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Wholesale Backless Bandage Dress
Wholesale Backless Bandage Dress

A breathable classification of wholesale bandage dress due to its backless features and characteristics. Purely made with polyester and spandex fabric that makes it more sustainable and stable.

Wholesale Bodycon Bandage Dress
Wholesale Bodycon Bandage Dress

Wholesale bodycon bandage dress from H&Fourwing comes from customized sizes, colors, and designs. A flawless bodycon style of bandage dress that automatically reveals your body curves.

Wholesale Strapless Bandage Dress
Wholesale Strapless Bandage Dress

Formed by the use of sturdy spandex fabric. H&Fourwing strapless bandage dress is an alluring type of dresses. Whenever you wear this, you look like a famous celebrity.

Wholesale Off-shoulder Bandage Dress
Wholesale Off-shoulder Bandage Dress

Perfectly fit for all seasonal events. Made from stretch bandage fabric which is highly comfy. A simple class of wholesale bandage dress yet elegant and classy.

Wholesale Bandage Dress with Long Sleeve
Wholesale Bandage Dress with Long Sleeve

H&Fourwing wholesale bandage dress with long sleeve comes with special features. It has a unique zipper closure and is stretchable to wear. A figure flattering style of dress perfect for formal and casual events.

Wholesale Turtleneck Bandage Dress
Wholesale Turtleneck Bandage Dress

Special classification of wholesale bandage dress for having a turtleneck figure to look more elegant and fancy in the eye. H&Fourwing’s wholesale turtleneck bandage dress can be used for office wear and formal gathering events.

Wholesale Spaghetti Strap Bandage Dress
Wholesale Spaghetti Strap Bandage Dress

Featured with stylized spaghetti straps and the ultimate outfit to all parties. A body figuring dress that is slinky and smooth. H&Fourwing offers you numerous designs and styles on this dress. 

Wholesale Sleeveless Halter Bandage Dress
Wholesale Sleeveless Halter Bandage Dress

Occurred with versatile features for having fancy sleeveless halter strap designs. It was intentionally fabricated to achieve a fashionable and elegant outfit to wear in all fashion events.

Wholesale Fishtail Bandage Dress
Wholesale Fishtail Bandage Dress

Designs, colors and styles will vary according to what you prefer. H&Fourwing wholesale fishtail bandage dress is extremely suitable in all formal gathering and fashion events. We can surely offer you this at a reasonable cost.

Expert Wholesale Bandage Dress Factory

H&Fourwing is your best chosen manufacturer and supplier of wholesale bandage dress. We are your top choice to claim a fruitful business. We are responsible for providing you with the finest collection of wholesale bandage dress for your desired intention. The most trendy and newest style, designs, and colors of wholesale bandage dress is accessible in H&Fourwing. It looks so satisfiable due to its epitome appearance and outlook.

    H&Fourwing- Your Excellent Wholesale Bandage Dress

    H&Fourwing is known as a respected manufacturer and supplier of wholesale bandage dress in China. They are mainly involved in creating an outstanding class of wholesale bandage bonds for all the customers. Different classification of wholesale bandage dress is primarily available in H&Fourwing.

    In order for us to fabricate a versatile wholesale bandage dress, we need to own this huge modernized technology for fast processing. In addition, H&Fourwing also accompanied these professional designers and fabricators for achieving a perfect structure of wholesale bandage dress.

    H&Fourwing’s wholesale bandage dress basically comes from the most preferred product materials. It also undergoes a strict production process for ensuring its good quality and sustainability.

    A wholesale bandage dress is an ideal outfit to wear on specific special occasions. H&Fourwing put sufficient effort in working on wholesale bandage dresses. We’ve put special effects and designs to resemble an attractive one. This was impeccably suited to all special occasions and events.

    Due to the elastic structural features of wholesale bandage dress, it makes you look like the most elegant woman to the eye of others. Whenever you wear this look you are so flawless, considering yourself as an extensively fancy and precious individual. You never felt any regret whenever you purchased our wholesale bandage dress.

