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H&FourWing is a professional ladies dress manufacturer, we not only work with retail brands ladies dresses clients, but also with wholesale private label ladies dresses customers, we have a fabric sourcing team, and a style& print designer team to work together with our clients.

  • Small quantity MOQ 300pcs/style/color for production
  • Express delivery date
  • High-end garment manufacturer

Your Leading Ladies Sequins Dress Supplier in China

We are an OEM lady’s dress supplier we also can be your ODM lady’s dress supplier in China. Custom-made lady’s dresses are our advantage.

  • Focus on one women’s clothing only
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  • 7x24hours excellent service never leaving a thing to tomorrow

Custom Sequin Dresses to Meet Your Any Requirements

Sequin dress also can be using jersey or woven to be the background base quality.

The custom sequin jersey dress has some elastic, but woven background sequin jersey without elastic which requires the fitting must be perfect, and sequin quality is very dangerous to hurt your skin if the sequin dress manufacturer doesn’t know well the sequin workmanship.

In our factory, when we make sequins style like a sequin party dress, sequin top or skirt.

We will always use lining for piping to protect the seam part cutting half sequin to hurt the customer.

And we will use another chiffon to make a raw edge both inside and outside to double cover the sequins inside away from skin touch.

Custom Sequin Dresses to Meet Your Any Requirements
H&Fourwing Factory

Why Choose H&Fourwing As Your Sequin Dress Manufacturer and Supplier

We have over 15 years of sequin dresses working experience, if you are a stylish designer, and would like to make your custom-made sequin dresses, we will be your reliable sequin dress manufacturer in China.

Sequin’s dress is a special line but each season each year, all brands will sell sequin dresses for the Christmas collection for the Christmas party.

No matter whether you are a brand or boutique store, or a wholesale sequins customer, we are the most professional sequin supplier in China, and wholesale sequin dresses China manufacturer.

Sequins Dress Manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you’re probably looking for a reliable sequin dress manufacturer.

Or, you would like to learn more about sequin dresses.

If that is the case, then read this guide.

What Is The History Of Sequins?



The history of sequins dates back to Egypt in 1922 where gold sequin-like discs were discovered on king Tutankhamun’s burial garment.

During that era, metal discs were adorned on garments for the dead to prepare them for the hereafter-financially and sartorially.

But sewing coins and precious stones wasn’t just for purposes of prepping for the afterlife. In fact, in its origins, the word sequin has always referenced wealth.

For instance, it is found in Sikka, the Arabic word for coin, and zecchin in Italian. The English call it spangles. Sequins, the form which is commonly used in the apparel industry, is French.

The contribution to a person’s wealth and status is why many Arabs and European royals adorned sequins garments.

Sequins have seen gradual evolution over the decades.

Initially, sequins were coins and precious metals which were heavy and would have been costly for modern fashion. So gelatin was used to make sequins discs. These were lighter and cheaper but didn’t last. Gelatin sequins could melt over exposure to heat or moisture.

Following were acetate sequins which Herbert Lieberman and Eastman Kodak introduced. Acetate film, a special type of plastic-type material, was used to develop these embellishments. They were pretty aesthetic but not durable as hoped.

Luckily in 1952, Mylar sequins which looked beautiful and had better durability, were introduced. Mylar is commonly used today in many sequins, dresses, and garments. Modern sequins, as mentioned, are prettier and durable. They are also shiner and cost-effective.

What Makes Sequins Fabric So Hot For Ladies Dresses?

No doubt, sequins add to the beauty of a garment. A sequins fabric will give a dress a stylish, ultramodern look, no matter the dress design.

Also, sequin embellishments can be used as a design element. It helps to accentuate some sections or an entire pattern of a fabric, adding flair and uniqueness to the garment.

What Are The Benefits Of Working With A Sequins Dress Manufacturer From China?

Firstly, China manufacturers are known for their lowly priced goods. We get access to cheap labor and raw materials. Government policies are also quite friendly in China. It is how we can sell products at such low prices while still achieving ROI.

But don’t get it twisted; although cheaply priced, China-made products are made with quality and functionality in mind.

