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1 Piece Women Summer Dress
One Piece Women Summer Dress

This one-piece women’s summer dress comes in various styles, patterns, and features. Perfect for the summer season. This item has been acknowledged for its anti-static, breathable design.

2021 Elegant Sturdy 1 Piece Dress
2021 Elegant Sturdy 1 Piece Dress

Our latest 1-piece dress available in S, M, L. Perfect wore by ladies, women for any occasion. Any color you want you can have it. Wholesale quantity starts at 50 pcs.

High-waist One Piece Dresses for Women
High-waist One Piece Dresses for Women

HFourwing high-waist one-piece dresses for women are made of 100% polyester. Featuring sustainable, lace, and breathable design. We can custom-made dresses based on your logo.

Knitted 1-Piece Dress Korean
Knitted 1-Piece Dress Korean

This knitted 1-piece dress Korean comes in black, red, white colors. It also comes in various styles, patterns, designs, and features. We also offer OEM/ODM design.

2021 Ripped Blue One-Piece Jean Skirt
2021 Ripped Blue One-Piece Jean Skirt

This popular ripped blue one-piece jean skirt features anti-static, plus-size. The fabric type is cotton/ denim. All skirts are 100% inspected before leaving the factory.

Italian Office One-Piece Dress Women
Italian Office One-Piece Dress Women

At H&Fourwing, you can purchase an Italian office one-piece dress for women at the best wholesale price. If you need it for your business, you can start wholesaling at 50 pcs.

Plain Butt-lift Stitching One-Piece Dress 2021
Plain Butt-lift Stitching One-Piece Dress 2021

Our plain butt-lift one-piece dress comes in all sizes, from S-XXL. It is made of 100% polyester material features anti-wrinkle, breathable, and more. You can customize dress style, pattern, sleeve type, material, etc.

Printed One-Piece Dresses
Printed One-Piece Dresses

This printed one-piece dress has a sustainable, batwing sleeve, and breathable design. H&Fourwing can do OEM/ODM support for your dress design and development.

New Fashion One-Piece Strapless Print
New Fashion One-Piece Strapless Print

New fashion one-piece strapless print from H&Fourwing ideal for adults. This comes in multiple sizes options from small to XXL. MOQ starts at 50 pcs per order.

Premier Custom One Piece Dress Manufacturer

H&Fourwing has been providing world-class one-piece dress in 100 different companies around the world. For a decade, our company has gained enough knowledge to develop a one-piece dress equipped with the latest trend. We are engaged in distributing one-piece dresses in the domestic and international markets.

    Your Premier One Piece Dress Supplier in China

    Get the latest, trendy and elegant one-piece dress at H&Fourwing. We are one of the largest manufacturers of one-piece dresses in China. Our company is composed of fashion-expert designers that focused on giving our one-piece dress the looks and styles in modern trends.

    H&Fourwing has all the latest manufacturing tools, experienced workers, and pattern makers that are needed to produce your desired one-piece dress.

    H&Fourwing has all the capabilities to produce fashionable and high-quality one-piece dresses. This product is available in different styles, colors, and sizes. The smallest MOQ we offer starts with 50 pieces. We can help you grow your orders and expand your business in the market.

    At H&Fourwing, you can choose pretty knitted varieties, cotton, and net detail one-piece dresses for affordable prices.

    If you are looking for crepe or georgette, with a chiffon women’s one-piece dress, we have a wide variety of this product. H&Fourwing is also offering you jacquard or lace detail one-piece dresses. We also have a one-piece dress for your customers who love the urban look.

    H&Fourwing is manufacturing one-piece dresses in modest and graceful versions. It can be purchased in bold and attractive looks, and even above-the-knee styles.

    We are your perfect choice for a one-piece dress manufacturer. Our company ensures that our one-piece dress has satisfactory looks that will attract your customers.

    Our one-piece dress is perfect for any occasion. Your customers will surely love the looks and fabric of this one-piece dress. At H&Fourwing, you will have a high-quality one-piece dress for the best price. We can help you produce a one-piece dress that will fit your customer’s taste.

    H&Fourwing offers a one-piece dress with unique and elegant looks. If your customers are looking for one piece dress for parties and dates, we can provide it for them. Our one-piece dress can be customized with your brand or logo to showcase your company in the market.

