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  • Available in OEM and ODM services
  • Satisfactory quality at a competitive price
  • 100% inspected by the quality control team
  • Available in different designs, sizes, styles, measurements, etc.
Trendy Pullover Loose Butterfly Clothing
Trendy Pullover Loose Butterfly Clothing

Our trendy pullover loose butterfly clothing is made from cotton or nylon fabric. It has an O-neck with a regular sleeve style.

Trendy 2-piece Women Casual Clothing Set
Trendy 2-Piece Women Casual Clothing Set

H&FourWing Trendy 2-piece Women Casual Clothing Set is collarless with skinny fit-type. It is best to be worn in the summer season.

Trendy Women Plus Size T Shirt Dresses
Trendy Women Plus Size T Shirt Dresses

We manufacture  Trendy Women Plus Size T-Shirt Dresses that are sustainable and washable. It comes in knee-length and full-length.

2 pc Sets Hoodies Trendy Women Clothing
2 PC Sets Hoodies Trendy Women Clothing

H&FourWing designed 2 pc Sets Hoodies Trendy Women Clothing that features quick-dry and anti-wrinkle. It comes in regular size, petite size, and plus size.

Trendy Fashion Plus Size 2 Pcs Tracksuit
Trendy Fashion Plus Size 2 Pcs Tracksuit

We manufacture Trendy Fashion Plus Size 2 Pcs Tracksuits that can be designed with pattern, embroidery, and printed. It is best for daily life wear.

Trendy 2021 Outdoor Dress
Trendy 2021 Outdoor Dress

These trendy dresses are designed with anti-pilling, maximum breathability, and sustainability. It is available in different designs, sizes, and measurements.

Trendy Print Summer Women Clothing
Trendy Print Summer Women Clothing

We used fabrics such as cotton and polyester. It is highly breathable, sustainable, and washable. It has a floor-length and straight silhouette.

Trendy Night Club Women's Sexy Dresses
Trendy Night Club Women's Sexy Dresses

Our Trendy Night Club Women’s Sexy Dresses features anti-static, washable, breathable, and anti-wrinkle. It is available in low MOQ at a competitive price.

Floral Print Jumpsuit with Insert Pockets
Floral Print Jumpsuit with Insert Pockets

These jumpsuits are trendy women’s clothing nowadays. H&FourWing manufacture Floral Print Jumpsuit with Insert Pockets with a wide range of colors, designs, and sizes.

Premier Trendy Clothing Supplier and Manufacturer

For more than 15 years, H&FourWing is fully committed to bringing the best quality products and excellent services. Thus, we are globally known as a leading trendy clothing supplier and manufacturer. We offer both ODM and OEM services for your trendy clothes order. H&FourWing Guarantees you full customer satisfaction at a reasonable price.

H&FourWing as a Professional Trendy Clothing Supplier

Are you looking for trendy-style clothing at an affordable price for your business? H&FourWing is the perfect supplier and manufacturer for you! We offer budget-friendly trendy clothing that never goes out of style.

Here in H&FourWing, we are committed to making your ideal trendy clothing. We manufacture a wide range of trendy clothes that are perfect for your business. Our designers are dedicated to making stylish, high-quality, aesthetically pleasing, and eye-catching trendy clothes.

All our trendy clothes are manufactured with a different range of patterns and fit all body shapes. We make trendy clothing for all sizes and ages. You can surely find the right trendy clothes that you think will suit your customers’ needs.

In China, H&FourWing has the largest collection of trendy clothes. If you need trendy maxi dresses, rompers, oversized tops, cardigans, knit sweaters, and more, name it all, H&FourWing can surely cover your needs.

With our wide range of designs, prints, and embroidery, you will surely fall in love with our affordable trendy clothing. We will provide you with more product information and a sizing guide to make sure that you choose the perfect trendy clothing.

Our trendy clothing is also available in different colors and seasonal styles. It comes with exciting patterns that your customers will surely love to wear. Full stock your clothing business with H&FourWing trendy apparel.

H&FourWing is also an OEM/ODM manufacturer. We can tailor-make your orders upon your requests. You can send us your collection inspiration, pictures, designs, etc. Our designers will work closely with you to get your final approval.

