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H&Fourwing is a reliable ladies’ pants supplier who you can trust for your brand, private label, design stylist retails, or wholesale women pants. Our design team will base your brand soul to develop a special collection of ladies’ pants for you, or you can send us your T/P or image, we will follow it to make the samples for you.

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Your Leading Ladies Fashion Dress Supplier in China

  • Over 15 years professional lady’s pants manufacturer in China
  • Focus on the middle to high-end brands and private labels, design stylist
  • Strong sourcing and supplier chain from fabric to bulk produce
  • Quality is our company life. Full production inspection, full service
  • Each month have around 100 new own development styles to offer
  • Small MOQ is 300pcs/style/color custom order producing
  • Never leave things to tomorrow’s service

Your Premier Custom Ladies Pants Manufacturer

H&Fourwing is a full-service women’s trouser manufacturer in China. We have over 15-year ladies’ pants manufacturing experience. Our lady’s pants are made of silk, linen, blend linen, cotton, cotton spandex, viscose, rayon, polyester, and PU, which can be both knitting and woven styles.

For pants, conformable and relaxed will be the first choice. light viscose and cotton will be a more soft touch for your body, for style usually is more oversize, looks like skirt ladies pants more welcome for everybody.

Your Premier Custom Ladies Pants Manufacturer
Different Occasion Ladies Pants Rockets Your Business

Different Occasion Ladies Pants Rockets Your Business

We have 4 occasion ladies’ pants lines.

The first line is Office lady pants, which are more official. The quality selected will be more suits and cocktails with a bit of heavyweight fabric. 2nd line is party girls’ pants that will request more special material with very good droop like silk will show your taste and a different vision. 3rd line is ladies’ pants for the weekend. The weekend is a more casual occasion, you can wear it at home, also can be out to the street to meet some friends. Comfortable and leisure materials like linen & cotton will be a nice option for your weekend styles. The last line is beachwear ladies’ pants, which is a bit similar to the weekend, but different. When we go to beachwear to spend the vacation with family and friends.

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Different Tyles of Ladies Pants to Suit Your Every Need

Each season, H&Fourwing will make our own season trend book, which is following the RUNWAY brands show and WGSN site to adjust colors and styles in different seasons.
Contact us today, and to be our clients, you can get a VIP code to check out the newest styles in each collection.

Different Tyles of Ladies Pants to Suit Your Every Need
Communication Makes Cooperation More Enjoyable

Communication Makes Cooperation More Enjoyable

H&Fourwing had a meeting with clients at the end of Sept 2018, and we took a picture together. A designer from a client with the note ” WE NEED PRICE”, our merchandiser with the note “WE NEED ORDER”. In the end, our manufacturer owner shakes hands with the buyer.
H&Fourwing think all clothing manufacturers and brand buyer may face this problem. But, if we open the topic on the top of the table to discuss together, we will get what we want, because H&Fourwing believes everything can be solved by good communication, and both sides can get a win-win business.
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Pants Manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you are looking for affordable and high-quality ladies’ pants.

Or, you need a reliable pants manufacturer in China.

Whichever the case, this guide has all information you need to know before importing ladies’ pants from China.

Let’s dive right in.

How do Ladies Pants compare to Ladies Shorts?

Ladies’ pants are a type of garment that runs from the waist to the ankle or just above the ankle.

On the other hand, ladies’ shorts are garments that women wear and run from the waist to above the knee area.

Shorts also come in different sizes, shapes, and designs.

There are booty shorts, knee-length shorts, and flappy shorts, and hot pants.

How much do Ladies Pants Cost?

Customization, design, size, pattern, and quality of material used are some of the factors that will determine the quality of ladies’ pants.

Premium brands also tend to be a bit more expensive.

Ladies’ pants manufactured using Cotton or woolen fabrics will be more expensive than those made from chiffon, satin, batiste, or nylon fabrics.

Most manufacturers will also factor in the production costs before coming up with the final prices of the various designs of the ladies’ pants.

Depending on the above factors and including transportation and other hidden costs from the retailer a ladies’ pants may cost from as low as $3 to as much as $300.

