Wholesale Casual Dress: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you’re probably looking for the best Wholesale Casual Dress.

A reason this guide explores everything you need to know about Wholesale Casual Dress.

From designs, features, printing technique, neckline options, and sleeves – you will find everything you’re looking for right here.

So, keep reading to learn more.

In Which Designs Do Wholesale Casual Dress From China Come In

casual dress

casual dress

There are many types of designs of casual dresses such as;

i. Midi dress.

It has any neckline or sleeve length hence can be worn when you are unsure of the formality of an event.

ii. Off the shoulder.

It showcases your shoulders while maintaining a ruffle on the bicep.

iii. Shift dress.

It is usually short and sleeveless hence it hugs from the shoulders giving it a boxy shape.

iv. Bodycon dress.

This is a tight-fitting dress that hugs your figure.

They are of stretchy material hence they are good for those with an hourglass figure.

v. A-line dress.

It fits at the hips and flares out towards the hem thus making the dress look like an ‘A’ shape.

vi. Mini dress.

This dress is great to capture attention and showcase your pin.

It is good for anyone who wants to put emphasis on their legs.

vii. Maxi dress.

The fabric of this dress usually hits the floor hence it is good for relaxing by the pool or at the beach.

viii. Wrap dress

It is a front closure dress wrapped one side of the dress across the other and tying the fabric at the waist or back.

ix. Halter dress.

This is good during summer since it is strapless or even sleeveless.

x. High-low dress.

It is designed in form of an asymmetrical dress hence it is longer at the back and short at the front.

xi. Sheath dress.

This dress has a straight cut and is nipped at the waistline hence it sits at the knee thus good for a business vent or night out.

What Makes Wholesale Casual Dress From China Unique?

  • You can wear a casual dress at work, at a friend’s place or even at casual parties since they are very comfortable and perfect for a relaxed atmosphere.
  • They are very good for daily wear hence they are made from light, flowing fabrics.
  • Casual dresses also come in all kinds of lengths, fabrics, colors, cuts, and designs

Do You Have Wholesale Casual Dress For Girls?

Definitely yes.

It is usually the dress code that forms a gender expression hence it varies with the century in which it was designed.

The female dresses exposure tends to push the neckline of formal ball gowns lower and skirts of cocktail dresses higher.

How Much Do Wholesale Casual Dress Cost?

Those who earn higher absolutely have the ability to spend more on buying dresses.

You need to spend 2% of your earnings.

Which Fabrics Are Good For Wholesale Casual Dress?

Here are some of the preferred fabrics for wholesale casual dresses;

  • Poplin.

Is a very strong fabric, wrinkle-resistant, thin, and lightweight hence good for dresses and tops.

Poplin is very comfortable with a good drape and crisp feels

  • Soft linen.

This is good for making crisp dresses hence it is lightweight and very comfortable.

The best fabric to make dresses and wear during summer.

  • Jersey fabric.

It has a drape and stretch thus is lightweight and great for making structured dresses.

  • Cotton lawn.

It is a soft, lightweight and smooth fabric with great prints hence dresses made from it need some lining.

  • Poly cotton fabric.

The fabric is wrinkle resistance hence it is a blended fabric of polyester and cotton fibers.

  • Soft viscose twill fabrics.

Dresses with a nice drape are made with this because it is softer and smoother.

  • Seersucker fabric.

A cotton fabric with a puckered surface texture is thus good for dresses.

  • Polyester.

Is a soft drapey fabric that is good to make dresses and tops too.

  • Medium weight printed cotton.

It’s a fabric for sewing dresses with smocking hence its good quality can be used to sew dresses and tops.

  • Rayon challis.

This fabric is soft and lightweight hence they are used in dresses that need lining.

How Should Casual Dresses From China Fit?

Obviously, it is not that easy to find a dress that fits you well but here are some tips on how a casual dress should fit you.

casual dress

casual dress

  • Test the hem.

Avoid hemlines more than an inch or two above the knee hence whichever hemline you choose make it a point to perch in your prospective dress.

  • Size up.

Choose a dress that fits you well with no draglines which normally appear around the hips when the dress is too tight.

Go for an A-line silhouette which gives room for breathing around the hips.

  • Check every seam.

If you buy a back zipper dress, make sure it is covered in seams hence the dress should lie flat on your body.

  • Tame the top.

After sizing up, the seam should lie flat hence if it’s pulling a tailor can make easy alterations to fix it.

Why Should You Import Wholesale Casual Dress From China?

China is a highly-skilled, highly specialized clothes manufacturer hence they are the ones that supply chain managers of the global mass-market clothing brands.

China has a better hand in making dresses since their skill set is better and their finishing is also good.

Dresses that are manufactured there are cheap because the accessibility to the material required is more convenient.

China has a high production capacity thus the wages there are also cheap.

They have more organized production lines compared to other western countries.

Which Neckline Designs Can You Choose For Wholesale Casual Dress?