A sequins dress manufacturer from China will have a streamlined quality assurance and quality control team that ensures orders are made strictly according to the client’s specifications.

Another benefit of working with a sequins dress manufacturer from China is the access to variety.

We offer in-stock, custom, and white/private label sequins dress designs. Besides, we are constantly updated on the latest fashion trends.

Thus can produce any dress design that you bring.

What is more, is the fact that you can grow with a China sequins dress manufacturer.

Our curated collection of product designs and finishes give you everything you need to build your collection.

Whether you are an established brand or just starting, a China-based sequins dress manufacturer makes it easy to grow your brand.

The best part is that our MOQ’s are pretty flexible. As we’ve said, we don’t cater to big brands only, but small brands and start-ups.

We can meet your large volumes as well as any small quantity production.

What Backing Fabrics Do Sequins Dress Manufacturers Use?

We use various fabrics for sequins dress manufacturing.

Tulle is the most commonly used backing. It is a mesh-like material that is see-through and slightly stretchy.

Another fabric that we can use is silk. It is pretty soft, shiny, and luxurious. Other popular backing fabrics for sequins dress manufacture include chiffon, lace, organza, and wool.

Knit fabric is an excellent option too. It comes in opaque and translucent options and stretches quite a bit too.

How Do Sequin Dress Manufacturers Source Materials For Sequins Dresses?

Fabric sourcing

Fabric sourcing

H&Fourwing provides professional materials sourcing services for fabrics, accessories, and trims for your sequins dress designs.

All you need to do is send us your detailed requirements for the materials of your custom designs.

As a one-stop ladies’ dresses manufacturer, we will source fabrics specifically for your sequins dress production.

We have established long-term relationships with top-quality suppliers in and outside China.

If you have a physical sample of the original material, send it to us. We will copy the sample quality and make the same custom color, texture, and pattern.

But if you don’t have a physical sample, send the fabric quality you want to use. We will source everything for your collection.

Alternatively, we may recommend the best alternative material qualities.

While sourcing materials outside, we always request certificates. It helps us verify that the materials meet the required safety and quality standards

Note that we can source synthetic, natural, organic, and recycled fibers for you. Various fabric qualities are available each season.

No matter the color, weight, texture, and compositions of the fabric, let us know the specifications, and we will do our best to find it for your custom garment manufacturer.

We can always provide you with fabric swatches so you can verify the color and quality before production

What Sequins Variations Do Sequins Dress Dress Manufacturers Offer?

Clothing designers use two variations to attach sequins to a fabric:

  • All-over sequin embroidery: The design is suitable for full-length gowns and fashion dresses. Note that all-over sequins embroideries can get quite heavy. Thus not suitable for everyday wear.
  • Random sequins stitching: it involves randomly stitching the sequins on a fabric. This variation makes for a lighter dress that is stylish and eye-appealing. As it is lightweight, randomly stitched sequins fabric is ideal for casual ladies’ dresses and other informal wear.
Do China Sequins Dress Manufacturer Offer Sequin In A Variety Of Shapes?


As you already know, today, sequins are no longer strictly round and coin-like.

Chinese manufacturers offer sequins in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Regarding sizes, sequins are available from 2-30 ml in diameter. Most styles are flat or slightly curved, but faceted sequin styles are also available. These tend to reflect light in different directions.

While round sequins are the most popular in the textile and apparel industry, other shapes are available too. They include:

  • Polygon
  • Octagon
  • Hexagon
  • Leaves
  • Snowflakes
  • Flowers
  • Starbursts
  • Stars
  • Hearts
  • Oval
  • Rectangular
  • Square
Can A China Sequins Dress Manufacturers Offer Sequins Dress In Reversible Style?

Reversible sequins

Reversible sequins


A reversible sequin dress is also known as a flip dress. It uses color-changing sequin discs that turn color when touched or when exposed to light.

To achieve the color-changing effect, sequins are threaded in a reversible, overlapping arrangement.  It creates a beautiful, vibrant, and fashionable dress.

What Other Embellishment Options Do Sequin Dress Manufacturers Consider For Ladies Dresses?

