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If you’re looking for a unique, classic elegance ladies’ suit to fulfill your business needs, then consider H&FourWing from China. H&FourWing is a professional ladies’ suit manufacturer operating for over 15 years.

  • Verified manufacturer in Ningbo China for 15 years
  • Large manufacturing capability up to 1000 pcs
  • Low MOQ from 300 pcs
  • Professional R&D team to custom perfect ladies’ suit

Premier Custom Ladies Suit Manufacturer

In China, H&FourWing is a professional ladies’ suit manufacturer. Here in H&FourWing, we always keep on searching, developing, designing the most advanced products and services for our valued customers. H&FourWing ladies’ suits can be available in many styles, colors, sizes, and customize. For custom ladies’ suits, please send us your specifications.

Nowadays, most women invest in the most worthwhile fashion ladies’ dress suit. And we, H&Fourwing stocks thousands of available ladies’ suits. We have what your customers need for ladies’ suits if you rely upon us. H&FourWing ladies’ suit is the perfect style for all occasions. Yes, H&FourWing, a leading ladies suit manufacturer in China provides all you need for ladies suits.

Women Suits Office Set for Formal

This women’s suit is made up of polyester and spandex. We can cut your suits according to the figure you require.

Autumn Winter Women Suit

Made up of 50-90% polyester. Autumn winter women suit is available in XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL, or customize. We can offer a low MOQ of up to 300 pcs.

Women's Suit for Casual

H&FourWing offers an elegant women’s suit for casual. This type of suit fits women of all ages. You can avail of our women’s suit for casual in many different colors.

Double Button Women Blazers

We are capable of manufacturing professional women blazers. Our double button women blazers can be available in many styles and the latest designs.

Two Pieces Set Suit

H&FourWing is a professional manufacturer of the two-piece set suit. You can avail of the two-piece set suit at the latest designs with many colors.

Women's Suits Double Breasted Blazer

We can manufacture women’s suits double-breasted blazers according to the specific size you require. We offer low MOQ from 300 pcs. to support your start-up business.

Any Types of Lady Suits Rocket Your Business

H&FourWing ladies’ suit assures not just a stylish appearance but also reliable utmost ease. We at H&FourWing offer ladies’ suits with beautiful work and intricate embroidery. No matter what the styles, sizes, and colors you want for ladies’ suits, H&FourWing can always satisfy your needs.

A wide range of ladies’ suits is found on H&FourWing! Get the best deal and elegant designs from our top ladies’ suits ranging from women’s office set, winter women suit, double button women blazer, women tuxedo suit, ladies coat dress suit, and many more.

In addition, we can offer you our range of ladies’ suit sets such as Anarkali suit, asymmetric suit, flared suit, and A-line suit. Surely, your customers make they’re everyday look more stylish and fun with our new and latest range of every casual wear.

Any Types of Lady Suits Rocket Your Business
H&Fourwing Can Satisfy Your Any Lady Wear Designs

H&Fourwing Can Satisfy Your Any Lady Suits Designs

H&FourWing is a leading women’s clothing designer and manufacturer for over 15 years. Aside from ladies’ suits, we can also provide bodycon dresses, cabin creek pants, ladies’ ethnic wear, trendy clothing, ladies’ western tops, and so much more.

At H&FourWing, we have complete design services, which are able to make graphics to clients’ requirements. Our team can also work with your graphic submission and mold directly from a supplied model.

No matter what you need for your ladies’ suit, H&FourWing can customize it for you! Just send us your preferred color, size, and style you want for your lady’s suits. Each ladies’ suit is offered in flexible MOQ starting from 50 pieces.

Whether you’re an established company that needs to import all types of women’s clothing like ladies’ suits, H&FourWing, the leading ladies’ suit manufacturer in China is always the best choice!

Establish a long-term business partner with us now!

Your No.1 Ladies’ Suit Manufacturer in China

H&FourWing owns 3000 square meter factory with 100+ employees, providing you hundreds of new fashion trend styles of ladies’ suits each month. We are a very professional ladies’ suit manufacturer in China with over 15 years of experience.

Thanks to our experienced pattern makers and seamstress workers, the H&Fourwing factory is capable of providing reliable ladies’ suits that meet our customer’s expectations.

We can manufacture the highest quality ladies’ suits for your customer’s OOTD. Let your customers have with our stylish and elegant ladies’ suits!

Your No.1 Ladies’ Suit Manufacturer in China

Ladies Suit Manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you’re probably looking for a trusted ladies’ suit manufacturer.