Note that the design and brand of the top are also factored in.

Types of Ladies Pants are there?

There are many different types of ladies’ pants available in the market, dressy to casual to formal, all are available.

Some of the different types of ladies pants available in the market include:

  • Dress pants: these are pants that are worn to formal or semi-formal functions and are usually made from expensive woven material.
  • Jeans: these are made from rough and thick denim. They can be worn as official or unofficial garments.
  • Overall or jumpsuits: these are pants having a bodice attached at the waistline and are usually worn in a working environment.
  • Culottes: these are knee-length and are slightly below the knee. They are usually casual wear.
  • Harem Pants: these are ladies’ pants with gathers at the waist and ankles. They are usually informal wear.
  • Baggy pants: they are a type of ladies’ pants fitted with flares towards the legs.
  • Bell bottoms: types of ladies’ pants fitted at the waist with flares from the knees.
  • Leggings: are made from stretch material and fitted.
  • Tights: are usually confused with leggings and are made from stretch material.
  • Punk plants: these are decorated pants with lots of stitching and decorations. They are casual wear.
  • Stirrup pants: these are similar to leggings.
  • Fatigue trousers: are military-style ladies’ pants.
  • Stovepipe pants: these are slim-fitting jeans.
  • Pet-leg pants: These types of ladies’ pants have cropped tapered legs.
  • Other types of pants include toreador pants, eastern pants, jodhpur pants, and dungarees
What are the Benefits of Buying from Pants Manufacturer in China?

China’s garment industry has risen over the past years to be ranked among the top manufacturers in the market worldwide.

The industry has invested greatly in manufacturing technology and places of training thus making its workforce perfect in stitching and assembling garments.

Some of the benefits of buying ladies pants manufactured in China include:

  1. Many of the manufacturers have years of experience in the production of ladies’ pants.
  2. Uniqueness: Manufacturers in China produce ladies’ pants that are of their kind and in most cases not like any other ladies’ pants available in the market.
  3. Price: most of the ladies’ pants manufactured in China are relatively affordable unless one requires purchasing designer pants.
  4. Quality: manufacturers in China have highly skilled personnel and thus make high-quality ladies’ pants that are firm and last for long periods.
  5. Quantity: most of the manufacturers in China sell in bulk, that is, one can purchase as many ladies’ pants as one can afford while following the manufacturer’s MOQs. The ladies’ pants manufacturers industry in China is very big and modernized capable of meeting any MOQ from customers all over the world.
  6. Variety to choose from: they provide a very wide range of ladies’ skirts where one can choose from and select that design that suits their preferences.
  7. Infrastructure: China manufacturers have very good logistics infrastructure and can ship products to all corners of the world.
  8. Payment: It is easy to pay for your goods using online banking systems established and you are also able to track your order shipment.
Do Pant Manufacturers in China have Flexible MOQ?

Yes, most of the manufactures in China have flexible MOQs and require a payment deposit upfront before the start of production.

Before placing your orders, you should be aware of the following:

  1. Transportation costs: consider the cost of transporting your order from the manufacturer before meeting the manufacturer’s MOQ.
  2. Margins and breakeven point: what are your profit margins? This should be considered before placing a ladies’ pants order.
  3. Manufacturer’s profit: this should be put into consideration, the higher the manufacturer’s profits the higher the price of the pants.
  4. Determining how many deliveries will be made per hour.
  5. Finally, the manufacturer will then calculate and set the MOQ.
Which Waist Designs are there for Ladies Pants?

Waist designs for ladies’ pants depend on the type of rising, the rise is the distance right between your legs to the top of the waistband.

Some of the waist designs for ladies pants available in the market include:

  • High waist pants designs
  • Side adjusters pant designs.
  • Low rise pant designs
  • Mid-rise pant designs.
  • Navel pants designs
  • Regular rise pants designs
  • Short rise pants designs
How do you Choose Fabric for Ladies Pants?

The fabrics for ladies’ pants depend on the customer’s specifications.

Most of the ladies’ pants in the market are made from a lighter material such as woven fabrics.

