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  • Strong fancy accessories and fabric sourcing
  • Provide best quality prom dresses to ODM and OEM customers
  • Offer small MOQ, 300pcs/color/style
  • Custom making is available to satisfy your needs
  • Comprehensive services with a professional team willing to work closely
Sleeveless Flower Pattern Floral Print Chiffon Evening Dress Party Gown Long Prom Dresses
Sleeveless Flower Pattern Floral Print Chiffon Evening Dress Party Gown Long Prom Dresses

This sleeveless formal prom dress is a type of sustainable and washable dress perfect for evening parties and other events. It has a floor-length size with a natural waistline and a straight silhouette.

Sexy Prom Gown Spaggetti Shoulder Lace Evening Dresses
Sexy Prom Gown Spaghetti Shoulder Lace Evening Dresses

H&FourWing Sexy Prom Gown Spaghetti Shoulder Lace Evening Dresses has a stylish and perfect design ideal for your prom event. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes you required.

Square Neck Prom Dress Long Satin A-Line Evening Party Formal Ball Gown Two Pockets
Square Neck Prom Dress Long Satin A-Line Evening Party Formal Ball Gown Two Pockets

This type of prom dress is made from high-quality satin. It has a flawless seam-lined fitted bodice, natural waist, square neckline, and fine over-the-shoulder straps. Suitable for petite to large women.

A-Line Evening Gown with Beading on Net and Satin
A-Line Evening Gown with Beading on Net and Satin

Elegant evening gown with beading and embroidery on a net bodice over a Larissa Satin full a-line skirt with detachable waistband. Elbow-length sleeves.

Evening Dress Velvet slim Prom Dress Tube
Evening Dress Velvet slim Prom Dress Tube

Our stunning H&FourWing evening dress velvet slim prom dress tube will look you sexy and beautiful for your prom occasion, formal ballgown, birthday, cocktail, etc.

Long Blue Prom Dresses 2021 Prom Woman Dresses Sexy Evening Gowns
Long Blue Prom Dresses 2021 Prom Woman Dresses Sexy Evening Gowns

This famous long blue dress has lace, embroidery, sequined decoration, and sleeveless design. We can custom your prom dresses need. H&FourWing can design extraordinary prom dresses with your choice of material, color, and features.

Black Puffy Prom Dresses Ball Gown Lace Flower Beading Pearl Tassel Off-The-Shoulder Backless
Black Puffy Prom Dresses Ball Gown Lace Flower Beading Pearl Tassel Off-The-Shoulder Backless

H&FourWing designed this kind of black puffy prom dress with an off-the-shoulder neckline and designed with flower, lace, pearl, tassel, puffy, beading, embellishment. If you`re a lady’s clothes brand, avail now because all are affordable, and perfect for your business.

Bow Back Formal Pink Gown Prom Dress
Bow Back Formal Pink Gown Prom Dress

Our H&FourWing Bow Back Formal Pink Gown Prom Dress is available in different colors and sizes the body. It has a detachable bow, trumpet silhouette, spaghetti straps, a shallow V-neckline, and an open back.

2021 Simple Royal Blue Prom Dresses Satin Spaghetti Burgundy Evening Gowns Cross Back
2021 Simple Royal Blue Prom Dresses Satin Spaghetti Burgundy Evening Gowns Cross Back

H&Fourwing simple royal blue prom dresses are perfect to wear at various types of parties like prom, birthdays, weddings, and so on. It is made from high-class fabric that maintains a good appearance in a long run.

Your Excellent Custom Prom Dresses Manufacturer

H&Fourwing is a professional prom dress manufacturer with over 15 years of history and experience. With our own advanced factory and skilled designers, we have the ability to offer you the best quality and elegant prom dress at an economical price.

Whether you`re a popular ladies’ clothes brand or just a small business, H&Fourwing can support you from the start until the completion of your project. We offer low MOQ from 100pcs that can surely help your start-up business. Our excellent design team can make your dream into reality, just send us your own design, idea image, or sample. We can custom your prom dresses with H&Fourwing professional designer team!

