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  • H&Fourwing has 15 years of manufacturing maxi dress and ladies clothing in China
  • Manufacturing plenty maxi dress popular designs and prints
  • High-end maxi dress manufactured using tested materials
  • Verified factory space and convenient plant area for faster fabrication
Backless Maxi Dress
Backless Maxi Dress

Our backless maxi dresses are widely worn in many occasions especially weddings, anniversaries, etc. Made in cotton, fleece, and other fabric types. It is made in different styles such as low-back, U-back, and so on.

Floral Strapless Maxi Dress
Floral Strapless Maxi Dress

Our Floral strapless maxi dress accessible in cotton, fleece, and silk perfect for different occasions. It has a high-quality and excellent appearance that surely attracts your customer’s attentions.

High Rise Maxi Dress
High Rise Maxi Dress

Our maxi dress is available in a high rise of high waist types at spaghetti straps, tube, pleated maxi dress, crinkle, and combo maxi dress. It has any colors and prints including types of fabrics you can choose.

Long Sleeve V-Neck Maxi Dress
Long Sleeve V-Neck Maxi Dress

Long sleeve maxi dress available in V-neck and V-back as well. It has different long-sleeve and neckline styles available in printed and plain selections. We can supply your desired long sleeve maxi dress amount.

Off-Shoulder Maxi Dress
Off-Shoulder Maxi Dress

Our off-shoulder maxi dresses are perfectly made on different designs and types of fabrics like cotton, silk, challis, and so on. Choose high waist off-shoulder maxi dress, high-low, layered bottom, etc.

Plain Halter Neck Maxi Dress
Plain Halter Neck Maxi Dress

H&Fourwing maxi dresses are made in different designs such as halter neck accessible in plain colors at different types of materials. You can choose the type of materials for your orders to meet your own brand demands.

Plunge Maxi Dress
Plunge Maxi Dress

Plunge formal maxi dress is usually the same shape in front and back to show some cleavage. The plunge is meet in the breast and sometimes in the waist. We have samples to provide for some ideas you will like.

Plus Size Maxi Dress
Plus Size Maxi Dress

Available in plenty of designs and styles of maxi dress for plus sizes. You can request your desired styles, prints, colors, and fabric materials such as fleece, challis, cotton, satin, and more.

Spaghetti Strap Maxi Dress
Spaghetti Strap Maxi Dress

We have spaghetti straps of maxi dresses available in a high rise or high waist types in different colors, prints, and fabrics. It has many styles such as layered and we also able to custom your ideas.

Premier Custom Maxi Dress Manufacturers

H&Fourwing professionally made maxi dresses using power and great connections. Our manufacturing team from designs, prints, and fabric sourcing team work together to maintain high-end maxi dress fabrications and related products. We are an OEM maxi dress supplier in China that able to send maxi dresses worldwide. We can also be your ODM maxi dress supplier in China and able to custom your designs and ideal prints and colors.

    Your Premier Maxi Dress Supplier in China

    If planning to purchase the maxi dress in China, you can get a lot of selections with H&Fourwing. We manufactured all styles and prints of maxi dress using different types of fabrics and ensure to follow your ideas and another request.

    H&Fourwing maxi dress is long length accessible in floor and ankle length. It is widely made of comfortable fabric such as cotton and able to make different prints, colors, and styles. It is been famous because of its free-flowing ability that accentuates all types of body.

    H&Fourwing maxi dress can be worn on all types of occasions. Have the right cut, styles, prints, and more can meet formal occasions attractive and polished with accessories. It is more formal with chiffon maxi dress, silk, and even satin with high rise styles, tiered, with lace, stretch, and solid colors.

    When choosing the right maxi dress, H&Fourwing can suggest perfect selections base on your purposes. For your business, we can suggest all types of maxi dresses for your customer’s selections. You can choose maxi dress from different styles such as the strapless, halter neck, off-shoulder, backless, V-neck, long sleeve, plunge, spaghetti straps, low waist, high waist, empire, short sleeves, sleeveless, pencil styles, and more selections.

    H&Fourwing made all these designs with different types of prints like floral, stripes, polka dots, and more. You can also choose different styles with many plain colors at any type of fabric. Just send your desired maxi dress and we can meet your needs.

    H&Fourwing maxi dress offered pleated at the bottom styles. Made with a belt in the waistline available in all types of prints. We have maxi dresses with slits. It gives a sexy glance to all ladies by showing sexy legs. We have an overlap wrap maxi dress for you available in long sleeve and short sleeve with solid colors. It is perfect for weddings and other formal occasions. Button-up maxi dresses are also body shape with solid colors with attached belt. The buttons designed and start from chest to knees and slits to ankle lengths.

