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  • H&Fourwing is a middle to high end ladies dresses manufacturer in Ningbo China
  • We have 15 years women’s dresses manufacturer experience
  • Both ODM or OEM are available for us to cooperate with your brands or private labels and your wholesales business.
  • We have a professional mature supply chain from fabric materials to accessories
A-Line All Over Print Slip Maxi Dress
A-Line All Over Print Slip Maxi Dress
A-Line Sleeveless Jersey Gold Metal Strip Party Dress
A-Line Sleeveless Jersey Gold Metal Strip Party Dress
Chinese collar A-Line Cotton Blouse Dress in big bottom
Chinese collar A-Line Cotton Blouse Dress in big bottom
Long Sleeves A-Line Lace Dress with Three layers bottom
Long Sleeves A-Line Lace Dress with Three layers bottom
Middle length Sleeves H-Line Jersey Cupro Dress Front with a Hand-making Bow
Middle length Sleeves H-Line Jersey Cupro Dress Front with a Hand-making Bow
Short Sleeves V-Neck A-Line Woven Cupro Maxi Dress
Short Sleeves V-Neck A-Line Woven Cupro Maxi Dress

Premier Custom Ladies Dresses Manufacturer

H&FourWing is a professional ladies dress manufacturer, we not only work with retail brands ladies dresses clients, but also with wholesale private label ladies dresses customers, we have fabric sourcing team, and style& print designer team to work together with our clients. we are OEM ladies dress supplier we also can be your ODM ladies dress supplier in China. Custom made ladies dresses is our advantage.

    Your Premier Lady Dress Supplier in China

    Every day, each of us is called upon to take on many different roles.

    You can be a mother or father, a friend, or a manager. no matter which role you find yourself in.

    H&Fourwing has what your customer needs to look and feel her best. pick an elegant ladies dress from us, and let’s be your first choice of fashion women’s dress manufacturer in China from today.

    We are a very flexible ladies dresses factory in China. our MOQ is 300pcs/style/color, if you can mix long sleeve ladies dress, maxi ladies dress and short ladies dress to meet the fabric minimum.

    Each month we have around 100 new own development styles,  to be our customer today, you can have the VIP code from our website to see lastest new design from us, which including sequins party dresses, silk evening dresses, beachwear dresses, latest fashion dresses for any occasion like office lady styles, casual dresses during the weekend, all kind of party dresses and beachwear dresses for vacation.

    And the quality can be from silk dresses, cotton shirt dresses, linen dresses, sequins dresses, viscose dresses, polyester dresses, embroidery dresses, print dresses, etc.

    If you are looking for a high quality ready-made dress manufacturer in China, or you have your own special ladies dresses inquiry for your brands and customers dresses made in China.

    Contact us now. we will be your best and reliable custom dresses manufacturer here.

    • Each month have around 100 new development design styles
    • Professional design team to work close with your team
    • Never leaving things to tomorrow service
    • We well understand the business secret “no quality, no order”.

    Important Tips to Boom Your Ladies Dresses Business

    Sometimes when we talk about brand buyer and manufacturer supplier, we go to a wrong way that both are competitive parts.

    Hence a smart women clothing brand buyer knows how to select the correct women clothing manufacturer supplier, in other hands a smart women clothing manufacturer supplier knows how to deal with buyer.

    Frankly speaking, win-win business is the best for both sides.

    To be a women clothing brand buyer you want to sale your products to local marketing, no matter you are a brand buyer, or the importer. Goods selling well, than you win.

    And for women clothing manufacturer supplier, the same no matter you are the end women clothing factory or trading company. you want to sell your products to buyer, and wish the buyer’s marketing can sell very well your products, and get another repeat order from the buyer soon.

    So WIN-WIN is both goal.

    But how to get win-win for your ladies dress business?

    Below tips are quite important

    Chapter 1: Safety

    Safety is the most important for business

    1.1 Delivery date safety

    For example, if you find a ladies dress manufacturer who can offer you a very low price which is 20% lower the marketing price.

