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  • Focus on the middle to high-end women’s clothing supplier
  • Professional lady’s tank tops manufacturing
  • Full (100% )inspection production before shipment
  • Excellent service-never leaving things to tomorrow
  • High-speed delivery date from 3-4 weeks
  • Small quantity MOQ in 300pcs/style/color with reasonable price
3D Flowers Cotton Silk Embroidery Tank Top
3D Flowers Cotton Silk Embroidery Tank Top
12mm Silk GGT Tank Top
12mm Silk GGT Tank Top
Cupro Jaquard Woven Tank Top with Pu Trim at Neckline
Cupro Jaquard Woven Tank Top with Pu Trim at Neckline
Lace Tank Top with Cotton Rib at Neck and Armhole
Lace Tank Top with Cotton Rib at Neck and Armhole
Polyester Crepe Tank Top with Viscose Rib at Neckline and Armhole
Polyester Crepe Tank Top with Viscose Rib at Neckline and Armhole
Polyester Silky Jaquard Tank Top with Lace Trime at Neck and Bottom
Polyester Silky Jaquard Tank Top with Lace Trime at Neck and Bottom

Premier Custom Ladies Tops Manufacturer

H&FourWing is a professional ladies tops manufacturer, we not only work with retail brands ladies dresses clients, but also with wholesale private label ladies dresses customers, we have a fabric sourcing team, and a style & print designer team to work together with our clients. We are an OEM lady’s dress supplier we also can be your ODM lady’s dress supplier in China. Custom-made ladies’ dresses are our advantage.

H&Fourwing: Your Leading Dresses Supplier in China

When we talk about beachwear, we always think about sexy bikinis.

But we are the beachwear supplier who makes the style that ladies wear outside the bikini to walk around the beach like beachwear dresses, skirts, caftans, and pants. and we will use nature fabric bases to make our lady’s beachwear dresses like cotton, linen, viscose in solid color, print, and embroidery fabric. and the styles are looser comfortable patterns. But colorful printing fabric is more popular for beachwear dress styles. we can do both screen and digital print.

And we have a great digital print mill to cooperate with a small quantity printing style.

Fabric weight is light easy dry quality.

our design team will consider all these concepts in the new development for the beachwear collection can be said to be a fashion women’s clothing special in beachwear dress manufacturer.

We will offer our clients more flexibility for our service, and the best possibility for our beachwear dress productions.

If you are looking for a wonderful ladies’ beachwear dresses manufacturer, we will be your first choice in China. we do 100% inspection for our production from in-line to off-line inspection.

And our QC manager is from SGS. We have a very strict quality control system that all our factory workers will be followed seriously.

If you are a beachwear brand, we are here to be your professional beachwear manufacturer.  if you are in your beachwear wholesale business, and if you want to do your custom style or looking for a term who can help you to make the design for selection.

We will be your best beachwear suppliers in China.

Tank Tops Manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you’re looking for a reliable tank tops manufacturer in China, you should read this guide.

It answers all questions you have been asking about tank top manufacturers.

Keep reading to learn more.

What Are Tank Tops?

Tank tops are sleeveless clothing commonly worn as a single piece or inside a blouse or shirt.

A tank top is also a fitting cloth, thus explaining why it can easily blend inside other baggy tops or blazers.

Tank tops first came into existence during the 1920s when swimming pools were referred to as swimming tanks.

Thus, the suits worn by female swimmers were called tank suits or swimming tanks.

However, this name changed to “wife beaters” during the 1930s because American movies had men wearing tank tops as they played roles of abusive husbands.

Finally, the idea of wearing tank tops was officially embraced in the 1970s by both men and women.

Normally, people wear tank tops during warm weather. Nevertheless, tank tops can also be worn during cold weather if appropriately styled.

Tank Tops

Tank Tops  

When Buying From Tank Tops Manufacturer, Which Features Should You Consider?

Tank tops are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing anyone can purchase and wear.

They do come in various sizes, materials, colors, and fits, and therefore before making your purchase.

There are a couple of factors that you would want to consider.

Such factors are not limited to;

Body Types

The truth is that anyone can wear a tank top, but not everyone will pull out the best look from it.

You need to purchase tank tops that most people can wear.

