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Wholesale Tie Waist Boho Tank Dress
Wholesale Tie Waist Boho Tank Dress

H&Fourwing offers wholesale tie waist boho tank dress featuring a split neck with ties, drawstring waist, sleeveless, detachable slip lining, and so on. Total solutions for your dress will be presented.

Wholesale Boho Long Sleeve Minidress
Wholesale Boho Long Sleeve Minidress

As a professional manufacturer, we designed wholesale boho long sleeve mini dresses with your ideal designs. In this way, you can select any design, material, pattern, etc.

Plus Size Floral Metallic Stripe Peasant Bodice Dress
Plus Size Floral Metallic Stripe Peasant Bodice Dress

Plus size floral metallic stripe peasant bodice dress at H&Fourwing features a kicky front slit and peasant-style details. This is very comfy to wear, eco-friendly, and soft.

Wholesale Beachy Boho Dress
Wholesale Beachy Boho Dress

For beach trips, a wholesale beachy bohemian dress is definitely perfect. We can custom your logo or brand into this dress. The sizes, design, features, and styles can be customized based on your design.

Wholesale Boho Dress for Spring
Wholesale Boho Dress for Spring

H&Fourwing highly offers a wholesale bohemian dress for spring with comfortable and eco-friendly features. This dress is available in a variety of designs, sizes, colors, styles, etc.

Mystic Boho Dress in Nightfall
Mystic Boho Dress in Nightfall

With wide expertise in the clothing industry, H&Fourwing provides you the excellent quality of mystic bohemian dress perfect for nightfall. This is offered at a much reasonable cost.

Maxi Dress Boho Chiffon Long Sleeve Dress
Maxi Dress Boho Chiffon Long Sleeve Dress

H&Fourwing maxi dress boho chiffon long sleeve dress can be purchased for as low as 50 pieces. This is available in customized patterns, fabrics, features, styles, and more.

Wholesale Floral Boho Peasant Dress
Wholesale Floral Boho Peasant Dress

H&Fourwing is the right place if you`re looking for a wholesale floral boho peasant dress for your business expansion. We provide OEM service to support your starting business.

Boho Dress Perfect for Fall Season
Boho Dress Perfect for Fall Season

This bohemian dress perfect for fall season is made of the highest quality fabric material. Featuring a sustainable design, breathable, and cost-effective. Available sizes start from extra-small, S, M, L, XL, and XXL.

Wholesale Navy Floral Print Boho Dress (1)
Wholesale Navy Floral Print Boho Dress

We made a wholesale navy floral print bohemian dresses from good quality fabrics. This features a side slit that1s perfect for beach and summer.

Wholesale Formal Boho Dress
Wholesale Formal Boho Dress

As one of the reliable suppliers, H&Fourwing offers wholesale formal boho dress that has durable quality and breathable styles. This is available in customized colors, sizes, and styles.

Wholesale Embroidered Fable Midi Boho Dress
Wholesale Embroidered Fable Midi Boho Dress

We designed a wholesale embroidered fable midi boho dress suitable for summer, beach plans, and so on. Its fabric, print, sizes, and logo can be customized as per your demand.

Premier Wholesale Boho Dresses Manufacturer

As one of the premier wholesale boho dresses manufacturers and distributors in China, H&Fourwing offers high-quality dresses accessible in various options. Whether you`re a start-up clothing brand, or a well-established one, we will totally support you. H&Fourwing can tailor boho dresses in accordance with your layout and samples. Just send them to us and we`ll make it come true!

Your Leading Wholesale Boho Dresses Supplier in China

H&Fourwing has been supplying wholesale women`s clothing, especially wholesale bohemian dresses for over 10 years. We are mainly engaged in women`s apparel for brands, individual buyers, wholesalers, or retailers from the fashion industry. We have the rich resources and expertise to supply clients with high-quality products.

Wholesale boho dresses at H&Fourwing is a fashion style that has retro patterns, natural fabrics, and warm and neutral shades combination. Boho dress is a short term for bohemian, characterized by tiered or long flowing dresses. It also has cultural touches like wood jewelry or tunics and embroidery with beading. It often brings a colorful and layered look.

H&Fourwing is your trustable source of wholesale boho dresses in China. We offer a wide variety of wholesale boho dress options. Our wholesale boho dresses feature various natural materials, hippie-inspired designs, and earthy shades.

You can purchase a boho dress in different sizes such as loose, relaxed fits, short, sleeveless, and more. However, we can tailor your wholesale boho dresses based on your required designs, colors, and prints. We make sure to delight your customers through these products.

We designed wholesale boho dresses with very cozy and soft-to-wear properties. These additional features will surely attract your customers. We can add V-neckline, pockets, and long sleeves to your wholesale boho dresses.

H&Fourwing accepts any ideas you have in producing wholesale boho dresses. We can guarantee that your own samples, ideas, or designs are secured and safe. One of our goals is to give you satisfying services and products.

At H&Fourwing, we offer the budget-friendly and hottest deals of wholesale boho dresses. We have a professional design team aiming to give all your needs in this industry. Yes, we also wish a success for your business!

If you are looking for a trusted wholesale boho dress manufacturer and supplier, H&Fourwing is your top 1 choice. In every purchase, we can give you the best discounts. Start placing your order today for as low as 50 pcs of wholesale boho dresses.