    Support your business and get all selections of maxi dress prints such as floral prints, flowers, images, arts, and more prints that match your maxi dress styles. Sheer maxi dresses are popular and including lace. It provides elegance to the outer layer of your maxi dress orders.

    In this industry, we have many years of experience that perfectly made us more expert and well trusted in terms of supplying all popular designs and styles of maxi dress and other related ladies’ clothing. If you need maxi dress urgently, H&Fourwing expert designers can meet your needs. We can offer a one-stop solution including free samples so we can help you choose easier.

    Trust our professional production lines from complete facilities, equipment, sewing machines, inspections, packing, and more. Expect that you can receive a perfect quality maxi dress even in long distances.

    Send your inquiries now and we can process your orders faster!

    Maxi Dress Manufacturers: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    If you’re looking for a maxi dress manufacturer you can trust then read this guide.

    It had all information you’re looking for about maxi dress.

    Besides, you will also learn more about these ladies dress manufacturers.

    Keep reading to learn more.

    What Styles And Variations Do Maxi Dress Manufacturers Provide?

    Maxi dresses

    Maxi dresses

    Maxi dresses come in many different styles and variations to accentuate the different body types of women.

    And although different, all maxi dresses have three things in common: long, free-flowing, and super comfortable.

    They are also made of breathable fabric, which makes them popular for warm weather and tropical occasions.

    Here are the different types of maxi dresses you can consider buying from a China manufacturer:

    V-neck Suspender Dress

    V-neck maxis have two lines dropping from the shoulders and connecting at the center of the chest. The v may end just above the bust, below it, or much lower. The two lines begin from the neck, with the back being bare.

    V neck maxi dress

    V neck maxi dress

    Printed, Striped, Or Solid Color Maxi Dress

    These maxi dresses come in a variety of print styles which range from simple to intricate patterns.

    The prints can be floral, bohemian, animal prints, art, magazine prints, etc.

    Various printing techniques exist to allow us to incorporate any artwork into your maxi dress designs.

    Stripped maxis feature lines in different colors from the fabric color, which can run vertically, horizontally, or diagonally on the dress.

    Some are mixed to form complex strip patterns.

    On the other hand, solid color maxi dresses feature a single color with no stripes or patterns.

    Stripped maxi dress

    Striped maxi dress

    Tiered Maxi Dress

    Tiered maxi dresses feature tiered layers sewn horizontally to enhance the style and sometimes to add volume to the dress.

    The tiers often run from the waist downwards, but ruffles can sometimes be added to the bust for uniformity.

    Tiered Maxi Dress

    Tiered maxi dress

    Combination Maxi Dress

    This type is usually made of different fabrics or colors for the top and skirt.

    For instance, a maxi dress with a denim top may have a linen or cotton skirt.

    Another example is a dress with a white top and a red skirt. Some combinations feature a print top and a solid color skirt.

    Combined maxi dress

    Combined maxi dress

    Lace Maxi Dress

    Lace maxi dresses are made with sheer lace and liner through them.

    They are made in matching or contrasting fabrics, with the outer layer being all lace.

    We can add embellishment to this dress to make it more stylish.

    Lace maxi dress

    Lace maxi dress

    Faux-wrap Maxi Dress

    Wrapping maxi dresses have a front closure with a wide overlap, just like a sleeping or dressing gown.

    Button or Velcro snaps are often to fasten the closure. Wide overlaps will have a drawstring tie to secure it on the body.

    Faux wrap maxi dress

    Faux wrap maxi dress

    Other maxi dress variations you can consider are;

    • Halter neck dress
    • High low maxi dress
    • Denim dress
    • Crinkle maxi dress
    • Pleated maxi
    • Slit maxi
    • Fit and flare,
    • Pencil maxi dress
    • Cap sleeve maxi
    • ¾ sleeve maxi
    • Sleeveless maxi,
    • Long sleeve maxi
    • Short sleeve maxi

    Why Should You Buy Maxi Dress From Maxi Dress Manufacturers In China?

    There are so many reasons for buying maxi dresses from a women clothing factory in China.

    The top one being affordability. China maxi dress manufacturers offer very low costs compared to other manufacturers in the world.

    It is because labor is cheap in China, which translates to low product prices.

    So as a start-up or even established business, buying your maxi dresses from China promises higher profit margins.

    Also, the fact that Chinese manufacturers produce goods in large quantities makes their maxi dresses cheaper.

    This is perfect for your business, whether big or small, as it makes buying the dress cheap and the profits relatively high.