Aside from that, H&FourWing has a rich experience in making trendy clothes patterns. Thus, you can assure that you will receive trendy clothes with great fitting. We control every stage of the products to ensure better quality products.

All our trendy clothes are made from durable and high-quality fabric. We also have advanced fabric cutting methods like lab cutting. On top of that, we have excellent production sewing that guarantees you great workmanship.

In China, H&FourWing is one of the top trendy clothes suppliers. We offer great and top deals for your bulk orders. We offer low MOQ from 100pcs to support your business. At H&FourWing, rest assured that we can give you the latest looks and designs that your customers will surely love.

H&FourWing supplies trendy clothing to all retailers, boutiques, clothing stores, online clothing stores, and more. With our expertise, we can guarantee you the best customer service and diverse product selection.

With our top-quality products, competitive prices, and ranges of fashion, H&FourWing has been the leading supplier in the industry. We can surely give you a one-stop solution to all your trendy clothing needs.

Aside from trendy clothing, we also manufacture and supply ladies’ suits, petite clothing, prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses, wholesale black dresses, formal dresses, wholesale shirt dresses, summer dresses, and more.

If you need more information regarding our trendy clothing, you can request a quote from us. You can also send us your inquiries. H&FourWing customer service team will respond to you immediately. Choose H&FourWing as your trusted trendy clothes supplier!

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Trendy Clothing Suppliers: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you’re looking for trendy clothing suppliers in China, then you’re in the right place.

It is because this guide explores all information you’re looking for about trendy clothes.

So, keep reading to learn more.

What Are The Advantages Of Sourcing From Trendy Clothing Suppliers In China?

Sourcing your trendy clothing from China suppliers comes with its advantages such as;

Shipping And Logistics

China has a well-developed transport network from rail, road, air and ocean freight and are easily accessible to our factories.

This enables us to arrange and facilitate shipping both locally and to our international clients.

We also offer free shipping for clients who meet our minimum order target to their destination around the world.

Shipping can be via any means provided it is convenient and your preferred choice.

Various Payment Options

We offer our clients different payment platforms to use when ordering trendy clothing from us. This is because we have a variety of clients from around the world who use different payment methods.

Some of the modes of payments that we accept include:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Cards (credit, debit or prepaid)
  • Electronic bank transfer
  • Mobile payments
  • PayPal

Affordable Rate

We offer sales from time to time for our trendy clothing as well as discounted rates for wholesale buyers and retailers.

This makes sourcing trending clothing from us affordable thus making it profitable for your business.

Trendy clothing manufactured in China are also cheaper because of low production cost in China.

Materials and labor cost is readily available at affordable rates in China, thus the lower price on end products.

30-days Return Warranty

Our return policy is 30 days after receipt of your order. During this time, you can lodge a complaint with us in case you are unsatisfied with your order.

The policy covers defective goods or any other applicable reason within our return policy. We replace your order with new one of similar design and specification.

In some cases, we offer full refund if we are not able to exchange and replace your order.

Variety Of Trendy Clothing

We supply men, women and kids trendy clothing across all ages and different brands that you can choose from.

Our clothes are of different designs, unique and stylish thus giving you a wide range of options to select from.

The prices also differ depending on the design, style, type and quality of fabric used.

Fig 1 - There Are A Variety Of Trendy Clothing To Choose From

There Are A Variety Of Trendy Clothing To Choose From

How Do You Identify Trendy Clothing?

Trendy clothing are clothes which are considered modern, classy, stylish, fashionable, popular and current.

Knowing which clothes are trending can be tricky since trends evolve so fast. What is trendy today may be outdated the following day.

The below tips and guidelines will keep you up to date with trending clothing.

  1. Follow Fashion Week events which occur twice a year; during summer and fall. During these times, you will be able to watch new trendy clothing being released.

You can catch these events on online platforms or by following fashion week models on their social media platforms.

  1. Subscribe to fashion magazine, websites and e-letters. You are likely to read about upcoming trend from different designs and also see the latest clothing trends.
  2. Observe what top celebrities wear. This is because, they are most often gifted trendy clothing to wear as a way of advertising them.

