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Ladies Heavy Viscose Crepe Jumpsuit
Ladies Heavy Viscose Crepe Jumpsuit
Ladies Knitting Modal Sand Washing Suit Top Jumpsuit
Ladies Knitting Modal Sand Washing Suit Top Jumpsuit
Ladies Light Poly Silky Jaquard Jumpsuit
Ladies Light Poly Silky Jaquard Jumpsuit
Ladies Long Sleeves Cotton Jaquard Overall
Ladies Long Sleeves Cotton Jaquard Overall
Ladies Woven Cupro Fashion Jumpsuit
Ladies Woven Cupro Fashion Jumpsuit
Ladies Woven Modal Long Sleeves Overall
Ladies Woven Modal Long Sleeves Overall

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We are H&Fourwing one of top fashion ladies jumpsuits manufacturer in China with over 15 years women clothing manufacturing experience.

We focus on middle to high-end brands and private labels, design stylish and wholesale ladies jumpsuits.

High quality is our mission and life. We do a full package service for our clients, from fabric & accessories sourcing, style designing. Bulk-producing and production shipping.

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    How to get touch with a good ladies jumpsuit factory?  It’s not easy for all ladies jumpsuits manufacturer to well understand this fitting. And not all the brands will do jumpsuits.

    A good ladies jumpsuits manufacturer has to understand well the clients marketing.

    For example, buyer from korea, and buyer from Brazil, the fitting request is totally different.

    Brazilian’s hip is more chubbiness than Korean.

    So ladies jumpsuit manufacturer’s pattern maker must understand how to adjust the front & back rises to get comfortable fitting for the styles and it’s very important for designer to select right quality for a ladies jumpsuit.

    H&Fourwing is here for you to be your best professional ladies jumpsuits manufacturer supplier in China。

    Ladies jumpsuits is good for any occasion for you life, if you know how to select the right professional jumpsuit style. The most popular style is Jeans jumpsuit with a white Tee inside.

    When a young lady with it to have date with friends to country side, and play her gita with her long hair, during the sunset moment, such a charming view and girl. Such a charming weekend style ladies jumpsuits can be your office and party styles also, in a autumn morning, you can wear a V neck long fitness backless ladies jumpsuit style with a short coat to work.

    After working, you can take off your coat to enjoy your party time.  and a light cotton or viscose oversize all over print ladies jumpsuit will be a good option for beachwear style for your holiday.

    Every woman can be a modal if you know how to dress yourself up. We will be your custom made jumpsuit supplier in China.

    We well understand ladies jumpsuits fabric quality, and style design.

    Bulk producing and daily communicating. And we are indeed care about your brand.

    If there is any foreseeable problem, we will always discuss with our client, or give better options solution.

    We do only custom making order and contract manufacturing for our ladies jumpsuits.

    If you are a brand, or private label, and under looking for your custom jumpsuit wholesale clothing.

    We are your best ladies jumpsuits factory and supplier for your business, pls, send us instant inquiry now. we will be your best reliable ladies jumpsuits manufacturer partner in China.

    Jumpsuits Manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    Whether you are looking for jumpsuit manufacturer or, you’d like to buy jumpsuits, this guide has a perfect solution for you.

    Keep reading to learn more.

    What is a Jumpsuit?

    jumpsuit is a piece of garment that incorporates a trouser, top, and sleeves in one.

    It can be worn either officially, as a fashion item, uniform, or as a protective garment.

    What are the Types of Jumpsuits?

    Jumpsuits come in different shapes, designs, and sizes.

    The different types of jumpsuits depend on the uses of the jumpsuit by the wearer.

    Some of the different types of jumpsuits include:

    1. High slit jumpsuit
    2. Overall pant jumpsuit
    3. Skinny jumpsuit
    4. Tank jumpsuit
    5. Skirt overlay jumpsuit
    6. Maxi jumpsuit
    7. Corset jumpsuit
    8. Shirt collar jumpsuit
    9. One-shoulder jumpsuit
    10. Dress jumpsuit
    11. Blazer
    12. Boiler
    13. Flared
    14. Shirt jumpsuits

    How much does Jumpsuit Cost?