    H&Fourwing is generally involved in supplying wholesale bandage dress to all market necessities around the globe. We bulky offer you with enough quantity of wholesale bandage dress at the lowest quantity amount. Expect that you can automatically hand your personalized wholesale bandage dress at the given allotment of time.

    We, H&Fourwing predominantly prioritize giving you the greatest service we can offer. We’re also focused on giving a satisfying wholesale bandage dress to all our customers. The irreplaceable service and relationship we’ve built together with our customers make us retain to be on top of this industry. H&Fourwing is highly pledged to be your right hand and to achieve a prosperous business.

    Come and contact H&Fourwing for a deeper understanding of the product!

    Wholesale Bandage Dress: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    This guide covers everything you need to know about wholesale bandage dress.

    From features, designs, color dress, material type to design options.

    So, if you want to learn more about wholesale bandage dresses, read this guide.

    What Is A Bandage Dress?

    These are figure-hugging dresses that show off your silhouette thus giving the wearer confidence.

    Bandage dress

    bandage dress

    How Do You Determine Right Size Of Bandage Dress?

    Determining the right size of bandage dress to purchase can be stressful especially because it stretches.

    Stress no more dear! Here is a size guide for you.

    Remember to check your bust, waist, and hips. We ensure our sizes are accurately published according to the size chart above.

    If you want your dress to be tight go for your normal size but if you want it a bit loose, choose a larger size slightly more than your normal size.

    How Can You Get Best Prices From Whole Bandage Dress Suppliers In China?

    When it comes to bandage dress consider quality over price. However, here’s how you can strike a deal:

    1. Bandage dresses are made of different materials that differ in density and texture hence they affect the price.
    2. Before settling on where to buy your dress, visit social media handles; and get reviews whether positive or negative.

    Customers are always right if they are happy with the product they will share positive feedback if not they will share negative ones

    • Consider stores that don’t have hidden costs; preferably once with free shipping
    1. Once in a while stores have sales like 50% off during festive seasons or when they are clearing the stock.

    Grab such opportunities. Equally, you can get great discounts when you buy dresses in bulk.

    1. The finished look on your dress will affect the price if you want to print, you will pay more for sublimation printing as opposed to screen printing dresses
    2. Bandage dresses are on demand during peak seasons like during summer; the price is high.

    If you want a good price buy them when kids are going back to school such a season is low

    • Go for a store that has a return policy.

    You’d rather buy an expensive dress with a return policy than a cheap one that doesn’t have.

    Remember the longer the return period the less strict the return policy is and vise versa is true.

    The best one is 30 days

    • If you are ordering your dress online choose a store that has customer care services. One with live chats, phone number and you can contact them online and get a response in good time

    bandage dress

    bandage dress

    Why Buy Wholesale Bandage Dress Directly From Manufacturer?

    You will enjoy the following benefits if you buy dresses from the manufacturer:

    1. You will get the dresses at a low cost.
    2. The manufacturer can control the sales process and get direct feedback from his or her customers.

    He or she can improve the quality of goods in case customers complain

    • Lack of a middle person helps the manufacturer to understand the whole transit process
    1. As a customer, you can have a mutual relationship with the manufacturer hence able to order any amount of bandage dresses you want
    2. Direct line communication eliminates miscommunication and confusion between the manufacturer and the customer

    How Much Do Wholesale Bandage Dress Cost?

    Bandage dresses differ in prices according to the quality of material prices can go as low as $30 to $2000.

    Both dresses are good however, the expensive dresses last longer.

    Which Materials Are Best For Wholesale Bandage Dress?

    Bandage dresses can be made of many materials. However the most common are rayon, nylon, and spandex.