    If you are looking for the most reliable and budget-friendly manufacturer of one-piece dresses, H&Fourwing is your perfect choice. We are offering you both ODM and OEM for this one-piece dress. Our company holds a large product line of one-piece dress in this industry.

    We can send us your inquiries and check them yourself. We are accepting your small to large orders. For more info, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime. We are available 24/7.

    One Piece Dress Manufacturers: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    I know you’re probably looking for a reliable one piece dress manufacturer you can trust.

    A reason this guide explores everything about one piece dress.

    So, keep reading to learn more.

    What Are One Piece Dresses?

    A one-piece dress is a type of garment that extends down towards the legs.

    one piece dress

    one piece dress

     It usually consists of a one-piece bodice; that covers the upper body and a skirt.

    What Are The Different Types Of One Piece Dresses?

    There are numerous types of one piece dresses. They include:

    • Mini dress- this dress is way shorter and shows a great deal of your legs. They are perfect for warm weather.

    They are also a great way of capturing attention.

    mini dress

    mini dress

    • Midi dress– a midi dress sits between a maxi and a mini dress. They are perfect for when you are unsure about the formality of an event.

    They can be customized with different collar and sleeve options and are perfect for all body types.

    midi dress

    midi dress

    • Maxi dress– this is the ultimate summer dress. It can be as long so that it hits the floor or up to your ankles.

    Maxi dresses are comfy and are ideal for relaxing.



    • Off the shoulder- these one piece dresses expose your shoulders while still maintaining a sleeve on the upper arms.

    This dress is perfect if you want to show off your shoulders and arms without necessarily wearing a strapless dress.

    off the shoulder

    off the shoulder

    • Shift dress- this is a simple dress that has a box like shape. It is usually sleeveless and short. It appears to hang from the shoulders.

    The shift dress is perfect for people with a lean straight body type.

     shift dress

    shift dress

    • Body con dress- this is a tight fitting dress that hugs your body and flatters your curves. It is usually made from a stretchy fabric.

    A body con is ideal for a night out and people with ‘hour glass’ figures.

    body con dress

    body con dress

    • A line dress- this dress resembles the letter A thus the name. It fits perfectly at the hips and flares up towards the hem.

    An A-line dress is best suited for casual setting but you can dress it up as well. It is perfect for pear shaped body types.

     A line dress

    A line dress

    • Wrap dress- like the name suggests, you wrap this dress around your body.

    It features a long strap that you can either tie it at the back or at the waist.

    wrap dress

    wrap dress

    • High low- these dresses are typically short in the front and longer in the back, giving them an asymmetrical look.

    High low dresses can be casual or even ball gowns.

    high low dress

    high low dress

    • Pencil dress- this dress is shaped like a pencil hence its name. It has a slim fit and is perfect for curvy figures.

     pencil dress

     pencil dress

    • Sweater dress this dress can either be tight fitting or loose fitting. It come in different lengths and styles.

    A sweater dress suits all body types. You can pair it with a pair of thigh high boots, converse or even sandals.

    sweater dress

    sweater dress

    • Shirt dress-It features a shirt color and a front with buttons and sometimes a belt. It is loose fitting and comes in various lengths.

    It is super casual and you can easily dress it up or down.

    shirt dress

    shirt dress

    • Slip dress- this dress is usually made of satin and you can also wear it as an undergarment. It features a V neckline, lace and spaghetti straps.

    slip dress

    slip dress

    • Ball gown- this is a formal dress that goes all the way to the floor. It is a perfect outfit for fancy events.

    ball gown

    Ball gown

    Ball gowns come in different forms; mermaid silhouette, princess silhouette, etc.

    • T-Shirt dress– this dress resembles a T-shirt. It features a round neck and usually has a loose fitting.

    It is best suited for casual stuff like, running errands, going for brunch or movies.

    T shirt dress

    t shirt dress

    It sits at or slightly above the knee. It is perfect for dress code cocktail parties or going to the bar.

    cocktail dress

    cocktail dress

    It is a versatile dress with a variety of necklines and silhouettes to choose from.

    • Denim dress- It is a cool and casual fit for non-formal events. It is available in lots of styles and designs.

    A denim dress fits all body types.

    denim dress

    denim dress

    • Tube dress- this dress has a tight fitting and is strapless. It is perfect for summer nights out.

    It is perfect for all body types.

    A tube dress gives off sexy and seductive vibes.

    tube dress

    tube dress

    • Long sleeve dress– this dress feature long sleeves. It comes in a variety of sleeve styles and is perfect for chilly weather.