    Maxi dress manufacturers are an excellent place to start if you’re looking to expand your business.

    They have big manufacturing plants with advanced machinery and skilled staff.

    It guarantees their manufacturing capability, whether for a small or large volume.

    Another reason to buy from maxi dress manufacturers in China is their expertise in matters design.

    Many manufacturers house a creative team to help you develop your product and fine-tune your design ideas based on your product/brand specifications.

    Last but not least, maxi dresses from China are of high quality.

    As mentioned above, Chinese manufacturers have the infrastructure to produce high-quality ladies dresses for your business efficiently.

    It is why high-end brands choose H&Fourwing for their women’s clothing manufacture.

    What Types Of Fabric Do Maxi Dress Manufacturers Use?

    Whichever style and fabric you’re considering for your brand, maxi dress manufacturers have it.

    And if we don’t, we are always ready to scavenge the world to find the perfect fabric for your needs.

    This is as long as you provide us with an original sample or your material specifications, i.e., fiber quality, color, pattern, thread count, etc.

    That said, China maxi dress manufacturers use a variety of materials to produce maxi dresses.

    Options include cotton, denim, lace, rayon, chiffon, viscose, linen, cotton-blend fabrics, polyester, cotton-spandex knits, jersey fabric, etc.

    The focus is always on quality, flowy, breathable, comfortable, and highly durable fabrics.

    It ensures that the resulting maxi dresses look and feel good when worn for a long time.

    No matter the fabric you choose, be sure that the results will be attractive.

    Plus, the variety means that we have maxi dresses to meet every customer’s unique needs and tastes.

    Do Maxi Dress Manufacturers Supply Organic And Eco-friendly Fabrics?

    Organic cotton

    Organic cotton

    Yes, we can supply eco-friendly and sustainable textiles for your maxi dress manufacture.

    Fabric options in this range include organic cotton, pure hemp fabric, yarn, and recycled fabrics such as bamboo, viscose, and linen.

    At H&Fourwing, we understand that the current consumer is environmentally conscious.

    Thus, apart from fabrics, we offer sustainable packaging and labeling.

    Our production process also follows a sustainable product life cycle component- from design to recycling.

    How Do Standard Maxi Dress Designs Differ From Custom Maxi Dresses?

    The standard maxi dresses are basic designs made to factory standards.

    They are the manufacturers’ creation and thus not unique to any brand.

    Standard maxi dress designs are also known as stock designs.

    They are readily available for shipping but come in a limited range of colors and patterns.

    On the other hand, customized maxi dresses are specially developed and sewn according to a client’s exact specifications.

    Custom maxis are usually unique products and a direct representation of the brand.

    These dresses contain customized colors, patterns, styles, lengths, and everything in between to ensure you get the perfect product.

    We can custom your brand label for these dresses and include care labels as well.

    Custom packaging may also give your brand a competitive edge and your customers an unforgettable unboxing experience.

    The main advantage of custom maxi dresses is that they make your product and brand unique.

    On the other hand, stock dresses are cheaper due to the lack of customization and ship faster.

    Do Maxi Dress Manufacturers Offer Design Assistance?

    Custom maxi dress

    Custom maxi dress

    We certainly do.

    Whatever stage you are at, maxi dress manufacturers can help you develop bespoke designs for your brand or collection.

    If all you have is a design idea or inspiration, contact us, and our creative services team will help turn your ideas into masterpieces.

    Even if you have a sketch, our team will help make patterns and grade the maxi dress sizes as per your exact design and requirements.

    For those who have a design and need it to be amended or fine-tuned, our factory engineers and designers are always ready to help.

    Just don’t hesitate to contact us with your request.

    What Are Some Helpful Design Tips For Custom Maxi Dresses?

    Designing custom maxi dresses is simple! Here are some design tips to make your experience better:

    Choose Simple Colors

    Cutting down on the number of colors accentuates the pattern design more. It makes the essential elements visible.

    Besides, the simpler your color scheme, the lower your costs will be.

    Contrasting Colors Work Best

    Choosing colors that contrast with one another tends to give the best custom maxi dress results.

    For example, you can have a black maxi dress with pink and white prints or a white maxi with red embellishments.

    Try Out Some New Design Tools

    If you’re looking to create a unique piece, avoid the same old, same old and try out some new layouts and tools.

    At the very least, you’ll learn new ropes in garment design, making the process easier every time.

    You can also try out ready-made design templates. It helps you avoid guesswork and save you time.

    Experiment With Multiple Design Options

    Try out multiple versions of your design but make sure you don’t lose any original works.

    For instance, you can try adding ruffles, removing a sleeve, adding a corset, or a tiered layer at the hem.