That said, tank tops come in different types, and each type will be suitable for a specific body.

It’s important to select flexible ones with several body sizes when purchasing tanks tops for your business.

Individual Styles

Different people have different fashion styles.

Thus, providing a variety of tank top designs to choose from is ideal for any business.


It’s important to understand that tank tops do not work for all occasions.

They blend in well if worn casually, and this can range from sporty occasions, parties, and weddings, to mention some.

However, there are tank tops that could also work for official occasions. All this will depend on its material and design, not forgetting your styling.

The double-layer tank tops are a perfect example of official tanks tops.

Most of them are made from soft fabrics and can easily be styled to a fashionable and elegant look.

I shall explain more of this later in this guide; keep reading.


Earthly colors like white, grey, black, and brown blend in easily with other colors, and therefore people will most likely select them.

It never hurts to try out other vibrant colors. Blue, navy, red, and burgundy are vibrant colors that have proved to gain popularity.


Tank tops can either be tight, fitting, or loose.

That said, each of them will be ideal for specific occasions and body types.

Having a wide selection of fits places you in a better position to get more sales from your merchandise.

Why Should You Work With Tank Tops Manufacturer From China?

There are several reasons why most importers choose to work with tank tops manufacturers from China.

Most of the time, the cost is the leading factor here, and we all know this.

But if you don’t, here is how it works.

China has lower wage costs, and raw materials can be easily acquired, making the final product cheaper compared to other countries.

So that you know, luxury brands also have their merchandise manufactured in China.

The difference is that such luxury brands spend hundreds of millions of dollars to market their brand, making it very popular globally.

The bottom line here is that the cost-effectiveness of tank tops from China should be the one reason you should consider when purchasing tank tops.

Secondly, being a small business can be quite challenging when looking for a manufacturer to work with from other countries.

In China, this should be the least of your worries. Chinese manufacturers are willing to work not only with established businesses but also small businesses.

However, some manufacturers might need you to meet certain minimum requirements for them to work with you but other than that.

Be rest assured that you won’t have a hard time finding a manufacturer in China.

Chinese manufacturers are quicker and can manufacture any amount of tank tops at the stipulated time.

No matter the size of your order, if a Chinese factory promised to complete the work by the 15th.

Your tank tops will be ready at the exact time.

This is contrary to some other countries where it might take longer to manufacture the same merchandise.

Lastly, if you decide to use another brand’s dimensions by chance, Chinese manufacturers are good at making this happen appropriately.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating for this practice but sometimes you might decide to.

Which Designs Do Tank Tops Manufacturers Offer?

Tanks tops come in a variety of colors and designs, with some of the popular designs being;

  • Backless tank tops
  • Flowing tank tops
  • Athletics tank tops
  • Sheer tank tops
  • Spaghetti strap tank tops
  • Thick strap tank tops
  • Basic white tank tops
  • Halter tank tops
  • Racerback tank tops
  • Slouchy tank tops
  • Muscle tank tops
  • Double-layer tank tops
  • Cut-out tank tops

Will Tank Tops Manufacturer Help In Design Process?

Some tank top manufacturers are willing to help you design your tank tops, while some don’t.

Your manufacturer can suggest a couple of designs suitable for you.

Alternatively, you could as well search for a local designer to assist in the design process.

At H&Fourwing, we will help you in the entire design process.

Which Are The Best Materials For Tank Tops?

Most tank tops are either made from cotton or a mixture of cotton and polyester materials. Cotton tanks tops are not only lightweight but also breathable making them the most comfortable.

Other materials used in the manufacture of tank tops are not limited to;

  • Spandex – This material is considered the stretchiest thus suitable for fitting tank tops.
  • X-static – X-static is the modern fabric possessing properties such as thermal regulation, anti- odors, anti-bacterial, and anti-static, to mention some.
  • Bamboo – Bamboo fabric is light and breathable too. It’s suitable for making workout tanks tops as it pulls moisture from the skin.
    This results in faster drying up of sweat. In addition to that, bamboo material is environmentally friendly and easily biodegradable.
  • Nylon – Normally, nylon is blended with other materials owing to its lightness and stretchiness. Specific sportswear makes use of nylon material.

How Do Tank Tops Manufacturer Control Quality?

