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H&FourWing is a professional ladies dress manufacturer, we not only work with retail brands ladies dresses clients, but also with wholesale private label ladies dresses customers, we have a fabric sourcing team, and a style& print designer team to work with together with our clients.

  • Over 15 years women’s clothing manufacturer
  • Focus on women’s clothing only special silk dresses
  • Small quantity MOQ 300pcs/style/color production

Your Leading Ladies Silk Dress Supplier in China

H&Fourwing is an OEM lady’s dress supplier we also can be your ODM lady’s dress supplier in China. Custom-made lady’s dresses are our advantage.

  • Full package service from style design, fabric & trimmings sourcing, production, goods shipment
  • Offering best possibility express delivery date for production
  • 7X24hours service never leaving a thing to tomorrow’s role in a company

Your Professional Ladies Silk Dress Manufacturer

Silk dresses also have a lot of different qualities, like silk CDC, silk satin, silk chiffon, and silk fabric use momme (mm) to talk about from 8mm, 12mm,14mm,16mm 22mm, and the silk fabric width normally is 114cm and 140cm.

Silk dresses style asked the workers in a factory with high skill and must understand the silk workmanship. Which kind of machine is better to use to make silk dress style, and which needle is ok to use. our factory must be on top to committed our production quality.

The most famous silk fashion can be thinking about Hermes scarf, as silk fabric is too expensive, only a few high-end brands can make it, we will do our most flexibility for our silk dress clients for our MOQ if you use the same quality to make an elegant silk dress in middle length, and long silk evening dress and party silk dress and silk prom dress to share the silk fabric MOQ, we can lower our MOQ quantity from 300pcs to 200pcs/style/color, but must meet the fabric MOQ for both solid color and print silk fabric.

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Why H&Fourwing Can Be Your Best Lady silk Dress Manufacturer

Why Choose H&Fourwing As Your Ladies Silk Dress Supplier

If you are a private label in the wholesale silk dresses business, we will be your best reliable silk dress supplier in China.

H&Fourwing is an Original Design Manufacturer, our design team will base the new trends to develop a new silk dress collection, today is no more the waiting-for tech pack business anymore. We have to be on top of our clients to lead them or offer them our volume service to make our silk dress clients easy life. Also, we well understand the marketing, not the brands cannot afford the silk dresses price, that is the marketing cannot afford.

So H&Fourwing needs to offer our clients more options to select, like cheaper silk-blend quality, or change to another quality that looks like silk, but the price is totally different. we are your professional silk dresses supplier in China to cooperate with you here.

Contact us now to know more about us.


Silk Dress Manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide answers all your questions on silk dress manufacturers.

So, before contacting a silk dress manufacturer in China, read this guide.

Let’s dive right in.

Why Do Silk Dress Manufacturers Use Silk Fabric For Ladies Dresses?

Silk dresses

Silk dresses

Silk offers a myriad of advantages when used to manufacture ladies’ dresses.

Some of its advantages are:

  • Versatile: Silk can make different types of ladies dresses-from casual dresses, formal wear, fashion dresses to ladies skirts, etc.
  • Soft and Smooth: Silk fabric is pleasant to touch and feel. It feels comfortable on the skin and doesn’t irritate even when worn on sensitive skin.
  • Elegant and lustrous: silk is one of the most luxurious clothing fabrics in the textile and apparel industry. It drapes well and is generally the go-to fabric for luxury and stylish dress designs.
  • Hypoallergenic: silk is a natural fiber that doesn’t attract dust, mites, or other allergens. It also resists fungi and mold.
  • Highly absorbent: This fabric can absorb sweat and moisture from the skin without feeling heavy. It also dries pretty fast.
  • Provides good thermal balance: a silk dress will keep the wearer warm during cold weather and cool during hot weather. It adjusts perfectly to changing temperatures.
  • Durable: silk maintains its elegant, soft, smooth, and shiny appearance for a long time. It doesn’t wear easily. No matter how many times it’s worn and washed, a silk dress won’t lose its natural sheen.
  • Readily available: Although costlier than most natural fibers, silk fabric is easy to find within and outside China. So you don’t have to worry about delayed lead times due to prolonged fabric sourcing processes.
  • Easy to work with: China ladies’ dress manufacturers favor most silk fabrics as they are easy to cut and sew.
What Is The Difference Between Silk Dress And Cupro Dress?