A neckline is something that definitely defines an outfit hence it all depends on how the style is and if it would suit you on a particular occasion.

strapless casual dress

strapless casual dress

These are the preferred neckline designs;

  • Strapless neckline.
  • Cowl neckline.
  • Jabot neckline.
  • Wrap neckline.
  • Sweetheart neckline.
  • Off-shoulder neckline.
  • Ruffle neckline.
  • Gathered neckline.
  • Layered neckline.
  • Sheer neckline.
  • Cut out neckline.
  • Pussy bow neckline.
  • One-shoulder neckline.

Can You Recommend Sleeve Options For Wholesale Casual Dress?

Why not.

It is the best option for women who prefer to cover their shoulders.

Sleeve dresses tend to be good during cold hence to cover the arms because of chills.

Can You Get Different Colors Of Wholesale Casual Dress?


The most casual color palette has 5 colors which are;

  • Eucalyptus
  • Crayola’s maize.
  • Pickton blue.
  • Peach-yellow.
  • Light goldenrod yellow.

Black and white are not colors but tone hence they can be intermixed in your outfit.

How Do Print Wholesale Casual Dress?

These days people have developed to like printing their clothes with their favorite designs.

Therefore, here are some of the techniques they use to print their clothes;

Screen Printing.

This is the most popular compared to other printings.

It involves using the screen to apply it to dresses hence it is a very effective method of high quality.

The printing is durable since the inks are absorbed deeply into the fabric.

It comes with different variations such as; puff printing, gel printing, and crackle finish hence giving out unique finishes and effects.

The printing is expensive for bulk orders.

screen printed casual dress

screen-printed casual dress

It may not work for complex multi-color designs since the whole process is messy.

The technique requires a lot of space and is free from dust hence conserving the screens.

Plastisol Transfer.

This technique is just similar to screen printing though it uses plastisol paper.

It is the cheapest method since you only inkjet the design on the plastisol paper and transfer the print on the dress and press it with heat.

The plastisol paper can hold multiple designs hence it can produce clean work compared to screen printing.

Plastisol transfer provides a soft-textured design.

After printing the dresses have to be handled with care to avoid the color from fading or cracking.

Sublimation Printing.

Sublimation printing is good for large designs or light-colored dresses.

With this technique, turn the dress to the side you want to print then spread it on the platen free from wrinkles.

Use a liquid dye that dries up quickly and that reacts with polyester hence once the print solidifies, use heat to secure the design on the drees.

Never try this method on cotton dresses hence the results will not please you at all.

It is hard to use the technique on folds like armpits areas.

How Can You Order For Wholesale Casual Dress From China?

China is the largest importer of cheap clothing wholesale due to lower production costs.

The following is the step-step process of how to order Wholesale Casual Dress from China;

I. Familiarize yourself with the important rules of your country.

Understand your country’s laws and regulations since some countries banned clothes importation.

II. Be aware of the taxes.

You need to be familiar with the taxes you should pay hence to get your order cleared from customs.

III. Get an import license for clothes.

Get a valid permit to offer you an importer code and taxpayer identification number hence to avoid suspicions.

IV. Look for the right supplier.

Verify the supplier before placing an order hence to avoid wastage of time and loss of money.

Make online deals if you are unable to visit the manufacturer’s office.

V. Check shipping charges and minimum order quality.

Do spend too much on shipping since few websites offer free shipping if you abide by their minimum order quantity rules.

VI. Ask for pieces of samples.

If you are in doubt of the quality of the product, ask the supplier for some samples to avoid re-sending the order on receiving low-quality clothing.

VII. Hire an agent.

Once you have placed an order you need to have an agent who will help you track your order.

VIII. Buy insurance for safety.

This will always protect you from damages since importing is usually risky.

How Do You Choose Wholesale Casual Dress Sizes?

Once you know your body measurements whether you are curvy or straight body definitely, you can decide on your body type.

Here are the steps how to measure your dress size;

  • Step 1: Measure Your Bust

Use a tape measure by wrapping it around the fullest part of your bust.

Take the measurement where the tape overlaps.

  • Step 2: Measure Your Natural Waist.

Measure two inches above your belly bottom to get the size of your natural waistline.

  • Step 3: Measure Your Hips.

Make sure the tape measure is at your hips at the fullest part hence to get the correct measurement.

Is There MOQ For Wholesale Casual Dress?


Different companies have different minimum order quality [MOQ].

The more units you can adhere to, the lower the cost price.

Companies use MOQ to stop their other products for you hence to complete your work first before doing other jobs.

Partnering with an expert dresses manufacturer might reduce your MOQ due to them being able to seamlessly integrate your order into their production.

How Do You Check Quality Of Wholesale Casual Dress?

When we buy a piece of clothing, we want to get a quality one but unfortunately the cloth shrines and even get torn to the first wash.

Here is how to check the quality of a dress;

I. Check the quality of cotton by squeezing it.

When buying clothes made of cotton squeeze it tightly if it appears like a polythene piece of paper don’t buy it.