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H&FourWing – Your Most Professional Prom Dress Manufacturer

If you are looking for a perfect prom dress for your prom event, H&FourWing will be your #1 solution. We will design any kinds, features, and latest styles of prom dress offered at a very affordable price.

We can offer gorgeous made sleeveless flower pattern floral print chiffon evening dress party gown long prom dresses, sexy prom gown spaghetti shoulder lace evening dresses, square neck prom dress long satin a-line evening party formal ball gown two pockets, etc.

H&FourWing prom dress is one of the most famous prom dresses use nowadays. It is absolutely comfortable to wear with many embellishments for your satisfaction. The H&FourWing prom dress is suitable for any events and occasions like prom night, parties, birthdays, weddings, etc.

Our range of elegant and stunning prom dresses is truly extensive. We have a large number of various styles of prom dresses that comes in various colors, design, and features, from long prom dresses, short prom dresses, plus size prom dresses, etc.

With a broad range of sizes available for each product you wish, you can guarantee that your boutique store or clothing display will have enough stocks for every size and shape when you buy direct from H&FourWing.

H&FourWing is a popular and professional supplier of prom dresses in China. Owing to our advanced machinery line and strong efficiency in production, we are capable to provide you the outstanding quality clothing and services. We can handle all your lady’s clothing needs to complete your business requirements.

Because of our expertise, we have become an excellent manufacturer of prom dresses for your women’s clothing brands and the best design stylist in your custom-making order. Our professional team is skilled and experienced in designing your prom dress specifications. We will work closely with our clients from the start until the completion of your project. The design of our prom dresses will be based on the newest trend nowadays.

For your assurance, we always undergo stringent quality checks before the moving process to rest assured that you receive the irreplaceable types of prom dresses from China. We own many sewing machines and other clothing production machinery that guarantee on-time production and delivery.

Aside from a wide range of beautiful prom dresses, we also offer elegant bridesmaid dresses, summer dresses, ladies’ western tops, and more. H&FourWing is your one-stop-shop solution for any type of ladies` dress in China!

Whether you’re starting your prom dress business, wholesaler, supplier, or a prom dress brand, you are so welcome here in H&FourWing.

For further information on H&FourWing prom dresses, please talk to us today or email us at We have a cooperative sales representative willing to help you 24/7.

Prom Dresses Manufacturers: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you’re probably looking for prom dresses manufacturers you can trust.

Or, you would like to learn more about prom dresses.

Whichever the case, this guide as all information you need – keep reading.

How Do You Know If You’re Working With The Right Prom Dresses Manufacturers?

To find out whether or not the manufacturer you are working with is the right one, you need to ensure that you factor in the following;

 Prom dresses

prom dress

  • Licensing – Check whether the manufacturer is licensed to conduct their business.

This way, you can ascertain whether they legally do their operation or not.

This would also confirm the quality of their products.

  • Research – Before working with any manufacturer, conducting your own research is an important step.

Using Google;

Checking online reviews on social media platforms, checking their experience.

Also, verifications on B2B websites are some of the research methods.

You could use it to determine whether you’re working with the right prom dresses manufacturer.

  • Use sourcing agents –

Using sourcing agents is an easy way to identify the appropriate prom dresses.

The manufacturer as you continue with your daily routines.

Not only do sourcing agents have broader networks but also their experience in the business;

Allows them to easily spot a suitable prom dresses manufacturer.

  • Visit the factory – Paying a visit to the factory allows you to verify and confirm every detail about your prom dresses manufacturer.

This builds your trust in them for any future business.

Why Should You Import Prom Dresses from China?

Importing from China is a lucrative business;

Which has seen hundreds of thousands of importers importing their products from China yearly.

There are several reasons behind this but here are the top reasons why you should also consider importing from China;

  • Uniqueness – China being a leader on the global scale when it comes to manufacturing, expect to find several manufacturers.

Owing to the high competition the need to stand out in the market forces manufacturers.

Hence to come up with unique products to woo their clients.

That said; prom dress manufacturers in China keep up with the current trends in the fashion industry .

This is to ensure that their dresses are unique.

  • Affordability – The cost of prom dresses from China is relatively affordable as compared to other countries.

This is in fact one of the top reasons why most importers choose to import from China.

