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Your Best Party Wear Dress Manufacturer in China

Your Leading Party Wear Dress Supplier in China

  • Most trusted manufacturer in Ningbo for 15+ years
  • Experienced R&D team to custom perfect party wear dress
  • Low MOQ from 300 pcs
  • Huge production capabilities up to 1000 pcs
Asymmetric Off the Shoulder Dress
Asymmetric Off-the-Shoulder Dress

Our asymmetric off-the-shoulder dress is perfect to wear to stand out at the party. It features a shoulder-baring neckline, available in different measurements, from small to XXL.

Sleeveless Pleated Tiered Dress
Sleeveless Pleated Tiered Dress

We designed a sleeveless pleated tiered dress suitable for a party, family gatherings, and many other events. Designed with party-ready dots, a surplice V-neck, and tiered ruffles skirt.

Amazing Allure Crochet Embroidered Lace Body-Con Dress
Amazing Allure Crochet Embroidered Lace Body-Con Dress

Our amazing allure crochet embroidered lace body-con dress is definitely a lace dress, flaunting a figure-hugging dress and a sexy slit. Perfect for a formal party.

Sleeveless Scuba Fit & Flare Dress
Sleeveless Scuba Fit & Flare Dress

We made a sleeveless scuba fit and flare dress with a perfectly flared skirt, smooth cutaway shoulders, and a colorful printed frock designed. Available in standard 36″ length, different sizes, and colors.

Lace Party Dress
Lace Party Dress

This lace party dress is perfect for any party theme.  Above the knee dress with a standard length of 27″. Also features a V-neck design, revealed zip closure at the back, and adjustable straps.

Strapless Scuba Crepe Cocktail Dress
Strapless Scuba Crepe Cocktail Dress

We finished our strapless scuba crepe cocktail dress with vibrant color. Features an asymmetrical detailing, unrevealed zip-closure, and back slit. Available in different vibrant colors such as green, blue, etc.

High Neck Sleeveless Ruffle Dress
High Neck Sleeveless Ruffle Dress

This is a unique party-ready dress. Our high neck sleeveless ruffle dress is cut with exquisite tiered ruffles. Features a mock neck and sleeveless style. This is a plus-size dress, fit from a small-XXL dress.

Halter Body-Con Midi Dress
Halter Body-Con Midi Dress

We created a halter body-con midi dress that can frame curvy figures of the wearers. Perfect for date-night mood and evening parties as well. It features an open back, plunge neck, sleeveless, etc.

Ruffle Sleeve Cocktail Sheath Dress
Ruffle Sleeve Cocktail Sheath Dress

Our wine-colored ruffle sleeve cocktail sheath dress will complete overall looks for any evening-out plans. Designed with double ruffled sleeves, V-neck, and slit at the back.

Premier Party Wear Dress Manufacturer

In China, H&Fourwing is well-known as an expert party wear dress manufacturer. We have a professional R&D team that keeps on innovating, designing, and developing party wear dress. Since established, we are dedicated to serving the most advanced services and superior quality products for our dear customers. H&Fourwing party wear dress can be accessible in different colors, designs, and measurements. For custom party wear dress requests, send us your specification.

    H&FourWing Party Wear Dress

    Are you one of those who are looking for a party wear dress with the best quality? To help you narrow your search, H&Fourwing offers a wide range of party wear dresses that will surely fit your style preferences. All our clothing products, especially this party wear dress will not burn a hole in your pocket. This is budget-friendly and quality-guaranteed.

    H&FourWing is your perfect manufacturer in terms of good quality party wear dress. This is our specialty since we are established and have gained 15+ years of experience. We have thousands of stocks available for party wear dresses, sorted by colors, sizes, and fabrics. We can assure you that we have all your customers need for party wear dress. So, relying on H&Fourwing will be your best decision!

    H&Fourwing Party Wear Dress, as its name mentioned, are worn particularly for a party. This is popular for too elegant, dressy, and revealing styles. There are various styles of party wear dress for different specific party such as cocktail party, children`s party, costume party, and garden party.

    The party wear dress by H&Fourwing is moderately priced while bringing supreme satisfaction to the wearer. A classy-stylish design is what you can truly await with the party wear dress you pick from H&Fourwing.

    You can choose from our range of party wear dress such as Asymmetric Off-the-Shoulder Dress, Sleeveless Pleated Tiered Dress, Sleeveless Scuba Fit & Flare Dress, and so forth. Absolutely, your customers will be satisfied and make their overall looks more fun and fashionable. We always make sure we offer the newest range of party wear dress for you.