Or, you would like to choose high-quality ladies’ suits.

Whichever the case, this guide has all information you have been looking for.

So, keep reading to learn more.

Which Features Should You Look For In Ladies Suits?

Ladies suits are one of the most versatile clothing anyone can purchase and wear. They come in various colours, materials, sizes, and fits.

Therefore, when making your purchase, you need to consider the following features.

Individual Style

Everyone has a different fashion style. Hence providing a variety of ladies suits designs to choose from is ideal for business.

Body Type

Ladies can wear suits, but not everyone will pull out the best look from the suit. All you need to do is to purchase suits that most ladies can wear.

Ladies suits typically come in different types, which will be suitable for a specific body.

Note that it’s very important to select flexible ladies’ suits, those with several body sizes, when ordering ladies suits for your business.


You need to understand that ladies suits do not usually work for all occasions.

They come in two ways.

Some are worn as casual while other suits are worn as official. It all depends on the material and design, or your styling also matters.

So for ladies suits occasion is one of the important features to factor in.


Fit is another feature also to consider, ladies suits can either be loose, fitting, or tight. That said, each one of them will be ideal for a specific body type and occasion.

A lady's Suit is Fitted Based On One's Body Type , Occasion And Any Other Consideration

A Lady’s Suit Is Fitted based On One’s Body Type , Occasion And Any Other Consideration

Why Should I Work With Ladies Suit Manufacturers From China?

Some of the reasons you should work with China manufactures are:

In China, acquiring raw materials is easy, and they have lower wage costs, which makes the final product cheaper than in different countries.

Secondly, it can be so hectic for small business brands to find a manufacturer to work with most countries.

This is another reason to work with us; we offer service even to small business brands anytime.

So long as you meet a specific minimum requirement for the ladies suit manufacturers to work with you.

Well, China manufacturers are usually quick on their production. This means you will have timely production delivery on their products.

All you need to do is place your order at the right time. Your suits will be delivered at the right time, no matter the size of the orders.

Another reason to work with China manufacturers is we guarantee quality control.

You do not need to stress yourself about how your orders will turn out to be when delivered.

We have a specific team assigned to control quality, making your suits precisely like the sample you approved.

Lastly, with Chinese manufacturers, we give you an easy opportunity to market expansion in your business.

Which Designs Do Ladies Suit Manufacturers From China Offer?

When it comes to ladies suits, we have a variety of designs. Our main aim is to be able to satisfy all clients who would like to buy from us.

The right size figure and choice of fabric will make it easier to select your preference.

Below is a list of ladies suit designs that ladies suit manufacturers produce in China.

  • Balmain double–breast blazer
  • Short-sleeved blazer ladies suits
  • Bespoke ladies suits
  • Fancy stripped women suits
  • Spring/Autumn ladies suits
  • Plaid pants women suit, slim fit
  • Irregular blazer ladies suits
  • Belted ladies suits
  • Elegant Pant ladies suits
  • Vintage double breast ladies suits
  • One button ladies suit
  • Long-sleeved blazer ladies suits
  • Tweed blazer and plain skirt/trouser suits
  • Half-length demin suits
  • Sexy collar ladies suits
  • Pure-colour ladies suit
  • Casual tuxedo ladies suit

Fancy Stripped Lady's Suit

Fancy Stripped Ladies’ Suit

Do Ladies Suit Manufacturers Customize Suits?

Yes, ladies suit manufacturers do customize suits for clients who need the service. All your need to do is to provide your specification.

Our team never disappoints in the delivery of custom-made ladies suits.

They ensure you get the exact suit you want as a client since they are a team of professional designers.

A Designer Working On A Customized Suit

A Designer Working On A Customized Suit

Will Ladies Suit Manufacturers In China Help With Designs Process?

Not all ladies suit manufacturers are willing to help with the design process. Some do while others don’t.

Your manufacturer may suggest a couple of designs which are suitable for you.

At H&Fourwing, we will help you in ladies suit design process.

Which Suit Sizes Do Ladies Suit Manufacturers Offer?

Well, as ladies suit manufacturers, we have different sizes of suits for ladies.

Mostly with sizes, we focus a lot on hips, chest, and waist depending on the design.

You may check below for our ladies suits sizes:

Extra –Extra Large (XXL)

Extra Large (XL)

Large (L)

Medium (M)

Small (S)

Extra –Small (ES)

The choice is now yours on what is best for your business.

What Type Of Fabric Do Ladies Suit Manufacturers Use?

