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  • Servicing ODM and OEM both are available, small MOQ in 300pcs/color/style. as far as we can meet the fabric MOQ, we also can offer less than 300pcs/style/color, but with some surcharge for small dye lots cost and workmanship cost.
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Ladies Shinny PU Short with 2 Pockets
Ladies Shinny PU Short with 2 Pockets
Ladies Heavy Cotton Linen Crepe Shorts
Ladies Heavy Cotton Linen Crepe Shorts
Ladies Lace Short with Cotton Lining
Ladies Lace Short with Cotton Lining
Ladies Cotton Linen Shorts in Nature color without dying
Ladies Cotton Linen Shorts in Nature color without dying
Ladies Heavy Viscose Crepe Shorts with White Thick Thread Workmanship
Ladies Heavy Viscose Crepe Shorts with White Thick Thread Workmanship
Ladies Viscose All Over Animale Print Short with 4 Pockets
Ladies Viscose All Over Animale Print Short with 4 Pockets

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H&FourWing is a professional ladies dress manufacturer, we not only work with retail brands ladies dresses clients, but also with wholesale private label ladies dresses customers, we have fabric sourcing team, and style& print designer team to work together with our clients. we are OEM ladies dress supplier we also can be your ODM ladies dress supplier in China. Custom made ladies dresses is our advantage.

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H&Fourwing – Your Trusted Ladies Shorts Manufacturer

We have own design term to work closely with our clients.

Every season our design team will base the newest trend to develop some ladies shorts styles. if you have any image/ brief or inspiration, our design term can base it to develop the style special for your collection.

Ladies short is very popular runway styles.

There is some fancy and very funky style like some embroidery and newly lace ladies shorts.

And piece cutting national position embroidery ladies short.

Which are very good for office lady shorts styles during the summer weekend.

It’s also very nice to dress linen or cotton ladies shorts to relax your body.

Linen or cotton quality is nature yarn with good breathable.

A lot of leisure brands are love to use linen for the main quality in stores.

Linen quality can be a solid color, or make in a stripe or printed as a strike off on top of.

Believe each girl has a lot of ladies Jean’s shorts.

Especially the styles with fringe at the bottom edge.

That is a good weekend to wear ladies short styles also.

There are another quality silk is famous for some shorts style, lots of sleepwear brands will use 100% silk satin fabric to make ladies mini shorts.

Everybody knows that silk quality is the queen of fabric silk fabric is very soft and comfortable, but very expensive.

Not all brands can use them.

Or only can make some shopwindow ladies shorts style in store.

We are one of the top fashion ladies shorts suppliers in China.

We are a professional manufacturer for your women clothing brands, private label, design stylist in your custom making order.

Shorts Manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Before importing ladies shorts from China, you should identify the manufacturer, know the treading design and verify quality, among other critical aspects.

This guide will take you through everything you must know when importing women shorts – keep reading.

What is the Difference Between Shorts and Pants?

Ladies Shorts
Ladies pant
Ladies Shorts

Ladies short

Nature of Garments

Well, a short is precisely a small in length trouser or a shorter version of the trouser.

The shorts predominantly cover from the human pelvic region, waist region, then splitting into two to separately cover the upper leg regions.

The shorts would cover the thigh region but does not extend past the knee except for the long version shorts.

Elsewhere,a pant is an outer type of garment that covers the body from the waist region, splitting into two to cover each leg then extending further downwards.

Most pants reach the ankles, just like trousers.

So typically, pants are any long-legged garment.


Most people prefer to wear shorts under warm weather or in hot climatic regions such as the coastal areas.

In such cases, there is much need for comfort and air circulation, which is ideal with shorts.

However, pants are general wears for any kind of environment since most of them are breathable.

Nevertheless, ladies’ pants are ideal for you if you need to provide extra protection to your legs.

Styles and Varieties

Besides, it is essential to note that shorts come in different versions and styles both for women and men.

The shorts vary from knee-length versions to beachwear and sports shorts.

Yet, some women styled shorts, for example culottes is technically a slit skirt akin to a pair of loosely cut shorts.

Others shorts styles of shorts include booty shorts, boxer shorts, sleep shorts, board shorts etc.

Pants may include the jeans, khakis, snowboarding pants, harem pants etc.

How does Men Shorts Compare to Ladies Shorts?

The shorts are distinct and widely differ due to the gender-specific variation.

And importantly, the variation is due to the difference in the physique and physiological aspects of each gender.

Male shorts; they fit the male body. Therefore, they have got a longer extending inseam compared to the ladies shorts.