Cupro is a popular alternative to silk fabric in women’s clothing manufacturing. It is a man-made fiber commonly derived from bamboo, wood, and cotton waste.

Although man-made, Cupro doesn’t contain any animal products.

Note that Cupro looks and feels just as smooth and soft as silk. Cupro dresses also drape in a similar manner as silk dresses and are equally durable. However, Cupro is cheaper and more readily available than silk.

Which Popular Styles Do Silk Dress Manufacturers Offer?

Here are some beautiful silk dress styles to draw inspiration from:

Embroidered Silk Dress

Silk dress with neck embroidery

Silk dress with neck embroidery

Silk can be embroidered to create a beautiful ensemble for religious functions such as weddings and engagements.

It can also be worn to social events like birthdays, work parties, and cocktail parties.

Such a dress can be made in a variety of waist styles, lengths, and fit. Embroidery can be added to the neck, sleeves, or hem.

Neck styles vary from round and closed, round and open, V-neck, cowl, and Chinese neck styles.

Spaghetti Strap Silk Dress

These silk dresses are simple, elegant, and stylish.

They are made long with delicate spaghetti straps.

Most come with deep V-necks, while others can be made with a halter neck for that extra oomph.

The dress drapes well and shows the wearer’s curves perfectly.

This type of dress can be worn with a belt to define the waist area, a scarf, or just as is.

Silk Cocktail Dress

Silk cocktail dress

Silk cocktail dress

Women wear this type of dress to cocktail parties and the likes.

This dress is usually knee-length and may be sleeveless, one-shouldered, or off-shouldered.

It comes in many enticing colors such as dress, pink, champagne, and fuchsia.

Like many party dresses, the cocktail dress can be designed with a tie belt to add more style and functionality.

Silk Kaftan Dress

Silk kaftans give off a rich and contemporary look. Most are painted/printed to add life and a cheerful vibe to the dress.

The dresses are bordered with solid color silk material, which makes them look like a painted canvas.

Kaftans are ideal for parties and other less-formal social events.

Silk Slip Dress

Slip dresses are fast becoming a fashion trend in young to middle-aged women.

The dress is simple yet stylish and very easy to wear.

You can choose a solid-colored fabric for it or a pattern one for a more vibrant look.

Many options are available regarding silk dress styles. You have to define your target market and develop a suitable design that is unique and easy to sell.

Which Supply Types Do China-based Silk Dress Manufacturers Offer?

Chinese silk dress manufacturers offer three main types of supply services.

  • In-stock wholesale supply: These are factory designs with a ready inventory. Sizes and colors and pre-determined by the factory. There are no lead times for this – it is on order as we deliver basis.

Although to a limited extent, in-stock dresses can be customized to your brand’s unique requirements.

  • Private label custom design supply: It involves buying our existing designs, removing the factory’s label, and sewing in your own branded labels. These designs are created and made under our (manufacturer) label but sold under different brand names.

It means more than one company can buy the same design and sell it under different labels (their own). So the product is not unique to any specific brand.

  • On-demand supply: for this, we focus on producing garments as and when you need them, no matter the quantity.
How Do Silk Dress Manufacturer In China Fulfill Your Custom Orders?

While customizing silk dresses is not that complicated, it is essential to understand the specifics of the process.

It works like this:

First, you provide us with your design sketches and fabric samples.

The easiest way to customize a ladies’ dress, note, is to design it yourself and hand it over to the factory for sampling and production.