    Here are the pros and cons of the above materials:


    It’s a semi-synthetic material made from natural material fiber


    • It’s cheap
    • A versatile fabric
    • Highly absorbent
    • Easy to dry
    • Comfortable to wear
    • Plant-based hence it’s renewable
    • It’s easy to blend with other fabrics


    • It ages poorly
    • The manufacturing process pollutes the environment


    It’s a synthetic material from the petrochemicals


    • It’s elastic
    • Resilient
    • Durable
    • Moisture absorbent
    • Soft
    • Static resistance and stain resistant


    • The production process is not eco-friendly
    • It tends to fade or peel after several washes


    It’s a synthetic fabric with an extraordinary stretch


    • Abrasion resistance
    • Lightweight
    • Maintains its original shape
    • Stronger than rubber
    • Soft, smooth, and supple
    • No static or pilling
    • It resists body oil, lotion, and detergents


    • Its heat sensitive
    • Easily harmed by chlorine bleach
    • Non-absorbent

    Can You Recommend Wholesale Bandage Dress Neck Designs?

    Whether simple or sophisticated the neck design adds details to your bandage dress that makes it stand out.

    Here are neck designs to choose from:

    1. V-neck- it elongates the neckline and balances the size of your shoulders
    2. Sweatheart neck -it parades your natural curves and amplifies the bust area
    • Surplice neck- it gives the dress crossover effect that defines your waist hence showing off the hourglass figure
    1. Strapless- it shows off the collar bones, neck, and shoulders
    2. Squareneck- it is square in shape and elongates a short neck and narrows the shoulders
    3. Spaghetti strap- has thin straps on the shoulders like spaghetti
    • Scoop neck- has dipper neckline that elongates it and shows off the collarbones
    • Round or crew neck- This is the most common. It gives the wearer the illusion of a short neck and full chest
    1. Queen Anne neck- named after her has a sweetheart neckline in front and sleeves on the side
    2. Plunging neck- it’s a deep v-neck that’s very dramatic usually worn by people who want to show lots of skin
    3. Off the shoulder neck- the shoulders are left bare. Best for narrow shoulders.
    • Illusion neck-here a different fabric is used to create a transparent look from the neckline to the bust
    • Keyhole neck- it has a jewel lie opening on the neck to display some cleavage. Its best for ladies who don’t mind showing cleavage if you do, avoid it
    • Turtle-neck- its best for long necks as it wraps the neckline
    1. Halter neck- it creates a balance between wide shoulders and toned arms
    • Collard neck-has a collar on the neck that gets the eye away from the bust area it’s best for busty women. The collars can be rounded, asymmetrical, pointed, etc
    • Cowl neck- they are made of soft fabric and are draped
    • boat neck- also called the bateau neckline sits below the collarbone. Paring such a dress with a simple neckless would look chic
    • Asymmetrical neck-also called one shoulder as one of the shoulders is left bare as the other straps runs across the other shoulder. Its best worn in a plain color

    What Are The Available Sleeve Options For Bandage Dress?

    They include:

    1. Full- sleeves get to the wrist or beyond
    2. Sleeveless- sleeves end at the shoulder

     sleeveless bandage dress

    sleeveless bandage dress

    • Short sleeves- sleeves go from the shoulder to the underarms
    1. Three-quarter-goes beyond the elbow but above the wrist
    2. Cap sleeves-has short sleeves that cling from the shoulder but don’t get to the arms

    Which Features Should You Look For In Bandage Dress?

    A good bandage dress should have the following standards:

    1. It should be sturdy in structure with a minimum weight of 2 Lbs which is the standard for sleeveless and a short fit
    2. The fabric should be a blend of rayon and spandex or nylon and spandex. Avoid dresses made of polyester the quality is poor
    • Should have subtle silk-like shine or gloss look on the fabric
    1. The stretchability should be 3 to 4 inches. It should not be see-me-through even after the stretch
    2. Should shape the body and still be comfortable to maneuver in

    How Does Normal Dress Compare To Bandage Dress?

