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Woman Vintage Floral Tops
Woman Vintage Floral Tops

H&Fourwing offers OEM services including custom design and attaching clients’ own labels. We also accept customize size charts for the size guide of your women’s vintage floral top order.

Retro Swing Casual Vintage Dresses
Retro Swing Casual Vintage Dresses

H&FourWing offers high-quality retro-swing casual vintage dresses. We have a complete quality management system and an experienced work team to fabricate retro-swing casual vintage dresses.

Wholesale Ladies Garment
Wholesale Ladies Garment

We can wholesale ladies’ garments that are made from 100% cotton. We have different styles of ladies’ garment, which is water-soluble and eco-friendly.

Plus-Size Women's Garments
Plus-Size Women's Garments

H&FourWing can manufacture the latest styles of plus-size women’s garments. It can be retro, simple, casual, or elegant. We offer low MOQ from 30 pieces to support your business.

Ladies Garments for Summer
Ladies Garments for Summer

Our ladies’ garments for summer feature anti-wrinkle, anti-static, sustainable, and breathable. We can support your business by providing low MOQ from 300 pieces.

Latest Women’s Garments
Latest Women’s Garments

We offer the widest range of women’s garments with the latest designs. H&FourWing offers OEM custom service to support your brand.

African Clothing Ladies Fancy Garments
African Clothing Ladies Fancy Garments

H&FourWing African clothing ladies fancy garments are guaranteed 100% cotton with printed design. Actually, we can custom your ideal African clothing ladies fancy garments styles. We can also custom your brand label.

A-line Plaid Ladies Garments
A-line Plaid Ladies Garments

Our elegant A-line plaid ladies’ garments are made from linen or cotton. It can be available in many different styles, designs, sizes, colors, and customization.

Long Sleeve Women Lady’s Garment
Long Sleeve Women Lady’s Garment

We can manufacture different styles, colors, sizes, and designs of long sleeve women lady’s garments for you to choose from. When it comes to ladies’ garments needs, H&FourWing is a perfect choice!

Premier Custom Ladies Garments Manufacturer

H&FourWing has been a trusted ladies’ garments manufacturer by top 100 companies and businesses throughout the world. Through the years of experience and knowledge in manufacturing and designing fashionable ladies’ garments, we built an excellent partnership with domestic and international markets.

Top Ladies’ Garments Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Get fashion, style, and elegant ladies’ garments only at H&FourWing! In China, H&FourWing is one of the largest ladies’ garments manufacturers. We have been in this industry for more than 15 years. Our company is equipped with professional designers, experienced seamstress workers, and pattern makers along with our latest manufacturing tools.

H&FourWing, an expert ladies’ garments manufacturer in China is capable of manufacturing all types of ladies’ garments. You can get stylish, fashionable, and elegant ladies’ garments from our range of ready-made garments, beaded garments, printed garments, women’s Capri, dyed garments, and ladies’ ready-made garments.

We are a flexible ladies’ garments factory in China, offering MOQ starting from 50 pieces per style. All colors, sizes, and designs for your ladies’ garments needs can be accessible in H&FourWing. We make sure that all of our ladies’ garments can satisfy your customer’s expectations.

H&FourWing ladies’ garments are guaranteed 100% made from cotton, polyester, PC, CVC, and spandex. If you are looking for a reliable one-stop provider for your wholesale ladies’ garment needs, H&FourWing, an expert ladies’ garment manufacturer is the best choice ever!

Explore a wide range of stylish and fashionable designs of ladies’ garments from H&FourWing. We make sure that you can win more customers if you will be relying on us. We provide thousands of available ladies’ garments designs for you to choose from.

You can ask for design assistance from our designer to find the best ladies’ garments for your business. Furthermore, our company offers OEM and ODM services. We can customize your business brand or logo to skyrocket your business.

H&FourWing is a professional manufacturer and supplier of ladies’ garments in China for more than 15 years. We have been a leading manufacturer of ladies’ garments then shipping them to different parts of the world.

Our company is equipped with an experienced team of engineers, project managers, and QA specialists to handle the ladies’ garments manufacturing projects. H&FourWing ensures the product quality from demand to shipping.

