Sustainable Clothing Production

Clothing Production

Since the inheritance of the Chinese nationality, self-spinning, self-weaving and self-dyeing have been the characteristics of textile, embroidery, batik and silver making techniques, which are the Miao people’s outstanding contributions to human material civilization. Behind these “things” of craftsmanship, craftsmanship and aesthetics, the image of this ancient people’s perceptual body and rational cognition of the relationship between society and nature, and between self and other under the historical habitat of settlement and migration and settlement is revealed.

Sustainable Clothing Productiona
Miao Embroidery

Miao Embroidery

All the patterns of Embroidery come from nature,through Depict the form of objects With different embroidery methods to show, each part of the proportion of coordination, realistic shape.

Patterns are mainly flowers, birds, insects, fruits, butterflies, fish, etc. it brings the garden of nature to life before our eyes very well. Make us feel like we’re in nature every day.

What is The Dyeing in Natural Dye?

The Natural dyes include plant dyes, vegetable dyes etc, all the elements come from nature.

Natural dye refers to the use of natural pigments extracted from various plants in nature that contain pigments to dye the dye. At the same time, natural dyes obtained from nature are used in the dyeing process with no or minimal use of chemical auxiliaries.

Create a sustainable cycle of extracting color from plants

Dyeing in natural dye
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