    Try changing the colors or patterns to see which one sticks out.

    Which Design File Formats Do Maxi Dress Manufacturers Accept?

    Ideally, we’d like image files to be sent in a vector format like AI, JPG, PDF, EPS, SVG, DXF, or PNG.

    It helps ensure that the graphics stay intact and no details are lost during production.

    If you’re unable to supply your files in vector format, hi-resolution image files or PSD are also acceptable.

    But we’ll need to check the artwork first before approving it for manufacture.

    Can A Maxi Dress Manufacturer Copy Another Brands Design For Me?


    We cannot copy other brands’ designs for you. It is unethical and will draw out the uniqueness of your brand and product.

    If you’re impressed by a particular brand’s design, the best we can do is use their strong features to inspire your design.

    How Are My Designs And Privacy Protected When I Work With A Maxi Dress Manufacturer?

    In the same way, we won’t copy other brands’ designs; we vow not to share your designs or brand information.

    Moreover, we can sign a non-disclosure agreement to help protect your brand name, logo, and graphical works.

    An NDA binds both the buyer and seller to not disclose any confidential information to outsiders.

    For further brand protection, we recommend trademarking your brand and logo in your country.

    This is especially if you’re a start-up or starting a new clothing line.

    It’d also be wise to register your brand in China to prevent ‘trademark squatters‘ since many clothing brands manufacture in China.

    What Types Of Trimmings Can I Consider For My Maxi Dresses From China?

    Trimmings are the raw materials used to sew maxi dresses apart from the garment fabric.

    We use them to enhance the look or functionality of the dress. Such trims include:

    • Threads
    • Zippers
    • Buttons
    • Linings
    • Beads
    • Patches
    • Motifs
    • String/drawcord
    • Piping
    • Elastic
    • Velcro tape
    • Padding
    • Braiding

    Do Maxi Dress Manufacturers Use Sublimation Printing For Ladies Dresses?


    Sublimation printing is among the top techniques that we use to add print customizations to women’s clothing.

    In this method, artwork and designs are transferred directly onto the fiber of the dress.

    The sublimation dye essentially bonds with the fabric, which means that the resulting print will not crack, peel or fade.

    Another benefit of sublimation printing for maxi dresses is that it does not hinder the breathability and comfort feel of the garment.

    It is also the gold standard for cost-effectiveness when it comes to custom maxi dress printing.

    Apart From Printing, What Other Decoration Options Do Maxi Dress Manufacturers Offer?

    We offer other options such as lacework, beading, applique, and embroidery for custom maxi dress decoration.

    Can I Order Samples From Maxi Dress Manufacturers?


    Maxi dress samples will help you verify a manufacturer’s credibility as well as test the material quality.

    That said, there are certain conditions that China maxi dress manufacturers have for supplying samples:

    • Stock sample selection is free, but clients must cater for the cost of shipping
    • New sample development comes at a cost. The client must pay for the samples, which is 3X the cost of bulk. Although, this cost may be refunded if you order bulk.
    • We will only proceed with new sample development if the minimum order requirement of 30 pieces is met.
    • 1PC sample is free but will only be sent using the client’s courier account, preferably DHL or FedEx
    • We will use standard fabrics for samples unless you meet the minimum requirements for custom fabrics
    • If you want care labels to be included in the samples, you must meet the set MOQ. Otherwise, we will not have these in your sample order
    • Normally, we make only one unit per sample size. As such, we recommend that you include at most two units per size in your sample order.

    While you can freely order maxi dress samples from us, we also allow reference samples from clients.

    It helps to speed up the sampling process as well as prevent misunderstanding during product development.

    Remember, a physical sample is not a replacement for the tech-pack.

    The latter is vital as we use it in various stages of the manufacturing process.

    How Does Maxi Dress Sizing Work?

    There is no standard sizing or even a designated national sizing for maxi dresses.

    Different brands have different sizing charts for their products.

    Some brands offer maxi dresses in Xs to 3Xl size range, while others offer them in numerical references, i.e., size 6-22.

    So it is best to find out what your manufacturer offers and order the correct sizing for your target market.

    If buying custom maxi dresses, you may also want to customize the sizing. In this case, you can choose to base your sizing on the ISO 3637: 1977 standard or on that of other reputable brands in a similar market.

    So as you make a tech-pack for your clothing manufacturer, include a clear size guide detailing seam allowances and measurements.

    Send these specifications to the manufacture alongside your designs and samples, if any, for manufacturing.

    Can I Include Different Styles/Sizes Of Maxi Dresses In The Same Order?

    Yes, you can mix different maxi dress styles and sizes in one order.

