufacturing equipment and areas for faster production and jobs. In addition, we also hold this veteran designers and fabricators who are responsible for producing the most versatile wholesale chiffon dress.

    Moreover, wholesale chiffon dress originated from H&Fourwing was first moved into deep examination in order to reach our goal to create a diverse wholesale chiffon dress. Every angle and part of each dress was deeply studied by our designers. Furthermore, the materials that are used also came from the most selected kind of materials to carry out a perfect wholesale chiffon dress.

    H&Fourwing wholesale chiffon dress is perfectly suit to wear in all special events and occasions. The different style, designs, and colors attached on it makes you the most elegant person. The softest, breathable and comfortable clothing you can own. It also perfect selection and classification of dresses whether you are planning to build up a boutique business. 

    You can rely your trust on us for your wholesale chiffon dress. All our dresses were subjected to high-class product processing. You have this chance to send us your desired style, designs, and colors of wholesale chiffon dress where we are able to ship it to you on time. All of the wholesale chiffon dresses from our company are durable enough, you can use it for longer years and at a very low cost, you can now own your personalized wholesale chiffon dresses.

    H&Fourwing’s doors are always open to welcome and entertain for your wants and needs. H&Fourwing is a special key for claiming a fruitful business. Allow us and use us to be your major manufacturer and supplier of your wholesale chiffon dress and we can assure you that you will never feel any regret ifever you choose us. We have this pure reputation and intention to serve you the best service we can do.

    If possible you are seeking for your personal wholesale chiffon dress, don’t hesitate to come and contact H&Fourwing for further information! 

    Wholesale Chiffon Dresses: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    Today, I will help you get the best wholesale chiffon dresses from China.

    A reason, this guide will answer all questions you have been asking about chiffon dresses.

    So, if you want to learn more, read this guide.

    How Do Cotton Dress And Chiffon Dress From China Compare?

    Cotton dresses from China are 100% pure cotton, easily absorb sweat, and reduce uncomfortable feelings from heat.

    cotton dress

    cotton dress

    It can be easily ironed to reduce wrinkles and washed with hot or cold water.

    Compared to chiffon dress from China, made of synthetic fiber with silk shinning, lightweight but do not absorb sweat like a cotton dress.

    chiffon dress

     chiffon dress

    Chiffon dresses from China need the lowest heat while ironing.

    Which Features Should You Look For In Wholesale Chiffon Dresses?

    The following features should be looked at in wholesale chiffon dresses;

    The occasion

    We have a variety of wholesale chiffon dresses made for different occasions like evening parties, weddings, weekend wear, and office wear.

    Identify the occasion for your wholesale chiffon dress to get the right dress that will never disappoint.

    Body Type

    we usually emphasize an individual’s body type.

    Every individual usually has a different body type which you need to note before buying the wholesale chiffon dress.

    You will find that women look great on short chiffon dresses while others will kill the look when wearing chiffon dresses.

    This will also apply to different designs that we do have.

    This feature is very important as you order the wholesale chiffon dresses. We generally recommend you pick both long and short sizes for the clients.

    An Individual Styles

    While dealing with wholesale chiffon dresses, we put fashion first before anything else.

    For your customers to get satisfied, choose the trendiest wholesale chiffon dresses in the market.

    We assure you that our wholesale chiffon dresses are up to date.

    You might also have the option of getting a variety of designs available for the wholesale dresses for your client to choose from.

    Style is one of the key features to be addressed while purchasing the wholesale chiffon dress.

    The Fit

    Everyone prefers different fitting for the wholesale chiffon dresses.

    This is usually a tricky feature to deal with, but you may decide to mix both tight-fitting and loose-fitting for the clients to come and fit themselves.

    Can You Recommend Best Designs And Styles Of Wholesale Chiffon Dresses?

    Below are some of the best styles and designs for wholesale chiffon lady dresses;

    Chiffon cape evening dress: This design is especially for the girls who like elegant feel and vintage, with a classic trend.

    It has a shoulder strap across the neck with flare trim v neck, best for evening parties or formal events.

    Chiffon ruffle high low dress: This is usually a flare-shaped wholesale chiffon dress with some frills. The high low frills are edgy and contemporary; it usually gives out a plush and fancy look for cocktail events.

    One-shoulder chiffon large and fit dress: As the name suggests, it is a chiffon dress designed with one shoulder.

    It’s one of the trending dresses which brings out bold modern hues.

    You can choose a chiffon dress in either a long or a short length.

    Bodycon chiffon mini dress: This dress is usually designed to receive more attention; it looks lovely. It comes with a sleeveless design mostly, which is suitable for clubbing and night events.

    Plain chiffon maxi dress: This design is a super beautiful easy, brassy, lightweight, flared maxi dress with an elegant look.

    It has an around the neck with a lining around it, suits perfectly for cocktail and formal events.

