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  • Great quality ladies’ western tops at a reasonable price
  • Production efficiency
  • 100% full inspection of products before delivery
Ladies western tops white
Ladies western tops white

H&FourWing offers excellent quality ladies’ western tops white made from 100% quality materials. These are available in various size ranges such as S-XXL.

Embroidery work ladies western tops
Embroidery work ladies western tops

Our H&FourWing embroidery work ladies’ western tops are made from cotton fabric. We have a strong capability in producing a wide range of quality ladies’ western tops available in hundreds of styles and designs.

Teenage dress western tops pink printed
Teenage dress western tops pink printed

H&FourWing teenage dress western tops pink printed is perfect for teens who want to be more fashionable and charming. Whether you request full customization of your products, we will help you from the start until the completion of your project.

Beautifully made ladies western tops
Beautifully made ladies western tops

All our lady’s western tops are designed and fabricated in line with quality and principle guidelines. We really make sure to make it beautiful, affordable, and high-quality.

Cotton fabric women’s western tops printed
Cotton fabric women’s western tops printed

H&FourWing team guarantees that our cotton fabric women’s western tops printed provide a comfortable and aesthetic feeling to the wearer. Our team is keeping an eye on the ongoing changes and developments to manufacture fashion trends and achieve excellence.

Multicolor teenage ladies western tops
Multicolor teenage ladies western tops

You can achieve multicolor teenage ladies’ western tops here in H&FourWing. Customize your lady’s western tops with H&FourWing to support your brand to the fullest.

Front drape with beautiful printed patterns lades weatern tops
Front drape with beautiful printed patterns ladies western tops

For many years, we have successfully delivered the finest range of front drapes with beautiful printed patterns, ladies, and western tops to the clients. We are capable of fulfilling massive requirements and making the on-time delivery for customers.

Blue western tops manufacturer
Blue ladies western tops manufacturer

Being a leader in this industry, we can manufacture various styles, colors, and designs of ladies’ western tops. To satisfy your needs we offer small, medium, large, XL to XXL lady’s western tops.

Ladies Western Tops Pest Color
Ladies Western Tops Pest Color

If you have any lady’s western tops needs, don`t hesitate to contact us directly.  We provide high-end design and fabrication from our professional in-house design team and excellent merchandiser team.

Trusted Custom Ladies Western Tops Manufacturer

H&Fourwing is a professional ladies’ western tops manufacturer and supplier in China. We have more than 15 years of expertise in this industry and continuously provide high-class quality women’s western tops around the world. We possess a team of warehousing professionals with rich knowledge and skills.

During the manufacturing, we really ensure to use excellent quality raw materials and implement stringent quality checks in every process. We are able to entertain urgent and massive requirements from our dear customers. Our comprehensive services offered for our clients includes fabric & accessories sourcing, bulk-producing, style designing, and production shipping. Message us today!

Your Most Professional Ladies Western Tops Manufacturer

The Latest and most comfortable ladies` western tops are loved and appreciated by women. Where can you find the best quality clothes to fit your business? You are in the right place.

Get in touch with the outstanding ladies’ western tops factory. H&FourWing is your trusted supplier of ladies` western tops in China with great experience and history in this field. It’s not easy to design the most satisfying ladies’ western tops but we have the ability to understand well your business marketing.

Here in H&FourWing, you can find elegant, simple, beautiful, flirty ladies’ western fashion tops available in hundreds of styles, colors and many available sizes from small to plus size women. Our H&FourWing ladies’ western tops will make the wearer feel great inside out. Each ladies’ western top is made of soft and durable fabric which guarantees the complete value of your money.

We provide ladies’ western tops with delicate patterns, eye-catching vibrant colors, and stylish graphic prints blended with a modern twist to captivate the attention of customers. Our ladies` western tops are made from top-quality material with a blend of advanced up-to-date technology and the ethnic tradition of embroidery.

For more than 15 years, H&FourWing has been making dreams come true with the help of our amazing designer and technical team. We are supported by a team of qualified, talented, and creative professionals, who have professional skills in designing and full knowledge of buyers’ requirements. All are committed to the achievement of your business. We work hard and do our best in maintaining a good reputation in the international market and relations with the clients.

Aside from ladies` western tops, we have a wide collection that includes maxi dresses, nightgowns, bridesmaid dresses, blouses, shorts, and other women’s clothing. Whether you`re a wholesaler, supplier, clothing brand, or just starting your business, you can rely on us. We offer low MOQ from 300pcs.  of your desired products.