    To consider the profit, all buyer want to place this order to this supplier.

    But this supplier is not safe, the goods always delay 30 to 60 days. and you will lose your selling time in store. 30 to 60 days later.

    Maybe the selling season already finished when you get the goods.

    That is not safe for buyer to place order. you prefer go for another supplier who offer higher price at the begging. But everything is running smoothly as your schedule.

    1.2. Payment term safety

    If a ladies dress manufacturer receive an order from a brand who offers very good price and quantity.

    But the payment term is DP 200 days after shipment. and it’s first time to do business with each other.

    I think most of the manufacturer won’t take this order. because the payment term is not safe for factory.

    It doesn’t mean factory doesn’t have money to do it, because they are worry after shipment, they can not get the payment from buyer.

    Which is safe problem. In another hands, the same for buyer, if a dress manufacturer ask for 100%payment in advance when place the bulk order. buyer will worry whether the manufacturer won’t ship the good after they receiving the payment.

    1.3 Quality safety

    When we talk about price and quality, for sure good price will get good quality. believe each ladies dress buyer or manufacturer can well understand which level your brand and manufacturer belongs to.

    If your brands, or private label or even you are a wholesale is middle to low level.

    Than you have to look for a ladies manufacturer who can match well with your brand quality.

    For buyer side will always want to use lowest price to buy highest quality, but it’s hard, if you use $200, you only can buy a fake Dior bag.

    And for Manufacturer side will always want to sell a bit more than you quality worth to be.

    If buyer paid $20/pc for one lady dress, but manufacturer offer $12/pc dress which is not matched.

    When we have meeting with some designers, they always told, pls offer me the cheaper fabric quality but looks expensive for style.

    YES, we have some fabric quality price is not expensive, but the final style look really nice.

    If you are looking for a nice middle to high end ladies dress manufacturer from China.

    H&Fourwing will be your first choice here.

    Chapter 2: Benefit

    Everybody want to use less money to buy better quality in this world.

    Buyer want to get a good price to win high profit. but how to find a reliable ladies manufacturer in reason price and reliable payment and quality?

    Good question!

    In China we say No benefit business is not health business. buyer need a reasonable price to buy better goods.

    And manufacturer need offer good quality goods to get reasonable price.

    If you find a ladies dress manufacturer who can offer you good quality, daily communication can make you happy and sleep well every day, and you get the final profit that you expected. Congratulations!

    Chapter 3: Happiness

    3.1: Daily communication

    Daily communication can run smoothly for both buyer & manufacturer that will be the 1st step for both sides to get win-win business. import & export business normally we use email to be our daily communication way.

    If a ladies dress designer send ladies dress supplier a tech pack on Monday, if there is no special case, ladies dress factory must get the feedback the same day or next day.

    If only receive the feedback on Friday.

    Which is not a happy cooperation way for both.

    Ladies Dresses Manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    I know you’re probably looking for the best ladies dresses manufacturer in China.

    That’s why I will make the process easier for you by answering all your questions on ladies dresses.

    Let’s dive right in.

    Which Design Options Do Ladies Dresses Manufacturers In China Offer?

    Ladies dresses

    Ladies dresses

    China manufacturers offer ladies’ dresses in a variety of options. These vary depending on the style, length, hem, sleeves, and waist.

    Ladies’ dresses can come in midi, midi tea, and maxi length options.

    Regarding waist styles, there are wrap dresses, A-line, peplum, empire, and tutu dresses.

    Different sleeve variations are also available for ladies’ dresses. They include off-shoulder, one-shoulder, halter neck, strapless, bell, tube, and long sleeve dresses.

    The hem style is also a significant design consideration in ladies’ dresses from China. There are high low, pouf, asymmetrical, and Bardot hem style dresses.