Additionally, these kinds of shorts have got a built-in joint liner or a brief that support the groin region.

Consequently, you may opt-out of using underwear or a jocks trap when downing such shorts.

How do you Manufacture Shorts?

Ladies Shorts

Men short

Meanwhile, Ladies shorts have a feminine structural appearance.

They showcase the female structure by highlighting hips, thighs, and waist, thus providing the best fit and comfort.

Besides, the ladies shorts have shorter inseams with little spacing in the groin region.

Ladies short

How do you Manufacture Shorts?

The manufacture of shorts goes through stages and process to finally achieve a whole piece.

The procedure though, is technical and do incorporate some high-tech resources, including machines and tech-know.

Nevertheless, below is a breakdown of the process.

Step One: Configuring Patterns

Making patterns forms the pre-production stage.

With every design, you have to begin with the short patterns, specifically sketches and drawings.

When the sketches are ready, you shall need a tech pack or even a CAD drawing.

You may engage a designer for this to transform your idea to a specific technical drawing then do a spec sheet.

Later on, it would help if you had the pattern in a digitized format for proper pre-production stages and fine-tuning.

Note that digital patterns are incredibly flexible and handy in production.

The digital format allows the manufacturer to alter and change the design with surgical precision.

Besides, it makes adjusting, visualizing and tracking the pattern extremely easy and prompt.

Step Two: Cutting the Patterns

With the digital pattern in place, proceed to print the pattern on a plotter.

The printing process entails laying down pattern blocks orderly while considering fabric length, the number of items for production and sizes.

With the compiled lay plans ready, the plotter printer would instantly print out the patterns.

After that, proceed to cut the distinct pattern out from the whole special paper.

At the end of it, you should have a well-sized and perfectly cut pattern.

Step Three: Check for Fitting

Though not mandatory, you may optionally check on the level of fitting of the pattern. You may use a mannequin for sizing and fitting.

Step Four: Selecting Fabric

Proceed to select a suitable fabric for your short.

The standard fabrics include 100% cotton or 100% polyester or spandex.

Step Five: Cut Fabrics per the Patterns

Place the patterns on top of the fabric.

The particular papers for printing patterns seamlessly stick on the material to enhance proper cutting without sliding.

Depending on the bulk of manufacturing, you may cut the fabrics one by one or in a stuck.

However, some fabric cannot be cut in a stuck, for example, cotton and viscose because they both differently react to trimming and can distort the patterns.

Step Six: Preparing Sewing Threads and Colours

Now onto the production, select appropriate thread colours that match with your fabric colour.

You have lots of options and different shades.

Step Seven: Sewing

Before sewing, you have to set and layout your machine correctly.

Having done that, you now sew the pieces together, and slowly you begin to see your design coming into shape.

Step Eight: Fixing other Add-ons

With a ready garment, now fix the buttons, zippers, liners and inseams depending on the style and type of short.

Step Nine: Inspecting the Shorts

With the ready pieces, take them to the sampling unit for inspection.

Verify the measurements against the provided specs after that do some thorough quality control on the sample shorts if approved then initiate bulk production.

Step Ten: Ironing and Packaging

After passing grading and quality control, you iron the shorts to protect them from folding and crunching.

Finally, appropriately pack the shorts ready for shipping.

Ladies Tops

How do Short Manufacturers Control Quality?

Quality is such critical in short manufacturing because even a slight fault may automatically lead to the rejection of the final garment.

And that is so disturbing; the result will lead to loss of resources and time.

So the solution to minimizing rejects or low-quality shorts is by strictly following a quality control protocol.

Below is an overview of how the manufacturers guarantee the ultimate quality of the shorts:

i. Determining and Setting Reasonable Tolerance Measurements for Garments
The general sewing production is majorly manually hand taken as such, it is prone to errors.

To cater to such mistakes, manufacturers allocate adequate tolerance ranges for every point of measurement.

Most importantly, the manufacturers use a spec sheet to verify every measurement.

ii. Frequently Conducting On-site Tests
To further evaluate the functionality and performance of the shorts after production, the manufacturers have to perform specific sets of tests.

They include

Fit tests – done by fitting a sample of the shorts onto mannequins or models to determine the extent of the fitting.

Dry/ wet crocking test–it is vital in evaluating the degree of fading, cracking or binding of the shorts.

Fasteners fatigue tests; determines the credibility of the fasteners.

Stitches per inch (SPI) Inspection; verifies the number of stitches for every inch of the short as earlier predetermined.

iii. Passing the Shorts through Laboratory Tests
To even further guarantee the safety and reliability of the shorts, the manufacturers, in collaboration with accredited labs, perform a lab test for every garment.