With years of experience, H&FourWing has sold thousands of wholesale ladies’ garments to most clients in the world. In China, H&FourWing is one of the best and most popular wholesale ladies’ garments worldwide.

For more information about H&FourWing ladies’ garments, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our sales teams. We are 24/7 available to answer any of your concerns.

Ladies Garments Manufacturers: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In today’s guide, I will answer all questions you have been asking about ladies’ garments manufacturers in China.

Additionally, I will also show you what to look for when buying ladies’ garments.

So, before buying your ladies garments, read this guide.

What Types Of Ladies Garments Do China Manufacturers Offer?

 Ladies garments

Ladies Garments

China manufacturers are the largest providers of ladies garments in the world.

Many manufacturers from other parts of the world like Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India have come up.

However, Chinese ladies garments manufacturers remain the most popular due to their quick delivery, quality of products, and affordable pricing.

Types of ladies garments you can get from Chinese manufacturers include:

These garments can either be stock products or custom-produced to your exact requirements and specifications. It all depends on your budget, target market, and business needs.

What Are The Different Types Of Fabrics Used By Ladies Garment Manufacturers?

China ladies garments manufacturers use various types of fabrics.


Cotton is the most popular fabric in ladies garments manufacturing because it is inexpensive and readily available.

Customers prefer cotton garments as they are comfortable to the skin, breathable, and soft.

Though cotton is a great fabric, it becomes an outstanding product for women’s clothing manufacture when blended with other fabrics.

Cotton is perfect for making casual dresses and tops.


Like cotton, polyester fabric is durable and inexpensive. It can be recycled easily as well and does not absorb extra moisture.

Polyester is lovable in ladies garments manufacturing as it can be used for digital printing. It has a great ability to take colors easily.


Silk dresses and blouses are popular products from China clothing manufacturers. And although costly, silk fabric is pure luxury. It is light, soft to the touch, and extremely durable.

Due to its lusciousness, silk is quite popular with elite markets.

A balanced amalgamation of silk fabric with an exclusive design can look exotic and be good for your business.

It will make your product unique and a hit that competition cannot match.


It is ideal for party dresses, casual dresses, and other garments meant for daily wear.

Georgette, just like its name, is a gorgeous fabric that is print and embroidery friendly.

Any embellishment can be easily done over georgette ladies garments, and the work will look prominent.


Crepe is a wrinkle-free fabric with a sensual, rich look. It is suitable for formal and informal clothing. Crepe, like satin, is slippery and hence works best with machine embroidery for adornment.

This is just a fraction of fabrics that are commonly available for ladies garments manufacture.

Others include sequin fabric, Cupro, nylon, denim, viscose, wool, spandex, chiffon, satin, cashmere, leather, lace, and jersey fabric.

Ladies garment manufacturers also offer many types of organic and recycled fabrics. Organic cotton, linen, and material from bamboo are pretty popular in this category.

What Is The Ladies Garments Manufacturing Process?

Ladies garments manufacturing

Ladies garment manufacturing

The ladies garment manufacturing process involves several stages:

Stage 1: Fabric Sourcing

We start by sourcing the right fabric for the ladies garments manufacturing.

Fabric is sourced depending on the clients’ products and requirements. We source all our fabrics from renowned textile companies in China and abroad.

So whatever fabric you need for your products, know that we will find it.

Stage 2: Fabric Relaxation

Fabric is processed in many stages. As such, relaxing the finished fabric helps it shrink, thus minimizing shrinkage of the final garments.

Fabric relaxation can be done manually or mechanically, depending on the volume and type of fabric.

Manual relaxation involves using a spinner and manually feeding the fabric to relax it as it pulls through. Mechanical relaxation follows the same process but in an automated system.

This stage also allows us to check the quality of the fabric. We use the spot-checking method to identify flaws in the fabric. In some cases, we may conduct tests for more advanced checks.

Stage 3: Fabric Cutting And Spreading

After relaxation, the next stage is to spread the fabric and ensure proper alignment for cutting.

Here, we use either manual or automated techniques also depending on the volume and type of fabric.

