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  • 15 years of experience in plus-size dresses manufacturing
  • Provide both OEM/ODM service for brands and private labels
  • Customize plus-size dresses according to own design
  • Small MOQ starts from 100 pcs plus-size dresses
Wholesale Plus size Dresses
Wholesale Plus Size Dresses

Purchase plus-size dresses at H&Fourwing at great prices. Wholesale dress from small to XL, variety of style, colors, prints, patterns, and more. You can also customize specs based on your design.

Plus Size Western Dresses
Plus Size Western Dresses

This plus-size Western dress features sustainable, anti-wrinkle, washable, and plus size. We can support OEM/ ODM orders to rocket your business.

Plus Size Dress China African Women Clothes
Plus Size Dress China African Women Clothes

Our plus-size dress African design clothes for women available in most colors, sizes, styles, and designs. You can wholesale dresses for your start-up boutique in low quantities, 50 pcs.

Printed Loose Plus Size Two-Piece Dress
Printed Loose Plus Size Two-Piece Dress

H&Fourwing consists of an expert team to design custom printed loose plus size dress. You can send your layout to our team and discuss it further. We can 100% support your OEM orders.

Plus Size Summer Maxi Dress
Plus Size Summer Maxi Dress

Our plus-size summer maxi dress comes in all styles, sizes, colorful prints, etc. In this summer season, you can purchase a bundle of dresses at affordable wholesale prices.

Plus Size Floral Off-Shoulder Dress
Plus Size Floral Off-Shoulder Dress

This plus size floral off-shoulder dress great for any occasion, like a party, wedding, etc. Available in all sizes, small, medium, large, -XXL. Breathable and washable.

Knee Length Plus Size Holiday Dress
Knee Length Plus Size Holiday Dress

This knee-length plus-size holiday dress features anti-wrinkle, sustainable, and plus-size features. Ideal for the summer season, but also great worn for other events.

Women Plus Size Dresses White Dress (1)
Women Plus Size Dresses White Dress

Women plus size white dress by H&Fourwing comes in a variety of materials, sizes, styles, patterns, and other designs. Tailored your design now and start expanding your brand.

Plus Size Sequin Sparkly Cocktail Dress
Plus Size Sequin Sparkly Cocktail Dress

Our plus-size sequin sparkly cocktail dress available in a range of sizes, features like anti-wrinkle, anti-static, and breathable design. We can also support your own design as we provide an OEM solution.

Premier Custom Plus Size Dresses Manufacturer

H&FourWing is one of the leading plus-size dress manufacturers in China. We are working on different categories of customers, from private labels, retail brands, wholesalers, etc. We have an expert team of designers that work together to do your design. At H&FourWing, we can turn your design into reality, we do customization very well. Send us your layout now.

Your Best Plus Size Dresses Supplier in China

Have the best deals and offers for plus-size dresses in one of the leading manufacturers in China, H&Fourwing.

We have the widest collection of plus-size dresses in different elegant looks, astonishing designs, and premium quality fabric. Our company is already expert in the clothing field.

H&Fourwing plus size dresses are designed fashionable and eye-appealing even for the larger sizes. Your customer will definitely like how it is made.

We make sure that the layouts and texture of our plus-size dresses fit your customer’s tastes. H&Fourwing produces plus-size dresses for different body shapes and extra-large sizes.

We have a large variety of plus-size dresses for you to choose from. If you are looking for plus-size dresses that have a crew neck, perfect for chic denim shorts and casual pants, for full-figured or pregnant, H&Fourwing has it all. Our company is focused on providing all the products and solutions you need in this field.

H&Fourwing is your perfect and reliable manufacturer and supplier of plus-size dresses. We are also featuring shoulder straps, square neckline and back, tiered construction, and mini length for a plus-size dress. H&Fourwing is offering your customers plus-size dresses that have charming style and flattering looks.

Our plus-size dresses are guaranteed soft and smooth. Let us keep your customers beautiful and carefree.

