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  • We have 15 years of ladies’ ethnic wear manufacturers’ experience
  • Small or larger orders are welcome, We can customize ODM or OEM is available for us to provide with your brands.
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  • H&Fourwing manufacturer is located in Ningbo China
Women Ethnic Wear Long Kurta
Women Ethnic Wear Long Kurta

Women Ethnic Wear Long Kurta has the most eye-catching and fashionable outfits without compromising on the latest trends.

Long Gown with Patch Work
Long Gown with Patch Work

Long Gown with Patch Work design with a catchy look makes you stand different in the CROWD. This dress is suitable for occasions like Party Wear or Special Events & Outdoors.

Elegant Women Casual Ethnic Long Dress
Elegant Women Casual Ethnic Long Dress

H&Fourwing is a wholesale company that manufactures good and high-quality Elegant Women’s Casual Ethnic Long Dress. We provide the customized products and OEM service at very low MOQ

Ethnic Foor Lenght Evening Gown
Ethnic Floor Lenght Evening Gown

H&Fourwing design Ethnic Floor Length Evening Gown, embroidery you can use this for work, wedding, party, etc.

Dress Set Ethnic Casual Wear Indian
Dress Set Ethnic Casual Wear Indian

Dress Set Ethnic Casual Wear Indian is a specific kind of garment is that you can make fit for casual days and in addition to formal wear.

Causal Wear Women Cotton Women Ethnic
Causal Wear Women Cotton Women Ethnic

H&Fourwing has a team of experienced merchandisers who will help the client to design to right sourcing for their Causal Wear Women Cotton Women Ethnic.

Evening Clothing African Ethnic Style
Evening Clothing African Ethnic Style

Fashion wing-shaped bat sleeve Evening Clothing African Ethnic Style solid color slim fishtail maxi long dress.

Summer Ethnic Clothing Pakistani Ladies
Summer Ethnic Clothing Pakistani Ladies

H&Fourwing have a variety of design, colors, printed, front slit suits, Straight suits with embroidered work, customized side design and styles,

Ethnic Style Stripe Maxi Dress for Women
Ethnic Style Stripe Maxi Dress for Women

Ethnic Style Stripe Maxi Dress for Women flare long sleeve dresses with a pocket. Choose H&Fourwing to get the best Ethnic wear.

Premier Custom Ladies Ethnic Wear Manufacturers

H&FourWing is a professional ladies ethnic wear manufacturer in China. Besides, we not only work with retail brands of ladies’ ethnic wear but also with wholesale private label ladies’ ethnic wear customers and clients. H&FourWing has a fabric sourcing team,  style, and designer to work together to give our clients and customers satisfaction.

Furthermore, We are an OEM lady’s ethnic wear expert supplier and manufacturer for more than 15 years. Custom-made ladies’ ethnic wear is our superior. Inquire Now.

Your Leading Ladies Ethnic Wear Manufacturers in China

H&Fourwing has a certified manufacturer and supplier with over 15 years of experience. H&Fourwing one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of ladies’ ethnic wear in China. We can provide and produce a one-stop solution for your businesses.

Our ladies’ ethnic wear ranges from a single piece to a whole ensemble of items that identify an individual with a specific ethnic group.

Ladies’ ethnic wear is a neutral term that applies to the distinctive cultural dress of people living anywhere in the world who share an ethnic background. Ladies’ ethnic wear is traditional attire for women. It is usually worn together with a short fitted blouse.

H&Fourwing provides extensive features for ladies’ ethnic wear. An ethnic long skirt is a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. When we discuss ladies ethnic wear, it is a large group of people classed according to common racial, religious, linguistic, national, tribal, or cultural origin.

Traditional ladies ethnic wear gives you a classy and superior look. The natural beauty of women comes out while they are in traditional attire. H&Fourwing has more options in traditional attires like sarees, salwar suits, etc.

