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  • High-quality garment manufacturer
  • Focus on women’s clothing only
  • Small quantity MOQ is 300pcs/style/color for production
  • Offer best possibility high-speed delivery date
  • Excellent service in a full package from style design, fabric and trimmings sourcing, bulk producing, and product shipment.
  • Quality is everything, no quality no order role in our company
Sexy Silk Slit Party Dress with Waist Small Belt
Sexy Silk Slit Party Dress with Waist Small Belt
Silk Jersey Sleeveless Sexy Neck Party Dress
Silk Jersey Sleeveless Sexy Neck Party Dress
Silky Polyester Jaquard Maxi Party Dress
Silky Polyester Jaquard Maxi Party Dress
Soft PU Mix with DTM Chiffon Dress
Soft PU Mix with DTM Chiffon Dress
Solf PU H-Line Party Dress with Fringe Bottom
Solf PU H-Line Party Dress with Fringe Bottom
Strip Lace A-Line Party Dress with Fancy PU Trims
Strip Lace A-Line Party Dress with Fancy PU Trims

Premier Custom Ladies Dresses Manufacturer

H&FourWing is a professional ladies dress manufacturer, we not only work with retail brands ladies dresses clients, but also with wholesale private label ladies dresses customers, we have a fabric sourcing team, and a style & print designer team to work together with our clients. We are an OEM lady’s dress supplier we also can be your ODM lady’s dress supplier in China. Custom-made lady’s dresses are our advantage.

H&Fourwing – Your Trusted Party Dress Manufacturer

We do the most flexible service for our clients in the best small MOQ quantity 300pcs/style/color.

If the MOQ order still can not meet the fabric mill MOQ, we will suggest our clients use the same fabric to make a different styles like party maxi dresses, long sleeve party dresses, and sleeveless party dresses to be a group to share the fabric MOQ to save cost.

And we offer our best possible to express delivery for our party dresses production if both sides daily communication is smooth. Like fitting comments and lab-dips/ strike-off comments released in time.

We can say after PP sample approved 3-6weeks based on different party dresses bulk orders.

Party dresses can use a lot of different quality to make like lace dresses, cupro dresses, cotton dresses, linen dresses, silk dresses, and up dresses.

Our strength is the lightweight quality fabric for both knitting and woven, party dresses require very high fitting skills from party dress suppliers.

We have a very strict protocol from the 1st sample of our party dress to the PP sample.

We have a very good pattern maker, fabric cutter, sewing worker in our sample room, and factory to work closely with our design team and merchandiser team.

We have a special line named PARTY GIRL which is all of the party styles like party dresses, and party suits. If you are looking for a party dresses manufacturer from China.

We are here to support your brand, private label, or wholesale party dress business.

In the past, China well knows and good for mass-producing & cheap prices being from a new generation, we well understand the marketing and our country.

And hope all the clients can understand that made in China is not meaning cheap anymore.

We focus on our quality and own design styles.

We do high-end garments at a reasonable price, if you are looking for a party dress supplier, or a party dress manufacturer, feel free to talk with us now.

Party Dress Manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Today, I will answer some fundamental questions you have been asking about party dress manufacturer.

So, before importing party dresses from China, read this guide.

Which Trendy Dresses Do Party Dresses Manufacturers Offer?

Some of the most common options include:

  • Long-sleeved mini dress. Sleeves are long, extending beyond the elbow.
  • Long dress. Comprehends the look perfect for a more formal party event.
  • Skater dress makes a perfect choice for most women.
  • One-shouldered dress has an appealing modern look.
  • A staple little black dress. It gives an outstanding look when paired with heels and jewelry.
  • Strapless dress – It gives a little bit of old Hollywood glamour and keeps the look modern.
  • The metallic number dress. Well complemented with a gamine hairstyle and a perfect choice of shoe.

Party Dress

Party Dress

Which Are The Best Materials For Party Dresses Manufacturing?


It’s a kind of fabric with a strong and beautiful sheen shimmering with a soft textured touch. It serves both formal and evening wear.

Velvet Party Dress - Copy

Velvet Party Dress


A light kind of fabric that is made from rayon, silk, synthetic fibers, or cotton. The fabric has a soft and supple touch making it ideal for formal evening wear.

Moreover, formal summer dresses and red-carpet gowns can be constructed from this fabric.

Chiffon Party Dress - Copy

Chiffon  Party Dress


This refers to a distinctive fabric traditionally made with silk or other synthetic yarns such as polyester. It makes the best choice when it comes to making gowns and evening dresses.