We are eager to help you find profitable plus-size dresses and great after-sale services. It can be made from different high-quality materials. Each product had passed our strict quality control and tested by our professionals.

All types of embroidery and prints are accepted in H&Fourwing. We can produce plus size dress with the designs and artwork you have sent to us.

Our professional designers will create products according to your ideas and will make them even better. Rest assured, all your shared files, samples, and artwork are all safe and privately kept in H&Fourwing.

Our main goal is to give satisfactory services and reliable products. We can provide all your plus-size dresses for famous brands or for private labels.

H&Fourwing is composed of skilled designers and professional workers that focused on enhancing the quality and looks of our plus-size dresses. They are using their max effort to produce all the demands of the customers in the international market.

If you want to start up your business or check the products first, you can order 100pcs of plus-size dresses as our lowest MOQ.

Our plus-size dresses come in both ODM/OEM services. Just send us your orders anytime! We are available 24/7.

Plus Size Dresses China: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In this guide, you will find all information you’re looking for about plus size dresses China.

Keep reading to learn more.

Why Are China Plus Size Dress Manufacturers Better Than Domestic Ones?

As you know, China manufacturers and suppliers dominate the global textile and apparel industry.

The main reason is that Chinese manufacturers provide high quality at a lower price. The products prices are lower than every other part of the world.

And for many businesses, especially startups and SMEs, lower prices per unit mean that they have enough inventories to stay competitive in the market.

Cheaper production costs are also what keep drawing large volume importers worldwide to China apparel manufacturers. Sourcing from China guarantees them a steady supply of products and lucrative profit margins.

Another reason to consider plus-size dresses manufacturers in China is that they offer variety.

Chinese manufacturers are constantly updated on the latest trends and styles. They also have skilled staff to help you create unique designs for your brand.

Also, unlike many domestic manufacturers, China manufacturers are always flexible. They can produce small volumes and extremely large volumes just as well. No matter the urgency, a China plus size dress manufacturer will always find a way to squeeze in your order and ensure their timely delivery.

Labor is extremely cheap in China. As a result, Chinese factories can hire more workers to complete larger volume runs while requiring less money than domestic factories do. This way, they can produce high output in less time.

What Are The Different Plus Size Dress Styles Available In China?

There are various styles for plus-size dresses in China. Each of these dress styles highlights or diminishes one or more features on a plus-size body.

They are:

  • A-line dresses

A-line dress

A-line dress

These dresses create the illusion of a tiny waist and fuller hips (hourglass figure). They are suitable for all body types but especially plus size bodies, be it a size 18 or size 20.

  • Empire dresses

 Empire dress

Empire dress

Empire dresses are designed to highlight the upper body rather than the lower part. They gather just below the bust instead of the waist and are often light, flowy material.

  • Straight dresses

Straight dress

Straight dress

A straight dress usually has no waist. It falls directly from the shoulders. Plus, size women like these dresses because they are comfortable and effortless. They are also versatile as they can be worn to a formal event, semi-causal, or even for a cool casual look.

  • Off-shoulder dresses

Off shoulder dresses

Off-shoulder dresses

Off-shoulder dresses have become pretty popular in the plus size dresses market. While they have sleeves, off shoulder dresses are designed to show off the décolletage.

This dress style is suitable for women with narrow shoulders as they illuminate more weight on the upper body.

Off-shoulder dresses come in various lengths, from mini, midi, and maxi dress lengths.

  • Peplum dress

A peplum silhouette dress is a Bodycon dress with a ruffle at the waist. The ruffle goes around the waist and flares a few inches, creating the illusion of a smaller waist.

Other common plus size dress styles available in China are corset dresses, shirt dresses, summer dresses, mermaid dresses, floral beachwear dresses, one-shoulder dresses, tie-back dresses, bohemian-print dresses, shift dresses, and many others more.

What Are The Best Colors For Plus Size Dresses?

Considering how colors accentuate a plus size figure can be a real asset when buying plus size dresses from China.

We recommend choosing colors and patterns that make a full figure appear slimmer and hide problem areas. Avoid colors and patterns that create the illusion of more weight.