    Some ladies’ dresses, note, are designed to mimic other types of clothing. These include the shirt and t-shirt dresses, sweater, pencil, slip, blazer, and smock dresses.

    In addition, China manufacturers also produce dresses for specific occasions. In this, options include cocktail dresses and ball gowns.

    Culture-inspired dress styles such as qipao and kimono are also available.

    You can find other ladies’ dress designs from China manufacturers such as: shift dresses, Bodycon, bandage, denim, sundress, pinafore, and many others.

    What Are The Benefits Of Buying Directly From Ladies Dresses Manufacturers?

    The variety usually on offer is a sufficient reason to buy ladies’ dresses directly from the manufacturer.

    In business, the more variety you have on offer, the more sales you’re going to make. You will find various ranges of dresses in trendy and latest designs at a Chinese ladies’ dresses manufacturer.

    Another benefit of buying from a China manufacturer is affordability. Many businesses prefer to import ladies’ dresses from China because the prices are usually lower than suppliers’ in other regions.

    If you want to be competitive, you must sell your wholesale and retail ladies’ dresses at a low price. You can do this only if you can obtain your products at a fair price. This is possible if you use a reliable manufacturer who can provide ladies’ dresses at significantly discounted prices.

    A further reason to buy directly from a manufacturer is that they offer various products of high quality. The quality of the dresses is excellent, and the materials used are also of good quality

    With China dress manufacturers, the rule of thumb is the better the dress quality, the higher the price you’ll pay. However, the price is not as high as what other suppliers offer.

    Labor is very cheap in China, which is why manufacturers can afford to sell the dresses at low prices. Besides, you can easily negotiate discounts for bulk and repeat orders.

    Lastly, by buying ladies’ dresses directly from a manufacturer, you retain greater control over branding and marketing. This is especially important if you’re looking to launch your own clothing brand.

    What Are Things To Look Out For In A Ladies Dresses Manufacturer?

    A good ladies dress manufacturer should exhibit the following attributes:

    • The capability to make your product: No matter the design, style, and volume, the manufacturer should make the dresses on time and in the quality that you desire. It is even better if the manufacturer specializes in making ladies’ dresses and clothing only.
    • Minimum order quantity: It is essential to know the minimum number of items you can purchase from a manufacturer in a single order.
      A good ladies’ dress manufacturer should offer a reasonable MOQ. This allows you to buy dresses in the quantity that you can afford and sell without much difficulty.
    • Possibility of samples: you should know what you’re getting before committing to a large order. Samples allow you to make adjustments to designs before the bulk run. This reduces the number of defects and design issues in the long run.
    • Cost: This comprises the product prices and shipping costs. Find out the cost of the dresses, shipping fees, and timelines before committing to a manufacturer. You don’t want to make your order only to find out later that there are additional costs to pay.
    • Quality standard: the quality of your products determines your reputation. Thus it is essential to find out if the manufacture can produce your dresses to a high standard.
      Better pay a higher price for good quality products than risk your business reputation just to save some money.
    • Reputation: a reliable ladies’ dresses manufacturer will have positive customer reviews and ratings on their website.

    What Kind Of Materials Does Ladies Dresses Manufacturers Use?

    Types of material

    Types of materials

    Ladies’ dresses use various superior quality fabrics and materials such as: cotton, satin, lace, polyester, silk, spandex, rayon, chiffon, linen, leather, denim, cotton-poly, and knitted material.

    Note that the types of fabrics used for ladies’ dresses vary depending on the type and purpose of the dress being manufactured.

    How Do I Select Fabric And Other Materials For Ladies Dresses?

    Fabric selection is critical in ladies’ dresses manufacturing. It can make or break the look of the dress after its completion. Therefore, take your time in choosing the best fabric if you want a great-looking fashion dress.

    You should consider your customers’ interests in the appearance and usage characteristics of the fabric the dresses are made in. Also, focus on utility, style values, and durability.