It is a kind of fabric that is slightly wrinkled in appearance and makes a popular choice for elegant formal wear outfits.


A woven fabric characterized with a sleek and glossy finish making it a perfect option for formal evening wear.

Satin Party Dress - Copy

Satin Party Dress


It’s a Lightweight and crispy kind of fabric with a wiry feel that is transparent and stiff. It is made up of synthetic fibers, silk, or yarns and serves best to adding vibrancy to evening gowns.


It is made of a soft and flexible kind of durable and wrinkle-resistant fabric, making it easy to work with.

Neoprene Party Dress

Neoprene Party Dress

Will Party Dress Manufacturer In China Help In Pattern Design?

Yes. This applies where the client is having difficulties selecting their preferred pattern designs and therefore advocates for assistance.

How Do Party Dress Manufacturer Determine Prices?

Some of the key parameters include;

Production Cost

Companies are competitively striving to excel, and they wouldn’t want to make losses. The cost of what is put in production triggers what price is set on any piece of dress.

Pricing will tend to be more than the production cost.

These include cost of material, complexity of design, pattern, etc.

Product Demand

The demand for party dresses in the market plays a huge role when it comes to price determination.

If demand exceeds the power of supply, a high price for dresses is expected and vice versa.

Competitor’s Pricing

Conducting price comparisons with competing firms is considered before setting up prices for dresses. This helps you compete effectively by keeping prices low.

Customers Purchasing Power

This involves giving a wide scope on the market. Considering how much can be sold off and at what cost is vital, putting into focus the customer’s capability.

Regulation By Government

Government regulation rules and standards are also put into consideration before fixing up prices. Meeting the required standards and regulations helps you make surplus sales.

The Objective

Views on the certain amount of profit you would prefer are adhered to. Party dress manufacturers set up prices based on their objectives.

How Do Party Dress Manufacturers Choose Colors For Party Dresses?

Consider Your Color First

Finding dresses with colors that look good on you becomes easier.

That is, when you consider your natural coloring. This entails the natural color of your hair, eyes, and skin tone.

Find Out Your Undertone Shade

This helps you know whether you are cool or warm-toned.

Besides, you will know which colors would suit you best when choosing dresses.

Cool colors would work well with a cool undertone whilst warm undertones are perfect earthy warm colors.

  • Go for colors that look good on most people. You can never go wrong with a black or white dress alongside others.
  • Symbolism – This applies in case you want to pass a message to someone you know at the event. Some colors carry symbolic meanings.
  • Consider dressing code for the event. Some events are specific on theme colors based on their preferences. Keeping updated on this kind of information saves you time when it comes to color selection.
  • Do your homework and find out trending colors as they keep changing from one season to another. Information on this is usually on different platforms, including the internet, fashion magazines, Tv shows, events, etc.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying From Party Dress Manufacturer And Not Online Marketplaces?

  1. They have better options when it comes to quality. It is guaranteed that your items will be of good quality when buying directly from the party dresses manufacturers compared to online marketing platforms.
  2. Buying directly from the manufacturers comes as a privilege as your items come directly from the company in the best condition possible.
  3. With online purchasing, you may experience problems with size estimation, thereby making bad purchases of your items.
  4. With party dresses manufacturers, returns for faulty items may be allowed in some cases. But online platforms limit you as most of them would not accept returns or refunds.
  5. Buying from party dress manufacturers is cost-effective and may offer good after­sell services as opposed to online purchasing.
  6. Party dress manufacturers ensure timely delivery of purchased items, unlike online where the buy is prone to experiencing delays.
  7. Dealing with online platforms exposes you to many unknown sellers and, at times, scammers. The safety of the business is not well guaranteed.
    Unlike manufacturers, you may go for one reputable company. You avoid risks of safety and get good services in return.
  8. You will get a chance to look, touch and try out the item before paying for it. Most party dresses manufacturers offer samples.
    Online purchasing deprives you of this. This is a risk that may increase your chances of making mistakes.
  9. Buying from manufacturers builds trust, unlike online, where mistrust is likely to be experienced. This could involve the time of delivery, condition of items, etc.
  10. Online purchasing may have limited payment options. For instance, credit cards can serve as an alternative payment method, but I wouldn’t recommend online purchasing.
    This puts you at risk of exposing your bank information which is a threat to money security.

How Long Will Party Dress Manufacturer Take To Deliver Orders?

A rough estimate would be 12­15 working days of tailoring or may extend to 18 days depending on the kind of dress

and design. Packaging and delivery take another 3­8 working days, depending on the distance.

Do Party Dress Manufacturers In China Have MOQ?