The best bit is that in as much as the costs are affordable, you have room to bargain for your prom dresses.

This equates to higher profit margins for your business.

  • Quality – While some think that products made from China are of low quality;

What they may not understand is that it all depends on who you work with and the depth of your research.

Quality is critical for any business.

Therefore, finding the right manufacturer is the first step to ensuring that your prom dresses will be of the desired quality.

Many of the top Chinese manufacturers use quality as a strategy to stand out and compete effectively in the market.

So really, you can get high-quality prom dresses from your Chinese manufacturer.

  • Customization – Customization is a practice that most Chinses manufacturers have embraced.

Depending on your prom dress design, colour, and patterns;

Your manufacturer will be more than willing to customize them to match your preferences.

Can You Recommend Prom Dresses Designs and Styles?

Below are some of the prom dresses designs and styles you might consider;

  • Lace covered
  • Halter
  • A-line (princess)
  • Empire
  • High-low
  • Modest
  • Sheath
  • Baby doll
  • Chiffon
  • One-shoulder
  • Golden glamour
  • Two-piece
  • Cutouts
  • Metallic glitter
  • Pastel
  • V-neck
  • Statement back
  • Metallic glitter
  • Mermaid
  • Prints
  • Strapless
  • Sequins
  • Empire waist
  • Classic prom
  • Ballgown
  • Satin

Do Pro Dresses Manufacturers In China Have Product Return Policy?

Yes. Most prom dress manufacturers have a return policy that might differ from one manufacturer to the other.

Be sure to discuss the return policies with your manufacturer before commencing any production process.

What Payment Terms Do Prom Dresses Manufacturers Accept?

Prom dresses manufacturers accept a variety of payment terms some of the top ones including;

  • PayPal – PayPal is not only safe but also widely used making it one of the recommended payment methods to consider.

However, it’s worth noting that some manufacturers might shun away from using PayPal owing to the higher fees charged.

  • International credit cards -Using international credit cards can be a risky way of making payments due to fraudsters.

Not only can the risk be borne to you but also the manufacturer as they encounter fraudulent buyers too.

Generally, you have to be extra cautious when using your credit cards to make international payments.

  • Online escrow – Online escrow is one of the safest payment methods to use.

Once you make the payment, it’s withheld by a middleman until the goods are received at the required conditions. Soon after, the payment is released to the manufacturer.

  • Telegraphic transfers -All manufacturers with a bank account accept telegraphic transfers regardless of the risks involved.

Quite often, manufacturers reduce the risks by requesting a deposit beforehand.

  • Letter of credit – Unlike TT payment, no deposit is required when using a letter of credit to settle payments.

Therefore, buyer’s risks are reduced making it an ideal payment option for both you and your prom dresses manufacturer.

  • Cash payment – Cash payment is a convenient payment method accepted by all traders globally.

However, you risk losing money if by chance you are dissatisfied with your products.

  • Western union – It is difficult to track your transaction when using Western Union thus making it a hotbed for fraudsters.
  • Payoneer – Payoneer is a popular payment method among manufacturers.

And in as much as the fee stands at $3 per transfer, receiving is free.

How Do You Check Quality Of Prom Dresses From China?

As a business, quality should be your topmost priority.

Confirming the quality of prom dresses from China is an essential step that any importer shouldn’t overlook.

Below are some of the ways you can check the quality of your prom dresses.

  • Conduct an inspection -This is the easiest way you can get all your quality checks done by an inspection company.

In as much as it might add to your costs, it is financially rewarding in the long run.

If you decide to check the quality by yourself, here are some of the details to look out for;

  • Check whether the stitching is neatly done and that’s regular.
  • Ensure that buttonholes are neatly finished. There shouldn’t be any loose threads hanging.
  • Check whether the seams are overlocked or taped as seen with high-end products.
  • Check the stiches per inch. A higher number of stitches per inch is an indication of high-quality stitching.
  • Conduct tests on your prom dresses which might include;
  1. Fit test – To check whether the dress fits appropriately.
  2. Fatigue test of fastener -Test whether the fasteners such as zippers and buttons function as desired.
  3. Dry and wet crocking test -This test is done to confirm if there is any color transfer.