Some of the most common types of fabrics include:


Cotton is one of the fabrics preferred by manufacturers for making ladies suits.

It is soft, durable, and also absorbs moisture with ease. Cotton fabric is easy to wash and maintain, but it can shrink up to 15%.

It’s a commonly accepted option for many casual suits and is less expensive than other fabrics.


This fabric is also another category clients can choose from.

It is a flexible, breathable, and durable fabric but shows creases more than wool fabric linen usually wrinkles very easily.

If you decide to go for linen fabrics, consider them a bit expensive than wool and cotton.


Wool is also a popular choice for suit fabrics. This is due to its aesthetic and versatility.

Wool is a natural fabric which means it is breathable, and you can wear it any time of the day.

This fabric is wrinkle-free, remaining smart for a very long period.

But also keep in mind that wool’s disadvantage is the fabric is bulky.

For those who like slim-fitting, then the material will not be the best option.

A Lady's Suit Made From Wool

A Lady’s Suit Made From Wool


Cashmere as a blend is usually regarded as a very luxurious fabric worldwide. Cashmere is a long-lasting fabric but is very expensive.

If you want official business ladies suits, go for cashmere fabric; it will never disappoint at all.


This is known to be of lower quality due to its synthetic qualities.

Polyester is made from synthetic material, unlike wool which is natural.

Polyester ladies suits also creased easily and are not easily breathable.

The suits tend to shine on them compared to cotton and wool, though the ladies suits are very cheap.

Crepe Fabric

Crepe is also a better fabric to work with for ladies suits. It is a twisted weave fabric that doesn’t crease or wrinkle very easily. It usually varies in capacity and weight.

Crepe fabric is a soft feathery material with excellent draping qualities. It’s very easy to care for material and comfy.

Apart from its comfortability, the fabric is pocket-friendly too.

For clients who prefer slim-fit ladies suits, you can go for crepe fabric. This fabric will work wonders for them.

Crepe fabric Is The Go To For Slim Fit type of Suits

Crepe fabric Is The Go To For Slim Fit Suits

Which Colour Options Do Ladies Suit Manufacturers Use?

Some of the most common colours include:

Dark Charcoal, Back And Navy Colours

This will always be the strong popular choice for ladies suits.

They suit all skin tones.

With their nature, they are professional and formal enough to fit anywhere.

Though wearing these colours, you tend to carefully consider your accessories and ladies shirts or ladies tops to ensure that your look stays high-end.


Red is a daring colour, moving in the opposite direction from back or dark charcoal colours.

Red colour always makes sure you are the centre of attention wherever you are.

It also suits all skin tones and exudes power and confidence in ladies.

However, red is normally indicated as appropriate for office wear, no matter the design.


Pastels are the hot trending right now. You can do pastel lavender and soft grey, blue, and pink.

We have a massive spectrum shade you can choose from.

For office wear, go for pastel colours; they work brilliantly, so long as the suit is of high quality, you will always get it right.

Research from the internet and magazines TV shows is another tip to help you choose the suit’s colours you may want to order from us.

Do Ladies Suit Manufacturers In China Offer Private Label?

Yes, ladies suit manufacturers from China usually offer private labels as they are original design manufacturers.

Typically, the manufacturer takes the existing design from a catalogue and adjusts the suits.

It’s always optional to change colour, trims, and branding.

It will allow the ladies suit manufacturer to brand the final suit using their names.

Do Ladies Suit Manufacturers Have Skirt Suits And Trouser Suits? How Does The Two Suits Compare?

Yes, ladies suit manufacturers have both skirt suits and trouser suits. Both come along in two-piece, worn with tops or shirts inside.

You can wear them for different occasions in different colours; it will all depend on your preference. For us, we are ready to give you any suit of your choice with the best quality.

For comparison ladies trouser suits are women’s clothing consisting of a trouser and a blazer or jacket made from the same material.

You can choose any colour and design, but trousers suits work well with bright colours.

Ladies trouser suits can either be short or long-sleeved blazers/jackets.

However, most people go for long-sleeved trousers suits.

They are the best during the winter season.

This is because they tend to keep you warm throughout the day.

While on the other hand, ladies skirt suits are clothing consisting of a skirt and jacket or blazer made from the same material.

For skirt suits, when choosing colors, preference is usually dark charcoal and navy colors that suit them well.

You can either do a short sleeve or long-sleeved skirt suit.

But short sleeves and three-quarter jackets or blazers look good with skirt suits. For skirt suits, they are suitable for summer seasons.

You can opt for a long or short skirt suit –  it will depend on your taste.