To put it simply, lighter colors tend to draw the eye and stand out, making the body look bigger and larger than it is. On the other hand, darker colors make the body appear smaller and slimmer.

So for plus size dresses, go for darker colors starting with black dresses, purples, dark blues, maroons, reds, browns, greens, etc.). Limit whites, light blues, pinks, creams, or even light denim. Stripped patterns and color blocks are also great options for plus size dresses.

Should I Consider The Different Body Shapes When Buying Plus Size Dresses From China?

 Plus size wrap dress

Plus size wrap dress


Considering the different body shapes will help you buy dresses that correctly fit, flatter and complement customers’ body shape and size. It will also help you decide what dress styles to stock up for which type of customers.

There are a little over ten body shapes for women, but we tend to focus on four main ones: hourglass, pear, rectangle, and apple.

For instance, if you’re looking to buy plus size dresses for pear-shaped women, consider Fit-n-flare dresses, A-lines, empire, peplum, and wrap dresses. Since the waistline is smaller for pear-shaped women, dresses that accentuate this area are hot and sell out fast.

How Do I Know What Plus Size Dress Sizes To Order From China?

When deciding plus size dress sizes to buy from China, your primary focus should be the fit. As you’re targeting plus and upper plus size women, it would be best to base the sizing on plus size proportions rather than generic sizes.

It is what we do at H&Fourwing.

Having been in the women’s clothing industry for so long, we’ve come to understand women’s bodies and their different shapes and sizes. This understanding has enabled us to create unique and effective sizing systems that suit various markets, including petite clothing for women.

Our sizing guide is specially designed to provide the best fit, feel and look. So you can order using our size guide, which ranges from sizes 1X to 8X (equivalent to size 18 to 48).

If you have any other unique sizing requirements, include them in your tech pack and trust us to handle the rest.

What Are Some Flattering Fabrics For Plus Size Dresses?

Fuller figures generally require flattering clothing. In that sense, plus size dresses need complimentary fabrics to give a fantastic outcome.

Some fabrics you can consider for your plus size dresses from China are:

  • Natural fibers include cotton, leather, silk, twill, denim, linen, bamboo viscose, and wool. While these fabrics are popular for being sustainable to the environment, they are hypoallergenic, durable, soft, breathable, and comfortable.

Some like silk is also pretty luxurious and provides a perfect drape.

  • Synthetic fibers like polyester, spandex, rayon, acrylic, nylon and faux leather are popular for plus size dresses.

Each of these synthetic fibers has different features. For instance, some like spandex and Lycra offer stretchability in a garment. Polyester is extremely light, breathable, and durable, while nylon provides resilience and is easy to care for.

Commonly though, synthetic fibers are cheap and readily available.

  • Combination fabrics also make good fabric choices for plus size dresses. These types of materials are simply a mixture of natural and synthetic fibers. In this category, options you can consider include velvet, satin, and chiffon.

Do Chinese Plus Size Dress Manufacturers Have MOQ, And How Can I Negotiate Them?

Yes, we do have order minimums as a way for clients to commit to bulk orders and to realize ROI (return of investment). The MOQ varies from one manufacturer to another. It may be 100 pieces per style/color or 300 pieces per style/color or more.

So if you find that you are unable to meet your manufacturer’s order minimums, try negotiating. The best way to do this is to understand why the manufacturer has set up the MOQ in the first place.

Some manufacturers set up order minimums to target large volume buyers. Others do it due to the amount of work the order may require.

Understanding the manufacturer’s position will enlighten you on the best approach to negotiating an alternative, mutually benefiting offer.

Please note that offering an incentive may help sweeten the deal, easing the negotiation. A promise to order regularly throughout the year may be a good incentive. Giving a larger deposit may also be a good idea, as is offering to pay a higher price per unit for a lower order quantity.

Can Manufacturers In China Provide Custom Accessories For Plus Size Dresses?

