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Meet your Small MOQ

Meet your Small MOQ

H&FOUR WING believes that “From small beginning come great things”. Analyzing market demands, most fashion brands find it challenging to meet factory minimums for clothes production at their startup stage. In H&FOUR WING, Flexible Supply Chain makes it possible. We integrate manufacturing resources including Textile, Embroidery, Printing, and Dyes Workshop to build a flexible supply chain, which makes SMALL MOQ accepted in H&FOUR WING.

  • Love the apparelstyle on our website

Love The Apparel Style on Our Website?

 No problem, we can produce for you. You only have a design sketch? No problem, we can according to your requirements perfect production. Worried some attachments? Packaging, trademarks, washing mark, embroidery, printing. . . All of it we can supply.

Fast Delivery

You maybe doubt, we accept small quantity clothing orders, how can we guarantee the quality of the clothing? This does not need to worry. H&FOUR WING has almost all the advanced garment production equipment and technology in the world.

  • Fast Delivery

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