A wet/dry white fabric is rubbed against the dress to check there the color transfers.

Do Affordable Prices Of Prom Dresses From China Imply Low Quality?

No. Affordable prices of prom dresses don’t imply low quality.

Most people fail to realize that China is in fact the manufacturing base for some of the top brands globally.

That said, you can find quality and affordable prom dresses from China with proper research.

Can Prom Dresses Manufacturers Help In Design Process?

Yes. Prom dresses manufacturer can assist you in the design process if need be.

This explains why getting an experienced manufacturer is important since they will have a variety of options and advice for you.

Will Prom Dresses Manufacturers In China Protect My Designs?

You are responsible for protecting your own designs.

Prom dress manufacturers only have the obligation to ensure that your prom dresses are well manufactured.

Also are completed at the expected time.

To protect your designs, you might consider taking the following actions.

  • Register your IP rights in China as this makes it easier to solve the case when such an issue arises.
  • Keep tabs on the market and takedown Chinese websites that have sampled your design.
  • Register with customs as this prevents the exportation of infringing products.
  • Disjoint your supply chain to avoid providing a full product design to one party.

A disjointed supply chain makes it difficult for manufacturers to figure out the full product design.

  • Ensure that your manufacturers sign a contract as this will reduce the likeliness of them to be interested in sampling your product.
  • Avoid sharing your product design with several manufacturers as this increases the probability of it being copied.

Can You Recommend Prom Dress Material?

Prom dresses not only come in different designs and colors but also different materials.

Some of the commonly preferred materials for prom dresses are not limited to;

  • Satin
  • Sequin
  • Silk
  • Lace
  • Organza
  • Chiffon
  • Crepe
  • Velvet
  • Georgette
  • Brocade
  • Charmeuse
  • Taffeta

Do Prom Dresses Manufacturers Provide Customization?


Whether it is patterns, color, sizes, or design, prom dress manufacturers can customize your products to suit your preferences upon request.

 Custom prom dress

customized prom dress

How Can You Get Best Prices from Ladies Prom Dresses Manufacturers?

Below are some tips to get the best prices from ladies’ prom dresses manufacturers;

  • Bargain the price. The original price shouldn’t be the final price.

In fact, most Chinese prom dress manufacturers expect you to bargain. Owing to this they set their prices at a level that won’t have a negative impact on their profits if the buyer decides to strike a bargain.

  • Purchase your merchandise in bulk to get larger discounts.
  • Buy your prom dresses directly from the factory to get better discounts. This also allows you to establish meaningful bonds with your prom dress manufacturer for future businesses with them.
  • Work with sourcing agents since they have established networks with different manufacturers.

Sourcing agents will effectively negotiate prices on your behalf.

Do Prom Dresses Manufacturers Offer Samples?


While negotiating with your manufacturer about the production of your prom dresses, request them to send a sample.

Do this before the actual manufacturing commences.

What Are The Common Mistakes Made When Shopping For Prom Dress?

One of the most common mistakes when shopping for prom dresses is choosing the wrong fabric.

Choosing the right fabric is just as important as choosing the design.

Some fabrics are body hagging while others are flowy and won’t be ideal for certain body types.

For a prom dress, choosing a fabric that’s elegant, ethereal is ideal.

Silk, velvet, satin, sequin and taffeta, and any other luxury fabric are recommended when shopping for prom dresses.

Stay away from fabrics such as linen, cotton, jersey, or any casual fabric.

How Do You Choose Perfect Prom Dress?

When choosing a prom dress, be sure to select one with a color that blends with your skin tone.

Also, the design you choose should complement your body shape.

Some designs fit in with several figures.

For example, a sleeveless sheath dress that reaches below the knee should suit any figure.

Below are body types and their ideal prom dress fitting;

  • Hour-glass body

-Select a fabric that will reveal your curves thus body-hugging fabrics are ideal.

Baggy fabric such as satin and georgette should be out of your selection.

  • Apple-shaped body

– Ladies with a bigger bust should avoid clinging fabrics and go for ones that don’t cling to the waist.

  • Inverted-triangle body

– Women with a bigger bust, toned shoulders, and slimmer waist should select prom dresses made from flowy fabrics

  • Rectangular body

– Skinny women with straight body physic should avoid body-hugging prom dresses as this makes them thinner.