Embellishing is quite popular in today’s fashion industry.

It is a decorative element in fashion design that makes clothing more appealing to the eyes. Some embellishments add that extra glamour to a garment, elevating its style and value. In turn, the product would sell better and give you more profit.

Apart from sequins, there are many kinds of embellishments that we can use to elevate your ladies’ dress’s style and design. We can use beads, appliques, embroidery, lace, buttons, and ribbons, to mention a few.

As said, embellishing can make your dresses look pretty and attractive. But you have to consider several factors which would affect what and how customers would want to wear these add-ons in your clothing.

Generally, the key to tasteful embellishing is finding the perfect balance between elements. This is both in the embellishment that you chose and the dress design.

Why Do Sequin Dress Manufacturers Practice Sampling During Manufacturing Process?

Sampling allows us to prove our ability to produce your sequins dress designs as per your requirements and specifications.

As a client, ordering samples before committing to a bulk order is essential.

Ordinarily, this will be the first time that you get to see your product.

Therefore, you want to ensure that the manufacturer you are working with is legit and can make your product exactly how you want it.

Some reasons for sampling in sequins dress manufacturing are:

  • Allows you to check how the finished dress will look like before bulk production
  • It helps you ascertain the capability of the manufacturer to execute your design ideas to perfection
  • Establishes trust between you and the manufacturer

Note that sequins dress samples vary. There are off-the shelf-samples, material samples, custom samples, production samples and randomly selected finished samples.

Always be specific with the type of samples you want.

How Long Do Sequins Dress Manufacturers Take To Develop Sample Dresses?

Sample making

Sample making

It depends on the complexity of your product.

Remember that sample development can be a process. If you’re ordering a new design sample, it’s not uncommon to have more than one sample shipped to ensure that your idea is gotten right.

Sometimes the manufacturer may get it right off the bat, and it only takes a week or two. But other times, it may take a month or more with multiple back and forth shipments, tweaking elements each time.

Irrespective of the time and effort, make sure that the results are good. You’d rather spend your resources at this stage than later, where errors can become extremely costly and frustrating.

Ultimately, you can only approve the sample that you want for production. If it does not meet your merits, then it can’t go to production. The manufacturer will use your approved sample as a reference for bulk production. So make sure that you get it right, no matter how much time it takes.

Do Sequins Dress Manufacturers Charge For Samples?

Mostly yes, but sometimes no.

Sample payment is something that you need to negotiate with your manufacturer.

Some manufacturers will offer samples for free; others will require you to pay for the sample production.

H&Fourwing, for instance, charges for new sample development, but off-the-shelf design samples are free.

Also, in most cases, you will pay for the cost of shipping the samples to your destination.

Typically, you may need to pay a small sample fee, ranging from free plus shipping to the usual full price. If you’re getting a custom sequins dress sample, expect to may even more than the full price plus shipping.

Again, H&Fourwing will require you to pay the shipping fees for in-stock samples.

For new samples, we charge 3x the cost of bulk order. But this cost is always refundable when the client commits to bulk.

Will A China Sequins Dress Manufacturer Ensure The Safety Of My Design Intellectual Property?

Yes, we will.

As a manufacturer with over 10 year’s presence in this industry, we rely on our clients’ trust and good standing.

It is to say that we value and respect your creative ideas. As such, we will not share your design details or brand name with other clients and/or competitors.

Besides, during the contractual agreement, we will sign a confidentiality and nondisclosure agreement.

It binds us legally to safeguard clients’ privacy during and after manufacturing any custom orders.

How Do Sequins Dress Manufacturers Control Quality?

As a sequins dress manufacturer in China, we have one simple approach to manufacturing – top quality. It helps us ensure that every garment produced in our factory is of the best quality and meets all of the client’s specifications.

We achieve this with the help of our quality assurance and quality control team, who monitor all stages of productions.

Our QA and QC staff will countercheck all materials upon sourcing. It helps ensure that they meet the required standards.

During production, the team will select random pieces to verify that all design elements are executed accordingly.

Any errors that are captured here are easily solved to avoid reruns after bulk production.

Once production is done, we will countercheck every batch to ensure all specifications are met.