    For instance, if you’re looking for luxurious, fashionable occasion ladies’ dresses, satin is the go-to material. It comes in various weights and rich colors to suit different needs.

    Rayon, on the other hand, makes beautiful flowy dresses.  It is light, smooth, and beautiful, making it ideal for summer and beachwear dresses, maxis, and other informal dresses.

    Again, the selection of fabrics for ladies’ dresses is limitless. The best way to ensure you choose the best and most effective material is to visit the factory in China. Here, you can see, feel and compare hundreds of samples.

    Alternatively, you can send your sourcing agent in China to view and choose the fabric for you based on your specifications.

    If none of these options work for you, order fabric samples from the manufacturer. You can also send your own reference sample to the manufacturer. This way, you eliminate chances of confusion and misunderstanding when ordering your ladies’ dresses from China.

    How Do You Manufacture Ladies Dresses?

    Ladies’ dresses manufacturing can be broken down into the following steps.

    Step 1: Design

    A manufacturer needs a dress’s design before they can commence production. You can send them your design ideas and have them create a bespoke design for you. Or, you can make the designs with your team and send the digital copy for them to execute.

    Step 2: Cutting

    Your chosen fabric is sectioned, curved, and severed into parts. These are cut precisely to the size and shape of the pattern pieces of the dress marker.

    Usually, manufacturers use laser cutting techniques or high-tech electric cutting machines. Scissors are also used for small batches or sensitive fabric-cutting needs.

    Step 3: Decoration (Optional)

    Different techniques i.e., printing and embroidery are used to decorate ladies’ dresses. You will need to provide artwork for the print in the recommended format.

    Step 4: Stitching

    After printing, the fabric pieces are stitched together to form a complete dress.

    Chain, lock, multi-thread, or over edge stitches may be used depending on the fabric and your specifications.

    Step 5: Packaging And Inspection

    Completed dresses are checked for defects and to verify quality before packaging.

    Upon approval by the quality control team, the dresses are packaged using quality materials and processes for shipping to your destination.

    How Should Ladies Dresses Fit?

    Ladies’ dresses can have many fits depending on the style and fabric of the dress.

    For example, Bodycon, bandage, and pencil dresses offer a form fit that highlights the body features.

    Maxi and summer dresses offer a free-flowing fit that is relaxed and comfortable. Blazer dresses, on the other hand, hang loosely from the body, offering a relaxed fit.

    There is no standard way that ladies’ dresses should fit. Just make sure to provide various size options for the different styles of dresses you’re buying.

    Which Size Options Do Ladies Dresses Manufacturer Offer?

    Ladies’ dresses come in extra small (XS) to extra-large (XL) sizes.

    These sizes are designed specific to women’s bodies which vary considerably.

    For instance, some petite women have a smaller body frame. Their dresses are thus designed in sizes that suit their frame with a P designation at the end, i.e., size 4p.

    Plus sizes ladies dresses range from a size 12-24 and XL-4XL instead of small, large or medium. Numerical sizes for plus-size dresses often have a W at the end to indicate the size designation, i.e., 14w.

    Sizes 0-16 are used mainly for post-teen women’s dresses. For women younger in the teen marketplace, their dress sizes come labeled in odd numeric, i.e., 1-13.

    What Is The Difference Between In-stock And Custom Ladies Dresses?

    In-stock ladies’ dresses refer to dresses that are already in stock and ready for shipping. They don’t need any specifications or further preparations.

    On the other hand, custom ladies’ dresses refer to dresses made to a client’s precise requirement.

    Custom ladies’ dresses may be made-to-order (in predetermined specifications) or made-to-measure (to fit a customer’s unique frame and style). The latter is commonly used for couture dresses.

    Do Ladies Dresses Manufacturers In China Offer Private Labels?

    Yes, China ladies’ dresses manufacturers offer private labels.

    In fact, H&Fourwing is a leading private label manufacturer for ladies’ dresses in China.