Draw your design on paper and then transfer it into a computer-aided design. Next, create a technical drawing of the same.

It includes the specific process descriptions for garment production. Following this is a garment specification sheet, commonly referred to as a tech pack.

The tech pack covers all details about the garment. Different dress designs have different requirements, and these need to be explained in detail in your tech pack.

It is recommended that you provide physical samples of the original fabric you want us to use.

If you can’t find this, send us your fabric requirements, i.e., fiber composition, pattern, texture, weight, etc.  Based on these details, we will find the exact fabric you need for your silk dress manufacture.

Once we have the design drafts and technical information, we will determine the cost to produce the dress.

After you approve the quotation, we will begin sample making.

Samples of your designs will help you verify the factory understands your requirements, their QC, and technical level.

Good samples show that the factory is capable of producing the dresses as per your specifications.

If not, you can try to identify the errors, discuss them with the factory and find ways to rectify these mistakes.

You can ask them to make samples again until you achieve satisfactory results. When this is done, sign the manufacturing contract.

It should be as comprehensive as possible, including quality assurance requirements, deadline, payment terms, return policy, confidentiality, and non-disclosure terms, etc.

Notably, the contract must have binding terms and conditions for both parties.

That’s it! Production can begin, followed by a quality inspection, packaging, and shipping the custom order to your destination.

Do Silk Dress Manufacturers Provide Support For Custom Silk Dress Design Ideas?


We have an expert design and engineering team that can assist you in creating bespoke artwork for your custom silk dresses.

All you’ll need to do is provide us with your design ideas or garment inspiration.

Our team will work with you to ensure they develop an eye-catching design that is cost-efficient and can sell fast.

How Do Silk Dress Manufacturers In China Help Determine Pattern And Color For Dresses?

Ladies dress design

Ladies dress design

Any garment design, including silk dress design, integrates various design elements –silhouette, lines, color, pattern, shape, and texture, etc. Each of these elements will contribute to the final aesthetic and comfort of the garment.

Pattern details such as the below can help to distinguish your silk dress styles.

  • Shape of collar/neck
  • Sleeve length
  • Shape and fullness of the sleeve
  • Style and length of the skirt
  • Shape and design of the blouse

Considering these elements can help you create a variety of silk dress styles from the same idea.

You can use darts and shaping seams to define the shape and fit of the dress.

Pleats and gatherings also help to diversify a dress’s style. They add fullness and movement to any ladies’ dress.

Note that by playing with various elements and design details, you can diversify your silk dress style in more ways than one. You can create a variety of looks to even the most basic dress using different design details.

Different colors and prints can also distinguish between looks. For colors, you can draw inspiration from the past, different cultures, or trendy fashion magazines.

Combine colors or pick prints and patterns that you feel will work best with your silk dress style.

Remember, copying other brand’s designs to create your own is unprofessional and, in some cases, illegal. You can only draw inspiration from the patterns. But don’t replicate the entire design into your OEM creation.

Do Chinese Silk Dress Manufacturers Provide Pattern Making Services?

Yes, we do.

We have expert pattern makers in-house to assist with your entire pattern-making needs. All you need to do is provide us with your designs and garment specifications.

Our team will then cut, grade, and sew your patterns with expert precision in the shortest time.

Can Silk Dress Manufacturer In China Blend Silk With Other Fabrics?

Yes, we can blend silk with other fibers to diversify its properties and usage.

Understand that silk is a natural protein fiber.

Its fibers are thin, long, and super soft. They are known for their strength, finesse, luster, and elasticity.

These fibers, as earlier mentioned, are also super absorbent and wrinkle resistant.

However, there are some downfalls of natural silk.

The fabric weakens quickly under too much sunlight. Sweat, bleach, perfumes, and some body oils may also weaken its structure. Due to this, silk is sometimes mixed with other fabrics to make blended silk.

Cotton, polyester, and lyocell are commonly mixed with silk to enhance its properties.

