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H&FourWing has more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing ladies’ night dresses. We only offer high-end products that will surely suit your business. Whether you are a retailer, distributor, or you run your own clothing business, choose H&FourWing as your manufacturer.

  • 15+ years of experience in manufacturing ladies’ nightdress
  • Wide range of designs, styles, sizes, and measurements
  • Equipped with advanced fabric cutting and production sewing
  • Short lead time, Low MOQ, competitive price

Expert Ladies Night Dress Manufacturer

Do you need a lady’s nightdress for your business? H&FourWing can be your partner for your needs. We can be your long-term supplier and manufacturer of ladies’ nightdresses with a wide range of choices and selections.

H&DFourWing is an expert in producing a wide range of ladies’ night dresses. We have more than 15 years of experience in this field. With our expertise, we have gained a strong reputation as the most trusted ladies’ night dress manufacturer in China. We offer both ODM and OEM services so we can boost your brand. You can purchase our standard and customized ready-made ladies’ nightdress. Enquire now!

H& Four Wing Ladies Night Dress Series

Satin Solid Nightwear Set

Our Satin Solid Nightwear Set comes with robe, nightdress, and bottoms. It comes in solid colors like maroon, blue, and more.

Floral Knee Length Night Dress

H&FourWing designed Floral Knee Length Night Dress with V-neck. It is made from high-quality satin fabrics to ensure durability.

Velvet Sleeveless 2-PC Nightwear

Our Velvet Sleeveless 2-pc Nightwear is super breathable. It comes in different sizes for regular and plus size.

Women Printed Cotton Nightwear

These are comfortable and soft nightwear. It is designed with full length and is widely used for sleepwear, loungewear, etc.

Above Knee Robe Dress & Nightwear

These ladies’ nightdresses are super comfortable to wear. It has a see-through design made from thin, smooth, and soft spandex.

Women's Cotton Printed Night Gown

We manufacture Women’s Cotton Printed Night Gown made from 100% soft cotton. It has a full-length with free size to suit every body shape and fit.

Maglificent Design Rocket Your Business

Ladies’ nightdress is specially designed by H&FourWing to provide you with comfortable and stylish evenings at home. Whether you go on a girls’ night out or for sleepwear, H&FourWing’s collection of ladies’ nightdress is a sure-lit.

All our ladies’ nightdresses are manufactured with a simple yet elegant design. It comes in different colors such as neutral colors, black, beige, and more. H&FourWing offers a broad collection of high-quality ladies’ nightdress that keeps up with the latest trend.

Maglificent Design Rocket Your Business
High Quality Fabrics And A Wide Range of Designs to Meet Any of Your Needs

High Quality Fabrics And A Wide Range of Designs to Meet Any of Your Needs

H&FourWing lady’s nightdress is manufactured using high-quality and outstanding fabrics. You can choose your preferred fabrics for your ladies’ nightdress. You can assure that your lady’s nightdresses are durable and long-lasting.

We manufacture ladies’ nightdress with a wide range of designs. It also comes with a broad selection of styles and measurements. H&FourWing will provide you sizing guide so you can assure an accurate fitting.

H&Fourwing, Your Realiable Ladies nightdress Manufacturer

At H&FourWing factory, we have a broad range of ready-made ladies’ nightdress. We offer modern designs of ladies’ night dresses with excellent craftmanship. Thus, you can assure an eye-catching ladies’ nightdress that will surely be loved by your customers.

As a professional ladies’ nightdress, we supply products to different countries in Asia, Europe, South America, and North America. Aside from new brands, we also help private-label clothing companies in finding the right product. We serve more than 980 clothing line brands from around the world. We are looking forward to working with you.

H&Fourwing, Your Realiable Ladies nightdress Manufacturer

Ladies Night Dress Manufacturers: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you’re looking for ladies’ night dress manufacturers you can trust.

Or, you want to learn more about ladies’ dresses.

Whichever the case, this guide has all information you’re looking for.

Why Should You Import from Ladies Night Dress Manufacturers From China?

figure 1 ladies night dress

ladies nightdress

Over the years, several importers choose China as their go-to country when sourcing for products, and neither does this exclude ladies’ night dresses.