    So, if you want to launch your own line of ladies’ dresses, we have you covered-irrespective of your needs. All you need to do is provide us with your CAD designs or physical sample with specifications. We will work our best to get the dresses ready for your custom brand label.

    Do Ladies Dresses Manufacturers In China Have MOQ?


    It’s a commonplace for ladies dress manufacturers to have minimum order requirements in place, especially in China. Some factories hardly make ladies’ dresses in smaller quantities as this tends to be costlier on their side.

    The MOQ for ladies’ dresses in China range from 50-5000 pieces, even more.

    Luckily, ladies dress manufacturers like H&Fourwing can accommodate both bulk and small quantity production. Always consider the number of dresses you need before committing to an order with a ladies’ dresses manufacturer in China. Also, consider the sizes and styles when ordering quantities.

    How Do Ladies Dresses Manufacturers In China Control Quality?

    Garment inspection

    Garment inspection

    Ladies’ dresses manufacturers in China follow a strict quality control policy.

    At H&Fourwing, we have an expert quality control team that monitors all our production processes. Our team enforces rigorous methods with advanced tools and practices to ensure excellent quality.

    The QC team checks the consistency and integrity of the dresses at all levels. Our dresses pass through multi-point precision filters, tests, and inspections by standardized processes. This helps to ensure zero defects in our products.

    Our quality procedure also involves keeping close quality vigilance on everything from the procuring of materials and other suppliers. We monitor the design process, finishes, and even packaging so the dresses can reach you in good shape.

    Do Ladies Dresses Manufacturers In China Handle Custom Design Process?


    China ladies’ dresses manufacturers offer creative and design services.

    H&Fourwing, for instance, has a custom design team that can help brush up your artwork, offer ideas on fabrics to use, etc. Our team can also help to improve the overall appearance of your dresses.

    All you need to do is send us a copy of the dress design or artwork. We will prepare a basic overview of your requirements, send it to our design team and let them do their magic.

    What Is A Tech-pack In Relation To Ladies Dress Design?

    A tech pack is a document outlining all the technical details about your product.

    When producing a new collection for your clothing brand, you’ll often have an initial concept image. This is just a basic outline for your clothing line.

    So instead of giving the manufacturer this basic outline, creating a tech-pack easily communicates your design and requirements. It helps identify all the nitty-gritty for making your dress, thereby eliminating any room for assumptions and misunderstandings.

    A tech-pack also helps to minimize errors during production, making the entire process quick and smooth.

    Which Printing Techniques Do Ladies Dresses Manufacturers In China Use?

    Manufacturers in China use various printing techniques to input logos, fabric prints, and other artwork on your ladies’ dresses.

    They include:

    • Screen printing
    • Digital textile printing
    • Full dye sublimation
    • Block printing
    • Heat transfer

    Do Ladies Dresses Manufacturers Offer Free Samples?


    Although, it depends on the kind of sample you’re looking for.

    Usually, 1-piece samples come for free, but you cater for the shipping cost.

    For original samples, most manufacturers will charge you at least 3-times the cost of the bulk order. But they refund the money when you eventually place and pay for the bulk order.

    Which Quality Standards Should Ladies Dresses Manufacturers In China Adhere To?

    China clothing manufacturers undergo social and quality audits to ensure they comply with industry standards and regulations.

    Some of these audits include BSIC, SGS, SMETA, ITS, and BV.

    In addition, the manufacturers also adhere to safety standards such as REACH, OEKO tex standard 100, MSDS, and California Proposition 6. This guarantees that the fabrics they use are safe and free from heavy metals, harmful chemicals, and other pollutants.

    There are also sizing standards that China dress manufacturers should adhere to. ISO 3635: 1981 specifies definitions and body measurement procedures for clothing in general. The ISO 3637: 1977 specifies the size designations for women’s outerwear, which covers ladies’ dresses.

    Other quality standards are country-specific. So consult with the relevant authorities in your country to find which standards the manufacturer should comply with when producing your dresses.