    For custom orders, make sure that your artwork and design are made to fit even the smallest units in the order.

    How Does Maxi Dress Manufacturers Control Quality?

    Maxi dress manufacturing

    Maxi dress manufacturing

    Having a qualified in-house quality control team enables us to manage the quality of all products made in our factory.

    Our facilities are accredited with relevant quality assurance bodies such as ISO 9001, BSCI, SGS, BV, Oeko-TEX standard, and ITS.

    We also perform manual inspections on each garment piece before it is packed and shipped to the client.

    Our inspection process involves in-line to off-line checks. It includes fabric quality checks, construction checks, i.e., stitch and seam integrity, and print quality.

    For a better quality guarantee, China maxi dress manufacturers provide complete inspection reports before shipping.

    It helps assure product quality and eases the custom clearance process.

    Do Maxi Dress Manufacturers Have Flexible MOQ?


    China maxi dress manufacturers offer the lowest and most flexible MOQs in the global textile industry.

    Our typical maxi dress minimum per order ranges from 100pieces to 300pieces, often per style and color.

    But, we also offer small quantity production for small businesses and start-ups.

    We hope that this will help us learn your brand, work out a reasonable supply solution and adapt to your needs as you grow.

    Our small quantity production also gives small businesses a flexible opportunity to try out their designs in low quantities.

    How Can You Get Best Prices From Maxi Dress Manufacturers?

    When looking to buy from a ladies’ dresses manufacturer in China, the goal is to find the best product in terms of price and quality.

    This is a vital consideration when negotiating with your supplier.

    Don’t just go with the cheapest offer, as this will be costly in the long run.

    Following these tips will help you get the best prices from your Chinese maxi dress manufacturer without compromising in quality:

    Due Diligence

    A little background research on your manufacturer will give you an advantage during price negotiations.

    Checking their business registration will help you verify the legitimacy of the factory.

    It will also give you better insights into their business scope.

    This, together with an initial factory audit, can help you understand the manufacturer’s capability and how flexible they are with prices.

    Purchase Initial Test Order

    Playing around with factory MOQs is a smart way to influence product pricing in China.

    The first thing maxi dress manufacturers will want to know once you ask for a discount is your estimated volume.

    If you match their MOQ on the first attempt, getting a price reduction will be difficult.

    So, the best thing to do is order a trial run to test the waters.

    While doing this, you can share your annual volume estimate and the frequency of repeat orders.

    Maxi dress manufacturers can spot potential a mile away, and playing into their eagerness can guarantee you better discounts in the future.

    Establish Trust

    Maxi dress manufacturers want a win-win relationship like you do. Sharing a bit about your business can give you leverage during negotiations.

    If the manufacturer can feed into your vision, they will be compelled to provide you with better pricing in the hope of developing a long-term relationship.

    Play Around With Payment Terms

    A typical payment term with maxi dress manufacturers is 30% deposit and 70% after order completion.

    Some factories ask for a 30% deposit, 50% after completion, and 20% upon delivery to you.

    However, you can request to adjust these terms to 50/50 in return for a lower price per unit.

    How Long Will Maxi Dress Manufacturers Take To Deliver My Orders?

    Maxi dress production depends mainly on the product type and order volume.

    Typically, the custom samples process takes about 12 days, while bulk production takes 14 days to complete.

    This timeline is from the date of design and sample approval, respectively. We also count the days from when you commit to the order.

    Note that the above turnaround is for production only.

    Ultimate delivery to your destination will depend on your location and shipping method.

    All in all, we can only give an estimated delivery time after knowing the specifics of your order, i.e., type of product you want, volume, etc.

    Do Maxi Dress Manufacturers Help In Shipping Process?

    It depends.

    Some buyers want to handle their shipping, which is okay. You only need to let us know your deadlines in advance.

    Once production is complete, your sales representative will notify you when the order is ready so you can arrange for shipping.

    Other customers have a dedicated courier account which we can use for shipping, while some may leave their entire endeavor to us.

    In this case, we identify a suitable logistics solution for you, depending on your preference and location.

    After this, your sales representative will advise on how and when the order will be delivered so you can plan for pick up and distribution.

    How Can Maxi Dress Manufacturer Support Small Businesses?

    Using H&Fourwing as an example, we are majorly an OEM maxi dress supplier and manufacturer.

    But, we also provide ODM services to cater to all our client’s needs.

    And while we don’t have a large inventory for sale, we accept small quantity production.

    Also, as mentioned earlier, we offer a capable and super creative team of designers to help you develop your product and ideas.

    For all your maxi dress, contact us now.

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