Due to their influence, they are likely to make the clothing go viral thus become a trend.

  1. Another way to identify trendy clothing is by watching important events across the globe. Some of the events include; fashion night outs, music industry awards, art and music festivals, film industry events, etc.

These are red carpet events and top celebrities attend dressed in outrageously great outfits. Clothing designs also attend wearing their sophisticated pieces thus you cannot miss the trend.

  1. Shop from fashion-oriented suppliers who are keen on keeping up with the latest trends. When shopping online, be sure to click on the ’latest’ tab for new and trendy clothing in store for you.

Fig 2-Observing What Top Celebrities Wears As Well As Following Top Events Help In Identifying Trendy Clothing

Observing What Top Celebrities Wears As Well As Following Top Events Help In Identifying Trendy Clothing

When Is The Best Time To Buy Trendy Clothing From China?

Trendy clothing is available throughout the year China, however, the best time to buy is between December to February the following year.

This period precedes spring and summer seasons which usually have nice weather.

During this time, new trendy clothing is released into the market targeting the nice prevailing weather conditions and festivities.

Additionally, promotional sales and great discounts are always available at this time targeting buyers shopping for festivities.

What Quality Control Methods Do Trendy Clothing Suppliers Adhere To During Production?

Quality control is a very important aspect for trendy clothing production because it ensures that our products meet acceptable quality standards.

Good quality trendy clothing gives us competitive advantage in the market because it boosts our clients’ confidence in our products.

We carry out quality control during production of trendy clothing using various methods.

One such method is through laboratory testing of our fabric before production begins. This test ensure that the fabric quality is right as well as color and texture of the fabric.

Secondly, we subject the products through inline inspections which occurs at different stages of production.

Inline inspection method enables us to detect defective products at an early stage and fix them early in the process.

This saves us both time and money that would have been spent on post production repairs.

Finally, we subject the end product to a final inspection process in order to achieve two things.

It prevents us from packaging and delivering defective clothing to our customers and also arrest missed defects during inline inspection.

Due to large production sizes, we carry out random sampling per batch size and inspect them against accepted quality levels (AQL).

Some of the factors we inspect against post production include:

  • Product appearance and smell. The resulting clothing should have a good appearance, have no tear, correct weight and thickness and no bad smell.
  • Seams and stitching should be well done and in the right places.
  • Fitting measurements on end product should match measurement on chart or be within tolerance level.
  • Color of clothing, dye spots, fabric color retention and graphics patterns should be in the right place and well done.
  • Metal detectors are used for safety inspection to ensure no pins, sharps or needles.

How Can You Get Good Prices From Trendy Clothing Suppliers?

You can buy trendy clothing from supplier at very good rates provided you are aware on how to go about it.

Buy During Sale

We offer promotional sales during certain times in the year such as December and Chinese Spring Festivals. At this time, you can buy trendy clothing at even 50% price thus saving you cost and making extra profit.

Negotiate For Discounts

When sourcing for trendy clothing, we do provide our clients with quotation for their inquiries. You can negotiate for a better price per quantity at this point before we start production.

Bulk Buying

We have a minimum order quantity for our trendy clothing orders.

When placing an order and you surpass this quantity we do offer discounts on the price.

You can order in bulk and enjoy the discounted prices.

Fig 3 - Bulk Buying Is One Way Of Getting Good prices

Bulk Buying Is A Way Of Getting Good Prices

What Factors Should You Consider When Sourcing For Trendy Clothing Suppliers?

Suppliers’ Capability

You must carry out background checks to ensure that the supply can meet your product requirement without fail.

This includes product quality, order fulfillment as well as customization capabilities.

Authorization Papers

Supplier must meet minimum requirements within their localities to enable them supply goods to you. This can be verified by requesting for proof of licenses and certificates from local governments then verifying on their websites.

Product Reviews

Checking product reviews on the supplier’s website or social media platform will give you a glimpse on what to expect.

Lack of reviews is an indicator that something is not right with the supplier.

Sample provision also enables you interact and inspect products.

How Do Trendy Clothing Suppliers Help With Customized Orders?