    Jumpsuits vary in price depending on the price, design, size, and shape of the jumpsuits.

    Formal jumpsuits tend to be more expensive than informal ones.

    The jumpsuits also vary in price depending on the manufacturer and the material used.

    Depending on the above factors, the price of jumpsuits can range as low as $2 to as high as $100.

    What Determines Price of Jumpsuits?

    The following factors determine the price of jumpsuits.

    1. Design: the design of the jumpsuits determines its price, complex designs tend to cost more than plain or simple designs.
    2. The material used: jumpsuits made from cotton are expensive than those made from resin or wool.
    3. Custom made: custom made jumpsuits are expensive than those from manufacturer designs and patterns.
    4. Manufacturer: jumpsuits ordered direct from the manufacturer are cheaper than those bought from retailers.
    5. Bulk buying: buying jumpsuits in bulk is cheaper retail buying.

    Why Import from Jumpsuits Manufacturers in China?

    Importing Jumpsuits from China comes with many incentives.

    Some of the many incentives include:

    1. Setting MOQs: MOQs guide small jumpsuit businesses on what to order and on the right quantities to purchase.
    2. Flexible payments: many of Chinese jumpsuit manufacturers have flexible payments for buyers.
    3. Different designs: they offer a wide range of designs that enable the small jumpsuit businesses to have a variety.
    4. Shipping: many of the manufacturers organize shipment of small jumpsuit businesses to wherever they are.
    5. After-sale policies/service: some of the manufacturers have return policies and follow up on their products.
    6. Customizations: manufacturers allow your product customizations and designs.

     What are the Features of Jumpsuits?

    Although jumpsuits come in different shapes and sizes, they have some common features that cut across all the designs.

    Common features of a jumpsuit include:

    • Sleeves/straps: these hold the jumpsuit in place at the shoulders.
    • One piece: This is material or fabric that makes the jumpsuit.
    • Extremely versatile: this is the thigh or leg area of the jumpsuit.
    • Drapes: it’s the waist area of the jumpsuit.
    • Leg: this is the trouser part of a jumpsuit.

    How do you Manufacture Jumpsuits?

    There are several ways of manufacturing jumpsuits.

    We use the highest technology advancement which produces jumpsuits that are exact to the measurements of the designer.

    The experiences of the manufacturer also give them a niche in the market.

    The manufacturing process involved in production entails:

    • Pattern making: Using the client’s designs or our designs, we fit the designs in computer software which will be used to cut the exact patterns.
    • Pattern cutting: this is usually done by a machine that cuts the patterns to the exact dimensions.
    • Fitting checking: the cut patterns are put into sets and fitted to prototypes to check on the measurements.
    • Sewing thread preparation: this is achieved by selecting threads that match the color pattern of the jumpsuits.
    • Fabric warehouse: this is where the jumpsuit fabrics are stored.
    • Fabric cutting: after selecting the right fabric from the warehouse, it is then machine cut to in precision following the patterns.
    • Production sewing: this involves sewing together the various sets of patterns to make a full jumpsuit.
    • Putting buttons: if there are jumpsuits that need buttons, there are worked on after the production sewing.
    • In-line inspection: this involves inspecting the quality of the jumpsuits as they are being produced in the production line.
    • Garment ironing: the jumpsuit is pressed to remove any creases that might have occurred during production.
    • Garment packing: the final product is packed ready for shipping.
    • Shipping: the product is shipped according to the client’s specifications.

    What is the MOQ for Jumpsuit Manufacturers in China?

    The minimum order quantity will depend on the manufacturers’ analysis and mostly there is no maximum MOQ.

    When determining MOQ for your jumpsuits, you should consider the following:

    a) Transportation costs: consider the cost of transporting your order from the manufacturer before meeting the manufacturer’s MOQ.

    b) Margins and breakeven point: what are your profit margins? This should be considered before placing the jumpsuits order.

    c) Manufacturer’s profit: this should be put into consideration, the higher the manufacturer’s profits the higher the price of jumpsuits.

    d) Determining how many deliveries will be made per hour.

    e) Finally, the manufacturer will then calculate and set the MOQ.