A Skirt Lady suit

A skirt Ladies Suit

What Are The Available Collar Options For Ladies Suits?

We have many collar options for ladies suits.

You only need to choose, and let us do the rest.

You can choose from any of the following options:

  • Contrast lapel
  • Stand-up
  • Shawl lapel
  • Jonny
  • Peak lapel
  • Tuxedo shawl
  • Round
  • Notch lapel
  • Open front
  • Contrast trim lapel
  • V-shape
  • Revere
  • Waterfall
  • Ruffle collar
  • Convertible
  • Mandarin collar
  • Cloverleaf lapel

Some Of The Collar Options Available

Some Of The Collar Options Available

How Do Casual Ladies Suits Compare To Official Ladies Suits From China?

Casual ladies suit, are suits you can wear any time you want and anywhere.

Casual ladies, suits tend to come in brighter colours like red, blue, purple, white, pink-orange, green, and many more.

The suits can either be trousers or skirt suits. With casual suits, you do not feel the only one out, even at weddings and parties.

Official ladies suit from China can either be skirt or trouser suit.

They are meant for office or business functions.

Most of them dark or navy charcoal colours with decent designs.

You can only wear the suits to the office and not any other function unless you want to be the only one left out.

How Can I Get Best Prices From Ladies Suit Manufacturers In China?

For every importer getting the best price when making a purchase is the primary goal. Well, with China manufacturers, it shouldn’t be hard to achieve.

The following are ways of getting affordable ladies suits from China:

  • Always purchase your ladies suits directly from the factory. You will get the best price compared to wholesalers.
  • By making bulk purchases, most ladies suit manufacturers in China offer huge discounts on bulk purchases.
    This is compared to small purchases which may not have any discounts.
  • In China, the bargain is not a new tradition. Most manufacturers always expect you to bargain the price. You will miss out on significant benefits failure to do so.
  • Another way to get the best price from ladies suit manufacturers is to work together with freight forwarders due to their experiences.
    They will help you cut the shipping costs.
  • In addition, you need to conduct thorough market research before embarking on your purchasing process. The research will give you knowledge on several aspects of the market, including leading suppliers.
How Do Long Sleeve Ladies Suits From China Compare To Short Sleeve Ladies Suits From China?

Chinese ladies suit manufacturers normally have two sleeves.

Long-sleeved ladies suits are suits whose blazers or jackets are long and completely cover your arms. It can be either a trouser suit or a skirt suit.

You can choose to wear the long-sleeved suits during winter seasons since it is suitable for winter.

Long Sleeved Skirt Suit

Long Sleeved Skirt Suit

Compared to short-sleeved suits, these are suits whose jackets or blazers are short. They don’t cover your arms.

For short-sleeved ladies suits, you can also choose between trousers and skirt suits. For the summer season, this is the perfect outfit.

A Short Sleeved Skirt Suit Perfect for Summer

A Short Sleeved Skirt Suit perfect For Summer

Do Ladies Suit Manufacturer In China Check Quality Of Women Clothing?

Yes, for ladies suit manufacturers in China, a quality check of women’s clothing is compulsory.

Here are some of the important reasons for the quality check;

  • To ensure that correct colors are used as directed by the client
  • Checking if the material used has any defect
  • To ensure the stitches are done neatly
  • For the manufactures to confirm and verify sizes
  • To ensure that all the suits are properly labelled
Will Ladies Suit Manufacturer Offer Samples?

Yes, as a ladies suit manufacturer in China, we are always willing to provide free samples to our clients.

It is to allow them check quality and design.

Normally, this happens before mass production begins.

How Does Ladies Suit Manufacturer Support Small Businesses?

Ladies suit manufactures small businesses by offering lower costs for their products. Reducing costs makes it affordable for small businesses to operate without any financial strain on their side.

For ladies suit manufacturers allowing negotiable MOQ will help in support of the small businesses.

In addition to that, the ladies suit manufacturers having timely deliveries of their orders will help them maintain their clients by always having the products available.

Through OEM partnerships, we help our clients throughout the design process.

Simply tell us what you need and you will get the best ladies suit designs.

Will Ladies Suit Manufacturer Help In Shipping Process?

Yes, we can help upon request.

Alternatively, you can work with freight forwarders when shipping your ladies suits from China.

Freight forwarders are usually skilled enough in that specific business and may easily help you with cheaper shipping rates.

Don’t worry, we have partnered with freight forwarders who will help you in the process.

Most Chinese manufacturers usually focus on the production of goods.

