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We are H&Fourwing a professional ladies’ jackets manufacturer in China with over 15 years of experience. We focus on middle to high-end brands and private labels, design stylist custom-making orders, and just do contract manufacturing base to orders. Quality is our company life, high quality is our mission. we do 100%( full) inspection for all of our productions.

  • Strong fabric and accessories sourcing team
  • Design team manufacturer to co-cooperate with clients
  • We do 100% full inspection for our products, high quality is our mission.
  • Fast reaction is our daily working for all of our clients,
  • Never leave the thing to tomorrow is our service.

One Stop Solution ladies Tops Manufacturer in China

The design team always collect new trends from WGSN, fashion show, or travel to Hong Kong, Japan, the EU, and New York to close work with our customers. We have two factories, one is knitting ladies jackets and blazers, another is woven ladies jackets and coats. The advantage is all kinds of lightweight knitting & woven styles ladies jackets & blazers and coats. The monthly capacity is 80000pcs/month for the knitting factory. And 30000pcs/month for woven factory.

Lightweight Knit And Woven Fancy Jackets Styles

Our ladies jacket manufacturer is mainly in lightweight knit and woven fancy jackets styles. ladies jackets can be made of a lot kind of different qualities. Like linen, cotton, lyocell, Tencel, modal, cupro, viscose, polyester & leather, and these kinds of quality blending quality.

Lightweight Knit And Woven Fancy Jackets Styles (2)
Differen Types of Lady Jackets Rocket Your Business

Differen Types of Lady Jackets Rocket Your Business

When we talk about ladies’ jackets/coats, believe all of us will dream to have a Burberry khaki middle long cotton coat when we are still little girls.

Ladies’ jackets are very popular for office ladies. you can have a dress inside, then a coat cover outside. A nice jacket /coat is also very attractive for party styles, just wear it like a dress jacket.

And for the weekend ladies, jackets suggest trying some knitting style, like cotton stripe ladies blazer is very comfortable for your weekend.

Regarding beachwear, we rarely wear a jacket. But we have another name for the outer cover piece is kaftan/ caftan or cardigan. Middle long to cover outside your bikini when you go to the beach to enjoy your vacation.

We do a full package service and sensitive business relationship.

H&Fourwing Your Premire Lady Jackets Manufacturer

Our MOQ is 300pcs/color/style if you can use the same quality to make a different style to be a small group to share the fabric MOQ, some style you only can do 200pcs/color/style, but some you would like to buy more, it works for us too. We only do custom-making orders and contract manufacturing.

If your brand, private label, or you are a design stylist are under looking for a jackets manufacturer, blazer manufacturer, or ladies’ night suit manufacturer, Contact us now. let’s be your stratagem partner ladies jackets manufacturer in China, no matter you are in your retail brand or boutique business, or you are in the wholesale business. we will be your first choice for women’s clothing ladies’ jackets supplier in China.

H&Fourwing Your Premire Lady Jackets Manufacturer
Jackets Manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you’re probably looking for a reliable ladies’ jackets manufacturer.

Or, you’d like to get high-quality jackets for women.

That’s why this guide provides useful information that will help you get high-quality jackets.

Keep reading to learn more.

How do you Manufacture Ladies Jackets?

Ladies’ jackets are manufactured more or the same way just like other garments such as tops, jumpsuits, skirts, pants, shorts, and blouses.

The process is usually fully automated from the design process to the packaging.

The manufacturing process of ladies’ jackets involves:

Ladies Tops

Ladies jacket

a) Design and patterns: before any production starts, you should be able to know what kind of ladies jacket you want. You should come up with the design first.

b) Sorting and digitizing: after you have made your patterns and designs, the manufacturer will digitize them to make production much easier and fast.

c) Lay plan: this involves using the digital patterns to measure the size of the material to be used in making the ladies’ jackets. It calculates material efficiency and minimizes wastage.

d) Cutting the fabric: after layout, the material is cut according to the patterns fed into the system. It is usually done by computerized machines.

e) Making sets: this involves arranging the cut fabric in sets ready to be attached.

f) Colors and trims: after putting the fabric insets, you choose the correct thread color matching the fabric and other fixtures such as zips, buttons, and other accessories.

g) Adjusting the machinery: the manufacturer then adjusts the machine to fit the patterns and designs of the garment.

h) Sewing: the different pieces arranged in sets are sewn together.

i) Finishing: the manufacturer checks the final product and compares it against your designs. If satisfied, you can pick your jacket.