If you intend to import ladies’ night dresses whether in bulk or small quantities, importing from China should be your top consideration, and here is why;

  • Cost-effective prices – This is unarguably the top reason why most importers choose to import from Chinese manufacturers.

Prices of products including those of lady’s dresses are relatively low. As if that’s enough, you also have an option to bargain which further reduces your buying price.

So really, you might end up tripling the selling price of your products which in turn increases your profits.

  • Unique products – With the ever-evolving trends in fashion, Chinese manufacturers are good at keeping up with the current trends to ensure pure satisfaction to their clients.

That said, it is easy to find quality night dresses so long as you conduct proper research and work with the right people when sourcing your products.

  • Customization – Chinese manufacturers are always willing to design your night dresses based on your preferences.

This can range from color, texture, design, and prints among other available customizations.

  • Effective competition –Factors such as customization, cost-effective prices, and uniqueness of your products facilitate effective competition.

You will stay on top of the game among other businesses of the same kind lacking such.

  • High-profit margins -Due to the affordable prices of night dresses in China, you are guaranteed higher profit margins.

As I mentioned, some importers running businesses end up selling the same product thrice the amount they bought or even more.

This in turn amounts to incredible profits for their businesses.

  • Quality products -Quality is very critical when it comes to any type of business and Chinese manufacturers perfectly understand this.
  • Business growth – Higher profit margins allow any business owner to expand their business thus leading to business growth.
  • Varieties – Chinese manufacturers produce several varieties of nightdresses and so you should expect to find almost anything you want.
Which Materials Do Ladies Night Dress Manufacturers Use?

figure 2 various silk materials used to make night dresses

Various silk materials used to make ladies nightdress

When it comes to night dresses, not all types of materials can be used to manufacture them.

Sleeping gears need soft materials to facilitate comfort when sleeping.

That’s said, below are some materials that manufacturers use on ladies’ night dresses;

  • Silk – Silk is one of the most preferred materials by most women owing to its soft, lightweight, and comfortable feel.

Not only does silk slow down aging and help avoid allergies but also improves sleep. However, not only is silk susceptible to stains caused by perspirations and wrinkles easily but also clearly shows any liquid stains since it’s water absorbent.

  • Cotton – Cotton provides equal comfort when it comes to night dresses.

Besides being light, cotton nightdresses are the perfect choice to wear in almost all seasons.

On the other side, cotton is not only expensive and holds moisture for long but it’s also prone to shrinking.

  • Linen – Linen is not only luxurious and durable but also breathable and absorbent. Nevertheless, linen material gets wrinkled easily and it’s not appropriate for bleaching or dying.
  • Nylon – Nylon is one of the few materials that are resistant to wrinkles.

Additionally, it’s aesthetically pleasing and comfortable bringing out a nice and sleek feel.

However, its elastic quality becomes uncomfortable during hot seasons as it tends to bring about a sticking effect to the body.

Keep in mind that 100% nylon has a smooth and silky texture and thus it’s important to accurately read labels to confirm this.

However, nylon can often be mixed with other materials to increase durability.

This in turn reduces its silk and smooth texture.

If you want a long-lasting nylon nightdress, it’s advisable to choose satin to complement it.

  • Lace – Lace being a lightweight and fairy material offers comfort and can also be used as lingerie depending on the design.

Nevertheless, it’s easy to deform and pillage.

Keep in mind that a lace fabric of poor quality can cause itchiness on the skin.

  • Polyester – Not only is polyester wrinkle and fade resistant but also durable and dries quickly.

However, it’s not the best material for a nightdress since it’s not breathable and can’t absorb moisture.

Which Ladies Night Dress Designs Do You Have?

figure 3 victorian style night dress

Victorian style nightdress

Ladies’ night dresses come in a variety of designs not forgetting that customization can also be done for you.

