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  • 15+ years of experience in petite cloth manufacturing
  • Focuses on manufacturing high-end petite cloth and design
  • Offers low MOQ starting from 100pcs to support your starting business
  • Manufactures petite cloth based on your design, sample, or idea
Custom Petite Girl Stripe Maxi Dress
Custom Petite Girl Stripe Maxi Dress

Our custom petite girl stripe maxi dresses are very breathable. It comes with different colors and anti-wrinkle properties.

Petite Maxi Evening Dresses
Petite Maxi Evening Dresses

About Evening Dress, H&Fourwing petite maxi evening dresses can be decorated with embroidery, ruffles, lace, and hollow out. It features high breathability and anti-wrinkle properties.

Petite Belt Print Tie Dress
Petite Belt Print Tie Dress

We manufacture petite belt print tie dresses using 100% polyester. It can be worn in any season like summer. It is a dress with midi length.

Petite Round Neck Maxi Dress
Petite Round Neck Maxi Dress

H&FourWing petite round neck maxi dress comes in different colors and designs. It features dry cleaning, anti-static, and anti-wrinkle.

Petite Black Basic Jersey Leggings
Petite Black Basic Jersey Leggings

Our Petite Black Basic Jersey Leggings are made from spandex and cotton. It can be customized based on your requirements.

Petite Clothing Top and Pants Set
Petite Clothing Top and Pants Set

We designed Petite Clothing Top and Pants Set with high breathability. It is made from cotton, linen, and other fabric. It has full-length and loose-fit types.

Petite Satin Leopard Print Dress
Petite Satin Leopard Print Dress

Our Petite Satin Leopard Print Dress is made from spandex and polyester. It is available in low MOQ to support your business.

Petite Black Casual Maxi Dresses
Petite Black Casual Maxi Dresses

H&FourWing manufactures Petite Black Casual  Maxi Dresses with anti-static, anti-wrinkle, breathable, and dry cleaning properties.

Solid Color Petite Clothing
Solid Color Petite Clothing

Our Solid Color Petite Clothing is washable, breathable, and washable. It is made from 100% polyester with customized colors.

China’s Expert Petite Cloth Manufacturer

H&FourWing is a leading Chinese manufacturer of petite clothes. We work with different clothing lines from around the world from retail brands to private level customers. At H&FourWing, we have expert designers to work with customized petite clothes based on your preferred design, prints, and more. As a professional petite cloth manufacturer, we supply a wide range of petite clothing to customers worldwide.

Your Leading Petite Cloth Manufacturer in China

H&FourWing is an expert petite cloth manufacturer for more than 15 years. We supply different types of high-quality clothes for petite people. Our wide range of petite clothing will surely meet your business needs.

Being petite is determined by a person’s proportion and height. Usually, a petite person has a height of under 5’3. Here in H&FourWing, we will help you find the right fit and size for petite clothing. Thus, customers will feel confident and comfortable in their clothes.

If you are planning to include petite clothes in your clothing business, then, choose H&FourWing as your manufacturer and supplier. We specifically designed petite clothing to fit the petite bodies. Choose from our wide range of petite clothing items that will boost business.

We also designed petite clothes for different body types. We have petite clothes for body shapes like rectangle, hourglass, apple, pear, round, athletic, diamond, etc. Whatever body shape it is, H&FourWing will surely help you find the right product for you.

At H&FourWing, we manufacture petite tops that are best for a shorter silhouette. These items are usually shorter from neck to waist. It also features narrow shoulders. Moreover, our petite tops are designed with a shorter sleeve to reduce rolling up sleeves.

Aside from that, as a professional petite clothing manufacturer, we produce petite bottoms. Skirts are often designed with shorter hemlines to accommodate leg length more accurately.

We manufacture petite clothing that is customizable based on your preference. H&FourWing designs can produce petite clothes according to your design, prints, and sizes. Just send us your sample, ideas, or description.

Why Choose H&FourWing as Your Trusted Petite Clothing Manufacturer

  • Sample Development. You can share us your design, collection, images, samples, or design inspirations with us. We will deal with your measurements and sizes. We can also make a prototype sample for your approval before starting the production.
  • Excellent Printing and Embroidery. H&FourWing can accommodate any kind of print design and embroidery. You can send us your artwork as a basis to start printing and embroidery.
  • Low MOQ. Our petite clothing is available in low MOQ starting from 100 pcs to support your starting business. Thus, H&FourWing can surely help your business to skyrocket.
  • Superior Logistic Solution. H&FourWing offers a free sample. We also offer 7-10 days lead time based on your order quantity. Rest assured that your petite clothing will be delivered to you on time.
  • Our petite clothing is made from high-quality fabric. You can also send us your preferred material or fabric.
  • All products are certified by HIGG Index, BSCI, and more international quality standards for higher quality.