We spread the fabric in plies, according to the fabric type, spreading and cutting technique, and order of garment sizes.

Next, we lay the garment patterns on top of the spread, mark, and then cut through in the garment’s shape.

Stage 4: Printing And Embroidery

If requested by the customer, we perform any decorations at this stage. This includes embroidery, sublimation, or screen printing.

We perform embroidery using automated machines. Each of our production lines may hold up to 20 embroidery stations.

You may request embroidery to apply artwork such as flowers and logos or other embellishments on the garment.

The printing processes involve applying dye/ink graphics onto the fabric.

We use digital printers, presses, and textile dryers for our printing processes. Like embroidery, garment printing is determined by the client.

Stage 5: Sewing

Garment sewing happens after the cut fabric pieces are fixed according to size, pattern color, and quantities the sewing units can handle.

Our sewers take a bundle of the cut garments and sew in the same potion of the fabric, passing the finished section to the next sewers. The entire construction is done as per the client’s recommendations.

Stage 6: Quality Control

Quality checks in ladies garments manufacturing are usually done at the end of the sewing line.

If any manufacturing errors are noted, the garment will be reprocessed or mended at the specific sewing stations.

Stage 7: Ironing

After garments are completely sewn and assembled, we transfer them to the ironing section. Here, they are fused and pressed to give an attractive appearance before shipping the finished order to the client.

Stage 8: Packing And Delivery

The finished garments are folded, sized, tagged, and packed according to the client’s specifications in the final stages. The packaged garments are then put into boxes and cartons for shipping.

Do China Ladies Garments Manufacturers Offer Low Quantities?


China ladies garments manufacturers can help you start and grow your clothing brand. We understand the need for a low MOQ and small batches for start-ups and small businesses.

That is why we designed a small quantity production package to meet their needs.

Our small quantity production package can accommodate orders as low as 10 pieces per product. We believe that by bundling many small orders, you can work with us for any quantity.

And, until you can increase your volume and become a wholesale ladies garments supplier!

What Is The Advantage Of A Custom Ladies Garments Manufacturer?

Custom ladies garments manufacturers offer many advantages such as:

  • making products from scratch rather than providing readymade items that may be not unique to your brand
  • develop samples according to your specifications
  • create masterpieces from original samples you send them
  • Offer tangible advice regarding ladies garments manufacturing, such as the best fabric choices and manufacturing practices
  • Have a variety of fabrics choices and patterns to choose from
  • Allow you to visit their manufacturing facilities for audits and quality management
  • Offer state-of-the-art machinery to ensure quality and on-time production of your order

What Is A Tech-Pack In Ladies Garments Manufacturing?

A tech pack contains all the specifications about the product you want a ladies garments manufacturer to make for you.

It is like a blueprint that the manufacturer will use to make your product. When you make a tech-pack for clothing manufacturer, be sure to include the following:

  • Technical drawings of the garment ( front, back, and side drawings)
  • sizing information
  • fabric specifications
  • trims and accessories
  • printing or embroidery requirements
  • quantities
  • construction guidelines
  • labeling and packing requirements
  • expected delivery time

Ideally, you should send a clear tech pack to your manufacturer alongside the order requirements. But not having one shouldn’t be a deterrent.

Send an image of what you’d like the final product to look like can also help.

And, if you’re unsure about the garments’ sizing, we can always help you with possible sizing solutions.

What Is The Difference Between CMT (Cut, make, trim) And FPP (Full-package Production) In Ladies Garments Manufacturing?

In CMT production, the manufacturer handles only a part of the production process. We only cut, make, and trim the garments.

The service excludes fabric sourcing, pattern making, grading, etc.

CMT manufacturing depends fully on the client and is suitable if you know exactly how to make your garments unique.

On the other hand, the manufacturer shoulders everything in full packaging production.

Here, we carry out all actions in the garment manufacturing process, including designing and pattern making.

All you have to do in an FPP arrangement is review and approve the first sample before bulk production can begin.

How Does The Sampling Process Work With China Ladies Garments Manufacturers?