Below are some of the ladies nightdress designs you can select from;

  • Short nightie
  • Long nightdress
  • Bridal nightwear
  • Nightwear sets
  • Victorian style night dresses
  • Maternity nightie
  • Nightdresses and robe sets
  • Satin nightie
  • Lace night dresses
  • Cotton nightgown
  • Baby doll nighties
  • kaftans
  • Blouse style nightdress
  • Fleece night dresses
  • Pleated bodice nighties
  • Side slit cotton nightdress
  • Bridal nighties
  • Transparent night dresses
  • Shirt style nightdress
Do Ladies Night Dress Manufacturers Help In Shipping Process?

Yes. Your manufacturer can assist in the shipping process.

However, you’re more than likely to get good rates when working with freight forwarders.

Freight forwarders are specialized in that field and they have established broader networks. Given that, they can secure the best rates for your shipment as compared to manufacturers.

How Do Ladies Night Dress Manufacturers Control Quality?

Ladies’ night dress manufacturers ensure quality control through the following ways;

  • Setting standards -Manufacturers come up with quality standards that need to be met when manufacturing night dresses.
  • Conducting quality inspections -Inspections should be part of every manufacturing procedure to ensure that quality production is upheld.
  • Quality certifications – Every manufacturer must have certifications including quality certifications.

Quality certifications assure you that the manufacturer has passed the quality tests and is fit for the production of night dresses.

  • Using quality raw materials when manufacturing ladies’ night dresses.

Some materials are known to cause an itching effect and thus selecting appropriate materials ensures quality control.

How Can You Get Best Prices from Ladies Night Dress Manufacturers In China?

Getting the best prices while sourcing ladies’ night dresses from China shouldn’t be a hassle.

Keep in mind that you can either source for products with the help of a sourcing agent or do it yourself.

To help you get the best prices in the market here are some important tips for you;

  • Purchase directly from the factory -Making direct purchasers allows you to effectively negotiate prices with your manufacturer.

Additionally, you can establish a bond with your manufacturer for any future businesses with them.

  • Make bulk purchases – Buying items in bulk allows you to get larger trade discounts from your manufacturer.
  • Use sourcing agents – Sourcing agents are well oriented in the business and have established bonds with different manufacturers.

This places them in a better position to easily and effectively find appropriate manufacturers and negotiate prices with them.

  • Bargain – Bargaining is a “culture” in the Chinese market and therefore perfecting your bargaining skills can go a long way.
  • Compare with different manufacturers – Comparing prices from different manufacturers will help you make a wise decision on the preferred manufacturer to work with.
What Should You Consider When Buying Ladies Night Dress from Manufacturer in China?

Remember, with any sleeping gears, comfort comes first. Some of the factors to consider when purchasing ladies’ night dresses from manufacturers in China are not limited to;

  • The type of material used – Nightdresses are meant to be as comfortable as possible for a good night’s sleep.

Some materials are known to cause itchiness therefore it’s best that you be extra careful when making your selection.

  • Certifications – Credible manufacturers have certifications that guarantee quality production.
  • Care – Some nightdresses are washable by machines while others are not.

It’s important to enquire from your manufacturer on ant further advice concerning night dress care.

  • The fabric shouldn’t be too light in such a way that it wears and tears after just a few washes.
  • Check the size to ensure that you neither purchase too big nor too small night dresses.
  • Design and prints – Avoid night dresses with decorations or embroidery.
Do Ladies Night Dress Manufacturer In China Help In Design Process?

Yes. Ladies’ night dress manufacturers in China can assist you to design your night dresses upon request.

Choosing an experienced manufacturer is an added advantage.

Since they have manufactured several night dresses before, they can easily suggest some of the top-selling designs they have made over the years.

Which Printing Technique Do Ladies Nightdress Manufacturer Use?

figure 4 digital printed ladies night dress

digital printed ladies night suit

Most if not all-night dress manufacturers strive to keep up with the current trends in technology to stay on top of the game.

The Digital printing technique is the most commonly used printing technique by ladies’ night dress manufacturers in China.

Is There Difference Between Ladies Night Dress And Ladies Night Gown?

FIGURE 5 Ladies night gown

Ladies nightgown

Quite frankly, there is no significant difference between ladies’ nightdress and ladies’ nightgown.

A nightdress and a nightgown both describe an attire that women wear to bed.

What Determines The Best Prices Of Ladies Night Dress From China?