It will look like a rag and who will want to wear a rag.

II. Hold the fabric up to bright light.

The thicker the material the higher the quality.

If you cannot see much through the fabric then you are safe to buy.

III. Pull the seam to see the gaps.

Don’t pull the cloth too hard to avoid destroying it hence if the seam shows a gap, please don’t buy it because it’s not going to last long.

IV. Avoid open zippers.

Make sure you buy clothes and accessories with metal zippers covered with straps hence they are the most reliable.

V. Check the hem.

If the dress does not have hemming at all or is stitched, we do not recommend buying the dress.

Do Wholesale Casual Dress Manufacturers Have a Product Return Policy?

Yes of course.

  • From the order confirmation order date, they usually grant you one month to return the product.
  • If you return the product after one month, they will not have any other choice than to refuse or you will have to pay more for the said product.
  • The product should also be returned unused with its original labels, warranty card, price tags, and packing.
  • The return packages should be fully packaged hence to prevent damaging the products during transportation.

Which Closure Options Do Wholesale Casual Dress Have?

We have;

  • Back closure.

Which was once commonly used on female clothing for fastening a garment such as a zipper, wedding dresses, evening gowns, and buttons.

  • Front closure.

This is used on outfits similar to fly openings on men’s trousers, uniform dresses for workers hence they are concealed in a seam.

  • Shoulder closure.

This allows the cloth to be pulled on or off over the head because the neck hole is far enough.

  • Side closure.

This is easier for the wearer to reach hence they are common on skirts, jumper dresses, and overalls.

casual dress

casual dress

Do Wholesale Casual Dress Suppliers In China Provide Samples?

They provide samples for the customers to be satisfied and be encouraged to buy more from them.

This helps the buyer to save time and money before placing an order of massive production.

Are There Custom Wholesale Casual Dress?


A custom dress is usually a chosen dress altered according to your specifications and choices.

One can choose any design he likes but when you don’t like its current neckline, size, fabric, or color, you can possibly ask the designer to alter it according to your choice.

custom casual dress

 custom casual dress

Will Wholesale Casual Dress Manufacturers In China Help In Designing?

They do.

Manufacturers decide which fabrics to use with which designs with the help of designers hence they work hand in hand together.

Manufacturers buy materials for clothing, they make patterns, cut, and assemble all the requirements needed to make clothes.

Can You Get Wholesale Casual Dress With Private Label?

Absolutely yes.

Manufacturers always create styles of blank products and customize them with their own branding hence the customers purchase them.

Private labels include; apparel, footwear, and accessories.

There are three levels of labeling;

  • White labeling.
  • Co-branded products
  • Private branding products.

When starting a business, consider using a private label hence to produce clothes at a lower cost while promoting the desired branding of your business.

labelled casual dress

Figure 7 labelled casual dress

Wholesale Casual Dress with private label is cost effective hence it allows those without big marketing budget to enter this business.

Why Buy Wholesale Casual Dress Directly From The Manufacturer?

Manufactures tend to know every detail and features of the products hence they are the experts of their own products.

Buying directly from the manufacture gives you a chance to pick from a larger range of stock rather than buying from a retailer with a small stock.

It is cheaper to buy directly from the manufacturer than wholesale and retailer who buy at low price but add their own mark-ups.

There are also better deals in warranties when buying directly for the manufacturer thus the warranties usually cover a product for 12 months after buying.

Custom products like acoustic are better to be purchased directly from the manufacturer hence to be customed according to your exact specifications and expected standards.

Can Wholes Casual Dresses Suppliers In China Support Small Businesses?

Yes of course.

For you to start the business, you need to know the quality, size, and color of dresses you need.

  • Clothing quality.

Cheaper dresses with low pricing are of poor quality hence it is preferred you follow dresses with high quality.

  • Clothing size.

Sizes differ between 1 to 2 sizes so you need to conform to the supplier whether it is Chinese size.

  • Clothing color.

For color, you will need a sample from a Chinese agent since the photo color might look more colorful than the real color.

How Should Casual Dress Fit?

Everybody has his/her taste how to dress both casually and fashionably hence it shouldn’t look loose and baggy.

You can wear an outfit that is comfortable when you need to run errands like jeans and chinos trousers are good for shopping.

Shorts and a simple t-shirt are also good during summer hence they are comfortable and easy to wear.

They are also versatile and stylish.

Dresses are of many styles such as short-sleeved, denim, or printed.

Sneakers are preferable when it comes to footwear.

Belt, sunglasses, and a watch are also important to make it look more refined even if it’s jeans and a shirt.

casual dress

casual dress

Are There Designer Wholesale Casual Dress?

Absolutely yes.

Best designers always create a perfect balance between what we need and what we desire.

They are the ones that give the customers a wearable item that symbolizes the culture and identity of the brand.

Designers work hand in hand with the manufacturers to provide quality designs to society.

For any questions or inquiries about Wholesale Casual Dress, contact us now.

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