At H&Fourwing, you will experience a successful and profitable business.  Before we shipped out your orders, we conduct strict quality control to ensure product quality.

Allow H&Fourwing to boost your business sales. Send your inquiries now!


What Are the Characteristics of BOHO Dress?

BOHO Dress
Bohemian Dress

“BOHO” is a short term of bohemian. BOHO dress is a dress influenced by the behavior of free spirits in the 1960s-1970s.

Boho dress is characterized by tiered or long flowing skirts and dresses, culturally inspired like wood jewelry or tunics, rustic blouses, embroidery with beading, ornamented handbags, and jeweled flat sandals.

The look of a boho dress is usually colorful and layered.

What Are Available BOHO Dress Colors?

The Boho dress can have earthy or breezy colors. Choose your ideal colors.

  • Neutral shades
  • Blue
  • Maroon
  • Green
  • Red
  • Brown
  • Yellow
  • White

What Fabrics Are Used for BOHO Dress?

BOHO Dress can be made out of knitted fabrics. These include:

  • cotton
  • suede
  • silk
  • velvet
  • linen
  • fur
  • linen

What Accessories Perfect Pair for BOHO Dress?

Complete bohemian look with many accessories like the following.

  • Open-toed sandals
  • Open-ended silhouettes
  • Attractive prints
  • Over-sized sunglasses
  • Headbands
  • Junk jewelry

What Occasions BOHO Dress Perfect For?

BOHO dress is relevant for any occasion.

  • Informal occasion
  • Beach vacation
  • Parties
  • Weddings
  • Daily use
  • Travels
  • Festivals
  • Road trips
  • Weekends
  • Casual parties
  • Beach walks
  • Hot country getaways

What Are Different BOHO Dress Patterns?

Bohemian patterns

We list below the different patterns of BOHO dresses.

Ikat – A pattern includes resisting pigmenting the fabrics from former to twisting them.

Trellis – A proportional pattern that appears in various forms.

Floral – Floral Boho dresses are minimalistic and artistic. It’s a small scale pattern, large scale, muted or colorful.

Paisley –developed in Persia. The paisley pattern is exotic and extremely ornamental and complex. It frequently features a mysterious symbolism.

Tribal –influenced by African customs. The tribal patterns lead to boho wearing, frequently developed in bright and bold hues.

Lattice –a rhythm print that is not definitely bohemian. It is known for its more complex styles.

Kilim –Turkish mats regenerated as vests, bags, winter coats, presenting handmade flat tapestry patterns.

What Different Styles of BOHO Dress?

Boho dress comes in different styles. It includes:

  • The Hippie Bohemian –This is influenced by the 60s original bohemians. The hippie bohemian includes maxi dress with lengthy locks, sensational tie-dye prints, flat sandals, and headbands.
  • The 70s Bohemian –This includes ultra glazed denim, trumpet jackets, and bishop sleeves. The dress can have sensational prints, paired with chunky heels.
  • The Edgy Bohemian –This style specifies gloomy hues, studs, and leather. It includes vintage dress, stain details, etc.
  • The Romantic Bohemian –Exquisite crochet, classic overload, hypnotic appliqués, and stamp maxis are on the romantic bohemian list. It is inspired by fairytale and whimsy aura. Romantic bohemian looks include florals, romantic loose curls, sheer fabrics, and dazzled accessories. It is commonly used for weddings.

Romantic BOHO Dress

  • The Country Bohemian –All parts of country-inspired boho styles includes denim dress, denim jackets, jeans & vests, denim shorts, penetrated accessories, leather dress, leather belts, cowboy boots, fringe galore, and cowboy hats.
  • The Chic Bohemian –Also referred to as boho-chic, this style is a bit more glossy variety. This style includes chunky heels, worn-out dress/ clothes, chunky bags, and more.
  • The Eclectic Bohemian –This style is inspired by many customs and eras combined together. It is a deficiently unified sense of design.

What Are the Available Sizes of BOHO Dress?

Here’s the size guide for a boho dress.


What Are the Advantages of BOHO Dress?

The BOHO dress provides many advantages.


Boho dresses have the comfort everyone wants for a dress. They give 100% comfort in various fashion designs.


A Boho dress will look good on everyone. This clothing can be pulled off. Plus, you can also add style to your boho dress by adding accessories.

Pair the boho dress with any jewelry, shoes, and bags so you will look extra attractive.

BOHO Dress


Bohemian dress offers you the lining/ layering you require for your general outfit.


Wearing a boho dress is one way to express your personality. You can style it whatever you want.

You can style the boho dress with flowing gowns, short skirts, long skirts, fringe bags, fringe jackets, and more.

What Are the Latest BOHO Dress Styles This 2021?

BOHO Dress is available in different styles. Below are the 2021 latest Boho dress styles.

  • Low-key style
  • Boho and jeans
  • Throw on a graphic tee
  • A striped onesie
  • Flower Power
  • Lovely summer blouse
  • Mix some patterns
  • A strapless ruffled maxi dress
  • Navy romper
  • Graphic shirt and lace skirt
  • Boho mini dress
  • Boho bikini
  • Tunic dress

What Are the Perfect Season for BOHO Dress?

Bohemian “BOHO” dress is suitable for all four seasons.

  • Summer season
  • Fall season
  • Spring season
  • Winter season


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