    Aline long chiffon dress: It is designed with a line neck and a fabric belt around the waist, bringing a feminine and vintage sense.

    If you need summer and outing with friends’ outfits, go for this design.

    Off-shoulder long-sleeved chiffon dress: This is a perfect outfit for teens who go for prom nights.

    The long-sleeved wholesale chiffon dress features a single stripe design and a deep off-the-shoulder neckline.

     The Mermaid halter neck chiffon dress has a tight grip and imperfections for a sensual appearance. The design features a halter neck pattern, tight waistline, and complete floor length for every event.

    Leopard print chiffon midi dress: It’s also a trendy, wild-looking chiffon dress with brown and black leopard prints.

    You can wear this chiffon dress to dinner events.

    Does Affordable Wholesale Chiffon Dresses Imply Low Quality?

    No affordable wholesale chiffon dresses do not imply they are of low quality.

    Some chiffon dresses as wholesalers, we do charge them at a lower price.

    They are of good quality, but they are no longer fashionable or their selling season is over.

    How Do You Check Quality Of Wholesale Chiffon Dresses?

    The wholesale chiffon dresses are subjected to quality checks to meet the requirements standards.

    Following are some guidelines for performing a quality check on the wholesale chiffon dresses;

    • Checking the stitches on the wholesale chiffon dress if they are neatly done
    • Make sure the fabric used on wholesale chiffon dress has no defect
    • The lab test is conducted for the wholesale chiffon dress for material composition
    • By making sure the wholesale chiffon dresses sizes are of standard
    • By making sure inspection is done to the wholesale chiffon dress to meet the expectation
    • By checking the color used for the wholesale chiffon dresses as per the order placed
    • By checking if the label of the wholesale chiffon dress is done as per the customer quality and requirements are the same as the sample he approved

    Which Neckline Designs Do Wholesale Chiffon Dresses Have?

    The following are some of the neckline patterns we have in our wholesale dresses:

    Embroidered Chiffon Square Neck Dress

    As the name suggests, this chiffon dress has a square neckline embroidered.

    The appearance of the neckline chiffon dress always catches the eye of the clients.

    embroidered square neck

    Embroidered square neck

    You can wear this chiffon dress to occasions such as weddings and parties with sleek bracelets and earrings you will stand out on occasion.

    Wrap Neckline Design

    For wrap neck designs, it usually overlays on one shoulder.

    It always crafts a feminine, sexy look that will rock at occasions such as parties.

    Sweetheart Neckline

    A sweetheart neckline is typically low on the front side and high at the backside, which expresses a heart shape on the neckline.

    As wholesalers for chiffon dresses, we recommend these neckline designs for evening parties and red-carpet occasions.

    Low Neckline/Plunge

    This is a neckline for chiffon dresses that slightly exposes your cleavage because of its low deep neck at the front.

    The low-neckline chiffon dress is ideal for night outings and cocktails.

    Neckline With A Sassy Bow

    For a sassy bow neckline, a chiffon dress generally takes the shape of a bow on the neckline.

    This romantic and delicate neckline design instantly elevates your evening.

    Off-Shoulder Neckline

    For off-shoulder neckline always features a bold shoulder on both sides.

    The chiffon dress with the off-shoulder neckline is an ideal weekend get-together, parties, and romantic night.

    Layered Neckline

    The neckline of this chiffon dress is usually made with a flouncy style, which adds to the attire.

    If you need a summer dress, you can’t go wrong with a layered neckline chiffon dress.

    Split/Notched Neckline

    Wholesale chiffon dresses with split/notched necklines are always sexy with a closure button in front with a v- neck design.

    You can opt to wear chiffon with a notched neckline on dinner dates and parties too.

    Gathered Neckline

    The gathered neckline has silhouettes that sum up together on the wholesale chiffon dress.

    If you need s street-style sexy chiffon dress, it will never disappoint with a gathered neckline.

    The Neckline With A Cowl

    The charming feminine flow style of this cowl neckline chiffon dress provides you with a fantastic look when you wear it.

    If you need to attend occasions like dinners, evening gatherings, and weddings, wearing a neckline with a cowl is another option.

    Pleated Neckline

    Wholesale chiffon dresses with pleated neckline is a neckline design that is a folded form that becomes the outfit foundation.

    If you need to draw attention on a cocktail night, go for a wholesale chiffon dress with a pleated neckline.

    pleated neckline

     pleated neckline

    Surplice Neckline

    Surplice neckline is usually designed with a crossed line diagonally on the neck.

    For a surplice neckline, you can wear casual wear or professional outings.

    Keyhole Neckline

    A wholesale chiffon dress with a keyhole neckline is designed with a whole-like style centered at the neck area.

    For enhancing your sensuous side more, choose a wholesale chiffon dress with.

    keyhole neckline

     keyhole neckline

    Halter Neckline

    They have a built-in convenience knot style for wholesale chiffon dresses with halter necklines.