Quality control is always done to ensure that the tank tops meet the required standards.

To control quality, here are some steps that tank tops manufacturers take;

  • Checking whether the materials used have any defects.
  • Making sure that appropriate colors are used as directed.
  • Ensuring that the stitches are neatly done.
  • Manufacturers see to it that all sizes are standard.
  • Tank tops manufacturers ensure that the tank tops are properly labeled.
  • Conducting lab testing on the material composition.
  • Inspecting to examine the final product. During this final inspection, they assess whether the tank tops look as expected.

The colors should be accurate after washing and should have neat stitches.

Also, the strength is assessed to ensure it matches the desired quality. If it matches the pre-approved sample, the tank tops will be ready.

When Should You Wear Tank Tops?

Tank tops can not only be worn under blazers and light jackets but also over shirts.

If you plan to blend it with an official outfit like a suit, you must keep it classy enough to match the occasion.

All in all, tank tops are commonly worn during hot weather seasons.

Why Are Tank Tops So Popular?

Tanks tops are quite popular owing to their versatility. You can wear a tank top with several outfits, more so casual outfits, and on several occasions.

Not only can they be worn with jeans and worn to bed, but also inside official blazers if you want to pull out a blend of casual and official looks.

Tank Top on Casual Look

Tank Top on Casual Look

How Can You Get Best Prices From Tank Tops Manufacturer?

Getting the best prices when making purchases is the main goal for every importer.

Luckily, this shouldn’t be hard to achieve more so when importing from China.

Here is how you can get the most cost-effective prices for your tank tops;

  • Bargain -Bargaining is not a new tradition in China. Most, if not all, manufacturers will expect you to bargain the price. And thus, failure to do so will have you missing out on significant benefits.
  • Purchase your tank tops directly from the factory as compared to purchasing from wholesalers.
  • Make bulk purchases as most manufacturers offer huge discounts on bulk purchases as compared to small ones.
  • Work with freight forwarders. Owing to their experience. Freight forwarders can easily identify the best manufacturers for your tank tops with the best price in the market.
  • Conduct proper market research. You need to do thorough research before embarking on your purchasing process.

By so doing, you will be knowledgeable on several aspects of the market, including top suppliers for your products.

How Does Tank Tops Manufacturers In China Support Import Businesses?

Tank top manufacturers support import businesses by offering customization services to import businesses.

Additionally, they provide import businesses with sample products before the actual manufacturing begins. This way, the buyer can know whether that’s what they want before making an order.

Will Tank Tops Manufacturer In China Help In Shipping Process?

To make your shipping work out efficiently. It’s advisable to work with freight forwarders when shipping your tank tops from China.

Unlike manufacturers, freight forwarders are skilled in that specific business and can easily help you ship your products at the best rates.

Additionally, if your manufacturer accepts to help in shipping your products, be rest assured that you might end up spending more on shipping.

This as compared to working with a freight forwarder.

Remember, manufacturers are mostly specialized in the production of goods. Thus shipping will mean that they will have to outsource, thus the higher costs.

How Does Muscle Shirt Compare To Tank Tops?

We can describe a muscle shirt as a T-shirt that lacks sleeves.

Some sleeveless t-shirts with small armholes are unisex, and women layer them with sports bras underneath.

Muscle Shirt

Muscle Shirt

Mens Tank Top

Men’s  Tank Top

Will Tank Tops Manufacturer Sell My Design Ideas To My Competitors?

Having your design stolen by your competitors can be frustrating as this can negatively impact your business’s success.

Unprofessional tank tops manufacturer can sell your design more if they have a good connection with your competitors.

One of the ways you can protect your designs from being stolen would be by trademarking a logo or a concept.

In as much as this might skyrocket the costs, it is worth it.

The good news, at H&Fourwing, we will sign a Non-disclosure agreement. So all your tank tops designs will be safer with us

Should Tank Tops Manufacturers Include Quality Marks And Certifications On My Products?

Yes, they should.

Just like any other apparel, tanks tops require quality marks and certifications.

This ensures that quality is upheld and the end-user is protected from any harmful ingredients, either from fabrics or other substances.

How Long Will Tank Tops Manufacturer Take To Process My Order?