This is because they are mostly worn as official garments.

Batiste or cambric materials are also used in the production of ladies’ pants and consist of cotton or cotton mix.

Fabrics like cotton, linen, and wool are easy to sew but tend to be thick and stiff.

Chiffon and satin are thin and slippery making them unsuitable to sew through.

The style of the ladies’ pants should also be put into consideration when choosing the material to use.

Some of the common materials or fabrics used are:

  1. Silk, this makes flowing dresses.
  2. Modal
  3. Tencel, lyocell, and viscose produce light skirts.
  4. Cotton is mostly used in more expensive designer skirts.
  5. Poplin
  6. Polycotton is a fabric made from cotton and polyester.
  7. Satin
  8. Chiffon
  9. Denim for more casual wear
  10. Leather such as faux leather
  11. Linen, linen blend
  12. Voile
How much Duties and Taxes will you Pay when Importing Women Pants from China?

Taxes and import duties in China range from 9% to 13%.

How do Ladies Pants Manufacturers Control Quality?

Quality control is important in the production of any product.

Ladies’ pants undergo thorough quality checks before being released to the market.

Some of the quality standards and checks include:

a) In-line and off-line inspections.

b) The length, shape, and design are double-checked to be as comfortable as possible while the length of the pants should be to the required length.

c) Fabric quality: manufacturers take the fabric used to make the ladies’ pants through various tests to ensure that the highest quality fabrics are the ones that make the pants.

From the tests, they get the durability, drape, color, and conformance and also check for defects in the fabric.

d) The waist is checked and also the various components

e) The design pattern and fit are checked before the start of production.

f) Performance such as wear, tear, and shrinkage is also checked.

g) The inspection of the final product is also checked to determine the quality of the final product.

What Payment Terms do Ladies Pant Manufacturers Offer?

There are many ways you can pay for your products in China.

Chinese manufacturers accept a wide range of payment methods.

Also, note that many manufacturers demand you pay a deposit before they commence production and you pay the rest after they complete production.

So you need to be prepared to make two transactions to the manufacturers

Some of the payment methods include:

  1. Wiring money straight to the manufacturer through an international transfer.
  2. You can open an account in China and make a local transaction.
  3. There is also ALIPAY or Alibaba Trade Assurance.
  4. You can use a broker.
  5. Transfer funds via western union.
  6. You can also use PayPal.
What are the Available Sizes for Ladies Pants?

Ladies’ pants are available in different sizes namely, small, medium, large, X-large, 2X, and 3X.

Ladies’ pants waist positions will always vary depending on the design a client prefers and the body type that is petite, curve, maternity, or tall.

To choose the correct size measurements must be taken as follows:

  1. Bottoms: you should measure around the fullest part
  2. Waist: you should measure around the natural waistline
  3. Hips: take measurement 20 cm down from the natural waistline.
Features should you consider in Women Casual Pants?

Although women’s pants come in different shapes and sizes, they have some common features that cut across all the designs.

Casual pants are a bit different from regular /official pants.

Common features of women casual pants include:

  • Short length above the ankles
  • Loose Waistband: these hold the women’s pants in place at the waist.
  • One piece: This is the material or fabric that makes the pants.
  • Extremely versatile: this is the thigh or leg area of the pants.
  • Flowery Drapes: it’s the waist area of the pants.
  • Loose Leg area: this is the leg area of women’s pants.
  • Colors: should be eye-catchy.
  • Catchy design patterns.
How does Body Shape Determine Trousers for Girls?

Body size is determined by so many factors such as genetics, lifestyle, and age.

A girl’s body size is established by taking measurements of the bust, waist, and hips.

Body size greatly determines what type of pants different girls should wear.

There are perfect ladies pants designs for each body size as shown below:

  • Petite body size: if you are petite you should wear wide-legged pants, long and floor-length ladies’ pants.
  • Thin to medium size: for this size, one may wear straight or fitted pants, wide-legged pants, dungarees, or stovepipe pants.
  • Hourglass size: for an hourglass shape, you may wear long and floor-length pants, sequin, tights, jeans, stylish tube pants, or lace pants.
  • Curvy: if you are curvy you may wear tight pants, party pants.
What is the Recommended Length for Ladies Pants?