The prices of night dresses from China can be determined by several factors some of which include;

  • Quantity of night dresses purchased -The higher the quantity the higher the discounts you get.
  • Use of a sourcing agent – Owing to their experience and networks, sourcing agents can easily identify the best manufacturers and get you the best prices in the market.
  • Bargaining skills – Your bargaining skills can determine whether or not you will land at the best price.

It’s always recommended to start at a price less than half the suggested price.

  • Frequent customer -Being a frequent customer builds trust and business bonds between you and your manufacturer.

This way, you also get to enjoy some benefits such as large discounts, design assistance, advice on certain matters among others.

Do Ladies Night Dress Manufacturers Have MOQ?

Yes, they do. MOQ is normally present in almost all manufacturers in China.

The main reason behind this is for manufacturers to determine their break-even point and avoid losing money.

Will Ladies Night Dress Manufacturers Offer Sample Products?

Ladies’ night dress manufacturers are always willing to offer samples upon request.

If so you are planning to make bulk purchases, requesting a sample is always a good idea to help you in making your final decision making.

Do Ladies Night Dress Manufacturers Have a Product Return Policy?

Yes. Ladies’ night dress manufacturers have product return policies in place which may apply when needed.

Which Payment Terms Do Ladies Night Dress Manufacturers Accept?

Generally, there are several payment methods accepted by ladies’ night dress manufacturers. Some of these payment terms are not limited to;

  • PayPal – PayPal is considered one of the safest methods to use when making an international payment.

However, the high amount of fees involved discourages some manufacturers from accepting this payment method.

The higher the transaction the higher the fees.

  • International Credit cards -Credit cards are a big target for scammers and therefore they are not as safe.

Additionally, some Chinese manufacturers shy away from international credit cards owing to the poor payment infrastructure, especially for US credit cards.

  • Western Union – It’s difficult to trace money sent via Western Union and thus most fraudsters use this platform to defraud importers.

This explains why legit manufacturers do not accept Western Union.

Nonetheless, it used to be the best option back then before technological advancements.

  • Online escrow – Online escrow is suitable for small transactions.

Once you make your payment, the money is held by a third party until you receive your goods.

  • Telegraphic transfer -Most manufacturers in China accept payment via telegraphic transfers. This is because of the lower risks involved on their end since most will accept deposits beforehand.

When doing low to medium-sized transactions, using telegraphic transfers would be ideal.

  • Cash payment – In as much as most manufacturers accept it, you need to understand that the importer will always be at a higher risk when payment through cash.

Once payment is made, it’s difficult to recover it if by chance you’re dissatisfied with your night dresses.

  • Letter of Credit – Letter of credit is ideal when making big transactions.

The best bit is that it poses zero risks either to the importer or the manufacturer.

Will Ladies Night Dress Manufacturers Protect My Designs?

The sad truth that most importers don’t know is that it’s perfectly legal for Chinese manufacturers to copy your designs.

Well, at least to some extent that I am about to explain to you.

Most Chinese manufacturers will do that and the best way to counter this would be through;

  • Registering your IP rights in China e.g., Patents and Trademarks
  • Having a contract between you and your manufacturer e.g. NNN (Non-Disclosure Non-Use, Non- Circumvention.

The contract should outline how and where the dispute will be resolved.

It’s recommended to choose China as the place thus making it way easier to execute the contract.

  • Avoid sending quotes to several manufacturers.

The more you send your quote to many manufacturers the higher the chances of your design being copied.

  • Work with professionals that will assist in protecting your IP before dealing with manufacturers.
What Are The Available Sizes Of Ladies Night Dress?

Ladies’ night dresses come in a variety of sizes to suit different types of bodies.

Generally, as you would expect, the main types of sizes include; Small(S), Large (L), Extra Large (XL), and Extra Extra Large (XXL).

At the end of the day, you are looking to provide your customers with a variety of sizes that also expand your sales.

How Should You Choose Right Colours For Ladies Night Dress?

Nighties should be the most comfortable wears and choosing a nightie with the right color contributes to comfiness and good sleep.

Going with colors and styles that are likely to be accepted by most is the key.

For any type of nighties, sticking to neutrals or pastel shades colors are suitable.