We manufactured ladies’ ethnic wear, like Elegant Women Casual Ethnic Long Dress, Ethnic Floor Length Evening Gown, Dress Set Ethnic Casual Wear Indian, Causal Wear Women Cotton Women Ethnic, Summer Ethnic Clothing Pakistani Ladies, Ethnic Style Stripe Maxi Dress for Women, and many more.

H&Fourwing has a wide range of ladies’ ethnic wear worldwide. You can find the best quality of ladies’ ethnic wear on us. Besides, with our highest quality ladies’ ethnic wear, we provide a thousand ladies’ ethnic wear products every day.

Everything you need is in H&Fourwing. If you need this kind of ladies ethnic wear, don’t hesitate to us. We promise that ladies’ ethnic wear that you want or need in your businesses will be provided.

At H&Fourwing, we have knowledgeable and dependable employees, workers, and professional designers. H&Fourwing is your first choice when manufacturing ladies’ ethnic wear.

If you are looking for a one-stop for ladies ethnic wear, H&Fourwing manufactured different sizes, kinds, types of ladies’ ethnic wear anything that you want.

And for more inquiry, you can rely on our non-stop highest quality ladies’ ethnic wear. You can contact us now. H&Fourwing is always welcoming for every client and customer to provide for your needs.

Send your message now. H&Fourwing is always here to support your small or large orders.

Ladies Ethnic Wear Manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know finding a reliable ladies ethnic wear manufacturer can be an overwhelming task.

Similarly, choosing high quality ladies ethnic wear may not be easy without the right information.

The best part – this guide solves all these.

Let’s dive right in.

Which Ladies Ethnic Wear Designs Can You Import From China?

Ladies ethnic wear is clothing that identifies with a specific region or culture. This type of clothing has become popular in global fashion trends due to its uniqueness and charm.

Here are some of the ladies ethnic wear styles you can find in China:

Ethnic Maxi Skirts

 Ethnic maxi skirts

Ethnic maxi skirts

Ethnic maxi skirts have been a part of Asian women’s clothing for years.

These ladies skirts are pretty distinct, with flowing designs that hit the floor and heavy lining inside.

They come in various styles, designs and embellishments like embroidery, beadwork, patchwork, lacework, etc.

When designed and styled correctly, an ethnic maxi can impart grace and style to any look.

The best part about ethnic maxi skirts is that they provide an endless scope of styling. They can be worn with a variety of tops, blouses or even t-shirts.




Kimonos are very distinct and beautiful one-piece garments representing Japanese culture. They are ethnic yet so stylish.

Chinese ladies ethnic wear manufacturers offer many types of kimonos that vary with the occasion.

The look and style of the kimono can vary with short or long sleeves, multiple colors and embellishments.

Ethnic Crop Tops

Ethnic crop top

Ethnic crop tops

Ethnic crop tops trace their origins back to India. They are versatile garments that can be worn over a variety of ethnic bottoms.

These ladies tops are designed in rich fabrics like silk feature various fashion elements like ruffles and wide sleeves.

Ethnic Tunics



Traditional tunics offer a twist of indo-western fashion.

You can add a cowl neck or hemline or even experiment with different colors and prints to create a unique design for your brand.

Traditional Saree



Sarees are a much loved Indian ethnic wear.

Due to their sophisticated appearance, sarees are the perfect ensemble to wear on different occasions.

They are convenient to wear and can give your customers a variety of looks.


Kaftan dress

Kaftan dress

Kaftans are one of the best modern ethnic wears for women.

Their versatility allows them to be worn for both casual and formal occasions. This robe-like garment is so versatile that it can be worn to the beach, festivals and generally as informal or formal attire. A fashionably designed kaftan can also be a go-to party dress.

Chinese Qipao

 Chinese qipao


You’ve probably seen pictures of beautiful Asian women wearing stunning qipaos. These are the ultimate in special occasion dresses and are famed for their luscious silk and graceful appearance.

The style of qipaos features a form-fitting bodice and high collar but can also be made in various styles to suit your demand.

Today’s qipaos also come in many different colors and patterns.

Apart from the traditional flowers and birds, more modern styles are available to suit your demands.

