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Ladies All Over Print Pleat Skirt
Ladies All Over Print Pleat Skirt
Ladies Cotton Animal Print A line Skirt
Ladies Cotton Animal Print A-line Skirt
Ladies Cotton Embroidery and Print Skirt
Ladies Cotton Embroidery and Print Skirt
Ladies Ponti Roma Front Embroidery Skirt
Ladies Ponti Roma Front Embroidery Skirt
Ladies PU Pleat A-Line Skirt
Ladies PU Pleat A-Line Skirt
Ladies Stripe Polyester Mix Viscose Skirt
Ladies Stripe Polyester Mix Viscose Skirt

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We are H&Fourwing one of the top fashion ladies skirts manufacturer in China with over 15 years producing ladies skirts experience Our skirt factory focus on middle to high-end women’s clothing. we have our own design team to cooperate with our customers.

We have around 30 new development ladies’ skirt styles every month. Our lady’s skirt styles are made of silk, cotton, linen, linen blend, modal, tencell, loycell, viscose, polyester, both knit and woven lightweight. and our ladies skirts styles like mini skirts, middle long skirts, and long skirts, and we also a very good fishing skirts manufacturer.

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Ladies Skirts Manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you want to skyrocket your business by working with a reliable ladies skirts manufacturer.

A reason this guide will explore what to look for in a skirts manufacturer, besides choosing high quality ladies garment.

Keep reading to learn more.

Which Skirts Designs Do Ladies Skirts Manufacturers Offer?

We have quite a variety when it comes to ladies’ skirts designs. The main aim is to be able to satisfy all clients who want to buy from us.

It’s easier to select a skirt of your preference with the right choice of fabric, size, figure, and fashion taste. Below is a list of some of the skirt designs that most ladies’ skirts manufacturers produce.

They are;

Bubble Skirt

Bubble Skirt

Asymmetrical Skirt

Asymmetrical Skirt

Pencil skirt

Pencil skirt

Tulip Skirt

Tulip Skirt

Peplum Skirt

Peplum Skirt

Others may include;

  • Box pleat skirt
  • Cowl skirt
  • Peplum skirt
  • Pleated skirt
  • Wrap Skirt

What Kinds Of Fabrics Do Ladies Skirts Manufacturers Use?

The most important component of making the ladies’ skirts is the fabric. Whether you have all the ideas in place or not, the material determines the design and appearance of the ladies’ skirts.

There are quite a several fabrics that ladies’ skirt manufacturers use. To determine these fabrics, most ladies skirt manufacturers will often consider the following factors;

Fabric Stretch

This normally indicates how the ladies’ skirt fabric stretches or how elastic the fabric is once stretched. Depending on the client’s specifications and preferences, We use fabrics that can stretch out to ensure that the designs work well.

This also determines how the ladies’ skirts will fit the different body shapes of the clients.

Weight Of The Fabric

Fabrics can either be lightweight, medium-weight, or heavy fabrics. The weight of the ladies’ skirt fabric is determined in grams per square meter. Measuring the thickness of the fabric allows the ladies’ skirts manufacturers to determine the weight of the fabric.

Fabric Drape

Fabric drape generally determines the flow of the fabric. Both fluid and stiff fabrics have different drapes. The fluid fabrics have a relatively high drape compared to the stiff fabric, which has a low drape.

If a ladies’ skirt fabric has more drape, the final ladies’ skirt will flow away from the body, unlike fabric with a low drape. These ladies’ skirts tend to fold close to the body.

The following are some fabrics that most ladies’ skirt manufacturers use while designing and making ladies’ skirts. They include;

  • Lace or Chiffon
  • Polyester
  • Poplin
  • Denim
  • Cotton
  • Satin
  • Velvet
  • Corduroy

Why Should I Work With A Ladies Skirts Manufacturer From China?

China has been in the lead because there are so many ladies’ manufacturers capable of producing ladies’ skirts. Some of the benefits you will get from working with ladies skirts manufacturers from China include;

  • The production cost of the ladies skirts manufacturer from China is relatively low compared to other countries with a domestic manufacturer.
  • China produces all types of ladies’ skirts that are readily available for resale or drop shipping. You can easily find these ladies skirts manufacturers on online platforms, making them easy to purchase and order.
  • China manufacturers deliver timely production of the ladies’ skirts, and their prices are relatively low.
  • China ladies’ skirts manufactures are well aware of all the upcoming trends in the fashion market.
  • China manufacturers have manufacturing options. You can either choose cut-make-thread or full package production. Also, you can opt for original equipment manufacturing or original design manufacturing.
  • You are guaranteed quality control while you order directly from ladies’ skirts manufacturers from China.
  • You have a guarantee of quality since these ladies’ skirts manufacturers have all the experts under one roof. Talk of pattern makers, expert designers, and tailors all in one roof nothing can go wrong.