    Also if you do not wish to expose your arms this is the dress for you. It comes in a variety of necklines and silhouettes.

     long sleeve dress

    long sleeve dress

    It is ideal for all body types.

    • Bell sleeves dress- the sleeves of this dress are shaped like a bell hence the name.

    It comes in many different silhouettes, necklines and lengths, but the main focus of the dress being the sleeves.

    bell sleeve dress

    bell sleeve dress

    • Strapless dress- this dress sits above your bust and has no straps or sleeves. It is perfect for showing off your gorgeous shoulders.

     strapless dress

     strapless dress

     You can also wear a T-shirt underneath if you do not feel like showing off too much skin.

    • Sun dress- It is usually made from lightweight breathable materials which make it perfect for warm weather.

     sun dress

    sun dress

    It is loose-fitting and features a wide neckline and spaghetti straps. They are available in floral patterns as well as pastel colors.

    • Other types of one piece dresses are:

    kimono dress, one shoulder dress, asymmetrical dress, bandage dress, pouf dress, handkerchief hem dress, empire waist dress, etc.

    What Colors Do One Piece Dresses Come In?

    One piece dresses come in all possible colors. From primary colors, color combinations, floral patterns, pastel colors etc.

    To determine which color dress suits you it is important to consider the following:

    • Consider your skins tone, color of your eyes and natural hair. These will help you determine which color or color combination flatters you.
    • Find out what your undertone is. Just look at your wrist and of the color of your veins is green or yellow, you have a warm tone.

    If your veins are purplish or blue you have a cool tone. Cool undertones look best in cool colors such as silver and gray.

    If you have warm undertones earthy colors such as gold and brown will look best on you.

    • Consider you eye color- wear color that make your eye color pop. Better yet, you can match your dress with your eyes.

    Why Should You Buy From One Piece Dress Manufacturers In China?

    • Low manufacturing costs- compared to manufacturers from other countries, China produces high quality one piece dresses at low prices.
    • High quality- despite the force narrative about low quality, China actually produces high quality dresses and other products than other Asian countries.
    • Quantity- Chinese manufacturers do not a problem manufacturing in large quantities.

    The Chinese clothing industry is gigantic and are accustomed to producing bulk orders.

    • Customization- Chinese dress manufacturers are able to customize your orders according to your specification and liking.

    How Do One Piece Dress Manufacturers Control Quality?

    One piece dresses usually go through thorough quality inspection before they are release to the market. Quality control is a very important in the production of dresses. Some of the quality checks dresses go through include:

    • In-line inspection- manufacturers inspect the quality of the dress as the production process continues.

    Here, the quality, drape and color of the material is checked. If they meet the quality standards production continues.

    • Off-line inspection- this is when manufacturers check the quality of the completed dress.

    This can involve checking the seams, hems, zippers and buttons. This is also the stage that where they look for any possible defects.

    • Performance- the manufactures check the dress elements such as wear and tear, fading, shrinkage, etc.

    What Are The Materials For One Piece Dresses?

    There are a variety of materials available in the market. Different types of one piece dresses require different types of materials. These materials include:

    • Cotton
    • Linen
    • Silk
    • Velvet
    • Lace
    • Denim
    • Wool
    • Leather
    • Chiffon
    • Rayon
    • Viscose
    • Crepe
    • Satin
    • Lycra
    • Nylon
    • Polyester

    How Do You Choose The Best Material For A One Piece Dress?

    • Consider the weight- the weight of a material is measured in grams per meter. It determines how heavy or light a fabric is.

    Fabrics can either be heavy, medium or lightweight.

    Lightweight materials include chiffon, single jersey, voile, organza, taffeta, etc.

    Medium weight materials are the likes of velvet, cambric, satin, chambray, interlock jersey, etc.

    Heavy weight materials include denim, wool felt, twill etc.

    • Inspect the drape of the material. The drape is what determines the flow of a dress. Heavy, stiff materials have less drape compared to fluid ones.

    If a material has more drape, the dress will appear to float away from your body. The opposite will make it cling or fold more to your body. If you want a flowing dress, you should choose a well-draping material.

    • Test the stretch of the material- all material have different elasticity. This is the ability for them to bounce back when stretched.

    Ensure that you select a fabric whose elasticity will work best for your dress.

    How Much Do One Piece Dresses Cost?