Whether you are a retailer, private label, or a new brand, choose H&FourWing as your no.1 petite clothing manufacturer. All products are manufactured at an affordable cost. We also offer the best services and 24/7 assistance.

Make H&FourWing your reliable petite clothing manufacturer and supplier. We can be your best partner for your needs. Contact us today for more information.

Petite Clothing Manufacturers: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide will answer all your questions on petite clothing manufacturer.

So, if you want to learn more about manufacturers or petite clothes, read this guide.

What Types Of Petite Clothing Can I Source From China?

In the apparel industry, petite clothing is specially designed and cut for women under 5’4″. Like regular women’s clothing, these come in all shapes and sizes to fit women of a shorter frame than the average woman.

They include:

Petite Bottoms

Petite bottoms

Petite bottoms

Bottoms refer to any outer women clothing that can be worn from the waist downwards. It includes shorts, skirts, and ladies pants.

Petite bottoms range from cute and playful casual bottoms to formal bottoms for customers looking for professional business attire. Generally, we have a variety of petite bottoms in different styles, fits, and sizes to suit all market categories.

Petite Tops

Petite tops

Petite tops

From timeless ladies blouses to fashionable ladies jackets and shirts, we have a range of petite tops to suit your business requirements.

Petite Dresses

Petite dresses

Petite dresses

A ladies dresses manufacturer in China will typically offer various types of petite dresses to suit different occasions. You can find the right beachwear dresses for summer, fashion dresses to keep up with the trends, and versatile casual dresses for all other seasons.

With the right niche and product idea, we will provide you with the perfect petite dresses to build a unique clothing brand.

Petite Jumpsuits

Petite jumpsuit

Petite jumpsuits

We also have a wide range of jumpsuits to suit your petite clients in all shapes and sizes.

Our designs range from jumpsuits fit for summer, professional jumpsuits to more casual jumpsuits.

If you need a more unique product, the right ladies jumpsuits manufacturer can help you develop petite designs that will make your brand stand out.

What Is The Difference Between Regular And Petite Clothing For Women?

The differences between regular and petite clothing are mainly structural.

For instance, petite women dresses and skirts tend to be shorter in length than the average sizes. They also have smaller waist measurements.

Similarly, petite pants are shorter and come with a smaller waist and shorter rise than average-sized pants.

On the other hand, petite tops, i.e., shirts, blazers, blouses, jackets, and other tops, are designed with shorter sleeves.  These also feature higher waists and utilize less material across the shoulders than regular tops.

Also, to truly flatter a petite frame, we often reduce petite clothing decoration sizes along with the garment pieces. Smaller patterns and prints are commonly used in this type of women’s clothing, as are smaller trims, i.e., buttons, collars, belts, zippers, pockets, etc.

What Is The General Process Of Petite Clothing Development?

These are steps involved in developing petite women clothing from start to finish.

Step 1: Initial Petite Clothing Design

You start by creating an initial design concept. The design concept should be a representation of how you want the finished product to look like. It can be in the form of pencil sketches or computer drawings.

Either way, you will eventually turn the drawing into a technical sketch before sending it to us for execution. You can use design software like Adobe Photoshop or illustrator to turn your sketches into technical drawings.

Step 2: Create A Tech Pack

A tech pack is a package containing all the information about your product.

It provides all the design details and technical specifications for the production of your petite clothing. The document includes the clothing designs, sizes and dimensions, fabric and trims, sewing patterns, artwork, labeling, and packing instructions.

Step 3: Pattern Making And Grading

Pattern making involves turning your technical designs into patterns that we can use for production.

On the other hand, grading refers to sizing the patterns accordingly. For this, we take one pattern piece and grade it up/down to create different patterns for all the other sizes in your order.

Step 4: Material Sourcing

Sourcing involves finding suitable materials (as specified in the tech pack) for your petite clothing manufacture.

Note that sourcing is the role of the manufacturer. We will follow all the guidelines in your tech pack to source the right type and quantity of materials for your project.

But for cut, make and trim (CMT) production, we expect you (the customer) to do all the initial work, including material sourcing.

Our role will be only to cut the fabric and make the product to your exact specifications.

Step 5: Sampling

In our cut and sew production, we begin by making product samples first before bulk production.