All clothing and ladies’ apparel we produced are offered high quality and cost-effectiveness. We have advanced machinery equipment for weaving, stitching, designing, and cutting which ensures fast and reliable production of your ladies` western tops orders. We try our best to exceed your satisfaction.

Being a premier producer in the market, we provide a high grade of customization for your specific request. You can send the exact measurement, so we can handle it correctly. Our sales and marketing professionals offer prompt deliveries of your orders. We are always committed to providing excellent finished and aesthetic ladies’ western tops.

Please contact us for more details about ladies` western tops. You are very welcome to send your message or any inquiries to

Ladies Western Tops Manufacturers: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In this guide, you will find all information you’re looking for about ladies western tops manufacturers.

Whether you want to learn about designs, color options, fabrics, or the terms of buying ladies’ western tops from China, you will find it right here.

So, keep reading to learn more.

How Can You Find The Best Ladies’ Western Tops Manufacturers?

Finding a suitable ladies’ western tops manufacturer can be such a hassle for some but it shouldn’t be for you.

As we know, most importers purchase their merchandise from China owing to several benefits that we shall have a look at later.

 ladies western top

ladies western top

Before that, here are some tips on how you can easily find the best ladies’ western tops manufacturers;

  • Work with qualified sourcing agents -Not only are they qualified but also have experience in their line of work.

Sourcing agents have established large networks with several manufacturers which allows them to easily pick the best one for your products.

Additionally, they can negotiate on prices and get the best deals.

  • Research -With several available online platforms, searching for a ladies’ tops manufacturer has been made easier.

Most if not all B2B websites display different manufacturers with their ratings and experience which helps you to easily choose a suitable one.

As more businesses are making their goods and services available on online platforms;

social media has become of the places to locate a suitable Manufacturer.

Quite still, you get to analyze reviews on their online platforms from previous clients thus you are able to easily pick the best.

  • Physically visit the factory – Once you have singled out some of the best manufacturers, it’s important to visit the factory.

This way, you can access all factors in real-time and determine whether or not the manufacturer is suitable for you.

 Which Ladies’ Western Tops Designs Do You Have?

Ladies’ western tops come in a variety of designs some of which can also be customized to suit your taste.

Below are some of the ladies’ western tops designs;

  • Tanktop


tank top

  • Cape top

 cape top

cape top

  • Chiffon top

chiffon top

chiffon top

  • Clinched-waist top

clinched waist top

clinched waist top

  • Chocker top

chocker top

chocker top

  • Tube top

 tube top

tube top

  • Wrap top

wrap top

wrap top

  • Asymmetric top

asymmetric top

Asymmetric top

  • Maxi top

maxi top

maxi top

  • Tulip top
  • Shirt style top
  • Lace top
  • One shoulder top
  • Peplum top

peplum top

peplum top

  • High low top
  • Bodysuit
  • Cami top
  • Plaid funnel top

 plaid funnel top

plaid funnel top

  • Styled back top
  • Hooded top
  • Off-shoulder/ Bardot top

off shoulder

off shoulder

  • Layered top

Do Ladies’ Western Tops Manufacturers Assist In The Design Process?


Most if not all manufacturers are always willing to help you with your design procedures. Getting a qualified and experienced manufacturer is quite advantageous if so you are looking to acquire some design assistance from them.

Experienced manufacturers have done several designs in the past.

Therefore, they can suggest suitable components, colours, cuts, patterns, or any other aspect that might create a unique design for your western tops.

Which Payment Options Do Ladies’ Western Tops Manufacturers Accept?

Generally, most manufacturers provide payment methods that are applicable to everyone regardless of the size of purchase or country.

That said, here are some of the commonly used payment methods by most ladies’ western tops manufacturers.

  • Cash -In as much as cash payment might sound convenient, risks involved are more bearable by the importer.

Once the money is paid to the manufacturers, recovering it back in case of any dissatisfaction might be very difficult.

  • International Credit cards -Credit cards are widely accepted by most manufacturers. However, fraudsters highly target them and this makes it risky when making transactions.
  • PayPal – PayPal is by far the safest payment method you could use to settle any payment with your manufacturer.

The only drawback to this is that most manufacturers find the fees charged higher and some choose to avoid it.

  • Western union – In as much as Western Union is reliable, tracking your transaction is next to zero and this makes it a perfect platform for fraudsters.
  • Letter of Credit- Letters of credit are suitable when making large transactions.

