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  • Focusing on the middle to high-end ladies’ tops manufacturer in China
  • Having 15 years of ladies’ tops supplier experience
  • Making both knitting and woven productions.


One Stop Solution ladies Tops Manufacturer in China

H&Fourwing has a fabric sourcing team, and a style & print designer team to work together with our clients. We are an OEM lady’s dress supplier we also can be your ODM lady’s dress supplier in China. Custom-made lady’s dresses are our advantage.

  • Servicing ODM and OEM both are available, small MOQ is 300pcs/color/style. As far as we can meet the fabric MOQ, we also can offer less than 300pcs/style/color, but with some surcharge for small dye lots cost and workmanship cost.
  • Custom making and contract manufacturing
  • Win-win business is what we are expecting for both sides.

Flexibility on the Volume and High-Speed Delivery

Being the lady’s top factory, we offer our clients more flexibility on the volume and possibility of high-speed delivery. Our MOQ for ladies tops is 300pcs/style/color, if the MOQ cannot meet the fabric mill MOQ, we will always suggest clients use the same quality for different ladies tops, like mix the ladies tank top, short sleeves ladies top, long sleeves ladies top to sleeveless ladies tops to be a small group to save both sides cost.

Flexibility on the Volume and High-Speed Delivery
Keeping Up with Current Events and Updating Our Clothing Styles

Keeping Up with Current Events and Updating Our Clothing Styles

We use more natural and organic quality for our lady’s top collection. each month we have around 30 new development ladies’ top styles which we will update on our website and the style from more casual ladies’ top styles for the weekend to more official styles for official lady daily styles.

If you are our VIP client, you will get a VIP code from us to see all of them through our website.

If you are looking for a long-term business relationship strategy ladies top manufacturer. Pls, send your inquiry now.

Why Choose H&Fourwing As Your Lady Tops Manufacturer

H&Fourwing is a top fast reaction lady tops supplier in China, which considers daily communication, fabric or trims sourcing, sample making, and bulk production.

We work closely with the client from our designer term, merchandiser term, and producing team, and always list the possible problem and good suggestions when making the fitting sample for our lady’s top styles to avoid the mistake during bulk production.

We have a very good reputation for our client’s marketing. We care about our quality, and also care about clients selling the result. China is no more price-competitive purchasing marketing for buyers. But we are the best safe purchase marketing for you with our excellent service. We hired experts in the field to create a strict protocol that is followed seriously in our lady’s top factory.

Why H&Fourwing Can Be Your Best Lady silk Dress Manufacturer

Tops Manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Before you import ladies tops from China, read this guide.

It will help you choose high-quality tops, besides buying from reputable tops manufacturers.

Basically, you will also learn about the trending designs, best fabric, printing, and sizes, among other critical aspects.

Keep reading to learn more.

Is there a difference between Ladies’ Tops and Blouses?

Ladies’ tops and ladies’ blouses are more or the same because they are used for the same function.

Ladies Tops

Ladies blouses

Ladieswear both tops and blouses as upper garments.

Ladies’ tops and blouses also tend to have slightly similar designs and patterns.

Both can also be worn for formal and informal functions.

Ladies Tops

Ladies top

How do Tops Manufacturers Control Quality?

Tops manufacturers control the quality of the tops before, during, and after manufacturing.

Quality control is a continuous process up to the end-user.

Manufactures control the quality of tops by:

a) In-line and off-line inspections.

b) The length, shape, and design are double-checked to be as comfortable as possible while the top length and width should be to the required specifications.

c) Fabric quality: manufacturers take the fabric used to make the tops through various tests to ensure that the highest quality fabrics are the ones that make the tops.

From the tests, they get the durability, drape, color, and conformance and also check for defects in the fabric.

d) The waist is checked and also the various components

e) The design pattern and fit are checked before the start of production.

f) Performance such as wear, tear, and shrinkage is also checked.

g) The inspection of the final product is also checked to determine the quality of the final product.

How do you check the Quality of Tops from China?

Different tops come with different qualities.