The standard lab tests that the shorts must undoubtedly pass include composition test, safety and environmental test, and performance test.

Which are the Available Types of Ladies Shorts?

Unlike men, ladies have countless options for shorts.

There are numerous styles and types available for you.

However, the noble way of selecting the shorts should be in accordance to your body size and shape.

The ultimate trick is to find the short that fits your body shape and size.

Below is a list of the commonly available types of ladies shorts you can pick:

  • Denim shorts
  • Board shorts
  • Printed shorts
  • Capri
  • Cut off shorts
  • Knee-length shorts
  • Boyfriend shorts
  • Low-rise shorts
  • Jamaican shorts
  • Pedal pusher shorts
  • Bermuda shorts
  • Pleated shorts
  • Chino shorts
  • Toreador shorts
  • Wrap shorts
  • Lace shorts
  • Cargo shorts
  • Booty shorts
  • Slipshort
  • Boy shorts
  • Skorts
  • Scalloped shorts
  • Roll-up shorts
  • High-waisted shorts
  • Beach shorts

Which is the Best Stitching Technique for Shorts?

Already, we understand that there are countless styles and types of shorts.

Similarly, they utilize a wide range of fabrics; consequently, there does not exist a definite stitching technique for all.

Instead, every kind of stitching technique is applicable depending on the type of short.

Better still, some shorts may require incorporation of different sets of stitching techniques.

Nevertheless, below are some of the top-rated stitching techniques for shorts.

Flat-lock stitching; the technique is ideal for stitching the elastic parts of the shorts plus those sections prone to stretch during movement.

Most importantly, the method provides the most durable possible stitches with the least kind of abrasion.

Zigzag stitching; it is appropriate for stitching the stretching seams and hems of the shorts.

Reverse cover-stitching; it closely resembles the flat-lock technique.

However, it results in more massive stitches, thus apt for sewing the bases of the shorts.

How Much do Women Shorts Cost?

The prices for women shorts are very flexible even though pocket friendly.

You can get a pair of shorts for a few dollars.

Regardless, the prices also widely vary depending on a few factors; manufacturer, type of short, originality, fabric type, printing, seasons, trends/ fashion etc.

How do Short Manufacturers in China Support Small Businesses?

The manufactures offer well comprehensive services to small businesses.

Their services and offers include the following amongst others:

  • Offers for flexible, negotiable and widely comprehensive MOQ terms and conditions.
  • Significant discounts for orders and reorders depending on quantities.
  • They offer unique specific services for the businesses such as those dealing in luxurious short wears and designs, Full production package (FPP).
  • Provision of Reasonable costs of production and services.

Are There Quality Standards for Shorts?

Of course, the quality standards specifically for the textile details specifications and the various test protocols for the fundamental characteristics of the textiles.

The standards take into account the mechanical, chemical, and physical properties of the shorts together with the kinds of fibres which make them up.

The quality standards in the textile industries assist short designers and manufacturers in conducting tests to guarantee allowed characteristics towards achieving proper final usage.

Ladies Shorts

Ladies shorts

The quality standards have got a wide range of sources which are specifically accredited international bodies and institutions.

Some of them include AATCC, ASTM, ANSI, BSI, ISO, CSA etc.

The quality standards often relate with the source institution.

For example, D5034-9 a standard that implies a test technique for elongation and breaking strength of textile fabrics.

The denomination D is a representation for the accrediting body – ASTM.

What Payment Terms do Short Manufacturers in China Accept

Chinese manufacturers have got a wide range of payment terms and conditions.

But again, the financial terms depend on your negotiation skills.

Here are a few payment terms.

  • 100% T/T pre-payment.
  • 30% T/T Deposit, 70% T/T payment after passed QC inspection.
  • 20% T/T Deposit, 50% T/T payment after production and passed QC, 30% after delivery.
  • Letter of credit (L/C) at sight.
  • 100% T/T Payment, two months after shipment, no deposit.

There exist other payment options.

Some terms will be ideal for the buyer, yet they incorporate grave risks.

The bottom line -find the terms that you will find comfortable tolerating or encouraging.

What MOQ do Shorts Manufacturers in China Accept?

Most Chinese manufacturers accept as little quantity as ten pieces per order.

That kind of MOQ is so suitable for catering for small businesses and start-ups.

Why Should You Import from Shorts Manufacturers in China?

It’s no secret that China is a manufacturing hub, and importers are turning to China for importing technically every product.

Similarly, shorts manufacturing has become a booming business in China, and you too can indulge in the importation business.