Fig 4- Our Experienced Designers Are Willing To Assist On Customized Orders

Our Experienced Designers Are Ready And Willing To Assist with Customized Orders

For customized orders, our experienced designers are ready to assist with sketches, product designs, prototypes and sample molds.

Once you communicate your need to have trendy clothing order customized, our design will take you through the product development process.

Customized orders cost much more than normal orders due to the work involved.

The next step would be for you to share your product instructions and photo reference for custom mold creation. Should you not be in a position to develop the sketches, we can offer assistance with that as well.

The custom mold is then shared with you for your approval before we can begin mass production.

Should You Buy From Trendy Clothing Suppliers Directly Or Alibaba?

Buying directly from the suppliers is advantageous as compared to buying from Alibaba.

Buying from suppliers is possible when you need to customize your order.

Alibaba will only allow you to buy what is ready made.

It is also easier to negotiate with suppliers directly while Alibaba will only accept a minimal discount on product. This is because they also want to earn their profits from the sales.

You can go through Alibaba and identify a supplier for your trendy clothing then engage them directly.

What Type Of Clothing Do Trendy Clothing Suppliers Deal In?

We deal in various types of trendy clothing which are unique, stylish, fashionable and classy. Our product ranges from men, women, kids and youth clothing.

We also incorporate footwear, jewelry and accessories for a one stop shop experience.

Fig 5- Men Wear Are AmongThe products Dealt With

Men Wear Are Among The Products dealt With

Are OEM Orders Accepted By Trendy Clothing Suppliers?


Original Equipment manufacturing orders are very much acceptable to us.

Being that OEM orders involve original design from customer, we require contract signing before we can start the process.

The customers share their design ideas, material type and product technical specifications for production process.

Additionally, we advise clients on intellectual property right protection to avoid IP infringement.

Do Trendy Clothing Suppliers Offer Drop Shipping?

Yes, we do.

You can order your trendy clothing through our online platform and we will ship directly to your clients’ destination.

This business model is common with small business who do not have financial muscle needed for product inventory.

What Payment Terms Do Trendy Clothing Suppliers Accept?

We accept 30% upfront payment before production begins and the remaining 70% balance is paid just before shipment.

For very bulk orders, we require 50% upfront payment and the other 50% after receiving your shipment.

Is There A Return Policy For Trendy Clothing Suppliers?


You can return your order trendy clothing to us if you receive your order and are not impressed within 30 days.

Reasons for return can be on grounds of damaged or defective order or even wrongful order delivery.

We will investigate reason for return thereafter replace or refund depending on the agreed terms.

What Are The Warranty Terms For Trendy Clothing Suppliers?

Our warranty terms apply on repair and replacement of defective or damaged trendy clothing upon receipt.

When you receive your order and notice any defects on the clothing, you can report to us via email or calls.

We will then request that you ship back with original purchase receipt for product exchange, repair or refund.

We will not accept any trendy clothing that has no original receipt or that has been tampered with.

How Do You Identify Trendy Clothing Supplier?

Finding a trendy clothing supplier that can fit your product description is necessary before starting your business.

The following are the steps that you can follow to identify a trendy clothing supplier.


Having the right supplier is critical for the success of your trendy clothing business as this will affect the quality, price.

There are various platforms that you can research from and identify trendy clothing supplier who suits your product needs.

Some of the platforms include; Alibaba, online directories or even on search engines such as google.

You will be able to identify hundreds of manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers and narrow down to one.

Fig 6- Through Research You can Easily Identify Trendy Clothing

 Through Research You Can Easily Identify Trendy Clothing


Referrals is one of the best ways of establishing supplier contacts from their previous and current customers.

Referrals can be shared through professional networks or business associates who have had previous successful interactions with suppliers.

You can also join online communities who deal in similar business for supplier referrals.

Be sure to ask for testimonials and pointers to look for when dealing with trendy clothing suppliers.

Trade Exhibitions

China hosts some of the major trade fair such as Canton fair and global sources exhibitions yearly.

These shows bring together manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers for various trendy clothing who showcase their designs and styles at the shows.

You can visit as many stands as possible and interact with the suppliers and their products before settling on one.

This is also a great opportunity to negotiate terms of engagement and visit the factory once you identify a supplier.