    Normal dresses differ from the bandage dress in that they are not tight, they don’t support your shape as bandage dresses do.

    normal dress

    normal dress

     They may define your waist then flow but a bandage dress holds every single curve on your body.

    How Should Bandage Dress Fit?

    It should fit perfectly, not too tight that you can sit or walk but fit enough to show off your figure and still be comfortable.

    It should be sexy and comfortable.

    custom bandage dress

    bandage dress

    Why Do Women Like Bandage Dress?

    Because it’s the only way to flaunt their curves without being judged. Yes, that’s ladies’ little secret.

    Do Bandage Dress Stretch?

    Yes, good-quality dresses stretch enough to fit your body. Poor quality may overstretch.

    Is There MOQ For Wholesale Bandage Dress?

    We have a low Minimum Order Quantity of 2 pieces for customized dresses.

    How Do You Check Quality Of Wholesale Bandage Dress?

    We hire an external quality inspector who supervises the whole production process.

    They check the fabric and counter-check your order before leaving the factory.

    What Can You Wear Under Bandage Dress?

    Glad you asked because your undergarments can make or break your final look.

    Choose your undergarments depending on the color of your outfit black and nude are safe colors.

    They do not show.

    The design of your dress will determine the kind of undergarment you will choose;

    for a strapless or sweetheart neckline go for a strapless bra for a crisscross back and plunging neckline or bareback dress choose an adhesive bra or a boob tape.

    You can wear the dress without any undergarments because of the fit and support the dress gives you.

    This is best for ladies who are not busty.

    For underwear, you can choose a lace thong- it’s barely visible, boy shorts, briefs, seamless panties, bikini, g-string, and hip-huggers.

    Whichever undergarment you select ensure it’s comfortable and not visible that is the pant line cant be seen.

    Are There Custom Wholesale Bandage Dress?

    Yes, they are available.

    bandage dress

    custom bandage dress

    Where Can You Wear Bandage Dress?

    You don’t want to wear a cute bandage dress and look odd simply because you rocked the dress on the wrong occasion.

    A bandage dress is a day or night outfit that can be worn during the following occasions:

    1. Valentines day
    2. Birthday
    • Wedding
    1. Clubs
    2. Parties
    3. Hot dates
    • Out for cocktail and drinks
    • Fashion spree
    1. Night out
    2. Halloween
    3. Beach

    How Do You Choose the Best Color Of Bandage Dress?

    Our bandage dresses come in the following colors

    1. Decorated star series for the printed dresses
    2. Combined colors and ombre
    • Cool colors- blue, grey
    1. Warm colors- red, orange

    The best color of bandage dress is one that suits your complexion, brings out your skin undertone, and gives your skin a natural glow that makes you look chic.

    Which Are The Available Sizes Of Bandage Dress?

    Our bandage dresses come in the following sizes:

    1. Extra-small
    2. Small
    • Medium
    1. Large
    2. Extra-large

    Note; plus size dresses are a challenge because the stretchability of the material doesn’t cater for large sizes nonetheless we are trying our best to produce bandage dresses for every woman out there.

    Can You Design Wholesale Bandage Dress?

    Yes, you can come up with your unique ideas. Use the design tool on our website or sketch it and send the file as JPG or PNG. We will deliver.

    Can You Print On Bandage Dress?

    Yes, you can. Printing methods include:

    1. Sublimation printing- is a high-tech printing process that transfers an artwork to fabric using heat and ink.

    It allows a whole garment print that goes seam to seam. Heat is used to bring ink and the fabric together.

    The ink is fixed on the fabric hence the result is permanent, it doesn’t fade, peel or crack.

     sublimation printed bandage dress

    sublimation printed bandage dress

    Also, it does not clog the pores on fabric, the material remains breathable.

    1. Screen printing- is a printing method where a screen is prepared, artwork placed on the screen then ink is pressed through the screen onto the fabric.

    The dye lays on the fabric hence the fabric becomes unbreathable.

