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  • 15+ years reliable jumper dress manufacturer in China
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  • Each month has around 100 new own development styles of the jumper dress
  • Small MOQ of jumper dress from 300pcs/style/color
100% cotton Women`s Jumper Dress
100% cotton Women`s Jumper Dress

Get the 100% cotton women`s jumper dress with your choice here in H&Fourwing. It is a cool and practical piece that can transform your outfit ideas without costing much money. You can wear it depending on the occasion and the weather.

Faux Suede Jumper Dress
Faux Suede Jumper Dress

Faux Suede Jumper Dress has tonal belt nips in the waist. It has a 38 1/2″ length and surplice V-neck designed suitable for any occasion. It is made from 90% polyester and 10% spandex for great appearance and versatility.

Elegant Women Jumper Dress
Elegant Women Jumper Dress

 This jumper dress has a 1960s-inspired geometric jacquard pattern, vintage-inspired and designed elegant women jumper dress.  It is stunning when worn alone and features a handy side pocket, a removable belt at the waist, and a square neckline.

Jumper Dress With Front Pockets
Jumper Dress With Front Pockets

You can choose your inner top when wearing this jumper dress like short sleeve tee, sleeveless top, or long sleeve tee. There are also a lot of choices when it comes to fabrics and designs that you can easily select from to get the right jumper dress. H&Fourwing can help you with that.

Sleeveless Plaid Print Jumper Dress
Sleeveless Plaid Print Jumper Dress

Sleeveless Plaid Print Jumper Dress features a square neckline, adjustable straps, X-back straps, patch pocket at chest, and a-line jumper silhouette. These shorter jumper dresses also work great and perfect with thermals and knee-length and pullovers to make you sense extra toasty when the temperature drops.

Women's Button Decor Strap Sheath Suspender Overall Jumper Dress
Women's Button Decor Strap Sheath Suspender Overall Jumper Dress

This elegant and refreshing jumper dress is so durable that most people like how easily it can be layered with other warmer clothes.  It is available in the various colors you want.

Solid Tone Jumper Shift Dress
Solid Tone Jumper Shift Dress

Solid Tone Jumper Shift Dress can be worn on top of a sequin bralette or a simple crop top. It can surely provide a cool and fresh look for summer mornings as well as in clubbing nights with your companion.

Jumper Dress Brown
Jumper Dress Brown

H&Fourwing Jumper Dress Brown can be worn for summer or winter. H&Fourwing can manufacture different styles and designs of jumper dress based on your preference.

Scout Overall Jumper Dress
Scout Overall Jumper Dress

We can produce a wide range of Scout Overall Jumper Dress with layer-ready adjustable straps and pockets for all your stuff.  This jumper dress has a skirtall styling with a side zip entry.

Your Premier Custom Jumper Dress Manufacturer

H&Fourwing is a leading jumper dress supplier with over 15-year jumper dress manufacturing experience in China. A jumper dress featured a short sleeveless dress with a skirt design. H&Fourwing jumper dress is worn on top of another piece of clothing. If you prefer skirts over pants, then the H&Fourwing jumper dress is definitely for you.

H&Fourwing team also offers custom jumper dress designing and manufacturing according to the latest trend and your standard. We really ensure to create quality jumper dresses at a very cost-effective rate. Get a new and innovative clothing item – a jumper dress in H&Fourwing!

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    H&Fourwing – Your Irreplaceable Jumper Dress Manufacturer

    Are you searching for comfortable cloth that you can wear while shopping or a casual morning outfit for school? Then a jumper dress from H&Fourwing is your best idea. You can wear it depending on the weather and the occasion you will attend.

    Here in H&Fourwing, a wide range of jumper dresses new styles, and outfits will help you look your best every day. It is a versatile clothing item, a cool and practical piece that can transform your outfit ideas into a perfect slay.