    Which Labeling Requirements Do Ladies Dresses Manufacturer In China Use?

    Garment labels

    Garment labels

    As mentioned, ladies dresses adhere to specific labeling standards, which vary depending on the country of importation.

    Most countries require dress imports to have a textile label with sufficient information about the product. Otherwise, customs may seize and destroy the dresses upon importation

    For this reason, it is essential to include a care label file in your tech pack. This should follow the applicable label requirements in your country or market.

    How Do You Get Best Prices From Ladies Dresses Manufacturer In China?

    China manufacturers already offer the best prices for ladies’ dresses in the market.

    But the rule of thumb is that the more you buy, the cheaper you pay.

    You can take advantage of this and order a larger MOQ to enjoy better discounts.

    Another thing is to stay loyal to one manufacturer.

    The Chinese believe in ‘guan xi.’ So when you establish a positive business relationship with them, it becomes easy to negotiate better prices for your repeat orders.

    You can also try negotiating the prices from the onset.

    Although, dealing with China manufacturers is not that easy.

    So if you’re importing ladies’ dresses for the first time, consider working with a China sourcing agent to get through to the manufacturer.

    China sourcing agents are well versed with the market and factory owners. They are better placed to negotiate prices for you.

    As they understand the local language, they will also eliminate misunderstandings and ideas lost in translation during the negotiation process.

    Remember, the quality of the dresses means that the manufacturer can provide stylish designs with better fabrics and workmanship.

    If you’re hell-bent on cheap dresses, you may not find the right quality dresses for your business. To put it simply, negotiate for a better deal but don’t insist on cheap.

    Which Factors Influence Cost Of Manufacturing Ladies Dresses In China?

    Several things determine the cost of manufacturing a dress in China.

    These are the material, colors, fabric and print colors, and the labor cost.

    This is why you will find a dress that can be manufactured for less than $5- or more than $10 apiece.

    How Do You Choose The Best Color For Ladies Dresses?

    Fabrics for ladies dresses

    Fabrics for ladies dresses

    Here are some things to consider when choosing colors that sell for ladies dresses:

    • The target market, their age bracket, and occasions that they may be buying the dresses for.
    • Go for timelessness. Colors that can stay for many seasons without getting boring to tend to appeal to customers more.
    • Your current inventory should guide you in choosing colors for your next stock. You can upcycle your current stock by choosing colors that can complement the existing stock. The performance of your current stock should also guide you in what colors to introduce and which ones to forego.
    • The saying that “less is more” is true. Besides, the fewer colors you choose for your dresses, the more money you save, which is a win/win strategy.
    • Fashion forecasts are a great place to find ideas for colors.
    • Asking for feedback from your target market is another way of ensuring the best color selection for your new collection. Prepare questionnaires, surveys and use focus groups to get the proper feedback.

    Will Ladies Dresses Manufacturers In China Sell My Design To Competitors?

    No. China ladies dress manufacturers sign non-disclosures for original designs. They also sign other binding contracts for the manufacturing. These prevent them from acting against you in any way.

    When Should I Expect Order Delivery After Ladies Dresses Manufacturer Approved Design?

    After receiving the mockup, ladies’ dresses are shipped out at the lead time indicated for the product you’ve ordered. Production time does not include the design approval or order placement date.

    At H&Fourwing, our turnaround time is usually between 30-40 days depending on the volume and design of your dresses.

    Keep in mind that production times also vary depending on the time of the year. Peak season orders may take longer to arrive.

    Can You Get Designer Ladies Dresses From China?

    No, you cannot get original designer ladies’ dresses directly from a China ladies’ dresses manufacturer. It doesn’t matter if the designer brand in question manufacturers their dresses in China.

    Due to copyright laws, patents, trademarks, and NDAs, you can’t buy a brand-name product from China manufacturers.

    As a leading ladies dresses manufacturer in China, we guarantee quality dresses at affordable prices – talk to us now.

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