The main advantage of using a letter of credit is that no risks are borne by both the importer and manufacturer.

  • Telegraphic transfer – Most manufacturers accept Telegraphic transfers even though both parties face risks.

To reduce the risks, your manufacturer might request a deposit beforehand thus leaving you with a greater risk.

Nevertheless, using an online broker would be ideal if so, you want to get better exchange rates and faster processing.

  • Online escrow -If you are transacting small amounts of money online escrow is a suitable option.

Once you make your payment, a third party will hold it until you receive your goods.

Which Materials Do Ladies Western Tops Manufacturers Use?

As we all know, there are several types of ladies’ western tops made from a variety of materials.

Some of the materials used by ladies western tops manufacturers are not limited to;

  • Cotton
  • Chiffon
  • Wool
  • Polyester
  • Silk
  • Satin
  • Lace
  • Organza
  • Nylon
  • Georgette
  • Linen
  • Velvet
  • Rayon
  • Crepe
  • Lycra

Do Ladies’ Western Tops Manufacturers Assist In Shipping Process?

Yes, they do. However, if you want to get better deals on your shipping process it’s better to work with a freight forwarder.

They are specialized in that field and therefore can effectively and affordably take care of all your shipping processes.

What Determines The Best Price Of Ladies’ Western Tops Manufacturers?

As most of us know, China is known to be a key player on a global scale when it comes to manufacturing.

Competitive prices lure hundreds of thousands of importers to import from China every year.

To understand what exactly determines best prices on merchandise including ladies’ western tops, here are some reasons;

  • Cost of raw materials –

Most of the raw materials are acquired locally in China and this reflects on the prices of the finished goods including ladies’ western tops.

  • Availability of raw materials –

Raw materials are readily available in China as most if not all are acquired locally. Since there is no importation of raw materials from outside, there are fewer expenditures.

Which in turn impacts the prices of ladies’ western tops.

  • Quality – It goes without saying the higher the quality of ladies’ western tops the higher the price and vice versa.
  • Cheap labour -China has a huge population which greatly contributes to the workforce needed in the manufacturing industry.

Owing to this, ladies’ western tops cost cheaper in China as compared to other countries.

How Do Ladies’ Western Tops Manufacturers Support Small Business?

Ladies’ western tops manufacturers not only work with large but also small businesses.

To support small businesses, ladies’ western tops manufacturers observe the following practices;

  • Providing customization to small businesses -Most manufacturers are willing to offer customization services to their clients including small businesses.

This enables small businesses to compete effectively with other businesses in the market.

  • Offering discounts -In as much as Manufacturers offer more discounts on large purchases, they don’t lock out small businesses.

This in turn facilitates the growth of small businesses.

  • Providing advice when the need arises -Working with an experienced manufacturer is quite beneficial especially for small, new, businesses.

Oftentimes, importers get undecided on certain issues which an experienced manufacturer can offer advice on.

  • Having an MOQ that accommodates both large and small businesses.

 How Can You Get The Best Prices From Ladies’ Western Tops Manufacturers In China?

Every importer wants to get the best price on their purchases and this sometimes doesn’t come easily.

To get the best deals on your ladies’ western tops, here are some tips;

  • Buy in bulk – The more you purchase the higher the discount and thus you will end up paying less for your merchandise.
  • Bargain -Bargaining is something that every importer seeking to make huge profits should consider.

If we focus more on the Chinese market, Chinese manufacturers set their prices keeping in mind that the importer must bargain.

Skipping this step in your sourcing process would be quite unfortunate.

  • Purchase directly from the factory – Making direct purchases from the factory grantees great deals on your ladies’ western tops.

Not forgetting that this can also create a bond between you and your manufacturer for any future businesses together.

At the end of the day, manufacturers offer the best prices in the supply chain which could otherwise have a great impact on your business.

  • Work with a sourcing agent -Sourcing agents assist in identifying the perfect manufacturer for you and also negotiate prices on your behalf.

That said, choosing an experienced sourcing agent would be of great benefit to your business.

Owing to their vast networks, negotiating prices and identifying the best manufacturers is not a hassle.

  • Compare different manufacturers –

Just like you would in any other market, it’s always best to compare different vendors/manufacturers before making a purchase.

This helps you determine which one best suits your budget.

Why Should You Use Chinese Ladies’ Western Tops Manufacturers?