    How do Jumpsuit Manufacturers Control Quality?

    Quality control is important in the production of any product.

    Jumpsuits undergo thorough quality checks before being released to the market.

    Some of the quality standards and checks include:

    a) In-line and off-line inspections.

    b) The length, shape, and design are double-checked to be as comfortable as possible while the trouser length should be to the required length.

    c) Fabric quality: manufacturers take the fabric used to make the jumpsuits through various tests to ensure that the highest quality fabrics are the ones that make the jumpsuits.

    From the tests, they get the durability, drape, color, and conformance and also check for defects in the fabric.

    d) The waist is checked and also the various components

    e) The design pattern and fit are checked before the start of production.

    f) Performance such as wear, tear, and shrinkage is also checked.

    g) The inspection of the final product is also checked to determine the quality of the final product.

    What should you consider when buying from Jumpsuit Manufacturers in China?

    If you are buying in bulk, it is recommendable to buy directly from the manufacturer.

    You can import directly from the manufacturer or place your orders through China’s online buying platform Alibaba.

    China has a very good logistics infrastructure and can ship products in all corners of the word.

    It is also easy to make payment for your goods and tracking your order shipment.

    The garment industry in China is big and modernized capable of meeting any MOQ from customers all over the world.

    The above factors make it easy and favorable to import jumpsuits from the Chinese market.

    Are there Color Limitations for Jumpsuits?

    No, there are no color limitations for jumpsuits.

    You can get any color you want any if not available in the market, you can place a customized order to the manufacturer.

    What is the Best Material for Jumpsuits?

    Different Jumpsuits are made from different materials, fabric such as Batiste or cambric is the best material mostly used in jumpsuits and consists of cotton or cotton mix.

    Fabrics like cotton, linen, and wool are easy to sew but tend to be thick and stiff.

    Chiffon and satin are thin and slippery making them unsuitable to sew through.

    The style of the jumpsuit should also be put into consideration when choosing its material.

    Denim or a mix of it can be used to make very nice jumpsuits.

    Khaki jumpsuits are common especially in making jumpsuits meant for work.

    How should Jumpsuits Fit?

    There are several ways you can fit a jumpsuit especially depending on your body size and shape.

    Some of the considerations and ways to fit a jumpsuit include:

    • When buying a jumpsuit consider if it is for office wear or casual wear.
    • Choose either strapless or long-sleeved according to your taste.
    • Choose your waist size.
    • Loose or tight fit at the hips going down.
    • Type of shoes to accompany the jumpsuit.
    • If the jumpsuit requires a belt.
    • Jewelry accompanying the jumpsuit.

    What are the Advantages of Buying Jumpsuits Directly from Manufacturers in China?

    China’s garment industry has risen over the past years to be ranked among the top manufacturers in the market worldwide.

    The industry has invested greatly in manufacturing technology and pieces of training thus making its workforce perfect in stitching and assembling garments.

    Some of the reasons why you should import jumpsuits from China are:

    a) Many of the manufacturers have years of experience in the manufacturing of jumpsuits.

    b)Uniqueness: Manufacturers in China produce jumpsuits that are of their kind and in most cases not like any other jumpsuits.

    c) Price: most jumpsuits manufactured in China are relatively affordable unless one requires purchasing designer jumpsuits.

    d) Quality: manufacturers in China have highly skilled personnel and thus make high-quality jumpsuits that are firm and last for long periods.

    e) Quantity: most of the manufacturers in China sell in bulk, that is, one can purchase as many jumpsuits as one can afford. The jumpsuits manufacturers industry in China is very big and modernized capable of meeting any MOQ from customers all over the world.

    f) Variety to choose from: they provide a very wide range of jumpsuits where one can choose from and select that design that suits their preferences.

    g) Infrastructure: China manufacturers have very good logistics infrastructure and can ship products in all corners of the word.

    h) Payment: It is easy to pay for your goods using online banking systems established and you are also able to track your order shipment.

    What is the Turn-around Time for Jumpsuits Manufacturers in China?

    Turn-around time is the time between placing an order to the delivery of the order.