Ladies’ pants are cool but obtaining the correct length is tricky and choosing the right fit is crucial.

Different designs will call for different lengths as elaborated below:

i. For casual occasions, you should choose relaxed-fit ladies’ pants that have a gathered waist.

ii. For dressier events, you should go for tailored ladies’ pants.

iii. When you are going for cropped-length ladies’ pants, you should choose one that reaches the ankle.

iv. When you are wearing full-length ladies’ pants, you should select a straight or wide-legged style and put into consideration the hem length. The hem length should reach the top of your feet.

v. Always shop for ladies’ pants that fit the length of your torso so that it is comfortable.

vi. Wearing the right pair of shoes with your pants is also very essential.

Do Ladies Pant Manufacturers in China issue Quality Testing Certificates?

Yes, ladies’ pant manufacturers in China issue quality testing certificates such as certificates of compliance.

Should you Buy Directly from Pant Manufacturers in China or Alibaba?

Yes, you should buy directly from pant manufacturers in China or Alibaba.

Importing ladies’ pants from China comes with many incentives.

Some of the many incentives include:

  1. Setting MOQs: MOQs guide small ladies’ pants businesses on what to order and on the right quantities to purchase.
  2. Flexible payments: many of the Chinese ladies’ pants manufacturers have flexible payments for buyers.
  3. Different designs: they offer a wide range of designs that enable the small ladies’ pants businesses to have a variety.
  4. Shipping: many of the manufacturers organize shipment of ladies’ pants businesses to wherever they are.
  5. After-sale policies/service: some of the manufacturers have return policies and follow up on their products.
  6. Customizations: manufacturers allow your product customizations and designs.
What are the Main Parts of Women Pants?

Different women’s parts are designed differently.

They also come in different sizes, shapes, and lengths.

Common parts of women pants include:

  • Waistband: this is the part that surrounds the waist.
  • Belt loop: this is where the belt is fixed.
  • Buttons: used in closing the top of the fly.
  • Fly: opening part of the middle of the pant.
  • Watch pocket: some pants come with a watch pocket.
  • Pocket: used for holding small objects like phones.
  • Rivets: especially found in jeans pants.
  • Crotch point: joining pats below the fly.
  • Back yoke: the middle back of pants
  • Seam: where two parts of pants join together
  • Zipper: used to close the front part of the part.
What are the Trending Ladies Pants Designs?

Some of the trending lady pants designs include:

  • Culottes
  • Palazzo pants
  • Sailor pants
  • Pegged pants
  • Tapered pants
  • Boot cut pants.
  • Cigarette pants
  • Formal pants
  • Baggy pants
What are the Features of Ladies Pants Suits?

Ladies’ pantsuits are a type of clothing consisting of pants and a matching coat or jacket.

Some of the features of a ladies part include:

  • Mainly consists of matching pants and a jacket.
  • Used for formal wear
  • Most of them come with belt loops
  • Mostly worn by working-class ladies.
  • They come in fitted shapes.
  • Some come in two-piece or three-piece suits.
  • Semi-formal and formal pants suits are also available.
How do you Manufacture Ladies Pants?

There are several ways of manufacturing ladies’ pants.

We use the highest technology advancement which produces ladies’ pants that are exact to the measurements of the designer.

The experiences of the manufacturer also give them a niche in the market.

The manufacturing process involved in production entails:

  • Pattern making: Using the client’s designs or our designs, we fit the designs in computer software which will be used to cut the exact patterns.
  • Pattern cutting: this is usually done by a machine that cuts the patterns to the exact dimensions.
  • Fitting checking: the cut patterns are put into sets and fitted to prototypes to check on the measurements.
  • Sewing thread preparation: this is achieved by selecting threads that match the color pattern of the pants.
  • Fabric warehouse: this is where the ladies’ pants fabrics are stored.
  • Fabric cutting: after selecting the right fabric from the warehouse, it is then machine cut to in precision following the patterns.
  • Production sewing: this involves sewing together the various sets of patterns to make ladies’ pants.
  • Putting buttons: if there are ladies’ pants that need buttons, there are worked on after the production sewing.
  • In-line inspection: this involves inspecting the quality of the ladies’ pants as they are being produced in the production line.
  • Garment ironing: the ladies’ pants are pressed to remove any creases that might have occurred during production.
  • Garment packing: the final product is packed ready for shipping.
  • Shipping: the product is shipped according to the client’s specifications.
Is there a difference between Ladies Pants and Ladies Trousers?