They have flexible MOQ, ranging from 300 pieces. This means you must purchase at least 300 pieces for your order to be accepted.

The best part, most party dresses manufactures in China have flexible MOQ.

How Do Mini Party Dresses Compare To Long Party Dresses?

Mini party dresses are outer garments whose height is a few inches above the knee or even shorter.

In contrast, long party dresses are usually designed with floor­length hemlines and are styled in casual designs, usually below the knee.

Mini Party Dress

Mini Party Dress

Long Party Dress Long Party Dress

How Does Short Sleeve Party Dress Compare To Long Sleeve Party Dress?

Short sleeve party dresses have partial sleeves, typically extending halfway from the shoulder to the elbow whereas

Short sleeve Party Dress

Short Sleeve Party Dress

Long Sleeve Party Dress

Long Sleeve Party Dress

long­sleeve party dresses have sleeves that are long and completely cover your arms

Which Collar Options Do Part Dress Manufacturers Offer?

  • Chelsea Collar­ Refers to a cut collar with squared ends at its tips, all attached to a v neckline.
  • Pointed Flat Collar­ A cut collar that is narrow with squared ends positioned at the center and drops from around neckline.
  • Shawl Collar­A collar with a lapel that is wide and turned upside down.
  • Mandarin Collar­ A standing collar that has a slit with curved edges at the front side.
  • Ruffle Collar­ A gathered, or pleated piece of fabric forms the ruff around the neckline.

Ruffle Collar Party Dress

Ruffle Collar Party Dress

  • Turtle Neck Collar­ A stand­up collar that rolls down or up around the neck.
  • Cascade collar­ Usually centered on the front of the neckline and is best for soft fabrics like chiffon and silk.
  • Bib Collar­ Refers to a detachable or permanent kind of collar stitched into a low­cut dress front.

Bib Collar Party Dress

Bib Collar Party Dress

  • Notched Collar­ The planning is predicated on the lapel collar shape and is typically attached to blazers and shirt blouses.
  • Winged or Whisk Collar­ Stiff band collar standing up with tips that fold over forming the wing tip effect.
  • Peter Pan Collar­ A very common rolled collar that lies flat on the neck and has curved edges. It is a small delicate collar. The Puritan collar may be a wider version of the Peter Pan collar.
  • Johnny Collar­ This kind stands up high and is usually small and attached to a v neck. A small high standing collar. It is always attached to a V neck.
  • Bertha Collar­ A large collar lying flat and is round­shaped commonly found on dress costumes.

Bertha Collar Party Dress

Bertha Collar Party Dress

  • Cowl Collar­ Fabric folds A large portion of fabric folds over from the neck to create a cowl style. It folds over on itself and drapes around the neck. Suitable for soft draping fabrics.

Do Party Dress Manufacturers Offer Samples?

Yes. Samples are offered to suit the customers’ needs and preferences in case the client demands samples.

 What Is The Difference Between Party Dress And Fashion Dress?

A fashion dress is a collective term used to describe a popular or latest dress style for normal wear.

On the other hand, a party dress is an elegant dress that is revealing, or impractical for normal wear, usually worn especially for parties.

Fashion Dress

Fashion Dress

How Can I Mitigate Delays When Working With A Party Dress Manufacturer?

Follow Ordering Best Practices.

This involves placing orders earlier, like a month in advance, which helps you avoid business losses and minimize stock shortages.

Applying 3D Models as creating or peaking prototypes comes with challenges based on costs or time constraints.

Be first and accurate in communication as delays are common when manufacturing in China, attributed to the language barrier and slow communication.

This could be made easier by the use of WeChat. An unofficial messaging app popularly used by Chinese in general and manufacturers in China.

Create flawless tech packs for apparel manufacturing.

This is important because they serve as reference points for change requests, explaining design details to your manufacturer and pointing out mistakes.

Moreover, there is room to keep in touch with your manufacturer on this platform through invitation. Alternative methods like the use of cards etc., are also accepted.

Avoid the use of brokers and sourcing agents as it slows down the communication process. Furthermore, it may be more they would cut off your profits for themselves and sometimes cost you losses.

Quality Control – This could be achieved by having a prototype made and checked for any problems.

The mistakes likely to be encountered are quality materials, flawed sketches, confusing tech packs, or human errors.

Alternatively, you could check every shipment step and carefully conduct an inspection to make sure your products are up to standard.

Work on improving your products by getting feedback from your customers. This could be made possible by conducting a survey and implementing review systems.

What Is The Difference Between Quality Assurance And Quality Control In China Party Dress Manufacturing?