The length taken to process your order will vary depending on a couple of factors such as;

  • The size of the factory- Often, big factories are busy, and thus you might have to wait longer for your order to be processed.
  • The technology used – A company with advanced technology and equipment manufactures orders faster than those using traditional equipment.
  • The size of your order – The larger the size of your orders, the more time-consuming it will be.

These factors considered, your manufacturer will assess your order and let you know when it shall be ready.

 What Are The Benefits Of Buying Directly From Tank Tops Manufacturer In China?

Suppose you are anticipating reaping significant profits from your business. Then purchasing directly from your manufacturer should be your top consideration.

Not only will you get the best discounts but also establish a bond with your manufacturer. This will be for future business through the direct communication you will have.

Additionally, purchasing directly from your manufacturer prevents you from encountering scammers in the market, and you get to experience expert services.

Not forgetting that you will be allowed to customize your design when working directly with your manufacturers.

Lastly, you will experience accurate lead times and improved transport and quality of your products.

How Do Tank Tops For Men Compare To Tank Tops For Women?

Style is one of the major determinants that differentiate male and female tanks tops.

Normally, female tank tops are designed to have a curvy cut from the waist instead of men’s tank tops which are straight from top to bottom.

This is done to ensure that the tank top fits in well through women’s curvy bodies.

Mens Tank Tops

Men Tank Tops

Women Tank Top

Women Tank Top

Will Tank Tops Manufacturer Help In Labelling Process?

Yes. Tank top labels are normally added during the manufacturing process.

This is done to create awareness of how the garment should be washed and cared for and the size and material used.

Labels also help in the identification of your business through your tank tops.

Do Tank Tops Manufacturer In China Have Flexible MOQ?

Yes. Tank tops manufacturers in China have flexible MOQ. Meaning, with valid reasons, you can negotiate the MOQ of your tank tops.

Normally, your Chinese manufacturers don’t want to incur any losses. Therefore it’s important to factor in this as you come up with your negotiation tactics.

Settle for something that would benefit both parties to avoid denial of MOQ negotiations. Women tank tops, however, always have a lower MOQ as compared to male tank tops.

The MOQ will vary depending on the following factors;

  • Customization -Customization raises the production costs and lengthens the production time hence higher MOQ.
  • Size of the factory – Bigger factories have a higher MOQ as compared to smaller ones.
  • Materials – Using materials available with your manufacturer lowers the MOQ.
  • Type of product- MOQ is higher for small products such as pens, toothpicks, and pins, among others. In our case, tank tops will have a Lower MOQ as compared to such items.
  • Mold price – Some types of customizations will need new molds to be opened, shooting up the cost. Owing to this, your manufacturer will have to increase the MOQ for your tank tops to cover the costs incurred.

Independent of the factors mentioned above, you need to understand that as much as the manufacturer will agree to negotiate the MOQ, don’t expect it to exceed 15%-25%.

Can Tank Tops Manufacturers Include Specific Fashion Elements On Tank Tops?

Styling your tank tops can be done using different fashion accessories to take your style to the next level.

Here are some of the fashion elements you could introduce on tank tops;

  • Accessories – Accessories such as necklaces add spark to any plain tank top and elevate your look from basic to stylish.
    You can either use stacked chains or a single bold necklace.

ank Top

Tank Top With Accessories

  • Thrown a button-up shirt over your tank top to achieve a cool street look.
  • During cold weather, you can include a scarf or blazer on your tank top. A blazer will bring out a more elegant appearance, and a scarf will add glamour to it.
  • For a more chic and feminine look, you can wear a cardigan instead of a jacket over a tank top.
  • Layering transparent shirts with tank tops improves comfort. This applies to both official and casual wear.

Tank Top On  A Net Sleeve

Tank Top On  A Net Sleeve

Do Tank Tops Manufacturers In China Offer Free Samples?

Yes, they do. Tank top manufacturers in China are always willing to send free samples for your approval before the actual manufacturing commences.

This is meant to confirm that every requirement and standard is as stated. You must request a sample before making your order to avoid any disappointments that might arise after the manufacturing process has been completed.

At H&Fourwing, we can support your tank tops business.

As your leading tank tops manufacturer in China, contact us now for competitive prices and unlimited designs.

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