What is the Best Fabric for Ladies Jackets?

There are a variety of fabric materials for jackets depending on the client’s preferences.

Some of the best fabric for jackets includes wool, shearling, cashmere, leather, polyester, cotton, nylon, and fleece.

What is the difference between Men Jacket and Ladies Jackets?

The major differences between men jackets and ladies’ jackets include:

Ladies Tops

Men jacket

 Ladies Tops

Ladies jacket

  • The shoulders and backs in Men’s jackets are broader to accommodate larger upper bodies whereas the shoulders and backs in ladies’ jackets are generously cut.
  • The sleeves in men’s jackets are longer as compared to those of ladies’ jackets.
  • The waist in ladies’ jackets is synched in as compared to that of men jackets.
How do you print on Ladies Jackets?

There are a variety of printing techniques that can be used on jackets, but it is recommended to buy an already printed jacket from the manufacturer.

Using substandard prints may affect the integrity of the jacket by speeding wear and tear.

If you decide to print your jacket, follow these simple Techniques in printing your jacket:

  • Transfer printing: it involves using an already engraved plate and pressing it on your jacket. The engraving is what you want to be printed on your jacket.
  • Screen printing: this involves using a printed mesh to print on your jacket. The mesh works by transferring ink on to your jacket.
  • Digital textile printing: This is a bit costly and it works by using inkjet to print on your jacket. It is a bit costly compared to the other printing methods. It gives neat and clear prints and it is highly recommended.
  • Engraved roller printing: this is used in printing large quantities of jackets and mainly used by the manufacturers.
  • Stencil printing: this is one of the easiest ways of printing. It involves cutting shapes, letters, or anything you wish on a piece of paper or plastic then pouring ink and engraving the image on your jacket.
  • Block printing: This involves stamping images on your jacket.
  • Spray printing: mainly used in large printing industries and involves mechanized spraying of ink on fabrics.
  • Heat/ thermal transfer: involves heating prints onto the fabric.
  • Sublimation: it is a costly method to use because it needs an additional assortment of machines.
  • Photo printing: this involves simply coating an image on your jacket.
What is the Turnaround Time for ladies’ Jackets Manufacturing Process?

The manufacturing of ladies’ jackets is fully automated thus the turnaround time from the cutting of the fabric to the final product can take a single day.

Customized lady’s jackets usually require a longer turnaround time because the manufacturer will have to adjust their machines for production.

What are there Trending Ladies Jacket Designs?

Trending ladies jacket designs include:

i. Bomber jacket: this has been the go-to jacket for most people for a very long period. Bomber jackets have been around since the Second World War and this makes it classic and dashing.

ii. Leather jacket: most women opt for a leather jacket to achieve an edger look. Leather jackets are perfect for a casual outfit or parties.

iii. Denim jacket: this is very versatile as it can be paired with almost every outfit be it casual or party wear.

iv. Hoodie: hoodie makes women wearing it to look younger and sporty. It can be worn on occasions such as getaway, meetings, and sporting events.

v. Quilted jacket: this jacket is suitable for the outdoors. Quilt jackets are not Plain but come in a variety of vibrant colors.

vi. Puffer jacket: this jacket is mostly worn by women with the idea to hide their weight. It is made from light material which makes it easy to carry and comes in many colors and lengths.

vii. Linen jacket: These jackets are specifically designed to be worn in the scorching summer heat because linen is light and comfortable to wear.

viii. Cropped jacket: also growing in popularity

ix. Drawstring jacket: usually have a string that can be tied and adjusted at the center.

x. Wool jacket: mainly worn in cold weather.

xi. Barbour: mainly come in two designs, waxed cotton and quilted.

xii. Parka Jacket: one of the trending jackets right now

What Features should you look for in Ladies Jackets?