Samples produced by ladies garment manufacturers in China may have slight variations due to the limitations on sampling.

These limitations allow us to use only standard materials and colors since using custom materials for a sample may be costly.

We also don’t include care labels in garment samples.

In addition, we may use standard thread colors for embroidery and applique; thus, the colors may vary a little from your expectations.

Do note that we offer stock samples for free. You only get to pay for the shipping cost.

However, custom sample development comes at a cost more than the bulk production cost per unit. Expect to pay at least $50 depending on the fabric, product design, and print requirements.

This cost excludes the cost of shipping. We will refund the sample cost once you commit to a bulk order.

Can Ladies Garments Manufacturers From China Recreate Samples I Send Them?


Physical product samples are an actual representation of the product.

They come in the exact sizes, shapes, fabrics, and details you hope us to recreate.

This eliminates lots of guesswork during product development and eases communication between the client and manufacturer.

Besides, a physical sample provides for something more tangible to draw inspiration from. It makes our work easier, the costs lesser, and reduces the turnaround time.

Do Ladies Garments Manufacturers Offer Artwork Creation Or Design Services?

Garment designs

Garment design

Yes, we offer creative services to clients who may need patching up ideas or polishing their design sketches.

Our designers and engineers are highly skilled with many years experience.

They are specialized in art, design, and logo creation.

They can help you turn your rough ideas into masterpieces and turn your artwork and design sketches into production-ready files.

What Are The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Sublimation Printing For Ladies Garments Manufacturers?

Dye-sublimation printing involves transferring solid dye directly from a special transfer paper into the garment fabric.

It uses a heat press machine set at high temperatures to transform the dye from solid to gas to penetrate the fabric pores.

The process offers several benefits like:

  • Best color retention: Sublimated designs can last up to 10 years and more because the ink merges with the fabric. They cannot crack, peel or fade no matter how often the garment is used or laundered.
  • Unparalleled breathability: because sublimation dyes are transferred IN not ON the fabric, it does not obstruct the fabric’s ability to breathe and wick away moisture.
  • Better comfort: as said, dye sublimation does not deposit ink onto the fabric. Rather, it becomes part of it, thus keeping garments lightweight and not sticky like other traditionally printed garments.
  • Endless design opportunities: you can print any design using the dye sublimation method, whether simple or complex. Also, the technique allows the use of multiple colors without increasing costs.

Sublimation printing comes with a few downsides too. Firstly, it works with polymeric fabric structures only like polyester.

Secondly, sublimation printing can only happen on light-colored fabric to ensure unparalleled vibrancy.

What Other Printing Techniques Do China Ladies Garments Manufacturers Offer?

We use various other techniques to add artwork and graphic designs to your ladies garments.

They include:

  • Digital garment printing: This technique uses inkjet and ink to transfer designs directly onto the fabric.

It requires uploading the CAD file onto a computer connected to the printer. Then, we insert the material directly onto the printer from where it is printed.

  • Heat transfer: It is a thermal printing technique that uses a special transfer paper and heat press.

For this, we first print the design onto the transfer paper and then press it at high pressure and temperature to transfer the design onto the fabric.

Heat transfer printing is a cheaper method to add artwork and designs to garments.

You can use it to print text, logos, etc. but the chances of the ink wearing off after some time are high.

  • Screen printing: this is the most commonly used garments printing technique after sublimation printing. It can be used on all kinds of fabrics and is relatively cost-efficient for large volume printing.
  • Block printing: this is a pretty traditional printing method where wood or metal blocks are used to transfer patterns onto a piece of fabric.

Can Ladies Garments Manufacturers Do Precise Color Matching?

Yes, we can do precise color matching, but this will depend on the specific printing service that you need.

We use the Pantone color matching system for inks/dyes in sublimation and screen printing.

As for embroidery, applique, tackle twill, and other techniques, we can’t mix threads. It is because we work with the stock color selection our thread suppliers provide.

Do China Manufacturers Send Proof Prior To Ladies Garments Production?

Yes, we always send design proof to our clients before putting their orders into production.

We cannot print, embroider or decorate your garments without your direct approval.