We can even make qipaos with psychedelic patterns and colors, making them unique for your brand and customers.

These are the common ethnic wear designs in the Chinese market. But apart from these, we can also make any other styles and designs for your brand.

All you need to do is send us the design or sample, and we will ensure to supply the perfect product for your business needs.

Which Features Should You Look For In Ladies Ethnic Wear?

The main features to look for in any women clothing, whether it is ladies ethnic wear, petite clothing or any other are:

  • Fashion with a function: Today’s consumers want to look good whether they attend a formal work event or run an errand on the weekend. So finding ethnic wear pieces that are functional yet still fashionable is the key to a successful women clothing brand/line.
  • Reasonable pricing: No matter the product or your target market, quality and fashionable yet reasonably priced ethnic wear will sell more.
  • Trendy styles and designs: adding modern clothing styles to your ethnic wear brand/line will surely appeal to your female audience.
  • Flattering appearance that retain shape: Quality fabric and proper sizing will ensure your ethnic wear pieces give a flattering fit that stays that way.
  • Ease of care: Clothing that is easy to care for is a plus. Women want to wear clothes that look good even after regular usage and laundering.

How Do Ladies Ethnic Wear Manufacturers In China Control Quality?

Granted, some manufacturers in China may indeed have little regard for quality. However, trusted, experienced and professional manufacturers like H&Fourwing demonstrate strong quality control awareness.

As a reliable manufacturer, we have invested in the skills, equipment and processes needed to meet your desired quality standards.

Besides, all our ladies ethnic wear undergo strict in-line and off-line quality checks before being sent out to you.

In addition, we are always willing to undergo 3rd party quality inspection as per your demands.

Further, we source our fabrics from high-quality suppliers with relevant quality and safety certifications.

When the materials reach our factory, we do fabric tests like colorfastness and shrinkage to confirm their quality.

Are There Special Fabric Features You Should Consider For Ladies Ethnic Wear?



Fabric is the most important thing to consider when making ladies ethnic wear in China. The right fabric choice will ensure the best style and beauty of your clothes.

Ladies ethnic wear manufacturers use many fabrics, including silk, cotton, polyester, rayon, chiffon, viscose, velvet, satin, brocade, and nylon.

In this case, we determine the fabric choice based on the type of product, target market, budget and overall business demands.

Specifically, we encourage our clients to consider the individual fabric features to determine their suitability for their projects.

Fabric features you should consider for ladies ethnic wear include the fiber composition, weight of the fabric (GSM) and color.

Do Ladies Ethnic Wear Manufacturers Have MOQ?

Yes, we do have specific requirements for minimum order volumes.

Currently, our MOQ is 300 pieces per color/style for bulk orders.

The sample order MOQ is 30 pieces per color/style. We offer a small quantity production package for startups and small businesses with order minimums of 100 pieces per color/style.

If you’d like to negotiate the minimum requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us.

But remember, our ladies ethnic wear prices differ depending on the type of product you’re interested in, quantity and customization.

Thus, it may be cost-effective to buy 300 custom ladies ethnic tops instead of 150.

Will Ladies Ethnic Wear Manufacturer In China Protect My Design?


We are a trusted and reliable manufacturer, so we will not share your designs or brand information with competitors.

Where necessary, we will even sign non-disclosure agreements to ensure full-proof protection of your bespoke designs.

Do Ladies Ethnic Wear Manufacturers Help In Design Process?


We can work on your basic ideas to make your dream ladies ethnic wear a reality. All you need to do is send us your design requirements, including sizes, patterns, color contrasts etc.

Our creative services team will prepare a design concept which we will send proofs for you to review.

You can then recommend concepts that you wish to change or add before the design goes into production.

What Are The Available Sizes Of Ladies Ethnic Wear?

Ladies Ethnic wear

Ladies ethnic wear

Ladies ethnic wear sizes differ from one brand to another.

For example, a ladies dresses manufacturer may offer ethnic dresses in sizes 0-16. Another manufacturer may provide the same attire in sizes S, M, L, to XL.