No there is no difference between ladies’ pants and ladies’ trousers.

They are the same the difference is just in the name.

Is there a difference between Ladies Pants Manufacturers and Suppliers?

Some manufacturers, not all, can manufacture and supply ladies’ pants at the same time while others just manufacture and leave the supply to buyers.

It is cheaper to buy your ladies’ pants from a manufacturer that also supplies than buying from one that doesn’t as you will get all the services at a standardized price rate.

Do Ladies Pants Manufacturers have Product Return Policy?

Most of the ladies’ pants manufacturers in china do not have product return policies.

It is prudent that you check your order before shipment and ask for samples from the manufacturer before the start of production.

You can also offer to pay for product guarantees or additional packages that allow for return policies.

All in all, your type of financial arrangement will influence if you have a return policy.

In the case of this arrangement, the pants should be returned to the manufacturer for a refund or exchange within 30 days of purchase.

How can you Get Best Prices from Pants Manufacturers in China?

To get the best prices from the manufactures in China you should consider the following:

  • Carry out extensive market research on the type of garments you need to avoid buying unnecessary stock.
  • Referrals: don’t be afraid to ask around for referrals to the best manufacturers in China with manageable pricing.
  • Shipping: you should consider shipping costs and if the manufacturer’s quotation includes shipping costs.
  • Consider the mode and terms of payments to be able to get the best cost-saving terms.
  • The manufacturer’s minimum order quantity will also determine the price of your order.
  • Research the various manufacturers in China and choose the one that meets your standards.
Do Pant Manufacturers Help in Custom Design Processes?

Customization involves giving a customer the chance to specify the exact product they want and how they want it.

Women’s pants manufacturers give a chance to their clients to specify the design patterns, size, shape, quality, quantity, and material to be used in the production of their pants.

Some of the more advanced customizations options manufacturers offer includes:

  1. Selection of design.
  2. Provision of all necessary details.
  3. Getting custom-design women’s top recommendations.
  4. Selection of favorite option.
  5. Approval of design.
  6. Quality check.
Will Pant Manufacturers in China Help in Shipping Process?

Yes, you can organize with the pants manufacturers in China to help you in the shipping of the pants to anywhere in the world.

How do you Specify Women Pants when buying Online?

You can specify the type of pants you need to buy online by following these considerations:

  1. Appearance standards: Manufacturing techniques, fabric, and trim should coordinate together to produce well-fitting and eye-catching pants. The weight of the fabric should be suited for the design of the women’s pants.
  2. The finishing details should be in line with the women’s pants design and it should look attractive both on and off the body.
  3. Construction standards: women’s pants construction techniques should produce a finish or detail that is inconspicuous, functional, and long-lasting.
  4. Waist size: choose a pair of pants that are your size.
  5. Length: check the length of the women pant and ensure it conforms to your fittings
How do you Choose Colors for Ladies Pants?

Your skin tone plays a big role in helping you choose the color of clothes to wear.

Skin tone is the color of your skin which can be either warm complexion or cool complexion.

Understand your skin tone before settling on the color of the pants to choose from.

This you can achieve by:

  • Understanding what skin tone is.
  • Examining your veins.
  • Give yourself the white paper test.
  • Give yourself the jewelry test.
  • Consider how your skin responds to sun exposure.
  • Determine your season- summer, winter, spring, or autumn.
  • Know which colors work for all skin tones
  • Wear clothes that match your skin tone.

Depending on unique specifications, H &Fourwing offers perfect ladies’ pant designs for your specific market needs.

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