So please always review the proofs we send carefully and request changes and amendments where possible.

Please inform us of any changes you wish to make to the design immediately to avoid wasting production time.

Remember, we will not be held responsible for any faults that occur due to not reviewing your proofs as needed.

How Long Does It Typically Take For Ladies Garments Manufacturers To Complete An Order?

It is pretty challenging to give an actual date of completion without knowing the specifics of your order.

In ladies garments manufacturing, turnaround times often depend on the volume and complexity of the order.

As such, small volumes will always take a shorter time to complete than large volume orders.

Also, custom designs take longer to produce since production is done from scratch-from procurement of materials to pattern grading, cutting, sewing, and pressing.

Generally, we take about 30-40 days, excluding shipping times to complete most orders.

Note that your order turnaround when working with a China ladies garments manufacturer will start when you’ve paid a deposit.

So consider this when calculating your delivery date.

Do China Ladies Garments Manufacturers Accept Order Changes?

It depends on the type of order and how much time has elapsed since order placement. Once the grace period for adjustments has passed, we can’t accept any changes to the order.

Why Are Test Reports Important When Choosing A Ladies Garments Manufacturer?

Test reports

Test reports

Products are often tested for performance, pollutants, or other harmful substances in the garment manufacturing industry.

The tests are conducted by accredited institutions that issue a test report afterward to indicate the failure or passing of the product.

You can use these test reports to confirm that your products are compliant with the set quality and safety standards.

The reports also come in handy during import clearance in your location. Customs authorities may require them as proof of compliance before clearing your products for entry.

How Much Does It Cost To Manufacture Ladies Garments In China?

The cost of manufacturing ladies garments in China varies per unit basis. There is no standard cost due to the unique requirements of each client and product.

Usually, the per-unit cost depends on the raw materials used, color, quantity, and the product’s complexity.

For example, a ladies casual dress could cost $2 and $10 depending on the material cost.

Do Ladies Garments Manufacturers Offer Free Shipping?


We don’t offer free shipping but can help arrange for a suitable logistics solution for your order from China to your location.

We have different shipping options to suit your budget and requirements-from air freight, ocean freight, and even express shipping.

Mainly, we use express courier and standard airfreight for light and urgent packages.

Ocean freight comes in handy when looking for a cost-effective solution for shipping bulk orders with no strict deadlines.

Please note that delivery time varies depending on the location and mode of shipping.

Likewise, the shipping cost will vary depending on the location as well as the mode and quantity of shipment

What Should I Do If There An Issue With My Order From A Chinese Ladies Garments Manufacturer?

Contact us immediately!

Our priority is to produce quality garments that meet our clients’ exact specifications. The better if they exceed your expectations but never less.

H&Fourwing, for instance, is a professional ladies garments manufacturer.

We have strict standards and measures in place to guarantee quality and minimize errors during production.

However, mistakes can happen, and in the rare chance it happens to your order, we promise to work on correcting the issue/s.

Just make sure to contact your sales representative immediately. Take photos and videos if you can and send them over to resolve the issues as soon as possible.

How Can I Manage Quality When Working With A Ladies Garments Manufacturer?

Choosing a ladies garments manufacturer is vital in getting the right products for your business. Ensuring the quality of the garments is also essential.

Without proper quality management, the garments may be of unacceptable quality.

This can harm your brand image and maybe a hassle to get the goods past import authorities.

To avoid this, many ladies garments manufacturers have in-house quality control systems. It helps ensure the quality of every garment they produce.

In addition to the manufacturer’s quality assurance system, it is imperative that clients also keep an eye on quality.

For this, numerous quality control companies can help ensure your garments are correctly made and meet the requisite standards.

These 3rd party inspection companies can help with:

  • Product inspections: they’ll assist in the manual inspection of the garments before they are packed and shipped to you.
  • Factory audits: A 3rd party inspector will conduct a ground audit to ensure that your manufacturer conforms to the relevant goods manufacturing practices.
  • Testing: This involves conducting comprehensive tests on the products, i.e., fabric stretch, composition, shrinkage, and colorfastness.

For all your ladies garment manufacturers, contact us now.

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