The quality of the tops depends on the design pattern and the quality of the material used in making the tops.

With the quality measures applied in the manufacturing process, you are sure to get the highest quality tops from China.

To countercheck the quality of your tops from China, you should check for the following:

a) First, you should touch and feel the quality of the material used. Make sure the top is soft to the touch and that it settles comfortably.

b) Check the color of the top; it should be sharp and uniform. Check for smears.

c) If your top is printed or has images, the images and the prints should be of the highest resolution and sharp.

d) Check the edges, seams, buttons, and sleeves for any handing or loose threads. The finishing should be of the highest standards.

e) Check that the material used is permeable and comfortable for all weather. The top should allow air circulation.

How much do Ladies Tops Cost?

Customization, design, size, pattern, and quality of material used are some of the factors that will determine the quality of your top.

Premium brands also tend to be a bit more expensive.

Ladies’ Tops manufactured using Cotton or woolen fabrics will be more expensive than those made from chiffon, satin, batiste, or nylon fabrics.

Most manufacturers will also factor in the production costs before coming up with the final prices of the various designs of the ladies’ tops.

Depending on the above factors and including transportation and other hidden costs from the retailer a lady’s top may cost from as low as $3 to as much as $1000.

Note that the design and brand of the top are also factored in.

What is the Best Material for Women's Tops?

The material for women’s tops may depend on the customer’s specifications.

Most of the tops in the market are made from heavier materials such as cotton or wool.

This is because they are mostly worn in warm clothes.

Batiste or cambric materials are also used in the production of tops and consist of cotton or cotton mix.

Fabrics like cotton, linen, and wool are easy to sew but tend to be thick and stiff.

Chiffon and satin are thin and slippery making them unsuitable to sew through.

The style of the top should also be put into consideration when choosing the material to use.

How do you Customize Women's Tops?

Customization involves giving a customer the chance to specify the exact product they want and how they want it.

Women’s tops manufacturers give a chance to their clients to specify the design patterns, size, shape, quality, quantity, and material to be used in the production of their tops.

Some of the more advanced customizations options manufacturers offer includes:

Ladies Tops

Women top design

1. Selection of design: you can opt for the custom design women’s top by highlighting the specifications of choice on the product detail page.

2. Provision of all necessary details: once the selection of design has been made, clients enter all the required details and the manufacturer contacts them according to the appointments.

3. Getting custom-design women’s tops recommendations: based on the style profile provided, designers of the manufacturer then send about six to eight different designer women’s tops patterns for the client to choose from.

4. Selection of favorite option: upon selection, clients can choose their preferred choice, and in case one has any doubts about the chosen women’s top design, they can get them clarified with the manufacturer’s designers.

5. Approval of design: The designers will then get back to the client with a final design after putting into consideration the requirements such as embroidery, embellishments, or extra frills.

6. Quality check: based on the customization that the client has selected, the manufacturer’s team of highly experienced and skilled tailors will begin to make the tops according to the client’s specifications.

How do you Get Best Prices from Top Manufacturers in China?

You should to focus on the following:

Buy directly from ladies’ tops manufacturer – on this H&Fourwing offers competitive prices on the ladies’ tops

Check the MOQ to benefit from economy of scale

Consider the mode and terms of payments to be able to get the best cost saving terms.

Do through market research on the type of garments you need to avoid buying unnecessary stock

Compare different ladies’ top prices

How do you Manufacture Ladies Tops?

Ladies’ tops are manufactured more or the same way just like other garments such as jumpsuits, skirts, and blouses.

The process is usually fully automated from the design process to the packaging.