In other words, you don’t need to worry about quality when working with a China sequins dress manufacturer.

We will ensure that you receive dresses of excellent quality in all aspects.

What Is The Significance Of Quality Certifications/Audits For A Sequins Dress Manufacturer?

Quality standards and certifications help ensure that we are compliant with the relevant regulatory requirements for garment manufacturing.

They allow you (client) to verify a sequins dress manufacturer’s credibility, capability, and reliability.

Certifications such as OEKO Tex, GMP, etc., help you understand how we make garment products and what standards.

Don’t ever work with a factory that cannot provide you with certifications and audits.

It’ll be hard to tell whether they can produce dresses that meet your specifications and the requisite safety and quality standards.

Do Sequins Dress Manufacturers In China Follow Ethical Standards And Fair Trade Practices?

Yes, we do.

At H&Fourwing, we are a stop ladies dress manufacturer providing sustainable and organic solutions for your sequins dress manufacture.

We produce your clothes in a safe working environment where all our workers are of legal age and are compensated well.

Our factory generally follows all the obligatory fair trade policies and complies with the relevant regulatory ordinances.

As mentioned earlier, we source all of our materials from reliable suppliers certified by various agencies such as OEKO Tex, GOTs, Eco mark, etc.

Also, we ensure to use minimal water and energy in our production. It is in line with current safe environmental laws and practices.

Why Do Sequins Dress Manufacturers Have Minimum Order Quantities And How Do They Work?

All manufacturers require a minimum order to ensure that all production is worth our while.

Remember that we often have to clear our production schedule to meet your deadlines when you make your order.

Sometimes, it means stopping work on other clients’ orders (that are not urgent) and working to deliver yours.

So we have to ensure that everything we do is worthwhile for the business. Keep in mind that MOQs vary.

In-stock samples often don’t have a minimum requirement.  But for new sample development, we expect you to order at least 30 pieces.

For bulk production, MOQ ranges from 300 to 3000 pieces and above.

When ordering quantities, always seek clarification on how the order minimums work, whether it is per color, style, and size.

You don’t want to order a large number of pieces that may be a hassle to sell.

What Kind Of Packaging Do Sequins Dress Manufacturers Use?

We use all kinds of packaging-from the standard polybag and boxes to the more custom and intricate packaging styles.

What you should do is send us your packaging requirements and specifications if opting for custom packaging.

Make sure to include the labeling requirements as per your country’s regulations on the importation of textile and apparel.

If you need custom hang tags, provide specifications for these, i.e., you can send us a sample of your current tag + desired material.

Our creative services team can also propose some hang tag ideas that may suit your brand requirements.

Can I Return An Order To A Sequins Dress Manufacturer?

Unfortunately, Chinese manufacturers have no obligation to compensate you for any defective shipment. There is no rule or regulation that requires us to do so.

In this case, it all depends on your manufacturer. A reliable manufacturer will offer a guarantee or some the warranty.

It acts as an assurance that you will receive quality products as per the order.

Note, however, that risk management is the best way to avoid litigations and disputes in China manufacturing.

It includes working with a reliable sequins dress manufacturer such as H&Fourwing and setting clear guidelines for your product development.

Drafting a clear contract outlining acceptable and unacceptable manufacturing limits will also help in reducing defective issues.

The manufacturing contract should include penalties and compensation terms for breach.

Is Shipping Fees Negotiable When Ordering From Sequins Dress Manufacturer In Bulk?

Unfortunately no! We are just the manufacturer and hence don’t have control over freight prices.

Note that shipping fees depend on several factors: order volume, weight, freight method, and current fuel prices.

Usually, we will ship your samples by air, where prices will vary depending on the sample size. For a small sample size, expect to pay anywhere from 50 to 100 USD. Large volumes may cost you up to several hundreds of dollars.

Ocean shipping is cheaper for large volumes. However, delivery takes longer as ocean shipping vessels are slow in transportation.

If you think the cost of shipping your orders is high, one thing you can do is negotiate the product prices.

Or, choose an incoterm that requires the seller to cater for shipping and then negotiate the final quote.

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