Halter neck plus size dress with ribbon

Halter neck plus size dress with ribbon

Yes, we provide all kinds of custom accessories for plus-size dresses, including woven tags, care labels, swing tags, ribbons, etc.

Let us know in your tech pack what you need, the dimensions, technical design files, etc. We will source all the right accessories and ensure quality production and attachment to your dresses.

Will My China Plus Size Dress Manufacturer Assist With Custom Product Development?

Yes. We can help you plan your product development and execute all its facets.

We have expert designers, engineers, pattern makers, and sewers that assist us in accomplishing this kind of task. Our team will work in close contact with your product development manager to develop quality designs for your brand.

After that, our engineers will create all the necessary tools for your custom designs.

The pattern makers and graders will create definitive patterns for your dresses and size them up accordingly. We will then develop the first samples for your review and make any changes you recommend to bring the product into the specification.

But before all this, our legal teams (on both sides) will curate an OEM/ODM agreement covering every supply detail, which we will sign. It will be the custom plus size manufacturing contract you approve bulk production.

We understand that product development can be tedious, especially when dealing with an overseas manufacturer (such as a Chinese one).

Hence, we assign our customers a professional team with exceptional communication skills. This is both in language and general ability to communicate queries, concerns, and feedback. So, you don’t need to worry about the process taking months and eating too much into your budget.

How Can I Ensure My Designs Aren’t Stolen When Manufacturing Custom Plus Size Dresses In China?

By choosing to work with a trusted, professional and ethical manufacturer like H&Fourwing!

As a custom ladies’ dresses manufacturer in China, we only share clients’ designs and technical product details with trusted members of our production team. We also store all intellectual property off-site to ensure full-proof protection against plagiarism and theft.

We can also sign non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements to protect your intellectual property further when needed.

What Printing Technologies Do China Plus Dress Manufacturers Use?

Floral printed plus size midi dress

Floral printed plus size midi dress

We use several techniques to produce amazing print qualities on custom plus size dresses in China. They include dye-sublimation, screen printing, 3D printing, Digital printing, embroidery, and heat press.

All you need to do is send us your designs and tech pack to recommend a suitable option for you.

Are There Any Set-Up Costs For Printing Or Dyeing Custom Plus Size Dresses In China?

Yes, but not all.

Custom dyeing sure attracts a nominal fee, as do screen printing and embroidery. It is due to the extensive labor cost needed in setting up the tools and equipment necessary to accomplish the tasks.

What Is The Return Policy For Plus Size Dresses From China?

In China, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality products backed by premium quality material and reliable production.

Besides, our expert quality control team checks each product made in our factory to ensure that they match your quality requirements.

But if you find that you’re TRULY not satisfied with your order, or in case of any mistake or errors, feel free to contact us for a return.

Before you contact us, make sure that the items are in the condition that you received them and leave all tags and labels as they are. Otherwise, they may not qualify for a return.

Why Are Samples Important When Sourcing Plus Sizes Dresses In Bulk From China?

Sampling in China manufacturing allows you to check the quality of the product, review the production process, shipping, and overall turnaround time. It simply gives you a clear perspective on whether the entire venture is viable for your business or not.

So when you receive your sample, go over how it has been shipped to you and the condition the package arrived in.

Also, note how long it has taken you to receive plus-size dress samples from the manufacturer in China. This will give you an idea of how long it may take to get your bulk order and if it’s viable for your business.

Immediately you receive the sample dresses, check and verify the quality first. Test the fabric quality, i.e., fabric strength and colorfastness. Also, check how strong and well-made the stitching is and the finish quality.

Basically, the sample should look and feel like how you envisioned the final product to be.

It should also meet the market expectations and brand requirements, especially for a new clothing line or brand. If not, it simply provides the opportunity to negotiate with the manufacturer so they can redo the product exactly how you want it.

Can I Cancel Or Amend My Order When Buying Bulk Plus Size Dresses From China?

We do not accept order cancellations or amendments once production has begun.

That is why we recommend asking for samples. This way, you can review the product before it is put into production. During this time, you can easily look over the fabric quality, construction, pattern, sizing, etc., and request changes with anything you’re not happy with.