    H&Fourwing jumper dress is a simple round or square neckline design, A-line or tight dress that can be worn alone or most of the time dressed up over with another piece of clothing. You can wear it on top of a long sleeve tee, a shirt, a sequin bralette, or a crop top, depending on your choice. You can select the right H&Fourwing jumper dress that will enhance your look and make it suitable for the event you plan to go to.

    We can manufacture a jumper dress with a simple front that contains no details. To complement the overall look of the fabric, we can also produce an elegant jumper dress with a printed design, bib ornament, or stitching. There are plenty of selections when it comes to designs, patterns, and fabrics that you can easily choose from here in H&Fourwing.

    Furthermore, H&Fourwing also welcomes custom jumper dress manufacturing based on your idea or sample. You can choose the materials in jumper dress fabrication such as denim, cotton, or heavyweight wool, crepe, and velvet, etc. Jumper dress from us can be designed short or medium-length.

    H&Fourwing has over 10 years of jumper dress manufacturing experience. So, you can expect professional fabrication and quality jumper dresses that can save you money. As your reliable women’s clothing manufacturer in China, we provide low MOQ from 50 pcs to support your startup business.

    We have a professional in-house design team and pattern makers have at least 20 years of experience that can assist your jumper dress sourcing and fabrication. We can base in market trend for latest designs jumper dress that can boom your brand.

    Aside from jumper dress manufacturing, you can also find here a broad range of wholesale vintage dresses, long sleeve dresses, evening dress manufacturers, wholesale floral dresses, and more. In other words, H&Fourwing is your one-stop solution for women’s clothing in China.

    For further information, settle with us today!

    What is Jumper Dress?

    Jumper Dress

    Jumper Dress

    The jumper dress is one of the favorite dresses worn by women.

    It is designed with A-line with round, V, or square neckline styles.

    You can wear them with another clothing piece inside.

    They are made from medium-weight material.

    When Should I Wear a Jumper Dress?

    You can wear your favorite jumper dress during summer or winter.

    Wear them with a bralette sequin or a crop top – it gives you a morning-summer look.

    You can match your jumper dress with warmer clothing pieces inside if you are cold.

    A turtle neck inner paired with knee-length boots is perfect for winter.

    The leggings can pair with a shorter jumper dress to feel more toasty.

    In short, the jumper dress is the best in any season.

    What are the Differences Between Jumper Dress and a Jumpsuit?

    Jumper Dress Comparison

    Jumper dresses and jumpsuits are both trendy nowadays and so on.

    But there is a considerable difference between them.

    A jumper dress is designed with a short sleeveless dress.

    • They are worn over another inner clothing piece.

    While a jumpsuit shows like you are wearing two particular pieces

    • They come in various lengths and models suitable for all body shapes.

    Jumpsuits are usually made from silk or chiffon fabrics, while jumper dresses are made from lightweight materials.

    No matter what you choose, wearing a comfortable and matchy dress matters more.

    How Can I Style My Jumper Dress?

    You can style your jumper dress according to trending and compliments your body shape.

    Below are some tips on how to style your jumper dress.

    Pairing with Belt

    Using a belt for a jumper dress emphasizes your waistline. 

    From A-line silhouette into a figure-hugging style

    Wear a Sweater to Cover the Top Part

    Wearing a jumper dress covered with a sweater gives a more fashionable look.

    Wear off a T-shirt

    Ditch the inner shirt to achieve a sexy outfit with a jumper dress.

    It will expose too much skin to look sexier – perfect for a night date.

    What are the Trending Jumper Dress Styles?

    Jumper Dress Styles

    Jumper Dress Styles

    Designers made various styles of jumper dress that suits your body shapes.

    The following are some trending styles.

    • Midi Jumper Dress

    Midi jumper dress gives a comfy and stylish look. 

    You can pair it with white shoes and a striped shirt to achieve a cool-girl look.

    A perfect outfit for grocery shopping, casual lunch, coffee run, and even breakfast date dress codes

    • Off-Shoulder Top Jumper Dress

    Wearing a jumper dress with an off-shoulder top is popular in fashion.

    You can match it with a hoop pair and a sling bag. 