    This neckline design usually is sexy and commands attention on occasion.

    Can You Suggest Sleeve Designs For Wholesale Chiffon Dresses?

    Wholesale chiffon dresses come in a variety of sleeve patterns.

    Look below are the sleeves;

    • A strapless chiffon dresses
    • One-shoulder chiffon dress
    • Chiffon dress with long sleeves
    • Bishop chiffon dress
    • Bell chiffon dress
    • Butterfly chiffon dress
    • Dolman chiffon dress
    • Lantern sleeve chiffon dress
    • Flutter sleeve chiffon dress
    • The chiffon dress with balloon sleeves

    Are There Chiffon Dresses With Pockets?

    Yes, we do have wholesale chiffon dresses with pockets.

    Though they are usually few, we will deliver them to you if you need the chiffon dresses with pockets.

    What Should You Print On Wholesale Chiffon Dresses?

    There is no limitation of what you should print with wholesale chiffon dresses.

    You may go for patterns, print of floral, leopard, and any other of your choice on chiffon dress fabric.

    Which Printing Techniques Can You Use On Wholesale Chiffon Dresses?

    Some of our printing techniques on the wholesale chiffon dresses are;

    Heat Press Printing

    This method usually entails applying pressure and heat to the chiffon dress to create the desired design.

    Normally it involves the paper’s layout.

    Then you transfer it to the chiffon dress fabric, which will be done through bypassing then through the heat.

    Sublimation Printing

    It’s also known as dye sublimation printing which always involves inkjet, heat pressure, and sublimation ink.

    sublimation printed chiffon

    sublimation printed chiffon dress

    The ink is infused through the fabric; it’s one of the best printing techniques which are durable and do not peel off after a long period.

      Woodblock Printing

    The woodblock is frequently curled and fashioned in a particular design for this technique.

    To get the design you want, you will need to push the woodblock against the material.

    Digital Printing Technique

    It’s one of the quickest and most straightforward modes of printing.

    It prints the chiffon dress fabric directly from the computer with the help of injected printer with special ink on it.

    If you need to print a lot of chiffon dresses at a cheaper cost, consider the digital printing technique.

    Screen Printing

    The design is transferred directly to the chiffon dress fabric using this technique, which uses mesh or screen film.

    The mesh screen stretches to the fabric using a wooden squeegee, allowing color to pass.

    screen printed chiffon dress

    screen-printed chiffon dress

    Embroidery Printing Technique

    If you need quality printing, we suggest you use the embroidery technique.

    It involves using threats to put artwork on the chiffon dresses.

    It’s the most expensive printing method, and you may consider it if you have few orders for printing.

    Cylindrical Printing Technique

    It’s also the easiest made of printing. You place the fabric on a constant rotating cylinder and press the fabric against the roller.

    Each one of the rollers has a different color, which will ensure the right pattern design is printed.

    How Do You Get Best Prices For Wholesale Chiffon Dresses From China?

    Okay, every business mind’s goal is to get the best prices while purchasing.

    It should not be difficult for Chinese chiffon dress wholesalers to achieve that.

    Some of the ways of getting the best prices from wholesale chiffon dresses from China are;

    • Make sure you purchase your chiffon dresses directly from the wholesaler without involving any broker or agent.
    • Chinese chiffon dress wholesalers usually give a huge discount if you make a bulk purchase.

    We suggest you go for a bulk order for the wholesale chiffon dress to get the best price, unlike placing small orders which do not have discounts at all.

    • Bargaining is another way to get the best price for a wholesale chiffon dress. In China, bargaining is not a new thing.

    They always expect you to bargain before placing an order.

    • Working together with a freight forwarder because of their experience is also a way to get the best price for wholesale chiffon dress in China.

    They easily identify the best chiffon wholesalers with lower prices in the market.

    • You can also do market research regarding the Chinese chiffon dress wholesalers.

    This will give you glue on leading chiffon dress wholesalers at affordable prices.

    Why Buy Wholesale Chiffon Dresses Directly From Factory In China?

    Buying a wholesale chiffon dress directly from a Chinese factory comes with the following benefits;

    • Normally China can easily acquire raw materials and has a cheap cost wage that, in the end, the final product will turn out to be cheaper.

    You get to save a lot of money by working directly with the wholesale chiffon dress from the factory.

    • Another benefit is that it is challenging to find a wholesale chiffon dress factory to work with globally when your business is small.

    But in China, these should be the least of your problem since the Chinese work with well-established businesses and support small businesses.

    • Another advantage of working with wholesale chiffon dress directly from a factory in China is that you get to save a lot of time.

    They are usually fast and can produce chiffon dresses within a stipulated time.

    It makes no difference how big your order If the agreed time for delivery is on the 10th, they will make sure delivery is done by that date.