Some of the features to look in ladies jackets include:

  • Formality: if the jackets are formal or informal.
  • Weather: the type of jacket should correspond to the weather. Woolen jackets are mostly worn in cold weather.
  • The material used: lighter jackets made from lighter material are mainly worn in warm weather.
  • Design and pattern: the various designs and patterns will determine if the jacket is for formal or informal occasions.
  • Price: buy jackets you can afford.
Do Women Jackets Manufacturers help in Shipping?

Yes, some of the women jackets manufacturers help in shipping while others require you to organize your shipments.

It is prudent you communicate with your manufacturer about shipment costs before placing your orders.

What is the difference between Women Coat and Ladies Jackets?

Coats are made from slightly lighter material and longer than a jacket.

On the other hand, a jacket is made of much stronger material and it is shorter than a coat.

Jackets mostly end at the waist while a coat usually goes up to your knees or thighs.

Do Ladies Jackets Manufacturers have Flexible MOQ?

It depends on the manufacturer; MOQ is the minimum order quantity and guides buyers on the amount or quantity of products to order.

It is set by manufacturers to guide buyers on quantities to order.

Buyers need to follow manufacturers MOQ to save on costs associated with smaller orders that do not meet the MOQ.

Will Ladies Jackets Manufacturers help in Design Work?

Ladies Tops

 Ladies jacket design template

Yes, upon request, ladies’ jacket manufacturers will help out with design work and patterns.

You only need to share your idea with them or share your sample designs for them to finish off.

You can also buy ready-made jackets from the manufacturer’s design collections.

Is there a difference between Ladies Jackets and Ladies Sweaters?

Yes, there is a difference between ladies’ jackets and ladies’ sweaters.

A sweater is a knitted garment that is a bit much heavier than a jacket.

A jacket is lighter and less insulating than a sweater. Both sweaters and jackets are worn on the upper body.

How do Women Jackets Manufacturer Control Quality?

Quality control starts from design conception to the final products.

Some of the quality control steps a jacket undergoes in the manufacturing process include:

a) In-line and off-line inspections.

b) The length, shape, and design are double-checked to be as comfortable as possible while the top length and width should be to the required specifications.

c) Fabric quality: manufacturers take the fabric used to make the tops through various tests to ensure that the highest quality fabrics are the ones that make the jackets.

From the tests, they get the durability, drape, color, and conformance and also check for defects in the fabric.

d) The design pattern and fit are checked before the start of production.

e) Performance such as wear, tear, and shrinkage is also checked.

f) The inspection of the final product is also checked to determine the quality of the final product.

What Payment Terms do Women Jacket Manufacturers Accept?

Women jacket manufactures accept several payment methods from buyers, the payment methods include:

  • Wiring money straight to the manufacturer through an international transfer.
  • You can open an account in China and make a local transaction.
  • There is also ALIPAY or Alibaba Trade Assurance.
  • You can use a broker.
  • Transfer funds via western union.
  • You can also use PayPal.
Is there a difference between Ladies Jackets and Ladies Hoodies?

There is not much difference between ladies’ jackets and ladies hoodies save for the fact that hoodies are made from a bit heavier materials than jackets.

Ladies Tops

Ladies hoodie

Ladies Tops

Ladies crop jacket

What is the Ladies Jackets Manufacturers Sample Policy?

All goods must be delivered following the purchase order in China. Samples will be issued depending on the purchase order.

Manufacturers offer samples only after the buyer has placed a purchase order.

Do Women Jacket Manufacturers have Product Return Policy?

Product return policy varies from one manufacturer to another depending on the agreement with the buyer.

What are the Available Sizes of Ladies Jackets?

You can find jackets sizes for all the sizes and shapes you need.

If a size is unavailable, you can order the manufacturer to custom make for you.

The sizes also depend on the country where they are sold.

You can get jackets labeled US size, UK, Germany, or Italy sizes.

Also, you can get others labeled as S- Small, M- Medium, L- Large, and XL for extra-large, etc.

How much do Ladies Jackets Cost?

Ladies’ jackets have different price ranges dependent on different features such as embroidery, design, the material used, and color.

The material used on the jackets will also determine the price of the jacket.

Jackets manufactured using Cotton, leather, shearling, or woolen fabrics will be more expensive than those made from polyester, fleece, and nylon fabrics.