Below are some of the key reasons why you should look East and import your shorts supply from China.

Firstly, the wages in China are relatively low due to the immense source of labour attributed to the vast Chinese population.

The low costs of labour thus directly lead to lower production costs and finally contributing tolow prices of products.

The costs of producing shorts in China is relatively low compared to other regions.

Secondly, the raw materials are more accessible in China.

As a result, you can get whatever kind of short you need.

Ladies Shorts

Denim ladies short

Thirdly, China also boasts of a wide range of specialists, including shorts design experts.

Fourthly, China is also a hub of mass production, the bulk of manufacturing leads contribute to the lower costs of production and hence lower prices.

Moreover, Chinese production lines are more organized and refined compared to other regions.

Do short Manufacturers Help in Custom Design?

Yes, Chinese manufacturers do assist in designing your custom shorts.

The process is relatively straightforward when you engage a reliable manufacturer.

It all begins with developing a concept of the short, creating a tech pack then you leave everything to the manufacturer.

Once you approve the design, the manufacturer may proceed to produce the shorts in bulk.

Finally, the production should be in tandem with quality control mechanisms.

Ladies Shorts

Printed ladies short design

Is There a Recommended Length for Ladies Shorts?

Yes, most ladies prefer mid-length short.

Regardless, Ladies shorts come in different sizes, i.e. short, mid-lengths and longer ones.

The shorter lengths range anywhere between 3.5ʺ to 4ʺ, mid-length is 5ʺ – 7ʺ while Bermuda is 9ʺ – 11ʺ.

But again, the length of the shorts will also depend on the height of the lady.

Petite ladies tend to prefer shorter shorts to give an impression of longer legs.

However, for exceptionally taller girls then they should fit in Bermuda shorts which may look frumpy on other ladies.

Mid-length shorts on the flip side are universally acceptable and perfect.

Do Short Manufacturers in China Offer Free Samples?

Yes, most Chinese manufacturers offer freebies to potential clients.

The manufacturers prefer to keep their business orders straight and straightforward; that is why they prefer to settle a few big orders instead of divergent orders.

They also give customers the best freebies to attract and convince them to place further huge orders.

What are the Features of Women Knee-Length Shorts?

Women knee-length shorts are also known as Bermuda shorts.

Below are the significant features of the women knee-length shorts:

Ladies Shorts

Women knee length short

Flexibility and stretch; most denim shorts constitute a spandex component which makes them elastic.

Some have got a four-way stretch fabric.

Closures; the shorts have got a variety of closure modes; some have zippers, drawstrings, snap button closures, belt loops etc.

Fitting;the shorts are available in a skinny fit, classic fit, regular fit amongst others depending on your body type and size.

Pockets; the shorts also have a variety of pocket styling including five-pocket, two pockets etc.

Durability; depending on the fabric type, the knee-length shorts can serve you for a long duration without compromising quality.

How do You Choose Best Material for Ladies Shorts?

It should not be a hectic process deciding about the best fabric for your short; all you have to do is to define the short type and your purpose for wearing the short.

Say, if you need a Bermuda short then you can go for a 100% cotton material.

Whereas if you intend to use your short for a casual walk in the street, then you may opt for a stretchy and flexible short.

In that case, ensure that the fabric component constitutes either spandex or elastase.

Other aspects to consider include:

Fabric weight; define whether to use medium, low or dense weight material.

Prints;select a fabric that matches perfectly with your preferred kind of print – a subtle print is preferable.

Colours; some fabrics do not blend well with other colours, so you have to take note of the short colour.

How do you Choose Side Pockets for Women Shorts?

Whereas some women shorts do not have side pockets others do have them, and you can choose the best side pockets by considering the following:

 Ladies Tops

Ladies shorts with pockets

The type of shorts; different styles of side pockets conform to specific short types, for example, tight side pockets are suitable with the women running shorts.

The bike shorts blend well with high waist pockets.

Your tastes and preference; finally, when deciding the best pocket style then tastes also dramatically counts.

What are the Features of the Ladies Long Shorts?

Length; the shorts conventionally extend past the knee height down.

However, they reach mid-way the legs length without touching the ankles.

Breathability; the long shorts comprise of fabrics that allow free air circulations.

Closures; just like other types of shorts, the long shorts have a variety of closures to ensure the short grip perfectly with the body.

Fitting; similarly, the long ladies shorts are available in different types of fitting to cater for all body sizes and shapes.

Pockets; the long shorts also have a wide range of pocket styles.

Do Shorts Manufacturers in China Have a Product Return Policy?