The manufacturing process of ladies’ tops involves:

a) Design and patterns: before any production starts, you should be able to know what kind of ladies’ tops you want. You should come up with the design first.

b) Sorting and digitizing: after you have made your patterns and designs, the manufacturer will digitize them to make production much easier and fast.

c) Lay plan: this involves using digital patterns to measure the size of the material to be used in making the lady’s tops. It calculates material efficiency and minimizes wastage.

d) Cutting the fabric: after layout, the material is cut according to the patterns fed into the system. It is usually done by computerized machines.

e) Making sets: this involves arranging the cut fabric in sets ready to be attached.

f) Colors and trims: after putting the fabric insets, you choose the correct thread color matching the fabric and other fixtures such as zips, buttons, and other accessories.

g) Adjusting the machinery: the manufacturer then adjusts the machine to fit the patterns and designs of the particular garment.

h) Sewing: the different pieces arranged in sets are sewn together.

i) Finishing: the manufacturer checks the final product and compares it against your designs. If satisfied, you can pick your tops.

Is there a difference between Summer Tops and Normal Women Tops?

Yes, there is a difference between summer tops and normal women’s tops.

Summer tops are just summer tops, meaning they are worn in summer when the weather is warm or hot.

Ladies Tops

Summer tops

Summer tops are light and mostly shorter than normal tops they are also made from a lighter material such as chiffon.

Most of the normal women’s tops are worn in chilly weather on top of other garments while the summer tops are worn as single garments.

Some examples of summer tops include classic summer tank tops, dainty, dusty pink, crew neck, tulip top, bloom floral top, off-shoulder tops, etc.

What are the Trending Ladies Fashion Tops?

Some of the trending ladies’ fashion tops include:

ruffles stringing crop top

long sleeve casual summer tops

cropped striped tops

casual long sleeve dot ladies’ tops

white chocker detail crop top

pain design casual tops

denim high low tops

bandage patchwork feather women’s tops

women’s long sleeve mesh net beaded tops

organic handkerchief linen round neck box top

heather organic cotton box top

crop sweater top

color block crop t-shirt

thick strap square neck crop top

color block crop sweater vest

animal print color block crop top

woven puff peplum top

Do Tops Manufacturers in China offer Free Samples?

Yes, manufacturers in China offer samples to prospective clients to choose from and also show their clients.

This helps in the consumers to have an idea of the type of tops they want.

Free samples also help the retailers to buy the tops that will be demanded in the market thus avoiding dead stocks.

What Payment Terms do Tops Manufacturers in China Accept?

Tops manufacturers in China accept a wide range of payment methods.

Some of the payment methods accepted include but are not limited to:

● Wiring money straight to the manufacturer through an international transfer.

● You can open an account in China and make a local transaction.

● There is also ALIPAY or Alibaba Trade Assurance.

● You can use a broker.

● Transfer funds via western union.

● You can also use PayPal.

How Long should Tops for Girls be?

The length of women’s tops for girls is determined by body length.

The girls’ tops length is established using measurements taken from the top of the shoulder following the body down up to the point where one desires the top to end.

How do Lady's Long Tops compare to Ladies’ Short Tops?

Ladies’ long tops have their sleeves running from the shoulders to the wrists while ladies’ short tops have sleeves that reach to the elbow.

Ladies’ long tops are appropriate in cold weather because they protect the whole hand from cold while ladies’ short tops are mostly suitable in humid conditions.

Ladies Tops

Long ladies tops

Ladies Tops

Ladies Tops

Can you Recommend Ladies Tops Pattern Designs?

There are many designs of ladies’ tops available in the market.

The good thing is you can come up with your design.

Here are some of the lady’s tops designs you can consider;

● Necklines: can be either jeweling, cardigan, U-shaped, scoop, horseshoe, V-necked, slit, square, Florentine, or boat.

● Shoulders: can be either, Sabrina, surprise, off-the-shoulder, strapless, or one-shoulder.

● Collars: can be either: band, chocker, Chinese, wing, clerical, ring, portrait, medic, Cossack, or bow.

● High stand collars, lapel, Bermuda, or peter pan.

● Sleeves: can either be: drop shoulder, cap, short, elbow length, bracelet, long, or angel.

● Kimono: dolman, batwing, or cape sleeves.

● Cuffs: can be, roll up, knit, band, barrel, French, or gauntlet.

● Pockets: can be a flap, patch, bellows, cargo key, kangaroo, and hand warmer.