Most manufacturers will also factor in the production costs before coming up with the final prices of the various designs of the jackets.

Depending on the above factors and including transportation and other hidden costs from the retailer a blouse may cost from as low as $3 to as much as $1000.

Note that the design and brand of the jacket are also factored in.

How do you get the Best Prices from Women Jacket Manufacturers?

To get the best prices from women jacket manufacturers you should consider the following:

  • If the manufacturer’s prices are inclusive of shipping costs.
  • Do thorough market research on the different manufacturers and choose the best that suits your needs.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s MOQ guidelines or contact them in case of any negotiations.
  • Consider the manufacturer’s turnaround time to plan your shipment and avoid warehousing costs.
  • Also factor in the payment methods available and choose a cost-effective method of payment.
What are the Collar Options for Ladies Jackets?

The collar is part of a jacket that closes around the neck securely.

There are different types of collars for ladies’ blouses which include:

Ladies Tops

Collar options for ladies jackets

  1. Standing or stand-up collar: it is a type of collar that fits up to around the neck with a stiff standing band and it does not lie on the shoulders. It is also referred to as a mandarin collar, band collar, or choker collar.
  2. Turnover collar: it is a type of collar that stands around the neck and then folds or rolls over.
  3. Flat or falling collar: it is a type of collar which lies flat on the shoulders. Types of flat collars include peter pan collars and shawl collar.
How do you Customize Ladies Jackets?

Jacket manufacturers offer custom designs by providing a wide variety of designs for a jacket option for a woman to select from.

Most manufacturers have software for custom designs where they interact with clients to produce their required custom designs.

Custom designs are achieved through a series of steps which include:

  1. Selection of design: you can opt for the custom design jacket by highlighting the specifications of choice on the product detail page.
  2. Provision of all necessary details: once the selection of design has been made, clients enter all the required details and the manufacturer contacts them according to the appointments.
  3. Getting custom design jacket recommendations: based on the style profile provided, designers of the manufacturer then send about six to eight different designer jacket patterns for the client to choose from.
  4. Selection of favorite option: upon selection, clients can revert their preferred choice, and in case one has any doubts about the chosen jacket design, they can get them clarified with the manufacturer’s designers.
  5. Approval of design: The designers will then get back to the client with a final design after putting into consideration the requirements such as embroidery, embellishments, or extra frills.
  6. Quality check: based on the customization that the client has selected, the manufacturer’s team of highly experienced and skilled tailors will begin to make the jacket according to the client’s specifications.
What Type of Ladies Jackets do you have?

Some of the available women jackets include a leather jacket, denim jacket, blazer, pea coat, parka or puffer jacket, and trench coats.

How do you Choose Embroidered Jackets for Ladies?

Embroidery involves putting initials or logos for decoration or information purposes.

It can also involve decorating elegant patterns on the garments.

You can factor in the following when choosing embroidered jackets for ladies:

  • Color retention: It makes the jacket remain with its original color throughout its lifetime.
  • Embroidery makes the jackets appear very beautiful as it enhances the appearance by incorporating items such as pearls and beads together with different thread or yarn colors.
  • Durability: the thread used to embroider the jackets makes them strong to withstand any pressure administered to them such as through washing thus increasing their lifetime.
  • Uniqueness: Embroidery makes each jacket have its distinctive appearance from another.
What are the Features of the Women Waterproof Jacket?

Some of the features of waterproof jackets include:

  • Usually designed according to the activity they will be used in such as hiking, skiing, or mountain hiking
  • Use stiffer fabrics.
  • Balance waterproof capabilities with breathability.
  • Most have two or three layers with the outmost layer being waterproof.
  • Most of the waterproof jackets have hoods.
  • Drawcords at the waist for proper fitting. Dropped hem
  • Vented pits for self-ventilation.
How much Duty will you Pay to Import Ladies Jackets from China?

The taxes and import duties in China are manageable thus encouraging people to import more from China.

VAT on imported goods in China varies from 9% to 13%.

In short, there are many factors you should consider when choosing a ladies’ jackets manufacturer.

For any inquiries or queries about jackets for women, contact H & Fourwing team now.

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