    H&Fourwing employs 100+ employees and covered a 3000 square meter factory. We are fully capable of providing you hundreds of the latest party wear dress styles every month. We can achieve your satisfaction thanks to our seamstress workers and skilled pattern makers.

    Whether you`re a business proprietor or wholesaler that needs our party wear dress and other ladies’ clothing collection, H&Fourwing is the manufacturer you can truly depend on! We are your first choice when you need to import clothing products from China.

    Build a long-term partnership with H&Fourwing today!

    Party Wear Dress Manufacturers: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    I know you are looking for two things – first, how to find a reliable party dress wear manufacturer.

    Two, you would like to know the best colors, materials or designs of party wear dress.

    Whichever the case, this guide offers perfect solution for you.

    So keep reading to learn more.

    What Should You Consider When Buying Party Wear Dress?

    In the course of shopping for a dress there are many available alternatives to pick from thus making picking the perfect dress a little bit tricky.

     party dress

    party dress

     Listed below are some of the things one should consider when buying a party dress;

    • Color – when choosing a dress, it is important to consider the color of the dress you will be picking and ensuring,

    it goes perfectly well with your skin tone, and also should match the theme color of the occasion if any.

    • Price and budget – this is one of the major factors to consider when choosing a dress. You should ensure the dress you are picking fits well within the budget you had.

    Most designer stores have high prices compared to the normal retail stores.

    • Fit – a well-fitting dress is what most people go for so as to ensure they are comfortable. One should pick a dress that goes well with one’s body type and it should not be too tight or baggy,

    but should emphasize your most outstanding attributes.

    • Material used – the material used on an outfit determines how long the outfit will last and also the texture of the cloth.

    Some people tend to prefer a certain texture on their materials to others and at the same time,

    they have certain preferences when it comes to the type of material used.

    • Design – different dresses have different types of designs and to help you choose from the wide range designs,

    you should consider the type of occasion you are wearing the dress to,

    this is because some designs are perfect for specific events for example a casual event and a formal event.

    • Accessories – when choosing a dress one should ensure they match well with the accessories that you will wear with the dress.

    The earrings, necklace, and shoes should complement each other well.

    • Style in fashion – focus on the latest fashion style and make sure the dress you are picking is in line with the trending fashion.

    Current fashion styles have different designs and patterns compared to the old fashion style.

    How Can You Get Best Prices From Party Wear Dress Manufacturers?

    To get the best prices from party wear dress manufactures make sure you do the following;

    1. Talk to various suppliers – talking to several suppliers helps you get various prices.

    Make sure you let the manufacturer you are buying from know you are talking to the others and they have cheaper prices.

    1. Make sure to let them know you will buy a lot from them, by doing this they can reduce the price since they want to keep you as a customer.
    2. Ensure you do your business with one manufacturer.

    By doing this the manufacturer will have no problem giving you some discounts as they know you will be ordering a lot from them.

    At H&Fourwing, we offer perfect solution for all your party dresses, talk to us now.

    1. Be someone manufacturers want to do business with, this means you should be honest and make good deals.

    Manufacturers tend to have a good relationship with honest people and they end up giving them the best prices.

    1. Ensure you don’t accept the first offer; this is because most manufacturers are willing to change their prizes a bit depending on your bargaining power.
    2. Ensure you don’t negotiate the price only but also try to ask for discounts on different things such as the shipping fee or the total amount of the goods bought.
    3. Make sure you offer big deposits for your products and by doing this you may be able to get larger discounts.

    What Determines Type of Party Wear Dress For Any Occasion?

    Different occasions require different types of dress codes and some are implied while others are laid up.

    Some parties expect formal mode of dressing while others are okay with a casual outfit.

    Some of the factors you can look into when determining the type of party dress for an occasion are;

    1. Type of occasion – depending on whether it is a formal or informal affair or if it is a sad or happy occasion.

    Most formal occasions require a conservative look while for an informal occasion you can go for a look that is a little bit revealing depending on your preferences.

    1. Location and time of the occasion – some places require a certain type of dressing for example for an outdoor occasion depending on the weather conditions.

    Considering the time you should dress accordingly to respond to weather conditions.

    1. Why are you going – if you are going to just attend the occasion and nothing more you should not worry so much since you won’t stand out, but if you are going to be a speaker or any outstanding position you should wear according to the occasion.
    1. Who will be there – the people who will be at the occasion should also help you decide on an outfit for example possible business partners, family or even friends.

    Which Party Wear Dress Designs Do Have?