Despite the variance, you should have a problem figuring out the correct sizes for your ethnic wear brand/line.

To ensure proper size and fit, you can let us customize your style by sending physical sample sizes. Alternatively, you can include specific sizing guidelines in your tech pack.

These guidelines have the size designation, dimensions and tolerances you want for your ethnic wear.

What Payment Terms Do Ladies Ethnic Wear Manufacturers From China Offer?

Payment terms differ from one manufacturer to another.

Typically though, most manufacturers will require a 50% deposit before production begins.

Then, you pay the balance before the completed order can be released for shipping.

Some manufacturers may require full payment before production begins.

This is especially true for smaller volumes.

We accept various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, letters of credit, and bank transfers, T/T or PayPal.

How Long Will Ladies Ethnic Wear Manufacturer From China Take To Process My Order?

Most of our garments are processed within the timeframe agreed during order confirmation.

Order processing begins after the designs and artwork have been approved and initial payment made as agreed.

So typically, our sampling process takes approximately two weeks to complete, while bulk production takes about three weeks.

However, if our standard turnaround time is not fast enough for you, we can provide an express service in most cases.

This service involves a standard lead time of 7 to 10 days (sometimes even sooner, depending on your order specifications).

If you’ve specified a rush deadline, your sales representatives will be in contact to discuss and advise on your requirement.

Please note these processing times do not include shipping.

So while we always do our best to ensure we process all orders on time, we cannot guarantee when the order will reach you. It is because once your order is with the chosen courier service, delivery times cannot be guaranteed.

Do Ladies Ethnic Wear Manufacturers Have Product Return Policy?

Yes, while we ensure quality production of all our merchandise, we accept returns in case of manufacturing defects.

At H&Fourwing, we will accept returns within 30 days of receiving your order.

The items must be in good condition during return. I.e. all tags and labels must be intact, and there should be no signs of wear or tear on the clothes.

Will Ladies Ethnic Wear Manufacturer Help In Shipping Process?



Yes, we will offer a suitable logistics solution for your supply chain demands.

You can choose between air and sea shipping for your ladies ethnic wear.

Air shipping is much faster than sea shipping but is significantly costlier, especially for packages above 150kg.

Do note that we don’t offer free shipping. Also, shipping rates vary by delivery location, volume/weight of the shipment and, of course, the method of transportation.

Do Ladies Ethnic Wear Manufacturers Offer Packaging Services?

Yes, we can package your products to reduce cargo damage during shipping and improve your customer’s unboxing experience.

All you need to do is provide explicit instructions for how we should pack the garments.

Are There Quality Standards, And Certifications Ladies Ethnic Wear Manufacturers Should Conform To?

When choosing a Chinese ladies ethnic wear manufacturer, verify that their ethics and vision align with your own.

Otherwise, working with an unethical manufacturer could bring negative attention to your brand.

Thus, the corporate social responsibility of the manufacturer is an important consideration when making a decision.

An ethical manufacturer will provide a safe working environment, comply with relevant regulatory requirements and avoid the use of child labor.

They’ll also ensure sustainable manufacturing while following fair trade standards.

Quality standards and certifications they conform to can also help determine a manufacturer‘s suitability to your brand.

Choose a manufacturer recognized by the Chinese chamber of commerce for import and export of textiles (CCCT) and the office of textile and apparel (OTEXA).

Also, make sure that the manufacturer is BSCI and ISO9001 certified.

In addition, they should prove partnerships with fabric suppliers that conform to the relevant safety and quality standards. These include GOTS, EcoMark, and OEKO-Tex standard 100, REACH etc.

Which Printing Options Do Ladies Ethnic Wear Manufacturers Use?

Many kinds!

Ladies garments manufacturers in China offer a variety of printing solutions for ladies ethnic wear. You can talk to your sales representative to advise you on the best printing technique to use.

Usually, we determine the best printing method based on the type of product, fabric and project demands.

The project budget may also influence the choice of printing method.