What Is The Difference Between OEM And ODM Ladies Skirts Manufacturer?

Ideally, OEM stands for original equipment manufacturing only. It deals with the production of garments, and the designs made from this factory are not for sale.

ODM stands for original design manufacturer. The original design manufacturer manufactures ladies’ skirts garments bought and rebranded by the retailers or wholesalers for resale.

With OEM ladies skirts manufacturer, they maintain full control over the creative designs of the ladies skirts. In contrast, the ODM ladies’ skirts manufacturer has restrictions on which designs to acquire.

This is because they only make adjustments to the already existing ladies’ skirts designs to come up with the final product.

OEM ladies skirts manufacturer can design the ladies skirts to any design specification, with the only inhibiting factor been the budget.

Unlike the ODM ladies’ skirt manufacturer, there is already an existing design, and only a few adjustments can be made to improve the design.

OEM ladies skirts manufacturer requires more intensive resources to come up with these ladies skirts design from scratch, unlike the ODM ladies skirts manufacturer, where fewer resources are required to make the few adjustments.

ODM ladies skirts manufacturer normally puts their logo on the designs and not the company logo for the OEM ladies skirts manufacturer.

This logo is also known as private label manufacturing.

The prices of the ODM tend to be a little high/steeper, making fewer margins, unlike in the original equipment manufacturer.

What Does CMT Manufacturing Mean For Ladies Skirts?

CMT Manufucturing

CMT Manufacturing

CMT manufacturing can either mean cut-make-thread or cut-make-trim. Normally the cut make involves a procedural process of making the ladies skirts. This means the manufacturer has to cut the fabric before making it, which is sewing up the different pieces that have been cut out.

Thread is a normal thread that is normally used in sewing pieces of the fabric into one item.

Trims are normally the components you find on the ladies skirts, such as care labels and buttons.

It’s easier to equate the cut-make thread to the price component under the price breakdown of fabric manufacturing price.

This cost breakdown includes things like;

  • Fabric is just the ordinary fabric manufactures use in making ladies’ skirts.
  • Accessories are the extra elements you place while packaging the lady’s skirts. For instance, you will mostly find silica gel in every package meant to absorb any moisture.
  • Cut and make this includes all the expenditures from labor, electricity, and all the cost you may require to keep the company running.
  • Trim is normally the extra component you will always find on the lady’s skirts, such as the buttons.
  • The management fee helps to oversee the whole production process of making the ladies’ skirts. This is not applicable at all times; it might as well be an option.
  • Profit is normally the margins you get as a manufacturer while selling the ladies’ skirt.

Do Ladies Skirts Manufacturers Offer Private Labels During Pattern Development?

Yes, ladies’ skirts manufacturers may offer private labeling if they are the original design manufacturer. The ladies’ skirts manufacturer takes an existing design from the catalog and makes few adjustments to the skirts.

They can opt to change the prints, color, trims, and branding. This allows them to brand the final skirts product using their name and not the company name.

Can Ladies Skirt Manufacturer Help With Printing Labels?

Yes. As indicated earlier, working with an original design manufacturer allows them to print the labels of your preference.

The important factors to keep in mind is;

  • The colors
  • Backing
  • Size of the label.

Ladies Skirt With Printed Lable

Ladies Skirt With Printed Lable

Which Skirt Sizes Do Ladies Skirts Manufacturers Offer?

In order to determine the size of the skirt, there are two elements that we consider while making the ladies’ skirts. This allows us to meet client’s specifications and needs.

These elements include;

  • Waist: This is normally the circumference around any client’s waistline.
  • Hips: This is the circumference around the hips. The hip size varies depending on the different styles of ladies’ skirts.

The standard sizes that most ladies skirts manufacturers offer include;

  • Extra-small
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra large

Do Ladies Skirts Manufacturers Have Minimum Order Quantity?

This normally depends on the frequency of purchases from the clients. Additionally, it depends on the type of ladies’ skirts that clients want and whether it’s an existing design.

The minimum order quantity that ladies skirts manufacturers can produce is 300 pieces of the same style and color.