It helps clients verify the execution and overall quality of the product before approving it for production.

Petite clothing samples can be one-off or a small test batch to provide you with a proof of concept.

The sampling stage also allows you to identify potential design issues and make improvements where necessary.

Step 6: Bulk Production

This is the full production run of your order.

It can be hundreds of garments pieces, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, depending on the scale of your business and needs.

What Are The Design Considerations For Petite Clothing?

Petite style clothing

Petite style clothing

The trick to designing petite clothing that sells is to make sure your design flatter a woman’s shorter frame.

In this case, opt for fabrics with different patterns, such as stripes and smaller prints, to make the wearer appear taller.

Also, adding smaller trims and accessories will help make petite clothing more visually proportional and attractive.

Including shorter sleeves, torsos and inseams can also flatter your petite clothing designs. Moreover, make sure that your design placements are correct.

Design details like embellishments and seams matter a lot as they determine how well the clothing fit.

How Can My Petite Clothing Designs Be Protected When Working With A Chinese Manufacturer?

Usually, it is impossible to protect clothing designs when manufacturing overseas.

However, what is possible is protecting your brand name, logo, and exclusive artworks on the clothing.

You can protect your brand name by registering a trademark in your market location.

Registering your trademark in the country of manufacture as well can prevent other companies from copying it.

To further ensure your brand privacy, you can have your petite clothing manufacturer in China sign an NDA.

This legally binding document will prevent the undersigned from disclosing sensitive information regarding your contract to third parties.

Which Customization Methods Do Petite Clothing Manufacturers Use?

We offer several customization solutions for petite clothing in China.

What you choose will depend on the clothing fabric as well as the fabric color.

Your budget may also influence the type of decoration technique we use on your petite clothing from China.

Some customization options that we offer include:


Printing techniques include dye-sublimation, screen printing, and direct-to-garment printing.

Dye sublimation uses special sublimation paper and a heat press machine to transfer designs into the fabric.

Screen printing follows a more traditional technique where changing screens and squeegees are used to imprint designs onto a garment.

On the other hand, the direct-to-garment printing method prints directly onto the fabric.

Afterward, the garment is passed through an automatic heat press machine for the ink to cure, allowing the design to set on the fabric.

We can add colorful images, texts, and logos to your petite clothing without difficulty using these printing techniques.


We also offer embroidery solutions for brand names, logos, and creative patterns.

The only limitation with this customization method is that it is charged per stitch count.

Thus, it can be expensive for large orders. Also, embroidery restricts color and cannot be used with images and other graphic designs.

Do Petite Clothing Manufacturers Offer Design Assistance?

Yes, we have expert designers in our factory that can help transform your raw ideas into design masterpieces.

All you need to do is send us your sketches, ideas, or design inspiration.

Our creative services team will work on the information to develop a fitting product for your brand.

What Are The Costs To Consider When Manufacturing Petite Clothing In China?

Working out the costs for your petite clothing manufacture is essential.

It helps you understand your budget availability and tolerance limits.

This way, you can think through and determine essential aspects of product development and production such as;

  • Type of fabric to use
  • Whether to add embellishments
  • Volume to order
  • Production package to consider, i.e., full package vs. CMT, OEM vs. ODM,

Some costs you may have to consider when budgeting for petite clothing production in China includes:

  • Cost of expert product development services, i.e., designing, pattern making, tech pack creation, etc.
  • Sample development costs, especially if ordering more than one sample
  • Material costs which include fabrics, trims, and accessories
  • Logistics costs for sending samples, documentation, and final order
  • The actual production costs

How Do I Size Petite Clothing When Sourcing From China?

 Petite clothing line

Petite clothing line

Petite women’s clothing comes in regular sizes-small, medium, large and extra-large. You can choose to designate your sizes in numerical form, i.e., sizes 0-16.

Note that no matter the size designation; always include a ‘P’ after the size for petite clothing. For example, a petite size 12 should read 12P, while a petite size small should read SP.

When determining petite clothing sizes for your brand, you can create your own size chart or follow ISO sizes. Alternatively, you can choose to base your size guide on another company’s. However, make sure the company is reputable and has a favorable market influence.

Don’t forget to include full-figured or plus sizes in your petite clothing line.

Why Should I Get Samples First Before Ordering Petite Clothing In Bulk?

Ordering clothing samples will help you experience what your potential product will truly look like.

Remember that no matter how well designed your product, tech pack, and patterns are, there is always room for correction and improvement.

As such, we often recommend that customers request samples before making a bulk order.