Prom dresses made from fabric that add volume such as satin or silk should be suitable for such body types.

  • Pear-shaped body –

Women who are flatter below their waistline should avoid body-hugging fabrics.

Instead, flowy fabrics like chiffon and georgette would be ideal.

How Long Should A Prom Dress Be?

Prom dresses can either be short or long depending on your preference.

If the occasion will happen indoors, a full floor-length dress would speak elegance.

However, if it will be outdoors, go for a dress that would be comfortable when walking around.

You might want to select a dress that’s slightly above the floor.

What Are The Available Size Options For Prom Dresses?

Prom dresses come in a variety of sizes for different body types.

Extra small, small, medium, large, extra-large, 3XL, and 4X are the available prom dresses sizes.

How Does A Prom Dress And a Wedding Gown Compare?

The difference between a prom dress and a wedding gown lies in the occasion that these two are worn.

Prom dress

prom dress

While prom dress is worn during school proms, wedding dresses are worn during wedding ceremonies.

Wedding gown

wedding gown

Do Ladies Prom Dresses Manufacturers Have Flexible MOQ?


Prom dress manufacturers have flexible MOQ.

However, you shouldn’t always rely on this strategy since most manufacturers don’t easily lower their MOQ.

To negotiate effectively you need to ensure that your proposal doesn’t affect the manufacturer’s profit margins.

Both parties should have a fair deal.

How Do You Choose the Right Colour Of Prom Dresses?

The most overlooked factor that you might want to consider when selecting the right color of prom dresses is your skin tone.

Skin tone can either be warm or cool.

Bold colors, warm colors, and rich deep tones tend to blend well with dark/cool skin tones.

Colored prom dresses

colored prom dresses

Black and white colors would be ideal for light skin tones while medium skin tones would perfectly blend with bold and primary colors.

Do Prom Dresses Manufacturers Help In shipping Process?

Yes, they do.

Your prom dress manufacturer can assist with your shipping procedures.

It would however be more economical to have a freight forwarder deal with your shipment as they are specifically skilled in that line of business.

Therefore, they can get you better deals and have your shipping process done efficiently within the set timelines.

How Should You Clean Prom Dresses?

You can either choose to clean prom dress by yourself or have a professional dry cleaner do it for you.

When cleaning yourself, identify the stains and acquire the necessary detergents to get rid of them.

Handwashing should be done to dresses that have beads, sequin, or tulle to avoid damage.

Fill the sink with clean water and add some detergent and fabric softener.

Turn your prom dress inside out and dip it inside the water.

Kneed for a few minutes then rinse until all the detergent and fabric softener is gone.

Turn your prom dress right side out and leave it to air dry.

It’s worth noting that using a clothes dryer might damage your dress and cause shrinkage of the fabric.

Are There Prom Dresses with Sleeves?


Prom dresses come in different designs which might have long sleeves, short sleeves, or be sleeveless.

Prom dress with sleeve

prom dress with sleeve

How Long Will It Take Prom Dress Manufacturers In China To Complete My Order?

The length of time taken to complete your order might vary depending on several factors.

Such as customization and availability of raw materials among others.

Averagely, it takes from 4 to 6 weeks to complete an order with a standard design.

How Do Chinese Ladies Prom Dresses Manufacturers Support Small Businesses?

Chinese prom dresses manufacturers support small businesses by creating favourable conditions.

This is to facilitate small business operations.

Here are some of the ways Chinese prom dresses manufacturers support small businesses.

  • Offering discounts on prom dresses – Offering discounts on prom dresses.

Increases the profit margin for the small businesses thus facilitating growth.

  • Having a suitable MOQ – Oftentimes, MOQ favors large businesses since large sales get a lower MOQ.

Nevertheless, to ensure equality, prom dress manufacturers have MOQ.

These also allows small businesses to make purchases without having to worry much about procuring large merchandise.

  • Providing customization services –

Customization services allow small businesses to effectively compete in the market with other established businesses.

At H&Fourwing, we will help you in sample development through our ODM and OEM design process.

Contact us now for all your prom dresses needs.

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