● Blouse design: bustier, camisole, cropped top, over top, peplum, and blouson. Bodysuit, wrap, pullover, tunic, torso, or twinset.

Is there a difference between Ladies Tops Manufacturers and Ladies Tops Suppliers?

Some manufacturers, not all, can manufacture and supply ladies’ tops at the same time while others just manufacture and leave the supplying to buyers.

It is cheaper to buy your lady’s tops from a manufacturer that also supplies than buying from one that doesn’t as you will get all the services at a standardized price rate.

Some of the benefits of buying from a manufacturer who is also the supplier include:

a) Setting MOQs: MOQs guide the ladies’ top buyers on what to order and in what quantity.

b) Flexible payments; many of the Chinese ladies’ tops manufacturers have flexible payments for buyers.

c) Different designs: they offer a wide range of designs that enable the buyer to have a variety.

d) Shipping: many of the manufacturers organize shipment of your lady’s tops to wherever you are.

e) After-sale policies/service: some of the manufacturers have return policies and follow up on their products.

f) Customizations: manufacturers allow your product customizations and designs.

Is Ladies Shirts the same as Ladies Tops?

No, ladies’ shirts and tops are not the same.

Although they are both worn as upper-body garments, they have different designs and patterns.

Ladies Tops

Ladies shirt

How much Taxes and Duties will you pay to Import Women Tops from China?

The taxes and import duties in China are manageable thus encouraging people to import more from China.

VAT on imported goods in China varies from 9% to 13%.

How do you Choose Buttons for Lady's Tops?

Ladies’ buttons are chosen by considering several factors namely:

● Tops Color: buttons for ladies’ tops should always suit the color of the top to avoid looking conspicuous.

● Location: buttons on any ladies’ top should always be located on the left side of the top.

● Tops Design: Different lady’s tops design will have different buttons depending on

● Tops Shape: the shape of the top also determines how the buttons will be placed and also the shape of the buttons.

● Tops Size: the size of the top determines the size and shape of the buttons be fixed on the top.

● Tops Length: the length of the top will determine the number of buttons to be placed on the top.

Ladies Tops

Ladies top with button

What is the Best Printing Technique for Ladies Tops?

There’s no specific printing design for ladies’ tops.

The printing techniques vary from one ladies top to the other depending on the material of the top and the printing budget involved’

Some of the printing techniques you can use in printing your top include:

● Transfer printing: it involves using an already engraved plate and pressing it on your top. The engraving is what you want to be printed on your top.

● Screen printing: this involves using a printed mesh to print on your top. The mesh works by transferring ink onto your top.

● Digital textile printing: This is a bit costly and it works by using inkjet to print on your top. It is a bit costly compared to the other printing methods. It gives neat and clear prints and it is highly recommended.

● Engraved roller printing: this is used in printing large quantities of tops and is mainly used by manufacturers.

● Stencil printing: this is one of the easiest ways of printing. It involves cutting shapes, letters, or anything you wish on a piece of paper or plastic then pouring ink and engraving the image on your top.

● Block printing. This involves stamping images on your top.

● Spray printing: mainly used in large printing industries and involves mechanized spraying of ink on fabrics.

● Heat/ thermal transfer: involves heating prints onto the fabric.

● Sublimation: it is a costly method to use because it needs an additional assortment of machines.

● Photo printing: this involves simply coating an image on your top.

What Types of Ladies Tops do you have?

There are very different types of tops available in the market. The different types of tops available include:

Crop top, tank top, cami top, tube top, tunic top, maxi top, peplum, bodysuit, Bardot, kaftan, wrap, tulip, cold shoulder top, asymmetric top, cape top, cinched top, layered top, and one-shoulder top.

What are the available Sleeve Designs for Ladies Tops?

Sleeve designs available for ladies’ tops vary from one design to the other.

The most common designs available in the market are the short and long sleeve designs.

A long sleeve ladies’ top has its sleeves running from the shoulders to the wrists while a short sleeve ladies’ top has sleeves that reach to the elbow.