For instance, blending silk with cotton fabric improves its durability, softness, and appearance.

Remember that blended silk is not so different from natural silk, apart from the enhanced properties. The fabrics have a similar appearance and texture.

But blending silk provides a cheaper alternative that is more durable. It increases the fabric’s performance and aesthetic value; hence can be used as a great alternative.

Consider a blended solution if you want silk’s exquisiteness but want something cheaper, stronger, and more durable.

What Is The Production Capacity Of Silk Dress Manufacturer In China?

Well, we have a large inventory for in-stock silk dress options, and we support OEM orders in any capacity.

We have ample factory space with advanced equipment and skilled staff to support your production.

You don’t need to worry about not meeting deadlines or quality when working with us for your silk dress manufacture.

As you’ll find out below, we advocate for large quantities but also support small quantities. You can order as little as 30pieces/sizes/colors to start your brand or collection with.

Once your brand grows, we will be happy to accommodate your large orders.

In other words, H&Fourwing guarantees your business reliability, flexibility, and scalability.

Do Silk Dress Manufacturer In China Have MOQ?

It is no secret that in China, we want the largest quantities possible. Our bulk MOQ is 300pieces/color/size.

But we are open to small quantity production to support your small-scale business, startup, and any small quantity requirements.

Our MOQ for sample development is 30pieces/size/color.

Does China Silk Dress Manufacturers' MOQ Include Different Sizes?

It depends on the specific manufacturer. But H&Fourwing MOQ for both samples and bulk production is per size and color.

If you specifically want all sizes included in your order, we recommended that you order an FSR (Full Size Range). This means that even if you provide one sample size, we will produce it in a full-size set, i.e., S, M, L, XL, and XXL.

Always specify your size requirements, i.e., if you want FSR in your sample order terms.

What Fashion Elements Can Silk Dress Manufacturer Add To Silk Dresses?

Ladies silk dress designs can vary with the addition of:

  • Liners: silk dress lining primarily helps the dress drape and contour the wearer’s form better. Linings also help to reduce friction of the main fabric with the skin and the garment underneath. It helps the dress to last longer since there is no direct exposure to wear and tear.
    We recommend using a satin-like lining since it moves and drapes like silk. It is light and lies flat and smooth against the body.
  • Zippers: This is just a closure system. It is used to bind the opening of the edges of the silk fabric on the dress. You can add an invisible zipper or regular zippers to your silk dress designs.
  • Prints: printing is just one way of decorating silk dresses with patterns, artwork, and other brand elements. Several techniques are used to print silk dresses – from screen printing, digital garment printing to heat transfer and dye sublimation printing.
    Elastics and lace trims are other ways to add to the beauty and functionality of your silk dress design. You can even use silk as the base fabric for a more durable and lace fashion dress.
What Is A Garment Tech Pack In Silk Dress Manufacturing?

A tech pack is commonly referred to as the blueprint of a garment.

It tells the manufacturer everything about the garment – from the type of fabric to use and the color and patterns to the type of thread and stitches to use. It includes labels and hangtags specifications and even how to pack the garments once production is finished.

What Is The Advantage Of Using Silk Dress Manufacturer's In-house Design Team For OEM Silk Dress Design?

Once you have your design inspirations, it is essential to sketch them out to see what they may look like.

However, sometimes an idea may seem too good in theory, but not so much when you sketch it. It may happen due to poor artistic skills.

It is why we recommend hiring an expert designer to draw out your ideas.

Manufacturers’ in-house designers pack a lot of experience and expertise in the graphic design department.

They’ll help Franken your ideas and inspirations into the most cost-efficient and quality silk dress design for your brand within the shortest time possible.

What Are Custom Silk Dress Order Specifications?

Custom/OEM service for silk dress manufacturing is the best choice to start your own women’s clothing brand. It is also ideal if you want silk dresses to add to your new collection.