    We have;

    1. White wrap party dresses which are normally worn during vacation parties.
    2. Skater evening party dress designed for evening parties since it normally has a lively appearance.
    3. Georgette round neck party dress with a pink A line for family parties.
    4. Asymmetrical empire party dress has a round neck and a ruffle hemline and is mostly worn to high end parties.
    5. Sleeveless peplum party wear dresses worn during formal parties.
    6. High low party dress is mostly worn at high end parties or cocktail parties.
    7. We also have one shoulder bodycon dresses which are recommended for curvy body shapes and are worn to office high end parties.
    8. Another dress design is the scoop neck long dress which is for casual parties and is worn by petite and apple body shape.
    9. Dresses with flared sleeves designed for evening parties.
    10. The halter neck short party dress for thin and petite body size and are meant for night clubbing parties.

    How Does Party Wear Dresses in China Support Small Businesses?

    Party wear dresses in China so far have not offered any support to small businesses.

    How Do You Choose Best Material For Party Wear Dress?

    Choosing the best material for a party dress is a crucial step,

    This is because the perfect fabric is what will make sure that the dress holds the wanted shape well and is the ideal for the event you are attending.

    Some materials are stiff and structured while others are soft and flowy thus making them perfect for specific dresses.

    Some fabrics such as satin have a glossy finish to them which adds movement to the gown while others don’t, making it a good choice for party wear dresses.

    Fabrics with a sheer and flowy fabric with a crinkled texture and no sheen such as georgette are not very suitable for party wear dresses.

    How Should Party Wear Dresses Fit?

    Party wear dresses should not be too fitting and baggy, but should be well fitting so that one can be comfortable in the dress.

    Depending on the occasion the length of the dress should either be long, short or mid-length.

    Does Party Wear Dress Manufactures Support OEM Services?

    OEM is a product that has been custom made according to the buyer’s product requirements. Party wear dress manufacturers support OEM services whereby,

    The sample is given by the customer, then they recreate the product according to the customer’s specification.

    once the customer accepts the sample the order is entered.

     Can You Print On Party Wear Dress?

    Printing is a procedure whereby textile fabrics are decorated by application of pigments, dyes, or other materials in the form of patterns.

     printed party dress

    printed party dress

    There are many dresses that have different prints on them. Printing involves skills from different artists and designers.

    There are four main procedures of textile printing, this are screen printing, block, roller and heat transfer

    there are other methods such as discharge printing, stencil printing, digital printing and resist.

    • Screen printing involves applying a design through a screen which is made of silk or nylon gauze straightened over a wooden or metal frame,

    on which the design for one color has been recreated.

    A screen is placed over the material, print paste is poured onto the screen edge and it is spread over the surface of the screen so that the color is pushed.

    • Block printing, also known as woodblock or hand block printing,

    is a process that involves printing patterns by hand on textiles such as silk, linen and cotton.

    This process is tiresome and it takes time but at the same time it gives artistic results.

    • Roller printing which is also referred to as direct printing is a process that involves applying colored pattern to a material.

    Depending on the design a separate dye paste for every color is applied to the material from a metal roller.

    Roller printing is one of the best methods since it can be used with almost any textile fabric.

    • Heat transfer is a method in which dye is transferred to a material using heat.

    The graphics and images are printed on a special paper put on the cloth and heat is then applied hence making the ink part of the material.

    This method makes the fabric more breathable, soft to feel material. This process is also referred to as sublimation printing.

    • Discharge printing is a process that involves applying a design to a dyed material by printing a color destroying agent;

    for example, chlorine to bleach out white patterns on the dark colored ground.

    A dye that is not affected by the bleaching agent is mixed with it giving a design that has color rather than white.

    • Stencil printing involves covering the designs that are not meant to take color with a metal, paper or a woven fabric while the dye is passed over the surface.
    • Digital printing is the latest printing method that creates prints with the help of designs made using a computer software.

    How Do You Choose Collar and Sleeve Options For Party Wear Dress?

    The collar and sleeve you choose for a party wear dress mostly is determined by different factors, this include;

    1. Type of occasion –

    if the occasion is formal the type of collar and sleeve chosen should ensure it is not revealing much,

    This is  by covering up most of the hands and chest area but with an informal occasion the collar and sleeve can be of any type.

    1. Time of occasion – for evening parties most people tend to pick a dress that has longer sleeves so as to keep away the chill.

     sleeveless party dress

    sleeveless party dress

    Will Party Dresses Wear Dresses Manufacturers In China Help in Design Process?

    When a customer proves to have some challenges or is unable to choose a design, and asks for help from the manufacturers,

    they can chip in and help the customer in choosing.

     How Do You Choose Best Color For Party Wear Dress?