However, note that the return policy may vary from one manufacturer to another.

And that is also another key reason why you should always request and read the manufacturers terms of service or contract policy.

What are the Trending Ladies Shorts Designs?

Shorts never get out of trends, especially since they are all seasoned wears, be it in summer or multiple occasions.

Below is a list of the rocking ladies shorts designs:

  • Trouser short
  • Denim shorts
  • Bag shorts
  • Retro summer shorts
  • Beachcomber shorts
  • Ultimate utility shorts
  • Lounge around shorts

How Should Women Shorts Fit?

Well, the appropriate fit for women shorts depends on a significant key parameter, i.e. the short length.

Ladies Shorts

Ladies short

The appropriate length of the short; to get a proper length then as a rule of thumb always find a pair that extends past your unflattering body part.

For instance, if you are not comfortable with your knees, then pick a short with a hem that goes at or above the knee.

Besides, you should findthe length depending on your body height.

Petites should go for short –shorts. For most plus-sized ladies then a Bermuda short will most likely do apart from the plus and petite ladies who need to instead go for mid-length shorts.

Similarly, the mid-length shorts also fit the tall ladies with slim legs.

Regardless, the mid-length short is a classic short for everyone and fits perfectly.

What are the Available Women Short Sizes?

Women short sizes are available from small sizes to plus sizes.

However, the short sizes differ according to short style, and short brand.

Again, you have to note the kind of sizing for your manufacturer that is whether they use UK, US, EU, IT, AU or RU sizes.

To go about the sizing, you need to know your waist and hip size.

What are the Features of Women’s Casual Shorts?

Women’s casual shorts are suitable for performing your informal activities and attending casual occasions.

Their typical features include:

  • Most are durable, while others are water repellent.
  • Wide-ranging closure types, including elastic drawcords amongst others.
  • Different styles of pockets.
  • Comfortable enough to keep you comfy and soft throughout the day.
  • Adaptable for wearing during multiple occasions inclusive of work, beach, workout, lounge, holiday and daily occurrences.

What are the Features of Women’s Casual Shorts?

Women’s casual shorts are suitable for performing your informal activities and attending casual occasions.

Their typical features include:

  • Most are durable, while others are water repellent.
  • Wide-ranging closure types, including elastic drawcords amongst others.
  • Different styles of pockets.
  • Comfortable enough to keep you comfy and soft throughout the day.
  • Adaptable for wearing during multiple occasions inclusive of work, beach, workout, lounge, holiday and daily occurrences.

Do You have Designer Shorts for Women?

Yes, designer short for women can also form excellent wears for multiple ranges of occasions.

Downing a designer short is a significant way of up beating your style radar and fashion response.

Why Should you go for Women’s Size Zip Shorts?

Women zip shorts are a better alternative to the button shorts.

Zippers also form another excellent closure form apart from the conventional closures.

The women zip shorts offer an easy way of relaxing during operation or performing tasks anywhere, anytime.

Additionally, the zippers are very durable and robust to sustain the pressure from frequent opening and closing the shorts.

How Does Body Shapes Determine the Type of Women Shorts?

Discovering your body shape is the right way of understanding the short that fits perfectly.

You therefore need to know whether you are hourglass-shaped, curvy hipped, or straight up shaped.

That way, it is much easier to pick the right pair of shorts to flatter your body.

For a proportional body type, you need a short with a simple but sleek shape, streamlined pockets but with moderate-girth leg openings.

Curvy hipped body matches a subdued short with moderate-width leg opening, sewn down pockets.

Whereas the straight-up shapes go in hand with the cargo styles shorts perhaps flared, with drawstring, cuffed.

The bottom line – you can add all the complete detail and extras in your short according to your needs while taking your height into account.

How do You Choose Ladies Shorts With Pockets?

The first step is to define your needs.

Decide at which specific location you precisely require the pockets to be located in your short, whether it is in the sides or at the back.

The side pockets are useful for holding and keeping your little accessories such as the car keys, handset phone, or even a music player.

Your choice should go in tandem with your taste and preference.

Next, you should pick the short based on your body type.

Remember, some types of shorts for particular body type do not conform well to other pocket styles.

For instance, a straight-up body shape would conform to shorts with either back pockets and or side pockets.

Unfortunately, the curvy hipped style does not fit well with angled pockets because they may unknowingly open up.

Elsewhere, proportional body types are perfect with streamlined pockets.

At H & Four Wing, we guarantee you high quality and trending designs of ladies shorts.

By offering competitive prices and supporting design work, we are here to skyrocket your ladiesshort business.

Contact our team now for inquiries.

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