To order your custom silk dresses, we only need your designs and garment tech pack. The tech pack should provide the following details and specifications clearly and concisely (provide samples where necessary):

  • Design/color/pattern
  • Size & specifications
  • Fabric quality
  • Sewing specifications
  • Accessories requirements and specs
  • Packing instructions

Based on this information, we will plan and execute your custom silk dress manufacturing to the best of our ability.

Our OEM service, note, covers material sourcing, sample development, bulk production, and shipping the finished order to you.

As already mentioned, we also have in-house designers and engineers that can provide design ideas and support.

Can I Request Free Garment Samples From A Silk Dress Manufacturer In China?

Of course, you can, but only for one piece of in-stock designs.

We provide paid samples for ODM and OEM orders upon request. It helps you check our understanding of the product and quality.

You can send your customization specs for ODM orders and allow us time to execute the designs in our in-stock dresses. Once done, we will send the samples to you for approval before we begin bulk customization.

On the other hand, we require your design or physical sample to execute a new design (OEM).

Note that while factory (in stock) samples are free but you pay for the shipping cost. New design sample is charged 3x the cost of the bulk order.

This is to cover the cost of fabric, labor, and any possible losses. But the cost is refundable when you commit to bulk production.

What Machines Do Silk Dress Manufacturers Use To Guarantee Fas Turnaround?

Garment sewing

Garment sewing

Mainly, high-power single needle or computerized sewing machines are used to sew silk dresses in China.

We employ different machinery for different garment segments, i.e., fusing machines for fusing collar components and embroidery machines for embroidering artwork on silk dresses.

How Will My Silk Dress Manufacturer From China Ensure Order Quality?

Every single garment piece that leaves our factory has quality control done.

We have an in-house quality assurance and quality control team that ensures this. Our team monitors the entire production process – from raw material sourcing, pattern making, and bulk production.

After production, we check every finished dress manually and confirm it is good before packing and shipping the order to you. Sometimes, we hire third-party inspectors to perform QC on your orders to assure you of the quality.

Moreover, we can provide quality inspection certificates for custom clearance purposes. We guarantee zero manufacturing defects in every order you make. It means that we will manufacture your dresses to the specifications you provide.

How Long Will It Take Silk Dress Manufacturer To Deliver Bulk Order?

Honestly, it depends on your order quantity, silk dress type, and the season you make your order.

But as a professional manufacturer, H&Fourwing can achieve your deadline as long as it is reasonable. We give an approximately 30-40 days’ timeline for bulk orders and 2-3 weeks for small quantity production.

Our lead time for dress samples is 2 weeks from the start date.

How Does Silk Dress Manufacturers Give Quotations?

It is simple; just send your designs and tech pack to the manufacturer. Based on this information, the manufacturer will break down costs and give a preliminary quote. It is just an estimate of how much the product may cost.

For an actual quote, the manufacturer will only provide this once a sample is done. Although the difference between the preliminary quote and the actual quote is usually minimal, about 10%

So it’s easy to talk to your manufacturer to cut down costs from the tech pack, so the actual budget doesn’t get too high. It may mean adjusting your designs with more budget-friendly trims and elements.

What Is The Significance Of Incoterms When Working With A China-based Silk Dress Manufacturer?

So many considerations follow the successful completion of your silk dress order from China.

Primarily, the order has to get to your designated location.

It includes paying for shipping costs, preparing paperwork, and customs clearance. It would help to establish who handles all this once the order gets sent out of the factory.

Moreover, it is essential to establish certainty over risk and responsibility. Goods may get lost, stolen, or damaged during transit.

So it is essential to define, beforehand, who will be liable for the goods once shipped.

Incoterms, in this case, are essential.

They help to provide clarity for both the client and manufacturer over costs, risks, and responsibility.

These pre-negotiated terms help avoid confusion and reduce disputes and disagreements when working with a Chinese ladies dress manufacturer.

As your leading silk dress manufacturer, contact us now for all your ladies dresses from China.

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