If you need to amend the design or other details about the product, you’ll need to let us know immediately. As a custom manufacturer, we cannot be held responsible for issues or errors that may occur when you approve an order without proper review.

Changes, as noted, must be communicated on time. Otherwise, we will not be held responsible for errors due to late information regarding the design or general order changes.

Remember that we will not begin any custom production without your express approval.

In the same regard, we allow order cancelation if a customer changes their mind. But this has to be done on schedule, too, before we make significant progress on your order.

How Do I Ensure Product Quality When Manufacturing Plus Size Dress Sizes In China?

Quality control is one of the biggest challenges importers face when manufacturing in China. Luckily, there are a few steps that you can take to ensure that you get the best quality products for your customers.

The first is by reviewing the manufacturer’s quality assurance system. Ask them for full details about their quality certifications, fabric sources, and measures to control quality during production.

You can also request samples of the product to determine the quality for yourself and whether or not it meets your expectations.

Communication also plays a significant role when working with a Chinese women’s clothing manufacturer. To avoid assumptions and misunderstandings, be sure to make the quality requirements and specifications for your products as clear and detailed as possible.

If you have the resources, visiting the manufacturer in China is also a good idea. It will allow you to see the manufacturer’s quality control practices in person and determine if they align with your brand requirements.

Alternatively, you can hire a 3rd party inspection company in china to visit the factory. They will inspect the factory, ask pointed questions about quality assurance, and then report on their findings.

How Are My Plus Size Dresses From China Going To Be Packaged?

Once we finish making your plus-size dresses, we will securely pack them in clear plastic/recycled bags.

We will then put the bags into strong corrugated boxes and prepare them for shipment.

Moreover, we can always customize your packaging to give your customers an amazing unboxing experience. Custom packaging may be beneficial for your brand image.

What Are My Delivery Options When I Buy Plus Size Dresses From China?

As a bulk plus size dresses manufacturer in China, we can arrange shipping for you when production is complete.

The logistics solution will be your own choice; air freight, sea freight, express shipping, or door to door. We will also check and compare the shipping rates and find the best deal for you in terms of cost and speed.

Standard air freight takes about 3-5 days, depending on the destination. Express delivery takes about at most three days, also depending on locations.

Sea freight takes a slightly longer period of up to 6 weeks.

Can My Chinese Manufacturer Customize Plus Size Dresses As And When My Customers Order Them?


This is called on-demand production. It includes printing, embroidery, ties, and dies, among other custom on-demand solutions.

H&Fourwing understands that sample development can be costly, especially for startups and small businesses. As such, the on-demand production service allows such businesses to get high-quality products without spending too much on sampling.

However, for custom on-demand services, we will only customize existing stock for you. Our designers come up with factory-style garments and are made using factory-available materials. The color options for these products are also limited as we only customize what’s in stock.

So if you’re not comfortable with our basic styles, we recommend the full customization package.

What Is Lead Time And What Does It Mean For Plus Size Dresses Order?

Lead time refers to the time you have to wait before producing your order.

At H&Fourwing, a specific lead time begins when a client confirms and pays for their order. Depending on the season, it can range from a few days to several weeks. So if you want to get your dresses on time, make sure to place your order and pay for them on time.

Also, beware of the peak season months as lead times during these periods can mean waiting for over six weeks. The best time to order is between January and March in China specifically. Orders tend to be less during these months, so your order won’t be on cue for too long.

What Is The Average Time It Takes To Complete A Plus Dress Order?

There is no definite answer to this question since every production tends to be unique.

Several factors may influence the turnaround time for your order. These factors include the type of product you want, order quantity, and the availability of raw materials. You may also need to consider other factors such as the seasons, i.e., peak season orders take longer to complete.

But generally, plus size dress production in China may range from 2-8 weeks. The only way to know the exact timeframe is to send us your order details.

We will give you a precise estimate of when exactly you should expect your order based on this information.

For all your all your plus size dresses, contact us now.

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