    • Another benefit is that if you decide to use a different brand’s dimension by chance, they can easily make it happen.

    So, it’s convenient to work directly with the wholesale chiffon dress from the factory.

    • Working directly with wholesale chiffon dresses from the factory in China guarantees you quality control as you order your chiffon dresses.
    • You will be protected from scammers since you will be dealing directly with the factory, which decreases the chances of your money being stolen.

    Do You Offer OEM Services For Wholesale Chiffon Dresses?

    Yes, as wholesalers for chiffon dresses, we always offer OEM services to our clients.

    You need to communicate which design you want and how you want it done. We will do our part and deliver the wholesale chiffon dresses to you.

    How Do You Size Wholesale Chiffon Dresses?

    We have different sizes depending on the body type of an individual as wholesale chiffon dress we do have;

    Extra Extra Large – XXL

    Extra Large – XL

    Large – L

    Medium – M

    Small – S

    Extra Small – XS

    We recommend while placing an order for your wholesale chiffon dresses, pick every size since you never know the customer’s preferences.

    How Chiffon Dresses Fit?

    We do not have the exact fit for the chiffon dress since everyone has a different fitting preference.

    We have people who prefer tight-fitting and others loose-fitting, which is okay either way.

    Choose something that makes you feel at ease when you put it on.

    Apart From Chiffon, Which Material Is Best For Ladies Dresses?

    There are a variety of materials that are best for ladies’ dresses.

    Check below for more fabrics.


    Cotton fabric is a commonly known fabric for ladies’ dresses.

    It has a high-quality material that does not fade away easily.

    Cotton cloth is light and inexpensive in comparison to other fabrics.


    Velvet is a material known for best ladies’ dresses.

    It’s a unique heavyweight warm fabric with high quality.

    Velvet is known for its strong shimmering beautiful texture with a very soft touch.

    We recommend velvet if you need ladies to dress with a soft touch.

    Georgette Fabric

    Georgette is made up primarily of synthetic yarn and polyester.

    Georgette gowns for women are usually long-lasting.

    They are typically gorgeous and ideal for dinner gatherings and evenings.


    Satin is also another fabric you can use to make ladies’ dresses.

    It usually has a sleek finishing and is glossy.


    For crepe, it appears slightly wrinkled and is mostly used to make elegant ladies’ dress.

    It brings out the perfect fit to the ladies’ dress made from it.


    Silk is always a lightweight, flexible fabric.

    For ladies who need fancy dresses, they might opt for silk.

    It’s expensive fabric but of high quality, and it is durable too.


    For organza fabric, it’s crispy and lightweight.

    Organza is made from synthetic fiber, which gives it a refined texture.

     Are Chiffon Dresses Durable?

    Yes, chiffon dresses are long-lasting, especially composed of synthetic material.

    As a wholesale chiffon dress from China, we assure you this.

    Is There MOQ For Wholesale Chiffon Dresses?

    Yes, we ‘do have a flexible MOQ which, when you come to us with a good reason, we will be able to work with you.

    But generally, our MOQ starts with 250 pieces of chiffon dresses.

    Are Chiffon Dresses Good For Summer?

    Yes, chiffon dresses are one of the best dresses recommended for summer since they are breathable, flexible, and lightweight.

    Which Types Of Chiffon Fabrics Can You Use For Ladies Dresses?

    Listed below are chiffon fabrics that you can use on ladies’ dresses;

    • Silk crepe chiffon
    • Jacquard’s chiffon
    • Doubled face chiffon
    • Silk satin chiffon
    • Chameleon chiffon
    • Chiffon with coating
    • Pearl chiffon
    • Chiffon with lurex

    Do You Require Lining For Chiffon Dress from China?

    Not really lining on your chiffon dresses is optional.

    You may decide to order Chinese chiffon dresses with liners or go for Chinese chiffon dresses with French seams inside

    , Which gives the edge of the seams neat finishing inside.

    Are There Limitations Of Chiffon Dresses?

    No, there are no limitations to chiffon dresses. We go with what customers think is best for them.

    How Can You Profit From Importing Wholesale Chiffon Dresses From China?

    Importing wholesale chiffon dress comes along with the following profits;

    • You will get to enjoy the cost reduction of the wholesale chiffon dresses due to the availability of raw materials.
    • By importing wholesale chiffon dresses from China, you will be sure of supply chain management.

    For sure, you can never disappoint your clients even in the face of supply constraints.

    • It will allow you to expand your small firm to international markets and get business opportunities.
    • You will enjoy the discounts rate available for the wholesale chiffon dresses in China.
    • By importing wholesale chiffon dresses from China, your money will be protected from scammers in the market.
    • You will save a lot of time by importing wholesale chiffon dresses from China.

    For all your wholesale chiffon dresses from China, contact us now.

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