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Do you know how to identify your body type? For many Brazilians, the answer would be pear, one of the most curvaceous. Knowing how to value the pear shape body does not depend on the height or weight of the woman, but on how to balance the silhouette and highlight its strengths

The female pear body – also known as a triangle – has a greater emphasis on the hip. The underside is wider than the shoulder line, so it looks like a triangle

Knowing how to identify your body type brings greater self-knowledge and control for the woman over the image she wants to convey. Thus, she can choose clothes that enhance her strengths and bring more harmony to the look.    

The idea of ​​disguising and enhancing body parts using style tips does not mean that fashion has rules that cannot be broken. They are just suggestions. The most important thing is to feel comfortable and confident with your mirror image, combined?

If you want to know what are the best clothes for the pear silhouette , keep reading this articleWe will show you 5 pieces that will enhance your body. 

Pear shaped body: 5 pieces to have in the wardrobe

The purpose of the style tips is basically to harmonize the woman‘s silhouette with pieces that will bring more balance to your image. In the case othe pear female body , the intention is to draw more attention to the upper part and take the attention off the hip, which is the most prominent part.

So, what to wear on the pear body? Below, we list some clothes for this type of silhouette. Check out! 

Long Dress

The long pear body dress is unbeatable. Elegant and practical, it combines with all types of bodies. To mark the waist and not flatten the silhouette, put on a belt and let the bar cover your feet. The long skirt is also a great choice for the pear body for the same reasons. 

Flare or straight pants

The pear body pants have a straight or flare cut and, preferably, darker tones. The pearshaped woman has thicker thighs and broader hips. Therefore, the ideal is that the pants balance the volume of the hips. 

Flare pants are tighter on the hips and start to open at the knee, leaving the hem wider. Straight pants, as the name says, have a straight cut from the knee to the hem. In both, the style of the pants promotes a more harmonious effect to the look. 

The great news is that they match every occasion, from the work look to going out with friends. 

A-line or midi skirt

The evasê skirt and midi are the most suitable to enhance the pear body. The first marks the waist region and slightly opens in length in the shape of A, disguising the hips. The mid skirt, with the length between the knee and the half of the calf, also balances the proportions, being an excellent option for the most modern women. 

In general, avoid highlighting the waist region using pierced models, light colors or with a lot of volume on the hips. Prefer smooth pieces, just one color and more discreet. Vertical stripes also favor this type of body, based on effects such as

  • vertical prints;
  • side slits or;
  • front buttons forming a vertical line.
Blouses with volume

The women with pear body have smaller breasts and narrower shoulders. Therefore, clothes for this type of silhouette should draw more attention to the upper part. 

Abuse of blouses with large and colorful prints, sparkles and ruffles. In addition, some necklines are more suitable to enhance the female pear body, such as: 

  • the strapless model, known as strapless;
  • the canoe neckline and;
  • the neckline shoulder to shoulder.

These neckline models convey the idea that the woman’s shoulder line is wider. If in addition to this cut, the blouse has ruffles or details in the bust area, the better. That is, the more volume, the greater the effect. 

Attachments that draw attention to the upper body

Accessories make all the difference in a look and small details, such as the choice of handbag and jewelry, can also help to enhance the pear body. 


To avoid drawing attention to your lower body, avoid using long straps so that the bag is not below the waist line. The most recommended options are the bags used below the arms


Belts are on the list of the most used fashion accessories. It is a great ally to balance the silhouette and create curves in order to emphasize the female body. To enhance the pear body, use thin and medium belts to compose the look. 

If you are wearing a dress, position the belt around your waist – the thinnest part of your body – to mark the region and highlight it. But be careful not to flatten the silhouette, especially if you are short and do not want this effect. In that case, choose a belt with a shade as close as possible to your clothing.  

Earrings and necklace

Give preference to larger and more striking earrings and necklaces to look away from your lower body. Choker chokers, mix of necklaces, scarves and scarves also value the neck region and make the look much more interesting and modern. 

Each type of body is unique and, as we have seen, what to wear on the hourglass body may not enhance the pear body, for example. The main tip for the pear female body is to think about the proportions and use the pieces of clothing that we show in this article to balance the look, drawing attention to your strengths. 

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