    There are a lot of factors that affect the cost of a one piece dress. For instance:

    • The material of the dress- the fabric used to make the dress determines about 60 percent of the overall price.
    • Location- the manufacturing location of one piece dresses highly impact the price.

    For instance manufacturing costs in European countries is high than in Asian countries.

    • Stitching- different types of stitches have different prices. For instance, a simple stitch will cost less than a special stitching technique.
    • Printing- different printing methods have different pricing.

    Some require machines and trained personnel which makes the retail price of a one piece dress go up.

    • Accessories or embroidery-additions such as flowers, bows, buckles or embroidery can make the price of a one piece dress go up.
    • Quantity- buying in bulk in many cases is always cheaper than buying each dress individually.

    How Do You Check Quality Of One Piece Dresses?

    • Ensure the material is thick and of high quality. Stretch the material to check for its elasticity. A high quality fabric will bounce back when stretched.
    • Check if the seams are tightly sewn. Loose seams could mean the dress is of poor quality and will not last long.
    • Check the color of the dress. Ensure it is uniform and is indeed what you ordered.

    If the dress is printed ensure the designs or images are clear and of good quality.

    • Ensure that details such as flowers, buttons o bows are sewn not glued.

    Do One Piece Dress Manufacturers Have MOQ For Custom Orders?

    For custom orders, most manufacturers insist on a particular minimum order quantity.

    Inquire from your manufacturer what their MOQ is before ordering. This will help you in your planning and budgeting.

    Will One Piece Dress Manufacturers Help In Design Process?

    Manufacturers can help you in the design process if you do not have your own. They can also provide edits to your designs to make them better.

    Most manufacturers also have a variety of unique ready-made designs for you to choose from.

    What Features Should You Look For In A One Piece Dress?

    • Color- color contributes about 80 percent in the beauty of a one piece dress. Ensure to pick a color that flatters you skin tone as well as your personality.
    • Quality- this is one of the most important things to look for in a one piece dress. Check that the fabric used is of good quality as well.

    Ensure that it won’t fade or lose its elasticity.

    • Design- ensure that the dress in trendy and in fashion. The design and style of the dress matter a lot especially when attending themed occasions.
    • Fitting- it is important that you know you measurements before buying a dress.

    Settle on a dress that fits perfectly; not too tight and definitely not too loose.

    Which Printing Techniques Do One Piece Dress Manufacturers Use?

    • Sublimation- this is a popular, easy and cost effective printing method.

    It involves transferring the design from the sublimation paper on to the dress. This technique uses pressure and heat (between 350 and 400 degrees).

    It produces high quality end results thus its popularity.

    • Embroider printing- this involves stitching designs in strands of thread with a needle. For small orders you can do it by hand.

    For bigger orders, manufacturers have an embroidery machine.

    • Screen printing- this printing method can be used on several materials.

    The process of screen printing involves laying a design on top of the screen. Then covering with photo emulsion and lastly exposing to light.

    • Digital printing- in this process, reactive ink is printed on the dress using a special inkjet technology.

    Unlike screen printing, digital printing penetrates the fabric for that long lasting effect.

    • Reactive printing- It is permanent and produces high quality end results.

    This method makes use of the pre-coated fabric, a binder and printing additives. Reactive printing is heat activated.

    The heat reaction is responsible for permanently bonding the design or image to the fabric.

    What Payment Terms Do One Piece Dress Manufacturers Accept?

    • Bank to bank transfers- this is a widely accepted method of payment. It is very fast and usually takes a few days only.

    Generally, bank to bank transfers are safe though there can be a few risks. To minimize the risk element, you can opt to pay in batches.

    • PayPal- Some manufacturers may refuse this payment method for large orders. Most accept PayPal for smaller orders and small samples.
    • Debit and credit cards- internationally accepted credit and debit cards are a safe way of making payments.

    However, their acceptance in China is quite low. The main reason for this is that manufacturers incur high charges which they will most likely transfer to you.

    Therefore making the transaction cost prohibitive.

    • Western union- this is a fast and easy to use method of payment. It however lacks payment protection and involves high conversion rates.

    Because of this reasons, most Chinese manufacturers discourage it. Western union is good for paying for small orders and samples.

    • Letter of credit (LC) – this is considered the safest way to pay manufacturers. It is also highly accepted in China.

    Letter of credit is a payment method where the bank makes a promise to pay the manufacturer on your behalf.