    In choosing the best color for a party dress, ensure you consider your color, by this i mean the dress should complement the color on your skin,eyes and hair.

    Choose a color that looks  good on almost everybody, for example a black or a white dress.

    Follow the dressing code for the occasion. Some occasions will require you to dress up in a certain color depending on the occasion.

    Consider doing a follow up on the trending colors so as to be up to date with the color you would like to go with.

    The color of the dress you choose for an event also passes a message,

    if you would like to be seen and noticed go for a dress with a shouting color such as red but if you want to get lost in the crowd go for cool colors.

    How Does Party Wear Dress And Casual Dress Compare?

    A party wear dress is specifically for parties and there are different types of outfits to be worn depending on the type of party.

     party dress

    party dress

    A party wear is an elegant outfit with certain attributes to it.

    On the other hand, a casual dress is where there are no requirements and any type of comfortable clothing is allowed.

     casual dress

    casual dress

    Is There a Recommended Length For Party wear Dress?

    There is no specific recommended length for a party wear dress since there are different occasions and each has its own preferred length,

    for example for black tie events most people go for very long dresses mostly gowns and for parties such as birthdays people tend to go for short dresses.

    How Do You Determine Right Size of Party Wear Dress?

    In order to determine the right size of a party wear, you have to consider some factors so as to get the perfect dress for the right event.

    Listed below are some of the things one should consider;

    • Make sure you know your body measurements well and by body measurements I mean the size of your hips, bust, shoulders and waist.

    You should get someone to help you measure the body parts so that you get the perfect measurements.

    How Does Party Wear Dress Manufacturers Control Quality?

    Quality control is wear manufacturers ensure that the product they are working on is up to the customer’s satisfaction upon its completion.

    To ensure that there is quality control the manufacturers do an assessment.

    The dresses are arranged into two groups, those that can be accepted and those that can’t be accepted.

    Quality control start from:

    • Checking quality of material
    • Evaluating stitching
    • Checking color quality
    • Checking quality of printing and pattern
    • Choosing proper packaging

    Will Party Wear Dress Manufacturers Help In Shipping Process?

    Party wear dress manufacturers do help in the shipping process and depending on the understanding you have with the manufacturer you are working with.

    Some have an understanding that the seller is responsible for the goods until the buyer receives them.

    Whereas some agree that the seller is only responsible for the goods up until they reach the port.

    Does Body Size And Shape Determine Party Wear Dress Design?

    Body size and body shape are the most important factors to consider when choosing a dress design, this is because people have different body shapes and sizes.

    Every body shape has a specific design that would look good on it compared to the other.

    One should have a very good understanding of their body so as to identify the right style for your body.

    There are five common body shapes and this are;

    1. Apple figure
    2. Rectangle body shape
    3. Hourglass
    4. Pear
    5. Wedge figure

    Each of the above body shapes have different styles that would suit it well.

    For example someone with an hourglass shape should avoid baggy clothes and should go for the mermaid style dress.

    How Do You Know Party Wear Dress That Fits Your Body Shape?

    In order to know a party dress that fits your body shape you need to know your body shape really well and go for a dress that will complement your favorite body parts.

    You should really know the size of your body parts well so that you will find it easy to pick a dress that goes well with it.

    When you fully understand your body shape, picking out a dress will be so easy.

    Do Party Wear Dress Manufacturers in China Have Product Return Policy?

    As long as the product has a warranty from the manufacturer, dresses can be returned if there is a defect.

    It should be noted that a notice should be sent via email, and that follow-ups need to be done before the product is returned

    stated, and the refund policy should be complied with as well.

    Do Party Wear Dress Manufacturers Offer Free Samples?

    Yes, samples can be made available to the client if they want them. The client is given according to their preferences and needs.

    Will Party Wear Dress Manufacturers From China Sell My Designs to Competitors?

    No and this is ensured by obtaining a non disclosure agreement is one of the best ways to secure sensitive company information from leaking out.

    The main aim is to safeguard business growth by protecting sensitive information.

    As trust is crucial to maintaining a high level of business success, NDAs protect confidential information and also detect intellectual property theft.

    How Long Will It Take Party Wear Dress Manufacturers to Complete My Orders?

    This is majorly based on the type of dress and design; it would take an estimate of 1215 working days of tailoring.

    Shipping and packaging typically takes an addition of 38 working days.

    Can China Party Wear Dress Manufactures Offer Private Label Service?

    Yes, China party wear dresses offer private label service to interested customers.

    As your trusted party wear dresses manufacturer, we guarantee high quality at affordable prices – talk to us now.

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