    Different manufacturers have different turnaround times for their jumpsuits depending on their MOQs, jumpsuit designs and patterns, and customization.

    Chinese jumpsuits manufacturers turn-around time averages 10 to 25 days.

    Are there Quality Standards for Jumpsuits?

    Jumpsuits should conform to the following quality standards:

    a) Appearance standards: Manufacturing techniques, fabric, and trim should coordinate together to produce a well-fitting and eye-catching jumpsuit.

    The weight of the fabric should be suited for the design of the jumpsuit.

    b) The finishing details should be in line with the jumpsuit design and it should look attractive both on and off the body.

    c) Construction standards: jumpsuit construction techniques should produce a finish or detail that is inconspicuous, functional, and long-lasting.

    What Payment Options do Jumpsuit Manufacturers Accept?

    There are many ways you can pay for your products in China.

    Chinese manufacturers accept a wide range of payment methods.

    Also, note that many manufacturers demand you pay a deposit before they commence production and you pay the rest after they complete production.

    So you need to be prepared to make two transactions to the manufacturers

    Some of the payment methods include:

    a) Wiring money straight to the manufacturer through an international transfer.

    b) You can open an account in China and make a local transaction.

    c) There is also ALIPAY or Alibaba Trade Assurance.

    d) You can use a broker.

    e) Transfer funds via western union.

    f) You can also use PayPal.

    What Determines the Length of Jumpsuits?

    Jumpsuits are cool but obtaining the correct length is tricky and choosing the right fit is crucial.

    Different designs will call for different lengths as elaborated below:

    i. For casual occasions, you should choose a relaxed fit jumpsuit that has a gathered waist.

    ii. For dressier events, you should go for a tailored jumpsuit.

    iii. When you are going for a cropped length jumpsuit, you should choose on that reaches the ankle.

    iv. When you are wearing a full-length jumpsuit, you should select a straight or wide-legged style and put into consideration the hem length. The hem length should reach the top of your feet.

    v. Always shop for a jumpsuit that fits the length of your torso so that it is comfortable.

    vi. Wearing the right pair of shoes with your jumpsuit is also very essential.

    What are the Benefits of Buying Premade Jumpsuits?

    Benefits of premade jumpsuits include:

    I. Cost: apart from designer jumpsuits, most premade jumpsuits are quite affordable.

    II. Excellent Fit: premade jumpsuits fit the body perfectly.

    III. Alteration: depending on your size, you can always alter premade jumpsuits to your needs. For example, if you gain weight, there are margins inside the jumpsuit where you can loosen the jumpsuit to fit.

    IV. Can be shared: premade jumpsuits can be worn by more than one woman so long as they are of the same body type.

    V. Color match: most of the basic colors of premade jumpsuits can be easily matched or paired with coats or blazers.

    VI. Materials: most of the premade jumpsuits are made from stretchy material thus fits the body well without making an individual feel uncomfortable.

    VII. Durability: premade jumpsuits are of high quality therefore stay for a long time.

    VIII. Timesaving: premade jumpsuits saves on the time needed to create a jumpsuit from scratch.

    IX. Variety and choice: premade jumpsuits provide a wide range of blouses to select from and decide what suits you.

    How does Body Size Determines Jumpsuit Design?

    The body size is determined by so many factors such as genetics, lifestyle, and age.

    A woman’s body size is established by taking measurements of the bust, waist, and hips.

    Body size greatly determines what type of jumpsuits different women should wear.

    There are perfect jumpsuit designs for each body size as shown below:

    • Petite body size: if you are petite you should wear a wide-legged jumpsuit, long and floor-length jumpsuit, or off-shoulder.
    • Thin to medium size: for this size, one may wear a one-piece jumpsuit, wide-legged jumpsuit, strapless jumpsuit, or one-shoulder jumpsuit.
    • Hourglass size: for an hourglass shape, you may wear a long and floor-length jumpsuit, sequin jumpsuit, stylish tube, or lace jumpsuit.
    • Curvy: if you are curvy you may wear tight jumpsuits, party jumpsuit

    Depending on the occasion, you can decide the variation of jumpsuits available.

    What is the Difference between Jumpsuit and Pantsuit?