Sourcing Agents

Hiring the services of a sourcing agent is a great way of identifying trendy clothing in China.

This is because the agents are based in China and know suppliers and their product specialties.

Agents save you time and money that you have spent going to verify the supplier in person.

Instead, they handle all the business on your behalf and ensure your products needs are met.

Code Searching

Every manufactured clothing product has a unique code that is used to register it in a central coding classification system.

You can use your product code if you know to search for its supplier from the coding system online.

Armed with product suppliers’ information, you can proceed with your search on online directories for more information.

One such verification platform is business bureau which will provide you with any complaints filed, business reviews, etc.

Identifying a fit trendy clothing supplier is crucial for your business. Be sure to do background checks to avoid disappointments.

Do Trendy Clothing Suppliers Support Small Businesses?


Trendy clothing suppliers support small businesses in various ways.

One, we accept flexible minimum order quantities that will not overstrain their budget.

Small businesses can request to have orders slightly modified from our existing designs.

Additionally, we have flexible payment terms that can be done in two installments at the agreed percentages.

For our loyal clients, we can enter into a supply contract that even extends their payment period to between 30-90 days.

We understand that our clients are dynamic hence we strive to accommodate everyone.

How Long Will Trendy Clothing Suppliers Take To Deliver My Order?

Order delivery is dependent on order quantity, custom design, stock availability and mode of shipping.

For in stock orders, we take 1-2 days to process then dispatch through your preferred mode of shipping. The faster the means the faster you receive your orders.

Large and customized orders take between 10-20 days to be ready for shipment. Bulky orders mostly use ocean freight which is cheaper but slower.

Air freight is faster and expensive and only allow up to certain weight of orders.

What Is The MOQ For Trendy Clothing Orders?

Our minimum order quantity is negotiable depending on the nature of our clients’ business.

For first time clients, we allow less quantities for them to carry out market trials before committing to large orders.

Small businesses are also able to negotiate for lower quantities that won’t strain their budget.

We also accept large orders beyond our MOQ because of our production capabilities.

Orders that surpass our MOQ have a better price rate thus we encourage our clients to place large orders.

Do Trendy Clothing Suppliers Offer Shipping Services?


We do offer shipping services to our customers’ destinations around the world upon request.

This is because we have working relationship with transport and logistics companies such as rail, ocean and airfreight and road.

We can facilitate order pick up from our warehouse to the delivery at your door step at a cost.

Besides, we offer free shipping to some orders provided they meet our minimum order amount for express courier services.

Different shipping services take different time to deliver orders.

The fastest being express courier by DHL or FedEx which take 2-3 days to arrive.

The slowest one being ocean freight which can take up to 60 days to deliver your order.

Fig 7- Shipping Services Are Offered To Customers WorldWide

Shipping Services Are Offered To Customers World Wide

What After Sales Services Do Trendy Clothing Suppliers Offer?

We understand that after sales services are crucial if you want customer retention and recommendations from existing ones.

As a result, we not only sell to our customers but ensure we keep them coming for more.

We accept free return and exchange of trendy clothing within seven days after purchase without any explanations.

We also have chatbots and free hotlines that customers can reach us to lodge a complaint should they have any. These communication channels are open 24/7 throughout the year.

Our after sales services include rewarding loyalty points to our customers for recommending new customers to us. We also offer discounts to return customers and allow them to shop using their earned points.

Do Trendy Clothing Suppliers Offer Quality Certificates?

We are vetted by quality standard bodies to ensure that we adhere to acceptable trendy clothing production standards.

As such, we are provided with quality certifications to confirm our compliance to the set standards.

These quality standards that we conform to include; CE, ISO 9001, RoHS, etc.

hese standards cover, health and safety, environmental, good production practices and material quality.

We do provide quality certificates to our clients upon request for their own verification and customs clearance when required.

Is Factory Visit Allowed By Trendy Clothing Suppliers?


You are free to visit our factory and warehouses to witness our production processes end-to-end.

This offers you an exclusive opportunity to interact with our products, sample them and also verify our documents.

You can witness inspection processes and also request for specified quality inspection step for your customized orders.

We offer assistance with travelling logistics arrangements should you plan to visit and do not know where to start.

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