Not only do Chinese manufacturers offer the best prices but also can assist you with useful advice when the need arises.

Additionally, Chinese manufacturers are always up to date with current trends in the market.

Therefore, be rest assured to get trendy ladies’ western tops anytime you purchase from them.

In addition to that, working with a manufacturer places you in a better position to build strong ties.

Which could have long-term positive impacts on your business.

Do Ladies’ Western Tops Manufacturers Have An MOQ?

Yes, they do.

Most manufacturers have an MOQ in place to ensure that profits are maintained regardless of the number of sales made.

How Do You Ship Ladies’ Western Tops When Importing from Ladies’ Western Tops Manufacturers?

How you ship your merchandise will be determined by these three main factors;

  • Distance
  • Budget
  • Urgency
  • Size of shipment

With that in mind, there are four modes of transportation you can use when shipping your goods;

  • Air -Shipping through the air is applicable when shipping urgent products.

This could be a product sample from your manufacturer or documents.

Air is the most expensive mode of transport to use when shipping bulky goods therefore most importers try to avoid it.

  • Sea – Several importers both small and large make use of sea transport owing to its cost-effectiveness when shipping bulky goods.

Additionally, sea transport offers efficiency and safety.

  • Road – Road transport will be applicable when shipping goods within the same geographical boundaries or to bordering countries.

Generally, road transport is always used during importation regardless of the mode of transport you select.

  • Rail – Just like road transport, rail transport supports the transportation of goods to and from places bordering each other or within the same region.

If you intend to transport bulky goods faster than sea freight, rail transport would be suitable.

Other factors that you need to consider when shipping ladies’ western tops are the required incoterms.

Your freight forwarder will advise you accordingly based on your preferences.

Do Ladies’ Western Tops Manufacturers Have Product Return Policy?


Ladies’ western tops manufacturers have a return policy some of which work on a risk-sharing basis.

Just like any other policy, the return policy has rules that need to have been met in order for your returns to be considered valid.

Therefore, it’s always important to discuss such with your manufacturer before the manufacturing process begins.

Should Ladies’ Western Tops Manufacturers Have Quality Certifications?

It is not compulsory for ladies’ western tops manufacturers to have quality certifications. However, working with a quality-certified manufacturer guarantees you quality and confirms the credibility of the manufacturer.

Manufacturers with quality certifications prove to have passed all quality and safety tests regarding the manufacturing of the ladies’ western tops.

How Do you Verify Ladies’ Western Tops Manufacturers?

To effectively verify ladies’ western tops manufacturers, observe the following;

  • Certifications -Certifications are a great way to verify whether or not your manufacturer is qualified in what they do.
  • Reviews from previous clients– Reviews from previous clients give you an idea about the kind of manufacturer you shall be working with.

Reviews can either be positive or negative and most if not all are genuine depending on how the client was served.

  • Licensing -Legally, every business must have a license.

A license verifies that the manufacturer has been legally authorized to carry out manufacturing activities.

This prevents you from landing on cons or illegal businesses.

  • Conduct quick online research on platforms such as Alibaba, Made In China, and Ali Express among others.

Such platforms indicate whether or not a manufacturer is verified or not making your selection easier.

Do Ladies’ Western Tops Manufacturers Offer Free Samples?


Ladies’ western tops manufacturers offer free samples to their clients upon request.

Once you decide on a suitable manufacturer to work with, discuss with them how you can get a free sample shipped before the actual manufacturing begins.

This way you are able to avoid any surprises later when it’s too late to correct the situation.

Why Import Large Quantity From Ladies’ Western Tops Manufacturers?

Importing large quantities from ladies’ western tops manufacturers allows you to get large discounts on your purchases.

This in turn increases your business profits and facilitates growth.

What Are The Advantages Of Buying Western Tops Directly From Ladies’ Western Tops Manufacturers?

The major reason why you should buy directly from ladies’ western tops manufacturers is the cost.

You are bound to spend less since you will get your merchandise at greatly discounted prices.

Also, you get to have a one-on-one conversation with your manufacturer regarding the manufacturing of your ladies’ western tops.

Is Importing Western Tops From Ladies’ Western Tops Manufacturers In China Profitable?

Quite simply, yes! That is in fact one of the major reasons why most importers choose to import from China.

You can easily get high-quality and unique ladies’ western tops at cost-effective prices.

Furthermore, western tops just like any other clothes are a need and so the demand is always there.