    Some of the differences between a jumpsuit and a pantsuit include:

    a) A jumpsuit consists of a blouse or shirt with an attached trouser while a pantsuit consists of pants and a matching coat or jacket.

    b) A jumpsuit is a one-piece garment while a pantsuit comprises of two matching outfits.

    What are the Trending Jumpsuit Styles and Designs?

    Trending jumpsuit designs include:

    1. Fancy designer jumpsuits: this is for those women who like the elegant style and classy vibe.
    2. One-piece jumpsuit: this is suitable for those women who like it casual.
    3. Women wide-leg jumpsuit: this is best suited for the petite and thin figure women.
    4. Long and floor-length jumpsuit: it is perfect attire for casual dining occasions.
    5. Sequin jumpsuit for parties: it is suitable for parties and night events.
    6. Fancy and trending jumpsuit: this is suitable for fancy events and occasions.
    7. Winter and cozy jumpsuit: it is an all winter jumpsuit for women.
    8. Hot and sizzling backless jumpsuit: this jumpsuit is well suited for a formal corporate party or any other event that will make one look bold and sexy.
    9. Off-shoulder jumpsuit: this is a super cool, trend for those women who love to experiment with new trends.
    10. Jumpsuit for a beach vacation: this is a definite outfit for exotic beach occasions.
    11. Stylish tube jumpsuit: it is a perfect jumpsuit for women who love to have a piece that shows off their curves well.
    12. Evening jumpsuit: it is a perfect trend for those women who have evening parties and occasions.
    13. One-shoulder jumpsuit: it is a trend for women who love to keep it stylish and simple.
    14. Fuchsia palazzo jumpsuit: it is suitable to wear for an outing.

    What are the Features of Women Wide Leg Jumpsuit?

    A wide-leg jumpsuit is a current trend in most women.

    It resembles a skirt when one stands up because of the flares of the wide stitched leg.

    The wide-leg jumpsuit is well suited for women with a petite and thin figure.

    Features of a wide-legged jumpsuit include:

    • Fabric: most wide-legged jumpsuits are made from linen.
    • Occasion: wide-legged jumpsuits are suitable for parties
    • Body type: They are suitable for petite and thin to medium figure women.
    • Style tip: wide-legged jumpsuits should be worn with heels and the hair should be left loose.
    • Wide-legged jumpsuits should always be hand washed due to the type of fabric.

    What are the Available Jumpsuit Sizes?

    Jumpsuits are available in six different sizes namely, small, medium, large, X-large, 2X, and 3X.

    Jumpsuits waist positions will always vary depending on the design a client prefers and the body type that is a petite, curve, maternity, or tall.

    To choose the correct size measurements must be taken as follows:

    1. Bust: you should measure around the fullest part
    2. Waist: you should measure around the natural waistline
    3. Hips: take measurement 20 cm down from the natural waistline.

    What is the difference between Jumpsuit and Romper?

    Jumpsuits and rompers are trending and therefore have minimal differences which include:

    • A jumpsuit is a one-piece garment consisting of a blouse or shirt with an attached trouser while a romper is a loose one-piece garment combining a shirt or a blouse and shorts, bloomer-like pants.
    • A romper is comprised of short pants or sleeves while a jumpsuit comprises of long pants and long sleeves.
    • Jumpsuits are available in different shapes and types that can be worn for many different occasions while rompers are majorly suitable for beachwear, Longwear, and casual mornings.
    • Jumpsuits are mostly made from heavy material like velvet, corduroy, denim, linen fabric, and even wool blends while rompers are from a lightweight material like silk and chiffon.

    What is the Best Weather for Wearing Jumpsuits?

    Depending on the style of the jumpsuit, different jumpsuits are suited for different seasons.

    Jumpsuits with long sleeves can be worn in winter while pairing them with a coat or denim jacket.

    Those jumpsuits that are sleeveless, one shoulder, halter neck, and off-shoulder can be comfortably worn in summer.

    For all your jumpsuit imports, you can count on H&Fourwing.

    We offer competitive prices and guarantee high quality jumpsuits – contact us now for inquiries.

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