    The more the designs you make the longer it takes to dry and the thicker and heavier the fabric feels.

    • Digital printing-here an image or artwork is printed directly on the substrate like fabric.

    no printing plate is required. Files are sent directly to the printing press to print on the fabric.

    It is ideal for personalized printing, it’s also cost-effective, fast, and has a low cost of production

    1. Tie and dye is a method used to decorate fabric. Fabric is tied in different designs for example spiral.

    Patterns are created by dipping the fabric inside a dye of different colors. The tied area doesn’t absorb dye but the untied one absorbs.

    The end product is beautiful.

    There are a lot of printing methods that can be used on your bandage dresses. However, sublimation printing is the best.

     screen printed bandage dress

    screen printed bandage dress

    Can You Get Free Samples Of Wholesale Bandage Dress?

    Yes, you can; you only need to pay for the shipping fees.

    Customized samples are not free; you pay according to your specifications needed.

    Do Wholesale Bandage Dress Manufacturers In China Have A Product Return Policy?


    We offer quality products to our customers there for we allow you to exchange your orders if it has quantity errors, wrong package, wrong sizing, etc.

    We only accept returns ONLY if you retain your receipt, return the goods in a re-sellable condition without removing tags or labels and remember to use the original packaging.

    If you have no receipt you will have to pick a similar item or change the color or size of your shirts.

    No returns are accepted after 30 days from the purchase date.

    How Long Will It Take To Get Wholesale Bandage Dress Order?

    Time may vary depending on your order. Typically our production process takes 7-14 days.

    Which Closure Designs Can You Use On Bandage Dress?

    Our dresses have the following closure designs:

    1. Button or zipper mostly at the back
    2. Hollow out- the dress stretches it needs no opening
    • Small cutouts- can comfortably wear the dress through the neckline
    1. Double hook at the back

    Is There Difference Between Bandage Dress And Bodycon Dress?

    Yes. People confuse the two because they look similar especially online. Here’s the difference between them:

    Bandage dresses – are sexy tight-fitting dresses that are durable and sturdy. They are tight and comfortable to define your curves.

    They are versatile and flexible clothes.

     bodycon dress

    bodycon dress

    Bodycon dresses on the other hand are flattering dresses that trace your silhouette but don’t shape your body.

    They are made of lighter fabric hence they are more comfortable and relaxed. Women of any size can fit in the dress. Best for summer weather.

    How Should You Clean Bandage Dress?

    How you clean your dress determines how long it will last in a good condition.

    Here are tips you can implement while cleaning your dress:

    1. Do not use the machine. If your dress is not dirty, just spot clean. How about sweat you may ask?
    2. If it’s sweaty, wash it in cold water, use a mild detergent and wash gently. Pulling your dress will tamper with its elasticity.
    • Don’t wring by squeezing out the water instead push out only the excess water. Place the dress on a rack or towel to dry.

    Don’t hang it, it will affect its elasticity. Keep turning the dress after a while to dry

    1. If you must iron the dress, do so when it’s still damp. Use low heat and iron inside out to avoid getting iron marks.
    2. Once it’s dry, store it in a cool dry place. If it has sleeves or straps use a hanger to hang.

    However, if it’s strapless, lay it flat on the wardrobe. If you must fold don’t overdo it.

    Why Is Flatlock Stitching Best For Bandage Dress?

    It is the best as it brings two edges of the fabric together making them durable and providing an optimal fit.

    The stitch is called flat because even after joining two edges it lays flat hence it doesn’t irritate the wearer’s skin.

    How Has Bandage Dress Trend Design Changer Over Time?

    Bandage dresses are now the in-thing in fact, it’s a must-have in all women’s wardrobes.

    It’s versatile; can be worn on many occasions buy just pairing them with the appropriate jewelry, shoes, and perfume, you are good to go.

    For all your bandage dresses, contact H&Fourwing now. 

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