Long-sleeve lady’s tops are ideal in cold weather because they protect the whole hand from cold.

A short-sleeve ladies’ top on the other hand is preferable in warm weather and gives room for flexibility.

It is ideal when doing hands-on tasks.

Some of the other sleeve designs available in the market include drop shoulder, cap, elbow-length, bracelet, or angel.

Some of the printing techniques you can use in printing your top include:

What are the Collar Options for Women Tops?

Ladies Tops

Different collar options for women tops

The collar is part of a woman’s top that closes around the neck securely.

There are different types of collars for ladies’ tops which include:

1. Standing or stand-up collar: it is a type of collar that fits up to around the neck with a stiff standing band and it does not lie on the shoulders.

2. Turnover collar: it is a type of collar that stands around the neck and then folds or rolls over.

3. Flat or falling collar: it is a type of collar which lies flat on the shoulders. Types of flat collars include peter pan collars and shawl collars.

How do you Choose Lady's Tops Sizes?

Ladies’ tops come in various shapes and sizes.

You can choose the size of your blouse depending on your body fit.

Some of the sizes of the top available in the market are:

a) Regular fit: check the size, body length, shoulder width, chest size, and body sweep.

b) Relaxed fit: this is a bit loose ladies’ top, fits and is comfortable.

c) Boxy fit: this is recommended for plus-size body types. It is not clingy and tight to the wearer.

d) Oversized fit: this type of lady top size is ideal for hot weather and also for plus-size body types.

e) Boyfriend fit: this is a top size which is a loose fit.

How do you Measure Lady's Tops?

Measuring lady’s tops can be a daunting task given the wide range of body types, sizes, and shapes.

But with the advancement of technology, ladies’ tops can be produced by getting some basic measurements.

Some of the measurements to take to get the measurements of ladies’ tops to include:

● Body length: this is achieved by measuring from the seam of the neck to the hem of the shirt.

● Shoulder width: measure from the tip of your shoulder to the other end of your shoulder and note the measurements.

● Chest width: measure the size of your chest below the armhole and just below your shoulders and note the measurements.

● Body sweep: this is you will measure the hem of the shirt to get the body sweep.

Does Body Shape Determine Ladies Top Design?

The essence of designing a ladies’ top is to fit the end-user.

The size of the top depends on the type of body it will be used.

Large-bodied individuals will require large tops and vice versa.

Children and babies will require small tops and which are designed differently.

Some of the lady’s tops in the market depending on body type include:

a) Apple: these are ideal for women who have apple body sizes.

b) Pear: this top design is suitable for pear-bodied women

c) Hourglass body type also known as size 8 women.

d) Rectangular body types also have their designs.

e) Triangular bodies shaped women also have their blouse designs.

What Features should you Look for when Buying Ladies Tops?

Though lady’s tops come in different sizes, shapes, designs, and patterns, they have certain features that cut across.

Some of these features include:

● Necklines: can be either jeweling, cardigan, U-shaped, scoop, horseshoe, V-necked, slit, square, Florentine, or boat.

● Shoulders: can be either, Sabrina, surprise, off-the-shoulder, strapless, or one-shoulder.

● Collars: can be either: band, chocker, Chinese, wing, clerical, ring, portrait, medic, Cossack, or bow.

● High stand collars, lapel, Bermuda, or peter pan.

● Sleeves: can either be: drop shoulder, cap, short, elbow length, bracelet, long or angel.

● Kimono: dolman, batwing, or cape sleeves.

● Cuffs: can be, roll up, knit, band, barrel, French, or gauntlet.

● Pockets: can be a flap, patch, bellows, cargo key, kangaroo, and hand warmer.

● Top design: bustier, camisole, cropped top, over top, peplum, and blouson. Bodysuit, wrap, pullover, tunic, torso, or twinset.

For all your lady’s clothes needs, H &FourWing will help you conceptualize the design, choose the right material and inspect the quality.

Contact us today for competitive prices on ladies’ tops and flexible MOQ.

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