    The payment is made after the pre-determined conditions have been fulfilled.

    LC removes the risk of a deposit and it allows you to set terms that the manufacturer should fulfill before receiving the payment.

    On the flipside it is an expensive method and involves a lot of documentation.

    What Sizes Do One Piece Dresses Come In?

    One piece dresses come in the following sizes:

    • XS
    • S
    • M
    • XL
    • XXL
    • 1X(16W-18W)
    • 2X(20W-22W)

    To measure your size correctly, follow these simple steps:

    Bust- ensure you keep the tape parallel to the ground, then measure your chest fullest part.

    Waist-to find your natural waist you will need to bend a little bit. Also ensure that you do not keep the tape too tight, instead leave some allowance.

    Hips- ensure that you stand still. Then go ahead and measure the fullest part of your hips.

    Do One Piece Dress Manufacturers Have A Return Policy?

    Most manufacturers have a return policy. Make sure that you read and understand the policy.

    Return policies will guide you on what you can return and for what reason. It also states the timeframe over which they accept returns.

    It is important to note that most manufacturers won’t offer refunds. They offer replacements instead.

    Some circumstances under which you can return one piece dresses are:

    • Wrong size
    • Wrong item
    • Wrong color
    • A defective item.

    Do One Piece Dress Manufacturers Accept Custom Orders?

    One-piece dress manufacturers accept custom orders and bring whatever design you have to life.

    Just present them with your detailed design ideas and sketches.

    What Are The Collar Options For One Piece Dresses?

    There are three major types of collars for one piece dresses. These are:

    • The roll collar- this is the type of color found in formal one piece dresses. This type of collar stands and then folds over.
    • The flat collar- this type of collar lies flat against the fabric of the one piece dress.
    • The stand collar- as the name suggest this type of collar stands up and fits around the neck.

    There are different styles of collars based on these three types. They include:

    • Bertha collar
    • Peter pan collar
    • Bib collar
    • Cowl collar
    • Mandarin collar
    • Shawl collar
    • Shirt collar
    • Turtle neck collar
    • Bib collar
    • Ruffle collar, etc.

    Which Sleeve Options Are Available For One Piece Dresses?

    Sleeves are considered to be an important part of one piece dresses.

    Therefore they should be comfortable and fit properly. Over time, the fashion of sleeves come and go. The different types of sleeve are:

    • Regular sleeves
    • Bell sleeves
    • Cap sleeves
    • Lantern sleeves
    • Cape/ circular sleeves
    • Frill/flute sleeves
    • Pagoda sleeves
    • Bishop sleeve
    • Petal sleeve
    • Butterfly sleeves
    • Puff sleeves
    • Hanging sleeve, etc.

    How Long Will One Piece Dress Manufacturer Take To Process My Order?

    This entirely depends on the complexity of the designs as well as the quantity.

    Simple designs can take 5 to 7 business days. Complicated designs take longer; three weeks or more. Also if you order for a lot of pieces it could take a while to receive your order.

    Do One Piece Dress Manufacturers Send Sample Before Mass Production Begins?

    Most manufacturers will send you samples of your one piece dresses order.

    Pre-production samples help you oversee manufacturing processes such as stitching, hemming and labelling.

    If you are satisfied then manufacturing can begin.

    How Does One Piece Dress Manufacturers in China Support Small Businesses?

    Setting MOQs- one piece dress manufacturers state that they cannot manufacture less than a particular number of dresses.

    MOQs help small business identify the right quantities to order.

    Payment- most one piece dress manufacturers offer flexible payment methods and terms to small businesses.

    Uniqueness- one piece dress manufacturers have a variety of designs and styles thus giving small businesses the element of uniqueness.

    Customization- dress manufacturer work closely with small business to bring their designs and ideas to life.

    Shipping- most manufacturers partner with reliable shipping companies to ensure small business get their order no matter where they are.

    After sale services- most manufactures have policies such as return and refund policies.

    This is very beneficial to small businesses especially as it assures them of less losses.

    Is There Difference Between One Piece Dress And Jumpsuits?

    While a jumpsuit is a one piece garment, it is a different to a one piece dress.

    A jumpsuits consists of a shirt and pants; the shirt as the top and pants bottom. A dress however consists of a one piece bodice and a skirt.

    As a trusted one piece dress manufacturer in China, H&Fourwing offer perfect solution for all your ladies dresses needs – talk to us now for any inquiries.

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