Hence, they have to outsource when you involve them in shipping, making the cost too high.

Will Ladies Suit Manufacturer Sell My Designs To Competitors?

If you work with unprofessional ladies suit manufacturers, they will definitely sell your designs.

However, trusted and professional ladies suit manufacturers like H&Fourwing, does not sell customer’s designs.

Remember, to sign non-disclosure agreement with the ladies suit manufacturer.

Trademarking a logo or concept will help you a lot though it is expensive.

Trust me, it will save your business throughout.

How Long Will Ladies Suit Manufacturer Take To Complete My Order?

Okay, the length to process your orders always vary on certain factors like;

The technology used – If the manufacturing company has advanced technology and equipment, they will manufacture your ladies suits faster than traditional equipment.

The size of your orders also will determine how long it will take to manufacture. The larger the size of your order, the more time it will be for the process.

The factory size is also another factor.

When you go for big factories, the longer it will take to process your order since they are always busy compared to small manufacturing factories.

Don’t get this wrong, of course, there are big factors with many machines to process your orders fasters.

So evaluate the ladies suit factory in China before starting the production process.

So the ladies suit will assess all the factors get to inform you when your orders will be ready for delivery.

Do Ladies Suit Manufacturer Have MOQ?


The MOQ usually depends on the frequency of the orders from the clients.

Moreover, it also depends on the type of lady suits the client wants. That is, if it is an existing design or not.

The MOQ that ladies suit manufacturers can produce is 300 pieces of the same color and style for the suits.

Are There Quality Standards Ladies Suit Manufacturers Should Comply With?

Yes, quality standards always guarantee for quality, durability, and safety of the ladies suits. As ladies suits manufacturers, we adhere to the following quality standard.

  • ASTM (Which stands for American society for testing and materials)

ASTM usually deals with:

  • Product testing method
  • Raw material specifications
  • Labeling
  • Manufacturing process
  • Another quality standard for ladies suits manufacturers should comply with is ISO

9000 standards. For ISO, it always ensures that product services are safe, good quality, and reliable.

ISO main aim is to;

  • Monitoring the process and ensure its effectiveness
  • Endures quality requirements of clients
  • To achieve continuous improvement of performance in the industry
  • To check any defects and making corrections

Other quality standards are BS, DIN, and AATCC.

Note that as a ladies suit manufacturers complying with quality standards is mandatory. Failure to comply with the company might end up on the wrong side with the government.

This will lead to huge penalties by both local and national governments.

Do Ladies Suit Manufacturers Have a Product Return Policy?

Yes, we do.

Chinese ladies suits manufacturers have policy guides for clients on what to return and how to return the products. This policy includes;

  • The time frame in which clients can return ladies suits—usually 30 working days after delivery of your orders.
  • The conditions in which the returns will be acceptable. The suits must not be worn or damaged from the client’s side.
  • Another policy is that all ladies suits to be returned must be in the original packaging used.

If you follow the policies above during return, then it’s the guarantee that you will be refunded or exchanged for your products.

Do Ladies Suit Manufacturer Allow Express Orders?

Express order means getting involved directly with the ladies suit manufacturer without involving any broker or agents.

Definitely yes, making express orders to ladies suit manufacturers is allowed. It will guarantee you timely production of your ladies’ suits since you deal with the manufacturer directly.

For express orders, it may only take 10-15 working days regardless of the order capacity. You get to cut costs with express orders since no broker or agent pays money.

Why Is Buying From Ladies Suit Manufacturer Directly Better Than Online Marketplaces?

Well, buying from the ladies’ manufacturer is always the best option ever for any business. Dealing directly with a manufacturer, you can never go wrong in business.

Ladies suits manufacturers in China guarantee the following advantages;

  • Buying from ladies suit manufacturer, we guarantee you quality products 100%.
  • Another advantage is cost-cutting throughout the manufacturing process.
    Since you deal with the manufacturer one on one, it will be cheaper.
    Unlike for online marketplace, you need to deal with brokers and agents. It may cost you an extra fee.
  • Dealing with manufacturers ensures timely delivery of all orders. Therefore, this will help you have confidence in your business.
    It is unlike the online marketplaces where you are not sure when the order will be delivered.
  • Your money will be secure when working with ladies suit manufacturers since your chances of being exposed to scammers are reduced. As for the online marketplace, you are not sure of the seller.
  • Also, dealing with manufacturers will create long-term cooperation. With this, you can get better prices and a quality guarantee.

If you need peace of mind, choose us to work with you directly with ladies suit manufacturers.

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