How Long Will Ladies Skirts Manufacturers Take To Process My Orders?

The production process mainly depends on the size and quantity of ladies’ skirts that a client orders. Orders in bulk tend to take a little longer than the normal estimated time, but we always try to speed up the process to meet deadlines.

For small orders, it takes only takes a shorter period to produce.

Can I Make An Express Order With A Ladies Skirts Manufacturer In China?

Yes. You can make an express order with the ladies skirts manufacturer. An express order involves the manufacturer’s direct purchase of the ladies’ skirts without involving custom brokers or any middlemen.

Making an express order guarantees timely production of your ladies’ skirt because you will be dealing directly with the manufacturer’s production process. It may take 14 working days regardless of the capacity.

Additionally, the whole process will save you on cost since you do not have to pay any middlemen to make the order for you. You will be saving on any brokerage fee hence saving on the cost.

How Do Ladies Skirts Manufacturers Determine Cost Of Skirts?

Some factors determine how ladies skirts manufacturer determine the final price of the ladies skirts. It will be a loss for a manufacturer to have excellent designs, but the price quotation is too high, exhibiting market expectations.

It’s therefore important to keep in mind all factors that affect the prices of the ladies’ skirts. This allows you to take measures that will suitably keep the price range to meet the target market.

These factors include;


Normally the cost of the ladies’ skirts fabric carries the bigger percentage when determining the cost. The fabric is normally measured in yards in which the manufacturers will quote the price depending on how many yards they use on the skirts.

Therefore, it’s always important to be aware of the size and length of the skirts you require.


The manufacturing company’s location determines how much more a client is likely to pay to get skirts that meet the specifications.

There are certain sewing techniques such as hemming, stitching that may require special machines and labor.

In most cases, you will find that such skills are located far which will be expensive to seek these services. This results in seeking these services at local domestic manufacturers, which is relatively cheaper.


Every enhancement you want the ladies’ skirts manufacturer to add to your design comes at an extra cost. Be it seams, finishes, or stitches. They will cost you a little more. This is because there is a need for additional labor, and also fabric consumption is high.


The cost of ladies’ skirts also depends on the number of the clients’ orders. Bulk orders from the manufacturer scale down the cost of ladies’ skirts supplied. This is a result of discount offers on prices when a client orders a certain quantity of ladies’ skirts.

Test And Wash Process

There is a need to wash and text any ladies’ skirts fabric before the production process begins. These two activities come at an extra fee which the manufacturer incorporates on the final price quotation. It’s therefore important as a client to be aware of these prices before making an order of the skirts.

Embroidery, Accessories, Trimming, And Printing

Printing, accessories, and trims all have an additional cost. All these attributes contribute to the final quotation of the price on ladies’ skirts.

When providing the specifications, it’s important to keep in mind the budget limit of the skirts you need.

Does China-Based Ladies Skirts Manufacturer Offer Embroidery Services?

Yes, most of the China-based ladies skirts manufacturers do provide embroidery services according to the given specifications.

Embroided Ladies Skirt

Embroided  Ladies Skirt

Embroidery refers to the art or craft of stitching captivating images on the fabric’s surface using threads. It’s a form of decorating the outer surface of the fabric using laid threads or decorative stitches.

This service can either be by use of a sewing machine or handmade embroidery. For the handmade, you only need a needle and a thread to make these beautiful stitches. In contrast, the sewing machine uses zig-zag stitches to create these embroidery designs on the ladies’ skirts.

The China-based ladies skirts manufacturer typically uses the sewing machine to achieve different embroidery styles on the fabric surface. Some of these machines can embroider up to 1200 stitches per minute which is a good speed, especially with more intricate designs.

Different factors influence the embroidery work and the number of services needed on the fabric of a specific skirt. They include;

Design Of The Embroidery

The beginning of every embroidery starts with a design. You can achieve these by transferring the design from a simple sheet to the surface of the fabric or drawing it freely using bare hands.

To transfer the embroidery design from paper to fabric, you can use the printer ink method, light method, and prick way.

Materials And Equipment Used To Perform The Embroidery

The basic materials you need are thread, fabric, and a needle to embroidery different designs on the fabric surface. But with more and advanced tools, the embroidery work will be more accessible.

For instance, an artwork needle is far better and more effective than using a normal needle.

Several types of threads can achieve a beautiful embroidery decoration. We have metallic threads, woolen threads, and 6 strands of thread.