How Should Ladies Night Dress Fit?

Ladies’ nightdresses should not be body-hugging but loose, breathable, and comfortable.

Not only can a tight-fitting night dress cause sweating but also affects blood circulation and makes it difficult to switch sides while sleeping.

Do Ladies Night Dress Manufacturer In China Help In Branding And Packaging?

Yes, most if not all night dress manufacturers in China can assist you with the branding and packaging of your products.

You are more than likely to spend less if you have your ladies’ night dresses branded and packaged in China as compared to other regions.

This also saves time and facilitates efficiency in your business.

So be sure to enquire about such services with your manufacturer and negotiate on the terms before production commences.

Do Affordable Ladies Night Dresses From China Imply Low Quality?

No. The truth of the matter is that most people don’t realize that the big brands globally also have their manufacturing done in China.

What this should tell you is that you can easily get high-quality and affordable night dresses from China.

By conducting proper research and working with the right people, you can easily get exactly what you want from China.

Don’t get me wrong, like any other market, low-quality items also exist in the Chinese market.

You have to single out the best manufacturers to get out with quality products.

At the end of the day, you are looking to provide your customers with quality items that will bring them back.

Does Weather Determine Type Of Ladies Night Dress Design?

figure 6 cold season ladies night dress

Cold season ladies’ nightdress.

Yes, it does. Some ladies’ night dress designs are well suited for certain weather conditions.

For instance, wearing a short, lace nightdress wouldn’t be comfortable during cold seasons. The materials used as well as the design of the nightdress are the two most important factors to consider when buying night dresses for different kinds of weather.

How Should You Clean Ladies Night Dresses?

The type of fabric used will determine the cleaning method to use on your night dresses.

The label code on the nightdress provides information on how you should clean the nightdress.

That said, nightdresses made from fabrics such as cotton voile or silk would be suitable for dry cleaning.

Very delicate or lightweight fabrics need to be hand-washed to avoid wear and tear.

What Are The Available Collar Options For Ladies Night Dress?

There are different types of collars and different ladies’ nightdresses have different collars. Below are some available collar options for ladies nightdresses;

  • Shawl collar
  • Cowl collar
  • Flat collar
  • Notched collar
  • Peter pan collar
  • Sailor collar
  • Mandarin collar
  • Clover reverse collar
  • Albany collar
What Are The Available Sleeve Options For Ladies Night Dress?

Yes. There are different sleeves options for different types of ladies’ night dresses. Some of these sleeves are not limited to;

  • Regular sleeve
  • Raglan sleeve
  • Petal sleeve
  • Cape sleeve
  • Strapped sleeve
  • Off-shoulder sleeve
  • Puff sleeve
  • Sheer sleeves
  • Bishop sleeve
  • Batwing sleeves
How Do Ladies Night Dress Manufacturers Support Small Businesses?

Ladies’ night dress manufacturers offer support to small businesses via a couple of ways such as;

  • Offering discounts – Chinese manufacturers offer discounts not only to large-scale businesses but also small businesses thus facilitating the growth of small businesses.
  • Reducing the MOQ of night dresses – Every manufacturer has a minimum order quantity (MOQ) for their products.

While some products might require a huge number of purchases, manufacturers see to it that there are options to favor small businesses too which often don’t make very bulky purchases.

  • Providing a variety of payment methods suitable for both small and large businesses – Some payment methods are known to only benefit large businesses and therefore having a single payment method of such kind would lock out small businesses.

However, most ladies’ night dress manufacturers understand this and so they provide a variety of payment options to suit both parties.

  • Offering customization services to small businesses – If you thought customization would only apply to large businesses, let me give you clarity.

Manufacturers more so Chinese manufacturers offer customization services to all types of businesses regardless of the size.

This allows small night dress businesses to effectively compete in the market with the big fish.

  • Advice – While this might not apply to all manufacturers, some great night dress manufacturers are always willing to advise accordingly regarding your merchandise.

This might be before or during the manufacturing process and they could assist you to solve some unforeseen problems.

As a leading ladies’ nightdress manufacturer, you can count on us for all your urgent orders at affordable prices – contact us now.

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