Some techniques that you can consider when sourcing women’s ethnic wear from us include:

  • Sublimation printing
  • Screen printing
  • Cad cut vinyl transfer
  • Heat transfer
  • Direct to garment printing

We also offer custom embroidery solutions along with other garment decoration techniques such as patchwork and mirrorwork.

So whatever your design looks like, we have the perfect method to do it.

Why Should I Buy From Chinese Ladies Ethnic Wear Manufacturers And Not Online Market Places?

Buying ladies ethnic wear from a Chinese manufacturer instead of online marketplaces has a lot of benefits, including:

Better Prices

Simply put, product prices tend to be inflated when go-betweens are associated.

By buying directly from the manufacturer, you cut down the middleman, avoiding the cost associated with them. Moreover, it also eliminates the costs associated with ready-made clothing from online marketplaces such as printing, relabeling and repackaging.

Improved Communication And Customer Service

The major problem with buying from online marketplaces is poor communication and uncertainty in the quality of the product.

A ladies ethnic wear manufacturer offers the benefits of overseas manufacturing with the comfort of in-house, 24/7 customer service.

We’ll assign you a direct point of contact (sales rep) so that your account can get the attention it deserves.

Such direct communication reduces miscommunication and confusion.

Additionally, a direct point of contact will keep you informed about the production process and what’s happening at every stage.

Also, they will tell you how your final product will look like and when it’ll be ready.

Besides, direct communications can help build a mutually beneficial long-term relationship with the manufacturer.


The biggest advantage of buying directly from a manufacturer is the ability to customize the product to your demands.

Rather than buying ready-made apparel, customization offers a great range of design possibilities and benefits.

Lower Risks

Ladies ethnic wear manufacturers do not limit you to what’s available.

If you can’t find what you want, they can always make the product exactly how you want it and in your required quantity.

You don’t have to settle on a product that you’re unsure of its quality or if it will appeal to your market.

And because costs are lower, the risks won’t seem so big when buying directly from a ladies ethnic wear manufacturer.

Ability To Buy In Small Quantities

Contrary to popular opinion, not all Chinese manufacturers sell in large batches.

H&Fourwing, for example, sells in various volumes, including small quantities. It makes buying ethnic wear directly from H&Fourwing viable for businesses of all sizes.

Do Ladies Ethnic Wear Manufacturers Offer Samples Before Production Begins?

Yes, we do.

Our pre-production sampling policy depends on several factors that include:

  • Level of customization
  • Printing techniques involved
  • Order quantity
  • Sizing range

With blank/factory samples, we can send you one free sample, but you’ll pay for the shipping expense. If you need more than one sample, you will have to pay a surcharge plus the shipping fee.

If your order is customized ethnic wear, we can send you complete pre-production samples at the cost of $50.

The price is redeemable when you place a bulk order with us. Note that custom sample development is only possible if the volume is 30 pieces and above.

Sending virtual samples is also a possibility if you can’t meet our custom sampling requirements.

These are visual proofs that our designers prepare so you can see how your final product will look like.

With these, you can check the garment styles, sizes, color contrasts and matching, artwork placement etc.

No matter what you choose, all of these options are viable.

They provide complete assurance that what you order from us is what you’ll get in terms of quality and design specifications.

How Do Ladies Ethnic Wear Manufacturers Support OEM Businesses?

Ethnic wear manufacturing

Ethnic wear manufacturing

Working with a Chinese ladies ethnic wear manufacturer like H&Fourwing can be beneficial to your OEM business in the following ways:

  • We will recreate your product based on your idea and specifications
  • As an OEM manufacturer, we understand the importance of samples. Thus, we will supply samples to evaluate the quality and sizing and ensure that the product meets your requirements.
  • Since we are professionals, we will only begin production of your order after you approve the samples. It helps us ensure the best quality for your products.
  • It doesn’t matter the size of your business. We are flexible and thus can work with your small business to help you grow and diversify your product line.
  • We offer volume discounts depending on the printing and customization techniques and the type of garment you want.

For all your ladies ethnic wear, contact us now.

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