In as much as there might be some challenges like language barrier, importing from China is a quite profitable business if well done.

Should You Import Ladies’ Western Tops From B2B Websites Or Ladies’ Western Tops Manufacturers?

It’s always advisable to Import ladies’ western tops from the manufacturer as compared to B2B websites.

Not only because of the great discounts but also making direct purchases from the manufacturer.

Hence, clears any doubts concerning products produced by a certain manufacturer.

You can keenly analyse the production process too and determine whether or not that’s what you want for your products.

Does Weather Determine The Type Of Ladies’ Western Tops Design?

Quite frankly, yes. Different types of western tops designs will be suitable for certain weather conditions.

Let’s take for instance a long-sleeve turtleneck top and a sleeveless top.

Wearing a long-sleeve turtle neck top during hot weather can be very uncomfortable owing to its design that covers the neck and hands.

On the other hand, a sleeveless top will be an ideal choice for such weather but unsuitable for cold weather.

How Do Ladies’ Western Tops Manufacturers Control Quality?

Quality control is not only done to reduce risks and enhance the quality of products but also gain production efficiencies.

That said, here are some ways used by ladies’ western tops manufacturers to control quality;

  • Acquiring quality certifications

Quality certifications are an important consideration for any business leave alone a factory that wants to gain customers’ trust.

Ladies’ western tops manufacturers have quality certification to ensure that quality products are produced.

  • Setting standards -Ladies’ western tops manufacturers set standards of manufacturing tops that must be met.
  • Conducting quality inspections – Quality inspections help in determining whether the western tops conform to the quality level expected.

Quality Inspections identify any fault in the product. Thereafter the management is informed and necessary actions are taken.

Are Ladies’ Western Tops From China Of Low Quality?

No, Ladies’ western tops from China are not of low quality.

Most people assume that products made from China are often made of low quality which is not normally the case.

You can get high-quality and unique ladies’ western tops from China by conducting proper research and working with the right people.

Not to mention that some of the big brands globally also have their manufacturing base in China.

As such, its’ false to rule out that ladies’ western tops from China are of low quality.

How Can I Protect My Design When Buying From Ladies’ Western Tops Manufacturers?

Having your design sampled by other manufacturers is one of the most disappointing experiences for any business seeking to find a manufacturer.

To prevent this, below are some ways you can protect your designs when buying from ladies’ western tops manufacturers.

  • Avoid sending your product design to several manufactures –

This might happen as you try to find a suitable manufacturer for your ladies’ western tops.

Sending your product information to several manufactures increases the chance of it getting duplicated and used by another manufacturer.

  • Register your IP rights in China- I cannot stress how important it is to register an IP. Since you will be importing from China, it’s advisable that you do so in China.

You can register your IP as a trademark or patent among others.

  • Ensure that your manufacture signs a contract.

In as much as signing a contract doesn’t eliminate risks, it makes it less interesting for a manufacturer to copy your design.

  • Monitor the market and takedown Chinese websites that have copied your design. Major Chinese websites such as Taobao, and Alibaba provide procedures for takedowns.

Once you submit proof that you own the rights to a certain product, the take-down procedure will commence.

Note that some sites like Taobao can perform the takedown first (which can take up to a week) then allow for appeal later.

You could also use a brand monitoring service to monitor any infringed products and perform takedowns.

  • Ensure that you register with customs- Registering with Chinese customs can assist to prevent the export of infringing merchandise.
  • Ensure that your supply chain is disjointed – In our case, when purchasing tops, you can buy materials from different factories.

Afterward, ensure that the final operations are separate from the rest of the procedures.

This way very few people get to see the whole design.

What Are The Available Sizes Of Ladies’ Western Tops?

Ladies’ western tops come in the following sizes;

  • Small (S)
  • Large (l)
  • Medium (M)
  • Extra-large (XL)
  • Extra Extra-large (XXL)

How Should Ladies Western Tops Fit?

Different ladies’ western tops are designed to fit differently based on the design of the top. For instance, a bodysuit should be fitting as compared to a chiffon top which should be loose.

On the other hand, here are some ways to achieve a classic look in a t-shirt top;

  • Ensure that the seams don’t hang below your shoulder.
  • The bottom of the top shouldn’t go an inch past your waistline.
  • Ensure that shoulders seams are not hanging below the shoulder.

All in all, some ladies’ western tops are designed to be loose while others fitting and therefore you can make a selection based on your preferences.

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