When it comes to party dress manufacturing, quality assurance focuses on manufacturing processes, including production, designing, etc.

On the other hand, quality control focuses on the product’s worthiness upon completion of the manufacturing process.

Assessment is done, and the dresses are categorized into acceptable and unacceptable items.

Do Party Dress Manufacturer In China Offer Lab Testing To Check Composition, Performance, And Safety Of Party Dresses?


They provide existing test reports that can be used to assess if the material is compliant.

Also, booking a third-party compliance test is mandatory.

This is because old test reports cannot be applied to a fresh batch of dresses at any given point.

What Is The Difference Between FOB And CIF When Buying Clothes From Party Dresses Manufacturer In China?

CIF is a shipping agreement where the seller assumes key responsibilities for goods on transit until the buyer receives them.

They include insurance, transportation costs, and other responsibilities that may accrue.

On the other hand, FOB is a shipping agreement where the buyer assumes responsibilities for insurance and the ship’s freight once the goods reach the port of destination.

Here, the buyer is only involved in taking goods to the nearest port on their end.

How Do I Specify Labeling Requirements For Party Dresses Manufacturer In China?

Labeling requirements are very key when making orders for party dresses.

Labeling becomes relatively simple once you do your research on how you could specify requirements before placing your order.

Some of the factors you would apply on specifying labeling requirements include;

The Information– The information you provide to be included should be correct, constituting the country you would want to sell your items.

Apply the use of particular care label symbols to enable you to sell off, especially in countries that are quite strict on requirements.

This is made possible by contacting local authorities for your target market.

A few things to put into consideration could include country of origin. If mandatory, language, fiber composition specificity, care instructions, specific size standards, and warning labels.

Use multiple market labels– Include label files that comply with standards and regulations of several countries at the same time.

Labels can be made in a way that they are compliant with the regulations of several countries at the same time.

The language to be used– Your requirements should specify all major languages to widen your market.

Additional information and formatting should be specified based on the supplier’s preferred label files or any other file format. Consider colors, label materials, dimensions font file, label designs, etc.

To ensure timely submission of labels to the supplier through PDF or mails. Once you do your research first labeling becomes relatively simple.

Why Should I Include NDA Attachment To My Private Label Party Dress Sample Order Terms?

NDAs play a vital role in protecting sensitive information that you may not want to share from leaking. For the sake of business growth.

NDAs are crucial as they maintain trust, thereby helping you thrive significantly in the competitive business world.

Moreover, confidential information protected in NDAs also deters theft of intellectual property.

Therefore, including this kind of attachment is very vital.

How Do Party Dress Manufacturers In China Ensure Compliance With Industry Standards And Regulations?

They are proactive about checking for updated standards and regulations, thereby keeping up with changes.

Besides, they create awareness of the importance of compliance to employees through pieces of training.

They designate a compliance officer to handle compliance issues despite this being everyone’s responsibility.

Building bridges between legal professionals and security teams as penalties for non-compliance are severe.

Keep track of compliance with the right tools through constant monitoring.

Do Chinese Party Dress Manufacturers Sub-Contract Orders?

Sub-contract orders may be taken into consideration when the need arises. Sometimes your client may not want this.

A way to help mitigate this is communicating after placing an order in time so that production is done at the factory.

Will A Party Dress Manufacturer In China Accept Return Of A Faulty Party Dress Shipment?

Return of dresses in case there is fault is allowed as a warrant from the manufacturer covers products.

However, a notice should be provided via email, and follow-ups made before returning the product. Stated return policies should be followed during this process.

Do China Party Dress Manufacturers Offer A ‘Guaranteed Sell-through’?

Return of unsold products, whether on credit or cash, could be possible depending on the client’s number of purchases.

A frequent client who makes more purchases would not be denied a chance in case this happens.

This is because manufacturers tend to support retailers in making good sales of their products, but returns should be minimized.

What Are Some Ordering Best Practices When Working With China-Based Party Dress Manufacturer?

Placing large orders helps you get huge discounts in most instances and cut down on the fee required for shipping.

Moreover, it creates a good reputation between the buyer and the manufacturer.

Timely placement of your orders at least 30 days earlier since manufacturers may at times cause some delays the buyer to wait.

This serves as an advantage on the buyer’s side as you may save yourself from the risk of running short of stock.

To ensure that you provide the manufacturer with flawless technical sketches and tech parks.

Since most of them do not fix flaws in your product’s design in case there is one.

Creating a prototype to test the design first might save a lot of mess.

At H&Fourwing, we give you the high quality party dresses at affordable prices.

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