It can be tempting to jump straight into production, especially when time and money are constraints. However, a whole batch of petite clothing that doesn’t fit right or match your quality requirements may cost you in the long run.

Can Chinese Petite Clothing Manufacturers Provide Branded Packaging?


We can provide branded packaging upon request. Just be sure to include your branded packaging requirements in the tech pack.

Branded packaging, note, can improve your customers’ experience as well as increase your brand visibility.

It engages customers at a deeper level and makes them feel valued. Branding your petite clothing packaging also adds a quality to your product, improving brand personality, overall sales, and customer loyalty.

What Is The Importance Of Garment Labels In Overseas Petite Clothing Manufacturing?

A garment is a piece of fabric sewn on the inside of clothing. It communicates more about the garment, such as where it was made, size, care instructions, fiber composition, etc.

It is a necessity in most countries to include such labels on garments imported from overseas. Failure to which, custom authorities may check and reject the clothing for entry and distribution in the importing country.

What Steps Can I Take To Ensure The Quality Of Petite Clothing I Manufacture In China?

Quality inspection in petite clothing production

Quality inspection in petite clothing production

The primary step to ensuring your clothing from China is of the quality level you want is to book a 3rd party quality inspection.

Typical quality issues in petite clothing include:

  • loose buttons
  • incorrect sizing
  • poor artwork pixelation and placement
  • Misaligned seams
  • popping thread among others

Hence, it is recommended to perform a quality check on the products before final payment and shipment.

A 3rd party inspection company will physically check and test the clothing items before they are shipped to your location.

The inspectors will ensure that the products are up to the quality standards set in your quality checklist.

How Do I Book A Third Party Quality Inspection When Working With A Petite Clothing Manufacturer?

You can book third-party product inspection online or by phone.

Many quality inspection companies in China have well-established and easy-to-navigate websites.

You only need to identify a suitable company and create a user account on their website.

While creating the account, you’ll need to provide the following information that’ll facilitate the inspection.

  • Well-designed tech pack which should include precise quality requirements and tolerances
  • Copy of the order invoice
  • Separate quality checklist
  • Name, address, and contact of the petite clothing manufacturer you’re working with

Do China Petite Clothing Manufacturers Allow Factory Visits?

Yes, you can schedule a visit to our manufacturing facilities at any time. Whether you want to conduct a factory audit or to gain assurance that your clothing will be produced to a high-quality standard, our doors are open.

Factory visits when manufacturing in China also offer an excellent opportunity to strengthen your relationship with the manufacturer.

Can I Buy Branded Petite Clothing From China?


We do not sell branded clothing. Even though many established petite clothing brands manufacture with us, we cannot sell those clothes directly to customers. If you need branded clothing, you’ll have to buy from the authorized distributors or websites of the respective brands.

Do Petite Clothing Manufacturers Offer Free Shipping?

No, we don’t. But we offer reliable and cost-effective logistics solutions for petite clothing orders.

While considering shipping services, remember that some methods are faster than others. Also, shipping costs vary depending on the volume of your shipment, delivery location, and shipment method.

Courier service, for instance, is cost-effective for small packages. It is also faster, with an average delivery of 3-5 days depending on location. Sea freight is preferred for bulk shipments with no time limitations.

On the other hand, standard air freight is cheaper than courier shipping and faster than sea freight. It can be used to deliver clothing from China to any part of the world.

What Are Some Tips For Sourcing Petite Clothing Manufacturers In China?

Sourcing a reputable women clothing manufacturer that fits your business’s requirements can be pretty challenging. But here are some tips to help:

  • Consider your volume needs: Find a manufacturer that can meet your volume requirements.

Many larger women clothing manufacturers have huge MOQs and usually deal with big orders from major clients. Therefore, they may not be able to meet your small quantity production needs.

If you’re a startup or small business, working with a company like H&Fourwing that caters to both large-scale and small volume buyers is better.

  • Ask for quality assurance certifications: A manufacturer with formal manufacturing systems can be beneficial to your business. They tend to have more professional services and provide higher quality products.

H&Fourwing has several certifications, including ISO 9001, BSCI, SGS, BV, and ITS Test certification.

What Is The Turnaround Time For Petite Clothing Manufacturers?

Our typical turnaround time is 30-40 days depending on the volume and complexity of your order.

Some orders may take a lesser time, i.e., 2weeks. Samples take a standard 14 days to be ready.

If you need an estimated delivery date for planning purposes, do send us your project details. Only then can we estimate when likely you should expect the finished order.

For your urgent orders of petite clothing, we are here to help – talk to us.

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