    • Quirky Jumper Dress 

    Students and young adults loved to wear quirky jumper dress outfits.

    Wearing them catches attention quickly. 

    They are usually paired with a hat and a messenger bag.

    • Jumper Dress with Shirt

    A jumper dress with a button-down shirt is a modern style.

    Pair it with pointed-toe shoes and confidently walk.

    • Denim Jumper Dress

    A denim jumper dress with a high neck shirt gives you a classy look.

    ¾ long sleeves are also matching with a denim jumper dress.

    • Black Jumper Dress

    The black jumper dress is one of the most chosen types.

    Any color you like matches this type of jumper.

    A black-colored jumper dress is still eye-catching no matter what color you blend on it.

    A chunky belt with pair of boots is the perfect accessory you can add.

    • Jumper Dress with Sweatshirt

    Wearing a jumper dress with a sweatshirt is perfect for cool weather.

    It gives a cozy and comfortable feeling yet still looks modern.

    You can pair it with black booties and stockings. 

    • Flared Jumper Dress

    A flared jumper dress is the solution to achieve a perfect silhouette

    It gives ladylike but playful looks.

    You can match it with high neckline long sleeve tees.

    • Oversized Jumper Dress

    Oversized jumper dress outfits give cleaner looks.

    Match this jumper dress with a pair of heels for elevation.

    What are the Popular Fabric Colors Used for Jumper Dresses?

    Designers use trendy jumper dress colors that suit your body shapes and clothing pieces.

    The colors include:

    1. Burgundy jumper dress
    2. Tan jumper dress
    3. Orange jumper dress
    4. Medium blue jumper dress
    5. Black jumper dress
    6. White jumper dress
    7. Light blue jumper dress
    8. Navy blue jumper dress
    9. Pastel pink jumper dress
    10. Camel jumper dress

    What are the Materials Needed for Sewing a Jumper Dress?

    To achieve your desired jumper dress style, you need to complete the materials required.

    Materials needed include:

    • One to two meters of fabric (depending on body measurements)
    • One or more inches of elastic
    • Iron
    • Pins
    • Fabric scissors
    • Sewing machine
    • Buttons
    • Matched threads
    • Measuring tape

    How to Make a Jumper Dress?

    There are some steps to making a jumper dress, depending on its style.

    Below are the steps on sewing simple and with a button jumper dress.

    Step 1: Measuring the body always comes first.

    It would help if you took measurements of:

    Whole waist distance

    Waist to bottom skirt length

    Waist to the top bodice length

    Bodice width

    Top bodice length over the shoulder

    And from waist across the back

    Step 2: Cut the fabrics

    Cut all pieces of fabric into a rectangle form.

    You need to cut the main fabric into five pieces: one for the bodice, one for the waistband, one for the skirt, and two for straps.

    Step 3: Cut the elastic

    The elastic is attached to the jumper dress back waistband. 

    (But there are jumper dresses that don’t need an elastic)

    Step 4: Sew each part together.

    Sew fabric pieces for bodice, strap, waistband, and skirt into a dress.

    Step 5: Attach altogether.

    Pin the waistband lining into the skirt.

    Tuck down the straps and bodice into the skirt.

    Attach the waistband and skirt by sewing the seam.

    Sew the seam that has about ¼ inches allowance.

    Take the bodice off the skirt.

    Lay flat or press with an iron if required.

    Take the exterior waistband fabric.

    Fold about ¼ inches of rough edge and iron it.

    Pin the folded waistband to elastic into the skirt’s front.

    Adjust and stretch your pinned part to fit the waistband and elastic length.

    Sew the waistband to the skirt.

    Sew the gathered skirt seam’s bottom.

    Step 6: Add the button to the specific area

    Finally, you can wear your DIY simple jumper dress.

    How Much Fabric Do I Need for a Jumper Dress?

    Professional designers recommend using about 60 inches of fabric in width.

    Sewing a perfect jumper dress needs exact fabrics measurement.

    It always depends on the body size and dress length your desire.

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