Fabric Selection

The kind of fabric, surface texture, and prints on the fabric determine the embroidery design’s final appearance. For instance, a cross-stitch will look good on a loosely woven fabric.

The ladies’ skirt manufacturer produces skirts with simple embroidery to allow ease of washing and comfortability while wearing.

Note, some fabrics require a special kind of embroidery due to their texture. Such materials include; open weaves fabric and transparent fabrics.

Color Scheme

Color combination brings out the contrasting effect. Again, we use the color specification that our clients provide to us to achieve the embroidery designs. Some may choose bright or even colors depending on their preference.

It’s always advisable to use three contrasting colors while still factoring in the color of the fabric. It’s also wise to use the same color with different tones from light, medium, and dark on the same fabric.

The use of three contrasting color schemes for the embroidery designs brings out a beautiful and uniformity on the ladies’ skirt fabric.

Embroidery Techniques

Ideally, there are two types of embroidery techniques. They include;

  • Free embroidery: There are no restrictions on how you feel the design.
  • Counted thread embroidery: The number of threads determines the stitches on the fabric that follows a pattern. For instance, drawn work, cutwork, laid work, and blackwork are among the best examples.

For the final embroidery design to look good, all these steps are mandatory.

Purpose And Placement Of The Embroidery Project

It’s important to first establish the purpose of the embroider before deciding on where to place the embroider on the fabric surface.

Simple embroidery designs work best than more complex ones. More so, the placement distance should be proportionate.

What Printing Techniques Do Ladies Skirts Manufacturers Use?

Some of the printing techniques that ladies skirts manufacturers use include;

Heat Press Printing Technique

Typically, this technique uses heat and pressure to make the designs on the ladies’ skirts fabric. It involves creating the layout on paper and then transferring it to the fabric, bypassing both of them through heat.

Dye-sublimation Printing Technique

Involves sublimating the fabric using dyes under heat. Some of the elements you need for this technique are an inkjet printer, sublimation ink, and a heat presser machine.

Digital Printing Technique

This technique prints the fabric directly from the computer using an inkjet printer containing special ink. This printing makes the fabric look more realistic, and the prints are more durable.

Woodblock Printing Technique

Usually, the woodblock is curved and shaped in a specific design, and then the dye will be applied to the pattern. To get the pattern, hard press the wooden block onto the fabric.

Screen Printing Technique

It involves  Transfers of designs directly to the fabric by use of mesh or screen films. The porous mesh screen stretches over the fabric using a wooden squeegee that allows the color to pass through the porous on the fabric.

Cylindrical Printing Technique

With this technique, the fabric is normally placed in a constantly rotating cylinder, pressing the fabric against rollers. Each of these rollers contains different colors to ensure the right design and pattern come out clearly.

What Are The Typical Payment Terms For Ladies Skirts Manufacturers?

With the advance in technology, online payments methods have become the most ideal and secure way of transaction. Some of the payment terms that ladies skirts manufacturers accept include;

  • Wire Transfer
  • Letter of credit
  • T&T
  • Debit card
  • Credit cards
  • Cheques
  • PayPal

Do Ladies Skirts Manufacturers In China Offer Volume Discounts?

Usually, this depends on the capacity of ladies skirts a client buys. All the discount offers apply when clients purchase the ladies’ skirt in bulk. That is, the order exceeds the set minimum order quantity.

Do Ladies Skirts Manufacturers In China Have Product Return Policy?

Yes, this policy guides the clients on what to return and what not to. This policy includes;

  • There is a specific timeframe by which clients can return the ladies’ skirts to the manufacture.
  • The acceptable condition of the returned policy for ladies skirts. The skirts must not be used/worn, or damaged from the client’s side.
  • All the skirts to be returned must be in the original packaging option used.

Returning within the stipulated time and in the right condition guarantees the clients a refund or exchange.

Do Prices Quoted By Ladies Skirts Manufacturers Include Shipping And Customs Clearance?

Absolutely no. The final quotation of ladies skirts price by the ladies skirts manufacturer does not include shipping and customs clearance fee. The client pays these charges separately while shipping the skirts shipment.

The custom clearance fee is often paid to the freight forwarder or customs broker who assists in shipping the ladies’ skirts shipment.

Can A China Ladies Skirts Manufacturer Customize Packing As Per Customers Requirements?

Yes, China ladies skirt manufacturers package all the clients’ ladies skirts packages according to the client’s specifications.

For all your ladies skirts from China, you can contact us.

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